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A02855 The first part of the life and raigne of King Henrie the IIII. Extending to the end of the first yeare of his raigne. Written by I.H.; Historie of the life and raigne of Henry the Fourth Hayward, John, Sir, 1564?-1627. 1599 (1599) STC 12995; ESTC S103908 104,716 160

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the_o first_o part_n of_o the_o life_n and_o reign_n of_o king_n henry_n the_o four_o extend_v to_o the_o end_n of_o the_o first_o year_n of_o his_o reign_n write_a by_o i._n h._n imprint_v at_o london_n by_o john_n wolf_n and_o be_v to_o be_v sell_v at_o his_o shop_n in_o pope_n head_n alley_n near_o to_o the_o exchange_n 1599_o illustrissimo_fw-la &_o honoratissimo_fw-la roberto_n comiti_fw-la essexiae_fw-la &_o ewe_n comiti_fw-la marescallo_fw-la angliae_fw-la vicecomiti_fw-la herefordiae_fw-la &_o bourchier_n baroni_n ferrariis_fw-la de_fw-fr chartley_n domino_fw-la bourchier_n &_o lovein_n regiae_n maiestati_fw-la hyppocomo_n machinarum_fw-la bellicarum_fw-la praefecto_fw-la academiae_fw-la cantabrigiensis_n cancellario_fw-la ordinis_fw-la georgiani_n equiti_fw-la aurato_fw-la serenissimae_fw-la domino_fw-la reginae_fw-la a_o sanctioribus_fw-la consilijs_fw-la domino_fw-la meo_fw-la plurimum_fw-la obseruando_fw-la αρίσῳ_n καὶ_n γενναιοτάτῳ_n optimo_fw-la &_o nobilissimo_fw-la inquit_fw-la euripides_n ex_fw-la qua_fw-la sententia_fw-la tu_fw-la primus_fw-la ac_fw-la solus_fw-la fere_n occurrebas_fw-la illustrissime_fw-la comes_fw-la cvius_fw-la nomen_fw-la si_fw-la henrici_fw-la nostri_fw-la front_n radiaret_fw-la ipse_fw-la &_o laetior_fw-la &_o tutior_fw-la in_o vulgus_fw-la pr●diret_fw-la magnus_fw-la si_fw-la quidem_fw-la es_fw-la &_o presenti_fw-la iudicio_fw-la &_o futuri_fw-la temporis_fw-la expectatione_n in_o quo_fw-la veluti_fw-la recuperasse_fw-la nunc_fw-la oculos_fw-la caeca_fw-la prius_fw-la fortuna_fw-la videri_fw-la potest_fw-la dum_fw-la cumulare_fw-la honoribus_fw-la eum_fw-la gestit_fw-la qui_fw-la omnibus_fw-la virtutibus_fw-la est_fw-la insignitus_fw-la hunc_fw-la igitur_fw-la si_fw-la laeta_fw-la front_n excipere_fw-la digneris_fw-la sub_fw-la nominis_fw-la tui_fw-la umbra_fw-la tanquam_fw-la sub_fw-la aiacis_n clipio_fw-la teucer_n ille_fw-la homericus_fw-la tutissime_fw-la latebit_fw-la deus_fw-mi ope_v max._n celsitudinem_fw-la tuam_fw-la nobis_fw-la reique_fw-la publicae_fw-la diu_fw-la seruet_fw-la incolumem_fw-la quo_fw-la nos_fw-la uz._n tam_fw-la fide_fw-la quam_fw-la armis_fw-la potenti_fw-la tua_fw-la dextra_fw-la defensi_fw-la ultique_fw-la diutina_fw-la cum_fw-la securitate_fw-la tum_fw-la gloria_fw-la perfruamur_fw-la honori_fw-la tuo_fw-la deditissimus_fw-la i._o haywarde_a fault_n escape_v in_o the_o print_n page_n line_n fault_n read_v 11_o 23_o play_v ply_v 15_o 13_o please_v please_v 16_o 20_o present_a present_n 19_o 22_o sport_n sort_n 19_o 24_o tempore_v temper_v 37_o 10_o weedlesse_a needless_a 41_o 18_o cause_n fame_n 43_o 13_o too_o two_o 44_o 13_o in_o report_v to_o report_n 53_o 08_o move_v enforce_v 55_o 04_o this_o his_o 55_o 05_o challenge_v chaleng_v 57_o 27_o else_o or_o else_o 65_o 20_o carry_v carry_v 70_o 13_o lenity_n levity_n 71_o 35_o bush_n bushie_n 75_o 05_o officer_n of_o so_o long_o offer_v of_o so_o large_a 75_o 12_o castle_n trim_a castle_n of_o trim_a 75_o 32_o of_o the_o one_o by_o the_o one_o 77_o 32_o at_o man_n to_o man_n 79_o 25_o increase_v incense_v 86_o 13_o thirminge_n thirninge_n 86_o 15_o lophane_a lopham_n 88_o 32_o confess_v confuse_v 100_o 10_o taking_n rake_v 102_o 30_o or_o violence_n or_o conceal_v violence_n 107_o 35_o be_v no_o more_o it_o be_v no_o