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A07683 A demonstration of God in his workes Against all such as eyther in word or life deny there is a God. By George More Esquire. More, George, Sir, 1553?-1632.; More, George, Esquire, attributed name. 1597 (1597) STC 18071.5; ESTC S112856 95,106 174

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canst think of the best for thee to be patient to obey the will of thy God and to attend his pleasure Surely what soeuer thou art if thou be the man thou shouldest be thou hast no cause at the prosperity of others to repine but at thine owne happines great reason to reioyce FINIS Feb. 1596. Faults escaped THE first number noteth the page the second the line r fignifieth reade a signifieth adde Page 4 line 25 r thy before temples page 14 line 26 rescindendum pa. 18 li. 28 make a comma after common sence pa 26 l. 21 to before be pa. 30. l. 28 before an ill r. after a worme p. 50 l. 29. r. apportant p. 51 li 19 a comma after place p. 60. l. 14 a comma after not p. 61 li. 9 for end r and p. 61 l. 24 r striues pa. 62 l 16 r tunes p. 72. l. 16 to before be p. 40 l. 16 a not before ouerfloweth p. 74 l. 3 and after incouragement p. 75 l. 14 he before was p. 76 l. 30 leaue out owne p. 81 l. 28 for it r yet p 83 l. 28 r honestate 16 l 29 r cursu p. 91 l 14 Goddesse 16 l 17 r the for that p 94 l 13 vidimus p 95 l 13 r. with before vnderstanding p 98 l 7 r to before resolute p 100 l 23 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 p 110 l 8 r Sharezer p 98 l r inuade p 101 l 1 then p 129 l 4 r superbia 16 l 6 r superbos a vltor 132 l 30 r condemned for commended p 133 l 14 r for monthes mouthes 16 l 18 mouthes p 136 l 17 r cantu p 137 l 10 r crescentis p 144 l r what for which p 146 l 29 r Nicoreon p 148 l 6 for comely r ioyntly p 148 l 15 for fugiunt r fuigunt Quotations in the margent eyther wanting or false printed Page 14. Ouid meta 1. pa. 16 Iosua 19 1 Iosu 13 p 17 Prouerb 28 Isai 3 pa 30 r Samuel 2 ch 24 pa 33 r Psal 5 6 32 pa 78 for Ge 40 r Genesis 41 pa 80 1 Sam. 7 pa 80. 1 Chro. chap 32 pa 90 Hero 7 16 Q Curtius 8 p 93 Ho Iliad 5 p 101 2 Chro. chap. 22 p 119 li 30 2 Chro chap 24 p 120 for Acts 13 r Acts 12 pa 134 5 de leg● p 147. Tib 2 p 150 Psal 73. A Table of the speciall things contayned in the former Treatises A. ABsolon and Ahittophell take counsell against Dauid but preuailed not and why Page 110. Adam the first earthly man so called of the Hebrewes Page 31. Adam by the breath of life made aliue in soule Page 32. All the children but not all lyke heires of Adam Page 69. Affections ouer-commed the children of God Page 108 Agamemnon watched while the Graecians slept Page 7. Beholding the destruction of Troy he considered his owne estate 128. Agesilaus his loue to enrich his friends Page 134. A hab punished in his posterity 145 Alexander preferred Abdolminus a base man and why Alexander his pride and blindnes 92 93. Stirred with anger he killed his friend Page 107. Alcibiades tossed with hope to and fro 107. Haman a wicked man exalted 125. Anaxagoras thought snowe to be blacke 25. Anaxarchus his parents 146. Antiquity hath authority in examples 94. Anthony his death 136. Anthropos whereof deriued 26. Apollo why so called 63. Archimedes his earnest contemplation and death taken for a dead man being aliue 27. Arts banished from Athens and harboured in England 4. Athenians commended thankfulnes but were vnthankfull and their comfort beeing threatned by Xerxes Page 100. Athiests who are to be thought 20. B. BAasha punished in his posterity Page 145. Babell her Tower a monument of mans vanity and Gods omnipotencie Page 77. Barbarians neuer Athiests 25. The body the graue of the soule 56 C. CAlligula offered sacrifice to Enuie 140. his pride and end 148. Carneades liuing sayed to be dead Page 27. Carthage enuious of Rome Caesar blowne into England with the wind of glory 12. His proude minde and miserable ende 89. Cambises his fall 87. The cause more excellent then the effects 37. The cause by the effects discouered 52. Charles the fifth his expedition to Argiers and ill successe 95. Chrisogonus 135. Cicero his weake minde in aduersitie E. Cleander rich and proud 137. Clodius his death 136. Cōmon wealths subiect to change Page 10. By what meanes they florish 109. Contention of the Gods 65. Counsellours faythfull chiefe instruments of the Kings safety 112. Coriolanus through disgrace an enemie 153. Creatures subiect to the will of the Creator 15. Diuersitie of creatures frō whence Page 41. Their great likenes 48. Craesus his fall 86. Cyrus his soyle 87. Cymmerians see not the sunne 24. D. DArius his ouerthrow 88. Dauid not suffered to smite Saule 117. His feete ready to slip 150. Day the longest in the yeare 16. Delay bringeth benefit 150. Diogenes his care not to be idle E. His opinion of a multitude 28. Dionisius killed with sodaine ioy Page 107. Dionisius of Sicilie his greatnes and fall 141. Disgrace should not driue men from their duty 153. Diuinity the Lady Science 4. E. EHud killeth Eglon by the will of God 117. Elements the ministers of God 38. Elements how placed and ordered 40. Their transmutation 41. They followe and forsake theyr course 43. Their strength and working 42. By Nature strong 2. England preserued from the Spaniards 3. Strong in her people 3. Her walls of wood 2. Strong in the counsell of wise men 3. Chiefely preserued by the life of the Q. 4. Her present estate 13. Her security 15. Like Rome 7. Enoch signifieth true man 31. Enuie her definition 138. The daughter of Pride 137. Shee looketh vpward 137. Shee neuer sleepeth 138. Her punishment Epaminondas his-contempt of rithes 132. Epicurus his opinion of the praeconceipt of God 19. Hee first troad religion vnder his foote 20. F. FOrtune 122. 123. 124. The foole hath sayed in his hart there is no God 25. G. GOD how known by Nature 21. His eternall purpose of iustice and mercy 23. His two Bookes published to the world 23. His works open to all 23. His power and wisedome An immortall man 51. Why so called 54. Resembled by the Sunne and the soule 55. Expressed by three names 57. Seene in the glasse of Nature 60. Without the cōpasse of Nature 60. How to define what he is 60. Onely and merely one 60. Euerlasting and eternall 60. His sundry names shewing hee is but one 66. Euery where seene 68. His power vpon the greatest 73. 84 His power in creating and punishing Adam 74. In preseruing Noah and drowning the world 76. In throwing downe Monarchies 90. 91. In the defence of England God in goodnes most like to him selfe 103. His goodnes 103 104. Hee worketh continually for the good of man 105. Good to all but in greater measure to some 106. He punisheth the good and fauoureth the wicked and is both iust and