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A83860 Votes. Die Martis. 12. July. 1642. England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. 1642 (1642) Wing E2756; Thomason 669.f.5[57]; ESTC R26122 675 1 View Text
A38170 Votes die Martis 12 July, 1642. England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. 1642 (1642) Wing E2443; ESTC R26122 675 1 View Text
B06127 To the Kings most excellent Majestie. The most humble petition of your most faithfull servants and subjects, the iustices and gentlemen assembled at the generall sessions for the County of Devon. 1642 (1642) Wing T1547; ESTC R185321 797 1 View Text
A45970 An act for granting tales on tryals to be had in the court of the county palatine of Tipperary, before the seneschall.; Public General Acts. 1695. 7 Gui.III.c.19 Ireland. 1695 (1695) Wing I306; ESTC R223683 831 6 View Text
A92084 The Rump dockt 1660 (1660) Wing R2272; Thomason 669.f.23[8]; ESTC R211495 839 1 View Text
A31773 An act which His Maiesty hath promised his royall word to passe for justifying the proceedings of Parliament in the late war, and for declaring all oathes, declarations, proclamations, and other proceedings against it to be void. England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I); Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649. 1648 (1648) Wing C2077; ESTC R210950 848 1 View Text
A82487 New port September 23. 1648. Soit baillè aux seigneurs, a ceste bille les seigneurs sont assentuz an act which His Maiesty hath promised his royall word to passe, for justifying the proceedings of Parliament in the late vvar, and for declaring all oathes, declarations, proclamations, and other proceedings against it to be void. Agreed on between His Majesty and the Commissioners, at Newport in the Isle of VVight. England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I); England and Wales. Parliament.; England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I) 1648 (1648) Wing E1160; Thomason 669.f.13[21]; ESTC R210950 878 1 View Text
B06887 A discovery, to the praise of God, and joy of all true hearted Protestants, of a late intended plot by the papists to subdue the Protestants. Being a true copy of a discourse betweene William O Conner a priest, and Anne Hussey an Irish gentlewoman: as it was brought and confirmed by oath in the Parliament House. Hussey, Anne.; O'Conner, William. 1641 (1641) Interim Tract Supplement Guide C.40.m.9.[41] 947 2 View Text
A94645 To the right honorable the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament the humble declaration and resolution of the deputy-lieutenants, colonells, captains, and officers, assented unto, and with great cheerfulnesse approved of, by the souldiers of the trained bands within the county of Southampton, at the generall musters begun the 21 day of June, 1642. being to the number of above five thousand men, besides a great many voluntiers, who then offered to serve in person. England and Wales. Parliament. House of Lords. 1642 (1642) Wing T1670; Thomason 669.f.5[53]; ESTC R210867 962 1 View Text
A91089 The proposals of the Right Honourable the Lords, the Lord Hallifax. Nottingham. Godolphin. To the Prince of Orange, and the Prince of Orange's answer Halifax, George Savile, Marquis of, 1633-1695.; Nottingham, Daniel Finch, Earl of, 1647-1730.; Godolphin, Sidney Godolphin, Earl of, 1645-1712.; William III, King of England, 1650-1702. 1688 (1688) Wing P3767A; ESTC R215446 1,060 1 View Text
A22376 By the King a proclamation for a publike, generall, and solemne fast. England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I); Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649. 1625 (1625) STC 8787; ESTC S122671 1,079 1 View Text
A55346 A Paper delivered to His Highness the Prince of Orange by the commissioners sent by His Majesty to treat with him and His Highness's answer Halifax, George Savile, Marquis of, 1633-1695.; Nottingham, Daniel Finch, Earl of, 1647-1730.; Godolphin, Sidney Godolphin, Earl of, 1645-1712.; James II, King of England, 1633-1701.; William III, King of England, 1650-1702. 1688 (1688) Wing P280; ESTC R11646 1,198 1 View Text
B03466 Good news for England: or, The peoples triumph. Then let's be joyful, and in heart content, to see our King united with the Parliament. Long live Charles the Second. To the tune of, Bodkins galliard. Starkey, A. 1660 (1660) Wing G1052C; ESTC R177521 1,289 1 View Text
B04144 London and England triumphant: At the proclaiming of King Charls the Second, by both the Houses of Parliament, the Judges of the Land: with the Lord Mayor, the Court of Aldermen, and Council of the City, as it was performed with great solemnity, and loud acclamations of joy by the people in general. May the 8th. 1660. To the tune of, I am a jovial batchelor. 1660 (1660) Wing L2889A; ESTC R180109 1,358 1 View Text
A86757 The humble petition and resolution of the deputy-lieutenants, captains, officers, souldiers, and voluntiers of the trained bands of the county of Warwick to the right honourable, Robert Lord Brook, Lord Lieutenant of the county aforesaid, and by his Lordship presented to the high court of Parliament, July 9. 1642. With the answer of the Lords thereunto annexed. England and Wales. Parliament. House of Lords. 1642 (1642) Wing H3447; Thomason 669.f.5[55]; ESTC R210878 1,404 1 View Text
A55656 Presidents & reasons to be humbly represented to the right honble the lords spiritual & temporal in Parliament assembled for their lordships ordering, the hearing and determining of such complaints and appeals after the recess of this Parliament, as are now depending before their lordships, and cannot be determin'd this present session, subject to a review in Parliament if cause. England and Wales. Parliament. House of Lords. 1685 (1685) Wing P3199A; ESTC R22781 1,566 1 View Text
