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A65836 The apostate incendiary rebuked, and the people called Quakers vindicated from Romish hirarchy and imposition in a serious examination of VVilliam Mucklows Liberty of conscience asserted against imposition, but proved a liberty which is in Christ Jesus, and against unity and order in his church / by one whose rejoycing is the testimony of a good conscience toward God and man, G. Whitehead. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1673 (1673) Wing W1890; ESTC R39076 20,163 27

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he_o from_o be_v one_o of_o the_o cabal_n or_o correspondent_a with_o some_o of_o those_o that_o have_v a_o hand_n in_o that_o slanderous_a pamphlet_n because_o some_o of_o the_o matter_n come_v from_o himself_o he_o be_v a_o informer_n at_o least_o confess_v himself_o to_o be_v concern_v in_o page_n 50._o and_o 52._o and_o he_o have_v appear_v in_o the_o very_a same_o language_n of_o the_o spirit_n of_o the_o hat_n and_o tyranny_n etc._n etc._n against_o we_o however_o he_o seem_v to_o clear_v himself_o more_o from_o be_v direct_o the_o author_n of_o the_o latter_a then_o of_o the_o former_a for_o that_o spirit_n of_o the_o hat_n show_v forth_o w._n m'_v perverse_a spirit_n and_o language_n against_o the_o body_n and_o our_o ministry_n and_o elder_n rei●terated_v in_o this_o late_a paper_n his_o reflection_n upon_o j._n w._n and_o t._n m._n be_v answer_v before_o in_o our_o book_n against_o judas_n and_o the_o jew_n however_o he_o have_v not_o deal_v either_o like_o a_o brother_n or_o christian_n with_o they_o in_o notify_v they_o to_o the_o world_n in_o such_o a_o infamous_a manner_n if_o they_o have_v be_v culpable_a of_o all_o that_o be_v report_v against_o they_o which_o they_o be_v not_o he_o shall_v have_v first_o admonish_v they_o in_o private_a and_o not_o to_o have_v deal_v with_o they_o as_o with_o heathen_a in_o this_o public_a manner_n unless_o they_o have_v refuse_v not_o only_o to_o hear_v him_z and_o two_o or_o three_o more_o but_o the_o church_n also_o i_o appeal_v to_o his_o conscience_n have_v he_o take_v this_o course_n to_o gain_v his_o brother_n according_a to_o christ_n precept_n and_o dare_v he_o say_v that_o t._n m._n have_v not_o be_v deal_v withal_o for_o his_o miscarriage_n though_o we_o never_o understand_v it_o be_v so_o gross_a as_o render_v in_o tyranny_n and_o hypocrisie_n whereinis_fw-la j._n w._n and_o many_o other_o be_v abuse_v however_o be_v it_o equal_a to_o cast_v that_o upon_o we_o which_o we_o have_v condemn_v and_o be_v clear_a of_o or_o to_o upbraid_v any_o with_o what_o be_v past_a that_o have_v repent_v receive_a mercy_n and_o forgiveness_n from_o the_o lord_n will_v he_o be_v so_o deal_v by_o oh_o hardhearted_n perfidious_a man._n to_o his_o say_n it_o be_v deny_v that_o he_o accuse_v g._n f._n to_o be_v a_o respecter_n of_o person_n in_o judgement_n but_o he_o positive_o affirm_v he_o do_v so_o accuse_v he_o but_o i_o ask_v how_o be_v it_o deny_v that_o he_o do_v so_o accuse_v he_o when_o it_o be_v confess_v that_o some_o pronounce_v woe_n upon_o w._n m._n judas_n and_o the_o jew_n p._n 22._o which_o sure_o be_v on_o some_o occasion_n give_v by_o he_o therefore_o his_o accusation_n be_v condemn_v by_o the_o meeting_n and_o so_o in_o the_o say_a book_n as_o false_a and_o woe_n belong_v to_o that_o treacherous_a spirit_n that_o be_v the_o author_n of_o it_o and_o since_o have_v spread_v it_o to_o the_o world_n he_o say_v he_o be_v ready_a to_o make_v good_a his_o charge_n if_o they_o deny_v it_o etc._n etc._n it_o seem_v it_o be_v not_o make_v good_a yet_o then_o but_o still_o he_o violate_v christ_n precept_n for_o if_o he_o can_v have_v make_v it_o good_a he_o shall_v have_v