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A30241 CXLV expository sermons upon the whole 17th chapter of the Gospel according to St. John, or, Christs prayer before his passion explicated, and both practically and polemically improved by Anthony Burgess ... Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664. 1656 (1656) Wing B5651; ESTC R13734 964,431 860

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the_o flame_n and_o yet_o expect_v god_n power_n to_o keep_v thou_o this_o be_v to_o tempt_v god_n peter_n will_v be_v in_o the_o high-priest_n hall_n and_o where_o wicked_a company_n be_v and_o no_o wonder_n if_o it_o prove_v a_o temptation_n to_o he_o he_o that_o handle_v pitch_n shall_v be_v defile_v with_o it_o he_o that_o come_v near_o a_o infect_a person_n may_v blame_v himself_o if_o the_o plague_n seize_v on_o he_o three_o be_v thankful_a unto_o god_n for_o every_o daily_a assistance_n be_v much_o in_o praise_n and_o acknowledgement_n of_o this_o his_o gracious_a power_n unthankfulness_n make_v god_n withdraw_v his_o mercy_n how_o often_o have_v god_n assist_v thou_o both_o by_o preserve_v in_o what_o be_v good_a and_o from_o what_o be_v evil_a yet_o thou_o have_v not_o call_v upon_o thy_o soul_n and_o all_o within_o thou_o to_o bless_v his_o holy_a name_n therefore_o thou_o shall_v to_o thy_o woe_n find_v what_o a_o sad_a thing_n it_o be_v to_o be_v leave_v to_o thy_o own_o self_n and_o not_o to_o have_v his_o grace_n to_o help_v in_o time_n of_o need_n the_o second_o interpretation_n take_v name_n for_o the_o knowledge_n of_o god_n and_o faith_n in_o he_o so_o that_o the_o sense_n be_v keep_v those_o thou_o have_v give_v i_o by_o faith_n as_o 1_o pet._n 1.5_o this_o be_v part_n of_o the_o meaning_n and_o from_o thence_o we_o observe_v faith_n obs_n that_o the_o people_n of_o god_n be_v keep_v to_o salvation_n through_o faith_n faith_n be_v a_o special_a instrument_n to_o preserve_v we_o we_o be_v not_o only_o justify_v but_o sanctify_v and_o preserve_v through_o faith_n hence_o the_o apostle_n john_n call_v faith_n our_o victory_n over_o the_o world_n 1_o joh._n 5.4_o and_o eph._n 6._o when_o we_o be_v exhort_v to_o put_v on_o the_o whole_a armour_n of_o christianity_n he_o say_v above_o all_o take_v the_o shield_n of_o faith_n he_o give_v the_o preeminency_n to_o that_o proposition_n to_o open_v this_o consider_v 1._o that_o whatsoever_o privilege_n be_v attribute_v to_o faith_n either_o in_o respect_n of_o justification_n or_o salvation_n faith_n it_o be_v not_o for_o any_o merit_n or_o dignity_n in_o faith_n therefore_o it_o be_v 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d not_o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d it_o be_v through_o faith_n not_o for_o faith_n for_o if_o it_o be_v for_o faith_n as_o a_o work_n than_o the_o apostle_n rome_n 4._o will_v not_o oppose_v work_v to_o believe_a and_o the_o worker_n to_o a_o believer_n so_o that_o to_o put_v any_o confidence_n in_o our_o believe_v to_o trust_v in_o our_o trust_n be_v to_o give_v that_o to_o faith_n which_o the_o jew_n do_v to_o work_n and_o in_o this_o sense_n not_o only_o those_o that_o seek_v to_o be_v justify_v by_o the_o law_n or_o work_n fall_v from_o christ_n and_o make_v he_o to_o die_v in_o vain_a but_o also_o those_o that_o set_v up_o faith_n in_o this_o consideration_n 2._o therefore_o though_o faith_n be_v instrumental_a thus_o to_o our_o conservation_n yet_o faith_n itself_o need_v god_n help_v as_o well_o as_o other_o grace_n grace_n we_o need_v his_o help_n to_o believe_v as_o well_o as_o to_o love_n god_n and_o arise_v from_o sin_n therefore_o though_o the_o power_n of_o god_n keep_v we_o by_o faith_n yet_o it_o also_o keep_v faith_n ut_fw-la nos_fw-la custodiat_fw-la per_fw-la fidem_fw-la ipsam_fw-la custodit_fw-la fidem_fw-la we_o shall_v fall_v from_o our_o faith_n as_o well_o as_o other_o grace_n do_v not_o god_n strengthen_v and_o confirm_v that_o only_o when_o that_o be_v establish_v god_n by_o it_o do_v preserve_v we_o in_o the_o exercise_n of_o other_o grace_n so_o that_o be_v confirm_v by_o god_n this_o confirm_v and_o establish_v we_o rather_o than_o other_o grace_n and_o that_o in_o these_o particular_n grace_n faith_n be_v that_o grace_n to_o which_o the_o promise_n of_o god_n power_n be_v make_v preheminent_o to_o he_o that_o believe_v all_o thing_n be_v possible_a mar._n 9.23_o so_o that_o as_o all_o the_o promise_n be_v yea_o and_o amen_o in_o christ_n as_o the_o foundation_n and_o meritorious_a cause_n so_o they_o be_v yea_o and_o amen_o to_o faith_n as_o instrumental_a it_o be_v of_o faith_n that_o the_o promise_n may_v be_v sure_a rome_n 4.16_o what_o promise_v then_o or_o deed_n of_o gift_n god_n have_v make_v over_o to_o his_o people_n they_o be_v all_o make_v effectual_a to_o the_o believer_n no_o faith_n no_o help_n no_o assistance_n 2._o i'faith_o only_o receive_v into_o the_o soul_n christ_n who_o be_v the_o author_n and_o procurer_n of_o all_o strength_n paul_n say_v he_o can_v do_v all_o thing_n through_o christ_n that_o strengthen_v he_o phil._n 4.13_o but_o how_o shall_v we_o make_v christ_n we_o how_o shall_v he_o come_v to_o dwell_v in_o we_o the_o apostle_n say_v by_o faith_n eph._n 3.12_o so_o that_o herein_o faith_n be_v great_o instrumental_a to_o keep_v we_o because_o it_o bring_v christ_n with_o all_o his_o power_n into_o our_o soul_n it_o derive_v all_o ability_n from_o he_o it_o be_v not_o faith_n but_o christ_n by_o faith_n receive_v that_o do_v thus_o enable_v it_o be_v not_o sampsons_n hair_n the_o weak_a part_n about_o he_o but_o god_n power_n whereof_o that_o be_v a_o symbol_n or_o sign_n that_o do_v confirm_v he_o no_o wonder_n then_o if_o faith_n be_v thus_o serviceable_a to_o preserve_v we_o see_v that_o by_o it_o christ_n be_v whole_o make_v we_o in_o who_o all_o fullness_n both_o of_o grace_n and_o power_n dwell_v 3._o faith_n do_v instrumental_o preserve_v we_o in_o that_o it_o renounce_v all_o our_o ability_n and_o carry_v out_o to_o god_n only_o this_o faith_n have_v peculiar_a to_o its_o nature_n above_o all_o other_o grace_n it_o empty_v a_o man_n of_o himself_o it_o make_v a_o man_n renounce_v whatsoever_o privilege_n and_o righteousness_n he_o may_v seem_v to_o have_v thus_o phil._n 3_o paul_n refuse_v all_o privilege_n account_v all_o gain_n loss_n in_o respect_n of_o christ_n righteousness_n which_o be_v by_o faith_n as_o the_o cripple_n cast_v his_o eye_n upon_o the_o apostle_n hope_v to_o be_v heal_v he_o have_v no_o thought_n of_o his_o own_o sufficiency_n but_o their_o power_n only_o so_o it_o be_v here_o faith_n make_v a_o man_n cast_v his_o eye_n upon_o god_n and_o look_v up_o to_o he_o only_o for_o ability_n oh_o then_o prize_n and_o nourish_v this_o grace_n of_o faith_n which_o