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A07683 A demonstration of God in his workes Against all such as eyther in word or life deny there is a God. By George More Esquire. More, George, Sir, 1553?-1632.; More, George, Esquire, attributed name. 1597 (1597) STC 18071.5; ESTC S112856 95,106 174

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can_v think_v of_o the_o best_a for_o thou_o to_o be_v patient_a to_o obey_v the_o will_n of_o thy_o god_n and_o to_o attend_v his_o pleasure_n surely_n what_o soever_o thou_o be_v if_o thou_o be_v the_o man_n thou_o shall_v be_v thou_o have_v no_o cause_n at_o the_o prosperity_n of_o other_o to_o repine_v but_o at_o thy_o own_o happiness_n great_a reason_n to_o rejoice_v finis_fw-la feb._n 1596._o fault_n escape_v the_o first_o number_n note_v the_o page_n the_o second_o the_o line_n r_o fignifi_v read_v a_o signify_v add_v page_n 4_o line_n 25_o r_o thy_o before_o temple_n page_n 14_o line_n 26_o rescindendum_fw-la pa._n 18_o li._n 28_o make_v a_o comma_n after_o common_a sense_n pa_n 26_o l._n 21_o to_o before_o be_v pa._n 30._o l._n 28_o before_o a_o ill_a r._n after_o a_o worm_n p._n 50_o l._n 29._o r._n apportant_fw-la p._n 51_o li_n 19_o a_o comma_n after_o place_n p._n 60._o l._n 14_o a_o comma_n after_o not_o p._n 61_o li._n 9_o for_o end_n r_o and_o p._n 61_o l._n 24_o r_o strive_v pa._n 62_o l_o 16_o r_o tune_n p._n 72._o l._n 16_o to_o before_o be_v p._n 40_o l._n 16_o a_o not_o before_o overflow_v p._n 74_o l._n 3_o and_z after_o encouragement_n p._n 75_o l._n 14_o he_o before_o be_v p._n 76_o l._n 30_o leave_v out_o own_o p._n 81_o l._n 28_o for_o it_o r_o yet_o p_o 83_o l._n 28_o r_o honestate_fw-la 16_o l_o 29_o r_o cursu_fw-la p._n 91_o l_o 14_o goddess_n 16_o l_o 17_o r_o the_o for_o that_o p_o 94_o l_o 13_o vidimus_fw-la p_o 95_o l_o 13_o r._n with_o before_o understanding_n p_o 98_o l_o 7_o r_o to_o before_o resolute_a p_o 100_o l_o 23_o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d p_o 110_o l_o 8_o r_o sharezer_n p_o 98_o l_o r_o invade_v p_o 101_o l_o 1_o then_o p_o 129_o l_o 4_o r_o superbia_fw-la 16_o l_o 6_o r_o superbos_fw-la a_o ultor_n 132_o l_o 30_o r_o condemn_v for_o commend_v p_o 133_o l_o 14_o r_o for_o month_n mouth_n 16_o l_o 18_o mouth_n p_o 136_o l_o 17_o r_o cantu_fw-la p_o 137_o l_o 10_o r_o crescentis_fw-la p_o 144_o l_o r_o what_o for_o which_z p_o 146_o l_o 29_o r_o nicoreon_o p_o 148_o l_o 6_o for_o comely_a r_o joint_o p_o 148_o l_o 15_o for_o fugiunt_fw-la r_o fuigunt_fw-la quotation_n in_o the_o margin_n either_o want_v or_o false_a print_v page_n 14._o ovid_n meta_fw-la 1._o pa._n 16_o josua_n 19_o 1_o josu_n 13_o p_o 17_o proverb_n 28_o isai_n 3_o pa_z 30_o r_o samuel_n 2_o ch_z 24_o pa_n 33_o r_o psal_n 5_o 6_o 32_o pa_n 78_o for_o ge_z 40_o r_o genesis_n 41_o pa_n 80_o 1_o sam._n 7_o pa_z 80._o 1_o chro._n chap_n 32_o pa_n 90_o hero_n 7_o 16_o q_o curtius_n 8_o p_o 93_o ho_o iliad_n 5_o p_o 101_o 2_o chro._n chap._n 22_o p_o 119_o li_n 