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A51316 The second lash of Alazonomastix, laid on in mercie upon that stubborn youth Eugenius Philalethes, or, A sober reply to a very uncivill answer to certain observations upon Anthroposophia theomagica, and Anima magica abscondita More, Henry, 1614-1687. 1651 (1651) Wing M2677; ESTC R33604 80,995 216

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be_v once_o childish_a ignorant_a proud_a and_o passionate_a when_o he_o be_v well_o cure_v of_o those_o distemper_n we_o be_v what_o we_o be_v and_o what_o be_v past_a be_v not_o and_o therefore_o be_v not_o to_o afflict_v we_o but_o he_o that_o be_v more_o anxious_a concerning_o fame_n then_o virtue_n and_o seek_v only_o to_o seem_v a_o gallant_a and_o invincible_a thing_n to_o the_o world_n when_o in_o the_o mean_a time_n his_o mind_n be_v very_o weak_a and_o vulnerable_a i_o know_v my_o eugenius_n be_v so_o wise_a that_o such_o a_o man_n as_o this_o will_v seem_v as_o irrational_a to_o he_o as_o if_o one_o have_v by_o ill_a chance_n cut_v his_o shin_n he_o shall_v be_v less_o solicitous_a about_o heal_v of_o his_o leg_n then_o mend_v of_o his_o stocking_n finis_fw-la a_o index_n of_o the_o general_a head_n and_o more_o remarkable_a passage_n in_o the_o foregoing_a reply_n m_o astix_n his_o apology_n for_o his_o smart_a observation_n upon_o eugenius_n his_o anthroposophia_fw-la theomagica_fw-la etc._n etc._n from_o page_n 9_o to_o the_o 14._o that_o to_o laugh_v at_o the_o folly_n and_o defeatment_n of_o vain_a man_n be_v lawful_a in_o a_o christian_a p._n 14_o 15_o 16_o eugenius_n his_o title-page_n the_o man-mouse_n take_v in_o a_o trap_n censure_v p._n 21_o 22_o mastix_fw-la his_o answer_n to_o two_o perverse_a charge_n of_o high_a incivility_n gather_v out_o of_o his_o observation_n from_o p._n 23._o to_o p._n 32_o his_o personal_a reason_n that_o move_v he_o to_o write_v his_o observation_n p._n 35_o 36_o of_o platonism_n and_o of_o mastix_fw-la his_o philosophical_a poem_n his_o song_n of_o the_o soul_n etc._n etc._n from_o what_o principle_n they_o be_v write_v p._n 36._o to_o p._n 41_o of_o the_o philosophy_n of_o descartes_n how_o far_o above_o all_o other_o natural_a philosophye_n and_o yet_o how_o short_a of_o that_o noble_a divine_a universalize_a spirit_n in_o christianity_n and_o platonism_n p._n 41_o 42_o 43_o 44_o a_o zealous_a invective_n against_o the_o atheist_n of_o these_o time_n wherein_o sundry_a cause_n of_o atheism_n be_v glance_v at_o p._n 44._o to_o 48_o mastix_fw-la no_o enthusiast_n but_o speak_v according_a to_o the_o faculty_n of_o a_o man_n actuate_v by_o god_n p._n 48_o a_o description_n of_o a_o heavenly_a dispensation_n upon_o earth_n far_o above_o either_o prophecy_n or_o miracle_n p._n 39_o 40._o and_o 49_o 50_o whether_o there_o be_v any_o essential_a definition_n of_o substance_n and_o in_o what_o sense_n p._n 57_o 58_o 59_o whether_o the_o peripaletick_n conceit_n god_n to_o have_v make_v the_o world_n as_o a_o carpenter_n make_v house_n of_o stone_n and_o timber_n p._n 59_o 60_o 61_o eugenius_n his_o vizard_n of_o high_a affect_a sanctimony_n fall_v off_o all_o the_o people_n laugh_v at_o he_o p._n 63_o 64_o the_o ridiculous_a analogy_n eugenius_n make_v between_o his_o world-animal_n and_o a_o ordinary_a animal_n p._n 65_o 66_o the_o flesh_n of_o his_o