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cause_n great_a place_n see_v 2,893 5 3.1798 3 true
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A52673 Fragmenta regalia, or, Observations on the late Queen Elizabeth, her times and favorits written by Sir Robert Naunton ... Naunton, Robert, Sir, 1563-1635. 1641 (1641) Wing N250; ESTC R12246 37,238 44 View Text
A87263 The doctrine of the Church of England, established by Parliament against disobedience and wilfull rebellion. Published by G. I. for satisfaction to his parishoners of Watton in the county of Hartford. Ingoldsby, William, d. 1645. 1642 (1642) Wing I188; Thomason E130_30; ESTC R14126 37,574 49 View Text
A20176 Grace, mercy, and peace conteining 1 Gods reconciliation to man, 2 Mans reconciliation to God. By Henry Denne an unworthy servant of the Church, ... Denne, Henry, 1606 or 7-1660? 1645 (1645) STC 6610; ESTC R175933 37,602 120 View Text
A48911 The present practice of musick vindicated against the exceptions and new way of attaining musick lately publish'd by Thomas Salmon, M.A. &c. by Matthew Locke ... ; to which is added Duelium musicum, by John Phillips, Gent. ; together with a letter from John Playford to Mr. T. Salmon by way of confutation of his essay, &c. Locke, Matthew, 1621 or 2-1677.; Phillips, John, 1631-1706. Duelium musicum.; Playford, John, 1623-1686? 1673 (1673) Wing L2777; ESTC R12529 37,614 90 View Text
A03400 The whole aphorismes of great Hippocrates, prince of physicians translated into English for the benefit of such as are ignorant of the Greek & Latine tongs ; vvhereunto is annexed a short discourse of the nature & substance of the eye, with many excellent & approued remedies for the cure of most the diseases thereof ; with an exact table shewing the substance of every aphorism.; Aphorisms. English. 1610 Hippocrates.; Grapheus, Benvenutus. De oculis eorumque egritudinibus et curis.; S. H. 1610 (1610) STC 13521; ESTC S122586 38,534 230 View Text
A36958 Butler's ghost, or, Hudibras with reflections upon these times. D'Urfey, Thomas, 1653-1723.; Butler, Samuel, 1612-1680. Hudibras. 1682 (1682) Wing D2703; ESTC R22762 38,919 202 View Text
A13570 Pauls complaint against his naturall corruption With the meanes how to bee delivered from the power of the same. Set forth in two sermons vpon the 24 verse of the 7. chapter of his epistle to the Romanes. By me William Teelinck, preacher of the word of God at Middleburgh.; Paulus klocht over zijn natuurlijke verdorvenheid. English Teellinck, Willem, 1579-1629.; Harmar, Christopher. 1621 (1621) STC 23861; ESTC S102633 39,150 75 View Text
A53459 Herod the Great a tragedy / written by the Right Honourable the Earl of Orrery. Orrery, Roger Boyle, Earl of, 1621-1679. 1694 (1694) Wing O479; ESTC R21923 39,203 49 View Text
A08242 Certaine sermons vpon diuers texts of Scripture. Preached by Gervase Nid Doctor of Diuinitie Nid, Gervase, d. 1629. 1616 (1616) STC 18579; ESTC S113333 39,489 118 View Text
A52287 The dying mans destiny, and the living mans duty, opened. And applyed in a sermon preached on board the Loyal-Eagle, upon the coast of Cormodell in the East-Indies. At the solemn obsequies of Mr. Richarde Bernard, Chyrurgeon, who, at the conclusion of it, was (with universal sorrow) thrown into the sea, Feb. 1. 1680. Together, with an elegy on his death. By C.N. Minister of the same ship. Nicholets, Charles. 1682 (1682) Wing N1087; ESTC R222287 39,747 53 View Text
A12159 The first and chief groundes of architecture vsed in all the auncient and famous monymentes with a farther & more ample defense vppon the same, than hitherto hath been set out by any other. Published by Iohn Shute, paynter and archytecte. Shute, John, d. 1563. 1563 (1563) STC 22464; ESTC S101701 40,196 54 View Text
A03786 Egypts favorite The historie of Ioseph, divided into foure parts: 1. Iosephus in puteo: or, the vnfortunate brother. 2. Iosephus in gremio: or, the chaste courtier. 3. Iosephus in carcere: or, the innocent prisoner. 4. Iosephus in summo: or, the noble favorite. Together with old Israels progresse into the land of Goshen. By Francis Hubert, Knight, and sometime one of the six clarkes of his Maiesties High Court of Chancerie. Hubert, Francis, Sir, d. 1629. 1631 (1631) STC 13903; ESTC S104272 40,316 129 View Text
A07223 A mirrour for merchants With an exact table to discouer the excessiue taking of vsurie, against the lawes manifested in this treatise of Reasons academy. Set forth by R. Mason of Lincolnes Inne gent.; Reasons academie Mason, Robert, 1571-1635.; Davies, John, Sir, 1569-1626. Reasons moane. 1609 (1609) STC 17620; ESTC S119107 40,335 117 View Text
A07222 A nevv post vvith soueraigne salue to cure the worlds madnes. Expressing himselfe in sundrie excellent essayes or wittie discourses. A marke exceeding necessary for all mens arrowes: whether the great mans flight, the gallants rouer. the wisemans prickeshaft, the poore mans butshaft, or the fooles birdbolt, quantus in orbe dolus. By Sir I.D. Knight.; Reasons academie Mason, Robert, 1571-1635.; Davies, John, Sir, 1569-1626. 1620 (1620) STC 17620.3; ESTC S109376 40,379 124 View Text
