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A62233 The sham-indictment quash'd being a true account of what passed at the Old-Baily the 20th of May, 1681, when the minister of Alhallows-Barkin, London, answered to Mr. Whitaker's indictment : together with some just reflections upon a libel called, The birth and burning of St. Michael, &c., lately published / by a lover of the loyal parish of Barkin. Sanders, Jonathan. 1681 (1681) Wing S747; ESTC R8555 2,692 6 View Text
A22708 Articles of direction touching alehouses Munday the xxj. of March 1607.; Laws, etc. England and Wales. 1608 (1608) STC 9214.3; ESTC S121326 3,444 16 View Text
A79702 Acts for the utter abolishing of bishops out of the churches of England and Scotland. With a motion to the House for the order for church-government by a better way. Church of Scotland. 1643 (1643) Wing C4196GA; Thomason E87_8; ESTC R19275 3,605 8 View Text
A22228 Iames by the grace of God king of England, Scotland, France and Ireland ... to all people to whome these our letters patents shall come, greeting whereas wee are credibly giuen to vnderstand aswell by ... the maior and iurats of our towne and port of Hastings, within our county of Sussex ... England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I); James I, King of England, 1603-1625. 1620 (1620) STC 8635; ESTC S3806 3,714 1 View Text
A58291 The recantation and hvmble svbmission of two ancient prelates of the kingdome of Scotland subscribed by their own hands and sent to the generall assemblie : as also the act of the said assemblie condemning episcopacy and other abuses which are contrary to the Word of God and the laws of this church and kingdome. Lindsay, Alexander, ca. 1561-1639.; Grahame, George.; Church of Scotland. General Assembly. 1641 (1641) Wing R611; ESTC R17222 3,852 9 View Text
B02949 An act for the better suppressing of theft upon the borders of England and Scotland, and for discovery of highway men and other felons. At the Parliament begun at Westminster, the 17th day of September, An. Dom. 1656. England and Wales. Parliament. 1657 (1657) Wing E1100A; ESTC R228756 4,410 18 View Text
A82439 An act for the better suppressing of theft upon the borders of England and Scotland, and for discovery of high-way men and other felons. At the Parliament begun at Westminster the 17th day of September, an. Dom. 1656. England and Wales. Parliament. 1657 (1657) Wing E1100; Thomason E1065_37; ESTC R30671 4,426 11 View Text
A22023 By the King. A proclamation for preuention of future abuses in purueyance; Proclamations. 1606-04-23 England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I); James I, King of England, 1566-1625. 1606 (1606) STC 8392; ESTC S115721 5,406 3 View Text
A74593 Several orders made and agreed upon by the Iustices for the Peace of the city and liberty of Westminster, vpon Monday the 10. day of March, 1655. Concerning the future licensing of all inn-keepers, victualers, & alehouse-keepers, within the said city and liberty. Putting in execution the laws and ordinances and statutes concerning the punishment and conveyance of rogues, sturdy beggers, and vagrants, to the place of their birth : with a declaration of such persons as are accounted rogues by the several statutes; and the penalties of several persons, both officers and private persons neglecting their duty concerning them. Setting forth what will be for the time to come expected from the church-wardens, overseers of the poor, constables and others, inhabitants within the said city and liberty. Westminster (London, England). Justices of the Peace. 1656 (1656) Wing S2786A; Thomason E1065_6; ESTC R210600 5,959 11 View Text
A45966 An act for avoiding of vexatious delays, caused by removing actions and sutes out of inferior courts ; An act for redress of certain abuses, in making pewter and brass Ireland. 1697 (1697) Wing I300; ESTC R39281 6,098 13 View Text
A83647 Articles of the Commons assembled in Parliament, in maintenance of their accusation, against William Laud Archbishop of Canterbury, whereby he stands charged with high treason. Also, further articles of impeachment by the Commons in Parliament, against the said Archbishop of Canterbury, of high treason, and divers high crimes and misdemeanors. Die Mercurii, 17 Jan. 1643. Ordered by the Lords assembled in Parliament, that these articles and impeachment, be forthwith printed and published. John Brown Cler. Parliamentor. England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. 1644 (1644) Wing E2527; Thomason E29_15; ESTC R8429 7,331 16 View Text
A74511 An ordinance for better amending and keeping in repair the common high-waies within this nation. Fryday March 31. 1654. Ordered by His Highness the Lord Protector, and his Council, that this ordinance be forthwith printed and published. Henry Scobell Clerk of the Council. England and Wales. Lord Protector (1653-1658 : O. Cromwell); England and Wales. Council of State. 1654 (1654) Thomason E1063_26; ESTC R209578 7,562 19 View Text
A22698 Speciall orders and directions by the Queenes Maiesties commandement to all iustices of peace, and all maiors, shiriffes, and all principall officers of cities, boroughs, and townes corporate, for stay and redresse of [dearth of graine] England and Wales. Sovereign (1558-1603 : Elizabeth I) 1600 (1600) STC 9208.7; ESTC S1930 8,096 18 View Text
B02946 An act for the better observation of the Lords-Day. At the Parliament begun at Westminster, the seventeenth day of Septemb. An. Dom. 1656. England and Wales. Parliament. 1657 (1657) Wing E1094C; ESTC R176082 8,292 16 View Text
A68314 A table of all the principall matters and wordes conteined in the booke Of the office of iustices of peace compiled by Master Lambard digested and contriued vnder apt titles, obseruing the alphabeticall order / deuised by Christopher Powell of Graies Inne, gent. Powell, Christopher, of Gray's Inn. 1583 (1583) STC 15164a.5; ESTC S4731 8,809 16 View Text
