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cause_n great_a place_n see_v 2,893 5 3.1798 3 true
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B03239 An elegie on the never to be forgotten Sir Thomas Armstrong Knight; executed for conspiring the death of His most sacred Majesty, and royal brother, June 20. 1684. With some satyrical reflections on the whole faction. 1684 (1684) Wing E431; Interim Tract Supplement Guide C.20.f.3[4]; ESTC R34872 1,668 1 View Text
B03240 An elegie on the never to be forgotten Sir Thomas Armstrong Knight; executed for conspiring the death of his most sacred Majesty, and royal brother, June 20. 1684. With some satyrical reflections on the whole faction. 1684 (1684) Wing E431A; ESTC R171917 1,699 1 View Text
A26606 General Monck's last letter to His Excellency the Lord Fleetwood declaring his resolution to send Col. Wilkes, Lieut. Col. Clobery, Major Knight, by way of treaty, in order to a happy union between the two armies of England and Scotland : with two other letters from persons of honour, signifying great hopes of peace, and a prohibition of either armies proceeding any further in their march.; Last letter to His Excellency the Lord Fleetwood Albemarle, George Monck, Duke of, 1608-1670.; Clarges, Thomas, Sir, d. 1695.; Talbot, Thomas, 17th cent.; Pearson, John, of Newcastle. 1659 (1659) Wing A846; ESTC R17976 1,731 8 View Text
A63506 A True description of a treacherous plot intended against this kingdome by the Lord Digby and his asistants at Sherborne in the county of Dorset with the exact number of armes, muskets, pikes and barrels of gunpowder, to the number of two hundred by him hid and contrived in an old cellar belonging to the Lord George his father : with the manner how and by what accident it came to bee descried : as also how the steward of his house being examined and found faultring in his speech was committed to prison where hee yet remaineth. 1642 (1642) Wing T2673; ESTC R9136 2,364 7 View Text
A25981 A votive table, consecrated to the Church's deliverers, the present King and Queen by Edm. Arwaker ... Arwaker, Edmund, d. 1730. 1689 (1689) Wing A3915; ESTC R23309 2,691 8 View Text
A81610 Don Pedro de Quixot, or in English the right reverend Hugh Peters. 1660 (1660) Wing D1845; Thomason 669.f.25[62]; ESTC R212515 3,137 1 View Text
B02149 [The speech of ...] who was shot to death in the Isle of Man, [the 2. of Jan. 1662] 1662 (1662) Wing C3937B; ESTC R233462 3,475 1 View Text
A77278 An English-mans fundamentall appeale. Or, The third humble petiton and addresse of Captain William Bray Bray, William, 17th cent. 1659 (1659) Wing B4301A; ESTC R231103 3,628 4 View Text
A16801 A true description of vnthankfulnesse: or an enemie to ingratitude. Compiled by Nicholas Breton Gent Breton, Nicholas, 1545?-1626? 1602 (1602) STC 3703; ESTC S116188 4,001 15 View Text
A53889 The exclames of Rhodopæa to the lamentable death of the most noble Marquess of Montrose together with a reflection to his most honourable exequies in the great church of Edinburgh / written formerly, and now published at his honourable interment. J. M. O. 1661 (1661) Wing O9B; ESTC R41378 5,113 17 View Text
B03143 The reward of the wicked, preached in a sermon at Linfield in Sussex, and published at the request of some well disposed Christians. / By Humphrey Everenden. Everinden, Humphrey. 1696 (1696) Wing E3545A; ESTC R176798 5,164 15 View Text
A65565 A full account of the great and terrible earthquake in Germany, Hungary and Turky Which was one of the greatest and most dreadful earthquakes that ever was in the world. With a most exact and particular account of the terrible eruptions of fire, conflagration of mountains, devastation of whole towns and villages. As also a learned discourse of the nature, causes and kinds of earthquakes: with a view of all the several opinions of the most eminent philosophers in the world, as well ancient as modern. To which is annexed, Some reflections and probable conjectures of the consequents and significations of this calamious accident. Written in Dutch by the excellent pen of Leopold Wettersteint de Hodenstein: and translated into English by Rich. Alcock Gent. Wettersteint, Leopold, de Hodenstein.; Alcock, Richard. 1673 (1673) Wing W1523A; ESTC R222588 5,303 21 View Text