more_o 127_o 06_o resistance_n assistance_n 127_o 27_o redding_n read_v 130_o 24_o he_o have_v that_o he_o have_v 131_o 05_o hardly_o short_o 131_o 24_o be_v not_o he_o be_v not_o 131_o 27_o blood_n bold_a 148_o 21_o retain_v he_o retain_v a._n p._n to_o the_o reader_n among_o all_o sort_n of_o humane_a writer_n there_o be_v none_o that_o have_v do_v more_o profit_n or_o deserve_v great_a praise_n than_o they_o who_o have_v commit_v to_o faithful_a record_n of_o history_n either_o the_o government_n of_o mighty_a state_n or_o the_o life_n and_o act_n of_o famous_a man_n for_o by_o describe_v the_o order_n and_o passage_n of_o these_o two_o and_o what_o event_n have_v follow_v what_o counsel_n they_o have_v set_v forth_o unto_o we_o not_o only_o precept_n but_o lively_a pattern_n both_o for_o private_a direction_n and_o for_o affair_n of_o state_n whereby_o in_o short_a time_n young_a man_n may_v be_v instruct_v and_o old_a man_n more_o full_o furnish_v with_o experience_n then_o the_o long_a age_n of_o man_n can_v afford_v and_o therefore_o cicero_n report_v that_o l._n lucullus_n when_o he_o go_v from_o rome_n to_o make_v war_n against_o mithridates_n be_v altogether_o unskilful_a in_o military_a service_n yet_o in_o the_o time_n of_o his_o navigation_n he_o so_o exercise_v himself_o what_o with_o conference_n and_o what_o with_o read_v of_o history_n that_o when_o he_o come_v into_o asia_n by_o the_o judgement_n and_o confession_n of_o that_o great_a king_n he_o be_v prefer_v before_o all_o the_o commander_n that_o be_v before_o he_o hereupon_o when_o alexander_n severus_n do_v deliberate_a of_o any_o weighty_a matter_n he_o will_v especial_o take_v advice_n of_o man_n skilful_a in_o history_n and_o not_o without_o good_a cause_n for_o if_o as_o afranius_n say_v experience_n have_v beget_v wisdom_n and_o memory_n as_o a_o mother_n have_v bring_v it_o forth_o who_o be_v to_o be_v better_o account_v than_o they_o who_o memory_n be_v as_o it_o be_v a_o rich_a storehouse_n of_o the_o experience_n not_o of_o one_o age_n or_o country_n but_o of_o all_o time_n and_o of_o all_o nation_n and_o therefore_o it_o be_v no_o great_a marvel_n that_o zenobia_n who_o after_o the_o death_n of_o her_o husband_n odonatus_n take_v upon_o she_o the_o state_n not_o only_o insult_v upon_o the_o roman_n but_o hold_v the_o arabian_n the_o saricenes_n the_o armenian_n and_o other_o fierce_a and_o intractible_a people_n in_o such_o obedience_n that_o although_o she_o be_v both_o a_o woman_n and_o a_o barbarian_a yet_o they_o never_o stir_v against_o she_o for_o she_o have_v perfect_o red_a the_o roman_a history_n in_o greek_a and_o also_o have_v herself_o abridge_v the_o alexandrian_a and_o all_o the_o oriental_a history_n whereby_o she_o attain_v the_o high_a pitch_n both_o of_o wisdom_n and_o authority_n for_o example_n be_v of_o great_a force_n to_o stir_v unto_o virtue_n then_o bare_a precept_n insomuch_o as_o cicero_n say_v that_o nothing_o can_v be_v teach_v well_o without_o example_n therefore_o the_o lacaedemoians_n as_o plutarch_n write_v do_v use_v upon_o festival_n day_n to_o present_v unto_o their_o son_n certain_a drunken_a slave_n who_o they_o call_v 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d that_o by_o view_n of_o the_o vice_n they_o may_v learn_v to_o avoid_v it_o and_o hismenias_n the_o theban_a will_v show_v to_o his_o scholar_n musician_n of_o all_o sort_n good_a and_o bad_a instruct_v they_o to_o follow_v the_o one_o and_o not_o the_o other_o and_o this_o be_v that_o which_o the_o apology_o tell_v of_o a_o certain_a country_n woman_n who_o be_v hard_o favour_v and_o fear_v lest_o she_o shall_v bring_v