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cause_n good_a love_n love_v 4,903 5 6.7044 4 true
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A32987 A fairing for young-men, or, The careless lover C. H. 1655 (1655) Wing C41; ESTC R40305 1,606 2 View Text
A95448 Two letters: the first, being a relation of a sad accident that fell out at Erpingham neer Norwich July 2. shewing how a fire-ball fell from the heavens into the parish church there, broke down part of the steeple and several places in the church-wall, kill'd one man and wounded diverse, &c. The second, being a relation of a strange sight in the heavens, seen by three justices of the peace their sons. Dated, Hungerford in Wiltshire, June 19. 1665. 1665 (1665) Wing T3479A; ESTC R230495 1,741 8 View Text
A95485 The Two unfortunate lovers. Or, A true relation of the lamentable end of John True and Susan Mease. Their lives this ditty doth relate. And how they dy'd unfortunate. The tune is, The brides burial. 1674 (1663-1674) Wing T3543; ESTC R233991 2,281 1 View Text
A06398 Two unfortunate lovers, or, a true relation of the lamentable end of Iohn True, and Susan Mease their lives thiss ditty doth relate, and how they dy'd unfortunate. To the tune of, The brides buriall. 1640 (1640) STC 16866; ESTC S120171 2,284 2 View Text
A51666 My vvife. J. W. 1660 (1660) Wing M3171A; ESTC R214290 2,588 16 View Text
A04792 Here begynneth a shorte treatyse of contemplacyon taught by our lorde Jhesu cryste, or taken out of the boke of Margerie kempe of lyn[n]. Kempe, Margery, b. ca. 1373. 1501 (1501) STC 14924; ESTC S104749 3,792 7 View Text
A85324 An epistle in the love of God to Friends, with a little chiefly to their tender children. : To which is added a few lines to such that may be farther grown in the truth. Fisher, Abigail. 1696 (1696) Wing F984A; ESTC R177065 7,168 24 View Text
A42449 The apostles Paul and James reconciled in the point of justification, and the controversies about it among Christians amicably composed Gataker, Charles, 1614 or 15-1680. 1670 (1670) Wing G304A; ESTC R216435 8,334 8 View Text
A30511 The case of free liberty of conscience in the exercise of faith and religion presented unto the King and both Houses of Parliament ... / by ... Edward Burroughs. Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662.; Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685.; England and Wales. Parliament. 1661 (1661) Wing B5986; ESTC R5152 10,124 15 View Text
A09008 The preceptes teachyng a prynce or a noble estate his duetie, written by Agapetus in Greke to the emperour Iustinian, and after translated into Latin, and nowe in to Englysshe by Thomas Paynell; Adhortationes de benè administrando imperio. English Agapētos.; Paynell, Thomas. 1529 (1529) STC 193; ESTC S104362 10,166 44 View Text
A57234 A sermon preach'd before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and aldermen of the city of London at the Guildhall-Chappel, September XVII, 1682 by Joshua Richardson ... Richardson, Joshua, 1649 or 50-1733. 1682 (1682) Wing R1389; ESTC R11880 10,424 34 View Text
A47419 The examination and tryall of Old Father Christmas At the assizes held at the town of Difference, in the county of discontent. Written according to legal proceeding, by Josiah King. King, Josiah. 1658 (1658) Wing K510B; ESTC R222678 11,199 32 View Text
A66104 Love's pedigree, or, A discourse shewing the grace of love in a believer to be of a divine original delivered in a sermon preached at a lecture in Boston, Febr. 29 1699/1700 / by S. Willard ... Willard, Samuel, 1640-1707. 1700 (1700) Wing W2283; ESTC R39758 12,825 30 View Text
A54378 The redemption of mankind, by the passion of our Lord A sermon, preached on Palm-Sunday, at Kintbury, in the county of Berks. By Jos. Perkins, late vicar of Hill, in Gloucester-Shire. Perkins, Joseph, b. 1658. 1692 (1692) Wing P1558; ESTC R221441 13,606 33 View Text
A14706 The spectacle of louers here after foloweth a lytell contrauers dyalogue bytwene loue and councell, with many goodly argumentes of good women and bad, very compendyous to all estates, newly compyled by wyllyam walter seruaunt vnto syr Henry Marnaye knyght Chauncelour of the Duchye of Lancastre. Walter, William, fl. 1520. 1533 (1533) STC 25008; ESTC S111572 13,622 34 View Text