A02445 The beautie of the remarkable yeare of Grace, 1638 The yeare of the great Covenant of Scotland. T. H., fl. 1638. 1638 (1638) STC 12578; ESTC S103591 6,145 16 View Text
A60454 The vision of Humphrey Smith, which he saw concerning London, in the fifth month, in the year 1660 being not long after her King came to her. Smith, Humphrey, d. 1663. 1660 (1660) Wing S4084; ESTC R15012 6,244 8 View Text
A83951 Englands complaint, or the church her lamentation, pittifully bemoaning her selfe to her children, to move them to compassionate her, now in this troublesome time, and to bring them to a mutuall agreement and reconciliation. 1642 (1642) Wing E2952; Thomason E118_47; ESTC R11341 6,357 9 View Text
A31555 Sylla's ghost a satyr against ambition and the last horrid plot. C. C. 1683 (1683) Wing C300aA; ESTC R5627 6,750 17 View Text
A03242 Porta pietatis, or, The port or harbour of piety Exprest in sundry triumphes, pageants, and showes, at the initiation of the Right Honourable Sir Maurice Abbot Knight, into the Majoralty of the famous and farre renowned city London. All the charge and expence of the laborious projects both by water and land, being the sole undertaking of the Right Worshipfull Company of the Drapers. Written by Thomas Heywood. Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641. 1638 (1638) STC 13359; ESTC S104071 7,653 22 View Text
A81488 An oration of Agrippa to Octavius Cæsar Augustus, against monarchy. Taken out of the LII. book of Dion the philosopher, Cælius, S.C. being the interpreter. Printed at Basil after the end of Nichol. Machiavels Prince, anno M.D.XXC. / And now put into English by A.R. Cassius Dio Cocceianus.; A. R.; Agrippa, Marcus Vipsanius. 1658 (1658) Wing D1503B; Thomason E972_3; ESTC R207746 8,407 12 View Text
A18767 A warning for the wise, a feare to the fond, a bridle to the lewde, and a glasse to the good Written of the late earthquake chanced in London and other places, the. 6. of April 1580. for the glorie of God, and benefite of men that warely can walke, and wisely can iudge. Set forth in verse and prose, by Thomas Churchyard Gentleman. Seen and allowed. Churchyard, Thomas, 1520?-1604. 1580 (1580) STC 5259; ESTC S105093 9,563 30 View Text
A34007 The cause of England's misery, or, A brief account of the corrupt practice of the law humbly offer'd to the consideration of the Lords spiritual and temporal, and Commons in Parliament assembled. Collins, Richard. 1698 (1698) Wing C5384; ESTC R37652 9,714 15 View Text
A38666 Essex's excellency, or, The gallantry of the freeholders of that country being a short account of the brave British behaviour of those worthy freeholders, in the choice of their knights to serve in the next Parliament : together with the truly noble Lord Gray his speech at the close of their choice / published by an eye-witness of their most noble courage for the example of their neighbouring counties. Eye-witness of their most noble courage for the example of their neighbouring counties. 1679 (1679) Wing E3343; ESTC R10510 9,790 10 View Text
A03002 Three precious teares of blood, flowing from the wounded harts of three great French ladies In memory, of the vertues, complaint of the losse, and execration of the murther, of that thrice-worthy monarch, Henry the Great. Now shed againe in English. To three of the most excellent among the excellentest ladies of this little world, and of the greatest. Loiseau de Tourval, Jean.; Niccols, Richard, 1584-1616, attributed name. 1611 (1611) STC 13142; ESTC S106094 10,850 35 View Text
A31168 The prodigals pilgrimage a poem wherein is contained all the remarkable passages occurring from his birth to his return. R. C. 1698 (1698) Wing C112; ESTC R5668 11,223 34 View Text
A95018 A true coppie of the declaration published at Sanqhair upon the tenth day of August 1692 1693 (1693) Wing T2642; ESTC R229925 11,845 14 View Text
A29266 The excellency of primitive government in a sermon preach'd at Guild-Hall Chappel at the election of this present Lord Mayor / by Henry Bagshaw ... Bagshaw, Henry, 1632-1709. 1673 (1673) Wing B430; ESTC R16670 12,134 40 View Text
A59592 Certaine plaine and easie demonstrations of divers easie wayes and meanes for the improving of any manner of barren land ... published for the increasing of the wealth and prosperitie of the nation, and the benefit of the poore, and all of those as are owners of any barren land. Sha., J., 17th cent. 1657 (1657) Wing S3021; ESTC R17832 14,668 25 View Text
