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cause_n good_a great_a king_n 5,512 5 3.6764 3 true
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A80470 The coppy of a letter sent by the last post from a knovving gentleman (ex ordine Observantium) now scouting amongst the Scots, to a friend of his in London. Briefly intimating that Omne malum ab Aquilone still, and that the present rising of the winds in that country, is like to revive future stormes in our own. 1648 (1648) Wing C6136; Thomason 669.f.12[3]; ESTC R210730 750 1 View Text
A39020 An Excellent new hymne to the mobile, exhorting them to loyalty the clean contrary way 1682 (1682) Wing E3807; ESTC R31474 780 1 View Text
B03227 An elegy on the death of William Lord Russel, who was beheaded for high-treason, in Lincoln-Inn-Fields, July the 21st. 1683. 1683 (1683) Wing E414; Interim Tract Supplement Guide C.20.f.3[131]; ESTC R36113 865 1 View Text
A22332 By the King a proclamation for the apprehension of Edward Ekins. England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I); James I, King of England, 1566-1625. 1624 (1624) STC 8742; ESTC S3493 916 1 View Text
A22438 By the King a proclamation for the apprehension of Iohn Holland, and Robert Blow, gentlemen, late seruants to the Earle of Lincolne. England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I); Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649. 1627 (1627) STC 8856; ESTC S122711 928 1 View Text
A55251 A poem on the death of the Queen by a gentlewoman of quality. Gentlewoman of quality. 1694 (1694) Wing P2692; ESTC R28446 1,061 5 View Text
A39013 An Elegy on the death of Sir Edmond Saunders, late Lord Chief Justice of England who died the 19th of June 1683. 1683 (1683) Wing E380; ESTC R27317 1,147 1 View Text
A46053 Ignoramus-justice, or, The English-law turn'd into gin to let knaves out and keep honest men in an excellent song to the tune of Sir Egledemore. 1682 (1682) Wing I45; ESTC R2596 1,184 1 View Text
A32338 Most reverend father in God, we greet you well Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685.; Sancroft, William, 1617-1693.; England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II) 1684 (1684) Wing C3190A; ESTC R24261 1,301 1 View Text
A25798 A true copy of a speech delivered in the Parliament in Scotland, by the Earle of Argile concerning the government of the church : together with the Kings going to Parliament August 19, 1641. Argyll, Archibald Campbell, Marquis of, 1598-1661. 1641 (1641) Wing A3672; ESTC R7455 1,358 8 View Text
A86764 The humble petition of divers inhabitants of the county of Hertford, who have faithfully adhered to the Good Old Cause. Presented to the Parliament, by Dr. Barber, with many free-holders, and other inhabitants of the said county, May 13. 1659. Together with the Parliament's answer thereunto. England and Wales. Parliament. 1659 (1659) Wing H3457; Thomason 669.f.21[32]; ESTC R211173 1,364 1 View Text
A87082 A hymne called Englands Hosanna to God, for the restoration, and coronation of Charls the second, in imitation of that song, sung by the angels, Glory be to God. / Penned by Daniel Harcourt, sometime of Brazen-Nose Colledge in Oxford, an exile for his loyaltie; late chaplain to his Majesties Frigot, the Leopard, out of Italy. Harcourt, Daniel. 1661 (1661) Wing H691; Thomason 669.f.27[20]; ESTC R210277 1,384 1 View Text
A86051 Mr. Glyn, his speech in Parliament, vpon the reading of the accusation of the House of Commons against Mr. Herbert the Kings attorney, for advising and drawing the accusation of high treason against the six worthy members of the House of Commons. February 19. An. Dom. 1641 Glynne, John, Sir, 1603-1666. 1642 (1642) Wing G894; Thomason E200_31; ESTC R12994 1,581 7 View Text
A26115 At Amsterdamnable Coffee-House, on the 5th of November next, will be exposed to pu[b]lick sale these goods following, in several parcels 1684 (1684) Wing A4096; ESTC R9812 1,602 2 View Text
A00737 Finch his alphabet, or, A godly direction, fit to be perused of each true Christian Finch, Mr. 1635 (1635) STC 10869.5; ESTC S3043 1,688 1 View Text
B10132 An encomiastick and congratulatory poem on the glorious and peaceable return of His Sacred Majesty King William III into England 1697 Thomas, John. 1697 (1697) Wing T965; ESTC R184981 1,694 1 View Text