do_v so_o nullify_v thou_o and_o omnifie_v god_n 4._o faith_n be_v serviceable_a to_o keep_v we_o by_o improve_n and_o make_v effectual_a those_o institute_v mean_n appoint_v by_o god_n for_o to_o preserve_v we_o such_o be_v the_o ministry_n of_o the_o word_n preach_v etc._n etc._n these_o be_v ordain_v by_o god_n to_o keep_v a_o man_n in_o holiness_n those_o that_o think_v they_o be_v above_o these_o and_o can_v be_v keep_v without_o they_o let_v they_o think_v as_o well_o that_o they_o can_v live_v without_o food_n but_o how_o come_v these_o iustituted_a mean_n of_o grace_n to_o be_v effectual_a in_o we_o the_o scripture_n attribute_n it_o to_o believe_v the_o word_n do_v not_o profit_v when_o it_o be_v not_o mix_v with_o faith_n heb._n 4.6_o so_o that_o as_o the_o word_n preach_v be_v use_v by_o god_n to_o beget_v faith_n in_o we_o at_o first_o so_o afterward_o faith_n do_v improve_v the_o mean_n of_o grace_n for_o all_o increase_n if_o therefore_o we_o will_v expect_v to_o have_v the_o ministry_n and_o the_o holy_a mean_n of_o grace_n to_o keep_v we_o in_o the_o way_n to_o heaven_n it_o must_v be_v faith_n that_o make_v all_o these_o profitable_a 5._o faith_n be_v a_o mean_n to_o preserve_v we_o because_o by_o that_o the_o devil_n who_o do_v most_o solicit_v our_o undo_n be_v repel_v no_o grace_n but_o faith_n do_v so_o immediate_o and_o formal_o repel_v he_o who_o resist_v steadfast_a in_o the_o faith_n 1_o pet._n 5_o 9_o and_o by_o faith_n we_o overcome_v the_o wicked_a one_o for_o faith_n be_v not_o strong_a with_o its_o own_o strength_n and_o therefore_o it_o must_v needs_o overcome_v the_o devil_n as_o david_n overcome_v goliath_n not_o by_o his_o own_o valour_n but_o in_o the_o name_n of_o the_o lord_n 6._o faith_n be_v therefore_o helpful_a to_o our_o preservation_n because_o in_o some_o sense_n it_o stir_v up_o and_o act_v all_o other_o grace_n what_o the_o papist_n say_v of_o charity_n that_o it_o be_v the_o assistant_n form_n of_o all_o other_o grace_n we_o may_v say_v of_o faith_n that_o it_o do_v direct_v act_n and_o stir_v up_o all_o other_o grace_n to_o work_v therefore_o faith_n be_v say_v to_o work_v by_o love_n gal._n 5.6_o thus_o it_o work_v by_o patience_n it_o work_v by_o repentance_n therefore_o heb._n 11._o all_o the_o glorious_a achievement_n that_o those_o worthy_n wrought_v be_v attribute_v to_o faith_n thus_o we_o see_v how_o many_o
upon_o this_o will_v bring_v much_o consolation_n consider_v 1._o god_n take_v the_o more_o care_n of_o they_o 2._o their_o be_v quaiify_v as_o that_o come_v under_o christ_n fraier_n 3._o and_o that_o god_n will_v ere_o long_o take_v they_o out_o of_o the_o world_n quest_n answ_n observe_v how_o many_o way_n a_o godly_a man_n may_v be_v more_o sanctify_a 1._o inrensively_n 2._o extensively_n 3._o in_o the_o deep_a radication_n of_o grace_n in_o our_o heart_n 4._o subjective_o 5._o efficient_a growth_n in_o sanctification_n illustrate_v by_o the_o contrary_n unto_o it_o which_o be_v these_o reason_n use_v observe_v that_o the_o word_n of_o god_n be_v the_o instrument_n of_o our_o sanctification_n the_o explication_n of_o the_o point_n the_o necessity_n of_o learned_a officer_n in_o the_o church_n the_o word_n be_v god_n instrument_n and_o faith_n be_v man_n the_o word_n be_v not_o the_o principal_a or_o efficient_a but_o the_o instrumental_a cause_n the_o necessity_n of_o god_n efficiency_n without_o god_n blessing_n man_n may_v by_o the_o scripture_n through_o interpretation_n be_v corrupt_v instrumental_a cause_n be_v physical_a natural_a or_o moral_a one_o cause_n must_v not_o be_v oppose_v to_o other_o cause_n the_o word_n be_v the_o ordinary_a mean_n the_o word_n to_o some_o through_o their_o wickedness_n become_v a_o instrument_n of_o great_a sinfullness_n doct._n the_o word_n of_o god_n be_v truth_n in_o how_o many_o particular_n god_n word_n be_v true_a i._o in_o regard_n of_o the_o efficient_a cause_n god_n ii_o it_o be_v the_o rule_n of_o all_o truth_n iii_o it_o be_v true_a material_o iu._n qualitative_o v._o it_o be_v true_a instrumental_o there_o be_v a_o threefold_a truth_n we_o can_v attain_v to_o without_o the_o scripture_n 1._o true_a doctrine_n 2._o true_a piety_n 3._o true_a consolation_n vi_o the_o scripture_n be_v true_a opposite_o to_o all_o the_o opinion_n doctrine_n and_o religion_n that_o man_n set_v up_o by_o their_o own_o fancy_n the_o excellent_a property_n of_o the_o truth_n of_o scripture_n 1._o it_o be_v the_o truth_n of_o god_n 2._o it_o be_v infallible_a 3._o eternal_a 4._o universal_a 5._o supernatural_a 6._o a_o holy_a truth_n 7._o a_o precious_a truth_n 8._o a_o bitter_a truth_n doct._n truth_n and_o holiness_n be_v requisite_a in_o minister_n of_o the_o gospel_n why_o it_o be_v requisite_a minister_n shall_v be_v endow_v with_o soundness_n of_o judgement_n why_o minister_n must_v be_v holy_a use_v t_o doct._n 2._o that_o christ_n have_v a_o peculiar_a love_n of_o those_o who_o be_v in_o church-office_n according_a to_o his_o rule_n and_o way_n in_o what_o particular_a christ_n care_n be_v show_v to_o his_o minister_n observe_v christ_n be_v send_v of_o the_o father_n and_o do_v not_o of_o himself_o undertake_v that_o office_n he_o be_v employ_v in_o while_o on_o the_o earth_n of_o christ_n commission_n consider_v these_o thing_n the_o necessity_n of_o christ_n be_v send_v observe_v none_o may_v undertake_v the_o public_a office_n of_o the_o ministry_n without_o a_o lawful_a call_v thereunto_o dist_n 1._o there_o be_v a_o twofold_n send_v mediate_v and_o immediate_a dist_n 2._o the_o substance_n of_o the_o ministerial_a office_n be_v the_o same_o with_o that_o which_o every_o minister_n have_v rule_n for_o private_a christian_n exercise_v their_o gift_n whether_o read_v be_v preach_v heinsius_n grotius_n vocation_n to_o the_o office_n of_o the_o ministry_n consist_v in_o these_o thing_n i._o inward_a qualification_n ii_o outward_a distinct_a ult_n that_o there_o be_v a_o distinct_a office_n of_o the_o ministry_n that_o none_o may_v enter_v into_o this_o office_n without_o a_o authoritative_a mission_n doct._n that_o christ_n set_v himself_o apart_o to_o be_v a_o sacrifice_n for_o we_o in_o my_o treatise_n of_o justification_n what_o christ_n sanctify_a himself_n imply_v i._o his_o purity_n and_o holiness_n two_o his_o ready_a offering_n himself_o for_o we_o iii_o his_o fitness_n for_o the_o office_n of_o a_o mediator_n 1._o the_o fitness_n of_o his_o person_n 2._o his_o fitness_n in_o regard_n of_o his_o office_n 1._o prophetical_a 2._o priestly_n 3._o kingly_a iv._o he_o be_v prepare_v for_o this_o work_n benefit_n of_o christ_n sanctify_a himself_n v._o that_o he_o be_v whole_o set_v apart_o for_o we_o vi_o that_o if_o by_o faith_n we_o improve_v he_o not_o for_o those_o end_v god_n