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A04194 A treatise of the divine essence and attributes. By Thomas Iackson Doctor in Divinitie, chaplaine to his Majestie in ordinary, and vicar of S. Nicolas Church in the towne of Newcastle upon Tyne. The first part; Commentaries upon the Apostles Creed. Book 6 Jackson, Thomas, 1579-1640. 1629 (1629) STC 14318; ESTC S107492 378,415 670

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give_v nor_o can_v the_o nature_n whence_o they_o be_v propagate_v convey_v they_o a_o better_a title_n of_o be_v than_o themselves_o have_v this_o as_o the_o seal_n communicate_v his_o fashion_n to_o the_o wax_n so_o do_v the_o limit_a force_n or_o virtue_n of_o cause_n always_o imprint_v bound_n and_o limit_n upon_o their_o effect_n if_o further_o it_o be_v demand_v why_o the_o element_n have_v the_o opportunity_n of_o mutual_a vicinity_n to_o wreak_v their_o natural_a enmity_n or_o hostility_n do_v not_o each_o trespass_n more_o grievous_o upon_o other_o as_o why_o the_o restless_a or_o rage_a water_n swallow_v not_o up_o the_o dull_a earth_n which_o can_v fly_v from_o any_o wrong_n or_o violence_n offer_v or_o why_o the_o heaven_n have_v so_o great_a a_o prerogative_n by_o height_n of_o place_n largeness_n of_o compass_n and_o indefatigable_a motion_n do_v not_o dispossess_v the_o high_a element_n of_o their_o seat_n the_o naturalist_n will_v plead_v the_o warrant_n of_o nature_n charter_n which_o have_v set_v they_o their_o distinct_a bound_n and_o limit_n by_o a_o everlasting_a undispensable_a law_n yet_o be_v nature_n in_o his_o language_n always_o a_o internal_a or_o essential_a part_n of_o some_o body_n within_o which_o it_o be_v necessary_o confine_v as_o the_o nature_n of_o the_o heaven_n have_v not_o so_o much_o as_o liberty_n of_o egress_n into_o neighbour_n element_n nor_o the_o proper_a form_n of_o these_o upon_o what_o exigence_n or_o assault_n soever_o make_v against_o they_o in_o their_o territory_n so_o much_o as_o right_v of_o removal_n or_o flit_a into_o low_a element_n or_o in_o case_n it_o be_v pretend_v that_o these_o particular_a nature_n have_v a_o nature_n more_o general_a for_o their_o precedent_n yet_o this_o whether_o one_o above_o the_o rest_n or_o a_o aggregation_n only_o of_o all_o the_o rest_n be_v still_o confine_v to_o this_o visible_a world_n and_o both_o so_o hidebound_a with_o the_o utmost_a sphere_n that_o they_o can_v grow_v great_a or_o enlarge_v their_o strength_n so_o that_o nature_n take_v in_o what_o sense_n the_o naturalist_n list_n can_v be_v say_v so_o proper_o to_o set_v bound_n or_o limit_n to_o body_n natural_a as_o to_o be_v bound_v or_o limit_v in_o they_o or_o to_o speak_v more_o proper_o nature_n herself_o do_v not_o make_v but_o be_v that_o very_a domestic_a law_n by_o which_o they_o be_v bound_v and_o therefore_o in_o no_o case_n can_v dispense_v with_o it_o and_o in_o that_o she_o be_v a_o law_n for_o the_o most_o part_n but_o not_o absolute_o indispensable_a she_o necessary_o suppose_v a_o lawgiver_n who_o if_o he_o have_v no_o law_n set_v he_o by_o any_o superior_a as_o we_o must_v of_o necessity_n come_v in_o fine_a to_o some_o one_o in_o this_o kind_a supreme_a he_o can_v have_v no_o such_o limit_n or_o bound_n as_o he_o have_v set_v to_o nature_n and_o thing_n natural_a he_o neither_o be_v any_o part_n of_o this_o visible_a frame_n which_o we_o see_v nor_o can_v he_o be_v enclose_v within_o the_o utmost_a sphere_n and_o thus_o by_o follow_v the_o issue_n of_o the_o former_a fountain_n we_o be_v arrive_v in_o the_o latter_a which_o full_o discover_v open_v itself_o into_o a_o boundless_a ocean_n whatsoever_o have_v no_o cause_n of_o be_v can_v have_v no_o limit_n or_o bound_n of_o be_v 4_o and_o be_v may_v be_v limit_v or_o illimited_a two_o way_n either_o for_o number_n of_o kind_n and_o nature_n contain_v in_o it_o or_o for_o quantity_n and_o intensive_a perfection_n of_o every_o several_a kind_n of_o thing_n visible_a we_o see_v the_o most_o perfect_a be_v but_o perfect_a in_o some_o one_o kind_n they_o possess_v not_o the_o entire_a perfection_n of_o other_o and_o that_o perfection_n whereof_o they_o have_v the_o just_a propriety_n be_v not_o actual_o infinite_a 〈◊〉_d finite_a and_o limit_v whatsoever_o thus_o be_v it_o be_v as_o possible_a for_o it_o not_o to_o have_v be_v and_o be_v as_o possible_a for_o it_o not_o to_o be_v as_o to_o be_v but_o of_o this_o or_o that_o kind_n not_o all_o that_o be_v or_o have_v be_v even_o those_o substance_n which_o we_o call_v immortal_a as_o the_o heaven_n of_o heaven_n with_o all_o their_o inhabitant_n be_v they_o angel_n or_o archangel_n principality_n or_o throne_n enjoy_v the_o perpetual_a tenor_n of_o their_o actual_a existence_n not_o from_o their_o essence_n but_o from_o the_o decree_n of_o their_o maker_n manent_fw-la cuncta_fw-la non_fw-la quia_fw-la aeterna_fw-la sunt_fw-la sed_fw-la quia_fw-la defenduntur_fw-la curâ_fw-la regentis_fw-la immortalia_fw-la tutore_fw-la non_fw-la egent_fw-la haec_fw-la conservat_fw-la artifex_fw-la fragilitatem_fw-la materiae_fw-la vi_fw-la sua_fw-la vincens_fw-la seneca_n epist_n 58._o all_o thing_n continue_v in_o be_v not_o because_o they_o be_v eternal_a but_o because_o they_o be_v defend_v by_o the_o providence_n of_o their_o governor_n thing_n immortal_a need_v no_o guardian_n or_o protector_n but_o the_o maker_n of_o all_o thing_n preserve_v these_o thing_n which_o we_o see_v continue_v in_o be_v overmatch_a the_o frailty_n of_o the_o matter_n by_o his_o power_n in_o this_o man_n philosophy_n nothing_o which_o be_v make_v can_v be_v by_o nature_n immortal_a though_o many_o thing_n be_v perpetual_o preserve_v from_o perish_v nothing_o which_o be_v immortal_a can_v be_v make_v he_o gross_o err_v if_o he_o be_v of_o the_o same_o opinion_n with_o some_o other_o of_o the_o constantium_fw-la ancient_n that_o god_n have_v a_o desire_n to_o make_v thing_n immortal_a but_o can_v not_o by_o reason_n of_o the_o frailty_n or_o untowardlinesse_n of_o the_o matter_n but_o that_o thing_n make_v out_o of_o the_o matter_n or_o make_v at_o all_o can_v be_v immortal_a by_o nature_n he_o right_o affirm_v for_o to_o be_v immortal_a in_o his_o language_n be_v to_o be_v without_o beginning_n without_o