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A47616 The Scots scovts discoveries by their London intelligencer, and presented to the Lords of the covenant of Scotland, 1639. D. L. 1642 (1642) Wing L10; ESTC R16797 23,432 55

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the_o scot_n scout_n discovery_n by_o their_o london_n intelligencer_n and_o present_v to_o the_o lord_n of_o the_o covenant_n of_o scotland_n anno_fw-la domini_fw-la 1639_o london_n print_v for_o william_n sheares_n 1642._o to_o the_o right_n honourable_a most_o worthy_a and_o noble_a lord_n the_o nobleman_n and_o other_o of_o the_o covenant_n of_o scotland_n may_v it_o please_v your_o lordship_n according_a to_o your_o honour_n direction_n the_o scout_n which_o be_v send_v into_o england_n to_o discover_v the_o estate_n of_o thing_n there_o come_v unto_o i_o their_o intelligencer_n at_o london_n who_o have_v collect_v together_o all_o such_o observation_n as_o they_o in_o their_o several_a travel_n have_v find_v or_o myself_o observe_v either_o in_o my_o own_o abode_n now_o two_o year_n at_o london_n or_o in_o my_o return_a home_n but_o by_o reason_n of_o all_o passage_n now_o shut_v up_o at_o sea_n and_o all_o land_n way_n belayd_v i_o be_v force_v to_o put_v myself_o in_o arminian_n attire_n and_o so_o come_v home_o through_o england_n and_o so_o remain_v some_o certain_a time_n in_o the_o camp_n royal_a where_o my_o collection_n may_v manifest_v my_o love_n to_o my_o country_n and_o care_n of_o the_o trust_n by_o your_o lordship_n impose_v upon_o i_o but_o if_o my_o observation_n be_v not_o answerable_a to_o your_o lordship_n expectation_n i_o be_o hearty_o sorry_a yet_o you_o may_v see_v i_o have_v not_o be_v altogether_o idle_a nor_o will_v be_v more_o careless_a hereafter_o as_o occasion_n be_v offer_v then_o former_o i_o have_v be_v and_o shall_v in_o my_o northern_a news_n which_o be_v also_o now_o in_o collect_v make_v good_a what_o be_v omit_v and_o in_o confidence_n of_o your_o favourable_a acceptance_n hereof_o i_o rest_v your_o honour_n most_o humble_a servant_n d._n l._n the_o first_o scout_n discovery_n i_o come_v to_o dover_n in_o a_o flemish_a botom_n where_o after_o a_o day_n rest_n i_o go_v to_o see_v the_o castle_n but_o i_o be_v force_v to_o feign_v myself_o one_o of_o madam_n nurse_n kindred_n and_o speak_v nothing_o but_o french_a or_o else_o i_o have_v not_o be_v admit_v this_o castle_n be_v call_v the_o key_n of_o the_o land_n but_o it_o be_v grow_v rusty_a for_o want_n of_o exercise_n for_o most_o of_o the_o ordnance_n be_v dismount_v their_o carriage_n stand_v one_o half_a in_o the_o ground_n and_o the_o other_o out_o here_o lay_v one_o wheel_n and_o there_o lie_v another_o in_o the_o eastern_a outwork_n lie_v one_o piece_n all_o overgrow_a with_o grass_n and_o hard_a by_o that_o lie_v another_o along_o by_o the_o wall_n on_o two_o log_n of_o timber_n i_o wonder_v to_o see_v such_o a_o confusion_n in_o so_o eminent_a a_o place_n but_o i_o be_v tell_v that_o the_o last_o great_a wind_n be_v the_o cause_n thereof_o and_o if_o the_o lieutenant_n be_v once_o able_a to_o walk_v round_o the_o wall_n to_o see_v it_o all_o will_v be_v make_v good_a and_o mend_v but_o till_o than_o it_o must_v stand_v as_o it_o do_v their_o lord_n be_v at_o london_n to_o be_v cure_v of_o the_o gout_n the_o deputy_n lieutenant_n be_v at_o down_n see_v the_o king_n ship_n and_o most_o of_o the_o man_n be_v at_o bowl_n on_o the_o green_a beach_n i_o come_v down_o to_o the_o town_n and_o leave_v the_o castle_n with_o a_o memento_n to_o look_v to_o itself_o lest_o the_o french_a do_v it_o for_o they_o this_o i_o observe_v that_o if_o the_o french_a have_v be_v as_o provident_a as_o the_o dutch_a to_o have_v seat_v themselves_o in_o dover_n than_o the_o most_o