B04990 A copy of verses presented by Isaac Ragg, bell-man, to his masters and mistresses of Holbourn division, in the parish of St. Giles's in the Fields. to his masters and mistresses of Holbourn division, in the parish of St. Giles's in the Fields. Ragg, Isaac. 1684 (1684) Wing R133; Interim Tract Supplement Guide C.20.f.4[50] 1,815 1 View Text
B06114 To the Duke, upon his return from Scotland. 1682 (1682) Wing T1394; Interim Tract Supplement Guide 839.m.22[18]; ESTC R32808 1,852 4 View Text
A84307 An Extract of letters, wherein is related, certaine remarkable passages from Yorke & Hull. 1642 (1642) Wing E3909; Thomason E109_31; ESTC R22147 1,867 9 View Text
A22216 By the King, a proclamation to restraine the planting of tobacco in England and VVales England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I); James I, King of England, 1566-1625. 1619 (1619) STC 8622; ESTC S1566 1,928 2 View Text
A97118 Suppositions, with this humble request and advice of many thousands. To the right honourable the Houses of Parliament. By J. W. J. W. 1642 (1642) Wing W72; Thomason E108_43; ESTC R10651 1,973 8 View Text
A88637 Admirable good newes againe from Ireland. Or, the copie of a letter written from Sir Thomas Lucas, one of the commanders of our army in Ireland, to a worthy member of the House of Parliament here in England, bearing date, Fbruary [sic], 24. 1641. Wherein is a relation of two great overthrowes which was given to the rebels by the English and Scottish forces: the one before Tredarth within the province of Munster, February 23. 1641. The other gtreat [sic] victorie was obtained by the English and Scots under the command of the Earle of Dungarvin and Generall Lesley, and others, in the province of Corke, where 5000 rebels were slaine, 100 taken prisoners and executed. With the estate of Ireland at this present. Published by authority. Lucas, Thomas, Sir, d. 1649. 1642 (1642) Wing L3423; Thomason E137_7; ESTC R9941 1,983 7 View Text
A70734 The Occasional doctor his examination before a committee of Whigg-priests. 1682 (1682) Wing O123R; ESTC R22382 2,042 2 View Text
A69361 A declaration of the causes mouing the Queenes Maiestie of England, to prepare and send a nauy to the seas, for the defence of her realmes against the King of Spaines forces to bee published by the generals of the saide nauy, to the intent that it shall appeare to the world, that her maiestie armeth her nauy onely to defend her selfe, and to offend her enemies, and not to offend any other, that shall forbeare to strengthen her enemie, but to vse them with all lawfull fauours. England and Wales.; Elizabeth I, Queen of England, 1533-1603.; Essex, Robert Devereux, Earl of, 1566-1601.; Nottingham, Charles Howard, Earl of, ca. 1536-1624. 1596 (1596) STC 9203; ESTC S105513 2,044 6 View Text
B03672 Holland turn'd to tinder, or Englands third great royal victory. Being an exact narrative brought by Captain Talbot Commander of the Elizabeth a fourth rate frigat of the blew [sic] squadron ... which news hath been continued here by other persons from aboard the Royal Charles, who give account of a total rout to the Dutch, ... All this was performed on Wednesday and Thursday 25. and 26. of July, 1666. The tune is, Packingtons pound. 1666 (1666) Wing H2445A; ESTC R178086 2,075 1 View Text
A38385 Englands day of joy and rejoycing, or, Long lookt for is come at last, or, The True manner of proclaiming Charls the Second King of England, &c. this eighth day of this present May, to the ever honored praise of General Monck, being for the good of his country and the Parliament : to the tune of Jockey. 1660 (1660) Wing E2955A; ESTC R36556 2,166 1 View Text
A63957 Civitas militaris, or, A poem on the city royal regiment of horse by John Tutchin. Tutchin, John, 1661?-1707. 1689 (1689) Wing T3371; ESTC R23758 2,260 7 View Text
A89400 A mournfull elegy upon the three renowned vvorthies Duke Hamilton, the Earle of Holland, and the ever to be honoured Lord Capel, who were tyranically murthered by a usurped illegall power of the wicked court of injustice, and pretended Parliament, upon Friday, the 9. of March, 1649. In the Palace-yard before Westminster-Hall-Gate. 1649 (1649) Wing M2987; Thomason 669.f.14[10]; ESTC R211063 2,313 1 View Text
A80167 The spirit of the phanatiqves dissected. And the solemne league and covenant solemnly discussed in 30 queries. By William Collinne, gent. Collinne, William. 1660 (1660) Wing C5354; Thomason E1017_39; ESTC R208238 2,354 8 View Text