B09030 Anno Regni Caroli II regis Angliæ, Scotiæ, Franciæ & Hiberniæ, vicesimo secundo & vicesimo tertio at the Parliament begun at Westminster the eighth day of May, Anno Dom. 1661. In the thirteenth year of the regin of our most gracious sovereign Lord Charles by the grace of God, of England, Scotland, France and Ireland King, defender of the faith, &c., and there continued by several prorogations, to the fourteenth day of February 1669/70, and thence continued to the 22th of April 1671 on which day the said Parliament was prorogued to the 16th day of April which shall be in the year 1672. England and Wales. Laws, statutes, etc.; England and Wales. Parliament. 1690 (1690) Wing E1120A; ESTC R175040 11,659 17 View Text
A22690 The renevving of certaine orders deuised by the speciall commandement of the Queenes Maiestie, for the reliefe and stay of the present dearth of graine within the realme in the yeere of our Lord 1586. Nowe to bee againe executed this present yere 1594. vpon like occasions as were seene the former yere. With an addition of some other particular orders for reformation of the great abuses in ale-houses and such like. England and Wales. Privy Council.; England and Wales. Privy Council. 1594 (1594) STC 9201; ESTC S100698 12,391 24 View Text
A01138 The charge of Sir Francis Bacon Knight, his Maiesties Attourney generall, touching duells vpon an information in the Star-chamber against Priest and Wright. With the decree of the Star-chamber in the same cause. Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.; England and Wales. Court of Star Chamber. 1614 (1614) STC 1125; ESTC S121055 15,080 60 View Text
A28043 Cases of treason written by Sir Francis Bacon, Knight ... Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626. 1641 (1641) Wing B272; ESTC R16590 15,315 40 View Text
A22691 A new charge giuen by the Queenes commandement, to all iustices of peace, and all maiors, shiriffes, and all principall officers of cities, boroughs, and townes corporate, for execution of sundry orders published the last yeere for staie of dearth of graine with certaine additions nowe this present yeere to be well obserued and executed. England and Wales. Privy Council.; England and Wales. Privy Council. 1595 (1595) STC 9202; ESTC S100697 15,844 26 View Text
A33914 The office of a chaplain enquir'd into and vindicated from servility and contempt Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. 1688 (1688) Wing C5258; ESTC R24123 17,677 42 View Text
A52201 Acts and laws passed by the Great and General Court or Assembly of the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England begun and held at Boston, the thirty-first of May, 1699, and continued by several prorogations unto Wednesday the thirteenth of March following, and then Sat.; Laws, etc. Massachusetts. 1700 (1700) Wing M955; ESTC R25493 24,499 18 View Text
A44117 The learned readings of Sir Robert Holbourne, Knight upon the statute of 25 Edw. 3. cap. 2, being the statute of treasons : to which is added cases of [brace] prerogative, treason, misprision of treason, felony, &c. / written by the Right Honourable Francis Bacon ... ; and now reprinted for publick benefit. Holborne, Robert, Sir, d. 1647.; Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626. Cases of treason. 1681 (1681) Wing H2373; ESTC R34943 30,681 150 View Text
A66659 The exact constable with his original & power in the offices of church wardens, overseers of the poor, surveyors of the highwayes, treasurers of the county stock, and other inferior officers as they are established, both by the common laws and statutes of this realm. By E.W. of Grays-Inn Esq; Wingate, Edmund, 1596-1656. 1660 (1660) Wing W3013; ESTC R219589 31,098 183 View Text
A70694 A narrative of the proceedings and tryal of Mr. Francis Johnson, a Franciscan, at Worcester last summer-assizes Anno Dom. 1679 written with his own hand as followeth. Wall, John, Saint, 1620-1679. 1679 (1679) Wing N205; ESTC R1380 36,113 26 View Text
A70380 Mr. Johnson's speech which he deliver'd to his friend to be printed (as he mention'd at the place of execution.) Wall, John, Saint, 1620-1679. 1679 (1679) Wing J774; ESTC R213233 36,140 26 View Text
A91198 Irenarches redivivus. Or, A briefe collection of sundry usefull and necessary statutes and petitions in Parliament (not hitherto published in print, but extant onely in the Parliament rolls) concerning the necessity, utility, institution, qualification, jurisdiction, office, commission, oath, and against the causlesse, clandestine dis-commissioning of justices of peace; fit to be publikely known and observed in these reforming times. With some short deductions from them; and a touch of the antiquity and institution of assertors and justices of peace in other forraign kingdomes. Together with a full refutation of Sir Edward Cooks assertion, and the commonly received erronious opinion, of a difference between ordinances and Acts of Parliament in former ages; here cleerly manifested to be then but one and the same in all respects, and in point of the threefold assent. Published for the common good, by William Prynne of Lincolns-Inne, Esq. Prynne, William, 1600-1669.; England and Wales. Parliament. 1648 (1648) Wing P3987; Thomason E452_23; ESTC R203239 36,601 50 View Text
A84520 A collection of certaine statutes in force, vvith full and ready notes in the margent, containing their effect in briefe. As also the ordinances for the better observation of the Lords day, and the fast dayes. Published for the better caution of such as are inclinable to delinquency against the severall effects of those statutes and ordinances. And also for the better information of all such officers and ministers as are by late speciall warrants authorised and commanded to put the same statutes and ordinances in execution. For the better suppressing 1. Of unlawfull pastimes and abuses on the Lords day. 2. Of prophane swearing and cursing. 3. Of the loathsome sin of drunkennesse. 4. Of the severall offences committed by inne-keepers, ale-house-keepers, and unlicensed ale-house-keepers. 5. Of unlawful games. And severall other abuses. Being appointed by the Lord Mayor of the City of London to be published in all congregations within his jurisdiction. England and Wales.; W. B., co-author. 1644 (1644) Wing E887; Thomason E16_26; ESTC R8377 42,137 48 View Text