christian_a king_n may_v have_v have_v this_o castle_n at_o his_o command_n and_o so_o may_v have_v be_v master_n of_o the_o narrow_a sea_n and_o have_v have_v calais_n and_o dover_n for_o two_o bulwark_n and_o block-house_n and_o so_o keep_v the_o dunkirk_n from_o domineer_a on_o the_o sea_n all_o the_o news_n i_o can_v learn_v here_o be_v that_o six_o of_o the_o king_n ship_n lay_v ready_a for_o a_o convoy_n of_o sixty_o vessel_n with_o provision_n for_o dunkirk_n the_o next_o day_n i_o come_v to_o canterbury_n where_o i_o go_v to_o view_v the_o glass_n window_n and_o see_v sir_n thomas_n a_o becket_n tomb_n to_o which_o the_o people_n have_v pray_v so_o often_o as_o they_o have_v make_v two_o hole_n in_o the_o stone_n with_o their_o knee_n the_o next_o day_n be_v sunday_n i_o go_v to_o hear_v a_o sermon_n where_o they_o say_v the_o archbishop_n of_o st._n andrew_n be_v to_o preach_v i_o be_v in_o amaze_n to_o see_v he_o there_o but_o the_o noise_n of_o the_o organ_n soon_o put_v i_o out_o of_o my_o dump_n now_o think_v i_o he_o be_v in_o his_o kingdom_n for_o he_o have_v dance_v a_o long_a time_n after_o this_o music_n when_o service_n be_v do_v i_o think_v to_o have_v hear_v he_o tell_v the_o people_n some_o news_n out_o of_o scotland_n but_o the_o old_a carl_n speak_v not_o one_o word_n thereof_o the_o next_o morning_n i_o take_v a_o charcoal_n and_o draw_v on_o the_o white_a wall_n in_o the_o church_n porch_n these_o three_o word_n archi_fw-la cant_n auli_n and_o so_o depart_v out_o of_o the_o town_n lest_o i_o shall_v have_v be_v apprehend_v for_o the_o author_n of_o it_o all_o the_o news_n that_o i_o can_v learn_v in_o the_o town_n be_v that_o the_o archbishop_n grace_n be_v too_o great_a to_o dwell_v among_o they_o that_o he_o love_v croyden_n better_a than_o christ-church_n that_o he_o have_v some_o engineer_n to_o see_v if_o they_o can_v remove_v christchurch_n to_o croyden_n by_o land_n or_o to_o lambeth_n by_o water_n for_o he_o mean_v it_o shall_v stoop_v to_o he_o and_o not_o he_o to_o it_o but_o lest_o it_o shall_v fall_v to_o be_v forfeit_v for_o non_fw-la residency_n he_o have_v put_v the_o other_o archbishop_n there_o for_o his_o deputy_n as_o i_o come_v through_o kent_n i_o see_v much_o muster_n and_o prepare_v of_o man_n and_o arm_n to_o send_v into_o scotland_n this_o have_v almost_o make_v a_o mutiny_n among_o they_o some_o say_v it_o be_v do_v purposely_o to_o weaken_v the_o country_n other_o say_v it_o be_v a_o ill_a example_n for_o other_o age_n and_o a_o old_a 88_o captain_n say_v they_o may_v well_o retain_v the_o name_n of_o kentish_a long-tayle_n but_o to_o be_v call_v any_o more_o man_n of_o kent_n they_o can_v not_o claim_v it_o as_o i_o come_v a_o long_a i_o see_v the_o king_n storehouse_n at_o chatham_n and_o some_o of_o the_o king_n ship_n which_o be_v of_o such_o bigness_n as_o a_o small_a ship_n may_v be_v build_v ere_o they_o can_v be_v rig_v and_o bring_v to_o the_o sea_n to_o do_v any_o service_n when_o i_o come_v to_o gravesend_n i_o see_v the_o great_a fleet_n ride_v in_o the_o hope_n ready_a to_o carry_v the_o marquess_n and_o his_o man_n for_o scotland_n but_o there_o fall_v out_o a_o foul_a fray_n between_o the_o parson_n of_o the_o parish_n and_o the_o purser_n for_o demand_v double_a duty_n for_o bury_v such_o soldier_n as_o die_v on_o shipboard_n on_o the_o way_n towards_o london_n i_o see_v stone-church_n which_o be_v burn_v down_o with_o thunder_n last_o winter_n and_o erith_n micham_n and_o many_o other_o church_n for_o all_o their_o high_a altar_n do_v not_o escape_v scot_n free_a the_o next_o sunday_n i_o go_v to_o lambeth_n to_o hear_v a_o sermon_n and_o see_v what_o form_n of_o worship_n be_v use_v there_o when_o i_o come_v i_o be_v in_o hope_n to_o have_v see_v the_o little_a good_a man_n