A87766 The King of Denmarck. The King of France, the King of Spain, the states of Vevice [sic] navies on the seas, intended for England. With the cause of their comming, and their intents. As also the just number of all their navies, and the souldiers with them, and where each navie lyes. Likewise, the Danes and Italians resolution concerning His Majesty. And the names of the captains of each navie, Captain Keevalo Dunous for the Danes. Captain De Sunae Bewit for France. Captain Don Pedringano for Spain. Captain Hupah Fenao for the Italians. 1642 (1642) Wing K563; Thomason E129_29; ESTC R19174 2,468 8 View Text
B14948 The new tydings out of Italie are not yet com 1620 (1620) STC 18507.1; ESTC S119505 2,711 2 View Text
A84924 The friers lamenting, for his not repenting. Being a relation of the life and death of Francis Colewort a frier, who related a little before his death a threefold plot of treason. With his conversion to the Protestant religion, at Hungerford in Barkshire. Taylor, John, 1580-1653, attributed name. 1641 (1641) Wing F2209; Thomason E168_3; ESTC R5905 2,843 8 View Text
A87974 A Letter from the French King to the great Turk 1692 (1692) Wing L1520A; ESTC R43879 2,883 2 View Text
A76396 Good and true intelligence from Reading.· Being a true relation of two late fights betweene the Parliaments forces and the mallgnants [sic]: the one neer Wallingford, where the Parliaments forces under the command of Serjeant-Major Holford slew three hundred of the malignants, whereof two captains were slain, and took 600. armes, one peece of ordnance, foure ensignes, and 80. prisoners, two captains, and seven lievtenants and serjeants. The other neer a town called Slow, with all the proceedings of his Excellencies army about Reading, from the 18. of May to the 24. Sent in a letter from Lievtenant Bennet under the command of Serjeant-Major Holford, (in the regiment of the Right Honourable the Lord Grey) to his brother in London. Bennet, Isaac. 1643 (1643) Wing B1883A; Thomason E104_7; ESTC R11692 2,984 8 View Text
A91096 Propositions agreed upon at a Court of Common Councell, in Guild Hall London, Feb. 21, 1642 City of London (England). Court of Common Council. 1642 (1642) Wing P3776; Thomason E90_14 3,058 7 View Text
B12753 A proclamation for iurors. England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I); James I, King of England, 1566-1625. 1607 (1607) STC 8406; Interim Tract Supplement Guide 506.h.10[78] 3,097 2 View Text
A13514 True louing sorow, attired in a robe of vnfeigned griefe presented vpon occasion of the much bewailed funerall of that gracious and illustrious prince Lewis Steward, Duke of Richmond and Linox, Eearle [sic] of Newcastle and Darnely ... who departed this life at White-Hall on the Thursday the 12 of February ... / [by] John Taylor. Taylor, John, 1580-1653. 1624 (1624) STC 23808.5; ESTC S3373 3,144 1 View Text
A41091 The examination and confession of Captaine Lilbourne and Captaine Viviers who were taken at Brainford by His Majesties forces, and had their triall at Oxford on Saturday the tenth of this instant December, before the Lord Heath, and other lords of His Maiesties privy councell being present : who were iudged as ring-leaders of the round-heads, to lose their lives on Wednesday, being the 14 day of this moneth : being sent in a letter / from Mr. Daniel Felton ... to one Mr. Tho. Harris ... ; also many perswasions and strong inducements whereby His Majesty doth make knowne and declare upon good grounds how much it concernes the good of the kingdome to incline to an accommodation of peace, much desired, as His Majesty conceives, of all his loyall subjects. Felton, William. 1642 (1642) Wing F665; ESTC R11802 3,460 8 View Text
A28816 The propositions of their excellencies the ambassadovrs of the high and mighty states generall of the united provinces in the Netherlands delivered by them, by word of mouth, in both Houses of the Parliament of England, the 22/12 of July, 1644 / translation in English, delivered to both Houses was subscribed W. Borell, Iohn Reede de Renswoude, Alb. Ioachimi. United Provinces of the Netherlands. Staten Generaal.; Joachimi, Albert, 1560-1654.; Reede van Renswoude, Johan, baron van, 1593-1682.; Boreel, Willem, baron van Vreendijke, 1591-1668. 1644 (1644) Wing B3752; ESTC R287 3,663 15 View Text
A61234 The speech of William Howard, late Lord Viscount Stafford, upon the scaffold on Tower-Hill immediately before his execution, Wednesday Decemb. 29, 1680. Stafford, William Howard, Viscount, 1614-1680. 1680 (1680) Wing S5157; ESTC R25784 3,739 4 View Text
