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A12568 [Certen] instruct[ions, obseruati]ons and orders militarie, requisit for all chieftaines, captaines [and?] higher and lower men of charge, [and officers] to vnderstand, [knowe and obserue] / Composed by Sir Iohn Smythe, knight, 1591. And now first imprinted. 1594. Smythe, John, Sir, ca. 1534-1607. 1594 (1594) STC 22884; ESTC S111035 176,497 220

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and battleaxes when they are in skirmish with their enemies in the field pag. 133 Briefe speeches to be vsed by Captaines or leaders of harquebuziers when they would reduce them into abroad square with distaunces oblique pag. 145 Speeches to be vsed to a broad squa●e or to any ordered troupe of harquebuziers being in a straight or ground of aduauntage where horsemen cannot charge them pag. 146 Briefe speeches to be vsed to mosquetiers being in a broad square pag. 147 Certen orders directions and briefe speeches to be obserued by a Sergeant maior and Captaines and leaders of archers in the field pag. 150 A comparison betwixt Archers and mosquetiers and archers and harquebuziers pag. 154 A comparison betwixt harquebuziers and mosquetiers pag. 155 Instructions to be giuen by captaines and officers to their bandes for the passing of any briefe speeches or word pag. 157 The dutie of trompettors and drom●ers pag. 158 Certen instructions and obseruations concerning the ordering and exe●c●sing of men at Armes of dimilaunces and also of light horsmen Stradiots incorporated with archers and Crosbowers on horsebacke for diuers purpo●es and seruices pag. 159 Why launces are rather to be reduced into squadron then into troupe pag. 165 How and in what distaunces men at Armes or dimilaunces are to charge or receiue a charge of their enemies pag. 167 Diuers exercises for horsmen to be instructed and taught pag. 168 Into what formes light horsmen borderers or Stradiots are to reduce themselues with the waies how they should be reduced into the forme of a semicicle pag. 171 How stradiots archers on horseback and Crosbowers on horseback incorporated in bands are to behaue themselues in the field pag. 174 Certen proceedings and obseruations that I would wish to bee obserued in the first election enrolling arming and weaponing of souldiors for the defence of the Realme pag 179 Three principal thinges to be obserued in al right and true elections of souldiors pag. 180 Concerning the election apparelling arming and weaponing of 〈◊〉 of footmen pag. 1●7 How all fortes of horsmen should be apparelled armed horsed and weaponed pag. 1●8 Of what calling the mustermaisters of eu●ry shiere should be pag 205 The curious order that al mustermaisters are to vse in mustering of their ban is of horsmen pag. 206 The order that is to be vsed for the supplying of souldiors ma●med or 〈◊〉 or otherwaies decaied or departing from their ●●bitation into 〈◊〉 other Towne or hundred or out of their maisters se●uice pag 210 The different placing of the souldiors armors and w●●●ons in all the shires of England with the Authors opinion where he would haue them ●laced and certen other necessarie aduertisements pag. 211 Where and how souldiors that are inrolled to any kind of weapon ought to ●xercise themselues pag. 217 The cause wherefore the Author hath compose● 〈◊〉 Booke pag. 220 Faults happened in the printing of this Booke by reason that for Iohn Smythe was absent from London at the time of the imprinting thereof And they are tobe corrected and read as followeth Page line   5 23 Put out And march 7 18 for Armour read Armours 9 32 for the left feet read their left feet 21 16 for Captain Lieutenant read Captaine or Lieutenant 31 26 for opinions read opinion 36 31 for in a●ank read in rankes 39 18 for therein make read there make 43 3 for which like number read which little number 48 9 for forpart corner read forpart and corner 48 16 for sort and weapon read sort of weapon 56 26 for substance of the powder read substance body of y ● powder 62 11 for 145. Read 143. 63 18 for 5. in frunt read 50. in frunt 63 33 for the flanke read the left flanke 74 1 for but one kind read but of one kind 87 33 for that their in encountring read that in their encountring 88   In the margent for 3000. read 5000. 93 30 for piquers read piques 94 4 for ranke read rankes 106 27 for flankes read flanke 111 14 for 18000. read 1800. 126 35 for like read little 134 3 for double read doubt 143 2 for sortes read sort 148 33 for and without read and not without 150 35 for narrow or short read narrow and short 156 17 for motions read motion 189 25 for stocks read cocks 194 10 for the piques of such sagging read the points of such sagging 197 29 for septrionall Read septentrionall 203 16 for into their bands read into bands 218 3 for at a great But discharge read at a great white in the midst of a great But. Certen Instructions obseruations and orders military requisit for al Chieftains Captains and higher and lower men of charge officers to vnderstand know and obserue Composed by sir Iohn Smythe knight 1591. THE first thing belonging to the Art and Science Militarie practised by all Warlike Nations in all ages hath bin that