A44626 A memorial delivered to His Majesty by the Honourable Edward Howard and Bernard Howard of Norfolk, the 16th day of November, 1676, of what they demand from their brother the Right Honourable Henry, Earl Marsha11 of England wiih [sic] the grounds and reasons of and for their said demands. Howard, Edward.; Howard, Bernard.; Norfolk, Henry Howard, Duke of, 1628-1684.; MacDonnel, Alexander. 1677 (1677) Wing H2970; ESTC R36005 14,693 8 View Text
A21132 Two tales, translated out of Ariosto: the one in dispraise of men, the other in disgrace of women. VVith certaine other Italian stanzas and prouerbs. By R.T. gentleman Ariosto, Lodovico, 1474-1533.; Tofte, Robert, 1561-1620. 1597 (1597) STC 749; ESTC S114456 15,396 32 View Text
A09497 Here begynneth a ryght profytable treatyse co[m]pendiously drawen out of many [and] dyuers wrytynges of holy men, to dyspose men to be vertuously occupyed in theyr myndes [and] prayers Betson, Thomas. 1500 (1500) STC 1978; ESTC S110939 15,744 36 View Text
A25856 Humble praise, offered up in the publick solemnity, June the 28th 1660 being a day of thanksgiving for His Majesties happy restauration / by T.A. ... T. A. (Thomas Arnold) 1660 (1660) Wing A3733; ESTC R10901 16,494 29 View Text
A17651 An epistle both of Godly consolacion and also of aduertisement written by Iohn Caluine the pastour & preacher of Geneua, to the right noble prince Edvvarde Duke of Somerset, before the tyme or knoweledge had of his trouble, but delyuered to the sayde Duke, in the time of his trouble, and so translated out of frenshe by the same Duke. Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564.; Somerset, Edward Seymour, Duke of, 1506?-1552. 1550 (1550) STC 4407; ESTC S118174 16,566 68 View Text
A26153 The power of charity to cover sin a sermon preach'd before the President and Governors of Bridewell and Bethlehem, in Bridewell-Chapel, August xvi, 1694, being the election-day / by Francis Atterbvry ... Atterbury, Francis, 1662-1732. 1694 (1694) Wing A4150; ESTC R22865 16,602 27 View Text
A44448 Milton's Paradise lost imitated in rhyme, in the fourth, sixth and ninth books containing The primitive loves, The battel of the angels, The fall of man / by Mr. John Hopkins. Hopkins, John, fl. 1700.; Milton, John, 1608-1674. Paradise lost. 1699 (1699) Wing H2747; ESTC R20726 16,652 74 View Text
A31229 An account of the present war between the Venetians & Turk with the state of Candie (in a letter to the king, from Venice) / by the Earl of Castlemaine. Castlemaine, Roger Palmer, Earl of, 1634-1705. 1666 (1666) Wing C1239; ESTC R7289 17,121 117 View Text
A31110 A sermon preached at St. Mary le Bow before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen, on Wednesday the 16th of July being the fast day by Samuel Barton. Barton, Samuel, 1647 or 8-1715. 1690 (1690) Wing B991; ESTC R16055 17,246 41 View Text
A31846 A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, aldermen, and citizens of London at the Church of St. Mary le Bow, September the second, 1684, being the anniversary fast for the dreadful fire in the year 1666 by Benjamin Calamy ... Calamy, Benjamin, 1642-1686. 1685 (1685) Wing C219; ESTC R5723 17,267 37 View Text
A00634 A brief treatise vpon the first table of the lavve orderly disposing the principles of religion, whereby we may examine our selues. Written by Maister Dudley Fenner, Minister of the Gospell. Fenner, Dudley, 1558?-1587. 1588 (1588) STC 10768; ESTC S118184 18,681 46 View Text
A53758 Charls triumphant, &c. Oxinden, Henry, 1609-1670. 1660 (1660) Wing O840; ESTC R222637 19,015 67 View Text
A65022 A vindication of Mr. VVeld wherein, the case between him and his opposers, is truely stated, and the church-way of Christ soberly asserted. In answer to the aspersions most unworthily cast upon him by Mr. James Cole, Tho: Potts, Tho: Arrowsmith, George Johnson, and Ralph Clavering, (an ill recompence of all his faithfull endeavours for their eternall good) and themselves manifested to the world what spirits they are of. By a friend to truth, and an enemy to lyes. By a friend to truth, and an enemy to lyes. 1658 (1658) Wing V484; ESTC R219234 19,875 30 View Text