forth_o child_n like_o herself_o get_v many_o fair_a and_o beautiful_a pycture_n which_o she_o do_v daily_a and_o steadfast_o behold_v the_o meaning_n whereof_o it_o that_o by_o set_v before_o we_o the_o act_n and_o life_n of_o excellent_a man_n it_o be_v the_o ready_a way_n to_o fashion_v our_o quality_n according_a to_o the_o same_o hereupon_o cicero_n do_v right_o call_v history_n the_o witness_n of_o time_n the_o light_n of_o truth_n the_o life_n of_o memory_n and_o the_o messenger_n of_o antiquity_n hereby_o we_o be_v arm_v against_o all_o the_o rage_n and_o rashness_n of_o fortune_n and_o hereby_o we_o may_v seem_v in_o regard_n of_o the_o knowledge_n of_o thing_n to_o have_v travel_v in_o all_o country_n to_o have_v live_v in_o all_o age_n and_o to_o have_v be_v conversant_a in_o all_o affair_n neither_o be_v that_o the_o least_o benefit_n of_o history_n that_o it_o preserve_v eternal_o both_o the_o glory_n of_o good_a man_n and_o shame_n of_o evil_a some_o philosopher_n do_v deny_v that_o glory_n be_v to_o be_v desire_v for_o virtue_n say_v they_o be_v a_o reward_n unto_o itself_o and_o must_v not_o be_v respect_v for_o the_o vain_a and_o titulare_a blast_n of_o glory_n yet_o in_o write_v these_o thing_n they_o affect_v that_o especial_o which_o they_o especial_o deprave_v and_o indeed_o there_o be_v no_o man_n have_v so_o horny_a hartstringe_n as_o persius_n speak_v who_o be_v not_o tickle_v with_o some_o pleasure_n of_o praise_n again_o there_o be_v no_o man_n of_o so_o flinty_a a_o forehead_n who_o be_v not_o touch_v with_o some_o fear_n of_o infamy_n and_o shame_n do_v we_o think_v that_o the_o valiant_a soldier_n think_v no_o toil_n too_o tough_a but_o bold_o adventure_v the_o hazard_n of_o all_o hap_n because_o he_o be_v weary_a of_o his_o life_n death_n come_v by_o nature_n to_o all_o man_n alike_o only_o with_o difference_n of_o memory_n with_o posterity_n and_o i_o will_v think_v that_o city_n at_o the_o first_o be_v build_v law_n make_v and_o many_o thing_n invent_v for_o the_o use_n of_o man_n chief_o for_o desire_v of_o glory_n which_o humour_n except_o the_o old_a governor_n of_o common_a wealth_n have_v think_v necessary_a they_o will_v never_o
he_o be_v anoint_v with_o a_o oil_n which_o a_o certain_a religious_a man_n give_v unto_o henry_n the_o first_o duke_n of_o lancaster_n grandfather_n to_o the_o king_n by_o the_o mother_n side_n when_o he_o serve_v in_o the_o war_n of_o king_n edward_n the_o three_o beyond_o the_o sea_n together_o with_o this_o prophecy_n that_o the_o king_n which_o shall_v be_v anoint_v therewith_o shall_v be_v the_o champion_n of_o the_o church_n duke_n henry_n deliver_v this_o oil_n in_o a_o golden_a viol_n to_o prince_n edward_n the_o elder_a son_n of_o king_n edward_n the_o three_o who_o lock_v up_o the_o same_o in_o a_o bar_a chest_n within_o the_o tower_n with_o intent_n to_o be_v anoint_v therewith_o when_o he_o shall_v be_v crown_v king_n but_o the_o prince_n die_v before_o his_o father_n it_o remain_v there_o either_o not_o remember_v or_o not_o regard_v until_o this_o present_a year_n wherein_o the_o king_n be_v upon_o his_o voyage_n into_o ireland_n and_o make_v diligent_a search_n for_o the_o jewel_n and_o monument_n of_o his_o progenitour_n find_v this_o viol_n and_o prophecy_n and_o understand_v the_o secret_a be_v desirous_a to_o be_v anoint_a again_o with_o that_o oil_n but_o the_o archbishop_n of_o canterbury_n persuade_v he_o that_o both_o the_o fact_n be_v unlawful_a and_o the_o precedent_n unseen_a that_o a_o king_n shall_v be_v anoint_a twice_o whereupon_o he_o break_v of_o that_o purpose_n and_o take_v the_o viol_n with_o he_o into_o ireland_n