A07219 Reasons academie. Set foorth by Robert Mason of Lincolnes Inne, Gent Mason, Robert, 1571-1635.; Davies, John, Sir, 1569-1626. 1605 (1605) STC 17619; ESTC S109937 40,563 119 View Text
A72505 One and forty divine odes Englished set to King Davids princely harpe. By S.P.L. Brazil. Ministério do Interior. Secretaria de Planejamento.; Sempill, James, Sir, 1566-1625, attributed name. 1627 (1627) STC 15110; ESTC S123169 40,657 102 View Text
A38046 Some thoughts concerning the several causes and occasions of atheism, especially in the present age with some brief reflections on Socinianism, and on a late book entitled, The reasonableness of Christianity as delivered in the Scriptures / by John Edwards ... Edwards, John, 1637-1716. 1695 (1695) Wing E215; ESTC R18870 42,384 151 View Text
A44651 The history of religion written by a person of quality. Howard, Robert, Sir, 1626-1698. 1694 (1694) Wing H2998; ESTC R13393 42,440 146 View Text
A69250 Newes from France containing tvvo declarations of two new conuerts from the Church of Rome to the reformed churches of France: the former made by Master M. du Tertrf [sic], Lord de la Motthe Luyne, late preacher amongst the order of the Capucins vnder the name of F. Firmin, &c. at Saumur on the 27. of May last: the latter by the Marquise Boniuet, Lord of Creuecœur, &c. at Rochell on the seuenth of August last. Both translated out of the seuerall French copies into English by E.M. of Christ-Church in Oxford. Whereunto is added an English letter sent from Paris by an English gentleman to his friend in England, touching the late surprisall and imprisonment of the Prince of Conde, which happened on the 22. of August last.; Declaration and manifestation, of the chiefe reasons and motives of the conversion of Master M. du Tertre, Lord de la Motthe Luyne. Bonnivet, Henri Marc de Gouffier, Marquis de, d. 1589. Declaration de Henri-Marc de Gouffier. aut; Meetkerke, Edward, 1590-1657, attributed name. 1616 (1616) STC 7372; ESTC S117179 43,123 84 View Text
A07680 Principles for yong princes Collected out of sundry authors, by George More, Esquire. More, George, Esquire.; More, George, Sir, 1553?-1632, attributed name. 1629 (1629) STC 18069; ESTC S113368 43,524 88 View Text
A36288 Husbandry anatomized, or, An enquiry into the present manner of teiling and manuring the ground in Scotland for most part and several rules and measures laid down for the better improvement thereof, in so much that one third part more increase may be had, and yet more than a third part of the expence of the present way of labouring thereof saved / by Ja. Donaldson. Donaldson, James, fl. 1697-1713. 1697 (1697) Wing D1853; ESTC R10333 43,543 168 View Text
A19162 [The lyfe of the thre kynges of Coleyne]; Historia trium regum. English Joannes, of Hildesheim, d. 1375. 1496 (1496) STC 5572; ESTC S109805 43,656 86 View Text
A06168 The life and death of william Long beard, the most famous and witty English traitor, borne in the citty of London Accompanied with manye other most pleasant and prettie histories, by T.L. of Lincolns Inne, gent. Lodge, Thomas, 1558?-1625. 1593 (1593) STC 16659; ESTC S119570 43,810 70 View Text
A00546 Fancies ague-fittes, or beauties nettle-bed Wherein, one nightes lodging, will cost nine monethes nettling. Handled in sixe discourses, pithie, pleasing, and profitable. Patere, aut abstine. 1599 (1599) STC 10684; ESTC S114626 44,643 143 View Text
A58144 The earth twice shaken wonderfully, or, An analogical discourse of earthquakes its natural causes, kinds, and manifold effects : occasioned by the last of these, which happened on the eighth day of September 1692, at two of the clock in the afternoon : divided into philosophical theorems, pick'd out of many famous, modern, and ancient treatises, translated into English : with reference to that unusual one that happened in Queen Elizabeth's reign, on the same day, 8th of September 1601 ... : with an account of many stupendious and wonderful events in Germany, Italy, and other kingdoms ... / by J.D.R., French minister. J. D. R., French minister. 1693 (1693) Wing R37; ESTC R4234 44,661 64 View Text
A02731 A little treatise vppon the firste verse of the 122. Psalm stirring vp vnto carefull desiring a dutifull labouring for true church gouernement ... R.H. Harrison, Robert, d. 1585? 1583 (1583) STC 12861; ESTC S112493 44,771 126 View Text
A37608 Mēno-Ezeologia, or, A treatise of moneths and years comprehending a survey of the solar and lunar moneths and years, a description of the moneths and years heretofore in use among the Hebrews, Babylonians, Persians, Egyptians, Grecians, Arabians, and ancient Latines : an accommodation of all the said moneths and years to the present Julian and Gregorian : together with a new and easie directory for the finding out of the golden number, cycle of the sun ... : to which is also adjoyned, an abridgement of the history of the world from the creation unto Christ, and a continuation of the British history from Christ to this present : with a reduction of the era's of Nabonaffer, of the Olympiads, of Rome ab urbe condita, and of Seleucus, unto Scriptural accounts, and an adjustment of them vvith one another, very necessary for the understanding of the writings of the ancients : with many other chronological and mathematical observations, no less useful than delightful / composed by Nathaniel Eaton. Eaton, Nathaniel, 1609?-1674. 1657 (1657) Wing E117; ESTC R872 44,898 112 View Text