A28392 A Description of the island of Jamaica with the other isles and territories in America, to which the English are related ... : taken from the notes of Sr. Thomas Linch, Knight, governour of Jamaica, and other experienced persons in the said places : illustrated with maps / published by Richard Blome. Blome, Richard, d. 1705.; Lynch, Thomas, Sir, d. 1684? 1672 (1672) Wing B3208; ESTC R7437 42,330 208 View Text
A00880 In this booke is contayned the offices of shyriffes, bayliffes of lybertyes, escheatours, constables, and coroners and shewed what euerye one of them may doe by vertue of their offices, drawen out of bookes of the common lawe and of the statutes.; Office et auctoryte des iustyces de peas. English. Selections Fitzherbert, Anthony, Sir, 1470-1538.; Harvey, Gabriel, 1550?-1631. 1579 (1579) STC 10993.9; ESTC S4009 45,369 112 View Text
A33959 A perfect guide for Protestant dissenters in case of prosecution upon any of the penal statutes made against them together with the statutes of 35 Eliz. and 22 Car. 2 at large : to which is added a post-script about ecclesiastical courts and prosecution in them. Care, Henry, 1646-1688. 1682 (1682) Wing C531; ESTC R5384 47,546 38 View Text
A34350 Considerations touching the dissolving or taking away the court of chancery and the courts of iustice depending upon it with a vindication or defence of the law from what is unjustly charged upon it, and an answer to certain proposals made for the taking away, or alteration, of it. 1653 (1653) Wing C5918; ESTC R18810 47,697 80 View Text
A22844 Certaine statutes especially selected, and commanded by his Maiestie to be carefully put in execution by all iustices, and other officers of the peace throughout the realme with his Maiesties proclamation for further direction for executing the same. Also certaine orders thought meete by his Maiestie and his Priuie Counsell, to bee put in execution, together with sundry good rules, preseruatiues, and medicines against the infection of the plague, set downe by the Colledge of the Physicians vpon his Maiesties speciall command: as also a decree of the Starre-Chamber, concerning buildings and in-mates.; Laws, etc. England and Wales.; England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I); Royal College of Physicians of London. 1630 (1630) STC 9342; ESTC S125901 56,831 142 View Text
A06288 Certain necessary directions, aswell for the cure of the plague as for preuenting the infection; with many easie medicines of small charge, very profitable to His Maiesties subiects / set downe by the Colledge of Physicians by the Kings Maiesties speciall command ; with sundry orders thought meet by His Maiestie, and his Priuie Councell, to be carefully executed for preuention of the plague ; also certaine select statutes commanded by His Maiestie to be put in execution by all iustices, and other officers of the peace throughout the realme ; together with His Maiesties proclamation for further direction therein, and a decree in Starre-Chamber, concerning buildings and in-mates. Royal College of Physicians of London. 1636 (1636) STC 16769.5; ESTC S108814 57,021 154 View Text
A82435 Anno Regni Caroli II. Regis Angliæ, Scotiæ, Franciæ, & Hiberniæ, duodecimo. At the Parliament begun at Westminster, the five and twentieth day of April, an. Dom. 1660 In the twelfth year of the reign of our most gracious soveraign lord Charles, by the grace of God, of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c. England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II); England and Wales. Parliament. 1661 (1661) Wing E1095; Thomason E1075_27 58,399 149 View Text
A20577 The history of the ancient and moderne estate of the principality of Wales, dutchy of Cornewall, and earldome of Chester Collected out of the records of the Tower of London, and diuers ancient authours. By Sir Iohn Dodridge Knight, one of his Maiesties iudges in the Kings Bench. And by himselfe dedicated to King Iames of euer blessed memory. Doddridge, John, Sir, 1555-1628. 1630 (1630) STC 6982; ESTC S109765 59,203 160 View Text
A00286 Certaine aduertisements for the good of the church and common-wealth well worthy the serious consideration of the most honourable High Court of Parliament late assembled, and hereafter to be assembled againe. 1624 (1624) STC 10404; ESTC S101634 62,874 84 View Text
A50664 Immorality, debauchery, and profaneness, exposed to the reproof of Scripture, and the censure of the law containing a compendium of the penal laws now in force against idleness, profaneness, and drunkenness, houses of unlawful games, profane swearing and cursing, speaking or acting in contempt of the Holy Sacrament, disturbing of ministers, profane jesting with the name of God, absenting form the church, profanation of the Lord's day, debauched incontinency, and bastard-getting : with several texts of Scripture prohibiting such vices : also a brief collection of several signal judgments of God against offenders in the said vices and debaucheries / published for the advancement of reformation of manners, so happily begun and carried on by several societies, by G. Meriton, Gent. Meriton, George, 1634-1711. 1698 (1698) Wing M1800; ESTC R16769 67,391 130 View Text
A66812 Witty apophthegms delivered at several times, and upon several occasions by King James, King Charls, the Marquess of Worcester, Francis Lord Bacon, and Sir Thomas Moor ; collected and revised. Bayly, Thomas, d. 1657?; James I, King of England, 1566-1625. Selections. 1669.; Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649. Selections. 1669.; Worcester, Henry Somerset, Marquis of, 1577-1646. Selections. 1669.; Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626. Selections. 1669.; More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-1535. Selections. 1669. 1669 (1669) Wing W3237; ESTC R12699 69,627 178 View Text
A59721 The justice of the peace, his clarks cabinet, or, A book of presidents, or warrants, fitted and made ready to his hand for every case that may happen within the compass of his masters office for the ease of the justice of peace, and more speedy dispatch of justice / by William Shepard ... Sheppard, William, d. 1675? 1660 (1660) Wing S3190; ESTC R31195 70,352 144 View Text