and_o when_o he_o yield_v himself_o at_o flint_n the_o archbishop_n of_o canterbury_n demand_v it_o of_o he_o again_o and_o do_v receive_v and_o reserve_v the_o same_o until_o the_o coronation_n of_o king_n henry_n who_o be_v the_o first_o king_n of_o this_o realm_n that_o be_v anoint_a therewith_o i_o be_o not_o purpose_v to_o discourse_n either_o of_o the_o authority_n or_o of_o the_o certainty_n of_o these_o prophecy_n but_o we_o may_v easy_o observe_v that_o the_o great_a part_n of_o they_o either_o altogether_o fail_v or_o be_v fulfil_v in_o another_o sense_n then_o as_o they_o be_v common_o construe_v and_o take_v during_o the_o reign_n of_o king_n henry_n the_o four_o execution_n by_o fire_n be_v first_o put_v in_o practice_n within_o this_o realm_n for_o controversy_n in_o point_n of_o religion_n in_o any_o other_o extraordinary_a matter_n he_o do_v as_o much_o make_v the_o church_n champion_n as_o show_v himself_o a_o champion_n of_o the_o church_n but_o afterwards_o his_o successor_n be_v entitule_v defender_n of_o the_o faith_n and_o how_o in_o action_n they_o verify_v the_o same_o i_o refer_v to_o remembrance_n and_o report_n of_o late_a time_n now_o it_o have_v be_v consider_v that_o the_o title_n which_o be_v derive_v to_o king_n henry_n from_o edmund_n who_o they_o surname_v crouchbacke_n will_v be_v take_v but_o for_o a_o blind_a and_o idle_a jest_n for_o that_o it_o be_v notorious_a that_o the_o say_v edmund_n be_v neither_o elder_n son_n to_o king_n henry_n the_o thyrd_o as_o it_o be_v plain_o declare_v by_o a_o act_n of_o parliament_n nor_o yet_o a_o misshape_a and_o deform_a person_n but_o a_o goodly_a gentleman_n and_o valiant_a commander_n in_o the_o field_n and_o so_o favour_v of_o the_o king_n his_o father_n that_o he_o give_v he_o both_o the_o heritage_n and_o honour_n of_o s●●one_n mountfort_n earl_n of_o leicester_n of_o ferrare_fw-la earl_n of_o derby_n and_o of_o john_n barron_n of_o monmuthe_n who_o to_o their_o own_o ruin_n and_o destruction_n have_v desplay_v seditious_a ensign_n against_o the_o king_n and_o further_o to_o advance_v he_o to_o the_o marriage_n of_o blanch_n queen_n of_o naverne_n he_o create_v he_o the_o first_o earl_n of_o lancaster_n and_o give_v unto_o he_o the_o county_n castle_n and_o town_n of_o lancaster_n with_o the_o forest_n of_o wiresdale_n lounsdale_n newcastle_n beneath_o linne_n the_o manner_n castle_n and_o forest_n of_o pickering_n the_o manner_n of_o scaleby_n the_o town_n of_o gomecester_n of_o huntendone_v etc._n etc._n with_o many_o large_a privilege_n and_o high_a title_n of_o homour_n therefore_o king_n henry_n upon_o the_o day_n of_o his_o coronation_n cause_v to_o be_v proclaim_v that_o he_o claim_v the_o kingdom_n of_o england_n first_o by_o right_n of_o conquest_n second_o because_o king_n richard_n have_v resign_v his_o estate_n and_o design_v he_o for_o his_o successor_n last_o because_o he_o be_v of_o the_o blood_n royal_a and_o next_o heir_n male_a unto_o king_n richard_n haeres_fw-la malus_fw-la indeed_o quoth_v edmund_n mortimer_n earl_n of_o march_n unto_o his_o secret_a friend_n and_o so_o be_v the_o pirate_n to_o the_o merchant_n when_o he_o despoyl_v he_o of_o all_o that_o he_o have_v this_o edmund_n be_v son_n to_o roger_n mortimer_n who_o be_v not_o long_o before_o slay_v in_o ireland_n and_o have_v be_v open_o declare_v heir_n apparent_a to_o the_o crown_n in_o case_n king_n richard_n shall_v die_v without_o issue_n as_o descend_v by_o his_o mother_n philip_n from_o lionel_n duke_n of_o clarence_n who_o be_v elder_a brother_n to_o john_n duke_n of_o lancaster_n king_n henry_n father_n and_o therefore_o the_o say_a edmund_n