world-animal_n confute_v p._n 66_o 67_o the_o pulse_n of_o his_o world-animal_n confute_v p._n 67_o 68_o of_o rarefaction_n and_o condensation_n and_o of_o the_o miraculous_a multiplication_n of_o the_o superficies_n of_o body_n p._n 70_o 71_o 72_o the_o respiration_n of_o his_o world_n animal_n confute_v p._n 72_o 73_o 74_o that_o a_o pair_n of_o bellows_o be_v a_o animal_n according_a to_o eugenius_n his_o zoography_n p._n 75_o 76_o the_o vital_a moisture_n of_o his_o world-animal_n confute_v p._n 77_o 78_o the_o animal_n spirit_n of_o it_o confute_v p._n 78_o 79_o the_o cause_n of_o the_o flux_n and_o reflux_n of_o the_o sea_n and_o that_o it_o can_v be_v the_o pulse_n of_o his_o world-animal_n p._n 81_o 82_o 83_o mastix_fw-la his_o philosophical_a poem_n censure_v and_o defend_v p._n 85_o 86_o 87_o reminiscency_n no_o argument_n for_o the_o preexistency_n of_o the_o soul_n p._n 88_o 89_o 90_o a_o large_a demonstration_n that_o that_o matter_n which_o eugenius_n asfirm_v he_o have_v often_o see_v and_o feel_v be_v not_o the_o first_o matter_n of_o all_o thing_n from_o p._n 91._o to_o p._n 97_o his_o assertion_n that_o aristotle_n first_o matter_n be_v in_o nature_n neither_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o nor_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o confute_v p._n 101_o 102_o eugenius_n his_o ridiculous_a division_n of_o a_o idea_n into_o one_o part_n p._n 104_o a_o supply_n make_v to_o this_o hop_a distribution_n out_o of_o philo_n the_o few_o p._n 105_o 106_o that_o eugenius_n do_v so_o surround_v the_o mass_n with_o his_o ●mpyreall_a substance_n that_o there_o can_v be_v no_o morning_n nor_o evening_n as_o moses_n text_n require_v p._n 107_o that_o the_o scripture_n speak_v according_a to_o outward_a sense_n and_o vulgar_a apprehension_n prove_v by_o sundry_a passage_n of_o scripture_n and_o testimony_n of_o learned_a man_n from_o p._n 109_o to_o 113_o that_o the_o extent_n of_o the_o world_n according_a to_o moses_n david_n etc._n etc._n be_v but_o to_o the_o cloud_n or_o thereabouts_o very_o full_o and_o large_o demonstrate_v and_o so_o consequent_o that_o there_o be_v no_o room_n for_o eugenius_n his_o interstellar_a water_n in_o moses_n his_o text_n unless_o he_o will_v make_v they_o all_o one_o with_o the_o cloud_n or_o vapour_n that_o be_v coagulate_v into_o rain_n from_o p._n 113_o to_o p._n 120_o eugenius_n his_o gross_a mistake_n concerning_o orb_n and_o epicycle_n vent_v three_o absurdity_n in_o one_o assertion_n p._n 121_o 122_o 123_o 124_o in_o what_o sense_n mastix_fw-la say_v in_o his_o observation_n that_o epicycle_n be_v too_o big_a to_o be_v true_a p._n 125_o that_o rarefaction_n and_o condensation_n according_a to_o the_o school_n imply_v a_o contradiction_n p._n 128_o what_o a_o miserable_a layer_n of_o fundamentals_n of_o science_n eugenius_n be_v and_o in_o particular_a of_o his_o magnet_n p._n 129_o 130_o s._n john_n new_a heaven_n and_o new_a earth_n how_o mastix_fw-la will_v interpret_v it_o and_o how_o magicus_fw-la p._n 132_o 133_o aristotle_n tax_v of_o sodomy_n p._n 134_o 135_o his_o hymn_n in_o honour_n of_o hermias_n and_o his_o do_v the_o same_o rite_n unto_o his_o whore_n when_o he_o have_v marry_v she_o that_o the_o athenian_n do_v to_o their_o goddess_n ceres_n eleusinia_n p._n 135_o 136_o the_o natural_a shame_n in_o man_n of_o