30_o 2_o chro_n chap_n 24_o p_o 120_o for_o act_n 13_o r_o act_n 12_o pa_n 134_o 5_o the_o leg●_n p_o 147._o tib_n 2_o p_o 150_o psal_n 73._o a_o table_n of_o the_o special_a thing_n contain_v in_o the_o former_a treatise_n a._n absolon_n and_o ahittophell_n take_v counsel_n against_o david_n but_o prevail_v not_o and_o why_o page_n 110._o adam_n the_o first_o earthly_a man_n so_o call_v of_o the_o hebrew_n page_n 31._o adam_n by_o the_o breath_n of_o life_n make_v alive_a in_o soul_n page_n 32._o all_o the_o child_n but_o not_o all_o like_a heir_n of_o adam_n page_n 69._o affection_n overcommed_n the_o child_n of_o god_n page_n 108_o agamemnon_n watch_v while_o the_o grecian_n sleep_v page_n 7._o behold_v the_o destruction_n of_o troy_n he_o consider_v his_o own_o estate_n 128._o agesilaus_n his_o love_n to_o enrich_v his_o friend_n page_n 134._o a_o hab_fw-mi punish_v in_o his_o posterity_n 145_o alexander_n prefer_v abdolminus_fw-la a_o base_a man_n and_o why_o alexander_n his_o pride_n and_o blindness_n 92_o 93._o stir_v with_o anger_n he_o kill_v his_o friend_n page_n 107._o alcibiades_n toss_v with_o hope_n to_o and_o fro_o 107._o haman_n a_o wicked_a man_n exalt_v 125._o anaxagoras_n think_v snow_n to_o be_v black_a 25._o anaxarchus_n his_o parent_n 146._o antiquity_n have_v authority_n in_o example_n 94._o anthony_n his_o death_n 136._o anthropos_n whereof_o derive_v 26._o apollo_n why_o so_o call_v 63._o archimedes_n his_o earnest_a contemplation_n and_o death_n take_v for_o a_o dead_a man_n be_v alive_a 27._o art_n banish_v from_o athens_n and_o harbour_v in_o england_n 4._o athenian_n commend_v thankfulness_n but_o be_v unthankful_a and_o their_o comfort_n be_v threaten_v by_o xerxes_n page_n 100_o atheist_n who_o be_v to_o be_v think_v 20._o b._n baasha_n punish_v in_o his_o posterity_n page_n 145._o babel_n her_o tower_n a_o monument_n of_o man_n vanity_n and_o god_n omnipotency_n page_n 77._o barbarian_n never_o atheist_n 25._o the_o body_n the_o grave_n of_o the_o soul_n 56_o c._n calligula_n offer_v sacrifice_n to_o envy_n 140._o his_o pride_n and_o end_n 148._o carneades_n live_v say_v to_o be_v dead_a page_n 27._o carthage_n envious_a of_o rome_n caesar_n blow_v into_o england_n with_o the_o wind_n of_o glory_n 12._o his_o proud_a mind_n and_o miserable_a end_n 89._o cambyses_n his_o fall_n 87._o the_o cause_n more_o excellent_a than_o the_o effect_n 37._o the_o cause_n by_o the_o effect_n discover_v 52._o charles_n the_o five_o his_o expedition_n to_o algiers_n and_o ill_a success_n 95._o chrisogonus_n 135._o cicero_n his_o weak_a mind_n in_o adversity_n e._n cleander_n rich_a and_o proud_a 137._o clodius_n his_o death_n 136._o common_a wealth_n subject_n to_o change_v page_n 10._o by_o what_o mean_v they_o flourish_v 109._o contention_n of_o the_o god_n 65._o counselor_n faithful_a chief_a instrument_n of_o the_o king_n safety_n 112._o coriolanus_z through_o disgrace_n a_o enemy_n 153._o creature_n subject_a to_o the_o will_n of_o