dependence_n and_o what_o so_o be_v have_v a_o eternal_a necessity_n of_o existence_n absolute_a necessity_n of_o existence_n or_o impossibility_n of_o nonexistence_n or_o of_o not_o be_v always_o what_o it_o be_v and_o as_o it_o be_v imply_v a_o absolute_a necessity_n of_o be_v or_o of_o existence_n infinite_a which_o can_v reside_v save_o only_a in_o the_o totality_n or_o absolute_a fullness_n of_o all_o be_v possible_a the_o great_a fullness_n of_o finite_a existence_n conceivable_a can_v reach_v beyond_o all_o possibility_n of_o nonexistence_n nor_o can_v possibility_n of_o nonexistence_n and_o perpetual_a actual_a existence_n be_v indissoluble_o wed_v in_o any_o finite_a nature_n save_v only_o by_o his_o infinite_a power_n who_o essential_o be_v or_o who_o essence_n be_v to_o exist_v or_o to_o be_v the_o inexhaustible_a fountain_n of_o all_o be_v the_o necessary_a supposal_n or_o acknowledgement_n of_o such_o a_o infinite_a or_o essential_o existent_a power_n can_v more_v strong_o or_o more_o perspicuous_o be_v infer_v than_o by_o the_o reduction_n of_o know_a effect_n unto_o their_o cause_n &_o of_o these_o causative_a entity_n who_o number_n and_o rank_n be_v finite_a into_o one_o prime_a essence_n whence_o all_o of_o they_o be_v derive_v itself_o be_v underivable_a from_o any_o cause_n or_o essence_n conceivable_a in_o that_o this_o prime_a essence_n have_v no_o cause_n of_o be_v it_o can_v have_v no_o beginning_n of_o be_v and_o yet_o be_v beginning_n of_o be_v the_o first_o &_o prime_a limit_n of_o be_v without_o who_o precedence_n other_o bound_n or_o limit_n of_o be_v can_v follow_v 5_o if_o that_o which_o philosopher_n suppose_v to_o be_v the_o root_n of_o incorruption_n in_o the_o heaven_n can_v brook_v no_o limit_n of_o duration_n but_o must_v be_v imagine_v without_o end_n or_o beginning_n why_o shall_v it_o content_v itself_o with_o limit_n of_o extension_n see_v duration_n be_v but_o a_o kind_n of_o extension_n see_v motion_n magnitude_n and_o time_n by_o their_o rule_n in_o other_o case_n hold_v exact_a proportion_n thing_n cause_v as_o induction_n manifest_v be_v always_o limit_v and_o mould_v in_o their_o proper_a cause_n nor_o be_v there_o two_o cause_n much_o less_o two_o causality_n one_o of_o their_o be_v another_o of_o their_o limitation_n or_o restraint_n to_o this_o or_o that_o set_a kind_n of_o be_v for_o whatsoever_o give_v be_v to_o any_o thing_n give_v it_o the_o begin_n of_o be_v as_o sophroniscus_n be_v the_o true_a cause_n why_o socrates_n be_v in_o that_o age_n wherein_o he_o live_v not_o before_o or_o after_o why_o he_o be_v a_o man_n not_o a_o beast_n a_o athenian_a not_o a_o barbarian_a quicquid_fw-la that_o formam_fw-la that_fw-mi omne_fw-la consequentia_fw-la formam_fw-la whatsoever_o give_v form_n of_o be_v to_o any_o thing_n give_v all_o the_o appurtenance_n to_o the_o form_n be_v a_o physical_a maxim_n which_o suppose_v another_o metaphysical_a quicquid_fw-la that_fw-mi esse_fw-la that_fw-mi proprietates_fw-la esse_fw-la that_o which_o give_v be_v unto_o any_o thing_n give_v likewise_o the_o property_n of_o such_o be_v as_o
danger_n do_v willing_o drink_v it_o and_o the_o less_o suspicious_a or_o more_o charitable_o affect_v he_o be_v to_o his_o profess_a physician_n the_o great_a wrong_n he_o have_v in_o be_v thus_o uncharitable_o deal_v with_o it_o will_v little_a boot_n the_o malefactor_n in_o this_o kind_n to_o plead_v albeit_o i_o give_v it_o he_o he_o may_v have_v choose_v whether_o he_o will_v have_v drink_v it_o because_o i_o do_v not_o enforce_v he_o with_o a_o draw_v dagger_n or_o other_o weapon_n to_o be_v his_o own_o executioner_n in_o many_o case_n one_o may_v be_v the_o true_a cause_n of_o another_o death_n and_o deserve_v death_n himself_o although_o he_o be_v not_o any_o necessary_a cause_n of_o his_o death_n or_o plot_v his_o destruction_n without_o possibility_n of_o avoidance_n but_o if_o our_o willing_a choice_n of_o those_o way_n which_o lead_v to_o death_n be_v necessary_a in_o respect_n of_o the_o almighty_n decree_n so_o that_o there_o be_v no_o possibility_n leave_v to_o escape_v it_o he_o be_v a_o more_o necessary_a and_o more_o immediate_a cause_n of_o all_o their_o death_n that_o thus_o perish_v than_o any_o man_n can_v be_v of_o his_o death_n who_o he_o poison_v and_o if_o the_o case_n stand_v thus_o with_o any_o their_o misery_n be_v great_a by_o how_o much_o they_o do_v less_o suspect_v his_o goodness_n however_o most_o miserable_a because_o most_o desperate_a reason_n and_o knowledge_n the_o two_o ornament_n of_o the_o humane_a nature_n shall_v be_v to_o they_o a_o curse_n he_o that_o neither_o know_v nor_o do_v his_o master_n will_n shall_v be_v beat_v because_o it_o be_v possible_a for_o he_o to_o have_v know_v it_o but_o with_o the_o few_o stripe_n because_o not_o know_v it_o there_o be_v no_o possibility_n leave_v for_o he_o to_o do_v it_o but_o he_o that_o know_v it_o and_o do_v it_o not_o shall_v be_v beat_v with_o many_o stripe_n because_o the_o knowledge_n of_o his_o will_n to_o punish_v sinner_n and_o reward_v the_o righteous_a do_v include_v a_o possibility_n to_o avoid_v death_n and_o to_o be_v make_v partaker_n of_o life_n if_o otherwise_o there_o be_v no_o possibility_n leave_v for_o he_o that_o know_v god_n displeasure_n against_o sin_n to_o avoid_v the_o way_n of_o sin_n those_o be_v death_n his_o case_n before_o and_o after_o death_n be_v much_o more_o miserable_a than_o he_o who_o god_n in_o just_a judgement_n have_v deprive_v of_o knowledge_n and_o the_o praeserver_n of_o man_n shall_v be_v account_v much_o more_o favourable_a to_o stock_n and_o trunk_n than_o unto_o many_o man_n upon_o who_o he_o bestow_v his_o best_a gift_n in_o great_a plenty_n if_o these_o be_v bestow_v upon_o the_o condition_n now_o mention_v or_o be_v charge_v with_o remediless_a misery_n 4_o but_o admit_v their_o misery_n to_o be_v fatal_a and_o inevitable_a by_o divine_a decree_n be_v it_o not_o possible_a to_o acquit_v this_o decree_n or_o the_o author_n of_o it_o from_o be_v the_o author_n of_o evil_a do_v the_o stoic_a condemn_v all_o judge_n of_o injustice_n that_o sentence_v malefactor_n unto_o violent_a death_n whereto_o by_o their_o opinion_n all_o that_o suffer_v it_o be_v inevitable_o destinate_a