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A97266 Self-examination with the likeliest means of conversion and salvation, or, haypy [sic] and welcome advice, if it meets with a soul ingenious : the which being thought (by many) worth the transcribing, at no small charge, is now published for the good of all / by R. Junius. Younge, Richard. 1663 (1663) Wing Y181A; ESTC R43839 23,147 32

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that_o more_o foolish_a than_o common_a boast_n of_o a_o good_a heart_n when_o the_o tongue_n be_v foul_a and_o the_o life_n filthy_a for_o when_o smoke_n come_v out_o of_o the_o chimney_n there_o must_v needs_o be_v fire_n on_o the_o hearth_n when_o the_o flood_n of_o wickedness_n come_v gush_v out_o at_o thy_o hand_n and_o mouth_n thire_n must_v needs_o be_v a_o spring_n in_o thy_o heart_n which_o mantain_n they_o chap._n vii_o wherefore_o take_v heed_n of_o flatter_a or_o soothe_v thyself_o up_o with_o a_o vain_a and_o false_a hope_n which_o be_v much_o more_o common_a in_o the_o world_n than_o that_o which_o be_v sound_a and_o good_a even_o as_o bastard_n pearl_n be_v more_o frequent_o wear_v then_o true_a pearl_n be_v and_o in_o case_n thou_o will_v be_v loose_v from_o the_o chain_n of_o thy_o sin_n and_o deliver_v from_o the_o chain_n of_o plague_n that_o thou_o will_v have_v the_o same_o christ_n with_o his_o precious_a blood_n to_o free_v thou_o that_o shall_v with_o his_o word_n sentence_v other_o then_o endeavour_v to_o become_v a_o true_a and_o real_a christian_a and_o resolve_v so_o near_o as_o thou_o can_v to_o obey_v christ_n in_o all_o that_o he_o command_v and_o indeed_o if_o christ_n be_v form_v in_o any_o he_o destroy_v the_o devil_n power_n which_o former_o he_o have_v in_o they_o heb._n 2.14_o 15._o and_o his_o wicked_a work_n 1_o john_n 3.8_o if_o any_o man_n be_v in_o christ_n he_o be_v a_o new_a creature_n 2_o cor._n 5.17_o wherefore_o cease_v to_o do_v evil_a learn_v to_o do_v well_o isa_n 1.16_o 17._o for_o fruitfulness_n be_v the_o best_a argument_n that_o we_o be_v beget_v anew_o nor_o can_v it_o be_v deny_v but_o the_o sign_n of_o salvation_n be_v to_o be_v seek_v in_o ourselves_o as_o the_o cause_n in_o jesus_n christ_n our_o justification_n be_v to_o be_v prove_v by_o the_o fruit_n of_o our_o sanctification_n and_o though_o faith_n alone_o justifi_v yet_o justify_v faith_n be_v never_o alone_o but_o ever_o accompany_v with_o spiritual_a grace_n the_o beauty_n of_o the_o soul_n and_o good_a work_n the_o beauty_n of_o grace_n yea_o they_o be_v as_o inseparable_a as_o the_o root_n and_o the_o sap_n the_o sun_n and_o its_o light_n and_o as_o fire_n be_v to_o be_v discern_v by_o heat_n and_o life_n by_o motion_n so_o a_o man_n faith_n may_v be_v discern_v by_o the_o fruit_n of_o it_o wherefore_o fancy_n not_o thyself_o to_o be_v a_o christian_n until_o thou_o be_v one_o and_o when_o thou_o be_v so_o thou_o will_v by_o help_n from_o above_o endeavour_v to_o bring_v into_o captivity_n every_o thought_n and_o thing_n to_o the_o obedience_n of_o christ_n 2_o cor._n 10.5_o 1_o joh._n 2.4_o and_o indeed_o the_o very_a end_n of_o god_n elect_v and_o of_o christ_n redeem_v we_o be_v that_o we_o may_v be_v holy_a ephes_n 1.4_o matth._n 19.17_o and_o therefore_o he_o bind_v it_o with_o a_o oath_n that_o whosoever_o he_o redeem_v out_o of_o the_o hand_n of_o our_o spiritual_a enemy_n they_o shall_v worship_v he_o in_o holiness_n and_o righteousness_n all_o the_o day_n of_o their_o life_n luke_n 1.70_o to_o 76._o 1_o pet._n 2.24_o they_o therefore_o that_o never_o come_v to_o be_v holy_a be_v never_o choose_v never_o redeem_v other_o scripture_n to_o this_o purpose_n be_v many_o see_v only_o tit._n 2.12_o 14._o 1_o pet._n 2.24_o mat._n 19.17_o nor_o ought_v any_o indeed_o to_o call_v upon_o christ_n or_o once_o to_o name_v he_o with_o their_o mouth_n except_o they_o depart_v from_o iniquity_n 2_o tim._n 2.19_o and_o take_v this_o for_o a_o rule_n if_o christ_n be_v not_o our_o king_n to_o govern_v we_o he_o will_v neither_o be_v our_o prophet_n to_o forewarn_v nor_o our_o priest_n to_o expiate_v i_o speak_v this_o in_o hope_n that_o god_n may_v it_o to_o some_o one_o that_o shall_v read_v the_o same_o but_o for_o the_o generality_n it_o be_v as_o mere_a lose_a labour_n to_o preach_v unto_o man_n the_o thing_n of_o god_n before_o they_o be_v true_o humble_v with_o the_o sight_n of_o their_o want_n as_o it_o be_v to_o offer_v light_n to_o a_o blind_a man_n to_o speak_v to_o a_o deaf_a man_n or_o to_o labour_v to_o make_v a_o bruit_n beast_n wise_a as_o