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B10269 Anti-Goliah: or An epistle to Mr. Brevint, containing some reflections upon his Saul, and Samuel, at Endor. / Written by E.W. Warner, John, 1628-1692.; E. W. (Edward Worsley), 1605-1676. 1678 (1678) Wing W904B; ESTC R186274 27,206 62

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anti-goliah_a or_o a_o epistle_n to_o mr._n brevint_n contain_v some_o reflection_n upon_o his_o saul_n and_o samuel_n at_o endor_n write_a by_o e._n w._n volunt_fw-la videri_fw-la aliquid_fw-la dicere_fw-la dum_fw-la tacere_fw-la erubescunt_fw-la &_o inania_fw-la dicere_fw-la non_fw-la erubescunt_fw-la august_n they_o will_v seem_v to_o say_v something_o be_v ashamed_a to_o be_v silent_a &_o not_o ashamed_a to_o speak_v idle_o aug._n with_o leave_v of_o superior_n 1678._o munificentia_fw-la regia_fw-la 1715._o georgius_n d._n g._n madge_n br_n fr._n et_fw-fr hib_n rex_fw-la f._n d._n j._n p●●●_n sculp_v to_o the_o reader_n christian_n reader_n you_o be_v invite_v to_o be_v not_o only_a spectator_n but_o judge_n of_o a_o combat_n betwixt_o a_o giant_n &_o a_o pigmy_n a_o philistin_n &_o a_o israelit_fw-la goliath_n &_o one_o of_o the_o army_n of_o the_o live_n god_n our_o force_n be_v unequal_a he_o a_o man_n of_o war_n from_o his_o youth_n train_v up_o to_o such_o battle_n i_o but_o a_o youth_n a_o raw_a soldier_n in_o they_o he_o a_o ancient_a doctor_n of_o divinity_n &_o i_o a_o y_fw-fr oung_a divine_a scarce_o worthy_a of_o that_o name_n another_o advantage_n he_o have_v by_o live_v among_o we_o as_o he_o say_v in_o his_o preface_n 17._o year_n by_o which_o mean_n if_o there_o be_v any_o unfortify_v weak_a part_n in_o our_o camp_n any_o fault_n in_o our_o armour_n whither_o defensive_a or_o offensive_a it_o can_v have_v escape_v his_o observe_a eye_n where_o as_o i_o have_v scarce_o any_o other_o prospect_n of_o their_o camp_n or_o armour_n than_o what_o he_o &_o his_o brethren_n his_o fellow_n soldier_n in_o this_o warfare_n be_v please_v to_o give_v of_o they_o last_o he_o have_v often_o be_v in_o such_o engagement_n &_o this_o be_v the_o first_o time_n that_o ever_o i_o enter_v the_o list_n in_o this_o nature_n yet_o i_o hope_v in_o god_n the_o protector_n of_o the_o innocent_a who_o be_v please_v to_o make_v use_n of_o weak_a thing_n to_o confound_v the_o thing_n which_o be_v mighty_a &_o the_o foolish_a thing_n to_o confound_v the_o wise_a that_o no_o flesh_n shall_v glory_v in_o his_o presence_n 1._o cor._n 1._o the_o goodness_n of_o my_o cause_n be_v likewise_o a_o great_a encouragement_n see_v i_o be_o to_o fight_v for_o truth_n nay_o reveal_v &_o divine_a truth_n which_o will_v at_o last_o prevail_v one_o only_a favour_n i_o desire_v of_o you_o christian_a reader_n that_o if_o in_o any_o place_n you_o find_v i_o foil_v of_o which_o i_o be_o not_o conscious_a what_o you_o find_v amiss_o you_o charge_v on_o my_o weakness_n when_o you_o see_v i_o foil_v my_o adversary_n you_o attribute_v th●_n victory_n to_o that_o truth_n which_o i_o fight_n for_o which_o give_v i_o strength_n &_o courage_n &_o that_o you_o acknowledge_v &_o profess_v i●_n anti-goliah_a or_o a_o epistle_n to_o mr._n brevint_n contain_v some_o reflection_n upon_o his_o saul_n and_o samuel_n at_o endor_n chap._n 1._o my_o intent_n and_o reason_n of_o the_o title_n sir_n the_o cause_n for_o which_o i_o plead_v be_v the_o innocency_n of_o the_o roman_n catholic_n church_n wrongful_o accuse_v of_o heinous_a crime_n the_o concern_v i_o have_v in_o this_o cause_n be_v my_o duty_n to_o a_o pious_a