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A60046 The memoires of the Dutchess Mazarine out of French.; Mémoires de Madame la duchesse Mazarin. English. 1676 Mazarin, Hortense Mancini, duchesse de, 1646-1699.; Saint-Réal, M. l'abbé de (César Vichard), 1639-1692.; Porter, P. 1676 (1676) Wing S355; ESTC R28396 48,573 134

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that Country that see her may think themselves as great Ladies as she and may think Chambery as Noble and as Pleasant to live in as Rome or Paris and her Conversation there as edifying and as agreeable as ever she enjoyed else-where Never did great Lady take less care to make her Inferiours see the Difference that is betwixt her and them and if they do not forget it she is the more beholding to their Discretion and Respect for she takes little pains to put them in mind of it She judges of her self according to the Idea or Opinion she has conceived of her own Merit even in the most serious Applications of those that spoke to her and she as often takes just and due Commendations for gross Flatteri●s as other VVomen take Apparent and Hypocritical Adulations for true and deserved Praises It is a great signe that her Moderation is sincere because she is Obstinate in nothing and being urged will acknowledge truly whatsoever is good or fair in her She is in nothing more unjust than in not allowing what she has of Admirable and Excellent to be more than passable and ordinary Though by sad Experience she has found that there is very little Truth Honesty or Nobility in the World that she has just cause to think ill of all mankind yet such is her Naturall goodness that she never applies this her bad Opinion to any one in particular she first excepts from the General Rule all those in whom she perceives any Appearance of Vertue but is much surprized when she has reason to believe they did not deserve that Exception When she is obliged to say somthing she thinks may displease a litle to sweeten and take away the sharpness of the Sense she speaks it so as if she had let it fall by chance but she thinks her self no way wronged to believe that she sayes nothing but what she would say it is more natural to her to be secret than to other Women not to be so Moreover she is equally skil'd both in well speaking and holding her Tongue Though it be a great Truth that those that know how to speak well know not how to hold their Tongues and those that can be silent can seldome speak very well A Gentleman of very good parts and understanding that had seen her and known her a great while assured me that she is very much altered from what she has been formerly in so much that you would hardly know her again but it is not to be comprehended that she should be so much changed without allowing that she must always have had a prodigious stock of the Choisest richest and most lasting Natural Beauty that ever Woman had If her misfortunes have contributed any thing to her Merit never bad Cause produced so good an Effect I am Sir c. FINIS ERRATA The Reader is desired to Correct these following Errata's as they Occur PAge 10. line 20. read Potiers for Pontois p. 13. l. 4 r. also more displeased p 14. l. 5. r. Months f. Month. p. 16 l. 5. r. Sister f. Sisters p. 18. l. 18. r. Generosity f. Generasity p. 11. l. 11. r. her Son his and dele my p. 24. l. 7. r. to see her p. 33. l. 12. r. seeming f. scorning p. 34. l. 12. r. Nanberre f. Nantare p. 36. last l. r. Mazarine f. Marine p. 41. l. 4. r. he f. she p. 41. l. 13. r. at the Abbey p. 44 l. 13 dele it p. 49. l. 20. r. subsist s subject p. 59. l. 12. r. amids s amidst p. 58. l. 7. r. ran f. run p. 61. l. 1. r. parmillac s parnullac p. 70 l. 15. 21. p. Narcissus p. 71. l. 12. r. to have had l 20 dele me l. 23 r. the f. his p. 72 l. 19 r. their face s of face p. 73 l. 19 r. Master f. Masters p 74 l 3 r sometime s sometimes p 77 l 18 r Hortensia p 79 l 5 r Navaille p 86 l 1 dele him