A41264 The fidelity of a loyal subject, of the kingdom of England: or, An honest act of fidelity to King James, King William, and the whole kingdom. 1698 (1698) Wing F848; ESTC R213732 3,745 4 View Text
B06901 The first p[art]. To the tune of Lilli Bullero. The second part. 1700 (1700) Interim Tract Supplement Guide C.20.f.2[270] 3,789 1 View Text
A63496 A true copy of the petition of the centlewomen, [sic] and tradesmens-wives in and about the city of London Delivered, to the Honourable, the knights, citizens, and burgesses, of the House of Commons in Parliament, the 4th. of February, 1641. Together, with the reasons why their sex ought thus to petition, as well as the men; and the manner how both their petition and reasons was delivered. Likewise the answer which the honourable assembly sent to them by Mr. Pym, as they stood at the House-doore. Whereunto is added the prophesie of old Sybilla. England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. 1642 (1642) Wing T2657A; ESTC R222532 4,024 11 View Text
A78498 Certain queries vpon the dissolving of the late Parliament: likewise, vpon the present proceedings of the army; and on the many adresses to them, by the militia-officers of the city, and others (as they say) the godly people: and pretendeth to our good old cause, in order to preserve our rights and liberties both civil and riligious [sic]. 1659 (1659) Wing C1746A; Thomason E980_14; ESTC R207749 4,314 8 View Text
A34131 The commission opened, or The position that it is not only lawfull, but also the duty and allegiance of all and every English man, to joyn and endeavour, for the restitution of His Sacred Majesty, to his throne and dignity ... cleared and explained, and that it is to be performed, by 1. councell and advice. 2. supplies with men, money, and other necessaries. 3. bearing of armes : and that whosever doth the contrary is guilty of treason / by a lover of peace and truth. Lover of peace and truth. 1648 (1648) Wing C5555; ESTC R23150 4,586 9 View Text
A26666 All is not gold that glisters: or, A warning-piece to England Being a prophecie, written by that famous and learned knight Sir Walter Rawleigh, the day before he was beheaded on Tower-Hill, in the raign of our late Soveraign Lord King James. Fore-telling the great and wonderful things that will befall the King of Scots, the people of this nation, the change of religion and law, and how long the government shall continue without a King, or House of Lords. Also, the landing of an English Army in France this summer, the taking of the city of Rome, and the beheading of the Pope, and seven of his cardinals. With other remarkable passages and presidents. Raleigh, Walter, Sir, 1552?-1618, attributed name. 1651 (1651) Wing A935A; ESTC R213935 4,627 10 View Text
A90676 The picture of the good old cause drawn to life in the effigies of Master Prais-God Barebone. With several examples of Gods Judgements on some eminent engagers against kingly government. 1660 (1660) Wing P2157; Thomason 669.f.25[57]; ESTC R212482 4,637 1 View Text
A81055 Brief observations upon the present distresses of the publick with some account of the causes thereof, viz. the corruptions in the government. Humbly presented to the consideration of the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled. By Robert Crosfeild. Crosfeild, Robert. 1696 (1696) Wing C7241; ESTC R225365 4,694 4 View Text
B04896 The King & northern-man, shewing how a poor Northumberland-man (tennant to the King) being wronged by a lawyer (his neighbour), went to the King himself to make known his grievance. To the tune of, Slut. M. P. (Martin Parker), d. 1656? 1695 (1695) Wing P439; Interim Tract Supplement Guide C.20.f.7[174] 4,759 2 View Text
B06745 The wanton wife of Bath. To the tune of, Flying fame, &c. 1700 (1695-1700?) Wing W723A 4,780 3 View Text
A79810 The cities warning-peece, in the malignants description and conversion: or, The round-head turn'd poet. Where a feast of prose and verse invites curiosity to be nibling. 1643 (1643) Wing C4336; Thomason E246_28; ESTC R19050 4,788 8 View Text
A02986 A briefe discouse of the merueylous victorie gotten by the king of Nauarre, against those of the holy League, on the twentieth of October 1587 Both in English, and in French as it was printed in Fraunce. Whereunto is added as soone as it came to my hand since the first impression, the true copie of a letter sent by the king of Nauarre to his secretary at Rochil, aswel in confirmation of the victorie against the Duke Ioyeuse, as also the ouerthrow that the Switzers gaue to the Duke of Guise. Henry IV, King of France, 1553-1610. True copie of a letter sent by the king of Navarre to his secretary at Rochil. 1587 (1587) STC 13129; ESTC S119810 4,864 18 View Text