perhaps_o the_o fear_n of_o censure_n in_o public_a court_n do_v make_v they_o silent_a in_o this_o point_n but_o be_v not_o this_o care_n to_o keep_v themselves_o harmless_a or_o fear_v not_o to_o offend_v magistrate_n altogether_o fatal_a galen_n 〈◊〉_d my_o remembrance_n in_o his_o stoical_a discourse_n quòd_fw-la mores_fw-la animi_fw-la sequuntur_fw-la temperamentum_fw-la corporis_fw-la have_v frame_v this_o answer_n to_o the_o question_n propose_v we_o do_v not_o offend_v in_o kill_a snake_n or_o toad_n or_o other_o like_a venomous_a creature_n albeit_o their_o natural_a temper_n or_o disposition_n be_v unaltrable_o harmful_a unto_o man_n and_o if_o nature_n or_o temper_n of_o body_n make_v some_o of_o our_o own_o stamp_n and_o rank_n more_o noisome_a than_o these_o creature_n be_v unto_o their_o neighbour_n to_o fit_v the_o one_o sort_n with_o the_o same_o measure_n of_o punishment_n which_o be_v due_a unto_o the_o other_o be_v no_o injustice_n no_o inequality_n and_o dialogistam_n lipsius_n a_o man_n not_o too_o much_o abhorrent_n from_o any_o opinion_n that_o be_v fashionable_a to_o his_o new_a stile_n or_o may_v serve_v to_o set_v forth_o the_o point_n which_o for_o the_o present_a he_o much_o affect_v give_v this_o brief_a placet_fw-la in_o favour_n of_o the_o stoic_n opinion_n fatali_fw-la culpae_fw-la fatalis_fw-la paena_fw-la punishment_n be_v fatal_a to_o fatal_a crime_n but_o this_o be_v principium_fw-la petere_fw-la to_o take_v that_o for_o grant_v which_o be_v question_v for_o if_o the_o harm_n which_o malefactor_n do_v and_o suffer_v be_v true_o fatal_a the_o one_o be_v no_o true_a crime_n the_o other_o be_v no_o just_a punishment_n to_o galen_n i_o answer_v that_o if_o we_o can_v by_o any_o skill_n in_o physic_n or_o complexion_n discern_v some_o man_n to_o be_v as_o natural_o dispose_v to_o mischief_n all_o that_o come_v in_o their_o way_n or_o by_o chance_n offend_v they_o as_o be_v the_o snake_n the_o sloworm_n or_o other_o serpent_n it_o will_v be_v the_o wise_a way_n for_o such_o as_o love_v their_o life_n to_o rid_v the_o world_n of_o these_o fatal_o mischievous_a reasonable_a creature_n as_o fast_o as_o they_o meet_v with_o they_o or_o to_o appoint_v some_o certain_a day_n for_o hunt_v they_o as_o we_o do_v noisome_a beast_n but_o to_o examine_v their_o suspicious_a intention_n to_o question_v their_o action_n to_o arraign_v their_o person_n or_o put_v they_o upon_o a_o formal_a or_o legal_a trial_n of_o their_o life_n will_v be_v as_o ridiculous_a as_o to_o produce_v witness_n against_o a_o snake_n to_o empannell_n a_o jury_n upon_o a_o mad_a dog_n or_o to_o take_v bale_n for_o a_o wolf_n appearance_n before_o a_o butcher_n in_o a_o assembly_n of_o mastiff_n 5_o the_o common_a notion_n of_o good_a and_o evil_a &_o the_o ingraff_v opinion_n of_o contingency_n in_o humane_a action_n have_v teach_v the_o lawgiver_n of_o every_o nation_n to_o put_v notorious_a malefactor_n unto_o more_o exquisite_a torture_n than_o we_o do_v harmful_a creature_n either_o to_o enforce_v they_o to_o utter_v what_o no_o destiny_n nor_o complexion_n make_v they_o voluntary_o confess_v or_o else_o to_o deter_v other_o that_o be_v as_o natural_o dispose_v to_o evil_a as_o they_o be_v from_o do_v the_o like_a scarce_o any_o malefactor_n unless_o he_o be_v poison_v with_o this_o opinion_n of_o absolute_a necessity_n but_o will_v acknowledge_v that_o it_o be_v possible_a for_o he_o to_o have_v do_v otherwise_o they_o he_o have_v do_v possible_a for_o he_o to_o have_v avoid_v the_o doom_n which_o be_v pass_v upon_o he_o by_o man_n which_o to_o have_v avoid_v have_v be_v absolute_o impossible_a if_o it_o be_v to_o be_v award_v upon_o he_o by_o god_n eternal_a decree_n or_o which_o be_v all_o one_o if_o in_o respect_n of_o this_o decree_n it_o have_v be_v necessary_a as_o ignorance_n of_o the_o true_a god_n and_o his_o save_a truth_n make_v the_o former_a error_n more_o excusable_a in_o the_o stoic_n than_o in_o such_o christian_n as_o shall_v maintain_v it_o so_o may_v impotency_n exempt_v that_o god_n which_o the_o stoic_n worship_v whether_o nature_n fate_n or_o some_o other_o distinct_a celestial_a power_n from_o those_o imputation_n unto_o which_o omnipotency_n make_v the_o god_n of_o christian_n liable_a if_o all_o thing_n be_v by_o virtue_n of_o his_o decree_n absolute_o necessary_a it_o be_v a_o receive_a opinion_n among_o many_o heathen_n that_o the_o god_n themselves_o be_v subject_a unto_o fate_n &_o for_o this_o reason_n when_o any_o thing_n fall_v out_o in_o their_o judgement_n amiss_o fate_n common_o do_v either_o entire_o bear_v the_o blame_n or_o the_o great_a part_n of_o it_o and_o their_o god_n indeed_o have_v deserve_v pity_n rather_o than_o blame_v if_o they_o can_v do_v no_o better_o than_o they_o do_v as_o be_v overmastered_n by_o fate_n but_o for_o a_o christian_n to_o inveigh_v against_o fate_n be_v to_o accuse_v or_o deny_v his_o god_n if_o fate_n be_v nothing_o he_o have_v no_o reason_n to_o complain_v of_o they_o if_o any_o thing_n they_o be_v they_o be_v of_o the_o true_a god_n make_v who_o make_v all_o thing_n who_o can_v possible_o be_v subject_a to_o any_o thing_n that_o he_o have_v make_v nor_o can_v it_o stand_v with_o our_o allegiance_n to_o say_v when_o any_o disaster_n befall_v we_o that_o our_o god_n can_v no_o otherwise_o choose_v that_o our_o mischance_n be_v the_o absolute_o necessary_a effect_n of_o his_o omnipotent_a decree_n one_o special_a cause_n of_o this_o error_n and_o of_o some_o man_n adherence_n to_o it_o be_v a_o jealousy_n or_o zealous_a needless_a fear_n lest_o they_o shall_v grant_v god_n to_o be_v impotent_a or_o not_o so_o omnipotent_a but_o that_o