A04823 A sermon preached in Saint Maries Church in Oxford March 26. 1612. at the funerall of Thomas Holland, Doctor of the Chaire in Divinitie, and Rector of the Exceter College, by Richard Kilbie Doctor of Divinity, Rector of Lincolne College Kilbye, Richard, 1560 or 61-1620. 1613 (1613) STC 14957; ESTC S107985 13,669 24 View Text
A07981 A relation of the royall magnificent, and sumptuous entertainement, giuen to the High, and Mighty Princesse, Queene Anne, at the renowned citie of Bristoll, by the Mayor, sheriffes, and aldermen thereof; in the moneth of Iune last past, 1613 Together with, the oration, gifts, triumphes, vvater-combats, and other showes there made. Naile, Robert. 1613 (1613) STC 18347; ESTC S113028 15,372 28 View Text
A61248 A sermon preached in the Cathedral and Metropolitan Church of St. Peter in York, January 30th, 1688/9, and published at the request of the auditors by William Stainforth ... Stainforth, William, d. 1713. 1689 (1689) Wing S5173; ESTC R13543 15,374 42 View Text
A36873 The love of God, or, Love divine being the subject of these ensuing meditations / collected out of Mr. Gorings English translation ; originally penned by Peter Du Moulin ... ; digested into divine poems by William Wood ... Wood, William.; Du Moulin, Pierre, 1568-1658. 1656 (1656) Wing D2588; ESTC R37780 15,390 32 View Text
A95059 The true Levellers standard advanced: or, The state of community opened, and presented to the sons of men. By William Everard, Iohn Palmer, Iohn South, Iohn Courton. William Taylor, Christopher Clifford, Iohn Barker. Ferrard Winstanley, Richard Goodgroome, Thomas Starre, William Hoggrill, Robert Sawyer, Thomas Eder, Henry Bickerstaffe, Iohn Taylor, &c. Beginning to plant and manure the waste land upon George-Hill, in the parish of Walton, in the county of Surrey. Everard, William. 1649 (1649) Wing T2716; Thomason E552_5; ESTC R205713 15,458 23 View Text
A16260 A pleasant and delightfull history, of Galesus Cymon and Iphigenia describing the ficklenesse of fortune in loue. Translated out of Italian into Englishe verse, by T. C. Gent.; Decamerone. Galesus. English Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375.; Tye, Christopher, 1497?-1572. aut 1565 (1565) STC 3183; ESTC S109332 16,033 54 View Text
A85879 VVit revived: or, a new and excellent way of divertisement, digested into most ingenious questions and answers. / By Asdryasdust Tossoffacan. Gayton, Edmund, 1608-1666. 1655 (1655) Wing G423; Thomason E1703_1; ESTC R209378 16,611 72 View Text
A06888 Here beginneth a necessarie instruction for all couetous ryche men to beholde [and] learne what perel [and] daunger they be brought into, yf they haue theyr consolacion in theyr daungerous and myserable Mammon, made by Ihon Mardeley Clerke of the Kynges maiesties mynte in southwarke Mardeley, John. 1548 (1548) STC 17319; ESTC S108365 16,887 56 View Text
A11549 A goodly exposition vpon the xxx. psalme In te domine speraui Savonarola, Girolamo, 1452-1498. 1635 (1635) STC 21798.5; ESTC S3992 17,120 30 View Text
A46239 Claraphil and Clarinda in a forrest of fancies. By Tho: Jordan, Gent. Jordan, Thomas, 1612?-1685? 1650 (1650) Wing J1023; ESTC R213546 17,335 56 View Text
A13857 The profe and declaration of thys proposition: fayth only iustifieth: gathered [and] set forth by Richarde Tracy; Profe and declaration of thys proposition: fayth only justifieth. Tracy, Richard, d. 1569. 1543 (1543) STC 24164; ESTC S104938 17,685 66 View Text
A68287 Cynthia VVith certaine sonnets, and the legend of Cassandra. Barnfield, Richard, 1574-1627. 1595 (1595) STC 1484; ESTC S104851 17,691 72 View Text
A76517 Remarks, and animadversions, on Mr. Keith's two sermons, being his first after ordiantion, [sic] preached at the parish church of St. George's Butolphs-Lane, London, May the 12th. 1700. on St. Luke i. 6 Now impartially compared with his former writings, setting George against Keith, and endeavouring to reconcile them, by shewing what he should have said upon the subjest. By W.B. a communicant of the Church of England. W. B. 1700 (1700) Wing B224; ESTC R230841 17,705 18 View Text