appoint_v he_o we_o make_v he_o a_o christ_n in_o vain_a vii_o it_o denote_v he_o a_o sinner_n by_o imputation_n viii_o that_o he_o be_v a_o priest_n to_o make_v atonement_n for_o we_o concern_v christ_n priestly-office_n consider_v these_o thing_n wherein_o this_o prayer_n and_o his_o intercession_n in_o heaven_n differ_v the_o adjunct_n of_o his_o priestly_a office_n observe_v that_o christ_n be_v not_o only_o the_o priest_n but_o the_o sacrifice_n itself_o proposition_n concern_v christ_n priesthood_n i._o that_o christ_n be_v both_o priest_n sacrifice_n and_o altar_n ii_o what_o thing_n be_v necessary_a to_o a_o sacrifice_n iii_o he_o offer_v himself_o too_o god_n iv._o it_o be_v by_o way_n of_o expiotion_n v._o the_o necessity_n of_o it_o the_o property_n of_o christ_n sacrifice_n i._o it_o have_v infinite_a worth_n in_o it_o ii_o though_o christ_n offer_v himself_o as_o a_o sacrifiae_n yet_o the_o application_n must_v be_v as_o god_n have_v appoint_v iii_o christ_n blood_n wash_v away_o not_o only_o the_o guilt_n of_o sin_n but_o the_o filth_n of_o it_o iv._o the_o virtue_n of_o his_o sacrifice_n abide_v for_o ever_o v._o it_o be_v continual_o useful_a vi_o it_o be_v prevalent_a with_o god_n vii_o it_o be_v that_o christ_n present_v to_o his_o father_n viii_o the_o purity_n of_o it_o ix_o the_o virtue_n of_o it_o observe_v christ_n die_v not_o only_o for_o our_o justification_n also_o concern_v this_o point_n consider_v i._o how_o many_o way_n be_v the_o christ_n be_v the_o cause_n of_o our_o sanctification_n ii_o what_o be_v imply_v in_o our_o be_v sanctify_v by_o christ_n iii_o what_o may_v be_v infer_v from_o our_o be_v sanctify_v by_o christ_n sanctify_a himself_n iv._o wherein_o the_o truth_n of_o sanctification_n lie_v doct._n that_o christ_n though_o god_n yet_o as_o man_n do_v pray_v unto_o the_o father_n upon_o what_o ground_n christ_n who_o be_v god_n as_o well_o as_o man_n do_v pray_v the_o difference_n between_o christ_n prayer_n and_o we_o what_o advantage_n believer_n have_v by_o christ_n doct._n in_o what_o respect_v christ_n do_v as_o much_o for_o one_o believer_n as_o another_o there_o be_v some_o difference_n between_o believer_n in_o respect_n of_o christ_n death_n observe_v that_o such_o be_v christ_n care_n and_o love_n to_o his_o remember_v in_o his_o prayer_n and_o death_n even_o before_o they_o have_v a_o be_v doct._n reason_n doct._n that_o the_o faith_n which_o ●ustififieth_v and_o save_v we_o make_v we_o whole_o to_o depend_v on_o christ_n the_o several_a kind_n of_o faith_n the_o object_n of_o faith_n it_o be_v a_o act_n of_o the_o will_v as_o well_o as_o the_o understanding_n the_o seat_n of_o faith_n these_o thing_n be_v require_v to_o justify_v faith_n i._o of_o faith_n under_o the_o notion_n of_o receive_v christ_n the_o receive_n of_o christ_n imply_v 1._o that_o we_o have_v nothing_o of_o our_o own_o 2._o that_o we_o be_v whole_o passive_a in_o justification_n 3._o that_o faith_n do_v not_o justify_v for_o any_o intrinsical_a worth_a in_o it_o 4._o faith_n be_v exclude_v as_o it_o be_v a_o work_n 5._o and_o why_o faith_n and_o no_o other_o grace_n do_v justify_v ii_o this_o receive_v be_v not_o a_o bare_a receive_n but_o a_o embrace_n also_o iii_o in_o this_o act_n of_o faith_n there_o be_v a_o fiducial_a repose_v of_o the_o soul_n upon_o christ_n iv._o a_o application_n of_o christ_n v._o this_o recumbent_a act_n of_o faith_n may_v not_o only_o thus_o receive_v christ_n but_o we_o may_v be_v assure_v that_o christ_n be_v we_o faith_n have_v two_o act_n a_o direct_a and_o a_o reflex_n quest_n observe_v god_n have_v appoint_v a_o perpetual_a ministry_n to_o the_o end_n of_o the_o world_n quest_n answ_n doct._n consider_v that_o there_o be_v a_o twofold_a unity_n among_o the_o godly_a i._o invisible_a ii_o visible_a iii_o 1._o the_o excellency_n and_o necessity_n of_o unity_n among_o christian_n appear_v by_o the_o vehement_a and_o affectionate_a prayer_n for_o it_o 2._o it_o be_v a_o mean_n to_o bring_v the_o world_n to_o believe_v the_o truth_n 3._o it_o be_v promise_v as_o a_o special_a part_n of_o the_o covenant_n 4_o hereby_o a_o serviceable_a help_v of_o one_o another_o in_o spiritual_a thing_n be_v preserve_v 5._o god_n suffer_v sad_a persecution_n to_o befall_v they_o that_o thereby_o their_o discord_n may_v be_v remove_v 6._o unity_n strengthen_v 7._o it_o be_v beautiful_a and_o comely_a 9_o division_n be_v the_o fruit_n of_o the_o flesh_n 10._o because_o all_o thing_n
but_o yet_o how_o common_a be_v it_o for_o such_o who_o know_v and_o read_v the_o word_n of_o god_n yet_o not_o to_o be_v reform_v in_o their_o life_n thereby_o though_o they_o look_v in_o this_o glass_n yet_o they_o wash_v not_o those_o loathsome_a spot_n that_o be_v upon_o they_o conclude_v the_o scripture_n be_v not_o in_o their_o proper_a use_n to_o thou_o till_o they_o have_v reform_v thou_o from_o such_o sin_n as_o thou_o do_v former_o live_v in_o 3._o the_o people_n of_o god_n though_o they_o have_v a_o spiritual_a life_n within_o they_o yet_o under_o desertion_n and_o temptation_n find_v not_o the_o word_n of_o god_n effectual_a for_o joy_n and_o consolation_n till_o god_n bring_v such_o text_n and_o such_o promise_n close_o to_o their_o soul_n that_o we_o say_v paul_n through_o the_o scripture_n may_v have_v consolation_n 2_o cor._n 1._o and_o david_n do_v often_o acknowledge_v that_o the_o word_n of_o god_n do_v comfort_n and_o revive_v he_o but_o let_v a_o godly_a man_n groan_v under_o the_o guilt_n of_o sin_n hear_v the_o sound_n of_o the_o gospel_n a_o thousand_o time_n over_o yet_o he_o will_v remain_v like_o dry_a bone_n and_o a_o parch_a wilderness_n till_o god_n sanctify_v it_o oh_o how_o often_o have_v the_o people_n of_o god_n desire_a comfort_n and_o assurance_n read_v over_o the_o promise_n again_o and_o again_o go_v to_o the_o minister_n of_o the_o gospel_n to_o have_v oil_n pour_v in_o their_o wound_n yet_o not_o the_o law_n but_o even_o the_o gospel_n have_v be_v make_v a_o dead_a letter_n till_o the_o spirit_n of_o god_n do_v comfort_n in_o and_o by_o it_o the_o word_n then_o of_o god_n though_o instrumental_a yet_o be_v but_o instrumental_a it_o be_v not_o a_o principal_a moral_a four_o when_o we_o say_v it_o be_v instrumental_a to_o sanctification_n we_o be_v to_o distinguish_v of_o instrumental_a cause_n for_o there_o be_v physical_a and_o natural_a instrument_n which_o work_n by_o a_o inherent_a and_o natural_a power_n and_o there_o be_v moral_a instrument_n which_o work_n by_o the_o sole_a institution_n and_o appointment_n of_o another_o now_o the_o word_n of_o god_n be_v not_o instrumental_a to_o sanctification_n in_o the_o former_a but_o in_o the_o late_a way_n the_o word_n do_v not_o by_o any_o inherent_a virtue_n and_o efficacy_n in_o