of_o lambeth_n there_o but_o i_o see_v no_o such_o man_n in_o all_o the_o kirk_fw-mi for_o i_o can_v have_v ken_v he_o by_o his_o white_a sleeve_n from_o all_o the_o man_n there_o but_o i_o well_o wot_v there_o he_o be_v not_o i_o speerd_v for_o he_o and_o some_o say_a he_o be_v either_o at_o whitehall_n or_o somerset_n house_n other_o say_v that_o he_o be_v at_o home_n choose_v of_o a_o new_a churchwarden_n because_o the_o old_a one_o have_v present_v he_o for_o not_o come_v to_o kirk_n these_o 7._o year_n after_o preach_v be_v past_a i_o go_v up_o the_o river_n side_n to_o see_v guy_n faux_n his_o manor_n house_n the_o fatall_a house_n that_o ever_o be_v build_v for_o there_o be_v the_o plot_n lay_v and_o powder_v provide_v for_o blow_v up_o the_o prince_n and_o peer_n of_o the_o realm_n in_o the_o parliament_n house_n by_o the_o papist_n conspiracy_n there_o be_v the_o leather_n ordnance_n invent_v there_o be_v the_o white_a soap_n and_o blue_a starch_n first_o make_v there_o be_v the_o most_o part_n of_o the_o project_n and_o monopoly_n hatch_v which_o have_v so_o much_o trouble_v the_o whole_a kingdom_n there_o be_v a_o new_a rare_a invention_n late_o set_v on_o foot_n for_o blow_v up_o of_o castle_n and_o fort_n but_o for_o a_o conclusion_n it_o be_v first_o blow_v
displeasure_n 2._o that_o such_o soldier_n as_o use_v any_o unlawful_a game_n or_o cozen_v shall_v suffer_v imprisonment_n and_o such_o captain_n and_o commander_n as_o by_o the_o cog_n of_o a_o die_n can_v set_v forth_o whole_a troop_n of_o horse_n but_o lose_v their_o luck_n since_o they_o come_v from_o london_n shall_v likewise_o lose_v their_o credit_n in_o the_o camp_n and_o their_o colour_n in_o the_o field_n if_o they_o do_v not_o maintain_v their_o troop_n in_o the_o same_o manner_n they_o set_v they_o out_o 3._o item_n if_o any_o soldier_n learn_v or_o use_v more_o term_n of_o art_n in_o his_o exercise_n than_o his_o captain_n can_v teach_v he_o shall_v have_v three_o blow_n with_o a_o bastinado_n for_o his_o presumption_n 4._o item_n if_o any_o captain_n can_v understadd_v his_o colonel_n command_v he_o shall_v forfeit_v a_o goose_n for_o his_o slender_a judgement_n 5._o item_n that_o no_o sutler_n trust_v the_o soldier_n with_o too_o much_o meat_n for_o fear_v of_o surfeit_v upon_o pain_n of_o nonpayment_n thereof_o 6._o item_n if_o any_o trooper_n be_v keep_v short_a of_o his_o pay_n than_o it_o shall_v be_v lawful_a for_o he_o to_o sell_v his_o great_a cart_n horse_n and_o furniture_n and_o to_o fight_v on_o foot_n until_o by_o his_o valour_n he_o can_v get_v a_o galloway_n nag_n to_o ride_v upon_o 7_o item_n that_o no_o soldier_n set_v foot_n further_o in_o scotland_n than_o their_o general_n colonel_n or_o captain_n dare_v lead_v the_o way_n lest_o when_o they_o come_v to_o employment_n they_o be_v leave_v in_o the_o lurch_n 8._o item_n that_o whatsoever_o any_o soldier_n can_v bring_v away_o out_o of_o scotland_n without_o molestation_n he_o shall_v keep_v it_o to_o himself_o without_o any_o account_n render_v 9_o item_n that_o after_o the_o camp_n be_v break_v up_o that_o every_o man_n that_o have_v not_o money_n to_o bear_v his_o charge_n home_o shall_v have_v licence_n to_o beg_v into_o his_o country_n and_o if_o the_o people_n charity_n will_v not_o supply_v he_o than_o it_o shall_v be_v lawful_a for_o he_o to_o take_v what_o he_o can_v by_o way_n of_o borrow_v with_o promise_n of_o repayment_n the_o next_o northern_a journey_n 10._o that_o if_o any_o sluggish_a soldier_n get_v nothing_o by_o his_o journey_n in_o this_o expedition_n he_o shall_v at_o his_o return_n lie_v three_o night_n in_o the_o savoy_n in_o a_o straw_n bed_n and_o at_o his_o departure_n have_v three_o louse_n for_o his_o labour_n if_o he_o bring_v none_o with_o he_o by_o authority_n