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A45645 A refutation of the atheistical notion of fate, or absolute necessity in a sermon preach'd at the cathedral-church of St. Paul, November the seventh, 1698 : being the eighth of the lecture for that year, founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq. / by John Harris ... Harris, John, 1667?-1719. 1698 (1698) Wing H853; ESTC R15217 16,696 30

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attendit_fw-la vel_fw-la ad_fw-la quod_fw-la tanquam_fw-la ad_fw-la certum_fw-la scopum_fw-la collimat_fw-la quod_fw-la profectò_fw-la nihil_fw-la aliud_fw-la est_fw-la quam_fw-la deum_fw-la fato_fw-la subjicere_fw-la 32._o now_o i_o think_v nothing_o can_v more_o show_v the_o wicked_a perverseness_n of_o this_o writer_n mind_n than_o this_o passage_n for_o he_o can_v not_o but_o know_v very_o well_o that_o when_o divine_n assert_v the_o deity_n to_o be_v essential_o and_o necessary_o good_a they_o do_v not_o mean_v that_o goodness_n be_v any_o thing_n extrinsical_a to_o the_o divine_a nature_n much_o less_o that_o it_o be_v something_o which_o have_v no_o dependence_n upon_o it_o but_o only_o that_o the_o excellency_n and_o perfection_n of_o his_o nature_n be_v such_o as_o that_o it_o be_v in_o every_o thing_n exact_o conformable_a to_o right_a reason_n and_o therefore_o this_o be_v certain_o a_o wilful_a perversion_n of_o their_o sense_n set_v up_o on_o purpose_n to_o overthrow_v the_o notion_n of_o moral_a goodness_n in_o the_o deity_n but_o how_o vain_a be_v it_o for_o he_o to_o tell_v we_o that_o for_o the_o deity_n to_o act_n sub_fw-la ratione_fw-la boni_fw-la be_v for_o he_o to_o be_v subject_a to_o fate_n when_o at_o the_o same_o time_n he_o himself_o assert_v that_o god_n be_v in_o every_o respect_n a_o necessary_a agent_n without_o any_o free_a will_n nay_o without_o any_o knowledge_n or_o understanding_n in_o his_o nature_n at_o all_o this_o be_v so_o plain_a a_o demonstration_n that_o it_o be_v his_o chief_a and_o primary_n design_n to_o banish_v out_o of_o man_n mind_n the_o notion_n of_o moral_a goodness_n that_o nothing_o can_v be_v more_o and_o therefore_o though_o he_o be_v resolve_v to_o introduce_v absolute_a necessity_n into_o all_o action_n both_o divine_a and_o human_a yet_o it_o shall_v be_v such_o a_o one_o as_o shall_v leave_v no_o umbrage_n for_o any_o distinction_n between_o good_a and_o evil_a or_o any_o foundation_n for_o reward_n and_o punishment_n and_o in_o this_o notion_n of_o necessity_n these_o writer_n follow_v democritus_n heraclitus_n leucippus_n and_o that_o atheistical_a sect_n who_o maintain_v that_o there_o be_v nothing_o in_o all_o nature_n but_o matter_n and_o motion_n and_o therefore_o when_o these_o modern_a writer_n assert_v that_o there_o be_v nothing_o in_o the_o universe_n but_o body_n as_o they_o do_v they_o run_v fate_n far_o than_o most_o of_o the_o old_a heathen_a patron_n of_o necessity_n do_v for_o there_o be_v none_o but_o the_o democritick_n sect_n that_o suppose_a fate_n to_o have_v a_o power_n over_o the_o will_n of_o man_n and_o in_o this_o particular_a even_o they_o be_v desert_v by_o epicurus_n as_o i_o observe_v below_o the_o pythagorean_n platonist_n and_o stoic_n agree_v that_o the_o mind_n of_o man_n be_v free_a and_o it_o be_v well_o know_v that_o the_o stoic_n do_v in_o this_o free_a power_n of_o the_o will_n of_o man_n