a_o natural_a manner_n purify_v the_o heart_n but_o by_o god_n appointment_n and_o his_o voluntary_a co-operation_n when_o and_o where_o he_o will_v for_o if_o it_o do_v work_v thus_o natural_o then_o wheresoever_o the_o word_n be_v preach_v it_o will_v sanctify_v it_o will_v heal_v as_o the_o fire_n wherever_o it_o be_v in_o one_o country_n as_o well_o as_o in_o another_o it_o do_v burn_v but_o experience_n do_v confute_v this_o be_v there_o not_o two_o hearing_n the_o word_n of_o god_n the_o one_o be_v sanctify_v the_o other_o not_o at_o the_o same_o sermon_n one_o be_v humble_v make_v tender_a the_o other_o be_v more_o obstinate_a and_o harden_a whence_o come_v all_o this_o diversity_n under_o the_o word_n preach_v but_o because_o it_o be_v not_o a_o natural_a instrument_n again_o if_o the_o word_n of_o god_n do_v convert_v and_o sanctify_v natural_o than_o the_o grace_n of_o god_n can_v not_o so_o much_o be_v amplify_v and_o magnify_v which_o yet_o the_o scripture_n do_v though_o it_o be_v god_n goodness_n that_o the_o sun_n shine_v the_o fire_n burn_v yet_o we_o do_v not_o speak_v of_o it_o or_o call_v it_o his_o grace_n but_o if_o the_o word_n of_o god_n ever_o touch_v and_o heat_v any_o man_n heart_n if_o it_o ever_o reform_v his_o life_n this_o be_v the_o mere_a grace_n of_o god_n by_o which_o it_o appear_v that_o the_o word_n of_o god_n be_v instrumental_a only_o by_o god_n institution_n and_o where_o he_o command_v it_o to_o work_v there_o it_o work_v where_o he_o require_v it_o to_o break_v down_o all_o opposition_n there_o it_o hurri_v all_o down_o before_o it_o insomuch_o that_o sometime_o the_o most_o unlikely_a and_o profane_v enemy_n to_o godliness_n they_o be_v change_v by_o the_o word_n cause_n and_o those_o that_o be_v very_o ingenuous_a and_o civil_o dispose_v remain_v in_o a_o perverse_a opposition_n 5._o when_o we_o say_v the_o word_n of_o god_n be_v instrumental_a to_o our_o sanctification_n this_o be_v not_o to_o be_v oppose_v to_o those_o other_o cause_n which_o god_n have_v appoint_v grace_n be_v the_o efficient_a cause_n and_o christ_n the_o meritorious_a cause_n only_o this_o be_v the_o medium_n god_n who_o can_v convert_v immediate_o and_o reach_v home_o to_o our_o soul_n as_o he_o do_v to_o the_o prophet_n by_o a_o immediate_a revelation_n have_v take_v this_o way_n that_o as_o it_o be_v the_o goodness_n of_o god_n in_o natural_a thing_n though_o he_o be_v the_o first_o and_o universal_a cause_n and_o so_o can_v do_v all_o thing_n immediate_o himself_o yet_o he_o have_v ordain_v second_o cause_n who_o have_v their_o derive_v causality_n thus_o it_o have_v please_v god_n in_o the_o government_n of_o his_o church_n to_o use_v mean_n and_o external_a help_n the_o word_n and_o sacrament_n thereby_o to_o work_v grace_n when_o yet_o he_o can_v change_v the_o heart_n of_o man_n immediate_o or_o communicate_v himself_o to_o his_o church_n as_o he_o do_v once_o without_o scripture_n when_o therefore_o you_o hear_v many_o oppose_v the_o scripture_n to_o the_o spirit_n and_o the_o ministry_n in_o the_o church_n to_o christ_n teach_n this_o be_v absurd_a and_o tend_v to_o the_o division_n of_o those_o cause_n which_o god_n have_v so_o wise_o join_v together_o the_o spirit_n and_o the_o scripture_n must_v not_o be_v oppose_v nor_o christ_n teach_v and_o the_o minister_n for_o that_o rule_n be_v true_a here_o quando_fw-la duorum_fw-la unum_fw-la est_fw-la propter_fw-la aliud_fw-la sunt_fw-la ut_fw-la unum_fw-la six_o the_o word_n thus_o make_v know_v mean_n be_v the_o ordinary_a mean_n both_o of_o our_o beginning_n and_o increase_n in_o sanctification_n two_o thing_n be_v couch_v in_o this_o particular_a 1._o it_o be_v the_o ordinary_a mean_n so_o that_o what_o god_n may_v do_v in_o extraordinary_a case_n be_v not_o for_o we_o to_o dispute_v but_o ordinary_o there_o be_v no_o other_o way_n to_o beget_v and_o increase_v grace_n but_o this_o neither_o may_v we_o say_v this_o be_v dishonourable_a to_o god_n to_o bind_v he_o to_o one_o way_n for_o it_o have_v please_v himself_o to_o appoint_v the_o communication_n of_o his_o grace_n by_o the_o word_n ordinary_o so_o that_o as_o in_o natural_a thing_n he_o will_v give_v light_n to_o the_o world_n only_o by_o the_o sun_n though_o he_o can_v do_v otherwise_o therefore_o the_o sun_n be_v not_o make_v till_o the_o four_o day_n to_o show_v we_o that_o god_n can_v give_v light_a to_o the_o world_n without_o a_o sun_n thus_o it_o be_v also_o in_o spiritual_a thing_n though_o god_n can_v otherwise_o communicate_v his_o grace_n yet_o he_o have_v please_v to_o appoint_v this_o ordinary_a way_n so_o that_o there_o be_v no_o expectation_n of_o the_o spirit_n but_o in_o the_o word_n as_o the_o word_n can_v no_o way_n avail_v without_o the_o spirit_n and_o it_o be_v the_o goodness_n of_o god_n that_o he_o have_v command_v all_o spirit_n to_o be_v try_v by_o this_o rule_n and_o if_o not_o conform_v to_o it_o to_o reject_v they_o which_o can_v not_o be_v if_o the_o voice_n of_o the_o spirit_n can_v be_v hear_v any_o other_o way_n but_o in_o and_o by_o the_o scripture_n we_o then_o be_v bind_v to_o come_v to_o this_o pool_n if_o we_o will_v have_v the_o divine_a moving_z not_o of_o a_o angel_n but_o of_o the_o spirit_n of_o god_n as_o the_o israelite_n that_o will_v escape_v death_n be_v to_o keep_v within_o his_o door_n and_o those_o within_o the_o ark_n who_o will_v enjoy_v god_n protection_n thus_o must_v such_o keep_v within_o the_o bound_n of_o the_o scripture_n who_o expect_v god_n spirit_n to_o guide_v they_o but_o although_o we_o be_v thus_o bind_v to_o expect_v sanctification_n only_o in_o this_o mean_n yet_o we_o can_v say_v that_o god_n have_v bind_v himself_o to_o work_v these_o effect_n always_o for_o though_o he_o will_v not_o ordinary_o dispense_v his_o grace_n but_o in_o this_o way_n yet_o he_o will_v not_o always_o accompany_v this_o way_n yea_o it_o be_v the_o savour_n of_o death_n to_o many_o 2_o cor._n 2_o 16._o hence_o in_o the_o seven_o place_n the_o word_n of_o god_n sinfullness_n though_o it_o be_v ex_fw-la se_fw-la and_o quoad_fw-la institutionem_fw-la a_o instrument_n of_o sanctification_n yet_o to_o some_o accidental_o through_o their_o corruption_n it_o become_v a_o instrument_n of_o great_a sinfulness_n and_o wickedness_n so_o that_o common_o there_o be_v no_o great_a sinner_n under_o heaven_n then_o in_o the_o church_n and_o in_o the_o church_n none_o great_a than_o where_o the_o best_a and_o