under_o his_o excellency_n hereby_o you_o may_v perceive_v there_o be_v no_o great_a unity_n in_o the_o camp_n but_o there_o be_v far_o less_o edge_n in_o the_o kingdom_n towards_o this_o action_n for_o take_v this_o for_o a_o general_a observation_n throughout_o england_n that_o many_o of_o the_o best_a nobility_n and_o prime_a gentry_n a_o commonalty_n be_v well_o wisher_n to_o the_o cause_n albeit_o they_o be_v not_o open_o see_v in_o it_o so_o as_o i_o may_v true_o tell_v you_o that_o though_o nature_n have_v provide_v two_o hand_n to_o one_o heart_n yet_o god_n have_v prepare_v two_o heart_n to_o pray_v for_o you_o for_o one_o hand_n that_o be_v to_o fight_v against_o you_o that_o the_o most_o of_o the_o common_a soldier_n in_o the_o camp_n be_v such_o as_o care_v not_o who_o loose_a so_o they_o get_v be_v mere_a atheist_n and_o barbarous_a in_o their_o resolution_n and_o indeed_o they_o be_v the_o very_a scum_n of_o the_o kingdom_n such_o as_o their_o friend_n have_v send_v out_o to_o be_v rid_v of_o who_o care_v not_o if_o both_o kingdom_n be_v on_o fire_n so_o they_o may_v share_v the_o spoil_n upon_o this_o i_o think_v good_a to_o try_v if_o i_o can_v take_v off_o the_o edge_n of_o their_o fury_n by_o make_v a_o quere_n of_o the_o quarrel_n and_o a_o declaration_n of_o your_o intention_n by_o the_o verse_n follow_v which_o i_o put_v up_o under_o the_o order_n english_a what_o will_v you_o fight_v for_o a_o book_n of_o common_a prayer_n what_o will_v you_o fight_v for_o a_o court_n of_o high_a commission_n what_o will_v you_o fight_v for_o a_o mitre_n guild_v fair_a or_o to_o maintain_v the_o prelate_n proud_a ambition_n what_o will_v you_o get_v you_o must_v not_o wear_v the_o mitre_n what_o will_v you_o get_v you_o know_v we_o be_v not_o rich_a what_o will_v you_o get_v your_o yoke_n will_v be_v no_o light_a for_o when_o we_o be_v slay_v this_o rod_n come_v on_o your_o breech_n scot_n we_o fight_v to_o have_v our_o true_a religion_n stand_v we_o fight_v to_o keep_v our_o law_n unvilify_v we_o fight_v to_o preserve_v our_o life_n and_o land_n our_o only_a ayme_n to_o beat_v down_o prelate_n pride_n our_o king_n be_v wise_a and_o so_o we_o hope_v he_o will_v hear_v we_o our_o cause_n be_v good_a we_o will_v seal_v it_o with_o our_o blood_n our_o conscience_n that_o do_v perfect_a witness_n bear_v we_o that_o what_o we_o do_v be_v for_o the_o general_a good_a then_o learn_v in_o time_n to_o ease_v your_o heavy_a state_n lest_o one_o day_n you_o repent_v when_o it_o be_v too_o late_a the_o next_o morning_n these_o verse_n be_v take_v down_o and_o carry_v to_o the_o general_n who_o give_v order_n for_o apprehend_v the_o author_n but_o mumbudget_n for_o i_o and_o about_o noon_n a_o comptroller_n come_v and_o put_v up_o a_o answer_n to_o they_o as_o follow_v thou_o rebel_n scot_n we_o fear_v thou_o not_o our_o quarrel_n be_v to_o fight_v lashley_n we_o will_v lash_v dear_a sandy_a slash_n and_o douglas_n put_v to_o flight_n by_o king_n command_n we_o have_v your_o land_n as_o soon_o as_o you_o be_v slay_v then_o with_o all_o speed_n we_o will_v do_v the_o deed_n else_o call_v the_o bragger_n vane_n by_o authority_n by_o this_o you_o may_v perceive_v they_o think_v it_o a_o win_a game_n yet_o i_o see_v no_o miracle_n they_o have_v do_v since_o they_o go_v out_o only_o i_o observe_v a_o wonder_n that_o be_v to_o see_v their_o pride_n and_o patience_n have_v agree_v so_o long_o together_o expect_v a_o end_n of_o this_o action_n that_o i_o see_v the_o regiment_n of_o giant_n send_v out_o of_o yorkshire_n under_o the_o command_n of_o don_n quicksot_n who_o threaten_v that_o after_o they_o have_v carbonado_v the_o scot_n like_v so_o many_o capon_n than_o sanco_n panco_n his_o page_n shall_v cut_v off_o their_o head_n and_o carry_v they_o to_o