A60266 The history of Scarbrough-Spaw, or, A further discovery of the excellent vertues thereof in the cure of the scurvy, hypochond. melancholy, stone, gonorrhea, agues, jaundies, dropsie, womens diseases, &c. By many remarkable instances, being a demonstration from the most convincing arguments, viz. matter of fact. Also a discourse of an artificial sulphur-bath, and each of sea-water, with the uses thereof in the cure of many diseases. Together with a short account of other rarities of nature observable at Scarbrough. By W. Sympson doct. in physick. Simpson, William, M.D. 1679 (1679) Wing S3832; ESTC R217885 45,176 146 View Text
A14050 The hunting of the fox and the wolfe because they make hauocke of the sheepe of Christ Iesus.; Huntyng of the romyshe wolfe Turner, William, d. 1568.; Knox, John, ca. 1514-1572. 1565 (1565) STC 24357; ESTC S101281 45,226 72 View Text
A02072 A refutation of the Apology for actors Diuided into three briefe treatises. Wherein is confuted and opposed all the chiefe groundes and arguments alleaged in defence of playes: and withall in each treatise is deciphered actors, 1. heathenish and diabolicall institution. 2. their ancient and moderne indignitie. 3. the wonderfull abuse of their impious qualitie. By I.G. I. G., fl. 1615. 1615 (1615) STC 12214; ESTC S103404 45,377 76 View Text
A80626 A modest and cleer ansvver to Mr. Ball's discourse of set formes of prayer. Written by the reverend and learned John Cotton, B.D. and teacher of the Church of Christ at Boston in New-England. Published for the benefit of those who desire satisfaction in that point Cotton, John, 1584-1652. 1642 (1642) Wing C6444; ESTC R212884 45,765 95 View Text
A49890 Plain dealing, or, Nevves from New-England a short view of New-Englands present government, both ecclesiasticall and civil, compared with the anciently-received and established government of England in some materiall points : fit for the gravest consideratin in these times / by Thomas Lechford ...; Plain dealing Lechford, Thomas, ca. 1590-1644? 1642 (1642) Wing L810; ESTC R12846 46,269 88 View Text
A13410 Diuine epistles Dedicated. to right honble. & worthy guests inuited to ye nuptialls of the great Kings sonne. &c By Augustin. Taylor. preacher at Hawarden Taylor, Augustine. 1623 (1623) STC 23720; ESTC S111343 46,453 200 View Text
A19362 An epistle or godlie admonition, of a learned minister of the Gospel of our sauiour Christ sent to the pastoures of the Flemish Church in Antwerp, (who name themselues of the Confession of Auspurge,) exhorting them to concord with the other ministers of the Gospell. Translated out of French by Geffray Fenton. Here may the christian reader lerne to know what is the true participatio[n] of the body of Christ, & what is the lauful vse of the holy Supper. Corro, Antonio del, 1527-1591.; Fenton, Geoffrey, Sir, 1539?-1608. 1569 (1569) STC 5787; ESTC S108710 46,646 132 View Text
A33324 The life and death of Pompey the Great with all his glorious victories and triumphs : as also the Life and death of Artaxerxes Mnemon, one of the great Persian emperours / by Sa. Clarke, sometime pastor in St. Bennet Finck London. Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. 1665 (1665) Wing C4531; ESTC R43101 46,759 67 View Text
A16910 Demands to be propounded of Catholickes to the heretikes by Richard Bristow ... ; taken partly out of his late English booke of Motiues to the Catholicke faith, partely out of his printed Latin booke of the same matter. Bristow, Richard, 1538-1581. 1623 (1623) STC 3801.5; ESTC S1528 47,404 192 View Text
A14604 The appollogie of the illustrious Prince Ernestus, Earle of Mansfield, &c. Wherein from his first entertainment, are layd open the occasions of his warres in Bohemia, Austria, and the Palatinate, with his faithfull seruice to the King of Bohemia. Translated out of the originall French coppie.; Apologie pour le tres-illustre seigneur, Ernéste conte de Mansfeld. English S. W., fl. 1622. 1622 (1622) STC 24915; ESTC S119323 47,601 78 View Text
A61863 A joco-serious discourse in two dialogues between a Northumberland-gentleman and his tenant, a Scotchman, both old cavaliers : with an anagram prefixt to them : being some miscellaneous essays written upon several occasions / by George Stuart. Stuart, George. 1686 (1686) Wing S6026; ESTC R10936 48,265 98 View Text
A84170 The state of France, as it stood in the IXth yeer of this present monarch, Lewis XIIII. Written to a friend by J.E. Evelyn, John, 1620-1706. 1652 (1652) Wing E3514; Thomason E1328_2; ESTC R209097 48,352 165 View Text
A08783 Romes ruin or A treatise of the certaine destruction of Rome and of Antichrist before the ende of the world Wherein is cleerely manifested out of the Holy Scriptures, conferred with the historie of the Papacie, that he hath but a short time. A worke published to strengthen the faith of such as suffer vnder him. By I.P. I. P., fl. 1629. 1629 (1629) STC 19072; ESTC S120095 48,692 57 View Text