justification_n with_o who_o vorstius_n and_o grotius_n in_o this_o opinion_n associate_v themselves_o as_o also_o one_o or_o two_o late_a english_a writer_n doctor_n hammond_n pract._n catech._n lib._n ●_o sect._n 3_o now_o when_o i_o have_v endeavour_v to_o state_n the_o question_n in_o a_o most_o candid_a and_o fair_a way_n between_o those_o that_o deny_v work_n to_o be_v a_o condition_n sine_fw-la quâ_fw-la non_fw-la of_o our_o justification_n and_o those_o who_o affirm_v a_o reverend_n and_o learned_a brother_n judge_v himself_o to_o be_v concern_v in_o this_o opinion_n likewise_o do_v complain_v of_o the_o want_n of_o candour_n and_o truth_n confess_v preface_n in_o my_o state_v of_o the_o question_n wherein_o i_o rather_o expect_v thanks_o for_o my_o ingenuity_n for_o first_o i_o say_v all_o merit_n and_o efficiency_n be_v with_o great_a distaste_n remove_v from_o these_o work_n of_o grace_n in_o our_o justification_n therefore_o the_o question_n be_v upon_o what_o account_n these_o be_v require_v in_o justify_v person_n whether_o in_o some_o causality_n or_o concurrence_n as_o faith_n be_v only_o not_o with_o such_o a_o degree_n of_o excellency_n now_o let_v any_o judicious_a reader_n that_o be_v acquaint_v with_o this_o controversy_n decide_v wherein_o any_o candour_n or_o truth_n may_v be_v desire_v herein_o for_o i_o say_v causality_n which_o be_v a_o general_a word_n not_o efficiency_n or_o merit_n again_o i_o say_v some_o causalitie_n causalitas_fw-la quaedam_fw-la which_o be_v terminus_n diminuens_fw-la yea_o i_o add_v the_o word_n concurrence_n which_o may_v easy_o satisfy_v any_o how_o low_o i_o bring_v the_o question_n yea_o as_o if_o this_o have_v not_o be_v enough_o i_o propound_v it_o in_o other_o term_n whether_o good_a work_n be_v require_v as_o well_o as_o faith_n yet_o when_o i_o have_v do_v all_o this_o he_o complain_v as_o if_o wrong_a be_v do_v i_o be_o still_o more_o confirm_v and_o that_o by_o this_o instance_n in_o what_o i_o deliver_v in_o that_o preface_n that_o it_o be_v not_o a_o compendious_a or_o proper_a way_n to_o find_v out_o truth_n and_o discover_v a_o error_n by_o deal_v with_o person_n according_a to_o their_o particular_a expression_n or_o to_o attend_v to_o personal_a reflection_n but_o to_o abstract_n the_o question_n and_o to_o handle_v it_o in_o thesi_fw-la for_o how_o many_o word_n upon_o word_n may_v be_v multiply_v in_o this_o very_a particular_a my_o reverend_a brother_n say_v he_o vehement_o disclaim_v all_o causality_n of_o work_n in_o justification_n sure_o his_o meaning_n be_v all_o proper_a causal_n efficiency_n and_o so_o do_v i_o in_o the_o state_v of_o it_o but_o to_o deny_v causality_n in_o a_o large_a sense_n be_v plain_o to_o contradict_v himself_o for_o in_o his_o aphorism_n 74_o thesis_n they_o both_o viz._n faith_n and_o work_n justify_v in_o the_o same_o kind_n of_o causality_n viz._n as_o causae_fw-la si●e_fw-la q●ibus_fw-la non_fw-la or_o mediate_v and_o improper_a cause_n or_o as_o doctor_n twiss_n causae_fw-la di●positivae_fw-la but_o with_o this_o difference_n faith_n as_o the_o principal_a part_n obedience_n as_o the_o less_o principal_a here_o be_v causality_n though_o improper_a here_o be_v a_o causa_fw-la dispositiva_fw-la and_o yet_o shall_v i_o be_v blame_v after_o i_o have_v remove_v efficiency_n and_o merit_n to_o sta●e_v it_o with_o a_o causalitas_fw-la quaedam_fw-la some_o causality_n or_o concurrence_n and_o therefore_o all_o the_o argument_n i_o produce_v be_v not_o against_o any_o suppose_a causality_n but_o that_o faith_n only_o be_v that_o which_o justify_v and_o that_o good_a work_n quâ_fw-la work_n let_v they_o be_v meritorious_a efficient_a or_o condition_n only_o be_v exclude_v as_o to_o the_o act_n of_o justification_n grotius_n in_o cap._n 2._o jacobi_n who_o make_v this_o promise_n of_o justification_n and_o salvation_n ad_fw-la donationem_fw-la sub_fw-la conditione_n quam_fw-la ad_fw-la proprie_fw-la dictam_fw-la locu●ionem_fw-la &_o conductionem_fw-la propius_fw-la accedere_fw-la happy_o this_o may_v occasion_v such_o great_a recourse_n to_o the_o lawyer_n about_o the_o nature_n of_o condition_n do_v yet_o notwithstanding_o on_o the_o 2●th_z verse_n of_o the_o 2_o chapter_n of_o james_n from_o that_o expression_n of_o the_o apostle_n faith_n do_v 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d infer_v docemur_fw-la non_fw-la male_a fidem_fw-la &_o opera_fw-la fidei_fw-la posse_fw-la dici_fw-la causam_fw-la justificationis_fw-la modo_fw-la non_fw-la intelligamus_fw-la cau●am_fw-la primariam_fw-la sed_fw-la conditione_n quae_fw-la saepe_fw-la cau●ae_fw-la sine_fw-la quibus_fw-la non_fw-la aut_fw-la svi_fw-la generis_fw-la causae_fw-la dicu●tur_fw-la but_o i_o need_v not_o run_v to_o this_o for_o my_o argument_n militate_v against_o work_n as_o work_n justify_v under_o any_o pretend_a notion_n whatsoever_o and_o this_o make_v i_o admire_v how_o my_o learned_a brother_n can_v let_v ●f_o all_o one_o passage_n wherein_o he_o may_v be_v so_o palpable_o and_o ocular_o convince_v to_o the_o contrary_a by_o the_o first_o look_v upon_o my_o argument_n that_o which_o he_o say_v be_v the_o strength_n of_o my_o argument_n lie_v upon_o a_o supposition_n that_o condition_n have_v a_o moral_a efficiency_n not_o to_o examine_v how_o free_o he_o manage_v his_o answer_n to_o such_o a_o supposition_n now_o this_o be_v that_o which_o i_o affirm_v that_o there_o be_v not_o one_o o●_n these_o ten_o argument_n bring_v against_o justification_n by_o work_n as_o a_o conditio_fw-la sine_fw-la quâ_fw-la non_fw-la that_o be_v build_v upon_o this_o supposition_n or_o have_v any_o dependence_n on_o it_o only_o in_o the_o four_o argument_n after_o the_o full_a strength_n thereof_o be_v deliver_v than_o i_o do_v ex_fw-la abun●anti_fw-la and_o by_o way_n of_o amplification_n show_v that_o a_o condition_n in_o a_o covenant_n strict_o take_v i_o put_v in_o that_o limitation_n have_v a_o moral_a efficiency_n and_o be_v a_o causa_fw-la cum_fw-la quâ_fw-la not_o a_o causa_fw-la sine_fw-la quâ_fw-la non_fw-la but_o this_o be_v only_o by_o way_n of_o addition_n the_o argument_n do_v not_o depend_v on_o this_o assertion_n 8._o and_o my_o learned_a brother_n say_v some_o condition_n and_o most_o among_o man_n be_v moral_a impulsive_a cause_n i_o find_v another_o thing_n urge_v likewise_o as_o not_o fair_a deal_n and_o that_o be_v to_o fasten_v upon_o his_o opinion_n that_o we_o may_v say_v a_o justify_n repentance_n as_o well_o as_o justify_v faith_n and_o also_o justify_v love_n indeed_o in_o my_o book_n it_o be_v law_n and_o that_o be_v the_o printer_n fault_n which_o i_o be_o sorry_a for_o because_o i_o see_v my_o learned_a brother_n so_o much_o move_v at_o that_o as_o if_o he_o be_v charge_v to_o hold_v a_o justify_n law_n it_o shall_v have_v be_v love_n but_o why_o do_v this_o offend_v my_o reverend_a brother_n he_o do_v not_o say_v it_o be_v not_o true_a to_o say_v justify_v repentance_n or_o justify_v love_n but_o it_o be_v not_o fit_a to_o say_v confess_v in_o the_o pref._n why_o be_v it_o not_o fit_a if_o it_o be_v true_a it_o