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A47152 Immediate revelation, or, Jesus Christ the eternall Son of God revealed in man and revealing the knowledge of God and the things of his kingdom immediately : or, the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit of promise, the spirit of prophecy poured forth and inspiring man and induing him with power from on high ... not ceased, but remaining a standing and perpetual ordinance in the Church of Christ and being of indispensible necessity as to the whole body in general ... / writ by George Keith, prisoner of the truth in the Tolbooth of Aberdein, the 29th of the third moneth, 1665. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1668 (1668) Wing K175; ESTC R28754 117,830 152

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Revealeth in Man these he believeth But if he or any other would thus reason then every one who have the gift of Faith must have the Prophetical Revelation and so all believers are Prophers and do Prophecy Answ. 2. All Saints have the same Spirit and Word of Prophecy in some measure more or less that the Prophets had who ever directed people to the same Spirit and Word in their hearts from which they spoke that they might in themselves hear the same Word and Spirit whereby the true Faith comes and such who turned in their minds to this Word and Spirit in them or rather by the drawings thereof were turned by it believed the Prophets Testimonies and all others did not believe but rejected their Testimony as false and seigned I shall not need to cite Scriptures for this or produce reasons having done both at large in the fore-going Treatise but whereas they say then all should be Prophets and Prophecy who believe Answ. 3. All the Saints must know the sheepherds voice in them and witness Christ Jesus the great Prophet Prophecying or speaking in them and must carry his Testimony which is the Spirit of Prophecy Revel 19. 10. compared with 12. 17. But we do not say neither followeth it from our Doctrine That all are called forth as Prophets to Prophecy or Minister or Teach or have the gift of utterance given them only this we affirm That none ought to Minister or Teach but who witness the Internal Call and furnishing of the holy Spirit given them what to speak Immediately from it self and inwardly revealing the truth of these things in them whereof they declare and they who Prophecy or Preach of Faith ought to believe themselves and to have the same Spirit of Faith according to that 1 Cor. 4. 13. We having the same Spirit of Faith believe therefore we speak and so speaking a Prophecying of the effect or consequent of Faith in all whom God calleth thereunto Thirdly saith he This opinion too openly favoureth the Swendefieldians Anabaptists and others vaunting of Internal Breathings or Inspirations and enthusiasms for saith he that Internal Revelation which is upon the part of the object and which is ever by Supernatural and disjoynedly Infused representations truly and properly is Enthusiasme Answ. Lo how the fleshly denies the Inward Breathings or Inspirations of Gods Spirit whereby alone the understanding is opened and the true Wisdom and Life received but what saith he here against it but that the Swendefieldians and Annabaptists maintain this Doctrine and vaunt themselves to be Inspired but this will not prove it false though they had not been Inspired more than when the false Prophets in Ieremiah's daies said They were Inspyred by the Spirit of God that therefore Ieremiah was not Fourthly saith he Hence it followeth that the whole Church that is all the faithful are ruled by new Revelations Answ. What evil is this or rather is it not a blessed dispensation for all who believe to walk after the Spirit and to Witness God dwelling and walking in them as he hath promised It is observable how both this man and all his brethren take it for granted rather it hath passed all along among them as a Principle then that ever any of them could prove it That there no Immediate Revelation and upon this sandy Foundation they have built their Church Ministry Worship and Ordinances which is now a falling and great is and shall be the fall thereof but this we say and certainly know such who can receive it let them all true Christians have the dayly and hourly Manifestations Revelations and Influences of the Life eternal fresh and new from the Fountain as the Israelites gathered the Manna new from Heaven every day c. Fifthly saith he Internal or Immediate Revelations cannot make us more certain of the Divine Authority than the outward Revelation viz. the Scriptures therefore if the outward is not to be believed for it self neither the inward and so either an infinite progress or vitious Circle must be committed Answ. The Antecedent is Manifestly false and therefore it concludes not truly for what man of the meanest discerning will not acknowledge that God Immediately Revealing or speaking in Man whose voice is full of heavenly vertue sweetness and holiness which his Sheep by their heavenly nature hear and discern from the voice of a stranger maketh him more certain than when he has but a report from another Writ in the time of my Imprisonment in the Tolboo●…h of Aberdeen in Scotland where I was shut up ten Months for no other cause but my Testimony to the Truth The 3d. of the 6th Month 1668. G. Keith Errata or faults escaped in Printing PAge 10. Line 13. for annull read animal p. 12. l. 27. for God r. of God p. 25. l. 33. for stuffe r. strife p. 17. l. 15. for light r. life p. 52. l. 9. for misery r. mercy p. 88. l. 25. for swords r. words p. 92. l. 31. for him 1. her p. 109. l. 15. for darkness r. drunkenness p. 137. l. 3. for none r. is there none p. 121. l. 21. for Christians r. Christians have p. 126. l. for with r. ●…ot with THE END Prov. 5. 2. and 3. 2 Cor. 4. 6.