A44548 Horrible nevves from VVarvvick-shire Declaring the Kings Majesties intention to go up against Warwick Castle, with his army, and to oppose all that party that stands for the Parliament. Also the Lord Brooks his intention to meet his Majesty, and to hazard his life in the just maintenance of the commands of the High Court of Parliament, against the malignant party of this kingdome. Likewise, the protestation of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, concerning their intentions for the imployment of these forces now raised in this kingdome. Ordered to be printed, Ion. Bron. Cler. Parl. England and Wales. Parliament. 1642 (1642) Wing H2859; ESTC R213052 1,615 11 View Text
A94617 To the right honorable the house of peeres now assembled in Parliament The humble petition of the knights, gentlemen, freeholders and other inhabitants of the county of Oxford. England and Wales. Parliament. House of Lords. 1642 (1642) Wing T1635; Thomason 669.f.4[65]; ESTC R210282 1,623 1 View Text
A66156 His Majesties most gracious letter to the Parliament of Scotland Together with the lord high commissioner and lord high chancellors speeches. William III, King of England, 1650-1702.; England and Wales, Sovereign (1694-1702 : William III) 1700 (1700) Wing W2372C; ESTC R222021 1,644 5 View Text
A41927 Great news from Scotland and Ireland giving an account of the death of the chief of the rebels clans in Scotland, of the state of King James in Ireland, and of the divisions betwixt the Irish and French generals, in a letter from Edenborough. 1690 (1690) Wing G1729B; ESTC R26757 1,669 2 View Text
A76536 A true relation of the plot discovered in Ireland, and rising of the papists there, truly declared by a letter sent from one of the aldermen in Dublin shewing how far they have proceeded in their rebellion, and the townes and castles they have taken. With a proclamation published there for the suppression of the rebells and prevention of further mischiefe. Lately printed at Dublin by command of the Lords Iustices, and the rest of his Majesties privy counsell. And now reprinted and sold by B. W. W. B., Alderman in Dublin.; Ireland. Lords Justices and Council. 1641 (1641) Wing B238; Thomason E173_33; ESTC R8297 1,736 8 View Text
A70892 The Parliaments determination concerning the levies of horse, armes, and monies, which is now rays'd for this present designe also a remarkable passage concerning the Earle of New-castle, with the substance of the letter sent from Sir John Hotham to Mr. Pym : whereunto is added, a true declaration for the silencing all false reports concerning Sir John Hothams letter sent to Mr. Pym for the sending of 300 men to Hull for to strengthen the said towne. England and Wales. Parliament.; Hotham, John, Sir, d. 1645 Jan. 2. 1641 (1641) Wing P510C; ESTC R17611 1,785 9 View Text
A30914 A petition presented by Praise-god Barebone &c. to the Parliament of the Common-wealth of England Barbon, Praisegod, 1596?-1679. 1660 (1660) Wing B754; ESTC R24727 1,843 1 View Text
A84307 An Extract of letters, wherein is related, certaine remarkable passages from Yorke & Hull. 1642 (1642) Wing E3909; Thomason E109_31; ESTC R22147 1,867 9 View Text
A25509 The Answer of the deputie lieutenants of the countie of Devon to the declaration of Sir Ralph Hopton and other his trayterous adherents that have lately in an hostile manner invaded the said countie and plundered and pillaged many of the inhabitants thereof 1642 (1642) Wing A3293; ESTC R15255 1,902 8 View Text
B06716 Englands honour, and Londons glory. With the manner of proclaiming Charles the second king of England, this eight of May 1660. by the honourable the two houses of Parliament, Lord Generall Monk, the lord mayor, alderman, and common councell of the city. The tune is, Vi vel a roy [sic]. I. W. 1660 (1660) Wing W41A; ESTC R186089 1,918 1 View Text
A46326 Joyfull newes from the Earle of VVarwick being a true relation of the taking of two ships that came from Denmark, laden with ammunition and money, to the value of an hundred thousand pound, by the Earle of Warwick for the service of the King and Parliament : also the Scots remonstrance, declaring their fellow-feeling of the distractions and distempers of this kingdome, with their resolution to petition His Majesty for an accommodation with His Parliament, and if that be rejected, by force of armes to assist the Parliament to bring the delinquents and disturbers of the state to condigne punishment. Warwick, Robert Rich, Earl of, 1587-1658. 1642 (1642) Wing J1144A; ESTC R16116 1,953 8 View Text
A58537 No Parliament but the old, or, A new-years gift for the late interrupted Parliament, now restored to the exercise of their trust ovvned by the Army, expected by the people, and performed by God : wherein is shewed by divers reasons, that the commonwealth can receive at present no good, but much detriment in the fundamental liberties of the nation, and the Good Old Cause, if any other Parliament sit but the late interrupted Parliament. W. R., Doctor in physick. 1659 (1659) Wing R99A; ESTC R10502 2,133 1 View Text
A39966 L. F. Lord Keeper his speech before the Kings Majesty and both Houses in the high court of Parliament concerning His Majesties reigne with the bishops, iudges, & peeres of the land : with the Kings Majesties speech or charge to the speaker.; Speech before the Kings Majesty and both Houses in the High Court of Parliament concerning his Majesties reigne with the bishops, judges & peeres of the land Finch of Fordwich, John Finch, Baron, 1584-1660.; England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I) 1641 (1641) Wing F1551C; ESTC R12996 2,309 7 View Text