think_v himself_o and_o indeed_o be_v near_a heir_n male_a to_o the_o succession_n of_o the_o crown_n than_o he_o that_o by_o colour_n of_o right_n claim_v it_o carry_v it_o by_o dint_n of_o force_n but_o such_o be_v the_o condition_n of_o the_o time_n that_o he_o suppose_v it_o be_v vain_a for_o he_o to_o stir_v where_o king_n richard_n can_v not_o stand_v whereupon_o he_o dissemble_v either_o that_o he_o see_v his_o wrong_n or_o that_o he_o regard_v it_o and_o choose_v rather_o to_o suppress_v his_o title_n for_o a_o time_n then_o by_o untimely_o oppose_v himself_o to_o have_v it_o oppress_v and_o depress_v for_o ever_o to_o this_o end_n he_o withdraw_v himself_o far_o from_o london_n to_o his_o lordship_n of_o wigmore_n in_o the_o west_n part_n of_o the_o realm_n and_o there_o settle_v himself_o to_o a_o private_a and_o close_a life_n idleness_n and_o vacancy_n from_o public_a affair_n he_o account_v a_o virtue_n and_o a_o deep_a point_n of_o wisdom_n to_o meddle_v with_o nothing_o whereof_o no_o man_n be_v chargeable_a to_o yield_v a_o reckon_n in_o revenue_n he_o be_v mean_a in_o apparel_n moderate_a in_o company_n and_o train_n not_o excessive_a yet_o in_o all_o these_o honourable_a and_o according_a to_o his_o degree_n so_o that_o they_o which_o esteem_v man_n by_o outward_a appearance_n only_o can_v see_v in_o he_o no_o great_a show_n either_o of_o wit_n and_o courage_n in_o his_o mind_n to_o be_v fear_v or_o of_o wealth_n and_o honour_n in_o his_o estate_n to_o be_v envy_a and_o thus_o while_o a_o great_a enemy_n be_v fear_v he_o pass_v unregarded_a make_v himself_o safe_a by_o contempt_n where_o nothing_o be_v so_o dangerous_a as_o a_o good_a opinion_n and_o rake_v up_o those_o coal_n in_o obscurity_n for_o a_o time_n which_o short_o after_o set_v all_o the_o realm_n on_o fire_n king_n henry_n present_o after_o his_o coronation_n create_v his_o elder_a son_n lord_n henry_n be_v then_o about_o xiii_o year_n of_o age_n prince_n of_o wales_n duke_n of_o cornwall_n and_o earl_n of_o chester_n and_o soon_o after_o he_o create_v he_o also_o duke_n of_o aquitaine_n afterward_o it_o be_v enact_v by_o consent_n of_o all_o the_o state_n of_o the_o realm_n assemble_v together_o in_o the_o parliament_n that_o the_o inheritance_n of_o the_o crown_n and_o realm_n of_o england_n and_o of_o france_n and_o of_o all_o the_o dominion_n to_o they_o appertain_a shall_v be_v unite_v and_o remain_v in_o the_o person_n of_o king_n henry_n and_o in_o the_o heir_n of_o his_o body_n lawful_o beget_v and_o that_o prince_n henry_n his_o elder_a son_n shall_v be_v his_o heir_n apparent_a and_o successor_n in_o the_o premise_n and_o if_o he_o shall_v die_v without_o lawful_a issue_n than_o they_o be_v entail_v to_o his_o other_o son_n successive_o in_o order_n and_o to_o the_o heir_n of_o their_o body_n lawful_o beget_v the_o inheritance_n of_o the_o kingdom_n be_v in_o this_o sort_n settle_v in_o king_n henry_n and_o in_o his_o line_n it_o be_v move_v in_o the_o parliament_n what_o shall_v be_v do_v with_o king_n richard_n the_o bishop_n of_o caerliel_n who_o be_v a_o man_n learned_a and_o wise_a and_o one_o that_o always_o use_v both_o liberty_n and_o constancy_n in_o a_o good_a cause_n in_o his_o secret_a judgement_n do_v never_o give_v allowance_n to_o these_o proceed_n yet_o dissemble_v his_o dislike_n until_o he_o may_v to_o some_o purpose_n declare_v it_o therefore_o now_o be_v in_o place_n to_o be_v hear_v of_o all_o and_o by_o order_n of_o the_o house_n to_o be_v interrupred_a by_o none_o he_o rise_v up_o and_o with_o a_o bold_a and_o present_a spirit_n utter_v his_o mind_n as_o follow_v this_o question_n right_a honourable_a