like these men who talke of the Scripture Canon being filled up so that the Spirit of Prophecy is Ceased are to the Iews who had such a fancy among them concerning the Scriptures of the Old Testament their being filled up and their becoming a Rule to them so that when Christ and his Apostles came and spoke from the same Spirit the Scriptures were writ from they would not hear them but cryed up the Scriptures We have the Scriptures and Moses Law and God spoke unto Moses and our Fathers but this Man we know not from whence he is Joh. 9. 28 29. And as for Prov. 22. 19 20 21. There is wisdom ●…ught in speaking to Solomon and making known her words and writeing unto him but that proves nothing That the speaking of that wisdom or spirit in others as in Solomon is Ceased Nor yet Isa. 8. 19 29. To the Law and to the Testimony if they speak not according to this word c. Now could this be a good Argument for the Iews against Christ and his Apostles and their Writeings No nor is not now against writeings or words proceeding from the Inspiration of the same Spirit for that which was writ after or is to be writ from the Spirit of God is not contrary to any thing writ before from the same Spirit but according to it for all the words of truth accord and agree together and there was a Law and Testimony writ in Men's Hearts before a Line of Scripture was ever writ in a Book and they who spoke not according thereto were but deceivers and had no morneing in them as the Hebrew carries it And now I come to that Scripture they lay so much weight upon 2 Tim. 3. 15. 16 17. But what Does the Cannon close here is not the next Chapter writ from the Inspiration of the Spirit of God and the other following Books if they were writ after this as they follow after it or if these words prove not but that Paul and others both spoke and wrot afterwards from the Inspiration of the holy Ghost how will it prove that there is no such thing now O say they all new Revelations are superstuous there needs no more Scripture that which is writ is writ is able to make wise unto Salvation from a Tim. 3. 15 16 17. But I say Paul and others wrot Scriptures afterwards But to come to that Scripture It is to be considered there is a writeing by the Spirit of God upon Man's heart See 1 Chron 28. 12. Compared with ver 19. and with Ierem. 31. 33 and 2 Cor. 33. And so this is Scripture or Writeing for both are one by the inspiration of God Scripture or writeing with Pen and Ink upon paper but with the Spirit of the living God upon the heart and these holy writeings are able to make 〈◊〉 unto Salvation And Scripture given unto a Man by Inspiration of God is profitable and the words should be thus Translated All Scripture given by Inspiration of God or all Writting given by Inspiration of God profitable for Doctrine for Reproofs c. That the Man of God may be perfect for the word is is not in the Greek and it 's false that all writeing is by Inspiration of God for much has been writ from the Inspiration of the Devil But I acknowledge these Books set down in our Bible to be writ from the Inspiration of God and when any man receives them by Inspiration that they be given him by Inspiration as to these who wrot them then they are profitable to him but if he come not to that Spirit which inspired the first Writers and there-with to be Inspired they cannot of themselves profit for the Letter kills but the Spirit giveth life and the Inspiration of the holy Spirit giveth understanding as saith Elihu so who come not to this Inspiration they come not to an Understanding of the Scriptures And our very Adversaries dare not plead from this Scripture that there is nothing more required but Scripture to make wise unto Salvation for they acknowledge the inward Illumination of the Spirit to be necessary thereto and if they make one exception why may not we make another That inward Revel●…ations and Inspirations are necessary aswel and further it may be said of the Scriptures of the Old Testament all that is spoken here of the use and ability of Scripture yet does not this exclude the writeings of the Evangelists and Apostles and we acknowledge the Scriptures are profitable and useful but not sufficient of themselves to make wise unto Salvation without the inspiration of the same Spirit that gave them forth which can only give the understanding of them But why do they plead that Scripture is able to make the Man of God perfect seeing they deny Perfection and cannot abide to hear that a man can be perfect And that Scrip●…ure Luke 1. 3 4. Does it prove That no more Scripture is to be written nor any after Luke spoke or wrot from the inspiration of the Spirit of God Was not much writ afterwards Or could Luk's word cause Theophilus to know the certainty of these things of themselves Nay they were a Declaration of what he most surely believed himself and Theophilus reading it having the Spirit of God would find that witnessing in him to the truth of these things and this gives the certainty or assurance See 1 Thes. 1. 5 Their next Scripture is Rom. 15. 4. For whatsoever things were written afore-time were written for our learning c. What then is Revelation or the Spirit of Prophecy ceased for all this yet Paul himself had it and he sayes The Scriptures were wrot for his learning and he points here at a Scripture in the old Testamen●… but this proves not there was no more Scriptures to be added thereto and Paul sayes not the Scriptures were writ that we should learn only by them or stick to the Letter learning for he had a learning beyond them even that of the Spirit and in this same Epistle he points them to the newness of the Spirit beyond the oldners of the Letter Rom. 7. 6. which compare with 2 Cor. 3. 6. Their next Scripture is Math. 4. 4 7. as for ver 4. It fighteth Manifestly against them Man shall not live by Bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God Now say they The word proceeding from Gods mouth is Ceased he speaks not from word of mouth now as he did of old but from the Scriptures but if God himself speak not Man lives not And what does this prove that Christ used the Scriptures Testimony against the Devil is there not therefore any Inspiration or Revelation was not Christ inspired himself and was not Paul and the other Apostles Inspired who used the Testimony of former Scriptures writ before them against their adversaries but yet they wrot Scriptures themselves from the same Spirit and why may not it be so now Their