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A11368 An admirable method to loue, serue and honour the B. Virgin Mary With diuers practicable exercises thereof. Al inriched with choice examples. Written in Italian by the R. F. Alexis de Salo, Capuchin. And Englished by R.F. Salo, Alessio Segala de.; R. F., fl. 1639. 1639 (1639) STC 21628; ESTC S100011 150,784 636

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a mighty treasure by the helpe of which recouering out of his necessity he liued in a more noble way then euer Now it hapned the time drawing nigh when as he had promised he was to take his iourney with his wife vnto the place appointed and she perceiuing that som-what extraordinary was in hand by his hasty warning her to prepare to take horse with him and the trouble of his Countenance when she could by no meanes gett out of him what it was she recommended the matter to the B. Virgin presently tooke horse so obedient to her husband as neuer to examine further his intentions Now it hapned on their way that passing by a litle Chappel dedicated to our B. Lady the Lady by the consent of her husband lighted and went in only in mind to do her deuotions and returne againe but behold whilst with prayers and teares she commended to the Queene of heauen the good successe of her affayres she was diuinely cast into a sleepe meane while the B. Virgin assumed her shape and with her husband went on her way They were no sooner arriued at the entry of the wood but the diuel with great noyse and furie appeared vnto the Gentleman not daring to approch vnto him for feare of our B. Lady whom presently he knew but casting on him a sterne regard in this manner he spake vnto him vngrateful and perfidious as thou art is this al the reward I haue for those great benefits thou hast receiued of me didst thou not promise to conduct thy wife hither vnto me and in her steed had thou brought heer the mother of Alm. God It was against thy wife since against this I cannot I intended to auenge my selfe for her being so diligent in the honour and firme affection to the Queene of heauen Wherunto the B. Virgin thus answered him and whence is this temerity thou abhominable Feind that thou shouldst dare to offer any iniury to those who loue and reuerence me goe hence to Hel againe and desist from malicing them vpon payne of a greater hel then euer yet thou feltst When the diuel with a violent clatter as if al the wood had been torne vp by the rootes strait vanished away and left the Gentleman in such affright as he fell flatt to the ground before the B. Virgins feet beseeching her pardon for his offence who sharply reprehending him for it commanded him to goe back vnto the Chappel to awake his wife out of her trance and returning home with her to discharge his house of al those il gotten goods so damnable to keepe Al which he punctually did and quitting both those goods and his euil together he became in short time of more plentiful fortune then euer he was before by the special fauour of the Queene of heauen who is alwayes succourable and merciful to those who implore her ayde in their necessityes and aduantage them with high graces and priuiledges who endeauour to honour her with this excellent sort of Adorations as wel exterior as interior which hitherto we haue largely treated of together with the reasons discourse authority and wondrous examples which should induce vs to the embracing of it which is the principal scope and ayme of al this work And now at last we haue brought it to an end by the particular fauour and assistance of Alm. God obtained through the intercession of his glorious Mother our most benigne and B. Lady whom we beseech by the same intercession to render vs worthy of the participation at last of eternal good which being only that which can satiat indeed can only render vs on al parts happy and content FINIS Faults escaped in the Print PAge 8. line 1. read vvhich God p. 13. l. 2. the cause p. 16 l. 14. vanished at sight of p. 17 l. 17 al vvhich p. 36 l. 18 at his p. 38 line 9 Soueraigne p. 48 l. 1. the Dungeon p. 51 l. 9 Confessour p. 59. l. 15 freed p. 61 l. 7 heare our l. 10. supplicat p. 63. l. 7 vvas a p. 64 l. 12 at the p. 65. l. 2 tendernes p. 72 l. 9 conclude p. 88 l. 3 offered p. 98 l. 10 Sauiour p. 103 l. 19 curiously p. 109 l. 12 abiectly l. 13 at the vvorlds p. 111 l. 1 they presently vndertooke p. 115 l. 8. moneths space p. 121 l. 12 adorning p. 113 l. 7 title of p. 131 l. 8 not such p. 147 l. 11 chose p. 148 l. 8. the like p. 157 l. 9 that p. 164 l. 17 vvords p 169 l. 3 execution p. 178 l. 8 high nobility p. 182 l. 13. them most p. 186. l. 1 neere the p. 189 l. 1. altar p. 210 l. 18 gust p. 218 l. 4 holy man 131. l. 14 man of l. 15 may vvel p. 236. l 22. their 's there p. 237 l. 2. them p. 260. l. 5 this deedr p. 262 l. 11 aftervvards p. 184 l. 15 at al p. 289 l. 16 then p. 315 l. 4 protection p. 322 l. 3 earth l. 6 could I alleage p. 329 l. 19 better p. 338 l. 17 at each p. 349 l. 3 at Paris p. 374 l. 15 them l. 20 he sayes p. 390 l. 22 houre p. 400 l. 8 fiercenes p. 416 l. 8 bevved his knees p. 446 l. 18 he vvas p 455 l. 5 aske p. 463 l. 6 and the p. 464 l. 5 lavvyer p. 473 l. 16 of his p. 437 l. 17 enuironed p. 492 l. 2 he hath p. 520 l. 12 she vvas p. 534 l. 19 fell p. 553 l. 16 mediatrix p. ●81 l. 11 conceiued