al Captains after they haue receiued the charge of bands or companies of horsmen or footmen armed weaponed according to the discipline and vse of the Nation that they are of haue first instructed and taught their souldiors to reduce themselues into their simple and single order of ranks and to weare carry and vse all their weapons in soldior-like manner according to the nature and effect of euery different sort of them without which readilie and orderlie performed and dulie obserued with all obedience neyther Captains officers nor their soldiors can in right vnderstanding be accounted worthy to beare the name of men of warre and therfore I will first begin with the orderlie reducing of a band into forme to march in their rankes as followeth All Captaines Lieutenants and Sergeants of bands are first to consider before they do reduce their bands of souldiors into their simple and single order of ranks how many different sorts of weapons they haue in their bands with the number of euery different sort of weapon which done then are they to consider what sort kind of weapon shall march in the first compertiment or deuision and what other sort of weapon in the second compertiment and so subsequentlie in all the rest so as alwaies the compertiment of armed men piquers doo march in the midst of all the rest of the compertiments All which being by them and their officers considered then they are to resolue how many souldiers of euery sort of weapon they will command to march in a rancke as of 5. of 6. or of 7. or more or fewer so as they be not fewer then 3. nor more then 10. or 11 at the most in their simple and single order of rankes although their bandes be verie great And these numbers of 10. or 11. in a ranke at the most and 3. soldiors in a ranke at the fewest for single bands to march in hath beene obserued by all men of warre of iudgement amongst all Warlike Nations in all ages and that in respect that the rankes of souldiors that doe not
or Sergeant Maior may presentlie command the whole squadron to be deuided into 6. compertiments of 10. souldiors in euery ranke from frunt to back throughout euery compertiment or if the ground be of that nature that in some places there cannot passe aboue 7. or 8. souldiors in frunt then he may deuide his whole squadron into ● compertiments that is of 4. compertiments of 7. in euery ranke and the other 4. compertiments of 8. souldiors in euery ranke throughout euery compertiment and by flanks that is in length from frunt to backe euery compertiment of 30. ranks the Ensigns alwaies placed betwixt two of the middlemost ranks of euerie compertiment or of so many of the compertiments as shalbe requisit All which compertiments vpon intelligence or discouery of the enemies approching may in any conuenient ground be presently incorporated and reduced by flank or flanks into the same form of squadron that it was at the first forming of the same or into any other forme that the Coronell or Sergeant Maior shall thinke most requisit by any one of the same orders of reducementes that I haue before very particularly set downe And it is furder to be obserued that the said squadron marching in the open fields with sleeues wings troups of weapons of volee belonging to the same should euer at certen times make certen pauses aswel to the intent to ease themselues and take breath because that armed men or mosquetiers with their heauy furniture or the soldiors of any other weapon cannot possibly continue any long march without such pauses and staies as also that if anie dismarch or disorder hath hapned in their ranks forms or orders the same may be presently againe reformed and redressed And the like pauses and staies are to bee made by bands of horsmen for the same cōsideration causes But now peraduenture some that may read this place of my booke may say that I forgot in this place to write of horsmen aswell where they should be placed in the field either vpon the flankes or corners of the compertiments of diuers sortes of weapons of volee reduced into their orders as also in marching through the straight whether they should march halfe before and halfe behind or otherwise Wherevnto I answer that it were impertinent to this place considering that here I doo but only shew how a Regiment of 4000. footmen vnder their coronels Captaines and officers without any bandes of horsmen should be reduced into diuers formes aswell to march as to fight as also to passe through a passage or straight and being passed through the same howe againe to reduce themselues into forme that by the ordering forming and marching of this squadron and regiment as aforsaid all such as doo professe armes and that doo not knowe how squadrons of footmen should bee formed may by that which I haue before set downe see consider and obserue how any squadron of a great deale greater or smaller numbers may diuers waies be reduced into form although in troth bands and squadrons of horsemen are to bee reduced into forme or diuers formes euen after the verie same order and sort that bandes and squadrons of footmen are But yet something to satisfie such as shall reade this my booke I will by the helpe of Almightie God