A26041 The envious man's character a sermon preached at S. Mary's Church in Cambridge / by William Aspin ... Aspin, William, 1635 or 6-1714. 1684 (1684) Wing A4003; ESTC R217 17,795 37 View Text
A42780 The comforts of divine love Preach'd upon the occasion of the much lamented death of the reverend Mr. Timothy Manlove. With his character, done by another hand. Gilpin, Richard, 1625-1700. 1700 (1700) Wing G776; ESTC R216432 17,903 57 View Text
A58814 A sermon preached at the funeral of Dr. William Croun on the 23d of October, 1684, at St. Mildred Church in the Poultrey by John Scott ... Scott, John, 1639-1695. 1685 (1685) Wing S2068; ESTC R10207 19,399 34 View Text
A18125 A sermon of the nature and necessitie of godly feare Preached in the Cathedrall Church of Chester, in September, 1614. Case, William, 1584 or 5-1634. 1616 (1616) STC 4766; ESTC S118534 19,465 32 View Text
B13592 Honor triumphant. Or The peeres challenge, by armes defensible, at Tilt, Turney, and Barriers In honor of all faire ladies, and in defence of these foure positions following. 1. Knights in ladies seruice haue no free will. 2. Beauty is the mainteiner of valour. 3. Faire lady was neuer false. 4. Perfect louers are onely wise. Mainteined by arguments. Also The monarches meeting: or The King of Denmarkes welcome into England. Ford, John, 1586-ca. 1640. 1606 (1606) STC 11160; ESTC S115119 19,652 46 View Text
A17478 A briefe and necessarie catechisme, concerning the principall poynts of our Christian religion Written for the good of all such as seeke after consolation in Christ. By R.C. R. C., fl. 1602.; Greenham, Richard, attributed name. aut 1574 (1574) STC 4296; ESTC S115042 20,180 63 View Text
A04028 A sermon vpon part of the second chapter of the first epistle of S. Iohn: Preached by Thomas Ingmethorp. The summe whereof is briefly comprised in this hexameter ... Ingmethorpe, Thomas. 1598 (1598) STC 14086; ESTC S106261 22,018 51 View Text
A86329 The order of causes. Of [brace] Gods fore-knowledge, election, and predestination. And of mans salvation or damnation. Laid down so clearly, and proved so plainly by the scriptures, that even the meanest capacity amongst rational men may understand it, to their great satisfaction. As also, whether Christ died for all, or not for all: with the causes and effects that may follow or not follow, seriously considered, meekly controverted, and plainly proved by the scriptures of truth; to the great satisfaction of all rational people fearing God. By Henry Haggar, a servant of Christ, and of the congregations of his saints. Haggar, Henry. 1654 (1654) Wing H188; Thomason E735_20; ESTC R206976 22,700 32 View Text
A16729 The arbor of amorous deuises VVherin, young gentlemen may reade many plesant fancies, and fine deuises: and thereon, meditate diuers sweete conceites, to court the loue of faire ladies and gentlewomen by N.B. Gent. Jones, Richard, fl. 1564-1602.; Breton, Nicholas, 1545?-1626? 1597 (1597) STC 3631; ESTC S104691 23,428 52 View Text
A45635 Two essays of love and marriage being a letter written by a gentleman to his friend, to disswade him from love and an answer thereunto by another gentleman, together with some characters and other passages of wit / written by private gentlemen for recreation. J. H.; A. B. 1657 (1657) Wing H84; ESTC R14574 23,688 130 View Text
A43817 The militant chvrch trivmphant over the dragon and his angels presented in a sermon preached to both Houses of Parliament assembled on Friday the 21. of July, 1643 : being an extraordinary day of publikhumiliation appointed by them throughout London and Westminster : that every one might bitterly bewaile his own sins and cry mightily unto God for Christ his sake to remove his wrath and heale the land / By Tho. Hill... Hill, Thomas, d. 1653. 1643 (1643) Wing H2024; ESTC R16004 23,718 38 View Text
A01795 A satirycall dialogue or a sharplye-invectiue conference, betweene Allexander the great, and that truelye woman-hater Diogynes Goddard, William, fl. 1615.; Alexander, the Great, 356-323 B.C.; Diogenes, d. ca. 323 B.C. 1616 (1616) STC 11930; ESTC S105741 24,308 48 View Text