obscene_a matter_n notorious_o discover_v in_o the_o story_n of_o osiris_n and_o typhon_n and_o that_o this_o shame_n be_v a_o sign_n that_o there_o be_v a_o certain_a conscience_n or_o presage_n in_o the_o soul_n of_o man_n that_o a_o better_a condition_n belong_v to_o she_o then_o this_o in_o the_o body_n p._n 137_o 138_o that_o the_o soul_n of_o man_n be_v not_o propagate_v as_o light_v from_o light_n p._n 140_o 141_o 142_o that_o eugenius_n do_v plain_o assert_v that_o blind_a man_n see_v in_o their_o sleep_n p._n 143_o that_o there_o be_v not_o a_o sensitive_a spirit_n distinct_a from_o the_o rational_a soul_n in_o a_o man_n p._n 144_o 145_o 146_o 147_o how_o long_o mastix_fw-la be_v make_v his_o observation_n upon_o eugenius_n his_o magical_a treatise_n p._n 149_o 150_o eugenius_n so_o unlucky_a in_o his_o poetical_a encomium_n of_o oxford_n that_o whereas_o he_o intend_v to_o praise_v he_o seem_v to_o abuse_v that_o learned_a and_o well-deserving_a university_n p._n 153_o 154_o that_o the_o very_a substance_n of_o a_o thing_n can_v be_v know_v p._n 161_o 162_o 163._o the_o union_n betwixt_o the_o flame_n and_o the_o candle_n not_o at_o all_o to_o set_v out_o the_o union_n of_o the_o soul_n and_o body_n to_o any_o philosophical_a satisfaction_n p._n 164_o 165_o that_o the_o soul_n be_v not_o intelligent_a fire_n prove_v by_o sundry_a argument_n p._n 166_o 167_o etc._n etc._n from_o her_o organization_n of_o the_o body_n p._n 167_o from_o her_o information_n p._n 168_o from_o spontaneous_a motion_n p._n 168_o from_o sensation_n p._n 169_o to_o 174_o from_o memory_n p._n 174_o from_o the_o soul_n immortality_n acknowledge_v by_o eugenius_n p._n 174_o 175_o the_o bare_a point_n of_o mastix_fw-la his_o argument_n against_o magicus_fw-la his_o mysterious_a chain_n of_o light_n more_o plain_o discover_v p._n 177_o 178_o eugenius_n his_o four_o argument_n to_o prove_v that_o the_o seminal_a form_n of_o thing_n be_v understand_v agent_n propound_v and_o confute_v from_o page_n 178_o to_o 181_o what_o a_o ritio_n seminalis_fw-la or_o seminal_a form_n be_v according_a to_o plotinus_n and_o the_o platonist_n p._n 179_o 180_o mastix_fw-la his_o exception_n against_o eugenius_n his_o definition_n of_o the_o first_o principle_n of_o his_o clavis_fw-la magica_fw-la prove_v to_o be_v as_o solid_a as_o merry_a p._n 181_o 182_o whether_o the_o star_n receive_v any_o light_n from_o the_o sun_n p._n 183_o mastix_fw-la his_o friend_n ●_z t._n vindicate_v p._n 186_o his_o favourable_a conjecture_n of_o the_o author_n of_o magia_n ada_n mica_fw-la p._n 188_o his_o power_n of_o discover_v imposture_n parallel_v with_o apolionius_fw-la we_o p_o 189_o his_o victory_n trophy_n and_o inscription_n p._n 190_o his_o oration_n to_o the_o man_n of_o ephesus_n p._n 190_o 191_o etc._n etc._n a_o description_n of_o a_o threefold_a dispensation_n under_o which_o christian_n be_v from_o p._n 191_o to_o 197_o the_o first_o dispensation_n p._n 191_o 192_o the_o second_o dispensation_n from_o p._n 192_o to_o 195_o what_o be_v the_o way_n to_o be_v deliver_v from_o the_o imposture_n and_o foolery_n of_o the_o second_o dispensation_n p._n 195_o 196_o the_o three_o dispensation_n or_o second_o covenant_n p._n 196_o 197_o in_o what_o sense_n mastix_fw-la be_v puritan_n or_o independent_a p._n 197_o that_o he_o be_v above_o all_o sect_n whatsoever_o