find_v that_o arrogant_a assertion_n of_o they_o that_o a_o wise_a man_n be_v in_o one_o respect_n more_o excellent_a than_o the_o god_n for_o they_o be_v good_a by_o the_o necessity_n of_o their_o nature_n and_o can_v not_o help_v it_o whereas_o man_n have_v a_o power_n of_o be_v otherwise_o and_o therefore_o be_v the_o more_o commendable_a for_o be_v so_o there_o be_v indeed_o some_o of_o the_o poet_n and_o some_o few_o of_o the_o philosopher_n too_o who_o do_v subject_a the_o god_n themselves_o to_o fate_n or_o necessity_n thus_o seneca_n in_o one_o place_n say_v necessitas_fw-la &_o deos_fw-la alligat_fw-la irrevocabilis_fw-la divina_fw-la pariter_fw-la ac_fw-la humana_fw-la cursus_fw-la vehit_fw-la ille_fw-la ipse_fw-la omnium_fw-la conditor_fw-la ac_fw-la rector_n scripsit_fw-la quidem_fw-la fata_fw-la sed_fw-la sequitur_fw-la semper_fw-la paret_fw-la semel_fw-la jussit_fw-la which_o opinion_n be_v effectual_o refute_v and_o expose_v by_o lucian_n in_o that_o dialogue_n of_o his_o call_a 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d as_o also_o by_o lactantius_n in_o his_o first_o book_n de_fw-fr falsâ_fw-la religione_fw-la chap._n 11._o but_o this_o as_o i_o doubt_v not_o but_o seneca_n and_o some_o other_o understand_v in_o a_o soft_a sense_n than_o at_o first_o sight_n it_o appear_v to_o have_v so_o be_v it_o the_o doctrine_n of_o but_o a_o few_o for_o general_o the_o heathen_n do_v full_o believe_v that_o prayer_n and_o sacrifice_n will_v alter_v a_o man_n fortune_n and_o circumstance_n for_o the_o better_a that_o they_o will_v appease_v the_o anger_n and_o gain_v the_o favour_n and_o blessing_n of_o the_o god_n and_o that_o their_o nature_n be_v not_o so_o absolute_o fatal_a and_o necessary_a but_o that_o they_o can_v free_o deal_v with_o their_o creature_n according_a as_o they_o deserve_v at_o their_o hand_n for_o we_o find_v balbus_n the_o stoic_a mention_v by_o cicero_n tell_v we_o that_o the_o nature_n of_o god_n will_v not_o be_v most_o powerful_a and_o excellent_a if_o it_o be_v subject_a to_o the_o same_o necessity_n or_o nature_n quâ_fw-la coelum_fw-la maria_fw-la terraeque_fw-la reguntur_fw-la nihil_fw-la enim_fw-la est_fw-la praestantius_fw-la deo_fw-la nulli_fw-la igitur_fw-la est_fw-la naturae_fw-la obediens_fw-la &_o subjectus_fw-la so_o that_o these_o writer_n tread_v in_o the_o step_v of_o the_o worst_a and_o most_o atheistical_a of_o the_o heathen_a philosopher_n and_o maintain_v a_o more_o rigid_a fate_n and_o a_o more_o irresistible_a necessity_n than_o most_o of_o they_o do_v but_o 2._o i_o come_v next_o to_o show_v the_o groundlesness_n of_o those_o reason_n and_o argument_n on_o which_o these_o man_n build_v their_o hypothesis_n of_o absolute_a necessity_n and_o first_o as_o to_o the_o reason_n of_o mr._n hobbs_n the_o chief_a that_o he_o bring_v against_o the_o freedom_n of_o human_a action_n be_v these_o say_v mr._n hobbs_n in_o all_o deliberation_n and_o alternate_a succession_n of_o contrary_a appetite_n it_o be_v the_o last_o only_o which_o we_o call_v will_n this_o be_v immediate_o before_o the_o do_n of_o any_o action_n or_o next_o before_o the_o do_v of_o it_o become_v impossible_a also_o nothing_o say_v he_o can_v take_v beginning_n from_o itself_o but_o must_v do_v it_o from_o the_o action_n of_o some_o other_o immediate_a agent_n without_o it_o if_o therefore_o a_o man_n have_v a_o will_n to_o