A50685 Pecuniæ obediunt omnia Money masters all things, or, Satyrical poems, shewing the power and influence of money over all men, of what profession or trade soever they be : to which are added, A Lenten litany, by Mr. C____d, A satyr on Mr. Dryden, and several other modern translators : also A satyr on women in general : together with Mr. Oldham's Character of a certain ugly old p---- Menton, L.; C---d, Mr. Lenten litany.; Oldham, John, 1653-1683. Character of a certain ugly old p-----. 1698 (1698) Wing M1821B; ESTC R202913 71,116 145 View Text
A93926 The VViltshire rant; or A narrative wherein the most unparallel'd prophane actings, counterfeit repentings, and evil speakings of Thomas Webbe late pretended minister of Langley Buriall, are discovered; the particulars whereof are set down in the following page. Also the proceedings of those in authority against him. With a catalogue of his untruths in his Masse of malice, and replies to sundry of them. by Edw. Stokes Esq; Stokes, Edward, Esq. 1653 (1653) Wing S5725; Thomason E669_5; ESTC R207024 71,727 91 View Text
A44051 The history of the life and death of Sr. Thomas More, Lord High Chancellor of England in King Henry the Eights time collected by J.H., Gent.; Tho. Mori vita et exitus Hoddesdon, John, fl. 1650. 1662 (1662) Wing H2293; ESTC R9021 72,524 216 View Text
A12533 De republica Anglorum The maner of gouernement or policie of the realme of England, compiled by the honorable man Thomas Smyth, Doctor of the ciuil lawes, knight, and principall secretarie vnto the two most worthie princes, King Edwarde the sixt, and Queene Elizabeth. Seene and allowed.; Common-wealth of England Smith, Thomas, Sir, 1513-1577. 1583 (1583) STC 22857; ESTC S117628 79,409 124 View Text
A52196 Acts and laws passed by the great and general court or assembly of Their Majesties province of the Massachussets-bay, in New England begun at Boston, the eighth day of June 1692, and continued by adjournment, unto Wednesday the twelfth day of October following : being the second sessions. Massachusetts. General Court. 1692 (1692) Wing M950; ESTC R8928 80,538 97 View Text
A46390 The laws of Jamaica passed by the assembly, and confirmed by His majesty in council, Feb. 23. 1683 : to which is added, A short account of the island and government thereof, with an exact map of the island.; Laws, etc. Jamaica.; Hanson, Francis. 1683 (1683) Wing J124; ESTC R8077 81,296 288 View Text
A67724 The young lawyer's recreation being a choice collection of several pleasant cases, passages, and customs in the law for the entertainment as well as profit of the reader. Philonomus. 1694 (1694) Wing Y104; ESTC R6327 83,933 224 View Text
A28565 The justice of peace, his calling and qualifications by Edmund Bohun, Esq. Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699. 1693 (1693) Wing B3458; ESTC R18572 84,020 203 View Text
A33912 Miscellanies in five essays ... the four last by way of dialogue / by Jeremy Collier ...; Selections. 1694 Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. 1694 (1694) Wing C5256; ESTC R20832 94,227 232 View Text
A50654 A guide for constables, churchwardens, overseers of the poor, surveyors of the highways, treasurers of the county stock, masters of the house of correction, bayliffs of mannours, toll-takers in fairs &c. a treatise briefly shewing the extent and latitude of the several offices, with the power of the officers herein, both by common law and statute, according to the several additions and alterations of the law, till the 20 year of His Majesties reign / collected by Geo. Meriton, gent. Meriton, George, 1634-1711. 1669 (1669) Wing M1793; ESTC R35040 100,385 287 View Text
A93108 A new survey of the justice of peace his office· Wherein is briefly, yet clearly opened the severall parts thereof: and what one, or more justices of peace may do therein, in, or out of the sessions of the peace, by all the laws made to this day; and now in force. With the names, or times, of the statutes, acts, and ordinances themselves, relating to this office. Alphabetically set down under apt titles. / By W.S. Serjeant at Law. Sheppard, William, d. 1675? 1659 (1659) Wing S3194; Thomason E1871_1; ESTC R203711 101,664 254 View Text
A33382 A catalogue of all the books printed in England since the dreadful fire of London in 1666, to the end of Michaelmas term, 1672 together with the titles of publick acts of Parliament, the texts of single sermons, with the authors names, playes, acted at both the theatres, and an abstract of the general bills of mortality (extant since the year 1660) / collected by Robert Clavel. Clavell, Robert, d. 1711. 1673 (1673) Wing C4598; ESTC R23337 105,202 86 View Text
A58640 The laws and acts of the first Parliament of our most high and dread soveraign Charles the Second ... holden at Edinburgh the first of January, 1661 by a noble Lord, John, Earl of Middleton ... with the special advice and consent of the estates of Parliament / extracted and collected from the records of Parliament by Sir Archibald Primerose.; Laws, etc. Scotland.; Primrose, Archibald, Sir, 1616-1679. 1661 (1661) Wing S1271; ESTC R30550 109,236 124 View Text
A59729 The offices of constables, church wardens, overseers of the poor, supravisors of the high-wayes, treasurers of the county-stock and some other lesser country officers plainly and lively set forth by William Sheppard. Sheppard, William, d. 1675? 1650 (1650) Wing S3202; ESTC R30564 113,836 230 View Text
A30989 Theologo-Historicus, or, The true life of the most reverend divine, and excellent historian, Peter Heylyn ... written by his son in law, John Barnard ... to correct the errors, supply the defects, and confute the calumnies of a late writer ; also an answer to Mr. Baxters false accusations of Dr. Heylyn. Barnard, John, d. 1683. 1683 (1683) Wing B854; ESTC R1803 116,409 316 View Text
A76259 A help to magistrates, and ministers of justice, also a guide to parish and ward-officers. : Containing, 1. Plain directions for justices of the peace ... 2. To their clerks in drawing forms of warrants, and other necessary writings. 3. A help to grand and petty juries. 4. Penalties upon forestallers ... 5. The rates of servants wages ... 6. Some directions to coroners and their inquests ... 7. Customs ... peculiar to the city of London in privileges, law-matters ... 8. The office and duty of a high constable ... 9. The office and duty of churchwardens and sidesmen. 10. The office and duty of the overseers of the poor. 11. The office and duty of toll-keepers and fair-keepers. 12. The office and duty of surveyors of highways, scavengers, &c. P. B., Gent. 1700 (1700) Wing B150A; ESTC R172533 117,286 226 View Text
