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A03123 The pearle of practise, or Practisers pearle, for phisicke and chirurgerie. Found out by I. H. (a spagericke or distiller) amongst the learned obseruations and prooued practises of many expert men in both faculties. Since his death it is garnished and brought into some methode by a welwiller of his Hester, John, d. 1593.; Fourestier, James. 1594 (1594) STC 13253; ESTC S118051 51,314 99

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ibidem Of Liquide amber and the vse of it in medecine ibidem Faultes escaped in the Printing In the Epistle Dedicatorie pag 1. lin 17. for these wordes haue euen borne read these haue euer borne Pag 8 of the booke lin 5. for Carton read Carlton pag. 40. lin 11. for Paraceli read Paracelsi pag. 54. after the 6. line before the tittle of the Chapter read CHAP. 111. which is omitted in the number pag. 3. lin 6. for you finde read you shall finde pag. 12 lin 17. for heate read heale pag. 77. last line thereof for our part read one part pag. 31 last line sauing one for vicious cause read viscous cause pag. 35. lin 15. for lb. j read Pj page 48 lin 3. Adde thid word Note in the margent page 63. lin 13. for the vayne read the vrine THE PROEME OR ENTRANCE INTO THIS COLLECTION CONTAINED IN THE first foure Chapters CHAP. I What the dutie of an expert Chirurgian is A Good and true Chirurgian is no other thē a minister and helper of nature who hath three operations to performe in curing of woundes The first is that he ioyne the seperated parts close together the second to preserue it from paine the third that he keepe it from putrifaction all the rest he may leaue vnto nature which will worke with good expedition And this is a sure intention concerning the cure of woundes Neuer keepe the flesh open with tents or pledgets neither weaken nature by letting of bloud or by purging nor yet by strait diet to cause the paine to increase but keepe the wound alwayes cleane washing it with Aqua balsami and lay vpon the wound clothes wette in Magno licore This is a good and an approued order whereof whosoeuer wil know more let him looke in Leonardo Fiorauante his booke of Rational secrets where he shall be satisfied more at large CHAP. II The cure of all manner of vvoundes in generall ALl kinde of woundes may be healed with these medecines following according to the method before mentioned viz. with our balsamo with Aqua balsami balsamum artificiale quintaessentia vini oleum resinae pini oleum cerae terebinthinae magno licore cerotum magistrale elixir vitae oleum hypericonis compositum our secret powder all which are set downe in the forenamed booke and for the most part are to be had for a reasonable consideration at the house of M. Iames Fourestier student in Phisicke dwelling in London in the Black Friers betweene the two tennese courts CHAP. III. The cause vvhy vvounds cannot heale quicklie THough there be many more yet chieflie they may be reduced vnto two causes The one is an immoderate extreme diet which weakneth the stomack and body so much that nature cannot preuaile to conglutinate or soder the flesh together And thus thorough want of naturall heate the wound falleth to impostemation Gangrena fistulaes c. and can hardly be cured The second cause is the keeping of them to much open by reason of their tents or pledgets so that they cannot ioyne together agayne but grow to Cancers and Fistulaes whereupon many times the patient remaineth lame euer after or else speedie death is the end thereof CHAP. IIII. Of vvoundes in the head how they must be dealt vvithall ALl wounds in the head must be close ioyed and kept together the bloud must be crushed out then wash it well with some-thing that hath vertue to liquifie the bloud as the Quintaessence of wine or such like Then lay thereon lint wet in oleum benedictum this medecine you shall change in foure dayes but euery day once wash the wound round about with that Quintaessence and annoint with the said oyle and at the fourth dayes end dresse it agayne and let it remaine two dayes more after that for a day more the wound by the helpe of God shal be cured in xij or xiiij dayes Thus may you deale with all wounds saue those that are made in the bellie As for all other either simple or compound wounds you finde their cure methodically shewed in the Rationall secrets of Leonardo Fiorauante published in English CHAP. V The healing of a greeuous vvound on the side of the head THe wound was made on the side of the head almost to dura mater and it was healed in this manner First there was put into the same the Quintaessence aforsaid then a litle balsamo then there was applied a cloth which was wet in magno licore made very hote vpon which cloth was layd our secret powder couered with lint and thus he was dressed once euery day till he was whole You must note that whensoeuer the scull is hurt vnto dura mater there must be cast vp at the nosethrilles our balsamo that the smell may pierce vpward and resolue the offence Sometime also in stead of a defensatiue you may annoint round about the wound with the foresaid balme which preserueth from putrifaction and alteration CHAP. VI. A daungerous vvound in the head cured in fiue dayes IT was healed very quicklie by putting therein our Aqua caelestis and balsamo and by applying vnto the same very hote clothes wet in magno licore CHAP. VII The cure of a vvound on the eare to the scull A Sore wound was made on the care which was cut vnto the scull of the head and was healed in this manner first by annointing it with our Quintaessence which caused it to waxe very hote the space of two houres After that there was put in our oleum philosophorum de terebinthina cera and so he dressed it euery day once CHAP. VIII How three vvounds in the head vvith fracture of the bone or scull vvere healed by I. P. A Certaine miller in Buckinghamshire called Peter Bull being sore wounded in the head whereof one wound was in the midst of the head with fracture of the scull an other within an inch of that six inches long he had an other wound ouer his eyebrow two inches long Besides the woundes in his head he had also a great wound in the bowt of his arme beside the elbow so that a mā might haue layd his three singers in it diuers of his fingers were also cut and he lost two ioynts This man bled by the space of seuen or eight houres before it was stinted neither was he dressed vntill the next day but yet he was cured in this manner First the haire was shauen away round about the woundes on his head and the wounds were made cleane then was there dropped into the wound balsamum sulfuris made very warme and a sine cloth wet therein was applied to the wounds and round about the wounds there was a defensatiue applied thus he was dressed once in 24. houres and within the space of three weekes he was perfectly holpen that he ware no plaster at all Also you shall note that vpon the wound next the cloth there was layd cerotum magistrale of Leonardo Fiorauante Forget not that