A02534 Epistles the first volume: Containing II. decads. By Ioseph Hall; Epistles. Vol. 1 Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. 1608 (1608) STC 12661.7; ESTC S103637 49,336 198 View Text
A10150 The historie of Wyates rebellion with the order and maner of resisting the same, wherunto in the ende is added an earnest conference with the degenerate and sedicious rebelles for the serche of the cause of their daily disorder. Made and compyled by John Proctor. Proctor, John, 1521?-1584. 1554 (1554) STC 20407; ESTC S101196 49,378 214 View Text
A87625 Herm'ælogium or, an essay at the rationality of the art of speaking. As a supplement to Lillie's grammer, philosophically, mythologically, & emblematically offered by B.J. Jones, Bassett. 1659 (1659) Wing J925; Thomason E2122_3; ESTC R210164 49,694 109 View Text
A13219 A short survey or history of the kingdome of Sueden Containing a briefe description of all the provinces of his whole dominion: as also the riches of his kingdome, the antiquity, nature, and manners of that nation; with the government of his realme, might, and power of this great King, as well by sea as by land; his great officers, his customes and revenves of the Crowne. With a genealogy and pedegree of the kings of Sueden, of those especially who have reigned these last five hundred yeers, with some of their most memorable acts and deeds, with their alliance and issue or off-spring. Something also more particularly concerning that illustrious invincible great Gustavus Adolphus the II. and of his wars with the Russian, Denmarke and Poland: as also of his most memorable acts since his comming to the crowne, as well before, as since his entring into Germany, untill this present yeere 1632.; Suecia, sive de Suecorum Regis dominiis. English. Abridgments Bure, Anders, 1571-1646.; Hildebrandt, Andreas, d. 1637. Genealogia regum Sueciae. English.; L. S., Sir, fl. 1632.; Story, John, fl. 1632. 1632 (1632) STC 23518; ESTC S120735 49,965 108 View Text
A13218 A Short survey of the kingdome of Sweden containing a briefe description of all the provinces of this whole dominion, as also the riches of this kingdome, the antiquitie, nature, and manners of this nation, together with the government of this realme, might and power of this great king as well by sea as by land, his great officers, his customes, and reuenues of the crowne : a catalogue of many of the kings of Sweden, of those especially who have reigned these last five hundreth yeares, with some of their most memorable acts and deeds, with their alliance and issue or off-spring : something also more particularly concerning that illustrious invincible great Gustauus Adolphus the 2. and some of his most memorable acts since his comming to the crowne, as well before as since his entring Germany, untill this present yeare 1632. 1632 (1632) STC 23517.5; ESTC S4930 50,849 110 View Text
A25459 Dualitas, or, A two-fold subject displayed and opened conducible to godliness and peace in order, I. Lex loquens, the honour and dignity of magistracy with the duties thereupon depending and reverence thereunto due, II. Duorum unitas, the agreement of magistracy and ministry, at the election of the honourable magistrates of Edinburgh and the opening of a diocesan synod of the reverend clergy there / by Will. Annand. Annand, William, 1633-1689. 1674 (1674) Wing A3217; ESTC R27190 51,279 83 View Text
A36282 Don Henriquez de Castro, or, The conquest of the Indies a Spanish novel / translated out of Spanish by a person of honour.; Historia tragicomica de Don Henrique de Castro. English Loubayssin de Lamarca, Francisco. 1686 (1686) Wing D1844; ESTC R11561 51,279 188 View Text
A10279 Visions, or Hels kingdome, and the worlds follies and abuses, strangely displaied by R.C. of the Inner Temple Gent. Being the first fruits of a reformed life; Sueños. English Quevedo, Francisco de, 1580-1645.; Croshawe, Richard. 1640 (1640) STC 20561; ESTC S101544 51,980 226 View Text
A78576 The preacher, or the art and method of preaching: shewing the most ample directions and rules for invention, method, expression, and books whereby a minister may be furnished with such helps as may make him a useful laborer in the Lords vineyard. / By William Chappell Bishop of Cork, sometime Fellow of Christs College in Cambridge.; Methodus concionandi. English Chappell, William, 1582-1649.; Brough, W. (William), d. 1671. 1656 (1656) Wing C1957; Thomason E1707_1; ESTC R209506 52,143 230 View Text
A37135 The Dying man's assistant, or, Short instructions for those who are concern'd in the preparing of sick persons for death being also no less worthy the consideration of all good Christians in time of health, as shewing the importance of an early preparation for their latter end, with regard as well to their temporal, as eternal state ... 1697 (1697) Wing D2954; ESTC R17100 52,686 145 View Text
A08491 Onosandro Platonico, of the generall captaine, and of his office, translated out of Greeke into Italyan, by Fabio Cotta, a Romayne: and out of Italian into Englysh, by Peter Whytehorne; Strategicus. English Onasander.; Whitehorne, Peter. 1563 (1563) STC 18815; ESTC S120944 52,691 188 View Text