something_o which_o he_o have_v not_o before_o the_o cause_n of_o his_o will_v be_v not_o the_o will_n itself_o but_o something_o else_o not_o in_o his_o own_o dispose_n so_o that_o whereas_o it_o be_v out_o of_o controversy_n that_o of_o voluntary_a action_n the_o will_n be_v the_o necessary_a cause_n and_o by_o this_o which_o be_v now_o say_v the_o will_n be_v also_o cause_v by_o other_o thing_n whereof_o it_o dispose_v not_o it_o follow_v that_o voluntary_a action_n have_v all_o of_o they_o necessary_a cause_n and_o therefore_o be_v necessitate_v again_o also_o every_o sufficient_a cause_n say_v he_o be_v a_o necessary_a one_o for_o if_o it_o do_v not_o produce_v its_o effect_n necessary_o it_o be_v because_o something_o be_v want_v to_o its_o production_n and_o then_o it_o be_v not_o sufficient_a now_o from_o hence_o it_o follow_v that_o whatsoever_o be_v produce_v be_v produce_v necessary_o and_o consequent_o all_o voluntary_a action_n be_v necessitate_v and_o to_o define_v a_o free_a agent_n to_o be_v that_o which_o when_o all_o thing_n be_v present_a which_o be_v necessary_a to_o produce_v the_o effect_n can_v nevertheless_o not_o produce_v it_o be_v contradiction_n and_o nonsense_n for_o it_o be_v all_o one_o as_o to_o say_v the_o cause_n may_v be_v sufficient_a i._n e._n necessary_a and_o yet_o the_o effect_n shall_v not_o follow_v this_o be_v the_o substance_n of_o all_o mr._n hobbs_n his_o proof_n against_o free_a will_n in_o which_o there_o be_v almost_o as_o many_o mistake_v as_o there_o be_v sentence_n and_o from_o hence_o it_o plain_o will_v appear_v that_o either_o he_o have_v no_o clear_a idea_n of_o what_o he_o write_v about_o or_o else_o do_v design_o endeavour_v to_o perplex_v darken_v and_o confound_v the_o cause_n for_o in_o the_o first_o place_n he_o confound_v the_o power_n or_o faculty_n of_o will_v in_o man_n with_o the_o last_o act_n of_o willing_a or_o determination_n after_o deliberate_v and_o consequent_o do_v not_o distinguish_v between_o what_o the_o school_n will_v call_v hypothetical_n and_o absolute_a necessity_n which_o yet_o ought_v to_o be_v careful_o do_v in_o the_o point_n between_o we_o for_o a_o agent_n may_v be_v free_a and_o no_o doubt_n every_o man_n be_v free_a to_o deliberate_v on_o and_o to_o compare_v the_o object_n offer_v to_o his_o choice_n and_o yet_o not_o be_v so_o after_o he_o have_v choose_v then_o indeed_o necessity_n come_v in_o it_o be_v impossible_a for_o any_o one_o to_o choose_v and_o not_o to_o choose_v or_o to_o determine_v and_o not_o to_o determine_v and_o after_o the_o election_n be_v make_v no_o one_o ever_o suppose_v that_o a_o man_n be_v free_a not_o to_o make_v it_o and_o
therefore_o if_o by_o the_o will_n mr._n hobbs_n mean_v that_o last_o act_n of_o willing_a or_o elect_v which_o immediate_o precede_v act_v or_o which_o be_v next_o before_o the_o do_v of_o a_o thing_n become_v impossible_a as_o he_o express_v himself_o he_o fight_v with_o his_o own_o shadow_n and_o oppose_v that_o which_o no_o body_n ever_o deny_v for_o no_o man_n ever_o suppose_a freedom_n and_o determination_n to_o be_v the_o same_o thing_n but_o only_o that_o man_n before_o he_o determine_v be_v free_a whether_o he_o will_v determine_v so_o and_o so_o or_o not_o and_o according_o he_o himself_o define_v a_o voluntary_a agent_n to_o be_v he_o that_o have_v not_o make_v a_o end_n of_o deliberate_v 311._o again_o 