A84250 Exceeding joyfull nevvs from Scotland: wherin is declared the great willingesse [sic] of the Lords & Commons in Scotland, to aid the Parliament of England against the cavaliers and prelaticall enemies of this kingdome. Whereunto is anexed a fit parralell between England and Scotland, manifestly declaring the parity and equallity of their precedent distempers, and our present troubles, occasioned by the selfe same party of court parasits, papists, prelats and projectors. 1642 (1642) Wing E3754; Thomason E116_44; ESTC R18040 2,361 8 View Text
A46936 Good and trve nevves from Ireland in a letter sent to Mr. Francis Clay in Lumber-street and by him received Ianuary 24, 1641 : vvith a confirmation of another letter to the same effect, by the relating the late exployts of the English forces there. Johnson, Richard, 17th cent.; S. G. 1642 (1642) Wing J812; ESTC R19707 2,410 8 View Text
A70640 A large and particular relation of the affairs of Ireland in a letter to a person of honour / from a gentleman at Chester who came from Dublin, June 26, and arrived here July 1, 1689. J. M. 1689 (1689) Wing M37A; ESTC R3686 2,450 2 View Text
A78136 The petition of Mr. Praise-God Barebone, and several others, to the Parliament. Presented on Thursday the 9th of February, 1659. Barbon, Praisegod, 1596?-1679. 1660 (1660) Wing B753; ESTC R230680 2,457 1 View Text
A87201 Irelands complaint of the armies hypocrisie. With his Excellencies entring unconquer'd London in a discourse between two freinds [sic] Donatus and Perigrin. With the slighting of the communicable line. 1647 (1647) Wing I1020; Thomason 669.f.11[85]; ESTC R210655 2,470 1 View Text
A78702 The Kings Majesties declaration for peace, to all his subjects of England, to be published and obeyed throughout the Kingdom, by all judges, justices of the peace, mayors, sheriffs, constables, and all other His Majesties liege people, to the great terrour of those who object against the treaty. Published by authority. Also, the Scots declaration to Lieu. Gen. Crumwel, touching the independent party, and a message to Major Gen. Lambert, and his admission into that Kingdom. With a dangerous fight, and the number killed and wounded. England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I); Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649. 1648 (1648) Wing C2202; Thomason E465_3; ESTC R205180 2,492 8 View Text
A76015 The speech and declaration of His Excellency the Lord Generall Monck delivered at White-hall upon Tuesday the 21. of February 1659. To the Members of Parliament at their meeting there, before the re-admission of the formerly secluded Members into the Parliament House. Ordered by his Excellency the Lord Generall that this speech and declaration be forthwith printed and published. Will: Clark secretary. Entred in the Stationers Hall according to order. Albemarle, George Monck, Duke of, 1608-1670.; England and Wales. Parliament. 1660 (1660) Wing A867; Thomason E1016_2; ESTC R7905 2,516 8 View Text
A78446 The censure of the Earl of Berkshire by the Lords in Parliament. Also the examination of foure men being masters of ships, concerning the great Oneal being landed in Ireland, having commission under the great seale of England to kill and slay the English and Scots in that kingdome, and afterward to come into England against the Protestants here. Likewise a relation of the Earle of Essex his marching forward with his forces against the cavaliers. With the manner of Baron Walters being taken, and rescued again the by the cavaliers, five of them being slain. 1642 (1642) Wing C1667; Thomason E118_15; ESTC R21795 2,592 10 View Text
A48113 A Letter of a Jesuit of Liege concerning the method of establishing the Catholik religion in the kingdom of England. 1687 (1687) Wing L1563A; ESTC R43395 2,615 5 View Text
A75850 An act agreed upon at the treaty, by the Kings Majesty and the commissioners at New-port in the Isle of Wight, on Munday last, October 9. 1648 Which his Majesty hath given his Royall consent to be passed. Concerning the militia of the kingdome, and for the raising and maintaining of the forces by sea and land, within the kingdoms of England and Ireland, and dominion of Wales, the isles of Guernsey and Jersey, and the town of Barwick upon Tweed. And for the liberties of the city of London. England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I) 1648 (1648) Wing A446A; Thomason E467_19; ESTC R205261 2,632 8 View Text
A26652 The speech of this present pope in presence of the cardinals and foreign ambassadors, in his second conclave after his election to the papacy concerning the divisions amongst the Catholick princes, and the advantages the hereticks propose to themselves from it : of the continuance or discontinuance of the war with the Turks : of the war between His Imperial Majesty, His Catholick Majesty, and the Most Christian King : of the differences betwixt the Holy See and the Most Christian King : of the misfortunes of King James, and the assisting him / done from the Italian. Alexander VIII, Pope, 1610-1691. 1689 (1689) Wing A910; ESTC R9110 2,671 2 View Text
B07973 Merton Colledge case. University of Oxford. 1625 (1625) STC 19049; ESTC S94566 2,757 2 View Text