the_o prelate_n for_o a_o present_a but_o the_o enterprise_n will_v prove_v worse_o than_o the_o windmill_n be_v that_o the_o three_o day_n after_o all_o the_o force_n be_v draw_v into_o battalion_n where_o the_o welsh-man_n have_v the_o vanguard_n the_o irish_a the_o rear_n and_o the_o english_a the_o main_a battle_n and_o the_o papist_n be_v purposely_o backward_o place_v to_o see_v that_o none_o forsake_v their_o colour_n and_o the_o bishop_n can_v willing_o have_v desire_v to_o bear_v the_o banner_n but_o that_o they_o fear_v their_o white_a sleeve_n be_v such_o fair_a mark_n and_o the_o scot_n such_o good_a marksman_n as_o they_o can_v not_o miss_v they_o that_o when_o the_o muster_n roll_n be_v cast_v up_o of_o their_o 100000._o english_a 20000_o spaniard_n 20000_o irish_a 20000_o welsh_a 20000_o dane_n and_o 20000_o choice_a cotholikes_n it_o be_v find_v in_fw-la toto_fw-la not_o above_o 1600_o if_o i_o be_v mistake_v in_o the_o number_n london_n news_n mislead_v i_o now_o if_o all_o these_o with_o the_o help_n of_o three_o border_a county_n after_o three_o day_n battery_n with_o the_o great_a ordinance_n and_o three_o month_n labour_n of_o the_o engineer_n can_v make_v a_o breech_n big_a enough_o for_o the_o general_n greatness_n to_o enter_v edinburgh_n and_o cut_v off_o all_o the_o covenanter_n than_o they_o mean_v to_o take_v a_o other_o course_n with_o you_o viz._n first_o they_o mean_v cunning_o under_o the_o colour_n of_o a_o parley_n to_o catch_v you_o in_o a_o pursenet_n and_o if_o that_o fail_n than_o they_o mean_v to_o yield_v to_o a_o parliament_n and_o in_o the_o interim_n possess_v themselves_o of_o all_o the_o strong_a castle_n and_o then_o on_o the_o sudden_a to_o catch_v you_o all_o nap_v as_o moss_n catch_v his_o mare_n but_o if_o your_o wisdom_n do_v prevent_v that_o than_o they_o mean_v to_o starve_v you_o by_o land_n and_o by_o sea_n for_o which_o purpose_n the_o marquess_n have_v surround_v the_o sea_n and_o have_v enter_v the_o frith_n where_o like_o swallow_n after_o fly_n he_o will_v so_o fight_v with_o the_o fisher-boat_n as_o you_o shall_v not_o have_v a_o whiting_n a_o haddock_n nor_o a_o herring_n to_o relieve_v you_o and_o all_o the_o frontier_n town_n between_o carlisle_n and_o barwick_n shall_v be_v lay_v full_a of_o soldier_n to_o keep_v you_o from_o catch_v any_o thing_n out_o of_o england_n but_o here_o be_v your_o comfort_n winter_n will_v come_v and_o then_o our_o rough_a rock_n and_o shelvy_a sea_n will_v force_v the_o ship_n to_o retire_v homeward_o and_o our_o cold_a climate_n will_v quick_o cool_v their_o courage_n if_o they_o continue_v their_o intend_a course_n that_o upon_o the_o first_o of_o june_n news_n be_v bring_v to_o the_o english_a camp_n that_o all_o the_o scots_a army_n be_v blow_v as_o far_o as_o edinburgh_n with_o the_o wind_n of_o the_o last_o proclamation_n whereupon_o order_n be_v give_v for_o a_o inroade_a into_o scotland_n within_o two_o day_n after_o think_v to_o have_v take_v in_o the_o two_o market_n town_n of_o kelsey_n and_o duns_n but_o they_o prove_v dunce_n in_o their_o design_n for_o they_o go_v fierce_o on_o the_o monday_n morning_n as_o some_o of_o their_o commander_n have_v put_v on_o periwig_n instead_o of_o helmet_n and_o the_o rest_n have_v no_o time_n to_o take_v their_o leaf_n of_o their_o friend_n but_o hasty_o march_v with_o such_o a_o fury_n that_o they_o raise_v such_o a_o dust_n with_o their_o fifteen_o hundred_o horse_n and_o 3000._o foot_n nota._n that_o they_o be_v almost_o choke_v with_o it_o but_o when_o they_o come_v towards_o kelsey_n there_o appear_v 400._o horse_n on_o the_o top_n of_o a_o hill_n whereupon_o the_o english_a commander_n give_v order_n for_o a_o charge_n which_o the_o other_o perceive_v retire_v down_o the_o hill_n on_o the_o