2._o it_o be_v hard_a to_o know_v what_o he_o mean_v here_o by_o nothing_o take_v its_o beginning_n from_o itself_o he_o be_v talk_v about_o voluntary_a action_n and_o about_o the_o freedom_n of_o human_a nature_n and_o therefore_o shall_v refer_v this_o to_o the_o will_n of_o man_n but_o the_o instance_n he_o afterward_o produce_v be_v of_o contingent_a thing_n 315._o which_o be_v nothing_o at_o all_o to_o his_o purpose_n but_o if_o this_o be_v speak_v of_o the_o will_n what_o will_v it_o signify_v i_o grant_v nothing_o can_v take_v its_o beginning_n from_o itself_o the_o will_n of_o man_n take_v its_o beginning_n from_o god_n and_o voluntary_a action_n we_o say_v take_v their_o beginning_n from_o the_o faculty_n or_o power_n of_o will_v place_v in_o our_o soul_n but_o what_o then_o do_v it_o follow_v from_o thence_o that_o those_o action_n we_o call_v voluntary_a be_v necessitate_v because_o that_o they_o take_v their_o original_a from_o that_o free_a power_n of_o election_n god_n have_v place_v in_o our_o nature_n and_o not_o from_o themselves_o i_o dare_v say_v no_o one_o can_v see_v the_o consequence_n of_o this_o part_n of_o the_o argument_n and_o it_o will_v not_o in_o the_o least_o follow_v from_o hence_o that_o the_o cause_n of_o a_o man_n willing_a be_v not_o the_o will_n itself_o but_o something_o else_o not_o in_o his_o own_o dispose_n which_o yet_o he_o bold_o assert_n it_o be_v the_o power_n of_o willing_a or_o that_o faculty_n which_o we_o find_v in_o ourselves_o of_o be_v free_a in_o many_o case_n to_o act_n or_o not_o act_n or_o to_o act_n after_o such_o a_o particular_a manner_n which_o be_v general_o call_v the_o will_n and_o this_o be_v common_o say_v to_o be_v free_a though_o i_o think_v as_o one_o have_v observe_v understanding_n it_o be_v not_o so_o proper_a a_o way_n of_o speak_v as_o to_o say_v the_o man_n be_v free_a for_o beside_o that_o it_o be_v not_o usual_a nor_o indeed_o proper_a to_o predicate_v one_o faculty_n of_o another_o it_o be_v hardly_o good_a sense_n to_o say_v the_o will_n be_v free_a in_o the_o manner_n now_o explain_v for_o that_o will_v be_v the_o same_o thing_n as_o to_o say_v that_o a_o free_a power_n be_v free_a whereas_o it_o be_v not_o the_o power_n but_o the_o man_n that_o have_v the_o power_n that_o be_v free_a but_o however_o the_o other_o way_n of_o expression_n have_v prevail_v and_o do_v do_v so_o and_o i_o do_v think_v any_o one_o be_v mislead_v by_o it_o into_o error_n for_o that_o which_o every_o body_n understand_v and_o mean_v by_o say_v the_o will_n of_o man_n be_v free_a be_v that_o man_n have_v in_o his_o nature_n such_o a_o free_a power_n as_o be_v call_v his_o will._n now_o from_o hence_o it_o will_v not_o follow_v that_o a_o man_n be_v free_a whether_o he_o will_v will_n or_o not_o for_o he_o must_v will_n someway_o either_o to_o act_n or_o not_o to_o act_n or_o to_o act_n after_o such_o a_o particular_a manner_n but_o it_o will_v follow_v that_o when_o a_o man_n have_v make_v any_o particular_a volition_n or_o have_v determine_v the_o point_n whether_o he_o shall_v act_n or_o forbear_v to_o act_n he_o be_v then_o no_o long_o at_o liberty_n as_o to_o this_o particular_a case_n and_o instant_a for_o the_o determination_n be_v then_o actual_o make_v and_o the_o man_n no_o long_o free_v not_o to_o make_v it_o but_o this_o prove_v nothing_o at_o all_o against_o the_o liberty_n or_o