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A65836 The apostate incendiary rebuked, and the people called Quakers vindicated from Romish hirarchy and imposition in a serious examination of VVilliam Mucklows Liberty of conscience asserted against imposition, but proved a liberty which is in Christ Jesus, and against unity and order in his church / by one whose rejoycing is the testimony of a good conscience toward God and man, G. Whitehead. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1673 (1673) Wing W1890; ESTC R39076 20,163 27

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him from being one of the Cabal or Correspondent with some of those that had a Hand in that slanderous Pamphlet because some of the matter came from himself he was an Informer at least confessing himself to be concerned in page 50. and 52. and he hath appeared in the very same Language of the Spirit of the Hat and Tyranny c. against us however he seems to clear himself more from being directly the Author of the latter then of the former for that Spirit of the Hat shews forth W. M's perverse Spirit and Language against the Body and our Ministry and Elders rei●terated in this late Paper His Reflection upon J. W. and T. M. is answered before in our Book against Judas and the Jews However he hath not dealt either like a Brother or Christian with them in notifying them to the World in such an infamous manner if they had been culpable of all that 's reported against them which they are not he should have first admonished them in private and not to have dealt with them as with Heathen in this publick manner unless they had refused not only to hear him and two or three more but the Church also I appeal to his Conscience hath he taken this Course to gain his Brother according to Christ's Precept and dare he say that T. M. hath not been dealt withall for his Miscarriage though we never understood it was so gross as rendred in Tyranny and Hypocrisie wherein J. W. and many others are abused However is it equal to cast that upon us which we have condemned and are clear of Or to upbraid any with what is past that have repented received Mercy and Forgiveness from the Lord Would he be so dealt by Oh hard-Hearted perfidious Man To his saying It is denyed that he accused G. F. to be a Respecter of Persons in Judgment but he positively affirms he did so accuse him But I ask how is it denyed that he did so accuse him when it is confest that some pronounced Woes upon W. M. Judas and the Jews p. 22. which sure was on some Occasion given by him therefore his Accusation was condemned by the Meeting and so in the said Book as false and Wo belongs to that treacherous Spirit that was the Author of it and since hath spread it to the World he saith He is ready to make good his Charge if they deny it c. It seems it is not made good yet then but still he violates Christ's Precepts for if he could have made it good he should have done it before two or three Witnesses and the Church if there had been need and not have publisht it to the World unless there had been a refusing to hear the Church but on the contrary the Church hath given Judgment and Pronounced Woes against this ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN who hath refused to hear the Church His accusing us with justifying the accused when guilty and condemning the Accusers when Innocent and saying until you take Shame unto your 〈◊〉 lie low before the Lord for these Abominations c. If he had apprehended any Injury done him of this kind by any among us he should have told the party of it particularly that the matter might have been heard and determined within the Church and not have in this general Way of charging divulged it to the World tending to beget a general Suspition against us but its manifest that his Accusations proceed from an envious Heart which God will judge and favour of an exalted Luciferian Spirit in him that assumes such an Infallibility in Judgment and Power to exclude and excommunicate others which he will not allow the Church or Body that Christ is Head of among us whilst all along he suggests that the Church may err in Judgment and Tryal of Spirit● but he would have his Judgment against us believed as Infallible no doubt or else he would not be so positive in it but rather have ●●●ted it as Queries proposed which is not Liberty of Cons●ien●● 〈◊〉 His admonishing us to let Judgment pass upon the Transgressors and ●●●are no Person whatsoever for Favour or Affection implies then that we as the Church must have infallible Judgment and Power to pass it How well this agrees with much of his Work against the Church I leave to them whose Eyes are open to judge To his pretending that he hath discharged his Conscience towards us in Faithfulness VVe are sure that his reviling us openly to the VVorld and infamously notifying Persons among us without any faithful friendly or Gospel-Proceeding with them within the Church these do neither savour of any tender Conscience nor Christian Spirit Oh gross Dissimulation and manifest Hypocrisie and Treachery thus to place his own Malice and Shame he has fomed out against us upon Conscience and Faithfulness And so his conclusive Title to himself savours of meer feigned Flattery and deceitful Insinuation in calling himself One who greatly desires to see Moderation Love and Charity to be mutually extended unto all those whose Hearts are upright and Consciences tender towards the Lord though in several Forms Thus he would ingratiate himself into a popular Affection whenas he hath shewn neither Moderation Love nor Charity but the contrary towards the House-hold of Faith among whom he sometime walked not long since namely among the People of God called Quakers having represented them as no better than a Church made up of 1. Imposing usurping Elders 2. Complying Hypocrites 3. Fearful Enslaved and Ignorant Persons who comply for Fear or Self-Interest and not from a real Conviction in themselves The very Tenour of his VVork doth at least implicitely thus charge us And as we are a People professing the Name of God and bearing witness to his pretious Truth we do commit our Cause to him to plead and vindicate our Innocency from these Aspertions and Slanders not doubting but he will rebuke that Treacherous Spirit that hath so grosly abused and mis-represented us to the VVorld AS concerning B. Furly's Paper long since writ but lately part of it inserted in Tyranny and Hypocrisie and which that Scoffer Fra Chadwel and others of Truth 's Adversaries have boasted of against me this may signifie that as it was writ when B. F. was clouded by this Spirit of Division since through the Lord's Mercy he hath been brought to a better Understanding and to see and judge his former Prejudice and VVorks thereof being satisfied also that the Apostates and Baptists had not in the least B. F's Consent in the Publication of his Paper which I did presently after I had it give a plain and full Answer to in the Light of Truth and J. Pennyman was privy to those Controversies being intrusted in conveying the Letters between us but he was not pleased to publish my Answer but rather to abuse my Name in Print without Cause accusing me with subtil and dark Imaginations But he should look at home and see his own dark Imaginations Judge serious Reader what Respect these Men have to the Truth and People of God in their reviling the Innocent despising the Church of Christ in print publishing Weaknesses and Failings of particulars that have been judged by them long ago raking up condemned Stuff to cast upon us telling those things in Gath and publishing them in Ashkelon that cause the Uncircumcised to triumph All which have necessitated us thus publickly to appear in Truth 's Vindication against them G. W. Some Defects and Faults escaped in the Press thus to be corrected EPistle page 3. Line 12. read have kickt P. 4. The Margin-Note relates to Fra. Chadwell L. 9. r. among us P. 7. L. 1. for and r. is L. 6. for and r. are L. 8. for Heads r. Friends P. 8. L. 2. for in r. him L. 33. for or Mother r. and Mother P. 9. L. 33. r. Arbitrariness P. 12. L. 19. for nor r not P. 15. L. 19. dele and. P. 17. L. 4. for Word r. World L. 28. for this r. they P. 18. L. 10. for hat r. that THE END * Whose false Doctrines Blasphemies against the true Light we have also upon Record * Howbeit it hath been a Mark of our disowning the Prayers of the wicked and Unbelievers and the same Spirit that hath led us to deny doffing our Hats to Men or to honour proud Flesh hath led us to doff them in Prayer to God in our Assemblies * Which I could yet produce if need were * In his Paper dated London 3. Day of Aug. 1671.