A28167 A lamentation over England and faithful warning to the inhabitants thereof by William Bingley. Bingley, William, 1651-1715. 1682 (1682) Wing B2920; ESTC R25929 19,983 29 View Text
A00297 A plaine and true relation, of the going forth of a Holland fleete the eleuenth of Nouember 1623, to the coast of Brasile With the taking in of Saluedoe, and the chiefe occurrences falling out there, in the time of the Hollanders continuance therein. As also, the comming of the Spanish armado to Saluedoe, with the beleaguering of it ... And also, the base deliuery vp of the said towne ... Lastly, the reasons and motiues mouing the authour to the publishing thereof. ... By I.B. that hath ben an eye and eare-witnesse of this subiect. I. B., fl. 1626.; Baers, Johannes, d. 1653, attributed name. 1626 (1626) STC 1042; ESTC S104444 20,800 34 View Text
A60221 An impartial and brief description of the plaza, or sumptuous market-place of Madrid, and the bull-baiting there together with the history of the famous and much admired Placidus : as also a large scheme : being the liverly representation of the Order of Ornament of this solemnity / by James Salgado ... Salgado, James, fl. 1680. 1683 (1683) Wing S377; ESTC R16238 20,951 51 View Text
B00849 The booke of thrift, containing a perfite order, and right methode to profite lands, and other things belonging to husbandry. ; Newly Englished, and set out by I.B. gentleman of Caen in France. Henley, Walter de, fl. 1250.; Bellot, Jacques. 1589 (1589) STC 25007.3; ESTC S124440 21,584 69 View Text
A60632 A general summons from the authority of truth, unto all ecclesiastical courts and officers wherein they may see what truth objecteth against their practice and proceedings in cases of conscience / by William Smith. Smith, William, d. 1673. 1668 (1668) Wing S4304; ESTC R38258 21,636 28 View Text
B00820 A briefe replie of Thomas Udall, Gent. to a short memorandum, or shew of answere against his booke intituled: A briefe view of the weake grounds of poperie: by B.C. student in diuinitie. Udall, Thomas. 1609 (1609) STC 24508.3; ESTC S95630 21,665 59 View Text
A10027 A sermon of spirituall life and death Preached before the king, at White-Hal, Nouember, 1616 by the late faithfull minister of Iesus Christ, Iohn Preston, Dr. In Diuinity, chapplaine in ordinar[y] to his maiesty, Mr. of Emmanuel Colledge in Cambridge, and sometimes preacher at Lincolnes Inne. Preston, John, 1587-1628. 1630 (1630) STC 20278; ESTC S114308 21,702 38 View Text
A33485 The cloud opened, or, The English heroe by a loyal and impartial pen. Loyal and impartial pen. 1670 (1670) Wing C4737; ESTC R27897 22,102 49 View Text
A55541 The East-India-trade a most profitable trade to the kingdom and best secured and improved in a company and a joint-stock / represented in a letter written upon the occasion to two letters lately published insinuating the contrary. Papillon, Thomas, 1623-1702. 1677 (1677) Wing P305; ESTC R213729 22,116 32 View Text
A41166 The East-India-trade a most profitable trade to the kingdom. And best secured and improved in a company, and a joint-stock. Represented in a letter written upon the occasion of two letters lately published, insinuating the contrary. Ferguson, Robert, d. 1714. 1677 (1677) Wing F736A; ESTC R213729 22,130 32 View Text
A73099 [Jerusalems fall, Englands warning ... of Gods word.] F. S. 1617 (1617) STC 21491.7; ESTC S125332 22,355 36 View Text
A69292 A record of some worthy proceedings in the honourable, wise, and faithfull Howse of Commons in the late Parliament England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons.; Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626. 1611 (1611) STC 7751; ESTC S122422 22,834 50 View Text
A07301 A nevv instuction [sic] of plowing and setting of corne, handled in manner of a dialogue betweene a ploughman and a scholler Wherein is proued plainely that plowing and setting, is much more profitable and lesse chargeable, than plowing and sowing. By Edvvard Maxey. Gent. Maxey, Edward, Gent. 1601 (1601) STC 17695; ESTC S113159 23,101 35 View Text
A45536 Prossō kai opissō a sermon eqvally pointing forvvard & backward, as it was deliver'd in the Vniversity Church of Saint Maries in Cambridge / by P.H., B. of Divinity, and sometime fellow of Queenes Colledge in Cambridge, in his forenoone course before that universitie, upon the 22 day of November, in the yeare 1640, being the beginning of this present parliament. P. H.; Hardres, Peter.; Heylyn, Peter, 1600-1662. 1647 (1647) Wing H702; ESTC R38787 23,179 42 View Text