may_v be_v such_o a_o expression_n will_v be_v offensive_a to_o godly_a ear_n and_o therefore_o not_o fit_a can_v love_n be_v a_o condition_n of_o justification_n and_o yet_o not_o justify_v love_n as_o a_o condition_n this_o seem_v very_o strange_a but_o it_o be_v say_v faith_n have_v a_o peculiar_a fitness_n and_o aptness_n to_o receive_v christ_n which_o love_n have_v not_o it_o be_v true_a and_o therefore_o faith_n only_o justify_v and_o not_o love_n thus_o it_o make_v against_o he_o and_o not_o for_o he_o beside_o with_o he_o faith_n justify_v as_o a_o condition_n not_o from_o its_o peculiar_a aptness_n and_o therefore_o love_n and_o repentance_n be_v condition_n must_v justify_v aequè_fw-la with_o faith_n though_o not_o aequaliter_fw-la faith_n aptness_n be_v the_o remote_a reason_n as_o it_o be_v a_o condition_n that_o be_v the_o proxime_fw-la and_o formal_a reason_n now_o repentance_n and_o love_n have_v this_o formal_a reason_n for_o they_o be_v condition_n certain_o if_o brutum_fw-la be_v animal_n rationale_fw-la he_o will_v be_v homo_fw-la as_o well_o as_o man_n be_v some_o other_o minute_n and_o inconsiderable_a objection_n be_v also_o bring_v in_o but_o they_o be_v not_o worthy_a of_o a_o contest_v i_o therefore_o return_v again_o from_o this_o digression_n to_o the_o subject_a in_o hand_n which_o be_v to_o take_v notice_n of_o the_o great_a usefulness_n and_o excellency_n of_o the_o matter_n contain_v in_o this_o prayer_n of_o christ_n luther_n do_v just_o call_v john_n the_o evangelist_n for_o this_o book_n malleus_fw-la pelagianorum_n the_o hammer_n of_o pelagian_n we_o may_v add_v also_o of_o socinian_o and_o arian_n hence_o sixtus_n senensis_n speak_v of_o some_o heretic_n call_v alogi_fw-la a_o name_n that_o epiphanius_n do_v just_o put_v upon_o they_o because_o they_o reject_v this_o gospel_n of_o john_n and_o can_v not_o endure_v this_o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d the_o word_n so_o often_o mention_v by_o
sort_n of_o joy_n and_o the_o nature_n of_o spiritual_a joy_n show_v also_o how_o far_o it_o transcend_v and_o differ_v from_o worldly_a joy_n serm._n lxxix_o the_o excellent_a effect_n of_o christian_a joy_n serm._n lxxx_o john_n 17.14_o i_o have_v give_v they_o thy_o word_n and_o the_o world_n have_v hate_v they_o because_o they_o be_v not_o of_o the_o world_n that_o the_o word_n of_o god_n preach_v and_o receive_v do_v enrage_v the_o wicked_a world_n and_o reason_n thereof_o serm._n lxxxi_o of_o suffer_v for_o christ_n cause_n and_o how_o it_o engage_v god_n for_o to_o take_v care_n of_o such_o as_o so_o suffer_v also_o the_o duty_n of_o minister_n about_o preach_v god_n truth_n serm._n lxxxii_o of_o wicked_a man_n hate_v the_o godly_a the_o cause_n effect_n and_o property_n of_o it_o serm._n lxxxiii_o the_o application_n of_o the_o forego_n observation_n both_o to_o the_o godly_a and_o the_o wicked_a tend_v to_o encourage_v and_o rejoice_v the_o one_o under_o all_o their_o suffering_n and_o deter_v and_o reclaim_v the_o other_o from_o all_o opposition_n serm._n lxxxiv_o of_o conformity_n to_o christ_n in_o not_o be_v of_o the_o world_n and_o in_o his_o suffering_n serm._n lxxxv_o john_n 17.15_o i_o pray_v not_o that_o thou_o shall_v take_v they_o out_o of_o the_o world_n but_o that_o thou_o shall_v keep_v they_o from_o the_o evil_n show_v why_o god_n continue_v his_o child_n in_o this_o world_n of_o sin_n and_o sorrow_n and_o do_v not_o take_v they_o immediate_o to_o heaven_n and_o also_o how_o far_o it_o be_v lawful_a for_o a_o man_n to_o pray_v for_o or_o desire_v to_o be_v take_v out_o of_o this_o world_n serm._n lxxxvi_o that_o it_o be_v a_o great_a mercy_n to_o be_v keep_v from_o sin_n and_o all_o evil_n in_o our_o affliction_n and_o trouble_n than_o from_o the_o affliction_n themselves_o serm._n lxxxvii_o that_o god_n have_v determine_v a_o precise_a time_n to_o every_o particular_a man_n in_o the_o world_n how_o long_o he_o shall_v live_v serm._n lxxxviii_o john_n 17.16_o they_o be_v not_o of_o the_o world_n even_o as_o i_o be_o not_o of_o the_o world_n the_o heavenly_a man_n much_o improve_v by_o much_o consider_v that_o he_o be_v not_o of_o this_o world_n serm._n lxxxix_o john_n 17.17_o sanctify_v they_o through_o thy_o truth_n thy_o word_n be_v truth_n of_o growth_n in_o grace_n show_v that_o and_o how_o many_o way_n a_o godly_a man_n may_v be_v sanctify_v serm._n xc_o the_o contrary_n of_o growth_n in_o grace_n a_o comfortable_a advertisement_n to_o such_o as_o mourn_v under_o their_o sense_n of_o not_o grow_v with_o reason_n of_o the_o necessity_n of_o grow_v in_o grace_n serm._n xci_o of_o the_o cause_n of_o sanctification_n and_o in_o particular_a of_o god_n as_o the_o instrumental_a cause_n serm._n xcii_o of_o the_o truth_n of_o the_o scripture_n serm._n xciii_o the_o transcendent_a property_n of_o the_o scripture_n serm._n xciv_o john_n 17.18_o as_o thou_o have_v send_v i_o into_o the_o world_n even_o so_o have_v i_o send_v they_o into_o the_o world_n how_o requisite_a a_o sound_a mind_n and_o a_o holy_a life_n be_v to_o a_o minister_n of_o the_o gospel_n and_o christ_n peculiar_a love_n to_o and_o care_n of_o such_o serm._n xcv_o of_o christ_n mission_n to_o the_o office_n of_o a_o mediator_n serm._n xcvi_o of_o the_o public_a office_n of_o the_o ministry_n some_o distinction_n concern_v it_o and_o the_o necessity_n of_o a_o lawful_a call_v thereunto_o also_o show_v wherein_o private_a christian_n shall_v exercise_v their_o gift_n both_o ordinary_o and_o in_o extraordinary_a case_n serm._n xcvii_o that_o the_o scripture_n appoint_v a_o distinct_a office_n of_o the_o ministry_n show_n wherein_o the_o call_v to_o the_o ministry_n consist_v and_o that_o none_o may_v enter_v into_o that_o office_n without_o a_o authoritative_a mission_n also_o what_o the_o ministry_n of_o preach_v be_v and_o whether_o reading_n be_v preach_v serm._n xcviii_o john_n 17.19_o and_o for_o their_o sake_n i_o sanctify_v myself_o that_o they_o also_o may_v be_v sanctify_v through_o the_o truth_n of_o christ_n sanctify_a himself_n to_o be_v a_o mediator_n show_v what_o be_v imply_v in_o it_o how_o pure_a willing_a and_o fit_a he_o be_v for_o that_o great_a undertake_n serm._n xcix_o show_v further_o what_o be_v imply_v in_o that_o phrase_n of_o our_o saviour_n i_o sanctify_v myself_o handle_v chief_o the_o priestly_a office_n of_o christ_n in_o opposition_n to_o the_o socinian_o and_o for_o the_o comfort_n and_o direction_n of_o penitent_a sinner_n serm._n c._n of_o jesus_n christ_n as_o priest_n sacrifice_n and_o altar_n the_o property_n of_o that_o sacrifice_n the_o way_n how_o man_n come_v to_o partake_v of_o the_o benefit_n of_o it_o its_o efficacy_n as_o to_o sanctification_n as_o well_o as_o justification_n serm._n ci._n of_o