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A85423 Dies Dominicus redivivus; or, The Lords Day enlivened or a treatise, as to discover the practical part of the evangelical Sabbath: so to recover the spiritual part of that pious practice to its primitive life: lamentably lost, in these last declining times. By Philip Goodvvin M.A. preacher of the Gospel, and pastour of the publike congregation at Watford in Hartford shire. Goodwin, Philip, d. 1699. 1654 (1654) Wing G1214; Thomason E1470_3; ESTC R208694 198,721 533

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Spirit on the Lords Day p. 293 4. The properties of Gods Spirit towards good men p. 294 5. The properties of good mens spirits towards the Lord. p. 300 6. Unsanctified men cannot be on the Lords Day in the Spirit why p. 309 7. A false spirit moves mightily in them how that is discovered p. 325 8. How far some such men may be moved by the Spirit of God p. 343 9. Objections by and about some in this regard answered p. 357 10. Some of Gods Saints on the Lords Day are not in the Spirit why p. 354 11. Spiritually to spend the Lords Day what it contains p. 380 12. Motives that incite spiritually to spend the Lords Day of two sorts p. 389 13. Duties requisite to a spiritual spending the Lords Day of three sorts p. 433 14. Preparation for the Lords Day wherefore and wherein it is p. 437 15. How the Lords Day is to be begun carried on and ended p. 452 16. What is required after the Lords Day is over p. 468. A short Epistle to the Reader touching the Errata's Courteous Reader THough thou art no fault-finder yet thou mayest find many faults in a few sheets both through the Defects of the Authour and through the Mistakes of the Printer These latter are either lesser or greater Very many words false-spelled * As centre for center survile for servile and such like and mis-printed yet the sense of the place preserved These and such errours being lesse I let passe But many words are printed so much amisse as destroy the very sense of the place And among such errours more grosse Note these In the main Text. Page 33. line 12. for sports read spots p. 34 l. 24. for use r. cause p. 37. l. 25. for breach r. branch p. 54. l. 3. for meal r. wheale p. 96. li. 15. for renounced r. removed p. 107. l 4. for note r. find p. 108. l. 4 for frogs r. fogs p. 121 l 21. for conjunction r. conviction p. 135. l. 14. for Yea r. So. p. 142. l. 27. for in dayes past r. in dayes future p 145. l 6. for but r. yea pa. 153. ● 3. for cause r. case pa. 217. line 10. for Goats r. Groats p. 250. l. 2. for pre r. preserve p. 2●2 line 12. for whole man r. whole of man p. 353. l. 16. for fixed r. fired p. 372 l. 18. for fixed r. fired p 389 l. 16. for spirituality read spiritual pag. 412. l. 23. for provoke r. promote p. 419. l. 16. for condile r. condole c. Errata in the Mergent Pag. 41. pro s●dendum lege ludendum pag. 24. pro ancle leg ante pa. 253. pro sancto leg sancta ibid. pro quisc●ns leg quiescens ib●d pro Exem leg Erem pag. 322. pro pessima lege pessimi pag. 328. pro August leg August These Good Reader and some other such Bruises the Body of this Book in the Birth hath suffered which yet thou mayest much heal by applying thereunto thy charitable Interpretations which he humbly entreats who heartily desires Gods honour herein and thy Benefit hereby Philip Goodwin THE LORDS DAY Enlivened Revel 1.10 I was in the Spirit on the Lords Day SAint John among the Apostles is compared to the Eagle among the birds and truly let him be observed but onely as the Text present reports therein he is found to fly exceeding high soaring upward with heavenly wings yea he did as it were pass out of the world into the Spirit to converse with God in sublime mysteries upon the day of the Lord. I was in the Spirit upon the Lords Day Indeed if we reflect upon the foregoing verse we may view him in a very low place and case I John who also am your Brother written to some afflicted Churches of Christ and companion in tribulation c. Other Histories also tell into what troublesome times he was turned how Souldiers having apprehended him in Asia Non multum ante temporis Apocalypsin vidit Joannes Sed pene nostro seculo ad finem Domitiani Imperii Irenaeus li. 5. cont Valent and hurried him to Rome where being brought before Domitian under whom was the second if not the saddest of the ten persecutions this cruell Emperour caused him for the cause of Christ to be cast into a Cauldron of boyling oyl out of which by a