indulgent_a mother_n odious_o traduce_v with_o virulent_a calumny_n my_o end_n be_v to_o wipe_v off_o her_o face_n the_o dirt_n you_o cast_v on_o it_o the_o mean_v i_o use_v to_o attain_v this_o end_n be_v sincerity_n in_o explicate_v what_o she_o believe_v and_o reject_v what_o be_v untrue_o and_o by_o consequence_n unjust_o charge_v on_o she_o you_o sir_n be_v the_o plaintiff_n i_o the_o defendant_n and_o the_o reader_n our_o judge_n my_o hope_n be_v not_o in_o strength_n of_o wit_n or_o learning_n in_o which_o i_o will_v not_o contend_v with_o you_o but_o in_o the_o justice_n of_o my_o cause_n the_o equity_n of_o my_o judge_n and_o above_o all_o in_o the_o help_n of_o god_n the_o protector_n of_o the_o innocent_a who_o as_o he_o promise_v to_o assist_v his_o church_n to_o the_o end_n of_o the_o world_n will_v not_o be_v want_v to_o those_o who_o defend_v she_o your_o quality_n of_o plaintiff_n oblige_v you_o to_o prove_v what_o you_o charge_v on_o we_o and_o unless_o your_o proof_n be_v convince_a they_o be_v insignificant_a our_o bare_a denial_n acquit_v we_o for_o in_o doubtful_a case_n the_o defendant_n ought_v to_o be_v favour_v rather_o than_o the_o plaintiff_n and_o each_o one_o be_v to_o be_v think_v good_a till_o he_o be_v prove_v naught_o which_o be_v two_o rule_n of_o canon_n law_n so_o conformable_a to_o natural_a reason_n that_o they_o need_v no_o proof_n to_o confirm_v they_o your_o title_n be_v saul_n and_o samuel_n at_o endor_n very_o mysterious_a but_o what_o you_o mean_v who_o can_v tell_v the_o history_n you_o allude_v to_o be_v know_v to_o every_o body_n saul_n a_o lawful_a but_o unfortunate_a king_n engage_v in_o a_o dangerous_a war_n strong_o attack_v by_o his_o enemy_n weak_o assist_v by_o his_o subject_n and_o which_o be_v worst_a of_o all_o abandon_v of_o god_n have_v recourse_n to_o samuel_n in_o the_o best_a and_o it_o may_v be_v the_o only_a manner_n he_o think_v on_o to_o know_v his_o fate_n from_o that_o oracle_n which_o have_v give_v he_o the_o first_o tiding_n of_o his_o kingdom_n with_o this_o intent_n he_o go_v to_o endor_n this_o be_v the_o history_n but_o what_o be_v this_o to_o our_o present_a time_n or_o controversy_n who_o be_v the_o saul_n you_o mean_v who_o be_v samuel_n where_o be_v endor_n what_o war_n if_o we_o consider_v the_o date_n of_o your_o book_n we_o may_v guess_v that_o be_v be_v compose_v about_o the_o time_n of_o the_o holland_n war_n 1672._o or_o 1673._o i_o dare_v not_o say_v you_o mean_v that_o for_o the_o honour_n due_a to_o person_n concern_v but_o tell_v what_o you_o mean_v and_o apply_v your_o person_n to_o our_o purpose_n or_o acknowledge_v your_o title_n to_o be_v nothing_o to_o the_o purpose_n until_o you_o explicate_v your_o meaning_n we_o will_v admit_v what_o you_o give_v we_o we_o will_v not_o refuse_v saul_n and_o samuel_n whereof_o the_o one_o be_v a_o true_a priest_n and_o prophet_n and_o both_o die_v in_o communion_n of_o the_o true_a church_n both_o be_v sound_n in_o faith_n although_o one_o of_o they_o for_o disobey_v god_n command_n and_o not_o hope_v in_o god_n deserve_o lose_v his_o kingdom_n and_o probable_o his_o soul_n too_o so_o he_o may_v be_v a_o type_n of_o such_o catholic_n who_o entire_o believe_v all_o which_o god_n reveal_v but_o live_v not_o according_a to_o their_o belief_n &_o samuel_n be_v a_o type_n of_o those_o who_o faith_n be_v animate_v with_o charity_n and_o both_o be_v friutful_a of_o good_a work_n but_o see_v you_o personate_v we_o under_o those_o name_n be_v please_v to_o give_v we_o leave_v to_o