freedom_n of_o the_o mind_n of_o man._n again_o what_o do_v mr._n hobbs_n mean_v by_o the_o will_v his_o be_v the_o necessary_a cause_n of_o voluntary_a action_n do_v he_o mean_v that_o the_o will_n of_o man_n must_v of_o necessity_n act_v free_o and_o produce_v action_n voluntary_o if_o he_o do_v we_o be_v agree_v but_o if_o he_o mean_v that_o the_o will_n be_v previous_o necessitate_v in_o every_o act_n of_o volition_n to_o will_n just_a as_o it_o do_v and_o can_v not_o possible_o have_v will_v otherwise_o this_o be_v to_o beg_v the_o question_n and_o to_o take_v for_o grant_v the_o great_a thing_n in_o dispute_n it_o be_v to_o call_v that_o out_o of_o controversy_n which_o be_v the_o only_a thing_n in_o controversy_n which_o indeed_o when_o a_o man_n contradict_v the_o common_a sense_n and_o reason_n of_o mankind_n without_o proof_n be_v the_o best_a way_n of_o proceed_v but_o that_o which_o look_v most_o like_a a_o argument_n for_o the_o necessity_n of_o all_o humane_a action_n be_v this_o which_o he_o bring_v in_o the_o last_o place_n that_o cause_n say_v he_o be_v a_o sufficient_a cause_n which_o want_v nothing_o requisite_a to_o produce_v its_o effect_n but_o such_o a_o cause_n must_v also_o be_v a_o necessary_a one_o for_o have_v it_o not_o necessary_o produce_v its_o effect_n it_o must_v have_v be_v because_o something_o be_v want_v in_o it_o for_o that_o purpose_n and_o then_o it_o can_v not_o have_v be_v sufficient_a so_o that_o whatever_o be_v produce_v be_v produce_v necessary_o for_o it_o can_v not_o have_v be_v at_o all_o without_o a_o sufficient_a or_o necessary_a cause_n and_o therefore_o also_o all_o voluntary_a action_n be_v necessitate_v now_o all_o this_o prove_v to_o his_o purpose_n i_o think_v just_a nothing_o at_o all_o he_o proceed_v on_o in_o his_o former_a error_n of_o confound_v the_o act_n of_o will_v with_o the_o power_n of_o willing_a and_o of_o make_v hypothetical_n the_o same_o with_o absolute_a necessity_n for_o not_o now_o to_o dispute_v what_o he_o say_v of_o every_o sufficient_a cause_n be_v a_o necessary_a one_o allow_v that_o when_o ever_o any_o volition_n or_o determination_n be_v make_v or_o when_o ever_o any_o voluntary_a action_n be_v do_v that_o the_o will_n of_o man_n be_v a_o sufficient_a cause_n to_o produce_v that_o effect_n nay_o that_o it_o do_v at_o last_o necessary_o produce_v it_o he_o can_v infer_v nothing_o from_o hence_o more_o than_o this_o that_o when_o the_o will_n have_v determine_v or_o will_v it_o be_v no_o long_o free_v to_o will_n or_o will_v that_o particular_a thing_n at_o that_o particular_a instant_a which_o i_o do_v believe_v any_o body_n will_v ever_o or_o ever_o do_v deny_v but_o this_o will_v not_o prove_v at_o all_o that_o the_o will_n be_v necessitate_v to_o make_v that_o determination_n à_fw-la priori_fw-la and_o that_o it_o can_v have_v make_v no_o other_o which_o yet_o be_v what_o he_o mean_v and_o aught_o to_o have_v clear_o make_v out_o for_o the_o same_o power_n or_o faculty_n of_o liberty_n which_o enable_v it_o to_o make_v that_o determination_n will_v have_v be_v a_o sufficient_a cause_n for_o it_o to_o have_v make_v another_o contrary_n to_o it_o or_o differ_v from_o it_o and_o then_o when_o that_o have_v be_v make_v it_o will_v have_v be_v as_o necessary_a as_o the_o former_a and_o therefore_o that_o definition_n of_o a_o free_a agent_n be_v be_v that_o which_o when_o