A76028 A declaration, of His Imperiall Majestie, the most High and Mighty Potentate Alexea, Emperor of Russia, and great Duke of Muscovia, &c wherein is conteined his detestation of the murther of Charles the First, King of Great Britain and Ireland; his propensitie to restore King Charles the Second; that hee hath forbidden all trade with England; and meanes propounded for the establishing of a generall-peace throughout Christendome. Russia. Sovereign (1645-1676 : Alekseĭ Mikhaĭlovich) 1650 (1650) Wing A902A; Thomason E623_17; ESTC R206420 4,894 9 View Text
A79078 The royall missive to the Prince of VVales, being the letter of K. Charles I. : in part metrically paraphrased, for essay vnto the rest / by Ri. VVatson. Watson, Richard, 1612-1685.; Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649.; Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685. 1660 (1660) Wing C2765A; ESTC R204015 4,967 17 View Text
A25857 No peace 'till the king prosper a letter writ from a true lover of peace to one that is both modestly inquiring and discovering the true and false paths to a present peace : that if the Parliament prevaile against the king, peace cannot be, but if the king prevaile, it must be, and if neither prevaile, it will not be. Arnway, John, 1601-1653.; A. A. 1645 (1645) Wing A3734; ESTC R200232 5,192 10 View Text
A85581 Great Brjttajnes distractions: or An alarum to awaken all good subjects; shewing them the cause and cure of their present evils. And briefly answering some false frivolous objections, made by one of the chiefe rabbies of these times. With an exhortation in the conclusion to all good subjects, for to put in practice their just duty. Written by a true lover both of God, his king, and countrey. True lover both of God, his King, and countrey. 1642 (1642) Wing G1666; Thomason E128_32; ESTC R3654 5,337 9 View Text
A40700 Mr. Fuller's letter to the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor being an answer to a late scandalous pamphlet, intituled, Fuller's Plain proof of the true mother of the pretended Pr. of Wales, made out to be no proof, &c. : with that part of His Majesty's declaration, relating to that imposture, publish'd in December, 1688.; Letter to the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor Fuller, William, 1670-1717? 1700 (1700) Wing F2484; ESTC R21236 5,649 26 View Text
A45818 Iter Australe attempting something upon the happy return of our most gracious soveraign Lord Charls [sic] II from banishment to his throne / by a loyal pen. Loyal P. E. N. 1660 (1660) Wing I1090; ESTC R30361 5,695 20 View Text
A70940 A visitation of tender love (once more) from the Lord unto Charles the II, King of England, Scotland and Ireland Rigge, Ambrose, 1635?-1705.; Coale, Josiah, 1632?-1668. 1662 (1662) Wing R1500; ESTC R22052 5,785 9 View Text
A52941 Certain queries humbly proposed in order to a quiet Christian submission to His Highness the Lord Protector S.N. S. N., Gent. 1658 (1658) Wing N68; ESTC R7284 5,870 13 View Text
A09179 The vale mans table Payne, Robert, fl. 1589. 1583 (1583) STC 19491.5; ESTC S4409 5,871 1 View Text
A40997 A Second beacon fired humbly presented to the Lord Protector and the Parliament by the publishers of the first : with their humble petition, that they would do what may be expected from Christian magistrates, in suppressing blasphemous books. Fawne, Luke, d. 1666. 1654 (1654) Wing F565; ESTC R389 6,006 15 View Text
A89912 Another parcell of problemes concerning religion: necessary to be determined at this time, and to that end printed apart. Together with the prudent advice of Herennius Pontius a man famous for wisdome among the Samnites, very applyable to the present deliberation in Parliament concerning delinquents. As also the bold and stout answers of an ambassadour of Privernum, in the senate of Rome, when the Privernates were in the same low condition, in which the Kings party now is. All for the present use of the Members of both Houses. / By P.D. Nethersole, Francis, Sir, 1587-1659.; Livy. 1648 (1648) Wing N494; Thomason E526_24; ESTC R203005 6,019 10 View Text
A67439 A letter desiring a just and mercifull regard of the Roman Catholicks of Ireland, given about the end of October 1660, to the then Marquess, now Duke of Ormond and the second time Lord Lieutenant of that kingdom. Walsh, Peter, 1618?-1688.; Ormonde, James Butler, Duke of, 1610-1688. 1662 (1662) Wing W636; ESTC R23908 6,059 1 View Text
