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A47098 A plain and familiar discourse on justification being the substance of four sermons, preach'd at the morning-lecture, at Pinners-Hall, in Broad street, the third, tenth, seventeenth, and twenty fourth days of September, 1693 / by Elias Keach. Keach, Elias. 1694 (1694) Wing K110; ESTC R13909 34,472 38

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a_o plain_a and_o familiar_a discourse_n on_o justification_n be_v the_o substance_n of_o four_o sermon_n preach_v at_o the_o morning-lecture_n at_o pinners-hall_n in_o broad_a street_n the_o three_o ten_o seventeen_o and_o twenty_o four_o day_n of_o september_n 1693._o by_o elias_n keach_n take_a in_o shorthand_n as_o they_o be_v deliver_v review'd_n by_o the_o author_n and_o publish_a at_o the_o earnest_a request_n of_o divers_a christian_a friend_n act_n 13.38_o 39_o be_v it_o know_v unto_o you_o therefore_o man_n and_o brethren_n that_o through_o this_o man_n be_v preach_v unto_o you_o the_o forgiveness_n of_o sin_n and_o by_o he_o all_o that_o believe_v be_v justify_v from_o all_o thing_n by_o which_o you_o can_v not_o be_v justify_v from_o the_o law_n of_o moses_n act_n 4.12_o neither_o be_v there_o salvation_n in_o any_o other_o for_o there_o be_v none_o other_o name_n under_o heaven_n give_v or_o among_o man_n whereby_o we_o must_v be_v save_v london_n print_v for_o john_n harris_n at_o the_o harrow_n in_o the_o poultry_n mdcxciv_o errata_fw-la page_n 4._o line_n 6._o for_o the_o law_n read_v the_o gospel_n p._n 7._o l._n 33._o r._n the_o offence_n p._n 11._o l._n 9_o f._n christ_n r._n christ_n p._n 14._o l._n 8._o put_v in_o we_o may_v prevail_v p._n 15._o l._n 2._o r._n the_o efficient_a p._n 16._o l._n 18._o f._n the_o find_v r._n he_o find_v p._n 19_o l._n 35._o to_o spiritual_a add_v and_o eternal_a p._n 23._o l._n 6._o r._n if_o he_o have_v not_o sin_n in_o he_o ib._n l._n 8._o leave_v out_o as_o p._n 24._o l._n 21._o f._n his_o obedience_n r._n our_o obedience_n p._n 25._o l._n 5._o leave_v out_o i_o tell_v you_o p._n 27._o l._n 27._o r._n a_o act_n of_o the_o creature_n p._n 28._o l._n 39_o put_v out_o to_o have_v righoeousness_n p._n 30._o l._n 23._o put_v out_o it_o p._n 31._o l._n 2._o r._n to_o be_v consider_v p._n 32._o l._n 26._o f._n interest_n with_o christ_n r._n interest_n in_o christ_n the_o epistle_n dedicatory_a to_o those_o christian_n which_o hear_v these_o sermon_n from_o the_o pulpit_n entire_o belove_v the_o importunate_a desire_n of_o many_o of_o you_o have_v midwive_v this_o imperfect_a discourse_n into_o the_o world_n though_o much_o against_o my_o inclination_n and_o indeed_o the_o reluctancy_n and_o struggle_n in_o my_o mind_n about_o it_o have_v hinder_v the_o expose_v of_o it_o to_o public_a view_n until_o now_o not_o because_o i_o be_o in_o the_o least_o measure_n ashamed_a of_o that_o great_a and_o fundamental_a truth_n which_o be_v the_o subject_a of_o this_o discourse_n or_o unwilling_a the_o world_n shall_v know_v my_o judgement_n herein_o this_o can_v be_v reasonable_o suppose_v if_o it_o be_v consider_v that_o these_o sermon_n be_v not_o preach_v to_o a_o few_o in_o a_o corner_n but_o to_o a_o very_a considerable_a number_n of_o people_n and_o at_o a_o meetingplace_n of_o as_o great_a note_n as_o any_o in_o london_n but_o because_o of_o the_o shortness_n break_v and_o abrupt_a manner_n of_o handle_v it_o and_o also_o consider_v that_o many_o learned_a and_o worthy_a man_n be_v in_o print_n on_o