eternal_a decree_n the_o distinction_n be_v god_n be_v the_o cause_n of_o every_o action_n but_o he_o be_v not_o the_o cause_n of_o the_o obliquity_n which_o accompany_v sinful_a action_n nor_o of_o sin_n as_o it_o be_v sin_n this_o be_v their_o last_o apology_n for_o avoid_v that_o imputation_n of_o make_v god_n the_o author_n of_o sin_n herein_o we_o both_o agree_v the_o coexistence_n of_o the_o all-working_a decree_n or_o divine_a cooperation_n be_v necessary_o require_v to_o every_o action_n or_o effect_n every_o action_n include_v a_o motion_n and_o in_o he_o we_o move_v we_o live_v and_o have_v our_o be_v but_o he_o that_o will_v grant_v this_o cooperation_n or_o actual_a coexistence_n of_o the_o all-working_a decree_n to_o be_v the_o necessary_a cause_n of_o every_o action_n unto_o which_o it_o be_v most_o necessary_o require_v must_v upon_o the_o same_o term_n grant_v god_n to_o be_v not_o the_o necessary_a only_o but_o the_o only_a cause_n of_o all_o and_o every_o obliquity_n of_o all_o and_o every_o sin_n of_o all_o that_o have_v be_v be_v or_o can_v be_v blame-worthy_a in_o man_n or_o devil_n from_o their_o creation_n to_o everlasting_a the_o demonstration_n of_o this_o inconvenience_n or_o absurdity_n wherewith_o we_o charge_v the_o adverse_a opinion_n but_o no_o maintainer_n of_o it_o must_v be_v refer_v unto_o the_o discussion_n of_o the_o state_n of_o innocency_n and_o the_o manner_n of_o sin_n enter_v into_o the_o world_n we_o be_v now_o engage_v to_o extract_v a_o better_a meaning_n out_o of_o their_o other_o word_n than_o they_o themselves_o express_v or_o can_v true_o be_v contain_v in_o they_o until_o they_o abandon_v the_o opinion_n of_o absolute_a necessity_n in_o humane_a action_n as_o they_o have_v reference_n to_o the_o eternal_a decree_n see_v it_o be_v agree_v upon_o that_o god_n and_o man_n be_v joint_a agent_n in_o every_o sinful_a action_n or_o in_o effect_n essential_o evil_a such_o questionless_a be_v man_n desire_n to_o be_v like_o god_n or_o his_o lust_a after_o the_o forbid_v fruit_n the_o problem_n remain_v why_o both_o shall_v not_o be_v equal_a sharer_n in_o the_o sin_n or_o how_o it_o be_v possible_a just_o to_o condemn_v man_n of_o iniquity_n without_o some_o imputation_n unto_o god_n who_o be_v the_o principal_a agent_n in_o all_o action_n shall_v we_o be_v partial_a for_o he_o or_o seek_v to_o excuse_v he_o by_o his_o greatness_n shall_v we_o say_v he_o can_v do_v amiss_o because_o he_o be_v supreme_a lord_n over_o all_o and_o may_v do_v with_o his_o creature_n what_o he_o list_v to_o such_o as_o count_v the_o donative_n of_o robber_n a_o true_a boon_n or_o real_a courtesy_n to_o such_o as_o can_v magnify_v their_o own_o integrity_n whereof_o they_o give_v no_o proof_n save_v only_o as_o he_o do_v by_o negative_n non_fw-la hominem_fw-la occidi_fw-la i_o be_o no_o murderer_n the_o poet_n have_v shape_v a_o answer_n as_o fit_a as_o pertinent_a non_fw-la pasces_fw-la in_o cruse_n corvos_fw-la thou_o shall_v not_o feed_v raven_n upon_o a_o gibbet_n to_o say_v god_n be_v the_o author_n of_o sin_n be_v hideous_a blasphemy_n yet_o to_o say_v he_o be_v no_o tempter_n no_o seducer_n of_o mankind_n to_o evil_a be_v not_o to_o offer_v praise_n unto_o he_o let_v my_o spirit_n vanish_v with_o my_o breath_n and_o my_o immortal_a soul_n return_v to_o nothing_o rather_o than_o suffer_v herself_o to_o be_v overtake_v with_o such_o a_o dead_a slumber_n as_o can_v rest_v content_v to_o set_v forth_o his_o glory_n by_o bare_a negative_n or_o by_o not_o be_v the_o author_n of_o sin_n who_o be_v most_o high_o to_o be_v praise_v in_o all_o his_o work_n who_o goodness_n be_v infinite_o great_a in_o concur_v to_o sinful_a action_n than_o the_o goodness_n of_o his_o best_a creature_n in_o the_o accomplishment_n of_o their_o most_o sincere_a intention_n 4_o the_o truth_n of_o this_o conclusion_n be_v necessary_o ground_v upon_o these_o assertion_n hereafter_o to_o be_v discuss_v that_o man_n possibility_n or_o hope_n of_o attain_v everlasting_a happiness_n be_v of_o necessity_n to_o be_v temper_v with_o a_o possibility_n of_o sin_v or_o fall_v into_o misery_n to_o permit_v or_o allow_v man_n this_o possibility_n of_o sin_v &_o to_o bestow_v upon_o he_o the_o contrary_a possibility_n of_o not_o sin_v and_o hope_n of_o happiness_n be_v one_o &_o the_o same_o branch_n of_o divine_a goodness_n one_o &_o the_o self_n same_o branch_n of_o god_n goodness_n it_o be_v to_o allow_v this_o possibility_n of_o sin_v and_o to_o afford_v his_o concourse_n for_o reduce_v of_o it_o into_o act._n for_o unless_o he_o have_v decree_v to_o afford_v his_o concourse_n thereto_o it_o have_v be_v impossible_a for_o man_n actual_o to_o have_v sin_v and_o if_o for_o man_n to_o sin_n have_v be_v make_v impossible_a by_o god_n decree_n it_o have_v be_v alike_o impossible_a for_o he_o to_o have_v do_v well_o or_o ill_o or_o to_o become_v true_o happy_a brief_o god_n in_o that_o he_o decree_v a_o mixture_n of_o contrary_a possibility_n decree_v withal_o a_o concourse_n or_o cooperation_n suitable_a unto_o and_o sufficient_a for_o the_o actual_a accomplishment_n of_o both_o to_o the_o problem_n propound_v the_o answer_n from_o these_o ground_n be_v easy_a albeit_o god_n and_o man_n be_v joint_a agent_n in_o every_o action_n or_o effect_n essential_o evil_a yet_o the_o whole_a sin_n be_v whole_o man_v because_o the_o nature_n of_o sin_n consist_v either_o in_o man_n use_v the_o possibility_n of_o sin_n allow_v of_o god_n for_o his_o good_a to_o accomplish_v such_o act_n as_o god_n disallow_n or_o in_o not_o use_v the_o contrary_a possibility_n unto_o such_o act_n as_o he_o not_o only_o allow_v and_o approve_v but_o require_v and_o command_v such_o as_o he_o most_o bountiful_o reward_v and_o unto_o who_o accomplishment_n he_o afford_v not_o his_o ordinary_a concourse_n only_o but_o his_o special_a furtherance_n and_o assistance_n in_o every_o sin_n of_o commission_n we_o approve_v and_o make_v choice_n of_o those_o act_n which_o his_o infinite_a goodness_n disallow_v in_o every_o sin_n of_o omission_n we_o do_v not_o approve_v those_o act_n which_o he_o approve_v although_o perhaps_o it_o may_v be_v question_v whether_o there_o can_v be_v any_o sin_n of_o pure_a omission_n or_o not_o mix_v with_o commission_n that_o be_v any_o sin_n wherein_o we_o do_v not_o either_o like_o what_o god_n dislike_v or_o reject_v and_o contemn_v what_o he_o like_v &_o commend_v unto_o we_o for_o good_a 5_o from_o these_o resolution_n we_o may_v find_v some_o truth_n in_o a_o usual_a position_n which_o without_o this_o truth_n presuppose_v be_v palpable_o false_a every_o action_n or_o effect_n as_o it_o be_v a_o effect_n or_o action_n or_o as_o it_o proceed_v from_o god_n be_v good_a the_o best_a meaning_n whereof_o it_o be_v capable_a must_v be_v this_o god_n goodness_n be_v