A80937 A letter sent from Lieutenant Generall Cromwel to the Marquis of Argyle and Generall Lesley, and his protestation concerning the Scottish forces, under the command of Gen. Monro; and the marching of the English army into that kingdom under the conduct of the said Lieuten. Generall Cromwel, and Colonell Generall Lambert. Also, the resolution of the said Gen. Monro, touching Lieut. Gen. Cromwels entring into Scotland, and a great victory obtained by him; with the number killed and taken prisoners. Likewise, the declaration of the said Lieut. Generall Cromwell, to his army, and his directions to every colonell, concerning their proceedings against Monro. Commanded to be published throughout the army, by every captain of each respective troop or company. Signed, O. Crumwell. Cromwell, Oliver, 1599-1658. 1648 (1648) Wing C7106; Thomason E465_7; ESTC R31336 2,771 8 View Text
A29995 The Duke of Buckingham's speech in a late conference Buckingham, George Villiers, Duke of, 1628-1687. 1668 (1668) Wing B5331; ESTC R6911 2,889 8 View Text
A82209 A declaration of the order of the treaty appointed to be between the Kings most gracious Majesty, and the Right Honorable the Lords and Commons, Commissioners, from both Houses of Parliament, at Sir William Hodgesse House at New-port in the Isle of Wight. Which Commissioners set out from London, on Wednesday, Septemb. 13. 1648. 1648 (1648) Wing D735; Thomason E463_11 2,945 8 View Text
A82893 A message from both houses of Parliament vnto His Majestie, concerning the prince, his son. With the answer of His Majestie thereunto. : Together with His Majesties answer to the desire of both houses concerning the militia. England and Wales. Parliament.; Browne, John, ca. 1608-1691.; England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I) 1642 (1642) Wing E1655; ESTC R171991 3,164 9 View Text
A82892 A message from both Houses of Parliament unto His Majestie, concerning the prince, his son. With the ansvver of His Majestie thereunto. Together with His Majesties answer to the desire of both Houses concerning the militia. England and Wales. Parliament.; England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I). 1642 (1642) Wing E1654; Thomason E136_3; ESTC R19848 3,193 15 View Text
A82198 A declaration of the noble resolution of the Earle of Essex his Excellence. Concerning his intention in going forth with this great army, consisting of 60000. now advancing forward under his honourable command; in the defence of the King and Parliament, and the Protestant religion. With an excellent speech delivered vnto his honour, immediately before his departure, by the Lord Roberts, before divers colonells and captaines at Essex House, to encourage the Earle in his proceedings, and the justice of his cause, being undertaken for the generall good of the kingdome. Being thought fit to be published for the satisfaction of well affected persons, and true Protestants.; Resolution of the Right Honourable the Earl of Essex his Excellence, Lord Generall of all his forces for the preservation of His Majesty and Parliament. Radnor, John Robartes, Earl of, 1606-1685. 1642 (1642) Wing D722; Thomason E116_25; ESTC R19197 3,374 8 View Text
A82248 A declaration or, remonstrance of the office of a Prince, and his counsellors. Also, the dutie and obligement of the people, and subiects; collected and extracted forth of the most divine and politique authors, that have treated of the same subject. Newly sent from Yorke, by a Gentleman now residing there, to intimate loyalty to his Majesty, and love to his countrey; with an humble desire for a true understanding betweene our King and his people. Whereunto is annexed the Kings Majesties five last propositions to the Parliament; with their determinate answer by way of resolution in three distinct votes. Gentleman now residing there. 1642 (1642) Wing D781; Thomason E108_38; ESTC R18970 3,489 8 View Text
A92711 Die. 13. Octob. 1648. A new remonstrance from the Kings Majesty to all his loyall subjects in His three kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland, declaring his unchangable resolution concerning Episcopacy, and his intentions touching the booke of Common-Prayer. Also the ministers answer to the Kings three last scruples, with His Majesties reply to the said answer, and His answer to the Commissioners last paper. Signed, Charles R. England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I); W. S. 1648 (1648) Wing S199; Thomason E467_27; ESTC R205293 3,491 8 View Text
A86204 The Queens Majesties message and declaration to the Right Honourable the Peers of England, assembled in Parliament; concerning the Kings Majesty, and the army; presented by another embassadour from France the 9 of this instant. MDCXLIX. And the declaration of the House of Peeres concerning the King; with the proceedings of the Commons, and what government shall be established, a new Broad Seal to be erected, which is to have ingraven on the one side, the House of Commons; on the other, the arms of England & Ireland. With severall new proposals from the citizens of London, to the Common councell, concerning the tryal of the King. A declaration of the General Councel of the army, concerning Mr. Wil: Pryn, and the rest of the secluded members; and his excellencies declaration concerning the King, and all those who have assisted him. Subscribed, T. Fairfax. Published by authority. Henrietta Maria, Queen, consort of Charles I, King of England, 1609-1669. 1649 (1649) Wing H1462; Thomason E538_7; ESTC R206022 3,631 8 View Text