A60211 The origine of atheism in the popish and Protestant churches shew'n by Dorotheus Sicurus, 1648 ; made into English, and a preface added by E.B., Esquire.; Origo atheismi in pontificia et evangelica ecclesia. English Crenius, Thomas, 1648-1728.; E. B., Esquire. 1684 (1684) Wing S3756; ESTC R6868 23,279 40 View Text
A61590 The reformation justify'd in a sermon preached at Guild-Hall Chappel Septemb. 21, 1673, before the Lord Major and Aldermen, &c. / by Edw. Stillingfleet ... Stillingfleet, Edward, 1635-1699. 1674 (1674) Wing S5626; ESTC R14334 23,407 58 View Text
A47616 The Scots scovts discoveries by their London intelligencer, and presented to the Lords of the covenant of Scotland, 1639. D. L. 1642 (1642) Wing L10; ESTC R16797 23,432 55 View Text
A85342 Good counsel in bad times, or, A good motion among many bad ones being a discovery of an old way to root out sects and heresies and an earnest desire for a complyance with all men to settle peace with justice : as also a relation of a remarkable piece of justice done by Duke William called the Good : likewise an epistle to the reader / by John Musgrave ... Musgrave, John, fl. 1654.; Baudouin, François, 1520-1573. 1647 (1647) Wing G1041A; ESTC R36608 23,472 37 View Text
A36889 The great efficacy and necessity of good example especially in the clergy recommended in a visitation sermon preached at Guilford / by Tho. Duncumb ... Duncumb, Thomas, d. 1714? 1671 (1671) Wing D2610; ESTC R22681 23,511 37 View Text
A26167 An apology for the East-India Company with an account of some large prerogatives of the crown of England, anciently exercised and allowed of in our law, in relation to foreign trade and foreign parts / by W.A. ... Atwood, William, d. 1705? 1690 (1690) Wing A4169; ESTC R223580 23,995 41 View Text
A10823 A blovv for the pope, or, A discourse had in S. Giles Church, in Elgen of Murray at a conference with certaine papists, plainely prouing that Peter was neuer head of the Church : with a short register of all the attempts and murthers vpon kings and princes in our time by the persuasion of the Iesuits. Robertson, Bartholomew, fl. 1620. 1615 (1615) STC 21096.5; ESTC S3099 24,053 74 View Text
A01795 A satirycall dialogue or a sharplye-invectiue conference, betweene Allexander the great, and that truelye woman-hater Diogynes Goddard, William, fl. 1615.; Alexander, the Great, 356-323 B.C.; Diogenes, d. ca. 323 B.C. 1616 (1616) STC 11930; ESTC S105741 24,308 48 View Text
A65854 The Christianity of the people commonly called Quakers vindicated from antichristian opposition sincerely tendered in behalf of the aforesaid people and their ancient friends by some of them. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1690 (1690) Wing W1912; ESTC R27067 25,012 34 View Text
A01469 A letter of a yonge gentylman named mayster Germen Gardynare, wryten to a frend of his, wherin men may se the demeanour [and] heresy of Ioh[a]n Fryth late burned, [and] also the dyspycyo[n]s [and] reasonynge vpon the same, had betwene the same mayster Germen and hym. Gardynare, Germen. 1534 (1534) STC 11594; ESTC S110810 25,103 84 View Text
A17935 [The siege of Rhodes] Caoursin, Guillaume, d. 1501.; Kay, John, poet. 1482 (1482) STC 4594; ESTC S108429 25,230 50 View Text
A45203 Demonstration of astrology, or, A brief discourse, proving the influence of the sun, moon, stars, over this terraqueous globe grounded on the fundamental rules of the Copernican system and philosophy, and verified by practical examples and experience : illustrated by diagrams : whereby the art is rendered almost mathematically demonstrable : to which is added, an astrological and philosophical appendix, or second part, treating of this summer's effects, both in the macrocosm as well as microcosm : wherein we have great cause to fear, that the sword, pestilence, and famine will annoy our European territories this ensuing summer / by William Hunt, a lover of the mathematics and natural philosophy. Hunt, William, lover of the mathematics and natural philosophy. 1696 (1696) Wing H3762; ESTC R7694 25,280 47 View Text
A33963 The happiness of brethrens dwelling together in unity discoursed upon Psalm 133, vers. 1, on occasion of the late thanksgiving, Feb. 14, 1688/9 / by John Collinges. Collinges, John, 1623-1690. 1689 (1689) Wing C5318; ESTC R26035 25,331 41 View Text