see_v in_o every_o action_n even_o in_o those_o which_o be_v most_o sinful_a to_o vouchsafe_v his_o cooperation_n to_o they_o be_v a_o branch_n of_o his_o goodness_n because_o man_n can_v not_o be_v happy_a without_o a_o possibility_n of_o deserve_v to_o be_v miserable_a but_o humane_a action_n or_o effect_n in_o their_o own_o nature_n indefinite_o consider_v or_o in_o the_o abstract_n as_o they_o be_v action_n be_v neither_o moral_o good_a nor_o moral_o bad_a when_o it_o be_v say_v that_o every_o action_n as_o a_o action_n be_v good_a this_o must_v be_v understand_v of_o transcendentall_a goodness_n only_o of_o which_o kind_n of_o goodness_n moral_a evil_a or_o sin_n itself_o be_v partaker_n if_o every_o action_n as_o it_o be_v a_o action_n be_v moral_o good_a it_o be_v impossible_a any_o action_n shall_v be_v moral_o evil_a if_o we_o consider_v humane_a action_n not_o indefinite_o or_o with_o this_o reduplication_n as_o they_o be_v action_n but_o descend_v unto_o particular_n some_o be_v good_a some_o be_v bad_a and_o some_o perhaps_o positive_o indifferent_a but_o of_o this_o hereafter_o chap._n 16._o the_o former_a contingency_n in_o humane_a action_n or_o mutual_a possibility_n of_o obtain_v reward_n or_o incur_v punishment_n prove_v by_o the_o infallible_a rule_n of_o faith_n &_o by_o the_o tenor_n of_o god_n covenant_n with_o his_o people_n 1_o though_o manifest_a deduction_n of_o ill_a sound_a consequence_n from_o their_o position_n which_o we_o refute_v and_o more_o commodious_a explanation_n of_o other_o tenant_n common_a to_o both_o may_v somewhat_o move_v the_o favourer_n of_o universal_a necessity_n to_o a_o dislike_n of_o their_o own_o opinion_n &_o in_o part_n incline_v they_o to_o the_o opposite_a truth_n yet_o be_v it_o positive_a proof_n of_o scripture_n that_o must_v strike_v the_o main_a stroke_n &_o fasten_v their_o assent_n unto_o it_o and_o god_n forbid_v they_o shall_v be_v so_o uncharitable_a as_o to_o think_v that_o we_o or_o any_o son_n of_o
many_o perish_v 200_o 19_o how_o god_n of_o a_o most_o love_a father_n become_v a_o severe_a inexorable_a judge_n 207_o 20_o while_o god_n of_o a_o love_a father_n become_v a_o severe_a judge_n there_o be_v no_o change_n or_o alteration_n at_o all_o in_o god_n but_o only_o in_o man_n and_o in_o their_o action_n god_n will_v be_v always_o exact_o fulfil_v even_o in_o such_o as_o go_v most_o against_o it_o how_o it_o may_v stand_v with_o the_o justice_n of_o god_n to_o punish_v transgression_n temporal_a with_o torment_n everlasting_a 213_o 21_o how_o anger_n love_n compassion_n mercy_n or_o other_o affection_n be_v in_o the_o divine_a nature_n 226_o a_o treatise_n of_o the_o divine_a essence_n and_o attributes_n section_n i._n of_o the_o one_o absolute_o infinite_a and_o incomprehensible_a essence_n in_o general_n the_o original_n of_o atheism_n of_o error_n or_o misperswasion_n concern_v the_o be_v or_o attribute_n of_o the_o divine_a nature_n be_v in_o a_o former_a treatise_n at_o large_a discuss_v the_o next_o inquiry_n which_o exact_a method_n will_v in_o this_o argument_n make_v be_v first_o how_o this_o truth_n of_o god_n be_v most_o certain_o know_v by_o internal_a experience_n unto_o some_o may_v by_o force_n of_o speculative_a argument_n be_v make_v manifest_a unto_o other_o second_o how_o his_o nature_n and_o attribute_n may_v be_v fitly_a resemble_v my_o first_o resolution_n profess_v in_o the_o begin_n of_o the_o discuss_n of_o the_o original_n of_o atheism_n as_o yet_o restrain_v i_o for_o adventure_v too_o far_o in_o the_o former_a for_o while_o i_o view_v the_o progress_n which_o i_o have_v purpose_v to_o debate_v this_o point_n upon_o my_o first_o entry_n into_o that_o paradise_n of_o contemplation_n within_o who_o territory_n i_o now_o encamp_v by_o syllogistical_a force_n of_o argument_n seem_v to_o i_o as_o great_a a_o oversight_n as_o to_o entertain_v a_o enemy_n more_o desperate_a than_o potent_a with_o a_o pitch_a battle_n when_o as_o all_o his_o fort_n may_v by_o constant_a prosecution_n of_o advantage_n get_v be_v orderly_o take_v each_o after_o other_o without_o possibility_n of_o any_o great_a loss_n or_o apparent_a danger_n now_o the_o atheist_n chief_a strength_n lie_v in_o a_o preconceive_a impossibility_n of_o a_o creation_n and_o resurrection_n the_o conquest_n of_o the_o whole_a truth_n will_v easy_o be_v compass_v after_o those_o weak_a hold_v be_v as_o in_o due_a time_n they_o shall_v be_v utter_o demolish_v or_o in_o case_n after_o their_o overthrow_n he_o be_v of_o force_n to_o bid_v we_o battle_n we_o shall_v be_v most_o willing_a to_o try_v our_o intend_a quarrel_n with_o he_o by_o dint_n of_o argument_n in_o the_o article_n of_o the_o last_o judgement_n in_o the_o mean_a time_n we_o may_v without_o danger_n of_o his_o check_n proceed_v upon_o those_o advantage_n which_o the_o ground_n of_o nature_n give_v we_o chap._n i._n how_o far_o we_o may_v seek_v to_o express_v what_o by_o light_n of_o nature_n or_o otherways_o may_v be_v conceive_v concern_v the_o incomprehensible_a essence_n or_o his_o attribute_n first_o if_o every_o particular_a man_n or_o body_n generable_a have_v precedent_a cause_n of_o their_o being_n their_o whole_a generation_n must_v of_o necessity_n have_v some_o cause_n otherwise_o all_o shall_v not_o be_v of_o one_o kind_n or_o nature_n now_o this_o progress_n from_o effect_n unto_o their_o cause_n or_o betwixt_o cause_n subordinate_a can_v be_v infinite_a but_o as_o all_o progressive_a motion_n suppose_v some_o rest_n or_o stay_v whence_o it_o proceed_v so_o must_v this_o progress_n whereof_o i_o speak_v take_v beginning_n from_o some_o cause_n which_o have_v no_o cause_n of_o its_o be_v and_o this_o be_v that_o incomprehensible_a essence_n which_o we_o seek_v 2_o but_o whereunto_o shall_v we_o liken_v he_o thing_n compare_v always_o agree_v in_o some_o one_o kind_n or_o have_v at_o least_o a_o common_a measure_n be_v then_o this_o cause_n of_o cause_n contain_v in_o any_o predicamental_a rank_n of_o be_v or_o can_v our_o conceit_n of_o any_o thing_n therein_o contain_v be_v true_o fit_v unto_o he_o or_o may_v his_o infinite_a and_o incomprehensible_a nature_n be_v right_o mould_v within_o the_o circumference_n of_o man_n shallow_a brain_n one_o thing_n