this_o subject_a and_o lest_o i_o shall_v be_v think_v ambitious_a to_o be_v number_v among_o they_o although_o so_o far_o as_o i_o be_o acquaint_v with_o my_o own_o heart_n i_o can_v say_v i_o esteem_v myself_o altogether_o unworthy_a to_o be_v book-bearer_n to_o the_o least_o among_o all_o those_o orthodox_n minister_n that_o have_v treat_v on_o this_o subject_a however_o to_o accommodate_v your_o desire_n i_o have_v adventure_v to_o break_v through_o the_o crowd_n of_o impediment_n which_o seem_v to_o lie_v in_o the_o way_n and_o have_v take_v a_o short_a review_n of_o the_o whole_a as_o it_o be_v take_v in_o shorthand_n i_o find_v you_o have_v in_o great_a part_n the_o substance_n of_o what_o i_o deliver_v unto_o you_o though_o something_o considerable_a be_v omit_v but_o nothing_o add_v for_o i_o consider_v if_o i_o have_v put_v it_o into_o another_o form_n clip_v dress_v and_o make_v any_o considerable_a addition_n to_o it_o to_o please_v the_o curiosity_n of_o this_o censorious_a age_n it_o will_v have_v look_v so_o much_o unlike_o what_o i_o preach_v at_o pinners-hall_n that_o you_o will_v find_v yourselves_o disappoint_v it_o not_o prove_v the_o same_o you_o expect_v the_o discourse_n be_v design_v for_o ordinary_a capacity_n and_o poor_a plainhearted_a christian_n for_o their_o information_n and_o establishment_n in_o the_o truth_n and_o i_o dare_v say_v without_o blush_v the_o food_n in_o this_o dish_n be_v wholesome_a food_n though_o i_o be_o persuade_v every_o body_n will_v hardly_o believe_v it_o and_o that_o not_o a_o few_o will_v utter_o reject_v it_o because_o it_o be_v not_o set_v forth_o and_o garnish_v to_o their_o mind_n but_o it_o be_v intend_v for_o the_o needy_a and_o hungry_a soul_n and_o not_o for_o dainty_a and_o nice_a appetite_n though_o it_o may_v not_o suit_n and_o agree_v with_o the_o punic_a stomach_n of_o the_o latter_a yet_o it_o will_v please_v and_o contribute_v nourishment_n to_o the_o soul_n of_o the_o former_a if_o the_o lord_n accompany_v it_o with_o his_o blessing_n which_o be_v the_o earnest_a prayer_n of_o your_o affectionate_a though_o unworthy_a servant_n for_o christ_n sake_n elias_n keach_n four_o day_n of_o the_o 11_o month_n 1693_o 4._o a_o plain_a and_o familiar_a discourse_n on_o justification_n etc._n etc._n rom._n 3._o xxiv_o be_v justify_v free_o by_o his_o grace_n through_o the_o redemption_n that_o be_v in_o jesus_n christ_n i_o have_v continue_v long_o on_o my_o last_o subject_n than_o i_o do_v at_o first_o intend_v and_o i_o consider_v if_o i_o have_v proceed_v it_o will_v have_v spend_v all_o the_o time_n that_o i_o have_v to_o stay_v in_o this_o place_n and_o for_o divers_a reason_n i_o think_v it_o convenient_a to_o pitch_v on_o this_o subject_a of_o justification_n the_o apostle_n in_o the_o forego_n verse_n inform_v we_o of_o the_o miserable_a state_n that_o all_o man_n be_v in_o by_o nature_n and_o in_o this_o verse_n he_o come_v to_o show_v how_o we_o come_v to_o be_v deliver_v out_o of_o that_o misery_n and_o to_o be_v defend_v from_o that_o curse_n and_o wrath_n that_o be_v due_a to_o we_o by_o reason_n of_o sin_n and_o that_o be_v free_o by_o god_n grace_n through_o the_o redemption_n that_o be_v in_o jesus_n christ_n be_v justify_v from_o hence_o forward_a the_o apostle_n describe_v all_o the_o cause_n and_o property_n of_o justification_n reveal_v to_o we_o in_o the_o gospel_n and_o the_o 1._o cause_o be_v the_o undeserved_a grace_n and_o favour_n of_o god_n 2._o the_o meritorious_a