cyprian_n have_v it_o chap._n viii_o thus_o i_o have_v prove_v that_o all_o who_o walk_v contrary_a to_o the_o gospel_n be_v so_o far_o from_o be_v christian_n that_o they_o be_v the_o devil_n servant_n who_o in_o the_o end_n will_v pay_v they_o their_o deserve_a wage_n i_o come_v now_o to_o show_v who_o be_v christian_n in_o appearance_n only_o or_o almost_o christian_n and_o what_o their_o reward_n will_v be_v the_o former_a i_o fear_v be_v two_o three_o of_o the_o nation_n these_o in_o all_o probability_n be_v two_o three_o of_o the_o residue_n and_o of_o this_o sort_n be_v first_o such_o as_o be_v mere_o civil_a or_o moral_a because_o they_o take_v morality_n and_o restrain_v grace_n for_o piety_n and_o renew_v grace_n conviction_n for_o conversion_n reformation_n for_o regeneration_n true_a morality_n and_o civility_n may_v commend_v we_o to_o man_n like_o ourselves_o that_o see_v only_a the_o outside_n but_o not_o to_o god_n who_o know_v the_o heart_n nor_o will_v it_o bring_v we_o to_o heaven_n and_o salvation_n they_o may_v suppose_v themselves_o in_o a_o good_a estate_n but_o except_o they_o be_v renew_v renounce_v their_o own_o righteousness_n and_o seek_v to_o be_v justify_v only_o by_o faith_n in_o christ_n and_o his_o righteousness_n thief_n and_o harlot_n shall_v go_v before_o they_o into_o the_o kingdom_n of_o heaven_n as_o our_o saviour_n tell_v their_o brethren_n the_o scribe_n and_o pharisee_n who_o count_v themselves_o just_a and_o trust_v to_o their_o own_o merit_n matth._n 21.31_o 32._o luk._n 18.10_o 11_o 12._o beside_o as_o nothing_o be_v more_o easy_o break_v then_o that_o which_o be_v most_o hard_a so_o notorious_a offender_n be_v nothing_o so_o hard_a to_o be_v convince_v and_o convert_v as_o the_o civil_o honest_a which_o also_o greaten_v their_o misery_n though_o their_o condition_n of_o itself_o be_v very_o deplorable_a for_o all_o such_o be_v to_o know_v that_o their_o very_a best_a service_n as_o pray_v and_o fast_v and_o receive_v and_o give_v of_o alm_n etc._n etc._n because_o they_o be_v not_o do_v in_o faith_n and_o obedience_n to_o the_o word_n and_o that_o god_n may_v be_v glorify_v thereby_o be_v no_o better_a in_o god_n account_n than_o if_o they_o have_v slay_v a_o man_n or_o cut_v off_o a_o dog_n neck_n or_o offer_v swine_n blood_n or_o bless_v a_o idol_n as_o himself_o affirm_v isai_n 66.3_o nor_o will_v god_n accept_v of_o any_o action_n except_o it_o flow_v from_o a_o pious_a and_o good_a heart_n sanctify_v by_o the_o holy_a ghost_n yea_o civil_a honesty_n sever_v from_o true_a piety_n humility_n save_v knowledge_n sincere_a love_n to_o god_n true_a obedience_n to_o his_o word_n justify_v faith_n a_o zeal_n of_o god_n glory_n and_o a_o desire_n to_o edify_v and_o win_v other_o god_n will_v neither_o accept_v nor_o reward_n but_o account_n of_o their_o moral_a virtue_n as_o of_o shine_v or_o glister_a sin_n because_o they_o spring_v from_o pride_n ignorance_n infidelity_n self-love_n and_o other_o the_o like_o carnal_a respect_n as_o many_o example_n prove_v namely_o cain_n sacrifice_v 1_o joh._n 3.12_o the_o jew_n fast_v isa_n 58._o those_o reprobate_n preach_v in_o christ_n name_n and_o cast_v out_o devil_n matth._n 7.22_o 23._o and_o the_o like_a who_o outward_a work_n be_v the_o same_o which_o the_o godly_a perform_v and_o what_o say_v s._n austin_n most_o excellent_o there_o be_v no_o true_a virtue_n where_o there_o be_v no_o true_a religion_n and_o that_o conscience_n which_o be_v not_o direct_v by_o the_o word_n even_o when_o it_o do_v best_o do_v ill_a because_o it_o do_v it_o not_o in_o faith_n obedience_n and_o love_n second_o let_v they_o know_v that_o be_v out_o of_o christ_n they_o be_v bind_v to_o keep_v the_o whole_a law_n gal._n 5.2_o 3._o or_o stand_v liable_a to_o suffer_v the_o penalty_n thereof_o for_o not_o keep_v it_o for_o though_o this_o be_v the_o condition_n of_o the_o new_a covenant_n believe_v and_o thou_o shall_v be_v save_v yet_o all_o that_o they_o have_v to_o trust_v unto_o be_v do_v this_o and_o live_v rom._n 10.5_o and_o curse_a be_v every_o one_o that_o continue_v not_o in_o all_o thing_n which_o be_v write_v in_o the_o book_n of_o the_o law_n to_o do_v they_o gal._n 3.10_o and_o i_o wish_v that_o they_o will_v serious_o think_v of_o it_o and_o what_o need_v they_o have_v of_o christ_n who_o they_o rather_o persecute_v then_o obey_v his_o gospel_n in_o love_n indeed_o let_v they_o get_v a_o true_a lively_a and_o justify_v faith_n put_v you_o off_o concern_v the_o former_a conversation_n the_o old_a man_n which_o be_v corrupt_v