A61840 Joanereidos, or, Feminine valour eminently discovered in western women, at the seige of Lyme, as well by defying the merciless enemy at the face abroad, as by fighting against them in Garrison towns, sometimes carrying stones, anon tumbling of stones over the works on the enemy, when they have been scaling them, some carrying powder, other charging of pieces to ease the souldiers, constantly resolved for generality, not to think any ones life dear, to maintain that Christian quarrel for the long Parliament : whereby, as they deserve commendations in themselves so they are proposed as example unto others : with marginal notes on the work, and several copies of verses by a club of gentlemen on this authors year and half work / by James Strong ... Strong, James, 1618 or 19-1694. 1674 (1674) Wing S5991; ESTC R20044 25,745 55 View Text
A05291 Vertue triumphant, or A liuely description of the foure vertues cardinall dedicated to the Kings Maiestie. Leighton, William, Sir, fl. 1603-1614. 1603 (1603) STC 15435; ESTC S108435 25,756 64 View Text
A44223 A defence of King Charles I occasion'd by the lyes and scandals of many bad men of this age / by Richard Hollingworth ... Hollingworth, Richard, 1639?-1701. 1692 (1692) Wing H2502; ESTC R13622 26,155 45 View Text
A08182 The cuckovv. Richardus Niccols, in Artibus Bac. Oxon Niccols, Richard, 1584-1616. 1607 (1607) STC 18517; ESTC S113202 26,286 56 View Text
A01679 The order of equalitie Contriued and diuulged as a generall directorie for common sessements. Seruing for the indifferent defraying, taxing, and rating of common impositions and charges, lyable to citties, townes, or villages, that they may be done in some equall and proportionable order, for the benefit of the common-wealth. Very necessarie for all persons, to whome the execution and apprehension of this businesse appertaine. Gibbon, Charles, fl. 1589-1604. 1604 (1604) STC 11817; ESTC S116511 27,104 40 View Text
B10269 Anti-Goliah: or An epistle to Mr. Brevint, containing some reflections upon his Saul, and Samuel, at Endor. / Written by E.W. Warner, John, 1628-1692.; E. W. (Edward Worsley), 1605-1676. 1678 (1678) Wing W904B; ESTC R186274 27,206 62 View Text
A01657 A godly inuectiue in the defence of the Gospell against such as murmure and woorke what thei can that the Bible shoulde not haue free passage, veray necessary to be red of euery faythfull Christian. Gerrard, Philip. 1547 (1547) STC 11797; ESTC S103091 27,823 80 View Text
A56194 The Quakers unmasked, and clearly detected to be but the spawn of Romish frogs, Jesuites, and Franciscan fryers, sent from Rome to seduce the intoxicated giddy-headed English nation by an information taken upon oath in the city of Bristol, January 22, and some evident demonstrations / by William Prynne ... Prynne, William, 1600-1669. 1664 (1664) Wing P4047; ESTC R8191 28,485 41 View Text
A49982 An account at large of the Right Honourable the Earl of Danby's arguments at the Court of King's-bench at Westminster, upon his Lordship's motion for bail, the 27th day of May, term. pasch, 1682 together with the judges answers and the Earl's replyes, as they were then truly taken. Leeds, Thomas Osborne, Duke of, 1631-1712.; England and Wales. Court of King's Bench. 1682 (1682) Wing L918; ESTC R863 28,531 31 View Text
A91253 The Quakers unmasked, and clearly detected to be but the spawn of Romish frogs, Jesuites, and Franciscan fryers; sent from Rome to seduce the intoxicated giddy-headed English nation. By an information newly taken upon oath in the city of Bristol, Jan. 22. 1654. and some evident demonstrations. / By William Prynne of Swainswick, Esq;. Prynne, William, 1600-1669. 1655 (1655) Wing P4046; Thomason E843_6; ESTC R203279 28,912 41 View Text
A44232 An appendix to Holwel's Catastrophe mundi being an astrological discourse of the rise, growth and continuation of the Othoman family : with the nativities of the present French king, emperors of Germany and Turky, all truly rectifyed, and astrologically handled : also, what progress this present emperor of Turky shall make upon Europe in this intended war with the House of Austria : where unto is added a supplement of the judgment of comet / by John Holwel ... Holwell, John, 1649-1686?; Holwell, John, 1649-1686? Catastrophe mundi. 1683 (1683) Wing H2515; ESTC R2520 29,739 50 View Text