cause_n be_v the_o redemption_n and_o reconciliation_n purchase_v by_o christ_n 3._o the_o instrumental_a cause_n or_o rather_o that_o which_o evidence_n that_o it_o be_v impute_v be_v faith_n 4._o the_o final_a cause_n be_v the_o glory_n of_o god_n and_o the_o salvation_n of_o his_o choose_a the_o property_n of_o it_o be_v that_o all_o humane_a boast_n may_v be_v exclude_v free_o that_o be_v there_o be_v nothing_o in_o the_o creature_n that_o do_v induce_v god_n no_o foresee_a faith_n nor_o gospel_n obedience_n but_o it_o be_v all_o of_o the_o free_a grace_n of_o god_n through_o the_o redemption_n that_o be_v in_o jesus_n christ_n the_o word_n redemption_n be_v take_v sometime_o into_o a_o large_a sense_n i._n e._n for_o all_o manner_n of_o deliverance_n but_o here_o it_o do_v proper_o imply_v such_o deliverance_n that_o be_v bring_v to_o pass_v by_o pay_v of_o a_o ransom_n according_a as_o christ_n say_v mat._n 20.28_o and_o to_o give_v his_o life_n a_o ransom_n for_o many_o the_o doctrine_n or_o observation_n that_o i_o shall_v raise_v from_o the_o word_n be_v this_o viz._n that_o justification_n be_v whole_o of_o the_o free_a grace_n of_o god_n through_o or_o by_o the_o imputation_n of_o what_o christ_n have_v do_v for_o we_o or_o his_o perfect_a righteousness_n in_o speak_v to_o this_o point_n of_o doctrine_n i_o shall_v 1._o show_v you_o some_o thing_n previous_a to_o the_o open_n of_o what_o justification_n be_v 2._o open_v what_o justification_n be_v or_o how_o or_o in_o what_o sense_n you_o may_v take_v it_o 3._o show_v you_o how_o it_o be_v whole_o of_o grace_n through_o the_o redemption_n by_o christ_n and_o the_o imputation_n of_o his_o perfect_a righteousness_n 4._o show_v you_o the_o nature_n of_o that_o faith_n which_o apprehend_v and_o apply_v this_o righteousness_n and_o which_o be_v sometime_o say_v to_o justify_v we_o as_o rom._n 4.5_o but_o to_o he_o that_o work_v not_o but_o believe_v on_o he_o that_o justifi_v the_o ungodly_a his_o faith_n be_v count_v to_o he_o for_o righteousness_n 1._o i_o shall_v show_v you_o some_o thing_n previous_a to_o the_o open_n of_o what_o justification_n be_v and_o 1._o this_o must_v be_v
can_v be_v actual_o free_v till_o such_o time_n as_o we_o have_v actual_o a_o be_v our_o freedom_n from_o eternal_a wrath_n be_v bring_v about_o by_o christ_n by_o his_o satisfaction_n and_o our_o deliverance_n from_o sin_n and_o satan_n christ_n merit_v and_o procure_v for_o we_o and_o that_o long_a ago_o though_o my_o beloved_n we_o be_v not_o actual_o unite_v to_o christ_n through_o faith_n therefore_o though_o christ_n have_v long_o ago_o bring_v into_o the_o presence_n of_o god_n a_o perfect_a righteousness_n yet_o it_o be_v not_o proper_a to_o say_v that_o we_o be_v actual_o justify_v till_o we_o have_v a_o be_v and_o this_o benefit_n be_v actual_o apply_v to_o we_o it_o be_v no_o more_o proper_a to_o say_v so_o than_o to_o say_v a_o heir_n be_v a_o actural_a possessor_n of_o a_o estate_n when_o he_o be_v first_o entitle_v to_o it_o for_o though_o christ_n do_v long_o ago_o lie_v down_o a_o plenary_a satisfaction_n at_o the_o loot_z of_o god_n justice_n and_o we_o be_v virtual_o justify_v when_o he_o rise_v from_o the_o dead_a and_o virtual_o glorify_v when_o he_o ascend_v in●o_o heaven_n yet_o we_o be_v not_o actual_o justify_v till_o we_o have_v a_o be_v and_o be_v in_o actual_a union_n with_o the_o lord_n jesus_n christ_n by_o the_o spirit_n what_o christ_n do_v he_o do_v as_o our_o surety_n who_o have_v