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A12653 Ester hath hang'd Haman: or An ansvvere to a lewd pamphlet, entituled, The arraignment of women With the arraignment of lewd, idle, froward, and vnconstant men, and husbands. Diuided into two parts. The first proueth the dignity and worthinesse of women, out of diuine testimonies. The second shewing the estimation of the fœminine sexe, in ancient and pagan times; all which is acknowledged by men themselues in their daily actions. VVritten by Ester Sowernam, neither maide, wife nor widdowe, yet really all, and therefore experienced to defend all. Sowernam, Ester. 1617 (1617) STC 22974; ESTC S111037 31,313 62

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she is honest because she lackes wit They le call women whores but their stakes they might saue There can be no Whore but there must be a Knaue They say that our dressings and that our attire Are causes to moue them to lustfull fire Of all things which are we euermore finde Such thoughts doe arise as are like to the minde Mens thoughts being wicked they wracke on vs thus That scandall is taken not giuen by vs. If their sight be so weake and their frailtie be such Why doe they then gaze at our beauty so much Plucke away those ill roots whence sinne doth arise Amend wicked thoughts or plucke out the eyes The humors of men see how froward they bee We know not to please them in any degree For if we goe plaine we are sluts they doe say They doubt of our honesty if we goe gay If we be honest and merrie for giglots they take vs If modest and sober then proud they doe make vs Be we housewifly quicke then a shrew he doth keepe If patient and milde then he scorneth a sheepe What can we deuise to doe or to say But men doe wrest all things the contrary way 'T is not so vncertaine to follow the winde As to seeke to please men of so humerous minde Their humors are giddy and neuer long lasting We know not to please them neither full nor yet fasting Either we doe too little or they doe too much They straine our poore wits their humors are such They say women are proud wherein made they triall They moou'd some lewd suit and had the deniall To be crost in such suites men cannot abide And therevpon we are entitled with pride They say we are curst and froward by kinde Our mildnesse is changed where raging we finde A good Iacke saye the prouerbe doth make a good Gill A curst froward Husband doth change womans will They vse vs they say as necessary euils We haue it from them for they are our deuils When they are in their rages and humerous fits They put vs poore women halfe out of our wits Of all naughty women name one if you can If she proued bad it came by a man Faire Helen forsooke her Husband of Greece A man called Paris betrayed that peece Medea did rage and did shamefully murther A lason was cause which her mischiefe did further A Cresside was false and changed her loue Diomedes her heart by constraint did remoue In all like examples the world may see Where women proue bad there men are not free But in those offences they haue the most share Women would be good if Serpents would spare Let Women and Maides whatsoeuer they be Come follow my counsell be warned by me Trust not mens suites their loue proueth lust Both hearts tongues and pens doe all proue vniust How faire they will speake and write in their loue But put them to tryall how false doe they proue They loue hot at first when the loue is a stranger But they will not be tied to racke and to manger What loue call you that when men are a wooing And seeke nothing else but shame and vndoing As women in their faults I doe not commend So wish I all men their lewd suites they would end Let women alone and seeke not their shame You shall haue no cause then women to blame 'T is like that this Author against such doth bawle Who by his temptations haue gotten a fall For he who of women so wickedly deemeth Hath made them dishonest it probably seemeth He hath beene a Traueller it may be well so By his tales and reports as much we doe know He promiseth more poyson against women to thrust He doth it for phisicke or else he would brust Thus I bid him farewell till next we doe meete And then as cause moueth so shall we greete IOANE SHARP FINIS Faultes escaped PAge 33. Line 1. for cary reade cutry p. 36. l. 30 for sincerity r. scurility p. 38. l. 28. for something r any thing Ibid. for countrey r. counter p. 40. l. 5. for contempt r. contention