A33345 A true and faithful account of the four chiefest plantations of the English in America to wit, of Virginia, New-England, Bermudus, Barbados : with the temperature of the air, the nature of the soil, the rivers, mountains, beasts, fowls, birds, fishes, trees, plants, fruits, &c. : as also, of the natives of Virginia, and New-England, their religion, customs, fishing, hunting, &c. / collected by Samuel Clarke ... Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. 1670 (1670) Wing C4558; ESTC R17743 124,649 128 View Text
A66672 Statuta pacis, or, A perfect table of all the statutes (now in force) which any way concerne the office of a justice of peace cleerly also setting down the severall duties of sheriffes, head-officers of corporations, stewards in leets, constables, and other oficers, so far forth as the said statutes do in any sort concern them / faithfully collected, and alphabetically digested under apt tables by E.W.; Laws, etc. England and Wales.; Wingate, Edmund, 1596-1656. 1644 (1644) Wing W3023; ESTC R25185 131,829 308 View Text
A47102 An explanation of the laws against recusants, &c. abridged by Joseph Keble ... Keble, Joseph, 1632-1710. 1681 (1681) Wing K115; ESTC R1584 133,989 274 View Text
A33823 English liberties, or, The free-born subject's inheritance containing, I. Magna Charta, the petition of right, the Habeas Corpus Act ... II. The proceedings in appeals of murther, the work and power of Parliament, the qualifications necessary for such ... III. All the laws against conventicles and Protestant dissenters with notes, and directions both to constables and others ..., and an abstract of all the laws against papists. Care, Henry, 1646-1688. 1680 (1680) Wing C515; ESTC R31286 145,825 240 View Text
A04754 The Complete justice a compendium of the particulars incident to justices of the peace, either in sessions or out of sessions : gathered out of the statutes, reports, late resolutions of the judges, and other approved authorities : abstracted and cited alphabetically for their ready helpe, and the ease of inferiour officers, and for the generall good of the kingdome. 1637 (1637) STC 14887.5; ESTC S4353 145,933 304 View Text
A46876 The apology of the Church of England, and an epistle to one Seignior Scipio a Venetian gentleman, concerning the Council of Trent written both in Latin / by ... John Jewel ... ; made English by a person of quality ; to which is added, The life of the said bishop ; collected and written by the same hand.; Apologia Ecclesiae Anglicanae. English Jewel, John, 1522-1571.; Person of quality. 1685 (1685) Wing J736; ESTC R12811 150,188 279 View Text
A48447 A true & exact history of the island of Barbados illustrated with a mapp of the island, as also the principall trees and plants there, set forth in their due proportions and shapes, drawne out by their severall and respective scales : together with the ingenio that makes the sugar, with the plots of the severall houses, roomes, and other places that are used in the whole processe of sugar-making ... / by Richard Ligon, Gent. Ligon, Richard. 1657 (1657) Wing L2075; ESTC R5114 151,046 156 View Text
A23017 Anno quinto reginæ Elizabethe. At the parliament holden at Wesmynster the .xii. of Ianuary, in the fyfth yere of the raigne of our soueraigne lady, Elizabeth by the grace of god, of England, Fraunce, and Irelande, quene, defendour of the the fayth. [et]c. To the hygh pleasure of almyghtye God, and the weale publique of this realme, were enacted as foloweth; Laws, etc. England and Wales. 1564 (1564) STC 9464.5; ESTC S113166 167,827 188 View Text
A25427 The state of His Majesties revenue in Ireland as the same was given in to the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of His Majesties treasury in England, by Francis Lord Angier vice-treasurer of Ireland. And also, the humble proposals of the Right Honourable Richard Lord Viscount Ranelagh upon the said state. Together with His Majesties contract thereupon, concerning His whole revenue in Ireland, by letters patents bearing date the 4th of August, 1672. Aungier, Francis, Earl of Longford, d. 1700.; Ranelagh, Richard Jones, Earl of, 1638?-1712. aut 1673 (1673) Wing A3163D; ESTC R214836 187,678 180 View Text
A66613 Reports of that reverend and learned judge, Sir Humphry Winch Knight sometimes one of the judges of the Court of Common Pleas : containing many choice cases, and excellent matters touching declarations, pleadings, demurrers, judgements, and resolutions in points of law, in the foure last years of the raign of King James, faithfully translated out of an exact french copie, with two alphabetical, and necessary table, the one of the names of the cases, the other of the principal matters contained in this book. England and Wales. Court of Common Pleas.; Winch, Humphrey, Sir, 1555?-1625. 1657 (1657) Wing W2964; ESTC R8405 191,688 144 View Text
A80293 The Compleat justice. Being an exact and compendious collection out of such as have treated of the office of justices of the peace, but principally out of Mr. Lambert, Mr. Crompton, and Mr. Dalton. / Now amplified and purged from sundry errors which were in former impressions thereof. ; Whereunto are added the resolutions of the judges of assises in the year 1633. ; Together with a compendious charge to be given at the quarter-sessions, not in print till this year 1661. 1661 (1661) Wing C5644A; ESTC R174206 192,009 409 View Text
A91306 A true and full relation of the prosecution, arraignment, tryall, and condemnation of Nathaniel Fiennes, late colonell and governor of the city and castle of Bristoll, before a councell of war held at Saint Albans during nine dayes space, in December, 1643. Touching his cowardly and traytorly surrendering of this city and castle, with all the canon, ammunition, arms, magazines, prisoners and colours therein to the enemy, in lesse then three whole dayes siege, before any outwork taken, or the least battery or assault agains the city or castle walls; to the ineffable losse, danger and prejudice of the whole kingdom. Set forth at the earnest desire of many persons of quality, to vindicate the verity of this much disguised action, prosecution, tryall, sentence, and some subsequent proceedings; ... / By William Prynne and Clement Walker, Esqs; Prynne, William, 1600-1669.; Walker, Clement, 1595-1651. 1644 (1644) Wing P4111; Thomason E255_1; ESTC R210055 195,553 170 View Text