A97078 A letter desiring a just and mercifull regard of the Roman Catholicks of Ireland, given about the end of October 1660, to the then Marquess, now Duke of Ormond and the second time Lord Lieutenant of that kingdom. Walsh, Peter, 1618?-1688.; Ormonde, James Butler, Duke of, 1610-1688. 1662 (1662) Wing W635A; ESTC R23908 6,068 2 View Text
A80428 Irelands lamentation for the late destructive cessation, or, A trap to catch Protestants. Written by Lieutenant Colonell Chidly Coote. Published according to order. Coote, Chidly. 1644 (1644) Wing C6066; Thomason E35_4; ESTC R19021 6,080 10 View Text
A42645 To the supreme authority, the Parliament of the Common-vvealth of England The humble remonstrance of Sir Balthazar Gerbier Knight. Touching his sundry proposals, wherein this Commonwealths interest is concerned: and particularly on the present necessity of laying a claim unto considerable summes of money due by the states of Brabant & Flanders unto this Commonwealth. Gerbier, Balthazar, Sir, 1592?-1667. 1651 (1651) Wing G582; ESTC R213265 6,224 17 View Text
A25598 An Answer to the letter from Amsterdam of April the 18th, 1678 being found at Harwich, open'd and carried to the magistrates of that place. 1678 (1678) Wing A3416; ESTC R28300 6,288 16 View Text
B06765 A warning to the court, Parliament, and army. From a true lover of his country, and of all that love the truth in righteousness. Heartily desiring the peace and welfare of these poore nations, with freedome and an impartial administration of justice, that righteousness might run down our streets like a flood, and truth be exalted. Then will our God crown the labourers in, and doers of His work, with glory and honour, and at last immortality. Trewman, Gregory. 1659 (1659) Wing W940B; ESTC R203937 6,402 8 View Text
A27550 Better late than never 1689 (1689) Wing B2083; ESTC R23548 6,711 4 View Text
A77935 Hell in an uproar occasioned by a scuffle that happened between the lawyers and the physicians, for superiority. A satyr. Burridge, Richard, b. 1670. 1700 (1700) Wing B5977A; ESTC R229780 6,798 17 View Text
A78662 Articles of peace and commerce, between the high and mighty kings, Charles, by the grace of God, king of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. And John the 4th king of Portugal, Algarres, &c. and their subjects. Concluded at London the nine and twentieth day of January, in the yeer of our Lord 1642. stilo novo. Translated out of Latin into English.; Treaties, etc. Portugal. 1642-01-29. England and Wales.; Portugal. Treaties, etc. England and Wales. 1642-01-29. 1642 (1642) Wing C2147; Thomason E149_21; ESTC R4296 7,044 24 View Text
A89475 A manifestation directed to the honourable Houses of Parliament in England, sent from the Lord Inchequin, the Lord Broghill, Sir Wil. Fenton, Sir Percy Smith, Lieut. Col. Will. Brocket, Lieut. Col. Thomas Serle, Sarjeant Major Muschamp; containing the reasons of their now opposing the cestation with the blood-thirsty Irish rebels; and their resolution to live and die in defence of the Parliament and Protestant cause in that Kingdom. As also, the joynt and unamimous declaration of His Majesties Protestant subjects in the Province of Munster, shewing to the whole world the many inhumane, cruell, and unheard of perfidious dealings, treacherous conspiracies, and horrid combinations of friers, priests and Jesuits, to betray the castles, forts and garrisons, and their murthering many Protestants in that province, contrary to the article of free commerce, and other articles of the late treaty. Inchiquin, Murrough O'Brien, Earl of, 1614-1674. 1644 (1644) Wing M424; Thomason E6_1; ESTC R3771 7,096 14 View Text
A92961 Seven arguments plainly proving that papists are trayterous subjects to all true christian princes. With a touch of Iesuites treacheries. 1641 (1641) Wing S2735; Thomason E156_1; ESTC R19995 7,100 15 View Text
A51824 A short view of the most gracious providence of God in the Restoration and Succession, May 29, 1685 Manningham, Thomas, 1651?-1722. 1685 (1685) Wing M507; ESTC R8136 7,130 30 View Text
A34621 The muses mistresse, or, A store-house of rich fancies by J.C. ; written at succidanious hours during the action at Newark ; with other high rapsodies, extracted from the choicest wits of our age. Cotgrave, John, fl. 1655. 1660 (1660) Wing C6369; ESTC R20901 7,170 22 View Text