all_o thing_n be_v present_a which_o be_v needful_a to_o produce_v the_o effect_n can_v nevertheless_o not_o produce_v it_o though_o i_o do_v think_v it_o the_o best_a do_v not_o when_o right_o understand_v imply_v any_o contradiction_n nor_o be_v it_o nonsense_n at_o all_o for_o the_o meaning_n of_o it_o be_v that_o he_o be_v proper_o free_a who_o have_v the_o power_n of_o determination_n in_o himself_o and_o when_o all_o requisite_n be_v ready_a so_o that_o nothing_o shall_v extrinsecal_o either_o hinder_v he_o from_o or_o compel_v he_o to_o act_n can_v yet_o choose_v whether_o he_o will_v act_n or_o not_o thus_o if_o a_o man_n have_v pen_n ink_n and_o paper_n and_o a_o place_n to_o write_v upon_o his_o hand_n well_o and_o at_o liberty_n and_o understand_v how_o to_o write_v he_o have_v all_o thing_n present_a that_o be_v needful_a to_o produce_v the_o effect_n of_o write_v yet_o he_o can_v nevertheless_o not_o produce_v that_o effect_n because_o he_o can_v choose_v after_o all_o whether_o he_o will_v write_v or_o no._n mr._n hobbs_n define_v a_o free_a agent_n to_o be_v he_o that_o can_v do_v if_o he_o will_v and_o forbear_v if_o he_o will_v and_o that_o liberty_n
a_o refutation_n of_o the_o atheistical_a notion_n of_o fate_n or_o absolute_a necessity_n in_o a_o sermon_n preach_v at_o the_o cathedral-church_n of_o st._n paul_n november_n the_o seven_o 1698._o be_v the_o eight_o of_o the_o lecture_n for_o that_o year_n found_v by_o the_o honourable_a robert_n boyle_n esq_n by_o john_n harris_n m._n a._n and_o fellow_n of_o the_o royal-society_n london_n print_v by_o j._n l._n for_o richard_n wilkin_n at_o the_o king_n be_v head_n in_o st._n paul_n churchyard_n 1698._o jerem._n ix_o 24._o let_v he_o that_o glori_v glory_n in_o this_o that_o he_o understand_v and_o know_v i_o that_o i_o be_o the_o lord_n who_o exercise_n love_v kindness_n judgement_n and_o righteousness_n in_o the_o earth_n for_o in_o these_o thing_n do_v i_o delight_v say_v the_o lord_n i_o do_v in_o my_o last_o discourse_n begin_v to_o speak_v to_o the_o second_o particular_a considerable_a in_o these_o word_n viz._n a_o account_n of_o some_o of_o those_o attribute_n which_o god_n be_v here_o say_v to_o exercise_n in_o the_o earth_n and_o in_o which_o he_o delight_v on_o which_o i_o do_v not_o think_v it_o necessary_a to_o discourse_n particular_o but_o from_o thence_o take_v a_o occasion_n to_o remove_v two_o great_a bar_n to_o the_o true_a knowledge_n of_o god_n and_o of_o his_o attribute_n which_o sceptical_a and_o unbelieving_a man_n have_v raise_v in_o the_o way_n which_o be_v these_o i._o that_o there_o be_v in_o reality_n no_o such_o thing_n as_o moral_a good_a or_o evil_a but_o that_o all_o action_n be_v in_o their_o own_o nature_n indifferent_a ii_o that_o all_o thing_n be_v determine_v by_o absolute_a fatality_n and_o that_o god_n himself_o and_o all_o creature_n whatsoever_o be_v necessary_a agent_n without_o have_v any_o power_n of_o choice_n or_o any_o real_a liberty_n in_o their_o nature_n at_o all_o the_o former_a of_o these_o i_o do_v then_o dispatch_v plain_o prove_v the_o existence_n of_o moral_a good_a and_o evil_a and_o answer_v the_o objection_n against_o it_o i_o proceed_v now_o to_o speak_v to_o the_o latter_a which_o be_v a_o objection_n that_o our_o adversary_n be_v very_o fond_a of_o and_o do_v all_o of_o they_o upon_o occasion_n have_v recourse_n to_o