A07313 The laudable life and deplorable death, of our late peerlesse Prince Henry. briefly represented Together, with some other poemes, in honor both of our most gracious soueraigne King Iames his auspicious entrie to this crowne, and also of his hopefull children, Prince Charles and Princesse Elizabeths happy entrie into this world. By I.M. Master of Artes. Maxwell, James, b. 1581. 1612 (1612) STC 17701; ESTC S126800 24,723 46 View Text
A85370 The discoverie of a publique spirit: presented in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons at Margarets Westminster, at their publique fast, March 26. 1645. / By William Goode B.D. pastor of Denton in Norfolk, on of the Assembly of Divines. Goode, William, b. 1599 or 1600. 1645 (1645) Wing G1093; Thomason E279_4; ESTC R200027 24,847 37 View Text
A66777 Sigh for the pitchers breathed out in a personal contribution to the national humiliation the last of May, 1666, in the cities of London and Westminster, upon the near approaching engagement then expected between the English and Dutch navies : wherewith are complicated such musings as were occasioned by a report of their actual engagement, and by observing the publike rejoycing whilst this was preparing by the author / George Wither. Wither, George, 1588-1667. 1666 (1666) Wing W3190; Wing W3191_CANCELLED; ESTC R12139 25,204 50 View Text
A09439 How to liue, and that well in all estates and times, specially when helps and comforts faile. Perkins, William, 1558-1602. 1601 (1601) STC 19728; ESTC S2275 25,478 110 View Text
A16944 A sermon preached at Pauls-Crosse, May 30. 1626 vvherein may be seene whom we are to repute hereticks, and schismaticks, what sleights they vse to deceiue, Gods iust iudgements on them, and how we may escape those nets which they lay for vs : also good councell to the magistrate, minister, and subiects, necessary for these times / by Mattheuu Brookes. Brookes, Matthew, fl. 1626-1657. 1626 (1626) STC 3837; ESTC S4166 26,742 50 View Text
A21238 The Queenes Maiesties entertainement at VVoodstock Elizabeth I, Queen of England, 1533-1603. aut; Gascoigne, George, 1542?1577, attributed name. aut; Ferrers, George, 1500?-1579, attributed name. aut 1585 (1585) STC 7596; ESTC S113259 26,813 50 View Text
A29602 A clear voice of truth sounded forth, and as an ensign lifted up and displayed in answer to the proceedings of the Christians by name in Asia, by way of controversie and expostulation : together with savoury and wholesome admonishments, which may become of good use and profitable to all that read with a single eye, and understand with an upright heart : also the same somewhat tends by way of gentle reproof to their hasty and inequitable proceedings against the innocent servants, messengers and living witnesses of the living and true God : yet with tendernesse of an upright heart and spirit (not onely of a free born English-man, but also of a true Christian) from the same hand its principally directed to the Lord Embassasdor (so called) in Constantinople, and to the English Company of Merchants and Factors in Smyrna, with somewhat to the merchants in Genoa, tendred again by way of visitation, and that from God, for them and others in Italy to consider and not reject to their own hurt. D. B. (Daniel Baker), fl. 1650-1660. 1662 (1662) Wing B482; ESTC R22863 27,445 38 View Text
A13810 The holy salutation of the blessed Apostle Saint Jude to the saints and seruants of God. Preached at Pauls Crosse the seuenteenth of Nouember. Anno. Dom. 1611. By Francis Tomlinson, preacher of the Word, and chaplaine to the right honourable, the Lord Ellesmere, Lord High Chancellor of England, and Chancellor of Oxford. Tomlinson, Francis. 1612 (1612) STC 24111; ESTC S106618 27,486 59 View Text
A19610 The lover: or, Nuptiall love. VVritten, by Robert Crofts, to please himselfe R. C. (Robert Crofts); Marshall, William, fl. 1617-1650, engraver. 1638 (1638) STC 6042; ESTC S109075 27,528 88 View Text
