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A14818 The lamentations of Amyntas for the death of Phillis, paraphrastically translated out of Latine into English hexameters by Abraham Fraunce; Amyntas. English Watson, Thomas, 1557?-1592.; Fraunce, Abraham, fl. 1587-1633.; Tasso, Torquato, 1544-1595. Aminta. 1587 (1587) STC 25118.4; ESTC S111312 24,056 40

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lover_n amintas_n and_o thou_o good_a damon_n drive_v forth_o those_o sheep_n of_o amintas_n lest_o that_o amintas_n sheep_n die_v with_o their_o master_n amintas_n and_o thou_o fair_a amarillis_n when_o thou_o gang'_v to_o the_o mountain_n drive_a on_o phillis_n goat_n fair_a phillis_n goat_n to_o the_o mountain_n for_o now_o be_v certain_a will_v leave_v this_o life_n for_o a_o better_a and_o seek_v for_o mend_v in_o a_o most_o unnatural_a end_n hill_n and_o dale_n farewell_o you_o pleasant_a walk_n of_o amintas_n wells_n and_o fludd_n farewell_o sometime_o the_o delyte_n of_o amintas_n now_o shall_v i_o never_o more_o my_o sorrow_n utter_v among_o you_o now_o shall_v i_o never_o more_o with_o clamour_n vain_o molest_v you_o must_v then_o amintas_n thus_o but_o a_o stripling_n murder_n amintas_n o_o what_o a_o imperious_a princess_n be_v queen_n cytheraea_n for_o still_o watch_v love_n will_v never_o let_v i_o be_v rest_v nor_o never_o sleep_v since_o phillis_n go_v from_o amintas_n and_o no_o long_o i_o can_v sustain_v these_o infinite_a horror_n and_o pang_n incessant_a which_o now_o be_v fresh_o renew_v and_o much_o augment_v therefore_o be_o i_o full_o resolve_v of_o linger_a love_v wound_v to_o be_v speedy_o cure_v by_o a_o death_n wound_n thus_o when_o he_o have_v contrive_v in_o his_o heart_n this_o desperate_a outrage_n and_o mean_v full_o to_o die_v with_o a_o hellish_a fury_n bewitch_v what_o do_v i_o stay_v quoth_v he_o now_o be_v loss_n of_o time_n to_o be_v linger_a then_o with_o a_o fatal_a knife_n in_o a_o murder_a hand_n to_o the_o heaven_n up_o do_v he_o look_v for_o a_o while_n and_o groan_v with_o a_o deadly_a resound_a with_o these_o word_n his_o life_n and_o lamentation_n end_v god_n and_o ghost_n forgive_v forget_v this_o fault_n of_o amintas_n pardon_v i_o crave_v of_o both_o this_o knife_n shall_v bring_v i_o to_o phillis_n and_o end_v these_o misery_n though_o destiny_n flat_o deny_v it_o even_o as_o he_o speak_v these_o word_n down_o fall_v deep_o wound_v amintas_n fowl_v hand_n and_o ground_n with_o stream_n of_o blood_n that_o abound_v and_o good_a nature_a ground_n pity_n this_o fall_n of_o amintas_n in_o most_o love_a wise_a very_o gent'_o receive_v amintas_n and_o when_o he_o fall_v by_o the_o fall_n in_o mournful_a sort_n she_o resound_v jupiter_n in_o mean_a time_n and_o other_a god_n of_o olympus_n when_o they_o see_v his_o case_n though_o great_a thing_n be_v then_o in_o handle_v yet_o lament_v much_o and_o then_o decree_v that_o amintas_n soul_n shall_v go_v to_o the_o field_n where_o bless_v phillis_n abide_v and_o bloody_a corpse_n shall_v take_v both_o name_n &_o form_n of_o a_o fair_a flower_n call_v amaranthus_n for_o amintas_n friendly_a remembrance_n whil_v these_o thing_n by_o the_o god_n be_v thus_o decree_v in_o olympus_n sense_n be_v all_o weak_a and_o almost_o go_v from_o amintas_n eye_n be_v quite_o sightles_a death_n pang_n and_o horror_n approach_v then_o with_o his_o head_n half_o up_o most_o heavy_o groan_v amintas_n and_o as_o he_o groan_v than_o he_o feel_v his_o foot_n to_o the_o ground_n to_o be_v root_v and_o seek_v for_o a_o foot_n can_v find_v no_o foot_n to_o be_v