A47352 Choice presidents upon all Acts of Parliament relating to the office and duty of a justice of peace. With necessary notes and instructions thereupon taken out of the said Acts of Parliament, and other particular cases in law adjudg'd therein. As also a more useful method of making up Court-Rolls than hath been hitherto known or published in print. By Rich. Kilburne, Esq; late one of His Majestie's Justices of the Peace for the county of Kent, and principal of Staple-Inn. Kilburne, Richard, 1605-1678.; G. F., of Grayes-Inn. 1681 (1681) Wing K429; ESTC R217188 201,245 429 View Text
A39473 An exact abridgment of all the statutes of King William and Queen Mary now in force and use / by J. Washington.; Laws, etc. England and Wales.; Washington, Joseph, d. 1694. 1694 (1694) Wing E913; ESTC R23866 210,071 247 View Text
A61922 Regestum practicale, or, The practical register consisting of rules, orders, and observations concerning the common-laws, and the practice thereof : but more particularly applicable to the proceedings in the upper-bench, as well in matters criminal as civil ... / by William Style. Style, William, 1603-1679. 1657 (1657) Wing S6102; ESTC R33821 216,034 394 View Text
A05017 Eirenarcha: or of the office of the iustices of peace in two bookes: gathered. 1579. and now reuised, and firste published, in the. 24. yeare of the peaceable reigne of our gratious Queene Elizabeth: by William Lambard of Lincolnes Inne Gent. Lambarde, William, 1536-1601. 1581 (1581) STC 15163; ESTC S109320 226,552 536 View Text
A81194 A compendium of the laws and government ecclesiastical, civil and military, of England, Scotland & Ireland and dominions, plantations and territories thereunto belonging, with the maritime power thereof, and jurisdiction of courts therein. Methodically digested under their proper heads. By H.C. sometime of the Inner Temple. Curson, H. (Henry) 1699 (1699) Wing C7686A; ESTC R231895 237,927 672 View Text
A34174 The compleat sheriff wherein is set forth, his office and authority, with directions, how and in what manner to execute the same, according to the common and statute laws of this kingdom, which are now in force and use, and the judgments and resolutions of the judges in divers late cases, in the several courts of Westminster, relating thereunto : likewise of vnder-sheriffs and their deputies, and where the high-sheriff shall be answerable for their defaults, and where not, &c. : together with the learning of bail bonds, with an explication of Stat. 23 H.6. cap. 10 and pleadings thereon : retorns of writs, remedies against non retorn and faux retorn, Habeas corpus, Venires, challenges and enquiry of damages, prisoners and prisons, execution by fieri fac, elegit, &c. : escapes, actions and pleadings therein, fresh pursuit, and other pleas, attachment, americament : actions, declarations and pleadings on the sheriffs nonfesance or male-fesance : customs of London, as to prisons, courts, process, sheriffs fees, extortion, sheriffs accompts, &c, : to which is added The office and duty of coroners. 1696 (1696) Wing C5653; ESTC R1060 279,424 488 View Text
A31458 The laws of Q. Elizabeth, K. James, and K. Charles the First concerning Jesuites, seminary priests, recusants, &c., and concerning the oaths of supremacy and allegiance, explained by divers judgments and resolutions of the reverend judges : together with other observations upon the same laws : to which is added the Statute XXV Car. II. cap. 2 for preventing dangers which may happen from popish recusants : and an alphabetical table to the whole / by William Cawley of the Inner Temple, Esq. Cawley, William, of the Inner Temple. 1680 (1680) Wing C1651; ESTC R5101 281,468 316 View Text
A54682 The antiquity, legality, reason, duty and necessity of præ-emption and prourveyance, for the King, or, Compositions for his pourveyance as they were used and taken for the provisions of the Kings household, the small charge and burthen thereof to the people, and the many for the author, great mischiefs and inconveniences which will inevitably follow the taking of them away / by Fabian Philipps. Philipps, Fabian, 1601-1690. 1663 (1663) Wing P2004; ESTC R10010 306,442 558 View Text
A34843 The gentleman's recreation in four parts, viz. hunting, hawking, fowling, fishing : wherein these generous exercises are largely treated of, and the terms of art for hunting and hawking more amply enlarged than heretofore : whereto is prefixt a large sculpture, giving easie directions for blowing the horn, and other sculptures inserted proper to each recreation : with an abstract at the end of each subject of such laws as relate to the same. Cox, Nicholas, fl. 1673-1721.; Langbaine, Gerard, 1656-1692. Hunter, a discourse in horsemanship. 1686 (1686) Wing C6705; ESTC R33687 308,510 564 View Text
A16282 The manners, lauues, and customes of all nations collected out of the best vvriters by Ioannes Boemus ... ; with many other things of the same argument, gathered out of the historie of Nicholas Damascen ; the like also out of the history of America, or Brasill, written by Iohn Lerius ; the faith, religion and manners of the Aethiopians, and the deploration of the people of Lappia, compiled by Damianus a ̀Goes ; with a short discourse of the Aethiopians, taken out of Ioseph Scaliger his seuenth booke de emendatione temporum ; written in Latin, and now newly translated into English, by Ed. Aston.; Omnium gentium mores, leges, et ritus. English. 1611 Boemus, Joannes, ca. 1485-1535.; Góis, Damião de, 1502-1574.; Nicolaus, of Damascus.; Léry, Jean de, 1534-1611. Histoire d'un voyage fait en la terre du Brésil.; Scaliger, Joseph Juste, 1540-1609. De emendatione temporum.; Aston, Edward, b. 1573 or 4. 1611 (1611) STC 3198.5; ESTC S102777 343,933 572 View Text