other_o side_n and_o then_o wheel_v about_o with_o a_o foot_n army_n they_o encompass_v the_o english_a army_n round_o about_o ere_o they_o know_v of_o it_o and_o after_o some_o small_a pause_n on_o the_o business_n a_o trumpeter_n be_v send_v to_o the_o scot_n to_o submit_v who_o return_v answer_v that_o if_o they_o mean_v to_o fight_v they_o shall_v see_v their_o submission_n and_o demand_v of_o the_o english_a the_o cause_n of_o their_o come_n to_o invade_v they_o in_o such_o hostile_a manner_n who_o reply_v that_o they_o come_v out_o to_o see_v how_o the_o scot_n market_n be_v furnish_v with_o flesh_n for_o the_o english_a soldier_n be_v almost_o surfeit_v with_o eat_v of_o fresh_a salmon_n to_o which_o a_o scot_n captain_n reply_v most_o gentle_a general_n our_o market_n be_v well_o store_v with_o provision_n and_o if_o you_o will_v but_o take_v the_o pain_n to_o march_v into_o our_o market_n with_o your_o army_n you_o may_v see_v almost_o 5000._o english_a calf_n which_o our_o friend_n have_v send_v we_o for_o a_o prey_n this_o morning_n but_o we_o never_o mean_v to_o hurt_v they_o but_o intend_v to_o send_v they_o safe_a back_n again_o for_o a_o present_a to_o his_o majesty_n as_o a_o token_n of_o our_o loyalty_n to_o he_o and_o our_o love_n towards_o you_o when_o the_o english_a have_v consider_v how_o the_o case_n stand_v with_o they_o they_o fall_v to_o a_o parley_n and_o part_v love_v friend_n and_o so_o sound_v a_o retreat_n and_o return_v homeward_o again_o every_o man_n carry_v in_o his_o hand_n instead_o of_o a_o rosemary_n branch_n the_o emblem_n of_o death_n a_o olive_n branch_n the_o emblem_n of_o peace_n all_o of_o they_o sing_v fight_v who_o will_v we_o will_v not_o draw_v our_o sword_n against_o those_o that_o for_o bad_a deed_n return_v good_a word_n we_o find_v their_o love_n and_o know_v they_o mean_v no_o ill_a then_o let_v we_o shake_v hand_n be_v friend_n and_o brethren_n still_o when_o the_o english_a army_n see_v their_o fellow_n return_v in_o this_o manner_n it_o cause_v a_o great_a confusion_n among_o they_o but_o when_o they_o true_o understand_v the_o matter_n let_v we_o have_v peace_n let_v we_o have_v peace_n the_o most_o cry_v with_o the_o news_n i_o be_v so_o far_o overjoy_v that_o i_o come_v post_v to_o your_o lordship_n to_o tell_v you_o the_o same_o who_o wisdom_n can_v well_o tell_v how_o to_o take_v the_o opportunity_n offer_v for_o the_o peace_n and_o prosperity_n of_o this_o kirk_fw-mi and_o kingdom_n the_o welfare_n whereof_o be_v the_o hearty_a desire_n of_o he_o who_o have_v adventure_v himself_o to_o bring_v your_o lordship_n these_o few_o intelligence_n finis_fw-la pryn._n burton_n bastmick_n baker_n carter_n english_a scot_n nota._n
country_n man_n go_v to_o dinner_n where_o i_o be_v relate_v my_o read_n journey_n and_o news_n whereupon_o one_o of_o they_o pull_v a_o paper_n out_o of_o his_o pocket_n say_v now_o by_o your_o relation_n i_o understand_v the_o meaning_n of_o my_o verse_n which_o be_v bestow_v on_o i_o and_o before_o now_o i_o do_v not_o well_o know_v what_o they_o mean_v a_o copy_n whereof_o he_o give_v i_o to_o end_v my_o discovery_n withal_o which_o be_v as_o follow_v the_o king_n want_v coin_n the_o bishop_n blood_n the_o church_n be_v change_v none_o dare_v do_v good_a the_o three_o chief_a art_n in_o all_o the_o land_n in_o pillory_n at_o once_o do_v stand_v the_o welsh_a may_v run_v the_o english_a ride_n to_o kill_v the_o scot_n for_o prelate_n pride_n which_o make_v man_n cry_v and_o curse_v that_o age_n hatch_v little_a laud_n betwixt_o stock_n and_o cage_n the_o intelligencer_n own_o discovery_n at_o my_o first_o come_n to_o london_n i_o hear_v little_a news_n of_o any_o scots_a grievance_n but_o within_o a_o little_a while_n after_o when_o i_o see_v burton_n bastwick_n