it_o be_v to_o represent_v the_o infinite_a essence_n another_o to_o illustrate_v this_o truth_n that_o he_o can_v be_v represent_v though_o nothing_o can_v exact_o resemble_v he_o yet_o some_o thing_n there_o be_v which_o better_a notify_v how_o far_o he_o be_v beyond_o all_o resemblance_n or_o comparison_n than_o other_o can_v do_v by_o variety_n of_o such_o resemblance_n as_o his_o work_n afford_v may_v our_o admiration_n of_o his_o incomprehensiblenesse_n be_v raise_v high_a and_o high_o and_o with_o our_o admiration_n thus_o raise_v will_v our_o longing_n after_o his_o presence_n still_o be_v enlarge_v the_o nature_n of_o thing_n finite_a and_o limit_v no_o philosopher_n can_v so_o exact_o express_v as_o painter_n may_v their_o outward_a lineament_n but_o as_o some_o sensible_a object_n beside_o their_o proper_a shape_n or_o character_n imprint_v a_o kind_n of_o dislike_n or_o pleasance_n in_o creature_n sensitive_a so_o have_v our_o pure_a and_o most_o exact_a conceit_n intellectual_a certain_a symptomatical_a impression_n annex_v which_o inward_o affect_v we_o though_o we_o can_v outward_o so_o express_v they_o as_o they_o may_v imprint_v the_o like_a affection_n in_o other_o hence_o it_o be_v that_o the_o more_o right_a resemblance_n we_o make_v to_o ourselves_o of_o any_o thing_n the_o great_a will_v be_v the_o symptomatical_a impression_n of_o the_o latent_fw-la truth_n some_o part_n or_o shadow_n whereof_o appear_v in_o every_o thing_n whereto_o it_o can_v true_o be_v compare_v and_o though_o we_o can_v in_o this_o life_n come_v to_o a_o clear_a view_n of_o that_o nature_n which_o we_o most_o desire_v to_o see_v yet_o be_v it_o a_o work_n worthy_a our_o pain_n to_o erect_v our_o thought_n by_o variety_n of_o resemblance_n make_v with_o due_a observance_n of_o decorum_n unto_o a_o horizon_n more_o ample_a than_o ordinary_a in_o who_o skirt_n or_o edge_n we_o may_v behold_v some_o scatter_a ray_n of_o that_o glorious_a light_n which_o be_v utter_o set_v unto_o man_n who_o thought_n soar_v not_o without_o the_o circumference_n of_o this_o visible_a world_n for_o all_o we_o see_v with_o ou●_n bodily_a eye_n be_v but_o a_o hemisphere_n of_o midnight_n darkness_n to_o the_o habitation_n of_o saint_n and_o seat_n o●_n bliss_n 3_o the_o rule_n of_o decorum_n in_o all_o resemblance_n of_o thing_n amiable_a or_o glorious_a be_v that_o as_o well_o the_o simple_a term_n of_o comparison_n be_v sightly_o and_o handsome_a as_o the_o proportion_n between_o they_o exact_a suppose_v the_o odds_n of_o valorous_a strength_n between_o aiax_n and_o ordinary_a trojanes_n to_o have_v be_v as_o great_a as_o homer_n will_v have_v we_o believe_v it_o be_v the_o manner_n of_o this_o champion_n retreat_n be_v overcharge_v with_o the_o multitude_n of_o his_o enemy_n can_v not_o more_o exquisite_o be_v resemble_v than_o by_o a_o company_n of_o child_n drive_v a_o hungry_a hard-skinned_n ass_n with_o bat_n or_o staff_n out_o of_o a_o cornfield_n or_o meadow_n the_o ass_n can_v by_o such_o weakling_n be_v drive_v so_o hard_o but_o he_o will_v feed_v as_o he_o go_v nor_o can_v aiax_n be_v charge_v so_o fierce_o by_o his_o impotent_a foe_n but_o that_o he_o fight_v still_o as_o he_o flee_v the_o proportion_n be_v approve_v as_o most_o exact_a by_o a_o 2._o teacher_n of_o poetry_n that_o be_v his_o art_n master_n who_o notwithstanding_o with_o the_o same_o breath_n disallow_v the_o invention_n as_o no_o way_n applyable_a unto_o turnus_n at_o least_o in_o the_o courtly_a censure_n of_o those_o time_n wherein_o virgil_n write_v be_v the_o congruity_n between_o the_o term_n never_o so_o exquisite_a or_o pleasant_a the_o ass_n notwithstanding_o be_v no_o amiable_a creature_n nor_o can_v wisdom_n or_o valour_n for_o his_o many_o base_a property_n willing_o brook_v comparison_n with_o he_o in_o any_o more_o fit_o as_o this_o author_n think_v may_v turnus_n his_o heroical_a spirit_n have_v be_v parallel_v by_o a_o lion_n which_o though_o unable_a to_o sustain_v the_o fierce_a pursuit_n of_o many_o hunter_n yet_o can_v be_v enforce_v to_o any_o other_o march_n then_o passant_a gardant_a 4_o but_o we_o must_v allow_v the_o poet_n who_o chief_a art_n be_v to_o please_v his_o reader_n appetite_n with_o pleasant_a sauce_n more_o than_o with_o solid_a meat_n to_o be_v more_o dainty_a and_o curious_a in_o this_o kind_n than_o it_o be_v requisite_a the_o school-divine_a or_o philosopher_n shall_v be_v albeit_o neither_o of_o they_o need_n much_o to_o fear_v lest_o their_o discourse_n be_v too_o comely_a so_o solidity_n of_o truth_n be_v the_o ground_n of_o their_o comeliness_n no_o courtly_a poet_n be_v more_o observant_a
of_o the_o former_a rule_n of_o decorum_n in_o their_o comparison_n than_o the_o holy_a prophet_n be_v thus_o have_v the_o lord_n speak_v unto_o i_o say_v esaias_n cap._n 31._o vers_fw-la 4._o like_a as_o the_o lion_n and_o the_o young_a lion_n roar_v on_o his_o prey_n when_o a_o multitude_n of_o shepherd_n be_v call_v forth_o against_o he_o he_o will_v not_o be_v afraid_a of_o their_o voice_n nor_o abase_v himself_o for_o the_o noise_n of_o they_o so_o shall_v the_o lord_n of_o host_n come_v down_o to_o fight_v for_o mount_n zion_n and_o for_o the_o hill_n thereof_o saint_n 1._o austin_n have_v note_v three_o sort_n of_o error_n in_o set_v forth_o the_o divine_a nature_n of_o which_o two_o go_v upon_o false_a ground_n the_o other_o be_v altogether_o groundless_a some_o say_v he_o there_o be_v that_o seek_v to_o measure_v thing_n spiritual_a by_o the_o best_a knowledge_n which_o they_o have_v get_v by_o sense_n or_o art_n of_o thing_n bodily_a other_o do_v fit_a the_o deity_n with_o the_o nature_n and_o property_n of_o the_o humane_a soul_n and_o from_o this_o false_a ground_n frame_v many_o deceitful_a and_o crooked_a rule_n while_o they_o endeavour_v to_o draw_v the_o picture_n or_o image_n of_o the_o immutable_a essence_n a_o three_o sort_n there_o be_v which_o by_o too_o much_o strain_v to_o transcend_v every_o mutable_a creature_n patch_v up_o such_o conceit_n as_o can_v possible_o hang_v together_o either_o upon_o create_v or_o increated_a nature_n and_o these_o rove_v further_o from_o the_o truth_n then_o do_v the_o former_a as_o to_o use_v his_o instance_n he_o which_o think_v