A02608 A sermon preached before the Kings Most Excellent Maiestie in the Church of Beauly in Hampshire, the thirtieth of Iuly. M.DC.IX. By Christopher Hampton, Doctor in Diuinitie, and one of his Ma[jes]ties chapleines. Hampton, Christopher, 1552-1625. 1620 (1620) STC 12738; ESTC S120498 29,853 115 View Text
A68663 The courte of ciuill courtesie fitly furnished with a pleasant porte of stately phrases and pithie precepts, assembled in the behalfe of all younge gentlemen and others that are desirous to frame their behauiour according to their estates at all times and in all companies, therby to purchase worthy prayse of their inferiours and estimation and credite amonge theyr betters / out of Italian by S.R. Gent. S. R. (Simon Robson), d. 1617.; Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? 1577 (1577) STC 21134.5; ESTC S4860 29,881 61 View Text
A07450 The Christian mans assuring house. And a sinners conuersion Two sermons; the former, preached, before the Prince his Highnesse at St. Iames: the other to his Maiesties houshold at White-hall, on Sunday the 6. of February by George Meriton Doctor of Diuinitie, and Deane of Peterborough. Meriton, George, d. 1624. 1614 (1614) STC 17837; ESTC S112663 30,464 58 View Text
A48869 A short relation of the river Nile of its sourse and current, of its overflowing the Campagnia of Ægypt, till it runs into the Mediterranean, and of other curiosities / written by an eye-witnesse, who lived many years in the chief kingdoms of the Abyssine empire.; Itinerário. English. Selections Lobo, Jerónimo, 1596?-1678.; Wyche, Peter, Sir, 1628-1699? 1669 (1669) Wing L2733; ESTC R12438 30,643 112 View Text
A24696 An Account of the affairs of Scotland, in relation to their religious and civil rights 1690 (1690) Wing A230; ESTC R11870 30,717 40 View Text
A47188 The true copy of a paper given in to the yearly meeting of the people called Quakers at their meeting-place in Grace-Church-street, Lonon, 15 day of the 3d. month 1695. By George Keith, which was read by him in the said meeting, by their allowance. With a brief narrative of the most material passages of discourse betwixt George White-head, Charles Marshal, and George Keith, the said day, and the day following, betwixt George White-head, William Penn, and Francis Canfield on the one side, and George Keith on the other; ... Together with a short list of some of the vile and gross errors of George Whitehead, John Whitehead, William Penn, their chief ministers, and now having the greatest sway among them (being of the same sort and nature with the gross errors charged on some in Pensilvania) most apparently opposite to the fundamental doctrines of the Christian religion ... And a proposition to VVilliam Penn, to prove his charge, that G.K. is an apostate. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1695 (1695) Wing K220; ESTC R220379 30,855 34 View Text
A51558 The use of the astronomical playing-cards teaching any ordinary capacity by them to be acquainted with all the stars in heaven, to know their place in heaven, colour, nature, and bigness. As also the poetical reasons for every constellation, very useful, and pleasant, and delightful for all lovers of ingeniety. By Joseph Moxon hydrographer to the Kings most Excellent Majesty. Moxon, Joseph.; Hood, Thomas, fl. 1582-1598. aut 1692 (1692) Wing M3027A; ESTC N66308 31,031 62 View Text
A42432 A sermon preached upon the first occasion after the death of His Grace John Duke of Lauderdale, in the chappel at Ham by John Gaskarth ... Gaskarth, John, d. 1732. 1683 (1683) Wing G289; ESTC R543 31,206 52 View Text
A38778 A voice from heaven to th[e] common-wealth of England with additions. Evans, Arise, b. 1607. 1653 (1653) Wing E3470; ESTC R25074 31,492 57 View Text
A68254 A sermon preached at Paules Crosse the IX. of Nouember, 1589. By William Iames D. of Diuinitie, and deane of Christes-church in Oxford James, William, 1542-1617. 1590 (1590) STC 14464; ESTC S122045 32,294 60 View Text
A60346 A funeral sermon. Delivered upon occasion of the death of that worthy gentleman John Marsh, Esq; who lived at Garston-Hall in Watford Parish in the county of Hartford; and died in the Lord, and was buried Septemb. 16, 1681. By Samuel Slater, late minister of the Gospel at Edmunds-Bury in Suffolk. Slater, Samuel, d. 1704. 1682 (1682) Wing S3964; ESTC R222772 32,362 44 View Text