A96675 The true copie of a letter written by Captain Wingate, now prisoner in Ludlow, taken by the malignant partie, in the late battaile fought at Worcester, and sent to a member of the Hoble house of Commons. Setting forth the inhumane, barbarous and savage cruelties towards him, and how he was compelled to ride through the army naked: with his resolution to die in the Parliaments cause. Whereunto is added the Kings Majesties speech at Shrewsbury, on Michaelmas Eve last, to the gentry and commons of the county of Sallop, there assembled. Wingate, Captain.; England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I) 1642 (1642) Wing W2996; Thomason E121_17; ESTC R20525 3,642 10 View Text
A38401 Englands hvmble remonstrance to their King and to their Parliament shewing the cause of this bloudy and destructive warre by the King against his Parliament and people. 1643 (1643) Wing E2981; ESTC R20871 3,716 9 View Text
A76933 Boanerges, or, The Parliament of thunder with their sharp declarations against those rebellious malignants that revolt and fall away from them. For which they are voted evill members of the Common-vvealth, rebels and such who are the cause of all our present and bleeding miseries. 1643 (1643) Wing B3367; Thomason E88_25; ESTC R1448 3,867 8 View Text
A87539 A short, sure, and conscientious expedient for agreement & peace. Tendred to the two Houses of Parliament: with an appeale to the Assembly of Divines; and an application to the people, and the Ministery of the Kingdome. / VVritten by D.J. Jenkins, David, 1582-1663. 1648 (1648) Wing J609; Thomason E456_3; ESTC R205038 3,926 8 View Text
A84854 A message from His Excellency Sir Thomas Fairefax and the councell of vvarre to the Parliament and Common Councell of London. And the copy of a petition of citizens, officers and souldiers, sea-men, water-men, and others, gathering hands to be presented to the Lord Mayor, aldermen, and commons of London, at a common-hall. With their engagement and covenant. And a declaration by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, proclaiming those that shall promote or signe the same, to be traytors. Die Sabbathi. 24 July 1647. Ordered by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled. That the sayd declaration, bee published forthwith (by order of the Lord Major, Sheriffe, and Committee of the Militia) by beat of drum and sound of trumpet in the cities of London, Westminster, and within the line of communication H. Elsyng Cler. Parl. Dom. Com. England and Wales. Army. Council.; Fairfax, Thomas Fairfax, Baron, 1612-1671.; England and Wales. Parliament. 1647 (1647) Wing F204; Thomason E399_31; ESTC R201730 3,945 8 View Text
A88360 An alarum to vvarre: proclamed by our royall Soveraigne, and his loyall Parliament. To subiugate the savage cruelties, and inhumane massacres acted by the nocent papists; and to vindicate the barbarous blood-shed, and impious insolencies suffered by the innocent protestants of Ireland. To which is annexed an encouragement to all his Maiesties true-hearted, and valiantly disposed subiects, here is England, who are already, or shall be hereafter engaged in this present expedition against those Romish rebells, and all that are confederate with that malignant party, there in Ireland. By J.L. Acad: Cant: in art: mag J. L. 1642 (1642) Wing L25; Thomason E142_6; ESTC R212740 3,964 8 View Text
A28312 A true and exact relation of the chiefe passages in Ireland, since the first rising of the rebels sent by an alderman of Dublin to his sonne, now resident in London, dated 14 of January, 1641, as also a letter of the rebels, subscribed with divers of their hands, written to the Lady Offalia, mother to the Lord Digby, to deliver up her castle of Geshel, she with the Lord Digby's children and others being therein, with her resolute and modest answer thereunto. Digby, Lettice, Lady, 1588?-1658.; Bladen, W. (William) 1642 (1642) Wing B3107; ESTC R15503 4,304 7 View Text
A37327 The Declaration and manifesto of the Protestants of the vallies of Piedmont, called the Vaudois to all Christian princes & states, of the reasons of their taking up arms just now against the Duke of Savoy, and why they have put themselves under the protection of William, King of Great Britain, and of the evangelick cantons of Switzerland / done out of High Dutch. 1690 (1690) Wing D531A; ESTC R4934 4,550 14 View Text
A90676 The picture of the good old cause drawn to life in the effigies of Master Prais-God Barebone. With several examples of Gods Judgements on some eminent engagers against kingly government. 1660 (1660) Wing P2157; Thomason 669.f.25[57]; ESTC R212482 4,637 1 View Text
A38114 Returne from the Parliament of England, to the Commissioners of the Generall Assembly of the Church of Scotland England and Wales. Parliament.; Church of Scotland. General Assembly. 1642 (1642) Wing E2280; ESTC R16511 4,700 16 View Text
A25356 The Scotch Counsellor. Communicating his advice to all that stand well-affected in England to King and Parliament. With a reprehension of all those who refuse to helpe the Lord against the mighty. Also shewing what shall be the event of these troubles. Written by reason of an eminent person in this kingdome diserting the cause, and flying: and now published for the common good. Imprimatur. Ia: Cranford. Anderson, George, 17th cent. 1643 (1643) Wing A3090; ESTC R17632 4,703 9 View Text
A94080 The common-vvealth of Israel, or A brief account of Mr. Prynne's anatomy of the good old cause. By H.S. Stubbe, Henry, 1632-1676. 1659 (1659) Wing S6035; Thomason E983_11; ESTC R203692 4,778 8 View Text
A56217 Ten quæres upon the ten new commandements of the general council of the officers of the armies, Decemb. 22, 1659 ... Prynne, William, 1600-1669. 1659 (1659) Wing P4101; ESTC R19378 4,907 10 View Text