god_n to_o be_v bright_a or_o yellow_a be_v much_o deceive_v yet_o his_o error_n want_v not_o a_o cloak_n in_o as_o much_o as_o these_o colour_n have_v some_o be_v from_o god_n in_o body_n his_o error_n again_o be_v as_o great_a that_o think_v god_n sometime_o forget_v and_o sometime_o call_v thing_n forget_v to_o mind_n yet_o this_o vicissitude_n of_o memory_n and_o oblivion_n have_v place_n in_o the_o humane_a soul_n which_o in_o many_o thing_n be_v like_o the_o creator_n but_o he_o which_o make_v the_o divine_a nature_n so_o powerful_a as_o to_o produce_v or_o beget_v itself_o quite_o miss_v not_o the_o mark_n only_o but_o the_o butt_n and_o shoot_v as_o it_o be_v out_o of_o the_o field_n for_o nothing_o possible_a can_v possible_o give_v itself_o being_n or_o existence_n 5_o but_o though_o in_o no_o wise_a we_o may_v avouch_v such_o gross_a impossibility_n of_o he_o to_o who_o nothing_o be_v impossible_a yet_o must_v we_o often_o use_v fiction_n or_o supposition_n of_o thing_n scarce_o possible_a to_o last_v so_o long_o till_o we_o have_v mould_v conceit_n of_o the_o essence_n and_o attribute_n incomprehensible_a more_o lively_a and_o semblable_a then_o can_v be_v take_v either_o from_o the_o humane_a soul_n alone_o or_o from_o body_n natural_a to_o maintain_v it_o as_o a_o philosophical_a truth_n that_o god_n be_v the_o soul_n of_o this_o universe_n be_v a_o impious_a error_n 3_o before_o condemn_v as_o a_o grand_a seminary_n of_o idolatry_n yet_o by_o imagine_v the_o humane_a soul_n to_o be_v as_o real_o existent_a in_o every_o place_n whereto_o the_o cogitation_n of_o it_o can_v reach_v as_o it_o be_v in_o our_o body_n or_o rather_o to_o exercise_v the_o same_o motive_n power_n over_o the_o great_a bodily_a substance_n in_o this_o world_n that_o it_o do_v over_o our_o finger_n able_a to_o wield_v the_o heaven_n or_o element_n with_o as_o great_a facility_n and_o speed_n as_o we_o do_v our_o thought_n or_o breath_n we_o may_v by_o this_o fiction_n gain_v a_o more_o true_a model_n or_o shadow_n of_o god_n infinite_a efficacy_n than_o any_o one_o create_v substance_n can_v furnish_v we_o withal_o but_o while_o we_o thus_o by_o imagination_n transfuse_v our_o conceit_n of_o the_o best_a life_n and_o motion_n which_o we_o know_v into_o this_o great_a sphere_n which_o we_o see_v or_o which_o suit_n better_a to_o the_o immutable_a and_o infinite_a essence_n into_o body_n abstract_a or_o mathematical_a we_o must_v make_v such_o a_o compound_n as_o tacitus_n will_v have_v make_v of_o two_o noble_a roman_n demptis_fw-la utriusque_fw-la vitiis_fw-la solae_fw-la virtutes_fw-la misceantur_fw-la the_o imperfection_n of_o both_o be_v sift_v from_o they_o their_o perfection_n only_o must_v be_v ingredient_n in_o this_o compound_n yet_o may_v we_o not_o think_v that_o the_o divine_a nature_n which_o we_o seek_v to_o express_v by_o they_o consist_v of_o perfection_n infinite_a so_o unite_v or_o compound_v we_o must_v yet_o use_v a_o further_a extraction_n of_o our_o conceit_n ere_o we_o apply_v they_o to_o his_o incomprehensible_a nature_n chap._n 2._o contain_v two_o philosophical_a maxim_n which_o lead_v we_o to_o the_o acknowledgement_n of_o one_o infinite_a and_o incomprehensible_a essence_n unto_o every_o student_n that_o with_o observance_n ordinary_a will_v survey_v any_o philosophical_a tract_n of_o cause_n 1_o two_o main_a spring_n or_o fountain_n do_v in_o a_o manner_n discover_v themselves_o which_o be_v they_o as_o well_o open_v and_o draw_v as_o some_o other_o of_o less_o consequence_n be_v we_o may_v baptize_v most_o atheist_n in_o the_o one_o and_o confirm_v good_a christian_n in_o the_o other_o the_o natural_a current_n of_o the_o one_o direct_o carry_v we_o to_o a_o independent_a cause_n from_o who_o illimited_a essence_n and_o nature_n the_o late_a afford_v we_o a_o ocular_a or_o visible_a derivation_n of_o those_o general_a attribute_n whereof_o faith_n infuse_v give_v we_o the_o true_a taste_n and_o relish_v the_o former_a we_o may_v draw_v to_o this_o head_n whatsoever_o have_v limit_n or_o bound_n of_o be_v have_v some_o distinct_a cause_n or_o author_n of_o be_v as_o impossible_a it_o be_v any_o thing_n shall_v take_v limit_n of_o be_v as_o beginning_z of_o be_v from_o itself_o for_o beginning_n of_o be_v be_v one_o especial_a limit_n of_o be_v 2_o this_o maxim_n be_v simple_o convertible_a whatsoever_o have_v cause_n of_o be_v have_v also_o limit_n of_o be_v because_o it_o have_v beginning_n of_o be_v for_o omnis_fw-la causa_fw-la est_fw-la principium_fw-la &_o omne_fw-la causatum_fw-la est_fw-la principiatum_fw-la every_o cause_n be_v the_o active_a beginning_n or_o beginner_n of_o be_v and_o a_o active_a beginning_n essential_o include_v a_o beginning_n passive_a as_o fashionable_a to_o it_o as_o the_o mark_n or_o impression_n be_v to_o the_o stamp_n or_o in_o plain_a english_a thus_o where_o there_o be_v a_o beginning_n or_o beginner_n there_o be_v somewhat_o begin_v where_o the_o cause_n be_v preaexistent_a in_o time_n the_o distinction_n or_o limit_n of_o thing_n cause_v or_o begin_v be_v as_o easy_o see_v as_o the_o divers_a surface_n of_o body_n sever_v in_o place_n but_o where_o the_o cause_n have_v only_a precedence_n of_o nature_n and_o not_o of_o time_n as_o it_o fall_v out_o in_o thing_n cause_v by_o concomitance_n or_o resultance_n the_o limit_n or_o confine_n of_o their_o be_v seem_v confound_v or_o as_o hardly_o distinguishable_a as_o the_o divers_a surface_n of_o two_o body_n glue_v together_o yet_o as_o we_o right_o gather_v that_o if_o the_o body_n be_v of_o several_a kind_n each_o have_v its_o proper_a surface_n though_o the_o point_n of_o distinction_n be_v invisible_a to_o our_o eye_n so_o whatsoever_o we_o conceive_v to_o have_v dependence_n upon_o another_o we_o necessary_o conceive_v it_o to_o have_v proper_a limit_n of_o be_v or_o at_o least_o a_o distinct_a beginning_n of_o be_v from_o the_o other_o though_o as_o it_o be_v ingraft_v in_o it_o but_o whether_o we_o conceive_v effect_n and_o cause_n distinct_o as_o they_o be_v in_o nature_n or_o in_o gross_a so_o long_o as_o we_o acknowledge_v they_o this_o or_o that_o way_n conceive_v to_o be_v finite_a and_o limit_v we_o must_v acknowledge_v some_o cause_n of_o their_o limitation_n