espouse_v our_o case_n and_o our_o be_v in_o actual_a union_n with_o he_o bring_v we_o to_o have_v a_o legal_a and_o personal_a right_n to_o his_o righteousness_n to_o justification_n and_o eternal_a life_n consider_v first_o therefore_o what_o it_o be_v that_o be_v impute_v to_o we_o in_o order_n to_o justification_n which_o you_o have_v hear_v be_v the_o active_a and_o passive_a obedience_n of_o christ_n second_o consider_v the_o end_n and_o reason_n why_o this_o righteousness_n be_v impute_v to_o we_o and_o that_o be_v 1._o the_o honour_n of_o god_n in_o all_o his_o divine_a attribute_n for_o there_o his_o justice_n be_v complete_o satisfy_v and_o so_o his_o mercy_n take_v place_n 2._o the_o second_o end_n be_v to_o answer_v the_o just_a demand_n and_o full_o to_o establish_v the_o sanction_n of_o god_n holy_a law_n we_o can_v never_o be_v remit_v as_o such_o as_o be_v perfect_o obedient_a unless_o it_o be_v by_o this_o way_n and_o the_o lord_n jesus_n christ_n do_v establish_v the_o sanction_n of_o god_n holy_a law_n 3._o it_o be_v to_o bring_v in_o the_o pardon_n of_o sin_n in_o a_o judicial_a way_n through_o christ_n suffer_v without_o which_o we_o can_v not_o be_v righteous_a no_o not_o by_o the_o imputation_n of_o the_o most_o perfect_a actual_a obedience_n because_o that_o our_o sin_n will_v lie_v still_o upon_o we_o therefore_o the_o lord_n jesus_n christ_n he_o take_v away_o our_o sin_n he_o bear_v that_o burden_n himself_o and_o suffer_v for_o it_o and_o carry_v that_o into_o the_o land_n of_o forgetfulness_n therefore_o know_v also_o that_o as_o we_o partake_v of_o the_o sinful_a nature_n of_o the_o first_o adam_n be_v condemn_v as_o proceed_v from_o his_o lo●●s_n so_o by_o partake_v of_o the_o holy_a nature_n of_o the_o second_o adam_n his_o obedience_n be_v impute_v to_o we_o we_o be_v actual_o justify_v which_o be_v evidence_v to_o we_o by_o faith_n but_o now_o give_v i_o leave_v to_o speak_v a_o little_a by_o way_n of_o use_n and_o applicati●●_n 1._o here_o be_v a_o use_n of_o information_n you_o may_v see_v my_o belove_a from_o hence_o the_o nature_n order_n and_o cause_n of_o justification_n how_o that_o our_o salvation_n depend_v whole_o on_o christ_n glorious_a undertake_n as_o the_o matter_n of_o our_o justification_n 2._o that_o the_o sin_n of_o the_o first_o adam_n and_o death_n thereby_o be_v impute_v to_o you_o as_o you_o proceed_v from_o he_o till_o you_o be_v translate_v in_o the_o second_o adam_n and_o so_o receive_v a_o new_a nature_n from_o he_o 3._o this_o inform_v you_o that_o till_o your_o own_o filthy_a garment_n be_v put_v off_o this_o robe_n of_o righteousness_n can_v be_v put_v on_o 4._o this_o inform_v we_o that_o we_o be_v by_o nature_n worse_o than_o naked_a for_o we_o be_v very_o filthy_a we_o be_v burden_v with_o a_o load_n of_o sin_n and_o corruption_n and_o christ_n must_v take_v away_o the_o gild_n and_o condemn_a nature_n of_o sin_n this_o i_o say_v must_v be_v remove_v so_o well_o as_o we_o clothe_v etc._n etc._n 5._o this_o inform_v we_o that_o god_n impute_v christ_n righteousness_n be_v his_o put_n on_o we_o this_o wedding_n garment_n but_o second_o here_o be_v a_o use_n of_o comfort_n also_o consider_v o_o believer_n what_o come_v in_o what_o profit_n what_o advantage_n what_o glory_n come_v in_o by_o justification_n 1._o all_o you_o believer_n you_o be_v acquit_v and_o pronounce_v just_a and_o righteous_a before_o god_n 2._o you_o have_v a_o full_a discharge_n whatsoever_o satan_n may_v say_v or_o