A89920 A strong motive to the passing of a generall pardon, and Act of oblivion found in a Parcell of problemes, selected out of a greater bundle lately published by P.D. For the present use of all the Members of both Houses of Parliament, but more especially of those in city, countrey, and Army, and in Parliament too (if there be any) that have lately expressed their fiercenesse in pressing for justice against delinquents. Nethersole, Francis, Sir, 1587-1659. 1648 (1648) Wing N499; Thomason E469_8**; ESTC R203006 5,077 8 View Text
A76806 The complaint of Mary Blaithwaite widdovv; setting forth her sad condition, occasioned by the late dissolution of the Parliament, and neglect of justice ever since. Die Venris 10 Martii 1647. Ordered by the Lords in Parliament assembled, that the petition of Mary Blaithwaite, and the articles anexed, are heereby referred to Sir Edward Leche, to examine the businesse, and state the same, and make report thereof to this house with all convenient speed. Jo. Browne Cleric. Parl. Blaithwaite, Mary.; England and Wales. Parliament. House of Lords. 1654 (1654) Wing B3129; Thomason E735_15; ESTC R206971 5,260 8 View Text
B08249 An account of the original of judging according to equity and how erroneous judgments in equity have been rectified, humbly represented to the King, Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, in order to a due establishment. England and Wales. Parliament. 1690 (1690) Wing A335CA; ESTC R214056 5,468 2 View Text
A96550 His Majesties most gracious letter to the Parliament of Scotland Together with the lord high commissioner and lord high chancellors speeches. England and Wales. Sovereign (1694-1702 : William III); William III, King of England, 1650-1702. 1700 (1700) Wing W2372E; ESTC R232215 5,691 11 View Text
A88129 The life and death of King Richard the second, who was deposed of his crown, by reason of his not regarding the councell of the sage and wise of his kingdom, but followed the advice of of [sic] wicked and lewd councell, and sought as farre as in him lay, to deprive many good English subjects of their lives and estates, who stood wholly for the good of the commonalty; but at a Parliament holden, his counsellors were all called, whereof some fled, others received condigne punishment according to the law. Published by a Well-wisher to the common-wealth, being worthy the observation of all men in these times of distractions. Well-wisher to the Common-wealth. 1642 (1642) Wing L2002; Thomason E155_15; ESTC R13683 5,772 8 View Text
B28857 A Relation of all the passages and proceedings in Somersetstire [sic] and Bristoll with their valiant resolution to fight for the King and Parliament with a speech made by his excellence the Earle of Essex concerning the Kings proclamation read at a conference on Thursday the eleventh of August, 1642 : also certain reasons written by a private gentleman shewing the cause wherefore arms are raysed by both Houses of Parliament. Essex, Robert Devereux, Earl of, 1591-1646.; Private gentleman. 1642 (1642) Wing R798 5,826 8 View Text
A84081 Errors appearing in the proceeding in the House of Peers in Parliament in the first and second years of the reign of King Charles the First, in the case betwixt Robert De Vere Earl of Oxford, and the Lord Willoughby of Eresby, concerning the office of Great Chamberlain of England. 1661 (1661) Wing E3248; ESTC R176769 5,867 12 View Text
A54316 To the right honourable Lords spiritual and temporal in Parliament assembled, the humble petition of James Percy Percy, James, 1619-1690? 1681 (1681) Wing P1463A; ESTC R36664 6,014 8 View Text
A89763 Not guiltie plead for the Lords, and others, of the Kings partie. 1649 (1649) Wing N1388; Thomason E544_12*; ESTC R205993 6,033 10 View Text
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A91059 The profession of the true Protestant religion: or, The protestation of the Kirk of Scotland, with a confession of faith, and solemne covenant, or oath, of that kingdome; as it hath been divers times protested and enacted by King Iames, and confirmed by an act in the second Parliament of our dread soveraign King Charles, the 11. of Iune, 1640. Wherein is specified the particular heads of popish doctrine, and superstition, of the church of Rome, contrary to the sacred scriptures, and discipline of the reformed churches: with an act of confirmation of the said covenant. Also an act against liesing makers, (or evill counsellors) of whatsoever quality, office, place or dignity. Printed at Edingborough by E. T. 1641. Church of Scotland. 1643 (1643) Wing P3645; Thomason E73_7; ESTC R8688 6,189 8 View Text
A89705 No Parliament without a king: or, The soveraigns person is required in the great councels or assemblies of the state, aswell [sic] at the consultations as at the conclusions. 1643 (1643) Wing N1186; Thomason E87_3; ESTC R19245 6,191 15 View Text
A51686 Corpus sine capite visibili, an ænigmaticall emblem, or, a modell of these distemper'd times being an apparent body, well proportioned, upright and streight, but yet without any visible head, in this our most unhappy mereridian [sic] of London, lately conceived in a dreame or slumber, and now delineated, penned and produced, to the open view of the world / by I.M., Student of Exon. in Oxon. I. M., Student of Exon. in Oxon. 1642 (1642) Wing M31A; ESTC R5813 6,211 16 View Text
A58600 Articles and ordinances of vvarre: for the present expedition of the Army of the kingdome of Scotland. By the Committee of Estates, and his Excellence, the Lord Generall of the Army.; Articles and ordinances of warre. Scotland. Army.; Leven, Alexander Leslie, Earl of, 1580?-1661.; Scotland. Parliament. Committee of Estates. 1643 (1643) Wing S1186; ESTC R212896 6,225 15 View Text