and may need the wiping away of it As for Mortal sinne by the grace of Alm. God we may preserue our selues vntouched by it as many good Religious do euen to the vttermost period of their dayes but for venial it is impossible nor is there any of Adams descendants that at some time or other haue not falne into it The Apostles themselues although adorn'd with richest sanctity were not exempted from it only the B. Virgin hath had this singular priuiledge aboue the rest as the holy Church conceiues of her in her Office You are all faire O B. Mary and there is no spot in you Now our B. Sauiour for the cleansing vs from the staynes both of venial mortal sinne hath prouided vs of the remedie of the Sacrament of Confession And so S. Bernard sayes Ama Confessionem si affectas decorem Loue Confession as thou louest to be faire meaning that it is the imbellishment of a soule and so certainly there is nothing that more efficaciously purges the soule from vice then to frequent quent this holy Sacrament Al the Sacraments of the Church according as the Councel of Trent defines were instituted by our Sauiour Christ himselfe and had their first origin from his sacred side at what time both blood water came issuing forth and are so many rindets as it were by which his aboundant grace is deriued vnto vs. Let them therefore who frequent them make account especially this of Confession that they haue recourse by it to the ouer flowing fountaine of our Sauiours pretious bloud by vertue of which their soules are wash't and cleansed from the foulnes of their sinnes which the Apostle S. Iohn doth insinnuat where he sayes The bloud of our Sauiour Christ purges vs of our sinnes O how merciful and gratious hath God ben to vs the whilst how excessiue his loue to giue vs so pretious a remedy by which as often as we please we may be purged and cleansed from our sinnes and as often as we are dead in mortal sinne we may be reuiued and raysed to life againe passing from the death of sinne vnto the life of grace from vice to vertue from eternal paine vnto eternal blisse Of al deformities mortal sinne is that which renders a soule most deformed in so much as could we but see à soule in state therof we should euen die for horrour it would be a sight so feareful and hideous whereas no sooner it hath been cleansed by the sacrament of Penance but it produces againe a new beauty for mosity So S. Gregory the great sayes Could we but see a soule made to the resemblance of God euen in puris naturalibus we should admire it to adoration beleeue the Creatours beauty himselfe hardly superiour to it For which reason sayes the learned Tilleman God hath inclosed it in this corps of clay least it beholding it-self should be in danger of that Luciferian pride which was so many Angels perdition And for this cause those ancient Fathers of the Aegyptian deserts in eleuating their mindes to their soules high 〈◊〉 and taking the true altitude of their creatiōs were as it were alienated from themselues In so much as we reade of S. Antony as often as he was called on to pay the debt of nature either in food or sleep or any such corporal necessity he euen blush't for shame that so noble a substance as the soule should be interessed in such base reckonings Now if a reasonable soule be of it-selfe so beautiful what great addition must it needs receiue from the Sacrament of Penance which restoring it to its natiue luster add to it besides that of God Almighties supernatural grace Certainly there is no eloquence in the world can speak it sufficiently no liuing imagination can conceiue the hundreth part of its excellence The Sunne sayes S. Chrisostome with his cleare rayes doth not so illuminat the world as the Grace of Alm. God can do a soule Which that of S. Catharine of Sienna wel declares who hearing a Preacher once discoursing of the excellēcy thereof and how exceedingly it beautifyed a soule conceiued an ardent desire to behold a soule in Grace and aduantaged with al the beauties thereof Ful of this desire she was no sooner departed from the sermon but she hard a voice from heauen saying vnto her Catherine presently thou shalt see the fruite of thy desire and retiring her into her Oratory she there besought God for the performance of his promise and sodainly beheld a person of incredible Maiesty al Circled about with light and shining with clear splendours at the sight of which she was so rapt in admiration and reuerence as she presently prostrated her selfe before its feete with intention to adore it had it not with these words prohibited her Catherine for beare for I am not God as thou imaginest and who then answered the Saint I am sayd it the soule of a certaine Murtherer you prayed for not long since in seeng me ledd to execution who being new cleansed in the fire of Purgatory and going al purified to heauen after I shal haue left you satisfied of your desire by the commandement of Alm. God And after this time the holy Saint had a particular in fight by Alm. God bestowed vpon her of the natures of each soule and she was wont to affirme vnto her Glostly Father that if he sawe but the beauty of a soule she was assured he would spend 1000. 1000. liues for the sauing of one The grace of this holy Sacrament of Penance hath a wondrous vertue not only to purifie the soule confessant from the staines of finne but also to beautify it with good inclinations and from a slaue of sinne and vnapt for good to render it free expedite which we wil declare by an example out of Caesarius There was a learned Diuine say's he exemplar in al vertue called Thomas who approching to his end saw in a corner of his chamber the diuel appearing in a fearful shape to whom he with an vndanted couragc thus spake What art thou there cruel beast sayd he tel me I coniure the what amongst Christians is the thing which afflicts the most but he forbearing to answer him the holy man iterating his admiration in the name of God charged him to speake when at last the diuel thus answered him Know sayd he there is nothing in the Church of God afflicts vs more then the frequenting the Sacrament of Confession seeing when a man is in mortal sinne he is as it were bound hand and foote wholy disabled from doing any good and when he repayres to Confession those bonds are broken and he is restored to liberty againe and so certainly sinnes are nothing else but so many chaines which tye vs as it were vnto the gates of hel and so the Priest in the act of Absolution sayes I absolue thee from thy sinnes and a mighty power the Confessours hath or rather a mighty loue our Sauiour