and_o pryn_n promote_v to_o the_o pillory_n for_o speak_v against_o the_o power_n of_o the_o prelate_n than_o i_o begin_v to_o smell_v a_o fox_n they_o rejoice_v as_o much_o in_o their_o suffering_n as_o their_o adversary_n do_v in_o their_o sentence_n but_o because_o they_o shall_v not_o prate_v nor_o talk_v to_o one_o another_o as_o they_o do_v when_o they_o stand_v in_o the_o pillory_n therefore_o they_o be_v send_v first_o into_o three_o several_a castle_n in_o three_o remote_a county_n and_o afterwards_o remove_v to_o three_o several_a land_n every_o one_o of_o they_o at_o their_o departure_n from_o the_o pillory_n to_o their_o prison_n make_v two_o verse_n pryn._n triumph_v i_o return_v my_o face_n discrye_v laud_n scorch_v scar_n god_n grateful_a sacrifice_n burton_n a_o painful_a pastor_n i_o have_v be_v my_o flock_n i_o true_o feed_v and_o now_o in_o honour_n of_o christ_n cause_n my_o blood_n i_o free_o shed_v physician_n be_v for_o soul_n and_o body_n and_o lawyer_n for_o the_o state_n bastmick_n all_o here_o now_o have_v lose_v their_o blood_n to_o please_v a_o proud_a prelate_n the_o next_o term_n after_o this_o the_o bishop_n of_o lincoln_n come_v to_o his_o sentence_n in_o the_o star-chamber_n where_o he_o receive_v a_o sharp_a censure_n but_o he_o may_v thank_v himself_o for_o it_o in_o keep_v two_o prime_a place_n in_o his_o hand_n when_o other_o want_v preferment_n but_o he_o stand_v too_o much_o upon_o his_o trump_n think_v that_o king_n james_n his_o patent_n have_v be_v now_o as_o good_a as_o when_o he_o have_v they_o alas_o good_a man_n though_o he_o be_v a_o great_a scholar_n not_o a_o better_a in_o the_o kingdom_n yet_o he_o have_v forget_v the_o little_a man_n motto_n sic_fw-la volo_fw-la sic_fw-la jubeo_fw-la the_o original_a cause_n of_o this_o be_v never_o hear_v but_o this_o i_o learn_v that_o two_o flesh_n fly_v have_v feed_v at_o his_o table_n for_o a_o long_a time_n together_o have_v purposely_o lay_v a_o train_n to_o entrap_v he_o and_o then_o they_o combine_v with_o one_o kilvert_n a_o cannibal_n who_o have_v devour_v his_o own_o master_n sir_n john_n bennet_n undertake_v to_o do_v the_o like_a with_o he_o and_o have_v hunt_v he_o so_o hard_o that_o the_o tower_n be_v become_v his_o tabernacle_n where_o he_o be_v like_a to_o remain_v unless_o he_o will_v pull_v off_o his_o mitre_n and_o give_v it_o for_o his_o ransom_n long_o he_o have_v not_o lie_v there_o ere_o he_o be_v rouse_v up_o again_o for_o a_o second_o course_n pretend_v that_o he_o have_v give_v a_o false_a exposition_n on_o the_o great_a leviathan_n false_a mediator_n and_o the_o like_a whereupon_o through_o the_o mean_n of_o a_o false_a steward_n a_o faithless_a secretary_n and_o a_o foolish_a scribe_n he_o be_v actaeon-like_a pull_v down_o with_o his_o own_o hound_n which_o he_o have_v feed_v at_o his_o trencher_n in_o his_o prosperity_n but_o have_v now_o fall_v upon_o himself_o in_o his_o adversity_n yet_o his_o own_o patience_n and_o the_o people_n prayer_n may_v one_o day_n be_v a_o comfort_n to_o he_o that_o when_o the_o news_n come_v first_o of_o the_o trouble_n in_o scotland_n archie_n the_o king_n fool_n be_v question_v for_o something_o against_o the_o prelate_n who_o he_o think_v be_v the_o cause_n of_o it_o for_o which_o he_o have_v be_v have_v up_o in_o the_o star-chamber_n but_o that_o the_o fool_n tell_v they_o he_o will_v plead_v the_o privilege_n of_o his_o coat_n for_o quoth_v he_o if_o neither_o fool_n nor_o wife_n man_n must_v escape_v this_o court_n i_o will_v be_v neither_o but_o for_o all_o this_o archie_n can_v not_o escape_v scot_n free_a for_o he_o be_v lead_v to_o the_o porter_n lodge_n where_o albeit_o he_o find_v favour_n in_o his_o lash_n yet_o he_o lose_v both_o his_o coat_n and_o his_o place_n by_o it_o that_o