in some places more conuenient of these discourses make mention and set downe diuers verie important particularities concerning the ordering fourming and employing of bandes squadrons and diuers other formes of horsemen of sundrie sortes of armous and weapons But now peraduenture some will with more reason furder demand where the baggages and carriages of the Regiment that I haue not hithervnto mentioned shoulde bee placed in marching through the straight and how the same should be guarded as also where the field peeces of the same regiment if there be any shuld be placed vpon the squadron formed and in what conuenient place or places they should be with their hor●es or oxen drawne and go through the said straights Whervnto I say that incase there were 8. field peeces belonging to the Regiment that is 4. fawcons of the Caliuer of 5. pound the bullet and 4. fawconets of the Caliuer of 3. pound the bullet I would then vpon the squadron formed and marching forward that 2. peeces viz one fawcon and one fawconet should with their horses be drawn vppon the flanke or side of the squadron betwixt the sleeues of the weapons of volee and the squadron I mean vpon the forepart of the right flanke and so likewise another fawcon and fawconet to be drawne by the hinder part of the same flanke likewise betwixt the weapons of volee and the squadron and euen in the same manner in the like places order and sort I would haue the other 4. fawcons and fawconets to be drawn vpon the left flanks of the squadron ready vppon all occasions to be drawne forward and placed the 4. formost that were vppon the formost right and left flanke of the squadron somewhat distant or wide from the 2. forecorners of the squadron or vpon some occasions vpon the very frunt of the same squadron readie to be discharged at the enemie approching and so likewise the 4. peeces that are drawne by the hinder flankes of the squadron are readie likewise to be placed vpon the frunt or both the corners of the back or rereward of the same square incase that the squadron vpon any accident or comming of the Enemie should make of back frunt And heere it is to bee noted that all these 8. field peeces must bee accompanied with their gonners officers and all other their assistants with some numbers of pioners and with all kind of thinges and Instruments belonging to them as bullets ladles rammers and other such like as also with a large and sufficient quantitie of good powder well guarded by some number of halbarders and archers from the danger of fire Howbeit vpon the occasion of marching through a straight as aforesaid then I would that 4. of these field peeces with their powder bullets and all other thinges requisite should vpō their carriages be drawen with their horses conducted by their Carters gonners and pioners and guarded and accompanied as aforesaid iust betwixte the last troupes and compertiments of weapons of volee and the first compertiment of piques and so likewise that the other 4. field peeces that did before march vpon both the hinder flankes of the squadron should vnder the conduction of their gonners and assistants as aforesaid with their powder bullets and al other things necessarie march through the straight in Rereward iust betwixt the hindermost compertiment of piquers and before the formost troupe or compertiment of the weapons of volee that did and are againe to arme the hinder partes of both the flankes of the said squadron and those 8. peeces marching in the order and sort as aforesaid are most readie againe vpon the whole Regiment being past through the straightes and the
piquers of a single band or squadron ought to carie their piques vpon their left shoulders How a single band cōsisting of 5 different sortes of weapons should be formed to march in the plaine and open fields A great aduauntage and readines for bands marching in this sort to be reduced into other for●es How Captains marching with their bandes in their simple and single order of rankes should double all their rankes by right line How Captains should double the ir rankes by flankes How Captains should triple their rankes by right line How Captains should triple their rankes by flanks It is to be noted that in all reducements of squadrons into forme with the compertiments of bands that the middle most part of the frunte is the highest place in estimation and that the right hand of the same frunt is the second in degree and that the left hand same frunt 〈◊〉 the lowest place in degree And that the first second and thirde rankes but chiefely the first are the places of greatest estimation for the gentlemen of the bands if there be any to bee placed in the presence of their Captains to shewe their valours How where any ouerplus of broken rankes of piquers should place themselues It is contrary to discipline that any ranke of disequall number to the rest of the rankes should march either in frunt o● backe How Captains hauing●by tripling their rankes brought their bandes into disproportion may and ought to remedie the same Another speciall point to be lookt vnto by Captaines in doubling o● tripling their rankes by right line or encreasing them by flankes The causes and