as_o sect_n as_o be_v a_o mere_a christian_n p._n 197_o 198_o the_o transfiguration_n of_o his_o inward_a man_n into_o a_o breathe_a coloss_n speak_v from_o heaven_n and_o remind_v all_o the_o inhabitant_n of_o the_o earth_n of_o the_o true_a cause_n of_o their_o perpetual_a misery_n and_o calamity_n p._n 199_o that_o mastix_fw-la be_v no_o enthusiast_n for_o all_o this_o but_o that_o it_o be_v only_o the_o triumph_n of_o the_o divine_a light_n in_o his_o rational_a spirit_n strike_v through_o his_o exterior_a faculty_n and_o move_v his_o very_a body_n with_o coldness_n and_o tremble_a p._n 200_o his_o friendly_a and_o faithful_a monition_n to_o eugenius_n free_o discover_v to_o he_o the_o true_a cause_n of_o his_o be_v defeat_v in_o his_o great_a design_n upon_o fame_n and_o knowledge_n from_o p._n 200_o to_o 204_o that_o a_o wise_a man_n will_v not_o only_o not_o be_v hurt_v but_o be_v profit_v by_o his_o enemy_n p._n 205_o etc._n etc._n errata_fw-la page_n 106._o line_n 3._o read_v {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o page_n 125._o line_n 9_o read_v deferent_n page_n 145._o line_n 7._o read_v glass_n page_n 147._o line_n 23._o for_o in_o the_o high_a read_v the_o high_a page_n 160._o line_n 20._o read_v {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o page_n 177._o line_n 3_o 4._o read_v kind_a of_o attractive_a
general_o in_o man_n and_o woman_n that_o be_v not_o either_o heroical_o good_a or_o stupid_o and_o beastly_o nought_o a_o kind_n of_o shame_n and_o aversation_n in_o the_o very_a name_n of_o these_o thing_n that_o it_o be_v a_o sign_n that_o the_o soul_n of_o man_n do_v in_o its_o own_o judgement_n find_v itself_o here_o in_o this_o condition_n of_o the_o body_n as_o i_o may_v so_o speak_v in_o a_o wrong_a box_n and_o have_v a_o kind_n of_o presage_n and_o conscience_n that_o better_a and_o more_o noble_a thing_n belong_v unto_o it_o ease_n why_o shall_v it_o be_v trouble_v at_o its_o own_o proclivity_n to_o that_o which_o be_v the_o height_n and_o flower_n of_o the_o pleasure_n of_o the_o body_n as_o they_o that_o be_v give_v to_o this_o folly_n do_v profess_v {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o to_o this_o sense_n what_o life_n what_o sweet_a without_o the_o golden_a tie_n of_o venus_n dead_a to_o this_o straight_o let_v i_o die_v but_o that_o there_o be_v a_o natural_a shame_n of_o these_o act_n and_o the_o propension_n to_o they_o that_o story_n of_o typhon_n in_o diodorus_n siculus_n be_v no_o obscure_a argument_n for_o when_o he_o have_v murder_v his_o brother_n osiris_n that_o he_o may_v more_o sacramental_o bind_v to_o he_o for_o his_o future_a help_n and_o security_n his_o twenty_o four_o complice_n in_o this_o act_n he_o hew_v the_o body_n of_o his_o brother_n into_o so_o many_o piece_n but_o be_v fain_o to_o fling_v the_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o {non-roman}_o his_o pudendum_fw-la into_o the_o river_n they_o every_o one_o be_v unwilling_a to_o take_v that_o for_o their_o share_n so_o much_o aversation_n be_v there_o natural_o from_o these_o obscenity_n that_o even_o those_o that_o be_v otherwise_o execrable_o wicked_a have_v some_o sense_n of_o it_o but_o i_o do_v not_o speak_v this_o as_o if_o marriage_n itself_o be_v a_o sin_n as_o well_o as_o whoredom_n and_o adultery_n for_o questionless_a it_o be_v