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A85013 A fast sermon preached on innocents day by Thomas Fuller, B.D. Minister of the Savoy. Fuller, Thomas, 1608-1661. 1642 (1642) Wing F2423; Thomason E86_16; ESTC R22109 16,581 34

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their charge 36 But if all faile and if we must be involved in a finall desolation then let us goe to the Assurance Office of our soules and have peace of conscience with God in our Saviour It was wont to be said A mans house is his Castle but if this Castle of late hath proved unable to secure any let them make their conscience their castle if beaten from all our parapets and outworkes let us retire to this strength for our defence It may seem be it spoken with all reverence a blunt expression of the holy spirit Luk. 12. 4. Be not afraid of them that kill the body and that have no more that they can doe Yea but one may say they may kil me with torment and with torture make me drop out my life by degrees why the totall some of their malice is but to kill the body and then they have no more that they can do But they may forbid my body Christian buriall herein they do not do but suffer for the living wil be more troubled then the dead if thy corps be not committed to earth so that this in effect is just nothing Then let Drums beat and Trumpets sound and Banners be displaid let swords clash and pikes push and bullets flye and Cannons roare warre doe thy worst Death doe thy worst Devill doe thy worst their souls shal be happy that sleep in the Lord for they rest from their labours However if it be possible and if so great mercy be stored up in God for us we would rather have peace in this world and on the promoters therof let the blessing in the light and rest Blessed are the Peacemakers 37 And now as I began with the mention of the Fast so to conclude with the same let us keep this day of humiliation holy to the Lord Some perchance may make this but a mock-fast and fast for some private and sinester ends but every one that will may make it a true fast to himself therin to be grieved for the misery of Gods Saints God complaines Amos the sixt of the gluttonie of the Israelites wherein wee finde the compleat Character of an Epicure making wantons of his five Sences entertaining their eyes with bedsteads of Ivory verse 4. curious to behold for the milk-whitenesse thereof pleasing their feeling they stretch themselves on Couches courting their eares they chant to the Violl ver. 5. contenting their taste and making that sence a Pander both to gluttony and drunkennesse they eate the fat of Lambes and drinke Wine in boules verse 6. delighting their smell and annoynt themselves with the chiefe oyntments and then concludes all with this sharpe close but they are not grieved for the affliction of Joseph Wherein the Prophet alludes to the story of Joseph Gene. 37. 24. who was put into a pit without water except such as flowed from his eyes where he must either dye for want of meat or dye for being meat to wilde Beasts and yet in the meane time his Brethren though they saw the anguish of his soul Gene. 42. 21. made visible and transparent through the windowes of his weeping eyes bended knees begging tongue folded hands did most barbarously sit down to eate I dare boldly say they said no grace with a good heart either before meate or after 38 Just such is the cruelty of many of us who professe Christianity to our Brethren in the Countrey because as yet the City of London is as the Land of Goshen being light when all the rest is darkned with miseries they lay not to heart the afflictons of Joseph which our Countrey-men do suffer Where is the man that sounds a retreat to his soul when he feeles it marching to fast in myrth who abates a dish of his Table out of principles of Conscience though perchance many doe out of reasons of thrift and I am affraid all shortly must doe out of necessitie Well if we be not the more penitent it may come to passe that that sad dance which hath beene led all over the Kingdome will come to us to this City at last and God grant we pay not the Musique for all the rest 39 Remember Vriah who kept a Campe in the Court and would not enjoy those pleasures the marriage bed reached unto him Thinke of Mephibosheth lame but loyall who went not out with David in his person but attended him with his affections and during the Kings absence dressed not his feet enough to gangrene them as not caring for his owne feet whilest his Soveraignes head was in danger Seriously consider Nehemiah who sympathized with the calamities of Jerusalem which sadded his countenance even in the presence of the King Two things onely can make a Courtier sad sicknesse which cannot be dissembled and his Princes displeasure Nehemiah had neither of these he was in perfect health and he stood rectus in curia right in his Soveraignes esteeme as appeares Nehemiah 2. 2. by the Kings favourable and familiar questioning him why is thy countenance sad seeing thou art not sicke So then it was nothing else but the impression of the suffering of Gods Saints which clouded the brightnesse of his countenance with sadnesse And God grant we having the same cause we may have the same compassion with him Amen Errata Page 2. read not us who are Priests p. 13. line 3. r. ●treason to Gods grace l. 14. r. betwixt truth and errour p. 28. l. 27. r. but they may forbid my body christian buriall FINIS 1. Acts 24. 3.