do_v it_o before_o two_o or_o three_o witness_n and_o the_o church_n if_o there_o have_v be_v need_n and_o not_o have_v publish_v it_o to_o the_o world_n unless_o there_o have_v be_v a_o refuse_v to_o hear_v the_o church_n but_o on_o the_o contrary_a the_o church_n have_v give_v judgement_n and_o pronounce_v woe_n against_o this_o accuser_n of_o the_o brethren_n who_o have_v refuse_v to_o hear_v the_o church_n his_o accuse_v we_o with_o justify_v the_o accuse_a when_o guilty_a and_o condemn_v the_o accuser_n when_o innocent_a and_o say_v until_o you_o take_v shame_n unto_o your_o 〈◊〉_d &_o lie_v low_a before_o the_o lord_n for_o these_o abomination_n etc._n etc._n if_o he_o have_v apprehend_v any_o injury_n do_v he_o of_o this_o kind_n by_o any_o among_o we_o he_o shall_v have_v tell_v the_o party_n of_o it_o particular_o that_o the_o matter_n may_v have_v be_v hear_v and_o determine_v within_o the_o church_n and_o not_o have_v in_o this_o general_a way_n of_o charge_v divulge_v it_o to_o the_o world_n tend_v to_o beget_v a_o general_a suspicion_n against_o we_o but_o its_o manifest_a that_o his_o accusation_n proceed_v from_o a_o envious_a heart_n which_o god_n will_v judge_v and_o favour_n of_o a_o exalt_a luciferian_a spirit_n in_o he_o that_o assume_v such_o a_o infallibility_n in_o judgement_n and_o power_n to_o exclude_v and_o excommunicate_v other_o which_o he_o will_v not_o allow_v the_o church_n or_o body_n that_o christ_n be_v head_n of_o among_o we_o whilst_o all_o along_o he_o suggest_v that_o the_o church_n may_v err_v in_o judgement_n and_o trial_n of_o spirit●_n but_o he_o will_v have_v his_o judgement_n against_o we_o believe_v as_o infallible_a no_o doubt_n or_o else_o he_o will_v not_o be_v so_o positive_a in_o it_o but_o rather_o have_v ●●●ted_v it_o as_o query_n propose_v which_o be_v not_o liberty_n of_o conscience_n 〈◊〉_d his_o admonish_v we_o to_o let_v judgement_n pass_v upon_o the_o transgressor_n and_o ●●●are_v no_o person_n whatsoever_o for_o favour_n or_o affection_n imply_v then_o that_o we_o as_o the_o church_n must_v have_v infallible_a judgement_n and_o power_n to_o pass_v it_o how_o well_o this_o agree_v with_o much_o of_o his_o work_n against_o the_o church_n i_o leave_v to_o they_o who_o eye_n be_v open_a to_o judge_v to_o his_o pretend_v that_o he_o have_v discharge_v his_o conscience_n towards_o we_o in_o faithfulness_n we_o be_v sure_a that_o his_o revile_v we_o open_o to_o the_o world_n and_o infamous_o notify_v person_n among_o we_o without_o any_o faithful_a friendly_a or_o gospel-proceeding_a with_o they_o within_o the_o church_n these_o do_v neither_o savour_n of_o any_o tender_a conscience_n nor_o christian_a spirit_n oh_o gross_a dissimulation_n and_o manifest_a hypocrisy_n and_o treachery_n thus_o to_o place_v his_o own_o malice_n and_o shame_n he_o have_v foam_v out_o against_o we_o upon_o conscience_n and_o faithfulness_n and_o so_o his_o conclusive_a title_n to_o himself_o savour_v of_o mere_a feign_a flattery_n and_o deceitful_a insinuation_n in_o call_v himself_o one_o who_o great_o desire_v to_o see_v moderation_n love_n and_o charity_n to_o be_v mutual_o extend_v unto_o all_o those_o who_o heart_n be_v upright_a and_o conscience_n tender_a towards_o the_o lord_n though_o in_o several_a form_n thus_o he_o will_v ingratiate_v himself_o into_o a_o popular_a affection_n whenas_o he_o have_v show_v neither_o moderation_n love_n nor_o charity_n but_o the_o contrary_a towards_o the_o household_n of_o faith_n among_o who_o he_o sometime_o walk_v not_o long_o since_o namely_o among_o the_o people_n of_o god_n call_v quaker_n have_v represent_v they_o as_o no_o better_a than_o a_o church_n make_v up_o of_o 1._o impose_v usurp_a elder_n 2._o comply_v hypocrite_n 3._o