A59340 Remarks on Algernoon Sidney's paper, delivered to the sherriffs at his execution Settle, Elkanah, 1648-1724. 1683 (1683) Wing S2715; ESTC R12784 7,216 4 View Text
A66990 The substance of a sermon, being an incouragement for Protestants or a happy prospect of glorious success: with exhortations to be valiant against our enemies, in opposing the bloody principle of papists, and errors of popery, &c. Occasionally on the Protestants victory over the French and Irish papists before London-Derry, in raising that desperate siege. By Mr. Walker minister, and governor of the city. Walker, George, of Londonderry. 1689 (1689) Wing W348; ESTC R219337 7,232 14 View Text
A66968 A sermon being an incouragement for Protestants or a happy prospect of glorious success: with exhortations to be valiant against our enemies, in opposing the bloody principle of papists, and errors of popery, &c. Occasionally on the Protestants victory over the French and Irish papists before London-Derry, in raising that desperate siege, a glorious prospect of the Protestants happiness, &c. By Mr. Walker minister, and governor of the city. Walker, George, of Londonderry. 1689 (1689) Wing W345; ESTC R219334 7,242 13 View Text
A08963 The king and a poore n[or]therne man Shewing how a poore Northumberl[and] man, a tenant to the King, being wrong'd b[...] lawyer, (his neighbor) went to the King himsel[fe] to make knowne his grievances; full of simple mirth and merry plaine iests. M. P. (Martin Parker), d. 1656? 1633 (1633) STC 19248; ESTC S119912 7,265 25 View Text
A78149 Behold the husbandman S. James 5.7. Barksdale, Clement, 1609-1687. 1677 (1677) Wing B791; ESTC R232418 7,512 42 View Text
A02403 The causes for vvhich the most high and mighty prince and lo: Lord Gustavus Adolphus of the Swedes, Gothes, and Vandals King great Prince of Finland, Duke of Esthonia and Carelia, and Lord of Ingria, is at length constrained to move with an armie into Germany. Translated out of the Latine copy. 1631 (1631) STC 12532; ESTC S118985 7,560 16 View Text
A54104 A brief account of the province of Pennsylvania, lately granted by the King, under the great seal of England to William Penn and his heirs and assigns Penn, William, 1644-1718. 1681 (1681) Wing P1255; ESTC R18857 7,574 11 View Text
A54106 A brief account of the province of Pennsilvania lately granted by the King, under the great seal of England, to William Penn, and his heirs and assigns. Penn, William, 1644-1718.; England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II). Proclamations. 1681-04-02. 1682 (1682) Wing P1256A; ESTC R220390 7,626 16 View Text
A17891 A pleasant description of the fortunate ilandes, called the Ilands of Canaria vvith their straunge fruits and commodities. Verie delectable to read, to the praise of God. Composed by the poore pilgrime. Nicholas, Thomas, b. ca. 1532. 1583 (1583) STC 4557; ESTC S112725 7,953 26 View Text
A41189 A second dialogue between the Pope and a phanatick, concerning affairs in England by the author of the first, who is a hearty lover of his prince and country. Hearty lover of his prince and country.; Ferguson, Robert, d. 1714. 1681 (1681) Wing F758; ESTC R17988 8,027 18 View Text
A81579 The declaration, vindication, and protestation, of Edward Dobson, citizen, and stationer, of London. VVherein is shewed the many illegall and unjust imprisonments which the said stationer hath suffered, through the malicious and envious informations of Brownists, Anabaptists, Antinomians, and other seditious sectaries: contrary to the lawes of God, the liberty of the subject, and the lawes of the land, all which have been protested, and covenanted to be maintained with lives and fortunes. Together with the manner of his coming from Worcester to Northampton, and of his barbarous usage there, by the governour and others, contrary to the declaration published in the names of the two kingdomes, upon the sincerity of which he did depend. Also a relation of his illegall imprisonment upon a pretended suspition of bringing a saw to the Irish Lords (as is most scandalously published) for their escape out of the Tower. Dobson, Edward, 17th cent. 1644 (1644) Wing D1751; Thomason E257_8; ESTC R212485 8,262 8 View Text
A83680 A declaration of the Commons of England assembled in Parliament, expressing their reasons for the adnulling and vacating of these ensuing votes. 15 Januarii, 1648. / Ordered by the Commons assembled in Parliament, that this declaration and votes be forthwith printed and published. H: Scobel, Cler. Parl. D. Com. England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. 1649 (1649) Wing E2560; Thomason E538_23; ESTC R206053 8,378 17 View Text