A45495 Essays of love and marriage being letters written by two gentlemen, one dissuading from love, the other an answer thereunto : with some characters and other passages of wit. 1673 (1673) Wing H64A; ESTC R11545 27,815 110 View Text
A41737 The heroe of Lorenzo, or, The way to eminencie and perfection a piece of serious Spanish wit / originally in that language written ; and in English by Sir John Skeffington, Kt. and Barronet.; Héroe. English Gracián y Morales, Baltasar, 1601-1658.; Massereene, John Skeffington, Viscount, d. 1695.; Walton, Izaak, 1593-1683. 1652 (1652) Wing G1471; ESTC R6925 27,935 166 View Text
A96467 A wonderful pleasant and profitable letter written by Mris Sarah Wight, to a friend, expressing the joy is to be had in God in great, deep, long, and sore afflictions. Occasioned by the death of her brother, the troubles of her mother; but especially the workings of God in her own heart. Published for the use of the afflicted. Wight, Sarah. 1656 (1656) Wing W2106; Thomason E1681_1; ESTC R209156 28,056 89 View Text
A07957 Our Ladie hath a new sonne C. N., fl. 1595. 1595 (1595) STC 18326; ESTC S113033 28,367 104 View Text
A06625 Sapho and Phao played beefore the Queenes Maiestie on Shroue-tewsday by Her Maiesties children and the boyes of Paules. Lyly, John, 1554?-1606. 1584 (1584) STC 17086; ESTC S2801 28,507 54 View Text
A54973 Plain dealing is a jewel and honesty the best policy both set forth in an answer to a letter received by a gentleman in London, from his friend in the countrey : wherein is planly demonstrated the grounds and reasons of our present distractions and methods proposed for preventing the same for the future / by a lover of truth and a hearty well-wisher to the prosperity of the King and his three kingdoms. Lover of truth and a hearty well-wisher to the prosperity of the king and his three kingdoms. 1682 (1682) Wing P2352; ESTC R8001 28,621 25 View Text
A01141 The maidens blush: or, Ioseph mirror of modesty, map of pietie, maze of destinie, or rather diuine prouidence. From the Latin of Fracastorius, translated; & dedicated to the high-hopefull Charles, Prince of Wales. By Iosuah Syluester.; Joseph. English Fracastoro, Girolamo, 1478-1553.; Sylvester, Josuah, 1563-1618. 1620 (1620) STC 11253; ESTC S105625 28,867 85 View Text
A14295 Naturall and artificial directions for health deriued from the best philosophers, as well moderne, as auncient. By William Vaughan, Master of Artes, and student in the ciuill law. Vaughan, William, 1577-1641. 1600 (1600) STC 24612; ESTC S105370 29,116 96 View Text
A77605 Cases considered and resolved. Wherein all the tender godly conscientious ministers in England (whether for a Congregationall, or a Presbyteriall way) are concerned. Or pills to purge malignants. And all prophane, ignorant, and scandalous persons. (But more particularly calculated for the meridian of Margarets Fishstreet-hill) from those grosse conceits that they have of their childrens right to baptisme; and of their owne right to the Supper of the Lord, &c. Also good councell to bad men. Or friendly advise (in severall particulars) to unfriendly neighbours. By Thomas Brooks, a willing servant unto God, and the faith of his people, in the glorious Gospel of Christ, at Margarets Fishstreet-hill. Brooks, Thomas, 1608-1680. 1653 (1653) Wing B4938; Thomason E684_28; ESTC R207067 29,466 37 View Text
A97210 The Royalist reform'd or Considerations of advice, to gentlemen, divines, lawyers. Digested into three chapters. VVherein their former mistakes are examined, and their duties of obedience, unto the present authority, succinctly held forth as rationall, and necessary. / By Albertus Warren, Gent. Warren, Albertus. 1649 (1649) Wing W954; Thomason E582_4; ESTC R204579 31,154 49 View Text
A22910 S. Augustines manuel Conteining special, and piked meditations, and godlie praiers: drawne out of the Word of God, and writings of the holie Fathers, for the exercise of the soule. Corrected, translated, and adorned, by Thomas Rogers.; Manuale. English. Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo.; Rogers, Thomas, d. 1616. 1581 (1581) STC 938; ESTC S100327 31,471 117 View Text