about_o a_o week_n after_o i_o meet_v archie_n at_o the_o abbey_n all_o in_o black_a alas_o poor_a fool_n think_v i_o he_o mourn_v for_o his_o country_n i_o ask_v he_o about_o his_o coat_n o_o quoth_v he_o my_o lord_n of_o canterbury_n have_v take_v it_o from_o i_o because_o either_o he_o or_o some_o of_o the_o scots_a bishop_n may_v have_v use_n for_o it_o themselves_o but_o he_o have_v give_v i_o a_o black_a coat_n for_o it_o to_o colour_v my_o knavery_n with_o and_o now_o i_o may_v speak_v what_o i_o please_v so_o it_o be_v not_o against_o the_o prelate_n for_o this_o coat_n have_v a_o far_o great_a privilege_n than_o the_o other_o have_v when_o i_o hear_v he_o say_v so_o albeit_o think_v i_o a_o fool_n bolt_n be_v soon_o shoot_v yet_o perhaps_o he_o may_v hit_v the_o mark_n whereupon_o i_o go_v and_o buy_v i_o a_o canonical_a coat_n and_o put_v myself_o into_o a_o arminian_n habit_n which_o have_v keep_v i_o free_a from_o danger_n then_o if_o i_o have_v be_v all_o clad_v in_o buff_n that_o about_o christmas_n last_o all_o the_o passage_n of_o your_o assembly_n be_v present_v to_o the_o king_n and_o all_o the_o name_n of_o the_o lord_n and_o other_o that_o have_v subscribe_v the_o covenant_n or_o consent_v to_o the_o put_n down_o of_o the_o prelate_n be_v give_v in_o whereupon_o a_o convocation_n of_o the_o clergy_n of_o england_n be_v once_o resolve_v to_o be_v call_v and_o to_o have_v the_o matter_n dispute_v but_o the_o bishop_n be_v busy_a and_o can_v not_o attend_v it_o and_o advise_v that_o ipso_fw-la facto_fw-la you_o shall_v be_v proclaim_v rebel_n and_o all_o your_o land_n shall_v be_v confiscate_v to_o the_o king_n which_o make_v some_o of_o the_o courtier_n mouth_n so_o water_n in_o hope_n of_o a_o lordship_n that_o they_o look_v as_o if_o they_o have_v be_v trouble_v with_o the_o scurvy_a that_o about_o candlemas_n the_o news_n be_v nothing_o but_o war_n and_o that_o the_o king_n will_v go_v in_o person_n into_o scotland_n and_o have_v promise_v to_o gratify_v those_o that_o adventure_v with_o they_o for_o cut_v off_o the_o covenanter_n and_o therefore_o to_o make_v they_o the_o more_o contemptible_a to_o the_o english_a proclamation_n 〈◊〉_d make_v in_o all_o market_n town_n and_o read_v in_o all_o church_n that_o you_o be_v base_a fawn_a fellow_n and_o people_n of_o break_a fortune_n and_o will_v fain_o repair_v your_o ruin_a estate_n by_o the_o spoil_n of_o the_o good_a subject_n of_o england_n which_o proclamation_n notwithstanding_o the_o fair_a and_o true_a declaration_n of_o your_o intention_n so_o animate_v many_o of_o they_o as_o like_o hog_n in_o the_o wind_n they_o run_v on_o but_o know_v not_o whither_o to_o fight_v but_o know_v not_o for_o what_o hope_v to_o be_v reward_v but_o know_v not_o when_o and_o they_o may_v return_v but_o know_v not_o how_o that_o of_o late_a every_o man_n at_o london_n have_v be_v in_o his_o humour_n the_o courtier_n be_v learning_n how_o to_o toss_v tennis_n ball_n instead_o of_o bullet_n the_o captain_n be_v prepare_v to_o see_v the_o tragedy_n of_o traitor_n the_o clergy_n be_v study_v a_o masque_n for_o a_o mitre_n the_o ministry_n be_v draw_v the_o map_n of_o misery_n the_o jesuit_n be_v at_o wily_a baguilie_o and_o the_o scots_a bishop_n be_v at_o boe_n peep_v with_o the_o kirk_n that_o one_o day_n i_o go_v to_o see_v the_o tower_n which_o be_v new_o rapair_v there_o be_v forty_o new_a bed_n and_o lodging_n provide_v for_o entertainment_n of_o the_o scots_a traitor_n well_o let_v i_o advise_v you_o to_o look_v to_o yourselves_o for_o if_o ever_o you_o be_v lodge_v there_o the_o next_o news_n after_o will_v be_v your_o come_n out_o to_o tower-hill_n where_o either_o your_o head_n must_v lop_v or_o your_o crag_n crack_v i_o come_v home_o by_o the_o custom_n house_n where_o there_o be_v