A09974 Maister Bezaes houshold prayers translated out of French into English. Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605. 1603 (1603) STC 2023.7; ESTC S1181 53,574 372 View Text
A36316 Earthquakes explained and practically improved occasioned by the late earthquake on Sept. 8, 1692 in London, many other parts in England, and beyond sea / by Thomas Doolittle ... Doolittle, Thomas, 1632?-1707. 1693 (1693) Wing D1883; ESTC R12441 54,165 169 View Text
A70397 A companion for the persecuted, or, An office for those who suffer for righteousness containing particular prayers and devotions, for particular graces, and for their private or publick wants and occasions. Kettlewell, John, 1653-1695. 1693 (1693) Wing K362; ESTC R14209 54,208 172 View Text
A12123 A treatise of the figures of grammer and rhetorike profitable for al that be studious of eloquence, and in especiall for suche as in grammer scholes doe reade moste eloquente poetes and oratours: whereunto is ioygned the oration which Cicero made to Cesar, geuing thankes vnto him for pardonyng, and restoring again of that noble ma[n] Marcus Marcellus, sette foorth by Richarde Sherrye Londonar. Sherry, Richard, ca. 1506-ca. 1555.; Cicero, Marcus Tullius. Pro Marcello. English. 1555 (1555) STC 22429; ESTC S117310 54,651 159 View Text
A43227 A plain account of certain Christian experiences, labours, services and sufferings, of that ancient servant and minister of Christ, Roger Hebden, deceased containing both warning, consolation, and instruction in righteousness. Hebden, Roger, 1620 or 21-1695. 1700 (1700) Wing H1346A; ESTC R15158 54,976 136 View Text
A13569 The ballance of the sanctuarie shewing hovv vve must behaue our selues when wee see and behold the people of God in miserie and oppression vnder the tyranny of their enemies. Written by William Teelinck, minister of the Word of God at Midlebrough in Zealand. Teellinck, Willem, 1579-1629.; Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.; Harmar, Christopher, attributed name. 1621 (1621) STC 23860; ESTC S118307 55,093 128 View Text
A93885 Some observations and annotations upon the Apologeticall narration, humbly submitted to the Honourable Houses of Parliament; the most reverend and learned Divines of the Assembly, and all the Protestant Churches here in this island, and abroad. Steuart, Adam. 1644 (1644) Wing S5492; Thomason E34_23; ESTC R21620 55,133 77 View Text
A09553 The philosopher of the court, written by Philbert of Vienne in Champaigne, and Englished by George North, gentlema[n].; Philosophe de court. English Philibert, de Vienne, 16th cent.; North, George, gentleman. 1575 (1575) STC 19832; ESTC S114638 55,136 134 View Text
A66466 Divine poems and meditations in two parts / written by William Williams ... Williams, William, b. 1613. 1677 (1677) Wing W2786; ESTC R8131 55,180 128 View Text
B12330 Ane answer to the tractiue, set furth in the yeir of God. 1558. be maister Quintine Kennedy Commendatar, Abbote of Crosraguell, for the establisching of ane Christiane mannis conscience (as he alledgis) the forth and strenth of his Papistrie, and all vthers of his sect, as appearis weil be his epistle direct to the Protestantes, and prentit in the last part of this buik: maid be maister Iohne Dauidsone, Maister of the Paedagog of Glasgw. Davidson, John, ca. 1520-1572.; Kennedy, Quintin, 1520-1564. Compendius tractive conforme to the scripture. 1563 (1563) STC 6320; ESTC S114550 55,495 71 View Text
A11512 A full and satisfactorie ansvver to the late vnaduised bull, thundred by Pope Paul the Fift, against the renowmed state of Venice being modestly entitled by the learned author, Considerations vpon the censure of Pope Paul the Fift, against the common-wealth of Venice: by Father Paul of Venice, a frier of the order of Serui. Translated out of Italian.; Considerationi sopra le censure della Santità di Papa Paolo V. contra la serenissima republica di Venetia. English Sarpi, Paolo, 1552-1623. 1606 (1606) STC 21759; ESTC S116735 55,541 80 View Text
A15369 The debt book: or, A treatise vpon Romans 13. ver. 8 Wherein is handled: the ciuill debt of money or goods, and vnder it the mixt debt, as occasion is offered. Also, the sacred debt of loue. By Henry Wilkinson, Bachelor in Diuinity, and pastor of Wadesdon in Buckinghamshire. Wilkinson, Henry, 1566-1647. 1625 (1625) STC 25646; ESTC S114431 56,271 156 View Text
A16342 Two sermons preached at Northampton at two severall assises there The one in the time of the shrevalty of Sir Erasmus Dryden Baronet. Anno Domini, 1621. The other in the time of the shrevalty of Sir Henry Robinson Knight, anno Domini, 1629. By Robert Bolton ... Published by E.B. Bolton, Robert, 1572-1631.; Bagshaw, Edward, d. 1662. 1635 (1635) STC 3256; ESTC S106258 56,433 110 View Text
A06869 The holie historie of King Dauid wherein is chieflye learned these godly and whosome lessons, that is: to haue sure patience in persecution, due obedience to our prince without rebellion: and also the true and most faithfull dealings of friendes. Drawne into English meetre for the youth to reade; by Iohn Marbeck. Merbecke, John, ca. 1510-ca. 1585. 1579 (1579) STC 17302; ESTC S120587 57,181 74 View Text