strange providence being escaped he was after carried to prison in the Isle Patmos which as Geographers write was a barren beggarly place a little desert Island lying in the Aegean Sea where sure this good man met with misery so much as might have sunk his Soul But though he was world-ward in a woe case all the week yet he was in a high rapture and Heavenly posture when the Lords day came I was in the Spirit upon the Lords Day In the words of the Apostle are observable Somewhat implyed And Somewhat expressed Or his Concession And his Assertion That which he silently grants and secretly yet certainly implyes is That there was then a Lords Day in use and which he himself in his sufferings observed That which he positively expresses and plainly affirms is That upon this Day of the Lord he was in the Spirit I was in the Spirit on the Lords Day As there were two brazen Pillars whereupon the burden of Solomons Porch was placed 1. Kin. 7. So the burthen of following discourse shall all be brought and layd through the Lords help upon two Principall Points 1. Point That even in the times of the Gospel there hath been and is continued a day which is the Lord Christs by a peculiar claim THE LORDS DAY 2. Point that some of the Servants of the Lord have been and others may be in the Spirit on this day of the Lord. The Apostle is plain from his own experience I was in the Spirit on the Lords Day Upon these two bottomes I shall endeavour to raise the Religious observance of the Christian Sabbath and to lift up the Lords Day unto its highest and holiest use And now enter the first That the Lord Christ our dear Saviour hath a day that is peculiarly His THE LORDS DAY All daies indeed are the Lords The Lord Christ in all daies hath an undoubted interest yea and a double power for their dispose Natural and Oeconomicall An originall power and property pertaines to him as he is God coessentiall and coeternall with his Faher A derivative property and power as he is Christ the Mediator For as God the Father hath put all things so all times into his Son Christs hands We find Genesis 1. the whole space of time divided into Dayes and Nights Now there is not a night or day but is the Lords Psalme 74.16 The day is thine the night also is thine Yet there is a day which is THE LORDS by an excellency and in a super-eminent and immediate manner As we see Psalme 50. the Lord sayes that all creatures are his Every beast of the Forrest is mine the
parts of the service Suitable to their places for the service Concerning the service of the Lords day it self observe The spring of it and The spread of it What it must proceed from and What it must extend unto 1. Sabbath-service must proceed from a spring of love The service of our Christian Sabbath-love Amor meus pondus meum eo feror quocunque feror Aug. 'T will facilitate it and 'T will perpetuate it Love it will lead out and carry through the wole businesse of this blessed day with ease to the end Love is the best Load-stone through all the Lords day-duties This is one of the dayes of the Lords appearing which every Christian is bound to love 2 Tim. 4.8 And who ever loves the day will not leave the duty 2. The service of the Sabbath is of such extent that there are divers duties duly to be performed Both secretly in our Habitations And openly in the Congregation In our private dwellings Religious duties upon the Lords day are required of every one as Prayer Meditation and holy Conference Prayer whereby we speak to God Meditation whereby we speak to our selves And good Conference whereby we speak one unto another Prayer The Sabbath is indeed a day God hath sanctified yet 't is not sanctified as to us nor we to it without prayer Our Sabbath in heaven shall all be imployed in praysings of God but prayer to God must have a prime part of every Sabbath we observe on earth Are there Sbbbath duties to be performed we must pray that God would make us able Are there Sabbath mercies to be received we must pray that God would count us worthy Meditation The Sabbath is the day for the bodies rest from earthly affairs and therefore the mind is then most meet to be about the best businesse Theophil in Marc. 1. et 21. One well notes that the Lord commands rest upon the Sabbath that men might read the Word and meditate upon the Word they read The Word and the Works of God are indeed every day to be meditated on but most upon the Lords day Augustine gives this reason why God was six several dayes in the works of the World to