conscience_n for_o want_v of_o more_o light_n may_v say_v you_o have_v a_o full_a discharge_n 3._o this_o be_v also_o for_o your_o comfort_n you_o be_v deliver_v from_o the_o curse_n of_o the_o law_n and_o the_o wrath_n of_o god_n 4._o you_o appear_v all_o glorious_a before_o god_n without_o spot_n or_o wrinkle_n for_o he_o look_v on_o you_o in_o christ_n 5._o consider_v you_o have_v a_o interest_n in_o all_o that_o be_v purchase_v by_o our_o lord_n jesus_n 6._o final_o you_o shall_v eternal_o be_v save_v and_o all_o the_o power_n of_o hell_n can_v hinder_v you_o of_o it_o but_o three_o a_o use_n of_o terror_n 1._o to_o such_o who_o have_v not_o christ_n righteousness_n impute_v to_o they_o for_o their_o sin_n both_o original_a and_o actual_a be_v impute_v to_o they_o 2._o you_o have_v no_o interest_n with_o christ_n not_o will_v not_o unless_o his_o righteousness_n be_v impute_v to_o you_o through_o faith_n 3._o god_n be_v a_o consume_a fire_n to_o all_o such_o divine_a holiness_n can_v but_o loa●h_v such_o divine_a justice_n can_v but_o consume_v you_o if_o you_o have_v no_o righteousness_n but_o your_o own_o four_o here_o be_v a_o use_n of_o caution_n that_o we_o all_o take_v heed_n lest_o we_o err_v in_o this_o great_a point_n of_o justification_n o_o how_o prone_a be_v we_o to_o seek_v justification_n by_o our_o own_o work_n but_o as_o christ_n be_v make_v sin_n for_o we_o so_o be_v we_o make_v righteousness_n in_o he_o now_o we_o be_v not_o make_v righteous_a before_o god_n by_o inherent_a righteousness_n but_o by_o impute_a righteousness_n five_o here_o be_v a_o use_n of_o counsel_n saint_n go_v to_o christ_n your_o all_o be_v he_o take_v this_o counsel_n and_o advice_n your_o mediator_n he_o be_v your_o surety_n go_v to_o he_o do_v look_v into_o yourselves_o for_o any_o thing_n do_v build_v on_o yourselves_o for_o righteousness_n but_o go_v to_o christ_n he_o be_v your_o surety_n and_o he_o plead_v his_o own_o merit_n for_o you_o 1_o john_n 1.2_o if_o any_o man_n sin_n we_o have_v a_o advocate_n with_o the_o father_n etc._n etc._n who_o do_v or_o may_v plead_v father_n i_o take_v flesh_n by_o thy_o order_n i_o suffer_v and_o die_v in_o their_o stead_n and_o give_v myself_o a_o ransom_n for_o they_o i_o be_v wound_v to_o heal_v their_o wound_n i_o bear_v their_o sin_n and_o their_o sorrow_n oh_o condemn_v they_o not_o o_o holy_a father_n for_o their_o iniquity_n do_v all_o meet_a in_o i_o and_o shall_v they_o sink_v who_o believe_v in_o i_o i_o have_v bring_v in_o everlasting_a righteousness_n for_o they_o i_o have_v wrought_v out_o a_o righteousness_n in_o my_o own_o person_n for_o they_o i_o have_v procure_v all_o the_o blessing_n that_o they_o be_v entitle_v to_o all_o come_v from_o i_o now_o consider_v as_o christ_n plead_v with_o the_o father_n his_o own_o righteousness_n so_o you_o be_v to_o plead_v with_o the_o father_n christ_n righteousness_n there_o be_v nothing_o that_o will_v stand_v you_o in_o stead_n in_o the_o last_o day_n but_o jesus_n christ_n and_o his_o righteousness_n to_o who_o with_o the_o father_n and_o holy_a spirit_n be_v all_o glory_n for_o ever_o and_o ever_o amen_o i_o shall_v now_o have_v proceed_v to_o the_o four_o thing_n namely_o to_o show_v you_o the_o nature_n of_o that_o faith_n which_o aright_o apprehend_v and_o apply_v this_o righteousness_n but_o i_o see_v my_o time_n be_v go_v i_o must_v therefore_o leave_v it_o to_o another_o season_n if_o it_o please_v god_n to_o afford_v it_o etc._n etc._n finis_fw-la