sanctification_n as_o the_o effect_n of_o christ_n death_n show_v that_o no_o man_n true_o believe_v in_o christ_n for_o justification_n that_o do_v not_o also_o for_o sanctification_n serm._n cii_o john_n 17.20_o neither_o pray_v i_o for_o these_o alone_a but_o for_o they_o also_o that_o shall_v believe_v in_o i_o through_o their_o word_n show_n why_o christ_n who_o can_v do_v all_o thing_n yet_o put_v up_o prayer_n what_o difference_n there_o be_v between_o his_o prayer_n and_o we_o and_o the_o great_a advantage_n believer_n have_v by_o christ_n pray_v for_o they_o serm._n ciii_o in_o what_o respect_v the_o benefit_n of_o christ_n mediation_n extend_v to_o all_o believer_n alike_o and_o in_o what_o not_o for_o the_o comfort_n of_o weak_a christian_n and_o such_o of_o they_o as_o be_v most_o contemptible_a in_o the_o eye_n of_o the_o world_n serm._n civ_o that_o in_o some_o particular_n the_o poor_a weak_a christian_n have_v more_o respect_n from_o christ_n then_o the_o strong_a one_o serm._n cv_o of_o christ_n love_n and_o care_n of_o every_o one_o of_o he_o before_o they_o have_v a_o be_v serm._n cvi_o of_o both_o the_o move_a cause_n and_o effect_n of_o election_n and_o of_o christ_n prayer_n and_o death_n against_o arminian_n and_o other_o serm._n cvii_o of_o faith_n the_o several_a kind_n of_o it_o and_o especial_o of_o justify_v faith_n its_o object_n and_o seat_n etc._n etc._n serm._n cviii_o of_o justify_v faith_n show_v what_o thing_n be_v necessary_a thereunto_o and_o how_o or_o in_o what_o method_n the_o spirit_n of_o god_n enable_v the_o humble_a soul_n to_o believe_v serm._n cix_o of_o justify_v faith_n serm._n cx_o of_o justify_v faith_n that_o it_o be_v a_o fiducial_a recumbency_n in_o christ_n serm._n cxi_o that_o a_o gospel_n ministry_n be_v to_o continue_v to_o the_o end_n of_o the_o world_n and_o for_o what_o end_v serm._n cxii_o john_n 17.21_o that_o they_o all_o may_v be_v one_o as_o thou_o father_n art_n in_o i_o and_o i_o in_o thou_o that_o they_o also_o may_v be_v one_o in_o we_o that_o the_o world_n may_v believe_v that_o thou_o have_v send_v i_o of_o unity_n among_o god_n people_n the_o nature_n of_o it_o serm._n cxiii_o of_o unity_n among_o christian_n the_o benefit_n and_o necessity_n of_o it_o and_o the_o mischief_n of_o division_n serm._n cxiv_o of_o unity_n among_o the_o godly_a more_o particular_n set_v forth_o the_o excellency_n of_o it_o and_o mischief_n of_o division_n answer_v this_o objection_n viz._n see_v god_n have_v promise_v one_o heart_n and_o way_n and_o christ_n pray_v for_o it_o how_o come_v it_o to_o pass_v that_o there_o shall_v be_v so_o many_o breach_n among_o the_o godly_a serm._n cxv_o of_o unity_n among_o believer_n caution_n about_o it_o also_o set_v forth_o some_o good_a unite_n principle_n with_o a_o censure_n of_o some_o bad_a one_o serm._n cxvi_o of_o christian_a unity_n set_v forth_o some_o rule_n for_o unity_n in_o doctrine_n church-order_n and_o affection_n for_o the_o prevent_n of_o error_n schism_n and_o wrath._n serm._n cxvii_o of_o the_o distinction_n of_o person_n and_o unity_n of_o essence_n in_o the_o deity_n against_o the_o socinian_o serm._n cxviii_o the_o glorious_a mystery_n of_o the_o saint_n union_n with_o christ_n and_o with_o the_o father_n by_o he_o open_v serm._n cxix_o show_n what_o a_o special_a mean_n unity_n among_o believer_n be_v to_o enlarge_v the_o kingdom_n of_o christ_n and_o yet_o notwithstanding_o that_o unity_n without_o true_a doctrine_n be_v no_o infallible_a mark_n of_o the_o true_a church_n against_o the_o papist_n serm._n cxx_o a_o consideration_n of_o faith_n in_o its_o general_n nature_n as_o dogmatic_a or_o historical_a carry_v out_o to_o scripture-truths_n because_o of_o divine_a authority_n serm._n cxxi_o of_o dogmatic_a faith_n the_o property_n of_o and_o contrary_n to_o it_o serm._n cxxii_o john_n 17.22_o and_o the_o glory_n which_o thou_o give_v i_o i_o give_v they_o that_o they_o may_v be_v one_o even_o as_o we_o be_v one_o of_o the_o glory_n which_o christ_n communicate_v
what_o enemy_n be_v we_o to_o ourselves_o because_o ignorant_a herein_o sermon_n thirty-nine_o further_a show_v how_o acceptable_a unto_o god_n it_o be_v to_o believe_v in_o christ_n the_o mediator_n and_o set_v forth_o the_o dangerous_a nature_n of_o trust_v in_o our_o own_o righteousness_n joh_n 17.8_o and_o they_o have_v know_v assure_o i_o come_v from_o thou_o and_o have_v believe_v thou_o have_v send_v i_o we_o be_v prosecute_a this_o evangelical_n point_n that_o faith_n in_o christ_n as_o a_o mediator_n be_v acceptable_a unto_o god_n as_o well_o as_o obedience_n to_o a_o command_n that_o as_o love_n be_v the_o fulfil_n of_o the_o law_n so_o faith_n of_o the_o gospel_n several_a reason_n have_v already_o be_v lay_v down_o we_o now_o proceed_v to_o give_v you_o more_o 1._o therefore_o faith_n in_o christ_n as_o a_o mediator_n be_v acceptable_a because_o of_o the_o difficulty_n of_o and_o opposition_n to_o it_o when_o we_o be_v serious_o sensible_a of_o sin_n yet_o to_o rely_v on_o the_o love_n of_o god_n in_o christ_n be_v like_o esther_n venture_v into_o ahashuerus_n his_o presence_n if_o i_o perish_v i_o perish_v or_o like_o the_o leper_n into_o their_o enemy_n the_o syrian_n camp_n thus_o say_v the_o afflict_a soul_n if_o i_o lie_v despair_v under_o the_o burden_n of_o my_o sin_n i_o be_o sure_a to_o be_v undo_v i_o can_v find_v any_o hope_n within_o myself_o it_o be_v therefore_o venture_v on_o christ_n it_o be_v good_a to_o go_v to_o he_o i_o be_o like_o that_o woman_n of_o the_o bloody_a issue_n that_o have_v spend_v all_o she_o have_v on_o physician_n but_o yet_o can_v not_o be_v cure_v i_o have_v run_v to_o every_o refuge_n try_v every_o conclusion_n but_o still_o my_o soul_n can_v have_v any_o safe_a bottom_n to_o stand_v upon_o let_v i_o therefore_o by_o faith_n fly_v to_o he_o as_o a_o mediator_n in_o the_o midst_n of_o these_o depth_n and_o agony_n of_o heart_n to_o trust_v in_o christ_n be_v a_o high_a heroical_a disposition_n like_o that_o of_o job_n though_o he_o kill_v i_o i_o will_v trust_v in_o he_o job_n 13.15_o like_o that_o of_o the_o canaanitish_a woman_n who_o faith_n christ_n so_o commend_v though_o she_o be_v put_v off_o and_o call_v dog_n and_o tell_v the_o bread_n do_v not_o belong_v to_o she_o mat._n 15.27_o the_o promise_n of_o grace_n and_o pardon_n be_v not_o her_o due_a yet_o for_o all_o that_o she_o will_v hold_v upon_o christ_n and_o not_o let_v he_o go_v oh_o then_o consider_v that_o if_o thou_o like_o peter_n will_v venture_v to_o go_v though_o upon_o the_o water_n to_o he_o here_o be_v a_o special_a discovery_n of_o the_o nobleness_n of_o thy_o faith_n that_o thou_o regard_v god_n command_n and_o his_o promise_n more_o than_o all_o satan_n temptation_n and_o the_o sense_n