the_o creator_n 15._o diversity_n of_o creature_n from_o whence_o page_n 41._o their_o great_a likeness_n 48._o croesus_n his_o fall_n 86._o cyrus_n his_o soil_n 87._o cimmerian_n see_v not_o the_o sun_n 24._o d._n darius_n his_o overthrow_n 88_o david_n not_o suffer_v to_o smite_v saul_n 117._o his_o foot_n ready_a to_o slip_v 150._o day_n the_o long_a in_o the_o year_n 16._o delay_n bring_v benefit_n 150._o diogenes_n his_o care_n not_o to_o be_v idle_a e._n his_o opinion_n of_o a_o multitude_n 28._o dionysius_n kill_v with_o sudden_a joy_n page_n 107._o dionysius_n of_o sicily_n his_o greatness_n and_o fall_n 141._o disgrace_n shall_v not_o drive_v man_n from_o their_o duty_n 153._o divinity_n the_o lady_n science_n 4._o e._n ehud_n kill_v eglon_n by_o the_o will_n of_o god_n 117._o element_n the_o minister_n of_o god_n 38._o element_n how_o place_v and_o order_v 40._o their_o transmutation_n 41._o they_o follow_v and_o forsake_v their_o course_n 43._o their_o strength_n and_o work_n 42._o by_o nature_n strong_a 2._o england_n preserve_v from_o the_o spaniard_n 3._o strong_a in_o her_o people_n 3._o her_o wall_n of_o wood_n 2._o strong_a in_o the_o counsel_n of_o wise_a man_n 3._o chief_o preserve_v by_o the_o life_n of_o the_o q._n 4._o her_o present_a estate_n 13._o her_o security_n 15._o like_a rome_n 7._o enoch_n signify_v true_a man_n 31._o envy_n her_o definition_n 138._o the_o daughter_n of_o pride_n 137._o she_o look_v upward_o 137._o she_o never_o sleep_v 138._o her_o punishment_n epaminondas_n his-contempt_n of_o rithe_n 132._o epicurus_n his_o opinion_n of_o the_o praeconceipt_n of_o god_n 19_o he_o first_o tread_v religion_n under_o his_o foot_n 20._o f._n fortune_fw-mi 122._o 123._o 124._o the_o fool_n have_v say_v in_o his_o hart_n there_o be_v no_o god_n 25._o g._n god_n how_o know_v by_o nature_n 21._o his_o eternal_a purpose_n of_o justice_n &_o and_o mercy_n 23._o his_o two_o book_n publish_v to_o the_o world_n 23._o his_o work_n open_a to_o all_o 23._o his_o power_n and_o wisdom_n a_o immortal_a man_n 51._o why_o so_o call_v 54._o resemble_v by_o the_o sun_n and_o the_o soul_n 55._o express_v by_o three_o name_n 57_o see_v in_o the_o glass_n of_o nature_n 60._o without_o the_o compass_n of_o nature_n 60._o how_o to_o define_v what_o he_o be_v 60._o only_o and_o mere_o one_o 60._o everlasting_a and_o eternal_a 60._o his_o sundry_a name_n show_v he_o be_v but_o one_o 66._o every_o where_o see_v 68_o his_o power_n upon_o the_o great_a 73._o 84_o his_o power_n in_o create_v and_o punish_v adam_n 74._o in_o preserve_v noah_n and_o drown_v the_o world_n 76._o in_o throw_v down_o monarchy_n 90._o 91._o in_o the_o defence_n of_o england_n god_n in_o goodness_n most_o like_a to_o himself_o 103._o his_o goodness_n 103_o 104._o he_o work_v continual_o for_o the_o good_a of_o man_n 105._o good_a to_o all_o but_o in_o great_a measure_n to_o some_o 106._o he_o punish_v the_o good_a and_o favour_v the_o wicked_a and_o be_v both_o just_a and_o