A86866 An hvmble remonstrnce [sic] to the Kings most Excellent Majesty, in vindication of the honourable Isaak Pennington, Lord Major of the honourable city of London, Alderman Foulkes, Captaine Venne, Captaine Manwaring, whom His Majeste desires to be delivered to custody, to answer an accusation of treason against them. Desiring that His Majesty would make them no let to his returne to his Parliament nor hinder the accommodation of peace. 1643 (1643) Wing H3626; Thomason E85_2; ESTC R16498 8,443 17 View Text
A72935 Articles, of a treatie of truce. Made and concluded in the towne and citie of Antvverp, the 9. of April 1609. betweene the commissioners of the most excellent Princes, Arch-dukes Albert and Isabella Clara Eugenia, as well in the name of the Catholicke Kings Maiestie, as in their owne. Together with the commissioners and deputies of the renowmed Lords, the Estates Generall of the Vnited Prouinces of the Low-countryes and that through the mediation and with the aduice of the Lords Ambassadors of the most Christian Kings, and of Great Britaine. At the Haghe by Hillebrant Iacobz, printer ordinarie to the Lords of the States Generall of the Vnited Prouinces of the Low-countreyes.; Treaties, etc. United Provinces of the Netherlands. Staten Generaal, 1609 Apr. 9 Netherlands. Sovereign (1598-1621 : Albert and Isabella).; United Provinces of the Netherlands. Staten Generaal. Treaties, etc. Netherlands. Sovereign (1598-1621 : Albert and Isabella), 1609 Apr. 9. 1609 (1609) STC 18455.7; ESTC S113147 8,513 24 View Text
A81590 The doctrine of vnitie, or An antidote for the city of London and therein for the whole kingdome besides, against division a certaine symptome of destruction. With a caution for malignants of the same city. 1643 (1643) Wing D1776; Thomason E246_40; ESTC R3851 8,558 8 View Text
A06377 A declaration made by my lord prince of Conde, for to shew and declare the causes, that haue co[n]strained him to take vpon him the defence of the Kinges authoritie of the gouernement of the Queene, and of the quietness of this realme, with the protestation therevpon requisite Condé, Louis, prince de, 1530-1569. 1562 (1562) STC 16849.3; ESTC S107741 8,634 30 View Text
A63335 An heroick poem to his Royal Highness the Duke of York on his return from Scotland with some choice songs and medleyes on the times / by Mat. Taubman ... Taubman, Matthew, d. 1690? 1682 (1682) Wing T239; ESTC R14183 8,806 54 View Text
A44829 England's lamentation, or Her sad estate lamented as also a call to the heads and rulers, and all sorts to repentance, and shewing them the cause why so many disasters, and the judgements of God which are in the earth, and also a way how to remove the same, with an answer to some objections. Through the servant of the Lord, S.H. Hubbersty, Stephen, 1632?-1711. 1665 (1665) Wing H3213; ESTC R215979 8,829 14 View Text
B02735 Dies nefastus; or A sermon preached on the publick fast day, for the cruell murther of our late soveraign, upon that unfortunate day January 30. / By Andrew Dominick, D.D. ... 1662 (1662) Wing D1842A; ESTC R175969 9,106 24 View Text
A50639 Mercurius scoticus giving the world to ground upon this evident truth, videlicet, that the Scottish rebels, the Presbyter, or kirckfaction never intended that Charles the second should be their King published to underceive [sic] the cozoned covenanters of the three nations meerely drawn into blood and ruine by the iugling of some ruling iockeys. 1650 (1650) Wing M1772; ESTC R28129 9,368 16 View Text
A64373 A sermon concerning the folly of atheism preached before the Queen at White-Hall, February 22, 1690/91 / by Tho. Tenison ... Tenison, Thomas, 1636-1715. 1691 (1691) Wing T715; ESTC R9856 9,461 38 View Text
A81508 A discourse betvveene a resolved, and a doubtfull Englishman. 1642 (1642) Wing D1572; Thomason E128_41; ESTC R212775 9,525 9 View Text
A02298 The funeralles of King Edward the sixt VVherin are declared the causers and causes of his death. Baldwin, William, ca. 1518-1563? 1560 (1560) STC 1243; ESTC S104470 9,694 24 View Text
A08935 The exposition and declaration of the Psalme, Deus ultionum Dominus, made by syr Henry Parker knight, lord Morley, dedicated to the kynges highnes Morley, Henry Parker, Lord, 1476-1556. 1539 (1539) STC 19211; ESTC S104282 9,704 46 View Text