A79445 Chymical, medicinal, and chyrurgical addresses: made to Samuel Hartlib, Esquire. Viz. 1. Whether the Vrim and Thummim were given in the Mount, or perfected by art. 2. Sir George Ripley's epistle, to King Edward unfolded. 3. Gabriel Plats caveat for alchymists. 4. A conference concerning the phylosophers stone. 5. An invitation to a free and generous communication of secrets and receits in physick. 6 Whether or no, each several disease hath a particular remedy? 7. A new and easie method of chirurgery, for the curing of all fresh wounds or other hurts. 8. A discourse about the essence or existence of metals. 9. The new postilions, pretended prophetical prognostication, of what whall happen to physitians, chyrurgeons, apothecaries, alchymists, and miners. 1655 (1655) Wing C3779; Thomason E1509_2; ESTC R209495 57,805 193 View Text
A45747 Chymical, medicinal, and chyrurgical addresses made to Samuel Hartlib, Esquire. Viz. 1. Whether the vrim & thummim were given in the mount, or perfected by art. ... 9. The new postilions, pretended prophetical prognostication, of what shall happen to physitians, chyrurgeons, apothecaries, alchymists, and miners. Hartlib, Samuel, d. 1662. 1655 (1655) Wing H978; ESTC R209495 57,837 197 View Text
A01313 A goodly gallerye with a most pleasaunt prospect, into the garden of naturall contemplation, to behold the naturall causes of all kynde of meteors, as wel fyery and ayery, as watry and earthly, of whiche sort be blasing sterres, shooting starres, flames in the ayre &c. tho[n]der, lightning, earthquakes, &c. rayne dewe, snowe, cloudes, springes &c. stones, metalles, earthes &c. to the glory of God, and the profit of his creaturs. Fulke, William, 1538-1589. 1563 (1563) STC 11435; ESTC S102684 57,855 146 View Text
A57495 Poems on several occasions by the right honourable the E. of R- Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of, 1647-1680. 1680 (1680) Wing R1754; ESTC R33544 58,109 152 View Text
A52375 Godly adversity far better than wicked prosperity, or, The rage of the wicked, should not hinder the race of the Godly being a few comfortable reasons or encouragements against the fear and terrour of man : very seasonable & sutable [sic] for the consideration of God's people in this day of tryal, to fortifie them against all troubles and oppositions whatsoever : together with a heavenly discourse concerning the saints in their kingdom, wherein is discovered the excellency of the kingdom itself, and the wonderful glory and happiness of the saints in their heavenly habitation / by Edward Noble ... Noble, Edward. 1661 (1661) Wing N1197; ESTC R4611 58,130 70 View Text
A31126 The conformists sayings, or, The opinion and arguments of kings, bishops, and several divines lately assembled in convocation in favour of those who dissent from the present ceremonies of publick worship by a Minister of the Church of England. R. C., Minister of the Church of England. 1690 (1690) Wing C102; ESTC R13828 58,158 82 View Text
A31121 The conformists charity to dissenters and concurrence with the favour granted them in the Act for Toleration proved from the works of the most eminent divines of the Church of England. R. C. 1689 (1689) Wing C101; ESTC R23877 58,283 88 View Text
A03363 A contemplation of mysteries contayning the rare effectes and significations of certayne comets, and a briefe rehersall of sundrie hystoricall examples, as well diuine, as prophane, verie fruitfull to be reade in this our age: with matter delectable both for the sayler, and husbandman, yea and all traueylers by sea and lande, in knowing aforehande, howe daungerous a tempest will succeede by the sight of the clowd coming ouer the head, and other matters fruitful to be read as shal appere in the table next after the preface. Gathered and englished, by Thomas Hyll. Hill, Thomas, b. ca. 1528. 1574 (1574) STC 13484; ESTC S117617 58,354 156 View Text
A51220 The banner of Corah, Dathan, and Abiram, display'd, and their sin discover'd in several sermons, preach'd at Bristol / by John Moore ... Moore, John, b. 1621. 1696 (1696) Wing M2544; ESTC R16818 58,646 155 View Text
A62154 An expedient for peace, or some Christian and reasonable proposals, once more renewed and offered again to Friends of Reading conducing to an amicable composure of differences among them: with a healing epistle to them from Friends of Bristol, on both sides, tenderly advising them to meet all together again in their ancient publick meeting house. As also a seasonable expostulation and a persuasive to a reconciliation, with some remarkable testimonies added to promote the same and several objections against it answered, which may tend to a general service. Sandilands, Robert. 1692 (1692) Wing S658; ESTC R222483 58,787 79 View Text
A19289 The estates of the hypocrite and syncere Christian Containing, certaine liuely differences, betweene synceritie and hypocrisie; very necessarie, for the tryall of our estates in Grace. By Tho. Cooper. Cooper, Thomas, 1517?-1594. 1613 (1613) STC 5699; ESTC S115596 59,087 262 View Text