represent_v you_o by_o the_o name_n of_o goliath_n for_o goliath_n be_v in_o a_o party_n contrary_n to_o that_o church_n they_o be_v of_o so_o be_v you_o in_o one_o contrary_a to_o we_o he_o be_v a_o profess_a enemy_n to_o saul_n and_o samuel_n so_o be_v you_o to_o we_o he_o challenge_v all_o the_o isralite_n so_o do_v you_o all_o we_o he_o reproach_v they_o for_o not_o accept_v that_o challenge_n so_o do_v you_o we_o with_o not_o encounter_v your_o book_n your_o insult_a language_n show_v you_o to_o be_v animate_v with_o a_o spirit_n of_o vanity_n of_o self-conceit_n of_o too_o great_a esteem_n of_o your_o own_o ability_n and_o contempt_n of_o other_o not_o unlike_o that_o which_o appear_v in_o goliath_n infine_v to_o accomplish_v the_o parallel_n we_o shall_v find_v you_o allege_v reason_n which_o destroy_v your_o own_o cause_n as_o goliath_n bring_v a_o sword_n to_o cut_v off_o his_o own_o head_n for_o these_o reason_n i_o call_v this_o pamphlet_n anti-goliah_n i_o do_v not_o presume_v to_o take_v to_o myself_o the_o name_n of_o david_n who_o be_v the_o champion_n of_o god_n there_o be_v other_o who_o bear_v arm_n in_o that_o war_n against_o goliath_n and_o the_o philistine_n and_o their_o quality_n satisfy_v i_o you_o add_v in_o title_n the_o new_a way_n of_o salvation_n and_o service_n which_o usual_o tempt_v man_n to_o rome_n those_o you_o mention_v be_v indeed_o new_a way_n to_o incite_v man_n to_o rome_n and_o so_o new_a that_o i_o be_o persuade_v no_o catholic_a ever_o hear_v of_o they_o but_o from_o your_o book_n i_o know_v no_o other_o exterior_a way_n to_o convert_v man_n to_o rome_n but_o the_o motive_n of_o credibility_n which_o be_v brief_o relate_v by_o st._n austin_n l._n cont._n epist_n fundam_fw-la c._n 4._o and_o more_o large_o by_o bellar._n lessius_fw-la &_o divine_n tract_n de_fw-fr fide_fw-la viz._n the_o unity_n sanctity_n excellency_n of_o faith_n its_o propagation_n in_o so_o short_a a_o time_n and_o
find_v great_a difficulty_n to_o show_v how_o the_o secret_n of_o heart_n be_v conceal_v from_o angel_n then_o how_o the_o rest_n be_v make_v know_v to_o they_o see_v s._n tho._n 1._o q._n 55._o page_n 81._o this_o be_v to_o fancy_v in_o saint_n a_o omniscience_n if_o they_o know_v what_o pass_v in_o several_a part_n of_o the_o world_n my_o answer_n be_v obvious_a there_o be_v several_a privilege_n of_o the_o divine_a understanding_n not_o communicable_a to_o creature_n 1._o that_o god_n understand_v all_o thing_n possible_a &_o existent_a saint_n only_o the_o late_a 2._o god_n understand_v all_o to_o come_v they_o only_a what_o be_v present_a 3._o he_o understand_v by_o his_o own_o essence_n they_o by_o species_n 4._o his_o knowledge_n embrace_v all_o absolute_o they_o reach_v not_o to_o secret_n of_o heart_n 5._o he_o be_v unlimitable_a from_o they_o several_a thing_n may_v be_v restrain_v when_o god_n please_v 6._o he_o be_v independent_a they_o depend_v on_o god_n without_o who_o concourse_n they_o can_v do_v nothing_o see_v sir_n whither_o you_o have_v metaphysic_n enough_o to_o prove_v that_o knowledge_n to_o be_v the_o omniscience_n of_o god_n which_o be_v clog_v with_o so_o many_o imperfection_n i_o will_v know_v of_o your_o doctor_n why_o it_o shall_v not_o be_v blasphemy_n to_o attribute_v to_o god_n such_o imperfect_a knowledge_n page_n 94._o you_o acknowledge_v miracle_n of_o the●_n saint_n in_o the_o first_o three_o hundred_o year_n which_o say_v you_o tempt_v christian_n no_o further_o they_o to_o go_v &_o pray_v to_o god_n in_o those_o place_n where_o they_o be_v wrought_v &_o where_o payer_n have_v sometime_o very_o extraordinary_a return_n there_o they_o wish_v to_o god_n that_o he_o will_v hear_v in_o their_o behalf_n the_o general_a prayer_n which_o these_o soul_n offer_v to_o god_n where_o you_o express_v the_o full_a sense_n of_o the_o prayer_n to_o saint_n in_o our_o missal_n &_o breviary_n but_o the_o faith_n full_o be_v persuade_v that_o god_n through_o the_o prayer_n of_o those_o saint_n grant_v their_o request_n &_o releive_v their_o want_n &_o know_v that_o the_o saint_n know_v what_o prayer_n be_v offer_v up_o to_o they_o why_o may_v they_o not_o say_v as_o we_o do_v in_o the_o lytanye_n saint_n peter_n pray_v for_o i_o be_v it_o not_o lawful_a to_o say_v so_o to_o a_o saint_n alive_a in_o this_o world_n &_o why_o not_o to_o one_o live_v in_o heaven_n the_o reason_n be_v say_v you_o because_o prayer_n &_o praise_n be_v a_o sacrifice_n which_o no_o body_n offer_v to_o peter_n paul_n or_o cyprian_a say_v s._n austin_n do_v you_o think_v what_o you_o say_v prayer_n &_o praise_v a_o sacrifice_n can_v we_o not_o then_o without_o idolatry_n praise_n s_o paul_n or_o s._n peter_n i_o can_v accuse_v you_o of_o that_o fault_n though_o i_o amperswade_v you_o never_o reprehend_v as_o idolater_n those_o who_o praise_v you_o &_o offer_v up_o that_o sacrifice_n on_o your_o altar_n prayer_n be_v like_o wise_a idolatry_n be_v it_o idolatry_n in_o s._n paul_n to_o pray_v saint_n on_o earth_n to_o pray_v for_o he_o why_o then_o shall_v it_o be_v such_o to_o pray_v saint_n in_o heaven_n to_o pray_v for_o we_o be_v they_o less_o saint_n this_o be_v a_o mystery_n which_o we_o long_o have_v desire_v to_o see_v reveal_v &_o long_o may_v for_o you_o nether_a will_n nor_o can_v explicate_v it_o pag._n 95._o observe_v the_o wile_n of_o satan_n christ_n employ_v both_o at_o once_o his_o apostle_n &_o his_o miracle_n to_o destroy_v all_o idolatry_n from_o among_o man_n &_o pagan_n &_o papist_n make_v use_n of_o both_o to_o bring_v it_o in_o unless_o the_o reader_n be_v attentive_a he_o will_v think_v you_o speak_v sense_n which_o be_v not_o true_a for_o tell_v i_o i_o pray_v you_o what_o use_n do_v pagan_n make_v of_o the_o apostle_n who_o they_o slaught_n err_v like_o sheep_n in_o the_o shambles_n how_o can_v they_o use_v the_o apostle_n name_n which_o they_o know_v not_o but_o to_o hate_v it_o where_o be_v those_o pagan_n what_o miracle_n do_v pagan_n pretend_v to_o to_o bring_v in_o idolatry_n what_o idolatry_n do_v papist_n bring_v in_o how_o do_v they_o use_v the_o apostle_n to_o compass_v that_o your_o period_n seem_v to_o you_o full_a it_o sound_v well_o in_o your_o ear_n you_o think_v it_o pretty_a to_o mingle_v papist_n &_o pagan_n &_o oppose_v the_o wisdom_n of_o christ_n to_o the_o wile_n of_o satan_n so_o you_o write_v it_o down_o without_o regard_v or_o examine_v how_o all_o can_v hang_v together_o or_o be_v verify_v the_o best_a excuse_n i_o can_v find_v be_v to_o lay_v the_o fault_n on_o a_o defect_n of_o nature_n it_o be_v unreasonable_a to_o exact_v a_o rational_a discourse_n from_o one_o who_o seem_v to_o want_v common_a sense_n he_o may_v be_v advise_v to_o silence_n which_o be_v the_o best_a counsel_n i_o can_v give_v you_o but_o say_v you_o these_o be_v the_o word_n of_o a_o ancient_a father_n &_o cite_v s._n chrisos_fw-la hom_n 1._o ad_fw-la pop._n ant._n in_o who_o there_o be_v not_o one_o word_n of_o papist_n the_o only_a material_a point_n to_o our_o purpose_n who_o wile_n be_v these_o to_z falsify_z father_n cite_v they_o for_o what_o they_o think_v not_o of_o &_o