reasons why in reducing this band into their simple single order of ranks euery sort of weapon is placed in the order aforesaid Harquebuziers empl●ied in skirmish or for ambushes or som other like causes ought to be backt with hal●ards Archers and musquetiers are not to depart from the bodie of the squadron Where the Drommers Phifers of a sin gle bande marching in their single order of ●ankes ought to be placed Where the En signebearer is alwaies placed The pique the most honourable weapon for soldiors on foote How Ensigne-bearers ought to cari● their Ensignes marching through a great Citie or Towne How Ensigne-bearers should be armed Euerie Ensign-bearer is to haue a deputie Ensignebearer What manner of men I would wish the Ensignebearers and their deputies to be The deputie Ensignebearer how he should be armed and what weapon he should ca●y The deputie Ensignebearer is to take the like oathe for the guard of the Ensigne that the Ensignebearer hath taken Preh●minences of right due to the deputie Ensigne-bearer How Sergeants of bāds should be armed The office of Sergeants in marching with their bands How a Captain leading his band through any Citie or great Towne ought to marche A great shame for any Captaine or Lieutennant to lead his band in the field vpon a swift running horse No priuate band neither of horsemen nor footmen being reduced into their single order of rankes or into any square ought to disorder and breake their rankes vntill the Captaine hath geuen cōmaund ment or licence to the Ensignebearer to lodge c. No squadron consisting of diuers bands ought to disorder and breake their rankes vntill the Coronell or Coronells or Sergeants Maiors do come to the ranke of Ensignes and licence them to departe and lodge The Ensigne-bearers of euery Regiment must at the time of their lodging fixe their Ensignes vpright in the ground in the place of assembly in the frunt of their quarters Brief speaches to be vsed by Captains to their soldiors when they would haue them to vpright their piques Brief speaches to be vsed by Sergeant Maiors or Captai●es to their soldiors when they would haue them to charge or receaue a charge of another squadron of piquers How piquers should charge or receaue a charge of an other squadron of piquers Piquers when they approch their enemies ar not to shake clatter their piques but are to carry them firme steady The opinion of such as do vain ly hold that piquers in squadron should lie at the push of ●y pique thereby with thrusts and foines to annoy their enemies answered Briefe speaches to be vsed by a Sergeant Maior or a Captaine to their soldiours piquers when they are readie to be charged by a squadron of Launces How piquers should resist a charge of Launces How piquers should receiue a charge of Launces in case the Sergeant Maior or Captains should thinke good to place any weapons of volee before them The formost ranks of a squadrō of piquers cannot con●eniently and aptly encouer guard aboue 3 rankes of Harquebuziers nor aboue 2 rankes of musque●●●rs against the charge of Launces a Euerie Geometricall pace doth consist of 5 foot euerie foot doth consist of 12 Geometrical inches or inches as we terme them by the Rule so it is to be vnderstoode by the Reader in all my writinges where I speake of paces How and in what distances harqu●buziers or mosquetiers are to discharg their peeces from vnder a squadron of piques b The order that mosquetiers should obserue in charging their peeces in the foresaid action The oppinion of Mounsieur de la Noue The opinion of the author fortified with reasons cōtrary to the opinion of Mounsieur de la Noue An obiection answered Weapons of fire are no waies to be placed nor yer to be suffred to enter within the bodie of a squadron of piques Brief speaches to be vsed by Captains to their soldiors when they should make of flanke 〈◊〉 How a Sarg●ant Maior or Captain in making of flank● frunt is to reduce their piquers into their due proportion are distances How to make of backe frunt How Captains or Coronells of horsemen a● to make of flanke frunt ● doth behoue the Generall and the ●ord Marshal of an Armie as also the ●ergeante Maior generall alwaies to ●aue about them a ●erfite roll of all the Coronells and Cap●ains names with the ●umber of euery ●ne of their Regi●ents and what ●umber of soldiors also doe appertaine ●o euerie ●nsigne ●and aswell of horse men as of footmen ●hroughout the whole armie that ●hereby vpon all occasions they may giue present orders and directions The waie and order ●ow a squadron ●hould bere duced ●nto forme in the o●en fields either to marche or fight All Coronells and Sergeants Maiors of Regiments aswell of ●or●emen as of foot●en ought to haue ●ontinually about them a Roll of all ●he Captains and ●heir Lieutenants names that are in ●heir Regimentes ●ith the nomber of soldiors and diffe●ent armors and ●eapons that do be●ong to euery band ●r companie therby ●o giue present di●ections Three different formings of squadrons The firste The second waie to forme squadrones The third order of forming of squadron Squadrons may be formed of compe●timents of like odd numbers or of diffe●ent odd numbers or o● di●●e●ent euen and