A60020 A philosophical essay declaring the probable causes whence stones are produced in the greater world from which occasion is taken to search into the origin of all bodies, discovering them to proceed from water and seeds : being a prodromus to a medicinal tract concerning the causes and cure of the stone in the kidneys and bladders of men / written by Dr. Thomas Sherley ... Sherley, Thomas, 1638-1678. 1672 (1672) Wing S3523; ESTC R10626 59,268 160 View Text
A06788 Englands vievv, in the vnmasking of two paradoxes with a replication vnto the answer of Maister Iohn Bodine. By Gerrard de Malynes Merchant. Malynes, Gerard, fl. 1586-1641. 1603 (1603) STC 17225; ESTC S120062 59,335 206 View Text
A16490 A treatise, concerning the causes of the magnificencie and greatnes of cities, deuided into three bookes by Sig: Giouanni Botero, in the Italian tongue; now done into English by Robert Peterson, of Lincolnes Inne Gent. Seene and allowed; Delle cause della grandezza delle città. English Botero, Giovanni, 1540-1617.; Peterson, Robert, fl. 1576-1606. 1606 (1606) STC 3405; ESTC S106249 59,704 122 View Text
A37425 The Compleat mendicant, or, Unhappy beggar being the life of an unfortunate gentleman ... a comprehensive account of several of the most remarkable adventures that befel him in three and twenty years pilgrimage : also a narrative of his entrance at Oxford ... likewise divers familiar letters, both Latin and English sermons, poems, essays ... Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731.; Price, Thomas. 1699 (1699) Wing D830; ESTC R7553 60,443 192 View Text
A75466 An antidote against bigotry in religion, or, A discourse proving from the testimony of kings, nobles, judges, bishops, deans, doctors, &c. that wise and good men may differ one from another both in doctrine and discipline, and maintain Christian charity amongst themselves / by a True Berean. True Berean. 1694 (1694) Wing A3491A; ESTC R43601 60,737 88 View Text
A13763 Newes from the north. Otherwise called The conference betvveen Simon Certain, and Pierce Plowman, faithfully collected and gathered by T.F. student T. F., student. 1579 (1579) STC 24062; ESTC S118412 60,813 88 View Text
A27305 Oroonoko, or, The royal slave : a true history / by Mrs. A. Behn. Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689. 1688 (1688) Wing B1749; ESTC R4474 60,838 238 View Text
A16170 A courteous conference with the English Catholikes Romane about the six articles ministred vnto the seminarie priestes, wherein it is apparantly proued by their owne diuinitie, and the principles of their owne religion, that the Pope cannot depose her Maiestie, or release her subiectes of their alleageance vnto her. And finally, that the bull of Pius Quiutus [sic] pronounced against her Maiestie is of no force eyther in lawe or conscience, all Catholicke scruples to the contrarie beeing throughly and perfectly cleared and resolued, and many memoriall matters exactly discussed, which haue not beene handled by man heeretofore. Written by Iohn Bishop a recusant papist. Bishop, John, d. 1613.; Frewen, John, 1558-1628. 1598 (1598) STC 3092; ESTC S102284 61,282 90 View Text
B00458 A defence and true declaration of the thinges lately done in the lowe countrey, whereby may easily be seen to whom all the beginning and cause of the late troubles and calamities is to be imputed. And therewith also the sclaunders wherewith the aduersaries do burden the churches of the lowe countrey are plainly confuted..; Libellus supplex Imperatoriae Majestati caeterisque sacri imperii electoribus, principibus, atque ordinibus nomine Belgarum ex inferiore Germania, Evangelicae religionis causa per Albani Ducis tyrannidem ejectorum in comitiis spirenibus exhibitus. English. Newcomen, Elias, 1550?-1614. 1571 (1571) STC 18441; ESTC S94277 61,500 152 View Text
A61403 England's merry jester: or, Court, city and country jests new, and suitable to the humours of the times; witty and familiar, for the encrease of merriment, and improvement of friendly conversation, as they are used among the wits of the age. To which are added, as a second part, Bulls; banters, quibbles, repartees, pleasant stories, and poems: the qualifications of an expert town-wheedle; with the art and mystery of wheedling. All profitable, pleasant, and delightful. The like never before published. Done by a lover of merriment. J. S. 1693 (1693) Wing S54; ESTC R219786 62,071 198 View Text
A43983 Decameron physiologicum, or, Ten dialogues of natural philosophy by Thomas Hobbes ... ; to which is added The proportion of a straight line to half the arc of a quadrant, by the same author. Hobbes, Thomas, 1588-1679.; Hobbes, Thomas, 1588-1679. Proportion of a straight line to half the arc of a quadrant. 1678 (1678) Wing H2226; ESTC R2630 62,801 138 View Text
A40528 Meteors, or, A plain description of all kind of meteors as well fiery and ayrie, as watry and earthy, briefly manifesting the causes of all blazing-stars, shooting stars, flames in the aire, thunder, lightning, earthquakes, rain, dew, snow, clouds, sprigs, stones, and metalls / by W.F. Fulke, William, 1538-1589.; F. W. Observations on Dr. F. his booke of meteors. 1655 (1655) Wing F2260A; ESTC R28245 64,212 186 View Text