corrupt_v their_o text_n to_o prove_v what_o you_o please_v in_o malâ_fw-la causâ_fw-la non_fw-la possunt_fw-la aliter_fw-la s._n austin_n your_o bad_a cause_n be_v capable_a of_o no_o better_a defence_n i_o will_v give_v you_o your_o choice_n whither_o s._n chris_n do_v or_o do_v not_o mention_v papist_n here_o that_o you_o may_v the_o better_o see_v how_o wreched_o you_o entangle_v yourself_o in_o the_o net_n you_o cast_v for_o other_o &_o fall_v into_o the_o pit_n you_o dig_v do_v that_o saint_n not_o mention_v papist_n you_o wrong_v he_o very_o much_o in_o say_v he_o do_v do_v he_o speak_v of_o they_o they_o be_v then_o in_o the_o world_n early_o after_o christ_n much_o soon_o than_o you_o &_o your_o brechren_n will_v admit_v still_o what_o you_o say_v be_v against_o yourself_o you_o carry_v about_o you_o your_o sword_n chap._n vi_o of_o worship_n give_v to_o our_o b._n lady_n in_o your_o 5.6.7_o &_o 8._o chapter_n you_o very_o odious_o represent_v what_o have_v be_v say_v or_o do_v to_o honour_v the_o ever_o b._n virgin_n cut_v the_o word_n which_o seem_v harsh_a from_o other_o which_o correct_v they_o &_o add_v malicious_a gloss_n &_o interpretation_n to_o make_v they_o sound_v yet_o more_o harsh_o it_o will_v be_v tedious_a to_o reply_v to_o each_o particular_a so_o i_o will_v deliver_v what_o the_o church_n profess_v &_o the_o ground_n of_o her_o practice_n &_o then_o take_v notice_n of_o some_o remarkable_a fault_n in_o your_o discourse_n esteem_v honour_n praise_v &_o glory_n consider_v at_o their_o proper_a object_n some_o person_n endow_v with_o some_o good_a quality_n not_o in_o a_o mean_a but_o in_o a_o excellent_a degree_n esteem_n be_v the_o in_o ward_n value_n or_o respect_v we_o bear_v it_o honour_n be_v a_o outward_a expression_n of_o our_o esteem_n by_o praise_n we_o endeavour_v to_o communicate_v both_o to_o other_o &_o glory_n be_v the_o union_n of_o many_o person_n in_o the_o same_o sentiment_n of_o esteem_n honour_n &_o praise_n it_o reside_v not_o in_o the_o person_n honour_v but_o in_o the_o honourer_n honour_n est_fw-la in_o honorante_fw-la yet_o it_o take_v its_o species_n from_o its_o object_n which_o give_v it_o its_o be_v as_o all_o other_o moral_a habit_n &_o act_n do_v there_o be_v two_o sort_n of_o honour_n answer_v to_o two_o sort_n of_o excellency_n the_o one_o natural_a the_o other_o supernatural_a by_o natural_a excellency_n i_o understand_v all_o gift_n of_o this_o life_n whither_o personal_a as_o science_n art_n valour_n etc._n etc._n or_o real_a as_o to_o be_v bear_v in_o a_o good_a country_n of_o a_o noble_a family_n heir_n to_o a_o great_a estate_n etc._n etc._n which_o be_v call_v good_n of_o fortune_n but_o be_v blessing_n of_o god_n not_o depend_v on_o any_o industry_n and_o therefore_o be_v distinguish_v from_o personal_a endowment_n by_o supernatural_a i_o understand_v all_o gift_n exceed_v the_o force_n of_o nature_n which_o lead_v man_n to_o their_o first_o principle_n &_o last_o end_n god_n viz_o grace_n &_o glory_n all_o supernurall_a virtue_n theological_a or_o moral_a item_n those_o instrument_n which_o god_n use_v for_o our_o sanctification_n as_o the_o bible_n sacrament_n church_n sacred_a vessel_n &_o vestment_n person_n consecrate_a to_o god_n item_n saint_n body_n as_o have_v be_v temple_n of_o the_o holy_a ghost_n &_o live_a member_n of_o christ_n there_o be_v athird_n kind_a of_o excellency_n which_o partake_v of_o both_o these_o it_o be_v a_o mean_a betwixt_o they_o viz_o that_o of_o king_n which_o be_v call_v sacred_a as_o come_v from_o god_n