seek_v for_o for_o both_o leg_n and_o trunk_n to_o a_o stalk_n be_v speedy_o change_v and_o that_o his_o old_a marrow_n to_o a_o cold_a ivyce_n quick_o resolve_v and_o by_o the_o same_o cold_a ivyce_n this_o stalk_n still_o lively_o appear_v which_o strange_a change_n when_o he_o feel_v they_o he_o lift_v his_o arm_n to_o the_o heaven_n and_o when_o he_o lift_v his_o arm_n them_z his_o arm_n be_v make_v to_o be_v branch_n and_o now_o face_n and_o hear_v of_o amintas_n last_o remain_v o_o what_o mean_v you_o god_n to_o prolong_v this_o life_n of_o amintas_n o_o what_o mean_v you_o god_n with_o a_o hollow_a sound_n he_o repeat_v until_o his_o hollow_a sound_n with_o a_o stalk_n be_v speedy_o stop_v and_o faireface_n and_o hear_v bare_a form_n and_o shape_n of_o a_o fair_a flower_n flower_n with_o fair_a red_a leau_n fair_a red_a blood_n give_v the_o beginning_n then_o with_o bow_n and_o shaft_n and_o paint_a quiver_n about_o he_o uprose_n lord_n of_o love_n from_o princelike_a seat_n in_o olympus_n and_o when_o be_v too_o late_o lament'_v this_o loss_n of_o a_o lover_n speak_v thus_o to_o the_o god_n of_o this_o new_a flower_n of_o amintas_n myrtle_n due_a to_o venus_n green_a laurell_n due_a to_o apollo_n corn_n to_o the_o lady_n ceres_n ripe_a grape_n to_o the_o young_a merry_a bacchus_n popplar_n alcides_n and_o olive_n unto_o minerva_n gentle_a amaranthus_n thou_o fair_a flower_n of_o a_o thousand_o shall_v be_v my_o flower_n henceforth_o &_o though_o thou_o come_v from_o a_o bleed_a yet_o blood_n shall_v thou_o staunch_v this_o gift_n will_v i_o give_v thou_o for_o ever_o and_o by_o the_o pleasant_a field_n where_o gentle_a mind_a amintas_n late_o bewail_v his_o love_n there_o thy_o 's_o lovely_a for_o ever_o boy_n and_o girl_n and_o nymph_n shall_v take_v a_o delyte_n to_o be_v pluck_v take_v a_o delight_n of_o they_o their_o garland_n gay_a to_o be_v make_v and_o now_o in_o mean_a time_n while_o these_o thing_n be_v thus_o a_o work_n good_a love_a neighbour_n for_o a_o long_a time_n miss_v amintas_n and_o by_o the_o cave_n of_o beast_n by_o the_o dungeon_n dark_a by_o the_o desert_n and_o by_o the_o hill_n by_o the_o dale_n by_o the_o well_n and_o watery_a fountain_n seek_v for_o amintas_n long_o but_o never_o meet_v with_o amintas_n finis_fw-la fault_n escape_v a_o the_o first_o page_n line_n 14._o want_v a_o period_n at_o the_o end_n the_o same_o page_n for_o outrageous_a read_v outragius_fw-la page_n 2._o line_n 2._o for_o bush_v read_v blush_v page_n 5._o line_n 4._o for_o love_a read_v love_v the_o last_o line_n of_o the_o same_o page_n for_o fearful_a read_v fearful_a page_n sixth_o line_n 4._o for_o throt_n read_v throat_n page_n 7._o for_o shall_v read_v shall_v page_n 8._o for_o lephyrus_fw-la read_v zephyrus_n in_o the_o same_o for_o venomous_a read_v venymous_a b._n in_o b._n the_o 3._o page_n 2._o line_n for_o cause_v thou_o yield_v read_v cause_n to_o yield_v 5._o page_n line_n 15._o at_o the_o end_n of_o the_o line_n a_o comma_n too_o much_o page_n 7._o line_n 26._o for_o way_n read_v be_v c._n in_o c._n the_o second_o page_n for_o woeful_a read_v woeful_a page_n 3._o line_n 1._o for_o outward_a read_v onward_o line_n 6._o of_o the_o same_o page_n for_o captein_v read_v captain_n line_n 8._o for_o heycock_n read_v heycock_n page_n 5._o for_o boisterous_a read_v boysterus_a page_n 8._o line_n 11._o for_o sign_n read_v sign_n d._n in_o d._n page_n 2._o line_n 8._o for_o want_v read_v wont_a page_n 3._o for_o will_v read_v will_n also_o for_o shall_v read_v shall_v ibid._n line_n 31._o for_o amintas_n read_v avernus_n