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A17145 An apologie for the religion established in the Church of England Being an answer to T.W. his 12. Articles of the last edition. In this impression recognized and much inlarged. Also answers to three other writings of three seuerall papists. By Ed: Bulkley Doctor of Diuinitie.; Apologie for religion Bulkley, Edward, d. 1621?; Wright, Thomas, d. 1624. Certaine articles or forcible reasons. 1608 (1608) STC 4026; ESTC S106872 215,308 282

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life_n do_v well_o deserve_v that_o commendation_n moreover_o where_o s._n r._n pag._n 208._o say_v that_o caluin_n whitaker_n perkins_n and_o i_o do_v say_v all_o good_a work_n be_v sin_n this_o be_v as_o true_a as_o be_v that_o lve_a slander_v of_o duraeus_n the_o jesuite_n who_o shame_v not_o to_o say_v that_o we_o affirm_v all_o work_n to_o be_v nothing_o 14._o duraeus_n contr_n whitakerum_fw-la fol._n 13._o 14._o else_o but_o inquinamenta_fw-la et_fw-la sordes_fw-la et_fw-la veram_fw-la iniquitatem_fw-la apud_fw-la deum_fw-la pollution_n filth_n &_o very_a iniquity_n before_o god_n the_o which_o be_v most_o false_a for_o we_o teach_v and_o believe_v that_o the_o work_n of_o the_o faithful_a and_o regenerate_v be_v good_a and_o acceptable_a unto_o god_n for_o although_o they_o be_v so_o infect_v and_o stain_v with_o sin_n which_o be_v in_o we_o and_o hang_v on_o we_o that_o they_o can_v of_o themselves_o abide_v god_n strict_a and_o severe_a examination_n but_o have_v need_n of_o mercy_n yet_o in_o that_o they_o proceed_v from_o faithful_a heart_n and_o sanctify_v in_o some_o measure_n with_o god_n spirit_n and_o be_v cover_v with_o the_o robe_n of_o christ_n righteousness_n they_o be_v accept_v of_o god_n as_o pure_a and_o perfect_a as_o i_o have_v in_o my_o answer_n to_o the_o second_o article_n concern_v good_a life_n and_o piety_n before_o declare_v the_o which_o i_o desire_v the_o christian_a reader_n to_o read_v and_o examine_v and_o not_o over_o light_o to_o believe_v this_o lying-sclandere_a who_o think_v it_o the_o wise_a way_n not_o to_o set_v down_o our_o say_n but_o to_o quote_v the_o place_n which_o he_o be_v well_o assure_v his_o affectionate_a favourer_n will_v never_o examine_v nor_o read_v what_o we_o shall_v write_v in_o our_o defence_n so_o strong_o have_v they_o charm_v they_o and_o by_o a_o strong_a delusion_n bewitch_v they_o and_o this_o shall_v suffice_v for_o answer_v to_o s._n r._n in_o that_o which_o concern_v i_o the_o rest_n master_n bell_n have_v answer_v but_o i_o know_v not_o whether_o it_o be_v print_v job_n 6._o 24._o teach_v i_o and_o i_o will_v hold_v my_o tongue_n and_o cause_v i_o to_o understand_v wherein_o i_o have_v err_v isaia_n 41._o 21._o stand_v to_o your_o cause_n say_v the_o lord_n bring_v forth_o your_o strong_a reason_n say_v the_o king_n of_o jacob_n fault_n escape_v in_o the_o print_n p._n be_v for_o page_n l._n for_o line_n and_o r._n for_o read_v p._n 16._o l._n 10_o r._n reveal_v p._n 23._o l_o 25._o r._n up_o to_o the_o church_n p._n 32._o l._n 14._o r._n appoint_v unto_o p._n 45_o l._n 2._o r._n or_o the_o remish_n p._n 48._o the_o addition_n in_o the_o first_o line_n begin_v with_o these_o word_n whereas_o yousay_n etc._n etc._n be_v misplace_v and_o shall_v have_v be_v insert_v in_o