fearful_a enslave_v and_o ignorant_a person_n who_o comply_v for_o fear_n or_o self-interest_n and_o not_o from_o a_o real_a conviction_n in_o themselves_o the_o very_a tenor_n of_o his_o work_n do_v at_o least_o implicit_o thus_o charge_v we_o and_o as_o we_o be_v a_o people_n profess_v the_o name_n of_o god_n and_o bear_v witness_n to_o his_o precious_a truth_n we_o do_v commit_v our_o cause_n to_o he_o to_o plead_v and_o vindicate_v our_o innocency_n from_o these_o aspersion_n and_o slander_n not_o doubt_v but_o he_o will_v rebuke_v that_o treacherous_a spirit_n that_o have_v so_o gross_o abuse_v and_o misrepresent_v we_o to_o the_o world_n as_o concern_v b._n furly_n paper_n long_o since_o write_v but_o late_o part_v of_o it_o insert_v in_o tyranny_n and_o hypocrisy_n and_o which_o that_o scoffer_n fra_n chadwel_n and_o other_o of_o truth_n be_v adversary_n have_v boast_v of_o against_o i_o this_o may_v signify_v that_o as_o it_o be_v write_v when_o b._n f._n be_v cloud_v by_o this_o spirit_n of_o division_n since_o through_o the_o lord_n mercy_n he_o have_v be_v bring_v to_o a_o better_a understanding_n and_o to_o see_v and_o judge_v his_o former_a prejudice_n and_o work_v thereof_o be_v satisfy_v also_o that_o the_o apostate_n and_o baptist_n have_v not_o in_o the_o least_o b._n f_n consent_n in_o the_o publication_n of_o his_o paper_n which_o i_o do_v present_o after_o i_o have_v it_o give_v a_o plain_a and_o full_a answer_n be_v to_o in_o the_o light_n of_o truth_n and_o j._n pennyman_n be_v privy_a to_o those_o controversy_n be_v entrust_v in_o convey_v the_o letter_n between_o we_o but_o he_o be_v not_o please_v to_o publish_v my_o answer_n but_o rather_o to_o abuse_v my_o name_n in_o print_n without_o cause_n accuse_v i_o with_o subtle_a and_o dark_a imagination_n 1671._o but_o he_o shall_v look_v at_o home_n and_o see_v his_o own_o dark_a imagination_n judge_v serious_a reader_n what_o respect_v these_o man_n have_v to_o the_o truth_n and_o people_n of_o god_n in_o their_o revile_v the_o innocent_a despise_v the_o church_n of_o christ_n in_o print_n publish_v weakness_n and_o fail_n of_o particular_n that_o have_v be_v judge_v by_o they_o long_o ago_o rake_v up_o condemn_v stuff_n to_o cast_v upon_o we_o tell_v those_o thing_n in_o gath_n and_o publish_v they_o in_o ashkelon_n that_o cause_n the_o uncircumcised_a to_o triumph_v all_o which_o have_v necessitate_v we_o thus_o public_o to_o appear_v in_o truth_n be_v vindication_n against_o they_o g._n w._n some_o defect_n and_o fault_n escape_v in_o the_o press_n thus_o to_o be_v correct_v epistle_n page_n 3_o line_n 12._o read_v have_v kick_v p._n 4._o the_o margin-note_a relate_v to_o fra._n chadwell_n l._n 9_o r._n among_o we_o p._n 7._o l._n 1._o for_o and_o r._n be_v l._n 6._o for_o and_o r._n be_v l._n 8._o for_o head_n r._n friend_n p._n 8._o l._n 2._o for_o in_o r._n he_o l._n 33._o for_o or_o mother_n r._n and_o mother_n p._n 9_o l._n 33._o r._n arbitrariness_n p._n 12._o l._n 19_o for_o nor_o r_o not_o p._n 15._o l._n 19_o deal_n and._n p._n 17._o l._n 4._o for_o word_n r._n world_n l._n 28._o for_o this_o r._n they_o p._n 18._o l._n 10._o for_o hat_n r._n that_o the_o end_n end_n who_o false_a doctrine_n &_o blasphemy_n against_o the_o true_a light_n we_o have_v also_o upon_o record_n record_n howbeit_o it_o have_v be_v a_o mark_n of_o our_o disow_v the_o prayer_n of_o the_o wicked_a and_o unbeliever_n and_o the_o same_o spirit_n that_o have_v lead_v we_o to_o deny_v doff_v our_o hat_n to_o man_n or_o to_o honour_v proud_a flesh_n have_v lead_v we_o to_o doff_v they_o in_o prayer_n to_o god_n in_o our_o assembly_n assembly_n which_o i_o can_v yet_o produce_v if_o need_n be_v be_v in_o his_o paper_n date_a london_n 3._o day_n of_o aug._n 1671._o