A38641 An essay upon satyr, or, A poem on the times under the names of the golden age, the silver age, the brazen age, and the iron age : to which is added, A satyr against Separatists. Buckingham, John Sheffield, Duke of, 1648-1720 or 21.; Dryden, John, 1631-1700. 1680 (1680) Wing E3299; ESTC R13552 32,624 92 View Text
A00320 Bellum Erasmi· Translated into englyshe; Adagia. Chil. IV Cent. I. English Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536. 1534 (1534) STC 10449; ESTC S101675 33,471 81 View Text
A40526 The Fugitive statesman, in requital for The perplex'd prince 1683 (1683) Wing F2259; ESTC R112 33,587 158 View Text
A11740 The beast is wounded. Or Information from Scotland, concerning their reformation Wherein is breifly declared, the true cause and ground of all the late troubles there; and the reasons why they have rejected the bishops, with their courts, canons, ceremonies and service-booke. Hereto is added some fruitfull observations, upon the former declaration: by Io: Bastwicks younger brother. The first part.; Beast is wounded. 1638 (1638) STC 22032; ESTC S116914 33,762 26 View Text
A60527 An essay to the advancement of musick by casting away the perplexity of different cliffs, and uniting all sorts of musick, lute, viol, violin, organ, harpsechord, voice, &c. in one universal character / by Thomas Salmon ... Salmon, Thomas, 1648-1706.; Birchensha, John, fl. 1664-1672. 1672 (1672) Wing S417; ESTC R4288 33,905 115 View Text
A00762 A Godlie treatisse declaryng the benefites, fruites, and great commodities of prayer and also the true vse therof. Written in Latin, fourtie yeres past, by an Englyshe man, of great vertue [and] learnyng. And lately translated into Englyshe. 1560.; Tractatus de orando Deum. English Fisher, John, Saint, 1469-1535.; Montagu, Anthony Browne, Viscount, ca. 1528-1592. 1560 (1560) STC 10888; ESTC S114263 34,037 100 View Text
A34821 The foure ages of England, or, The iron age with other select poems / written by Mr. A. Cowley. Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. 1648 (1648) Wing C6671; ESTC R18757 34,076 77 View Text
A13925 Here begyn[n]eth a newe treatyse deuyded in thre parties The fyrst partie is to know, [et] haue i[n] mynde the wretchednes, of all mankynde. The seconde is of the co[n]dycion and manere of the vnstedfastnes, of this world here. The thyrde parte i[n] this boke you may rede of bytter death, and why it is to drede. Rolle, Richard, of Hampton, 1290?-1349. aut 1542 (1542) STC 24228; ESTC S103664 34,994 80 View Text
A39764 A survey of Quakerism, as it is stated in the professed doctrine and principles of that party with a serious reflection on the dreadful import thereof, to subvert the very being and reality of the Christian religion / by a lover of the truth. Fleming, Robert, 1630-1694. 1677 (1677) Wing F1274; ESTC R20984 35,868 86 View Text
A67317 A Christian warning-piece for all true Protestants by way of Christian counsel and advice to the King's most excellent Majesty, and all his good Protestant subjects, founded forth out of the written word of God : wherein is clearly shewed ... / by Thomas Wall. Wall, Thomas. 1680 (1680) Wing W476; ESTC R34705 36,250 36 View Text
A81239 Deliverance-obstruction: or, The set-backs of reformation. Discovered in a sermon before the Right Honourable the House of Peers, in Parliament now assembled. Upon the monthly fast, March 25. 1646. / By Tho. Case, preacher in Milkstreet London, and one of the Assembly of Divines. Case, Thomas, 1598-1682.; England and Wales. Parliament. House of Lords. 1646 (1646) Wing C827; Thomason E329_9; ESTC R200694 36,291 48 View Text
A13576 Archaioplutos. Or the riches of elder ages Proouing by manie good and learned authours, that the auncient emperors & kings, were more rich and magnificent, then such as liue in these daies. Heereto is annexed, the honours of the braue Romaine souldiours; with the seauen wonders of the worlde. Written in French by Guil. Thelin, Lord of Gutmont and Morillonuilliers: and truely translated into English.; Archaioplutos. English Telin, Guillaume.; Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633. 1592 (1592) STC 23867; ESTC S100994 36,841 108 View Text