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A65309 Religion our true interest, or, Practical notes upon the third chapter of Malachy the sixteen, seventeen and eighteen verses : seasonable for the times / by Thomas Watson ... Watson, Thomas, d. 1686. 1682 (1682) Wing W1139; ESTC R34736 91,573 245

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RELIGION OUR TRUE INTEREST OR PRACTICAL NOTES UPON The Third Chapter of MALACHY THE Sixteen Seventeen and Eighteen VERSES Seasonable for the Times By THOMAS WATSON sometimes Minister of Stephens Walbrook Lond. PROV 14.27 The Fear of the Lord is a Fountain of Life LONDON Printed by I. Astwood for Tho. Parkhurst at the Bible and Three Crowns at the lower end of Cheap-side near Mercers-Chappel 1682. TO THE READER Christian Reader BOOKS are the Children of the Brain In this Writing Age ferè ad nauseam I intended my Pen should have been silent but the variety and Weightiness of this Subject as also the desire of some Friends did prevail with me to Publish it The main design of this excellent Scripture is to encourage Solid Piety and confute the Atheists of the World who imagine there is no gain in Godliness It was the Speech of King Saul to his Servants 1 Sam. 22.7 Will the Son of Iesse give every one of you Fields and Vineyards Will the World or mens Lusts give them such noble Recompences of Reward as God bestows upon his Followers Surely it is Holiness carries away the Garland As for this Treatise it comes abroad in a plain dress Truth like a Diamond Shines brightest in its native Lustre Saint Paul came not to the Corinthians 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 with excellency of Speech or the Pride of Oratory His Study was not to Court but Convert It is an unhappiness that in these Luxuriant times Religion should for the most part run either into Notion or Ceremony The Spirits of Religion are evaporated When Knowledge is turned into Taste and digested into Practice then it is Saving That God would accompany these few impolite Lines with the Operation and Benediction of his holy Spirit and make them edifying is the Prayer of him who is Thine in all Christian Service Thomas Watson Dowgate Nov. 22. 1681. THE TABLE ALPHABETICAL A ABusers of Gods Iewels Punished pag. 181. Afflictions have their Consolations p. 227 Apostacy dangerous p. 8 Appearance of sin to be shunned p. 47 Arguments to hold fast Integrity in evil times p. 7 Assurance and the Fear of God consistent p. 21 B BEst need Sparing p. 202 Bodies of the Saints shall be perfect p. 192 C CArnal Fear evil p. 14 Christians instead of speaking one to another speak one of another p. 89 Comfort when God saith Ye are mine p. 171 Covenant Vnion with God to be endeavoured p. 172 D DAy of Iudgment how far to be feared by a Child of God p. 71 Day of making up Gods Iewels p. 190 Death how far to be feared by a Child of God p. 67 Different carriage of God towards his Children and the Wicked p. 134 E EVil Thoughts are Punishable in Gods Court p. 111 Excellency of the Fear of God p. 29 Eyes of Sinners at present shut p. 209 F FEar of God Described p. 15 Fear of God is by a Trope put for all Religion ibid. Fear of God makes us Fear Sin p. 45 Fearing God and keeping his Commandments Conjoyned p. 54 Fear of God how to be attained p. 80 Fear of missing Heaven p. 78 Folly of Idolaters p. 136 Friends may be forgetful but God will not p. 150 G GOD deals with his Saints as a Father with his Son p. 195 God deals well with his People when he Afflicts them p. 217 God takes notice of the Good in his Children p. 130 Gods hearkning to us should make us hearken to him p. 138 God hath a Book of Remembrance for his People p. 140 Gods owning of his People p. 161 Gods Sparing them p. 201 Good Conference to be used p. 82 Graces of the Saints shall be perfect p. 191 H HAsty Words shew the Devil to be in the Tongue p. 87 Hearts Deceit p. 62 Heart not to be hardened against God p. 156 Helps to good Discourse p. 100 Helps to holy Thoughts p. 127 Hell how far to be Feared by a Believer p. 73 Honour attends Holiness p. 174 I IDle Talk Censured p. 85 Incitements to holy Thoughts p. 114 Ingredients into the Fear of God p. 16 Integrity to be preserved Inviolable p. 3 Iovial Sinners reproved p. 25 M MAking up of Gods Iewels what it implys p. 185 Maintain honourable Thoughts of God in Affliction p. 231 Matter of our Holy Musings p. 113 Means to be good in evil times p. 9 Mercies of God to be Recorded 149 Murmuring a God-provoking Sin p. 87 N NAme of God what it signifies p. 103 O OAths weigh heavy in Gods Balance p. 89 Omnisciency of God to be admired p. 132 P PRiviledges of being in Covenant with God p. 165 R REasons enforcing the Fear of God p. 19 S SAints should be sparing in their Censures of others p. 205 Saints have Gods Ear. p. 134 Saints Purgatory is in this Life p. 144 Saints Gods Iewels p. 175 Saints should shine as Iewels p. 183 Satans Snares p. 59 Scoffers the vilest of Sinners p. 28 Secure Sinners Characterized p. 27 Serve God as a Son doth his Father p. 203 Signs of the Fear of God p. 45 Signs of such as shall goe to Hell p. 74 Silence in Religion a loud sin p. 85 Sinful compliance sordid p. 5 Sin worse than Affliction p. 46 Sin begins in the Thoughts p. 109 Sinners have not right thoughts of God p. 107 Sinners shall not be spared p. 203 Sins of the Wicked written down in Gods Book of Remembrance p. 146 Swasives to holy Conference p. 94 T THinking of God in a right manner p. 125 Thoughts of God may be Peccant p. 124 Thoughts and good Speeches of the Godly are Written down p. 140 Time of Discerning between the Righteous and the Wicked p. 210 V VAin Thoughts the froth of the Brain p. 108 Vain thoughts Pernitious p. 109 Vnion of the Saints at last p. 189 W WAnt of the Fear of God the cause of all sin p. 22 Wicked men Vile in Gods account p. 178 Wisdom to engage the Lord of Hosts on our side p. 158 Works of Mercy p. 57 ERRATA PAge 85. line 26. for no read not Pag. 155. marg 3 Vse dele 3. Pag. 188. l. 15 for discords r. discord PRACTICAL NOTES UPON MALACH III. Ver. 16 17 c. Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another and the Lord hearkned and heard it and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord and that thought upon his Name And they shall be mine saith the Lord of Hosts in that day when I make up my Iewels and I will spare them as a man spareth his own Son that serveth him c. CHAP. 1. Shewing that Christians should hold fast their Integrity in times of defection THE Scripture of Truth is the Ground of Faith This Portion of Scripture which now presents it self to our view hath its Sacred Elegancies and is all glorious within It was composed by Malachy whose name imports Messenger he came upon an