A84194 An exact and true relation of the late plots which were contrived and hatched in Ireland. 1. A coppy of a letter sent from the Lord chiefe Iustices and Privy Councell in Ireland, to our parliament here in England. 2. Their last proclamation which they published concerning those traytors. 3. The whole discourse of the plot revealed by Owen Ockanellee who is now in Englond [sic]. 4. The dangerous and extraordinary deliverance of the party who narrowly escaped with his life. 5. The reward the Parliament hath confirmed upon him. 6. The true relation of the whole treason related by the Lord Keeper, to the Honourable House of Commons the first of November. 1641. O'Connolly, Owen.; Ireland. Lords Justices and Council.; England and Wales. Parliament. 1641 (1641) Wing E3621; Thomason E173_30; ESTC R16518 6,230 9 View Text
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A83951 Englands complaint, or the church her lamentation, pittifully bemoaning her selfe to her children, to move them to compassionate her, now in this troublesome time, and to bring them to a mutuall agreement and reconciliation. 1642 (1642) Wing E2952; Thomason E118_47; ESTC R11341 6,357 9 View Text
A32140 The speeches of the Kings Most Excellent Majesty in this great court of Parliament with all the speeches of the right honourable the Lord Digby and the Lord Faukeland and the speeches of Sir Benjamin Rudyer. England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I); Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649.; England and Wales. Parliament. 1641 (1641) Wing C2820; ESTC R26011 6,483 16 View Text
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A45854 The inconveniences of a long continuance of the same Parliament 1680 (1680) Wing I139; ESTC R324 6,725 4 View Text
A74387 An act for setting apart Tuesday the eighth of October next, for a day of publique thanks-giving· Together with a narrative and declaration of the grounds and reasons thereof. Die Martis, 17 Septembr. 1650. Ordered by the Parliament, that this Act, narrative and declaration be forthwith printed and published. Hen: Scobell, Cleric. Parliamenti. England and Wales. Parliament. 1650 (1650) Thomason E1061_17; ESTC R209251 6,749 14 View Text
A34726 A treatise, shewing that the soveraignes person is required in the great councells or assemblies of the state, as well at the consultations as at the conclusions written by Sir Charles Cotton. Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. 1641 (1641) Wing C6503; ESTC R15895 6,751 16 View Text
A47475 The King's power in ecclesiastical matters truly stated 1688 (1688) Wing K605; ESTC R30485 6,852 12 View Text
A83563 One blow at the feet of the imposing formal Quaker's image: or, Rather an epistle of love and good will to them, to shew them their great weakness (if not folly) in saying thee and thou ... / writ by Nich. Eed ... Eed, Nich. 1693 (1693) Wing E241B; ESTC R171910 6,915 8 View Text
A38431 Englands repentance Englands only remedy ... in a letter written by a minister in London, in answer to one sent from a worthy member of the late Long Parliament. Minister in London. 1659 (1659) Wing E3041; ESTC R1986 6,953 12 View Text
A25530 An answer to a letter written by a member of Parliament in the countrey upon the occasion of his reading of the Gazette of the 11th of December, 1679. 1679 (1679) Wing A3320; ESTC R10364 7,226 6 View Text
A37701 Declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament concerning His Majesties advancing with his army toward London : with direction that all the trained bands and volunteers be put into a readinesse : also how Sir Iohn Hinderson urged one David Alexander a Scotchman to kill Sir Iohn Hotham and blow up the Parliaments magazine : to who His Majesty gave money and he received it : together with the depositions of the said David Alexander and Sir Iohn Hinderson : whereunto is added severall votes of the Lords and Commons, corrected and amended by the House of Commons to prevent false copies. England and Wales. Parliament.; Alexander, David, 17th cent.; Gerbier, Balthazar, Sir, 1592?-1667. 1642 (1642) Wing E1367; ESTC R3271 7,560 17 View Text
A82638 A declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament. Concerning his Maiesties advancing of his Army towards London, with directions that all the trained bands and voluntiers bee put into a readinesse, that so the Kings army may find opposition in every place as they march. : Also how Sir Iohn Hinderson urged one David Alexander, a Scotchman, to kill Sir John Hotham, and blow up the Parliaments magazine, to whom His Maiesty gave money, and he received it. : And that no man shall presume to weare any colours or markes of division in the city of London. : Whereunto is added severall votes of the Lords and Commons, for the searching of diverse mens houses in the city, and for the staying of the Kings revenue; and all the bishops, deanes and chapters rents and profits whatsoever. : Sabbathi, 15. Octob. 1642. / Ordered by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, that this declaration and votes be forthwith printed and published. ; John Browne cler. Parliam. England and Wales. Parliament.; Browne, John, ca. 1608-1691. 1642 (1642) Wing E1366A; ESTC R234078 7,664 12 View Text
A91144 Ardua Regni: or, XII. arduous doubts of great concernment to the Kingdome, requiring a full and speedy resolution : propounded to M. Speaker, and the House of Commons, touching some of their late proceedings against their own suspended, ejected members, and the impeached Lords. Prynne, William, 1600-1669. 1648 (1648) Wing P3895; Thomason E429_5; ESTC R204618 7,714 14 View Text