wit that upon the seventh day man might the more orderly think upon those Works of God Conference The Sabbath is the day when all in a family have more liberty to be together then on any other day On the week dayes persons in a house are as Bees in a Hive that go forth several wayes to work but on the Lords day their common work abroad ceases so that they may the better set themselyes to assist each other in soul concernments Exhorting one another while it is called to day Heb. 3.13 In our publick meetings The religious duties which upon the Lords day are required be Either more ordinary Or lesse ordinary Ordinary and constant duties for the exercise of all As Prayer to God Hearing the Word and Singing of Psalmes Prayer Upon the Lords day though one be made the Mouth yet 't is meete there should be as many praying hearts as present bodies Prayer was a principal thing the practice of which the Primitive Christians continued in their congregated assemblies Act. 2.42 Austine sadly complains of some in his time August de tempore Serm. 251. who when they should be entring in the Church doors they are tarrying in the Church-yard playing without when they should be praying within idly talking of the world when they should be seriously seeking the Lord c. O that this abuse had dyed in his dayes but the Lord knows it lives for us to lament Hearing Upon the Lords day a great duty is diligent attention to Gods word read and preached They sayes a reverend Writer who rightly use the Sabbath day Gualt in Marc. 3. Hom. 23. they go to the publick assemblies to hear the holy word of God And herein what was the practice of Gods people in the time of the Apostles is plain Act. 13.14 15 16 42 44. Act. 15.21 Act. 20.7 c. And Justine Martyr who dyed for the cause of Christ in the year of our Lord 170. in his second Apologie for Christians reports the people of God to gather into one place perpetually on the Lords day to hear the Scriptures read and to attend exhortations thereupon Singing Upon the Lords day it being the day of Saints sweetest delight holy Psalmes are seasonable to be sung And in ancient times there were some Psalmes penned and purposely appointed for the Sabbath day as is expressed in the Preface of Psal 92. Pliny in his letter to Trajan tells how in those times the Christians upon their set dayes of solemn worship used early in the morning sweetly to sing together unto the praise of God August lib. 9. confessio cap. 6. Austin in this publike exercise sayes he had often wept for joy joy c. Some seek to cut off and cast this comfortable service quite out of doors contrary to the example of Christ Matth. 26.30 the practice of the Apostles Act. 16.25 and other expresse texts in the New Testament August in lib. Psal Prolog Basil de virt laud. Psal Tom. 1. as Colos 3.16 Ephes 5.19 Jam. 5.13 Among other ancient Writers Basil speaks large in the praise of praysing God in this way and abundantly blesses God for the Book of the Psalmes as a fit foundation for this duty Lesse ordinary yet frequent duties upon the Lords day to be done they do relate to Sacraments administring Censures inflicting and Necessities supplying Sacraments The transacting of these suites best unto the Sabbath season One well observes that upon the day of the ancient Sabbath the sacrifices were doubled Danaeus Ethic. Chr. lib. 2. cap. 10. And our Sacraments succeeding these should not onely come in their room but be at their time as services most seasonable for the day of our Sabbath Chrysostome reports how in the primitive times the Lords day had a double name 't was called Chrysost de Resurr Serm. 15. The day of light and The day of bread Of light Because on that day the Sacrament of Baptisme was wont to be openly administred Of bread Because the Sacrament of the Lords Supper used to be celebrated on that day in the Assemblies of Christians And this was the manner of the Disciples in the time of the Apostles Act. 20.7 Censures The exercise of Discipline is fit for the Lords day when the servants of Christ are assembled then to remove from among them scandalous persons both in opinion and practice that 's a plain place 1 Cor. 5.4 In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ when ye are gathered together viz. on our Lords day and my spirit with the power of our Lord Jesus Christ to deliver such a one unto Satan c. And the first power for this purpose that our Saviour gave to his Disciples was upon the day of our Christian Sabbath the first day of