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A10745 Holy pictures of the mysticall figures of the most holy sacrifice and sacrament of the Eucharist: set forth in French by Lewis Richome, prouinciall of the Societie of Iesus; and translated into English for the benefit of those of that nation, aswell protestants as Catholikes. By C.A.; Tableaux sacrez des figures mystiques du très auguste sacrifice et sacrement de l'Eucharistie. English Richeome, Louis, 1544-1625.; C. A., fl. 1619.; Anderton, Christopher, attributed name.; Apsley, Charles, attributed name. 1619 (1619) STC 21022; ESTC S115932 200,986 330

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folly and ingratitude of men Page 239 12 To the strayed s●●epe of our age Page 242 PICTVRE XIII The washing of the feete going before the Institution of the Eucharist THe Description Page 245 1 Our Sauiour celebrates the Iewes Passouer before he institutes the Sacrament of his body Page 249 2 What is signified by the washing of feete Page 252 PICTVRE XIV The Institution of the Eucharist THe Description Page 255 1 The entrance that Saint Iohn maketh by which has declareth the greatnesse of the mystery of the Eucharist which our Sauiour was to institute Page 258 2 The Exposition of our Sauiours words This is my body Page 261 3 Of the clearenesse of the sense of these words This is my body by Scripture and by reason Page 263 4 Testimonies of the Fathers vpon the Exposition of the same words Page 265 5 Mysticall references of our Sauiours words This is my body to the ancient Figures and to all other bodies Page 268 6 How our Sauiour offers himself to God in Sacrifice saying This is my body Page 271 7 The Sacrifice and Sacrament of our Lords body to haue been instituted in the mysticall Supper declared by the testimony of Fathers Page 274 8 Our Sauiours Testament made in the Institution of the Sacrifice and Sacrament of his body Page 275 9 In what manner our Sauiour hauing made his Testament left his body to his heires Page 279 10 Two great wonders happened in the Institution of this Sacrament Page 281 11 S. Iohn first receiueth of all the Apostles The Eucharist the true refection and the Present at the refection Page 283 12 Of the words of our Sauiour Doe this in my remembrance Page 284 13 The Masse a most proper memoriall of our Sauiours Passion Page 286 14 The Masse the Feast of God wherein he is singularly called vpon in the Law of Grace and the Christians are perfectly heard Page 288 15 The redemption of mankind and the end of the Synagogue signified by the Institution of the Eucharist in the full of the Mo●ne Page 291 16 The end of the Synagogue and the beginning of the Law of Grace signified by the eclypse of the Moone and Sunne which fell out the next day of the Pasche and after the Eucharist ordained Page 293 17 The Church signified by the Moone and of the Pasche and Christian renouation Page 294 18 Our Sauiour hauing instituted the Sacrifice and Sacrament of his body goeth foorth of his lodging to goe to the Garden of Oliuet Page 297 FINIS Faults escaped PAge 14. line 21. pegising reade picreing p. 15. l. 23. cause r. sorts p. 18. l. 25. like quallities r. like heauenly quallities P. 25. l. 13. tree of all r. tree for all p. 27. l. 9. practise r. praise P. 32. l. 12. workes r. markes p. 38. l. 10. he feared the r. ser●●ed thee p. 47. l. 15. mystery r. ministry p. 57. l. 7. affirming r. offering p. 63. l. 33. salactous r. solicitous p. 64. l. 16. prosperity r. posterity p. 76. l. 1. wasting r. rosting p. 120. l. 14. wee haue r. wee heare p. 125. l. 20. workes r. markes p. 131. l. 27. conuersation r. conseruation p. 151. l. 43. holy r. honny p. 172. l. 22. Lauarites r. Lauatories p. 183. l. 11. celestiall r. eternall p. 212. l. 27. freed r. fed p. 221 l. 7. boundy r. bounty p. 225. l. 29. glory for vs r. glorifie vs. p. 230. l. 23. explanation r. ●●plication p. 236. l. 15. writeth r. reciteth p. 264. l. 16. cominent r. connenient p. 267. l. 26. S. Augustine writing r. S. Augustine reciting p. 269. l. 7. Idonay r. Adonay p. 276. l. 17. Iesus r. Iosua p. 292. l. 2. fourteeth r. fourteenth and l. 7. Hierusam r. Hierusalem p. 292. l. 23. was not com r. was now com p. 295. l. 9. the Church shewes r. the Church shin● and l. 31. shee should not make r. shee could not make p. 229. l. 29. in that we shall be r. in that there we shall be