A18769 The vvorthines of VVales vvherein are more then a thousand seuerall things rehearsed: some set out in prose to the pleasure of the reader, and with such varietie of verse for the beautifying of the book, as no doubt shal delight thousands to vnderstand. Which worke is enterlarded with many wonders and right strange matter to consider of: all the which labour and deuice is drawne forth and set out by Thomas Churchyard, to the glorie of God, and honour of his Prince and countrey. Churchyard, Thomas, 1520?-1604. 1587 (1587) STC 5261; ESTC S105094 65,030 110 View Text
A59603 Miscellanea, or, Various discourses upon 1. tragedy, 2. comedy, 3. the Italian & 4. The English comedy, 5. and operas ... together with Epicurus, his Morals / written originally by the Sieur de Saint Euvremont ; and made English by Ferrand Spence ; to which is prefixt a general dissertation introductory to the several tracts, and dedicated to T.M., Esq.; Selections. English. 1686 Saint-Evremond, 1613-1703.; Spence, Ferrand. 1686 (1686) Wing S304; ESTC R12218 66,243 296 View Text
B05024 Familiar letters. Vol. II. Containing thirty six letters, / by the Right Honourable John, late Earl of Rochester. Printed from his original papers. With letters and speeches, by the late Duke of Buckingham, the Honourable Henry Savile, Esq; Sir George Etherridge, to several persons of honour. And letters by several eminent hands. Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of, 1647-1680.; Savile, Henry, 1642-1687.; Brown, Thomas, 1663-1704.; Buckingham, George Villiers, Duke of, 1628-1687. 1699 (1699) Wing R1748; ESTC R182833 66,393 222 View Text
A03388 Eliosto libidinoso described in two bookes: vvherein their imminent dangers are declared, who guiding the course of their life by the compasse of affection, either dash their ship against most dangerous shelues, or else attaine the hauen with extreame preiudice. Written by Iohn Hynd. Hind, John, fl. 1596-1606. 1606 (1606) STC 13509; ESTC S104128 67,558 100 View Text
A52266 An introduction to the art of logick composed for the use of English schools, and all such who having no opportunity of being instructed in the Latine tongue ... / by John Newton ... Newton, John, 1622-1678. 1671 (1671) Wing N1063; ESTC R20761 67,588 216 View Text
A61284 Christianity indeed, or, The well-disciplin'd Christian the delight of Christ shewing how believers in Christ ought to go in and out each before other in gospel-order, governing and being governed as the children of one Father / by Fr. Stanley. Stanley, Fr. (Francis), d. 1696. 1667 (1667) Wing S5234; ESTC R37591 67,935 176 View Text
A30059 The contrariety of popery to the blessed word of God wherein may be seen that the doctrine and practice of the Church of Rome are not consistent with the sacred oracles of the Old and New Testament ... / written by Digby Bull ... Bull, Digby. 1695 (1695) Wing B5410; ESTC R8749 67,944 72 View Text
A09851 The preceptes of warre, setforth [sic] by Iames the erle of Purlilia, and tra[n]slated into englysh by Peter Betham; De rei militari. English Porcia, Jacopo di, conte, 15th cent.; Betham, Peter. 1544 (1544) STC 20116; ESTC S114959 68,223 210 View Text
A17973 An examination of those things wherein the author of the late Appeale holdeth the doctrines of the Pelagians and Arminians, to be the doctrines of the Church of England written by George Carleton ... Carleton, George, 1559-1628. 1626 (1626) STC 4633; ESTC S1219 68,302 126 View Text
A06448 Granados spirituall and heauenlie exercises Deuided into seauen pithie and briefe meditations, for euery day in the vveeke one. Written in Spanish, by the learned and reuerend diuine, F. Lewes of Granado. Since translated into the Latine, Italian French, and the Germaine tongue. And now englished by Francis Meres, Maister of Artes of both Vniuersities, and student in Diuinitie.; Meditaciones para todos los días de la semana. English Luis, de Granada, 1504-1588.; Meres, Francis, 1565-1647. 1598 (1598) STC 16920; ESTC S107751 68,524 280 View Text
A82555 The Quakers confuted, being an answer unto nineteen queries; propounded by them, and sent to the elders of the church of Duckenfield in Cheshire; wherein is held forth much of the doctrine and practise concerning revelations, and immediate voices, and against the holy Scriptures, Christs ministry, churches and ordinances &c. Together with an answer to a letter which was written and sent by one of them to a family of note and quality in the said county, which pleaded for perfection in this life, and for quaking. By Samuel Eaton, teacher of the Church of Christ heretofore meeting at Duckenfield, now in Stockport in Cheshire. Eaton, Samuel, 1596?-1665.; Waller, Richard, d. 1657. 1654 (1654) Wing E125; Thomason E719_8; ESTC R9865 69,620 98 View Text
A02681 Fratres sobrii estote. I. Pet. 5. 8. Or, An admonition to the fryars of this Kingdome of Ireland to abandon such hereticall doctrines as they daylie publish to the corruption of our holy faith, the ruine of soules, and their owne damnation which sleepeth not, by Paul Harris priest. Harris, Paul, 1573-1635? 1634 (1634) STC 12812; ESTC S116531 69,749 97 View Text