A14984 VVestward for smelts. Or, the vvater-mans fare of mad-merry vvestern wenches whose tongues albeit like bell-clappers, they neuer leaue ringing, yet their tales are svveet, and will much content you. VVriten by Kinde Kit of Kingstone. Kinde Kit, of Kingstone. 1620 (1620) STC 25292; ESTC S101857 31,657 44 View Text
A68837 Amorum emblemata figuris Æneis incisa studio Othonis Væni Batavo-Lugdunensis = Emblemes of love, with verses in Latin, English and Italian. Veen, Otto van, 1556-1629.; Bol, Cornelius, fl. 1608-1614.; Vrientius, Max.; Heinsius, Daniel, 1580-1655.; R. V.; Benedetti, Petro. 1608 (1608) STC 24627a.8; ESTC S2940 32,341 270 View Text
A09677 Two sermons on these wordes of Peter the apostle, honour all men, loue brotherly felowship ... preached at Marlebrough the seuenth of Nouember, and fifth of Ianuarie 1595 / by Charles Pynner, minister of the Church of Wotton-Basset in Northwiltshire. Pinner, Charles. 1597 (1597) STC 19946; ESTC S2280 32,938 99 View Text
A29125 A compendious answer to a book called A brief survay of the judgement of Mr. John Goodvvin, and the Church of God walking with him, touching their reasons of dissenting from many of their brethren, in these imprtant heads of doctrine; 1. Election and reprobation. 2. The death of Christ. 3. The grace of God in and about conversion. 4. The liberty or power of the will, or of the creature man. 5. The perseverance of the saints. VVherein the absurdities of all their dissenting doctrines are clearly exhibited, by a loving friend to the truth it self, Ellis Bradshaw. Bradshaw, Ellis. 1652 (1652) Wing B4139A; ESTC R212996 33,087 46 View Text
A97361 Seaven sermons. [sermons 1 and 2 only] preached vpon severall occasions. Viz. 1 The Christians prayer for the Churches peace. One sermon on Psal. 122.6. 2 One sermon on 1 Sam. 2.30 3 Baruchs sore gently opened; Gods salve skilfully applyed. In two sermons on Jeremy 45.5. 4 The araignement of coveteousnesse. In three sermons on Luke 12.15. By John Stoughton, Doctor in Divinitie, late of Aldermanburie, London.; Sermons. Selected sermons Stoughton, John, d. 1639. 1640 (1640) STC 23311_PARTIAL; ESTC S117838 33,512 94 View Text
A56910 The noble ingratitude a pastoral-tragi-comedy / by Sr. William Lower, Knight.; Généreuse ingratitude. English Quinault, Philippe, 1635-1688.; Lower, William, Sir, 1600?-1662. 1659 (1659) Wing Q218; ESTC R6083 33,559 118 View Text
A22853 An introduction to the loue of God. Accompted among the workes of S. Augustine, and set forth in his name, very profitable to moue all men to loue God for his benefits receaued Simard, Marie Ange, attributed name.; Freake, Edmund, ca. 1516-1591. 1574 (1574) STC 935; ESTC S108224 33,799 97 View Text
A44632 All mistaken, or, The mad couple a comedy : acted by His Majestyes servants, at the Theatre Royal / written by the Honorable James Howard, Esq. Howard, James, fl. 1672-1674. 1672 (1672) Wing H2979; ESTC R2295 34,018 74 View Text
A01779 Wit in a constable A comedy written 1639. The author Henry Glapthorne. And now printed as it was lately acted at the Cock-pit in Drury lane, by their Majesties Servants, with good allowance. Glapthorne, Henry. 1640 (1640) STC 11914; ESTC S103219 34,415 68 View Text
A29295 Hattige: or The amours of the king of Tamaran A novel.; Hattigé, ou, Les amours du roy de Tamaran. English. Brémond, Gabriel de. 1683 (1683) Wing B4352; ESTC R218696 34,415 129 View Text
A03264 A short dialogue concerning the plagues infection Published to preserue bloud, through the blessing of God. Balmford, James, b. 1556. 1603 (1603) STC 1338; ESTC S100768 34,749 98 View Text
A12130 The constant maid A comedy. Written by Iames Shirley. Shirley, James, 1596-1666. 1640 (1640) STC 22438; ESTC S117315 34,769 72 View Text
A57191 Great Britains jubile, or, A rural present to His Royall Majesty, my gracious, renowned and admired soveraign, Charles the IJd of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King, defender of the faith, &c. in divers panegyricks and poems on several objects, persons, and occasions : relating to his sacred person, and progress / by Lancelot Reynolds, Gent. Reynolds, Lancelot. 1662 (1662) Wing R1319; ESTC R12010 34,891 114 View Text