the_o second_o line_n above_o after_o these_o word_n to_o discredit_v i_o must_v entreat_v thou_o gentle_a reader_n to_o pardon_v this_o oversight_n p._n 54._o l._n 5._o r._n mediation_n ibid._n l._n 13._o r._n eternal_a predestination_n p._n 56._o l._n 7._o r._n to_o be_v god_n p._n 56._o l._n 16._o r_o absurdum_fw-la p._n 57_o l._n 33._o r._n repell_v p._n 58._o l._n 18._o for_o new_a r._n true_a p._n 59_o l._n 29._o r._n punish_v for_o and_o in_o the_o end_n of_o the_o next_o line_n put_v out_o for_o p._n 61_o l._n 6_o for_o mystical_a r_o ministerial_a ibid._n l._n 24._o put_v out_o of_o p._n 72._o l._n 12_o for_o of_o r._n for_o p._n 73._o l._n 14._o r._n deum_fw-la p._n 84._o l._n 23._o r._n affirm_v p._n 84_o l._n 11._o r._n to_o be_v the_o laver_n p._n 87._o l_o 7._o r._n of_o sin_n p._n 88_o l._n 16._o r._n of_o itself_o p._n 96_o l._n 1_o r._n cross_n and_o l._n 8._o r_o that_o god_n do_v p._n 105_o l._n 11._o r._n such_o as_o be_v p._n 106._o in_o the_o 19_o &_o 20._o line_n these_o word_n first_o second_o be_v misplace_v p._n 100_o 25_o r._n in_o that_o over_o obstinate_o they_o do_v p._n 1●_n ●●8_n for_o that_o r._n they_o ●_o 18._o l._n 7_o r._n 〈◊〉_d and_o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 159._o 19_o for_o he_o r._n you_o p._n 120_o l._n 26._o for_o poest_fw-mi r._n do_v p._n 127._o l._n 1._o r._n we_o be_v make_v ibid._n l._n 25_o for_o affect_v r._n effect_n p._n 129_o l._n 6._o for_o ale_n r._n oil_n ibid._n the_o last_o line_n r._n jesuite_n be_v who_o p._n 133_o l._n 18_o for_o boubt_n r._n doubt_n p._n 135_o l._n 17_o r._n i_o say_v ibid._n l._n 24_o for_o give_fw-mi r._n give_v p._n 139_o l._n 6_o r._n keep_v p._n 141_o l._n 29_o r._n our_o virtue_n p._n 144_o l._n 3_o r._n first_o they_o say_v ibid._n l_o 24_o r_o or_o else_o few_o or_o none_o p_o 149_o l_o 8_o blot_v out_o these_o word_n and_o so_o attribute_v all_o to_o god_n grace_n and_o mercy_n for_o they_o be_v twice_o p._n 152_o l_o 12_o r_o solam_fw-la p_o 153._o l_o 18_o r_o merciful_a p_o 154_o l_o 1._o r_o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d p_o 159_o l_o 6_o r_o this_o sacred_a p_o 169_o l_o 9_o r_o tend_v which_o some_o ibid._n l_o 26_o r_o tot_fw-la indulgentiae_fw-la p_o 175_o l_o 30_o r_o munnatis_fw-la p_o 233_o l_o 20_o r_o his_o own_o blood_n p_o 240_o l_o 31_o r_o region_n p_o 246_o l_o 36_o r_o superstition_n p_o 247_o l_o 38_o r_o for_o q_o question_n p_o 248_o l_o 3_o put_v out_o first_o ibid._n l_o 20_o put_v out_o beside_o ibid._n l_o 38_o r_o for_o that_o in_o tertullia_n time_n the_o bishop_n of_o rome_n favour_v his_o heresy_n as_o both_o tertullian_n and_o beatu●_n rhenanus_fw-la a_o papist_n do_v affirm_v p_o 254._o l_o 28_o r_o they_o do_v p_o 255_o l_o 36_o r_o for_o error_n author_n p_o 256_o l_o 8_o r_o henry_n ibid._n l_o 13_o r_o these_o p_o 259_o l._n 10_o r_o parcite_fw-la ibi_fw-la they_fw-mi l_o 25_o r_o say_v p_o 262_o i_o 16_o r._n combas●●_n p._n 263_o l_o 36_o r._n race_n p_o 264_o l_o 10_o r_o fuit_fw-la p_o 266_o l_o 14_o r_o sacrae_fw-la ibid._n l_o 15_o jani_fw-la ibid._n l_o 24_o r_o promsit_fw-la ibid._n l_o 28_o r_o censu●_n ibid._n r_o partos_fw-la p_o 267._o l_o 3_o r._n verum_fw-la ibid._n l_o 13_o r_o quaeque_fw-la ibid._n l_o 21_o r_o a●te●_n ibid._n l_o 22_o r._n quam_fw-la ibid._n l_o 30_o for_o mons_fw-la r_o mayne_n