permit_v to_o the_o soul_n in_o this_o case_n she_o be_v in_o but_o if_o she_o be_v not_o monstrous_a and_o degenerate_a she_o can_v but_o be_v mindful_a that_o she_o be_v make_v for_o something_o far_o better_a observ._n 33._o to_o this_o observation_n thou_o answer_v like_o a_o man_n with_o reason_n and_o generosity_n and_o with_o a_o well_o beseem_a wit_n how_o unlike_o to_o thyself_o be_v thou_o here_o anthroposophos_n observ._n 34._o i_o perceive_v by_o thy_o answer_n to_o this_o observation_n thou_o be_v not_o at_o all_o acquaint_v with_o ramus_n what_o ere_o thou_o be_v with_o the_o schoolman_n but_o i_o pass_v over_o this_o and_o come_v to_o what_o be_v of_o more_o moment_n page_n 71._o line_n 19_o this_o be_v one_o of_o your_o three_o design_n yes_o it_o be_v one_o of_o those_o three_o design_n i_o tax_v you_o for_o in_o the_o beginning_n of_o my_o observation_n and_o here_o i_o make_v it_o good_a out_o of_o your_o own_o text_n anthroposophia_fw-la pag._n 33._o line_n 1._o these_o be_v your_o word_n and_o now_o reader_n arrige_fw-la aures_fw-la come_v on_o without_o prejudice_n and_o i_o will_v tell_v thou_o that_o which_o never_o hitherto_o have_v be_v discover_v what_o can_v be_v more_o plain_a if_o you_o will_v but_o prick_v up_o your_o ear_n and_o attend_v to_o what_o you_o say_v yourself_o but_o now_o i_o have_v discover_v that_o this_o be_v but_o a_o boast_n of_o you_o concerning_o a_o know_a notion_n among_o the_o christian_a platonist_n you_o begin_v to_o pluck_v in_o your_o ear_n and_o confess_v yourself_o a_o plagiary_n in_o the_o rest_n of_o your_o answer_n you_o do_v but_o teach_v your_o grannam_n to_o crack_v nut_n i_o go_v on_o magicus_fw-la to_o the_o next_o observ._n 35._o as_o a_o flame_n of_o one_o candle_n can_v light_v a_o thousand_o candle_n more_o your_o answer_n then_o to_o this_o observation_n be_v this_o that_o the_o soul_n be_v propagate_v as_o light_n be_v from_o light_n that_o there_o be_v a_o multiplication_n without_o decision_n or_o division_n but_o for_o thou_o and_o the_o reader_n full_a satisfaction_n i_o shall_v answer_v thou_o here_o as_o thou_o somewhere_o demand_v in_o the_o verse_n of_o spencer_n but_o in_o the_o reason_n and_o sense_n of_o more_o out_o of_o these_o four_o stanza_n in_o my_o canto_n of_o the_o preexistency_n of_o the_o soul_n wherefore_o who_o think_v from_o soul_n new_a soul_n to_o bring_v the_o same_o let_v press_v the_o sun_n beam_n in_o his_o fist_n and_o squeeze_v out_o drop_n of_o light_n or_o strong_o wring_v the_o rainbow_n till_o it_o die_v his_o hand_n well_o press_v or_o with_o uncessant_a industry_n persist_v the_o intentional_a species_n to_o mash_n and_o bray_n in_o marble_n mortar_n till_o he_o have_v express_v a_o sovereign_a eyesalve_n to_o discern_v a_o fay_n as_o easy_o as_o the_o first_o all_o these_o effect_n you_o may_v ne_z may_v quaint_a simile_n this_o fury_n damp_n which_o say_v that_o our_o soul_n propagation_n be_v as_o when_o lamp_n we_o lighten_v from_o a_o lamp_n which_o do_v without_o diminution_n of_o the_o first_o light_n show_v how_o the_o soul_n of_o man_n though_o indivisible_a may_v another_o rear_n impart_v life_n but_o if_o we_o right_o scan_v this_o argument_n it_o come_v nothing_o near_o to_o light_v the_o lamp_n be_v to_o kindle_v the_o sulphureous_a gear_n no_o substance_n new_a that_o act_n do_v then_o