A82762 The declaration votes, and order of assistance of both houses of Parliament, concerning the magazine at Hull, and Sir Iohn Hotham governour thereof. And His Majesties answer thereunto. With the statute of II H.7. cap. I. mentioned in the said answer. / Published together by His Majesties command.. England and Wales. Parliament.; Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649.; England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I). 1642 (1642) Wing E1520A; Thomason E146_20; ESTC R741 7,751 16 View Text
A88419 Englands doxologie. Or rather The three kingdomes eucharisticall sacrifice at the altar of th' Almighty. For the manifold mercies, and miraculous deliverances vouchsafed at sundry times to the severall nations. To which is annexed a briefe relation of the memorable acts, and prosperous proceedings of the high, honourable, and happy assembly of Parliament, in this present year of grace, 1641. / Composed by J. L. in Art: Mag. Non nobis, domine, non nobis, sed tuo nomini fit gloria. J. L., in Art. Mag. 1641 (1641) Wing L28; Thomason E172_20; ESTC R17320 7,901 14 View Text
A38418 Englands present case stated ... partly occasioned by the late proclamation for the convening of a Parliament ... wherein the arbitrary unparallel'd proceedings of the army and their adherents, since 1641 to this time, their dissolving of all Parliament powers and governments to perpetuate themselves are discussed and discovered ... : as also a declaration to live and die with the generals by authority of Parliament and the city of London in defence of the Parliament, laws, city and nations ... 1659 (1659) Wing E3018; ESTC R21515 8,218 18 View Text
A87628 A perfect relation of the beginning and continuation of the Irish-rebellion, from May last, to this present 12th. of January, 1641. With the place where, and persons who, did plot, contrive, and put in execution that Romish damnable designe. As also their inhumane cruelties which they have, and still execute, with divellish hatred, upon the Protestants. Written by a worthy gentleman and sent over by a merchant now dwelling in Dublin. Whereunto is annexed the merchants letter who sent the copy of this relation: with another letter wherein is truely related, the battell fought betwixt our English, and the rebels, on the tenth of January at a town called Swords, eight miles from Dublin. Jones, Henry, 1605-1682.; P. G., Merchant now dwelling in Dublin. 1642 (1642) Wing J942A; Thomason E131_35; ESTC R9329 8,257 16 View Text
A81579 The declaration, vindication, and protestation, of Edward Dobson, citizen, and stationer, of London. VVherein is shewed the many illegall and unjust imprisonments which the said stationer hath suffered, through the malicious and envious informations of Brownists, Anabaptists, Antinomians, and other seditious sectaries: contrary to the lawes of God, the liberty of the subject, and the lawes of the land, all which have been protested, and covenanted to be maintained with lives and fortunes. Together with the manner of his coming from Worcester to Northampton, and of his barbarous usage there, by the governour and others, contrary to the declaration published in the names of the two kingdomes, upon the sincerity of which he did depend. Also a relation of his illegall imprisonment upon a pretended suspition of bringing a saw to the Irish Lords (as is most scandalously published) for their escape out of the Tower. Dobson, Edward, 17th cent. 1644 (1644) Wing D1751; Thomason E257_8; ESTC R212485 8,262 8 View Text
A54346 A perfect relation of the beginning and continuation of the Irish-rebellion, from May last, to this present 12th , of January, 1641 with the place where and persons who did plot, contrive, and put in execution that Romish damnable designe : as also their inhumane cruelties which they have and still execute with divellish hatred upon the Protestants / written by a worthy Gentleman and sent over by a merchant now dwelling in Dublin ; whereunto is annexed the merchants letter who sent the copy of this relation : with another letter wherein is truely related the battell fought betwixt our English and the Rebels on the tenth of January as a town called Swords eight miles from Dublin. Jones, Henry, 1605-1682.; P. G., Merchant now dwelling in Dublin. 1642 (1642) Wing P1508; ESTC R9329 8,267 17 View Text
A94338 Three speeches spoken at a common-hall, Thursday the 3. of Iuly, 1645. / By Mr. Lisle, Mr. Tate, Mr. Brown, Members of the House of Commons: containing many observations upon the Kings letters, found in his own cabinete at Nasiby fight, and sent to the Parliament by Sir Thomas Fairfax, and read at a common-hall. Published according to order. Lisle, John, ca. 1610-1664.; Tate, Zouch, 1605 or 6-1650.; Browne, John, ca. 1581-1659. 1645 (1645) Wing T1121; Thomason E292_29; ESTC R200154 8,274 20 View Text
A89000 A speech spoken in the Honourable House of Commons. By Sir Iohn Maynard knight of the Bath, one of the 11. impeached members, wherein he hath stated the case of Lieutenant Colonel Iohn Lilburne, and done him more reall service, in procuring his liberty, then all his seeming friends in the kingdome. Whereunto is annexed the copie of a petition presented August 1. 1648. to the honourable House of Commons, subscribed by neare ten thousand persons, in the behalfe of L.C. John Lilburn, with the answer, orders, and proceedings of the Lords and Commons thereupon. Maynard, John, Sir, 1602-1690. 1648 (1648) Wing M1459; Thomason E458_2; ESTC R205000 8,281 15 View Text