A67452 Letters and poems, amorous and gallant Walsh, William, 1663-1708. 1692 (1692) Wing W647; ESTC R8169 35,279 138 View Text
A26928 Faithful souls shall be with Christ the certainty proved and their Christianity described, and exemplified in the truely Christian life and death of that excellent saint, Henry Ashhurst, Esq ... : briefly and truly published for the conviction of hypocrites and the malignant, the strengthning of believers, and the imitation of all, especially the masters of families in London / by Richard Baxter. Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. 1681 (1681) Wing B1265; ESTC R4853 35,484 74 View Text
A00760 Fuimus Troes Æneid. 2. The true Troianes, being a story of the Britaines valour at the Romanes first inuasion: Publikely represented by the gentlemen students of Magdalen Colledge in Oxford. Fisher, Jasper, b. 1591. 1633 (1633) STC 10886; ESTC S102088 35,953 72 View Text
A14989 A bride-bush, or A vvedding sermon compendiously describing the duties of married persons: by performing whereof, marriage shall be to them a great helpe, which now finde it a little hell. Whately, William, 1583-1639. 1617 (1617) STC 25296; ESTC S101310 36,172 54 View Text
A11054 A godlie and short discourse shewing not onely what time the inhabitants of this land first receyued the Christian faith: but also what maner of doctrine was planted in the same. Whereby may appeare, howe the reformation at this day in England is not a bringing in of a newe religion, but a reducing againe of the olde and auncient fayth. Rosdell, Christopher, b. 1553 or 4. 1589 (1589) STC 21320; ESTC S101597 36,383 98 View Text
A09298 A treatise containing the aequity of an humble supplication which is to be exhibited vnto hir gracious Maiesty and this high Court of Parliament in the behalfe of the countrey of Wales, that some order may be taken for the preaching of the Gospell among those people Wherein also is set downe as much of the estate of our people as without offence could be made known, to the end that our case (if it please God) my be pitied by them who are not of this assembly, and so they also may bee driuen to labour on our behalfe. Penry, John, 1559-1593. 1587 (1587) STC 19611; ESTC S114395 36,469 64 View Text
A37506 The garland of good-will divided into three parts : containing many pleasant songs and pretty poems to sundry new notes : with a table to find the names of all the songs / written by T.D. Deloney, Thomas, 1543?-1600. 1678 (1678) Wing D946; ESTC R13235 36,657 129 View Text
A18805 The booke of freendeship of Marcus Tullie Cicero; Laelius de amicitia. English Cicero, Marcus Tullius.; Harington, John, d. 1582. 1550 (1550) STC 5276; ESTC S111226 36,865 162 View Text
A42551 The love-sick spouse, or, The substance of four sermons preached on Canticles 2.5. by William Gearing ... Gearing, William. 1665 (1665) Wing G436; ESTC R42046 36,957 51 View Text
A16778 The pilgrimage to paradise, ioyned with the Countesse of Penbrookes loue, compiled in verse by Nicholas Breton Gentleman Breton, Nicholas, 1545?-1626? 1592 (1592) STC 3683; ESTC S104761 36,992 96 View Text
A05406 Ignis cœlestis: or An interchange of diuine love betweene God and his saints. By Iohn Lewis, minister of Gods word at St. Peters in the tovvne of St. Albons Lewis, John, b. 1595 or 6. 1620 (1620) STC 15558; ESTC S103072 37,144 136 View Text
A59986 Love will finde out the way an excellent comedy as it was acted with great applause, by Her Majesties servants, at the Phoenix in Drury Lane / by T.B.; Constant maid Shirley, James, 1596-1666.; T. B. 1661 (1661) Wing S3478; ESTC R10871 37,185 63 View Text
A67736 Armour of proof, or a soveraign antidote, against the contagion of evil company Together with the skill, will, and industry of lewd ones; in tempting to sin, and drawing to perdition. Being subjects of concernment for the younger sort. The second part. By R. Younge of Roxwel in Essex, Florilegus. Younge, Richard. 1655 (1655) Wing Y138; ESTC R222620 37,249 36 View Text