produce_v only_o the_o oily_a atomesed_a do_v excite_v and_o wake_v into_o a_o flame_n but_o no_o such_o use_n there_o be_v of_o human_a sperm_n for_o our_o free_a spirit_n be_v not_o the_o kindle_a seed_n but_o substance_n quite_o distinct_a there_o from_o if_o not_o then_o body_n may_v so_o change_v be_v by_o nature_n and_o stiff_a fight_n of_o hungry_a stomach_n that_o what_o erst_o be_v clay_n then_o herb_n in_o time_n itself_o in_o sense_n may_v well_o display_v for_o than_o our_o soul_n can_v nothing_o be_v but_o blood_n or_o nerve_n or_o brain_n or_o body_n modifyde_v whence_o it_o will_v follow_v that_o cold_a stop_v crud_v hard_o mouldy_a cheese_n dry_a nut_n when_o they_o have_v ride_v due_a circuit_n through_o the_o heart_n at_o last_o shall_v speed_v of_o life_n and_o sense_n look_v through_o our_o thin_a eye_n and_o view_v the_o close_a wherein_o the_o cow_n do_v feed_v whence_o they_o be_v milk_v gross_a pie-crust_n will_v grow_v wise_a and_o pickle_a cucumber_n sans_o doubt_n philosophize_v observ._n 37._o bid_v adieu_o to_o thy_o reputation_n mastix_fw-la well_o now_o i_o perceive_v that_o thou_o think_v that_o thou_o have_v hit_v the_o nail_n on_o the_o head_n indeed_o but_o all_o that_o thou_o do_v or_o can_v collect_v from_o what_o be_v in_o my_o preface_n to_o the_o canto_n concerning_o the_o sleep_n of_o the_o soul_n be_v but_o this_o that_o whether_o we_o see_v or_o imagine_v that_o both_o of_o these_o be_v but_o the_o very_a energy_n of_o the_o soul_n and_o that_o the_o soul_n do_v not_o nor_o can_v perceive_v any_o thing_n immediate_o but_o her_o own_o energy_n but_o what_o of_o all_o this_o it_o do_v not_o thence_o follow_v that_o the_o inward_a and_o outward_a sense_n be_v all_o one_o but_o only_o unitate_fw-la genericâ_fw-la no_o more_o than_o if_o i_o shall_v say_v that_o to_o be_v a_o animal_n be_v but_o to_o have_v corporeal_a substance_n life_n and_o sense_n it_o will_v thence_o follow_v that_o a_o horse_n and_o a_o man_n be_v all_o one_o look_v thou_o now_o magicus_fw-la how_o i_o have_v pass_v through_o this_o huge_a mound_n and_o bulwark_n of_o thou_o with_o as_o much_o ease_n and_o stillness_n as_o a_o glide_a spirit_n through_o a_o mudwall_n i_o will_v only_o look_v back_o and_o laugh_v at_o thou_o magicus_fw-la for_o a_o man_n of_o no_o logic_n but_o if_o any_o man_n doubt_v whether_o thou_o say_v blind_a man_n see_v in_o their_o sleep_n it_o be_v apparent_a that_o thou_o do_v for_o in_o thy_o anthroposophia_fw-la page_n 40._o line_n 1._o thou_o say_v that_o the_o visible_a power_n be_v not_o destroy_v as_o be_v plain_a in_o the_o dream_n of_o blind_a man_n here_o if_o thou_o know_v what_o thou_o say_v thou_o argue_v from_o the_o effect_n to_o the_o cause_n from_o the_o operation_n to_o the_o faculty_n but_o be_v the_o operation_n of_o the_o visive_a faculty_n for_o thou_o do_v barbarous_o call_v it_o visible_a any_o thing_n else_o but_o see_v therefore_o thou_o do_v plain_o assert_v that_o blind_a man_n see_v in_o their_o sleep_n it_o will_v be_v well_o if_o they_o can_v walk_v in_o their_o sleep_n too_o for_o than_o they_o will_v scarce_o have_v any_o loss_n of_o their_o eye_n observ._n 38._o magicus_fw-la i_o do_v not_o altogether_o contemn_v the_o symbol_n and_o signature_n of_o nature_n but_o i_o believe_v that_o euphrasia_n or_o eye-bright_a that_o have_v the_o