and_o it_o be_v indeed_o a_o great_a point_n gain_v if_o they_o can_v make_v it_o out_o and_o will_v effectual_o destroy_v all_o manner_n of_o religious_a obligation_n and_o all_o dread_n of_o punishment_n for_o do_v amiss_o for_o as_o one_o observe_v on_o these_o three_o thing_n all_o religion_n be_v found_v 1._o that_o there_o be_v a_o system_n god_n who_o make_v preside_v over_o and_o govern_v all_o thing_n 2._o that_o there_o be_v some_o thing_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d in_o their_o own_o nature_n good_a and_o just_a 3._o that_o there_o be_v also_o something_o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d something_o in_o our_o own_o power_n to_o do_v whereby_o we_o be_v accountable_a for_o our_o action_n and_o become_v guilty_a when_o we_o do_v amiss_o but_o there_o can_v certain_o be_v neither_o good_a nor_o evil_a in_o any_o man_n action_n and_o no_o reward_n or_o punishment_n can_v be_v the_o consequent_n of_o they_o if_o nothing_o at_o all_o be_v in_o our_o own_o power_n if_o whatever_o we_o act_n or_o commit_v it_o be_v absolute_o impossible_a for_o we_o to_o avoid_v act_v or_o commit_v which_o yet_o must_v be_v the_o case_n if_o as_o they_o assert_v thing_n be_v determine_v by_o absolute_a fatality_n and_o that_o god_n himself_o and_o all_o creature_n whatsoever_o be_v necessary_a agent_n without_o have_v any_o power_n of_o choice_n or_o any_o real_a liberty_n in_o their_o nature_n at_o all_o i_o shall_v therefore_o at_o this_o time_n 1._o show_v you_o that_o this_o be_v plain_o their_o assertion_n from_o their_o own_o word_n 2._o i_o shall_v endeavour_v to_o show_v the_o groundlesness_n of_o of_o those_o reason_n on_o which_o they_o build_v their_o hypothesis_n and_o 3._o from_o some_o argument_n establish_v the_o contrary_a position_n of_o the_o freedom_n and_o liberty_n of_o human_a nature_n 1._o and_o that_o this_o be_v the_o assertion_n of_o the_o two_o great_a atheistical_a writer_n be_v very_o plain_a mr._n hobbs_n declare_v himself_o to_o be_v of_o the_o opinion_n 297._o that_o no_o man_n can_v be_v free_a from_o necessitation_n that_o nothing_o take_v beginning_n from_o itself_o but_o from_o the_o action_n of_o some_o other_o immediate_a agent_n without_o itself_o and_o that_o therefore_o when_o first_o a_o man_n have_v a_o appetite_n or_o will_n to_o something_o to_o which_o immediate_o before_o he_o have_v no_o appetite_n nor_o will_n the_o cause_n of_o his_o will_n be_v not_o the_o will_n itself_o but_o something_o else_o not_o in_o his_o own_o dispose_n so_o that_o whereas_o it_o be_v out_o of_o controversy_n that_o of_o voluntary_a action_n the_o will_n be_v the_o necessary_a cause_n and_o by_o this_o which_o be_v say_v the_o will_n be_v also_o cause_v by_o other_o thing_n whereof_o it_o dispose_v not_o it_o follow_v that_o voluntary_a action_n have_v all_o of_o they_o necessary_a cause_n and_o therefore_o be_v necessitate_v 312._o this_o say_v he_o also_o be_v a_o certain_a truth_n that_o there_o be_v certain_a and_o necessary_a cause_n which_o make_v every_o man_n to_o will_v what_o he_o will_v ib._n p._n 306._o and_o then_o as_o to_o the_o deity_n i_o have_v already_o more_o than_o once_o take_v notice_n that_o hobbs_n deny_v he_o any_o understanding_n sense_n or_o knowledge_n 9_o and_o assert_n he_o to_o be_v without_o any_o end_n or_o design_n in_o his_o action_n and_o operation_n which_o