A87471 Regales aphorismi or a royal chain of golden sentences, divine, morall, and politicall, as at severall times, and on several occasions they were delivered by King James. Collected by certain reverend and honourable personages attending on his Majesty. James I, King of England, 1566-1625.; Stratton, W., editor. 1650 (1650) Wing J143; Thomason E1408_1; ESTC R202612 37,307 219 View Text
A01378 [Here begynneth a lytell treatyse called, the (myrrour or lokynge glasse of lyfe) for co[m]fortyng of the soule] Goodale, John, attributed name. aut; Gough, John, fl. 1528-1556, attributed name. aut 1532 (1532) STC 11499; ESTC S109501 37,532 104 View Text
A20176 Grace, mercy, and peace conteining 1 Gods reconciliation to man, 2 Mans reconciliation to God. By Henry Denne an unworthy servant of the Church, ... Denne, Henry, 1606 or 7-1660? 1645 (1645) STC 6610; ESTC R175933 37,602 120 View Text
A25788 Instructions to a son by Archibald, late Marquis of Argyle ; written in the time of his confinement. Argyll, Archibald Campbell, Marquis of, 1598-1661. 1661 (1661) Wing A3657; ESTC R28303 37,986 188 View Text
A09403 Hepieíkeia: or, a treatise of Christian equitie and moderation. Deliuered publikely in lectures by M. W. Perkins, and now published by the consent of his assignes in Cambridge by a preacher of the word Perkins, William, 1558-1602.; Crashaw, William, 1572-1626. 1604 (1604) STC 19699; ESTC S106090 38,157 104 View Text
A21187 The ethiques of Aristotle, that is to saye, preceptes of good behauoute [sic] and perfighte honestie, now newly tra[n]slated into English; Nicomachean ethics. English. Abridgments Aristotle.; Wilkinson, John, servant to the Earl of Derby.; Latini, Brunetto, 1220-1295. 1547 (1547) STC 754; ESTC S104425 38,935 167 View Text
A05111 The logike of the moste excellent philosopher P. Ramus martyr, newly translated, and in diuers places corrected, after the mynde of the author. Per M. Roll. Makylmenæum Scotum, rogatu viri honestissimi, M. Ægidii Hamlini; Dialectica. English Ramus, Petrus, 1515-1572.; MacIlmaine, Rollo. 1574 (1574) STC 15246; ESTC S107927 38,954 102 View Text
A50520 St. Cecily, or, The converted twins a Christian tragedy / written by E.M. Medbourne, M. (Matthew), d. 1679. 1666 (1666) Wing M1583B 39,112 71 View Text
A68726 A pleasant conceited comedie called, Loues labors lost As it vvas presented before her Highnes this last Christmas. Newly corrected and augmented by W. Shakespere.; Love's labour's lost Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616. 1598 (1598) STC 22294; ESTC S111181 39,175 67 View Text
A35658 The poor-mans comfort a tragi-comedy : as it was divers times acted at the Cock-pit in Drury Lane with great applause / written by Robert Dauborne ... Daborne, Robert, d. 1628. 1655 (1655) Wing D101; ESTC R6223 39,395 58 View Text
A20871 Flovvres of Sion. By VVilliam Drummond of Hawthorne-denne. To which is adioyned his cypresse groue Drummond, William, 1585-1649. 1623 (1623) STC 7247; ESTC S105397 40,164 84 View Text
A03786 Egypts favorite The historie of Ioseph, divided into foure parts: 1. Iosephus in puteo: or, the vnfortunate brother. 2. Iosephus in gremio: or, the chaste courtier. 3. Iosephus in carcere: or, the innocent prisoner. 4. Iosephus in summo: or, the noble favorite. Together with old Israels progresse into the land of Goshen. By Francis Hubert, Knight, and sometime one of the six clarkes of his Maiesties High Court of Chancerie. Hubert, Francis, Sir, d. 1629. 1631 (1631) STC 13903; ESTC S104272 40,316 129 View Text
B06542 A brief, and plain apology written by John Wheelwright: wherein he doth vindicate himself, from al [sic] those errors, heresies, and flagitious crimes, layed to his charge by Mr. Thomas Weld, in his short story, and further fastened upon him, by Mr. Samuel Rutherford in his survey of antinomianisme. Wherein free grace is maintained in three propositions, and four thesis [sic] ... Wheelwright, John, 1594-1679. 1658 (1658) Wing W1604; ESTC R186427 40,565 36 View Text
A16164 The lectures of Samuel Bird of Ipswidge vpon the 8. and 9. chapters of the second Epistle to the Corinthians Bird, Samuel, d. 1604. 1598 (1598) STC 3087; ESTC S120278 40,751 112 View Text