A50574 The laws and customes of Scotland, in matters criminal wherein is to be seen how the civil law, and the laws and customs of other nations do agree with, and supply ours / by Sir George Mackenzie ... Mackenzie, George, Sir, 1636-1691. 1678 (1678) Wing M166; ESTC R16497 369,303 598 View Text
A26767 Elenchus motuum nuperorum in Anglia, or, A short historical account of the rise and progress of the late troubles in England In two parts / written in Latin by Dr. George Bates. Motus compositi, or, The history of the composing the affairs of England by the restauration of K. Charles the second and the punishment of the regicides and other principal occurrents to the year 1669 / written in Latin by Tho. Skinner ; made English ; to which is added a preface by a person of quality ... Bate, George, 1608-1669.; Lovell, Archibald.; Skinner, Thomas, 1629?-1679. Motus compositi. 1685 (1685) Wing B1083; ESTC R29020 375,547 601 View Text
A50824 The new state of England under Their Majesties K. William and Q. Mary in three parts ... / by G.M. Miege, Guy, 1644-1718? 1691 (1691) Wing M2019A; ESTC R31230 424,335 944 View Text
A96700 England's vvorthies. Select lives of the most eminent persons from Constantine the Great, to the death of Oliver Cromwel late Protector. / By William Winstanley, Gent. Winstanley, William, 1628?-1698. 1660 (1660) Wing W3058; Thomason E1736_1; ESTC R204115 429,255 671 View Text
A34797 The interpreter, or, Book containing the signification of words wherein is set forth the true meaning of all ... words and terms as are mentioned in the law-writers or statutes ... requiring any exposition or interpretation : a work not only profitable but necessary for such as desire thoroughly to be instructed in the knowledge of our laws, statutes, or other antiquities / collected by John Cowell ... Cowell, John, 1554-1611. 1658 (1658) Wing C6644; ESTC R31653 487,806 288 View Text
A19476 The interpreter: or Booke containing the signification of vvords wherein is set foorth the true meaning of all, or the most part of such words and termes, as are mentioned in the lawe vvriters, or statutes of this victorious and renowned kingdome, requiring any exposition or interpretation. ... Collected by Iohn Cowell ... Cowell, John, 1554-1611. 1607 (1607) STC 5900; ESTC S108959 487,900 584 View Text
A28468 Nomo-lexikon, a law-dictionary interpreting such difficult and obscure words and terms as are found either in our common or statute, ancient or modern lawes : with references to the several statutes, records, registers, law-books, charters, ancient deeds, and manuscripts, wherein the words are used : and etymologies, where they properly occur / by Thomas Blount of the Inner Temple, Esq. Blount, Thomas, 1618-1679. 1670 (1670) Wing B3340; ESTC R19028 517,540 312 View Text
A39466 An exact abridgment of all statutes in force and use from the beginning of Magna Carta until 1641 / by Edm. Wingate of Grayes-Inne, Esq. ; with a continuation, under their proper titles, of all acts in force and use, untill the year 1666, and alphabetically digested under apt titles ; whereto is annexed four tables directing to the several matters and clauses throughout the said statutes.; Laws, etc. England and Wales.; Wingate, Edmund, 1596-1656.; Manby, Thomas, of Lincolns-Inn. 1666 (1666) Wing E906; ESTC R33346 579,794 810 View Text
A16313 A iustice of peace for Ireland consisting of two bookes: the first declaring th'exercise of that office by one or more iustices of peace out of sessions. The second setting forth the forme of proceeding in sessions, and the matters to be enquired of, and handled therein. Composed by Sir Richard Bolton Knight, Chief Baron of his Majesties Court of Exchequer in Ireland. Whereunto are added many presidents of indictments of treasons, felonies, misprisions, præmunires, and finable offences of force, fraud, omission, and other misdemeanors of severall sorts, more then ever heretofore have beene published in print. Bolton, Richard, Sir, 1570?-1648. 1638 (1638) STC 3223; ESTC S107128 601,677 634 View Text
A61918 Narrationes modernæ, or, Modern reports begun in the now upper bench court at VVestminster in the beginning of Hillary term 21 Caroli, and continued to the end of Michaelmas term 1655 as well on the criminall, as on the pleas side : most of which time the late Lord Chief Justice Roll gave the rule there : with necessary tables for the ready finding out and making use of the matters contained in the whole book : and an addition of the number rolls to most of the remarkable cases / by William Style ... England and Wales. Court of King's Bench.; Style, William, 1603-1679.; Rolle, Henry, 1589?-1656. 1658 (1658) Wing S6099; ESTC R7640 612,597 542 View Text
A36795 The history of imbanking and drayning of divers fenns and marshes, both in forein parts and in this kingdom, and of the improvements thereby extracted from records, manuscripts, and other authentick testimonies / by William Dugdale. Dugdale, William, Sir, 1605-1686. 1662 (1662) Wing D2481; ESTC R975 640,720 507 View Text
A39396 Cambria triumphans, or, Brittain in its perfect lustre shevving the origen and antiquity of that illustrious nation, the succession of their kings and princes, from the first, to King Charles of happy memory, the description of the countrey, the history of the antient and moderne estate, the manner of the investure of the princes, with the coats of arms of the nobility / by Percie Enderbie, Gent. Enderbie, Percy, d. 1670. 1661 (1661) Wing E728; ESTC R19758 643,056 416 View Text
A84524 A collection of the statutes made in the reigns of King Charles the I. and King Charles the II. with the abridgment of such as stand repealed or expired. Continued after the method of Mr. Pulton. With notes of references, one to the other, as they now stand altered, enlarged or explained. To which also are added, the titles of all the statutes and private acts of Parliament passed by their said Majesties, untill this present year, MDCLXVII. With a table directing to the principal matters of the said statutes. By Tho: Manby of Lincolns-Inn, Esq.; Public General Acts. 1625-1667 England and Wales.; Manby, Thomas, of Lincolns-Inn. 1667 (1667) Wing E898; ESTC R232104 710,676 360 View Text