plain_o make_v he_o a_o agent_n absolute_o and_o physical_o necessary_a as_o indeed_o follow_v also_o from_o the_o notion_n of_o his_o be_v corporeal_a which_o the_o same_o writer_n every_o where_o maintain_v 49._o spinoza_n also_o be_v very_o express_v in_o this_o matter_n as_o i_o have_v already_o show_v 51._o in_o some_o measure_n in_o ment_fw-la say_v he_o nulla_fw-la est_fw-la absoluta_fw-la five_o libera_fw-la voluntas_fw-la sed_fw-la mens_fw-la ad_fw-la hoc_fw-la vel_fw-la illud_fw-la volendum_fw-la determinatur_fw-la à_fw-la causà_fw-la quae_fw-la etiam_fw-la ab_fw-la aliâ_fw-la &_o haec_fw-la iterùm_fw-la ab_fw-la aliâ_fw-la &_o sic_fw-la in_o infinitum_fw-la 85._o and_o in_o another_o place_n voluntas_fw-la non_fw-la potest_fw-la vocari_fw-la causa_fw-la libera_fw-la sed_fw-la tantum_n necessaria_fw-la 28._o and_o yet_o on_o another_o occasion_n and_o in_o another_o book_n he_o have_v these_o word_n clarè_v &_o distinctè_fw-la intelligimus_fw-la si_fw-la ad_fw-la nostram_fw-la naturam_fw-la attendamus_fw-la nos_fw-la in_o nostris_fw-la actionibus_fw-la esse_fw-la liberos_fw-la &_o de_fw-fr multis_fw-la deliberare_fw-la propter_fw-la id_fw-la solum_fw-la quod_fw-la volumus_fw-la 103._o which_o be_v as_o plain_a and_o palpable_a a_o contradiction_n to_o what_o he_o with_o the_o same_o air_n of_o assurance_n deliver_v in_o other_o place_n as_o can_v possible_o be_v mr._n hobbs_n also_o can_v be_v acquit_v from_o express_o contradict_v himself_o as_o to_o this_o point_n of_o liberty_n and_o necessity_n for_o he_o tell_v we_o in_o his_o reason_n for_o his_o opinion_n 314._o that_o he_o that_o reflect_v on_o himself_o can_v but_o be_v satisfy_v that_o a_o free_a agent_n be_v he_o that_o can_v do_v if_o he_o will_v and_o forbear_v if_o he_o will_n and_o such_o a_o agent_n he_o allow_v man_n to_o be_v and_o say_v he_o have_v prove_v it_o too_o but_o how_o he_o will_v reconcile_v this_o with_o his_o assertion_n that_o no_o man_n can_v be_v free_a from_o necessitation_n and_o that_o all_o our_o action_n have_v necessary_a cause_n and_o therefore_o be_v necessitate_v i_o can_v imagine_v as_o to_o spinoza_n account_n of_o the_o deity_n in_o reference_n to_o this_o point_n i_o have_v give_v a_o hint_n or_o two_o of_o it_o already_o he_o make_v god_n to_o be_v the_o same_o with_o nature_n or_o the_o universe_n to_o be_v corporeal_a and_o a_o absolute_o necessary_a agent_n one_o who_o can_v possible_o help_v do_v as_o he_o do_v one_o who_o have_v no_o power_n of_o creation_n nor_o do_v act_n according_a to_o free_a will_n 18._o but_o be_v limit_v and_o restrain_v to_o one_o constant_a method_n of_o act_v by_o the_o absolute_a necessity_n of_o his_o nature_n or_o by_o his_o infinite_a power_n and_o lest_o any_o one_o shall_v misunderstand_v he_o so_o far_o as_o to_o imagine_v that_o he_o mean_v by_o this_o that_o god_n be_v by_o the_o excellency_n and_o perfection_n of_o his_o nature_n in_o all_o his_o operation_n exact_o conformable_a to_o the_o rule_n of_o justice_n goodness_n and_o right_a reason_n he_o plain_o exclude_v that_o notion_n in_o these_o word_n qui_fw-la dicunt_fw-la deum_fw-la omne_fw-la sub_fw-la ratione_fw-la boni_fw-la agere_fw-la he_o aliquid_fw-la extra_fw-la deum_fw-la videntur_fw-la ponere_fw-la quod_fw-la à_fw-la deo_fw-la non_fw-la dependet_fw-la ad_fw-la quod_fw-la deus_fw-la tanquam_fw-la ad_fw-la exemplar_n in_o operando_fw