or_o suggestion_n of_o thy_o own_o soul_n as_o it_o be_v with_o love_n to_o god_n when_o god_n do_v afflict_v and_o chastise_v we_o yet_o to_o keep_v up_o a_o tender_a fervent_a love_n to_o god_n argue_v the_o greatness_n and_o purity_n of_o thy_o love_n so_o in_o the_o midst_n of_o break_a bone_n and_o trouble_n for_o sin_n to_o depend_v upon_o the_o grace_n of_o god_n in_o christ_n argue_v the_o excellency_n of_o faith_n our_o saviour_n when_o he_o say_v bless_a be_v they_o that_o believe_v and_o see_v not_o sheweth_z that_o he_o who_o believe_v joh._n 20_o 9_o when_o he_o have_v the_o least_o prop_n of_o sense_n and_o encouragement_n from_o outward_a thing_n do_v put_v forth_o the_o pure_a and_o noble_a act_n of_o faith_n now_o for_o abraham_n to_o believe_v though_o sarahs_n womb_n be_v a_o dead_a womb_n argue_v strong_a faith_n then_o if_o she_o have_v be_v a_o fruitful_a woman_n thus_o the_o difficulty_n and_o opposition_n in_o such_o temptation_n make_v faith_n the_o more_o acceptable_a 2_o faith_n in_o christ_n must_v be_v as_o acceptable_a as_o obedience_n because_o there_o be_v great_a obedience_n in_o faith_n for_o although_o faith_n in_o christ_n do_v not_o justify_v we_o as_o it_o be_v a_o obediential_a act_n for_o than_o we_o shall_v be_v justify_v by_o a_o work_n but_o as_o it_o be_v a_o instrument_n receive_v the_o righteousness_n of_o christ_n a_o hand_n to_o take_v that_o enrich_n treasure_n yet_o there_o be_v very_o great_a obedience_n in_o every_o act_n of_o believe_a go_v over_o the_o several_a act_n of_o it_o knowledge_n assent_n and_o fiducial_a application_n all_o these_o be_v therefore_o put_v forth_o by_o a_o believer_n because_o god_n say_v it_o hence_o it_o be_v call_v the_o obedience_n of_o faith_n rom._n 10.26_o and_o we_o be_v say_v to_o captivate_v our_o understanding_n herein_o 2_o cor._n 10.5_o for_o a_o man_n in_o believe_a walk_v not_o by_o sense_n or_o humane_a reason_n or_o principle_n of_o the_o world_n but_o the_o mere_a reveal_v will_n of_o god_n so_o that_o whether_o we_o regard_v the_o doctrine_n to_o be_v believe_v or_o the_o promise_n to_o be_v embrace_v we_o must_v conclude_v that_o faith_n be_v a_o spiritual_a martyrdom_n it_o be_v not_o reason_n but_o god_n word_n move_v thou_o as_o we_o tell_v you_o in_o the_o jew_n they_o go_v about_o to_o establish_v their_o own_o righteousness_n and_o will_v not_o submit_v themselves_o to_o the_o righteousness_n by_o christ_n rom._n 10.3_o you_o see_v by_o that_o expressien_n how_o a_o man_n must_v be_v much_o humble_v and_o captivate_v ere_o he_o can_v yield_v up_o himself_o to_o christ_n righteousness_n oh_o then_o think_v not_o that_o faith_n be_v not_o a_o high_a degree_n of_o obedience_n it_o be_v a_o renounce_n of_o all_o humane_a thought_n apprehension_n and_o whatsoever_o seem_v worth_a or_o righteousness_n may_v be_v in_o we_o oh_o how_o deep_o be_v paul_n humble_v ere_o phil._n 3._o he_o will_v come_v to_o account_v all_o thing_n dung_n and_o dross_n and_o to_o be_v find_v not_o have_v his_o own_o righteousness_n but_o that_o which_o be_v by_o faith_n in_o christ_n so_o that_o although_o faith_n as_o it_o be_v a_o work_n do_v not_o justify_v yet_o it_o be_v a_o great_a work_n and_o that_o of_o pure_a and_o mere_a obedience_n for_o whereas_o in_o all_o other_o moral_a duty_n love_n and_o patience_n there_o be_v some_o engraft_a notion_n within_o that_o convince_v of_o that_o in_o believe_v there_o be_v nothing_o but_o the_o command_n of_o god_n and_o his_o promise_n that_o invit_v to_o this_o duty_n 3._o faith_n must_v needs_o be_v acceptable_a to_o god_n because_o that_o only_a of_o all_o grace_n have_v a_o relative_a fitness_n to_o receive_v christ_n and_o his_o benefit_n rom._n 3.23_o and_o in_o many_o other_o place_n remission_n of_o sin_n and_o so_o the_o spirit_n of_o promise_n and_o also_o justification_n be_v still_o say_v to_o be_v by_o faith_n not_o by_o love_n or_o zeal_n or_o any_o other_o grace_n because_o they_o be_v of_o a_o active_a nature_n and_o go_v out_o to_o god_n this_o of_o a_o passive_a nature_n and_o receive_v christ_n so_o that_o the_o scripture_n use_v a_o peculiar_a phrase_n to_o express_v the_o nature_n of_o faith_n make_v it_o a_o supernatural_a instrument_n or_o organon_n to_o receive_v christ_n as_o the_o hand_n of_o all_o part_n of_o the_o body_n take_v a_o treasure_n when_o give_v and_o thereby_o a_o man_n be_v enrich_v it_o be_v true_a it_o be_v not_o for_o the_o dignity_n or_o merit_n of_o faith_n that_o we_o be_v justify_v therefore_o the_o learned_a observe_v well_o that_o it_o be_v never_o say_v 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d but_o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d not_o for_o faith_n as_o a_o cause_n but_o by_o faith_n as_o a_o instrument_n so_o that_o it_o be_v not_o proper_o faith_n in_o christ_n that_o justify_v but_o christ_n apprehend_v by_o faith_n as_o it_o be_v not_o the_o hand_n but_o the_o treasure_n take_v by_o the_o hand_n that_o enrich_v or_o as_o the_o scripture_n excellent_o describe_v it_o it_o be_v not_o the_o bare_a see_v of_o the_o brazen_a serpent_n or_o any_o excellency_n in_o the_o eye_n but_o the_o brazen_a serpent_n that_o do_v heal_v see_v that_o faith_n have_v that_o aptitude_n of_o all_o other_o grace_n to_o apply_v christ_n and_o god_n make_v use_v of_o it_o and_o appoint_v it_o for_o this_o end_n no_o wonder_n if_o that_o be_v so_o well-pleasing_a to_o he_o 4._o faith_n in_o christ_n as_o a_o mediator_n be_v well-pleasing_a because_o by_o this_o we_o also_o be_v enable_v to_o all_o obedience_n to_o all_o duty_n of_o mortification_n and_o holiness_n so_o that_o this_o faith_n which_o receive_v christ_n as_o a_o mediator_n receive_v he_o in_o his_o fullness_n of_o grace_n as_o a_o head_n and_o thereby_o we_o have_v strength_n and_o ability_n to_o every_o thing_n that_o be_v holy_a act._n 15._o purify_n their_o heart_n by_o faith_n that_o imply_v both_o our_o justification_n and_o our_o sanctification_n hence_o
for_o their_o sin_n as_o be_v expiate_v by_o christ_n death_n but_o because_o by_o their_o unbelief_n they_o reject_v this_o actual_a reconciliation_n make_v for_o they_o so_o that_o all_o man_n have_v a_o general_a remission_n of_o their_o sin_n but_o those_o only_o have_v a_o special_a remission_n that_o by_o faith_n accept_v it_o but_o this_o also_o be_v reject_v as_o absurd_a although_o it_o be_v observable_a that_o most_o of_o those_o place_n they_o bring_v for_o universal_a redemption_n speak_v of_o the_o act_n and_o so_o the_o huberian_o keep_v more_o to_o the_o plain_a word_n than_o they_o do_v who_o plead_v for_o universal_a grace_n joh._n 1.29_o the_o lamb_n that_o take_v away_o the_o sin_n of_o the_o world_n 2_o cor._n 5._o god_n be_v in_o christ_n reconcile_n