A10218 De pace Regis et regni viz. A treatise declaring vvhich be the great and generall offences of the realme, and the chiefe impediments of the peace of the King and kingdome, as menaces, assaults, batteries, treasons, homicides, and felonies ... and by whome, and what meanes the sayd offences, and the offendors therein are to bee restrained, repressed, or punished. ... Collected out of the reports of the common lawes of this realme, and of the statutes in force, and out of the painfull workes of the reuerend iudges Sir Anthonie Fitzharbert, Sir Robert Brooke, Sir William Stanford, Sir Iames Dyer, Sir Edward Coke, Knights, and other learned writers of our lawes, by Ferdinando Pulton of Lincolnes Inne, Esquier. Pulton, Ferdinando, 1536-1618.; Fitzherbert, Anthony, Sir, 1470-1538.; England and Wales. Public General Acts. Selections. 1609 (1609) STC 20495; ESTC S116053 719,079 571 View Text
A64839 The reports of Sir Peyton Ventris Kt., late one of the justices of the Common-pleas in two parts : the first part containing select cases adjudged in the Kings-Bench, in the reign of K. Charles II, with three learned arguments, one in the Kings-Bench, by Sir Francis North, when Attorney General, and two in the Exchequer by Sir Matthew Hale, when Lord Chief Baron : with two tables, one of the cases, and the other of the principal matters : the second part containing choice cases adjudged in the Common-pleas, in the reigns of K. Charles II and K. James II and in the three first years of the reign of His now Majesty K. William and the late Q. Mary, while he was a judge in the said court, with the pleadings to the same : also several cases and pleadings thereupon in the Exchequer-Chamber upon writs of error from the Kings-Bench : together with many remarkable and curious cases in the Court of Chancery : whereto are added three exact tables, one of the cases, the other of the principal matters, and the third of the pleadings : with the allowance and approbation of the Lord Keeper an all the judges. Ventris, Peyton, Sir, 1645-1691.; Guilford, Francis North, Baron, 1637-1685.; Hale, Matthew, Sir, 1609-1676.; England and Wales. Court of King's Bench.; England and Wales. Court of Common Pleas. 1696 (1696) Wing V235; ESTC R7440 737,128 910 View Text
A56144 Canterburies doome, or, The first part of a compleat history of the commitment, charge, tryall, condemnation, execution of William Laud, late Arch-bishop of Canterbury containing the severall orders, articles, proceedings in Parliament against him, from his first accusation therein, till his tryall : together with the various evidences and proofs produced against him at the Lords Bar ... : wherein this Arch-prelates manifold trayterous artifices to usher in popery by degrees, are cleerly detected, and the ecclesiasticall history of our church-affaires, during his pontificall domination, faithfully presented to the publike view of the world / by William Prynne, of Lincolns Inne, Esquire ... Prynne, William, 1600-1669. 1646 (1646) Wing P3917; ESTC R19620 792,548 593 View Text
A56211 The soveraigne povver of parliaments and kingdomes divided into foure parts· Together with an appendix: wherein the superiority of our owne, and most other foraine parliaments, states, kingdomes, magistrates, (collectively considered,) over and above their lawfull emperours, kings, princes, is abundantly evidenced, confirmed by pregnant reasons, resolutions, precedents, histories, authorities of all sorts; the contrary objections re-felled: the treachery and disloyalty of papists to their soveraignes, with their present plots to extirpate the Protestant religion demonstrated; and all materiall objections, calumnies, of the King, his counsell, royallists, malignants, delinquents, papists, against the present Parliaments proceedings, (pretended to be exceeding derogatory to the Kings supremacy, and subjects liberty) satisfactorily answered, refuted, dissipated in all particulars. By William Prynne, utter-barrester, of Lincolnes Inne. It is on this second day of August, 1643. ordered ... that this booke ... be printed by Michael Sparke ...; Soveraigne power of parliaments and kingdomes Prynne, William, 1600-1669. 1643 (1643) Wing P4087A; ESTC R203193 824,021 610 View Text
A87648 An assistance to justices of the peace, for the easier performance of their duty. By Jos. Keble, of Grays Inn, Esq. Keble, Joseph, 1632-1710. 1683 (1683) Wing K113B; ESTC R225612 927,076 736 View Text
A34852 Hibernia anglicana, or, The history of Ireland, from the conquest thereof by the English, to this present time with an introductory discourse touching the ancient state of that kingdom and a new and exact map of the same / by Richard Cox ... Cox, Richard, Sir, 1650-1733. 1689 (1689) Wing C6722; ESTC R5067 1,013,759 1,088 View Text
A31771 Basiliká the works of King Charles the martyr : with a collection of declarations, treaties, and other papers concerning the differences betwixt His said Majesty and his two houses of Parliament : with the history of his life : as also of his tryal and martyrdome. Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649.; Fulman, William, 1632-1688.; Perrinchief, Richard, 1623?-1673.; Gauden, John, 1605-1662.; England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I) 1687 (1687) Wing C2076; ESTC R6734 1,129,244 750 View Text
A66669 Maximes of reason, or, The reason of the common law of England by Edmond Wingate ... Wingate, Edmund, 1596-1656. 1658 (1658) Wing W3021; ESTC R10401 1,156,030 747 View Text
A67437 The history & vindication of the loyal formulary, or Irish remonstrance ... received by His Majesty anno 1661 ... in several treatises : with a true account and full discussion of the delusory Irish remonstrance and other papers framed and insisted on by the National Congregation at Dublin, anno 1666, and presented to ... the Duke of Ormond, but rejected by His Grace : to which are added three appendixes, whereof the last contains the Marquess of Ormond ... letter of the second of December, 1650 : in answer to both the declaration and excommunication of the bishops, &c. at Jamestown / the author, Father Peter Walsh ... Walsh, Peter, 1618?-1688.; Ormonde, James Butler, Duke of, 1610-1688. Articles of peace.; Rothe, David, 1573-1650. Queries concerning the lawfulnesse of the present cessation. 1673 (1673) Wing W634; ESTC R13539 1,444,938 1,122 View Text