which_o as_o we_o suppose_v can_v be_v distinct_a from_o the_o cause_n of_o their_o be_v 3_o why_o man_n in_o these_o day_n be_v not_o giant_n why_o giant_n in_o former_a be_v but_o man_n be_v two_o problem_n which_o the_o mere_a naturalist_n can_v easy_o assoil_v by_o this_o reason_n for_o substance_n one_o and_o the_o same_o the_o vigour_n of_o cause_n productive_a or_o conservative_a of_o vegetable_n of_o man_n especial_o from_o which_o he_o receive_v nutrition_n and_o augmentation_n be_v less_o now_o than_o it_o have_v be_v at_o least_o before_o the_o flood_n though_o but_o finite_a and_o limit_v when_o it_o be_v great_a why_o vegetable_n of_o great_a vigour_n engross_v not_o the_o property_n of_o other_o less_o vigorous_a but_o rest_v content_v with_o a_o great_a numericall_a measure_n of_o their_o own_o specifical_a virtue_n be_v by_o the_o former_a reason_n as_o plain_o for_o in_o that_o they_o have_v not_o their_o be_v from_o themselves_o they_o can_v take_v no_o more_o than_o be_v
it_o have_v now_o limit_n of_o be_v be_v essential_a property_n of_o that_o essence_n or_o be_v wherein_o they_o be_v find_v and_o distinct_a bound_n or_o limit_n be_v include_v in_o the_o distinct_a form_n of_o be_v which_o every_o thing_n have_v from_o its_o cause_n actual_a essence_n or_o existence_n itself_o be_v distribute_v to_o every_o thing_n that_o have_v cause_n of_o be_v as_o it_o be_v seal_v up_o in_o its_o proper_a form_n or_o kind_a of_o be_v it_o be_v as_o possible_a to_o put_v a_o new_a fashion_n upon_o nothing_o as_o for_o any_o thing_n that_o be_v to_o take_v limit_n or_o set_a form_n of_o be_v from_o nothing_o that_o which_o have_v nothing_o to_o give_v it_o be_v can_v have_v nothing_o to_o give_v it_o limit_n or_o bound_n of_o be_v and_o as_o no_o entity_n can_v take_v its_o be_v or_o beginning_n of_o be_v from_o itself_o so_o neither_o can_v it_o take_v bound_n or_o limit_n from_o itself_o but_o must_v have_v they_o from_o some_o other_o the_o prime_a essence_n or_o first_o cause_n of_o all_o thing_n that_o be_v as_o it_o have_v no_o precedent_a cause_n of_o existence_n nor_o can_v it_o be_v cause_n of_o existence_n to_o itself_o so_o neither_o can_v it_o have_v any_o cause_n of_o limit_n without_o itself_o nor_o can_v it_o be_v any_o cause_n of_o limit_n to_o itself_o it_o remain_v then_o that_o it_o must_v be_v a_o essence_n illimited_a and_o thus_o to_o be_v without_o bound_n or_o limit_n be_v the_o formal_a effect_n or_o consequence_n of_o be_v it_o self_n or_o of_o that_o which_o true_o be_v without_o any_o cause_n precedent_a to_o give_v it_o be_v or_o make_v it_o what_o it_o be_v 6_o so_o essential_o be_v the_o conceit_n of_o be_v without_o bound_n or_o limit_n include_v in_o our_o conceit_n of_o be_v without_o cause_n precedent_n that_o if_o we_o shall_v by_o way_n of_o supposition_n give_v any_o imaginary_a entity_n leave_v to_o take_v beginning_n or_o possession_n of_o be_v from_o itself_o without_o the_o warrant_n of_o any_o cause_n precedent_a to_o appoint_v or_o measure_v it_o out_o some_o distinct_a portion_n or_o form_n of_o be_v thus_o much_o be_v once_o by_o imagination_n grant_v we_o can_v not_o by_o any_o imagination_n possible_a debar_v this_o entity_n from_o absolute_a necessity_n of_o be_v for_o ever_o after_o whatsoever_o it_o list_v to_o be_v or_o from_o be_v all_o thing_n rather_o than_o any_o one_o thing_n of_o the_o heathen_n many_o do_v hold_v a_o uncreated_a chaos_n preaexistent_a to_o the_o frame_n of_o this_o universe_n and_o philosopher_n to_o this_o day_n maintain_v a_o ingenerable_a matter_n which_o actual_o be_v not_o any_o body_n but_o indifferent_a to_o be_v make_v every_o body_n let_v we_o but_o suppose_v first_o the_o one_o or_o other_o of_o they_o to_o be_v as_o homogeneal_a in_o itself_o as_o the_o air_n or_o water_n second_o to_o be_v able_a to_o actuate_v or_o proteus-like_a to_o transform_v itself_o into_o a_o better_a state_n than_o now_o it_o have_v without_o the_o help_n of_o any_o agent_n or_o efficient_a and_o then_o as_o it_o can_v have_v no_o cause_n so_o can_v there_o be_v no_o reason_n give_v to_o restrain_v it_o from_o take_v all_o bodily_a perfection_n possible_a to_o itself_o and_o if_o it_o be_v true_a which_o some_o teach_v that_o this_o prime_a matter_n have_v neither_o proper_a quantity_n nor_o quality_n what_o shall_v hinder_v it_o to_o take_v both_o without_o measure_n suppose_v it_o may_v be_v its_o one_o carver_n of_o those_o endowment_n or_o imagine_v there_o be_v such_o a_o vacuity_n where_o the_o world_n now_o be_v as_o we_o christian_n believe_v there_o be_v before_o it_o be_v make_v and_o only_o one_o of_o democritus_n casual_a atom_n or_o some_o mere_a possibility_n or_o appetite_n of_o the_o matter_n leave_v free_a venire_fw-la in_o vacuum_fw-la to_o give_v itself_o full_a and_o perfect_a act_n without_o curb_n or_o restraint_n of_o any_o superior_a power_n or_o sharer_n to_o cry_v half_o i_o with_o it_o or_o make_v claim_n to_o the_o nature_n of_o any_o actual_a entity_n lose_v it_o be_v suppose_v to_o be_v able_a to_o take_v any_o one_o nature_n upon_o it_o what_o shall_v either_o hinder_v or_o further_o it_o to_o assume_v the_o nature_n of_o earth_n rather_o than_o of_o water_n or_o of_o these_o two_o rather_o than_o of_o any_o other_o element_n or_o of_o any_o simple_a body_n rather_o than_o of_o mix_v or_o compound_v substance_n or_o of_o bodily_a substance_n rather_o than_o spiritual_a or_o of_o all_o these_o rather_o than_o of_o their_o metaphysical_a eminence_n and_o perfection_n or_o whilst_o we_o imagine_v it_o without_o cause_n of_o existence_n or_o beginning_n no_o reason_n imaginable_a can_v confine_v it_o to_o any_o set_a place_n of_o residence_n or_o extension_n no_o cause_n can_v be_v allege_v why_o it_o shall_v take_v possession_n of_o the_o centre_n rather_o than_o of_o the_o circumference_n of_o this_o universe_n as_o now_o it_o stand_v or_o of_o both_o these_o rather_o than_o of_o the_o whole_a sphere_n or_o of_o the_o whole_a sphere_n rather_o than_o of_o all_o extensive_a space_n imaginable_a only_o the_o very_a supposition_n of_o take_v beginning_n though_o without_o cause_n do_v put_v a_o limit_n to_o its_o duration_n because_o this_o kind_n of_o beginning_n be_v but_o imaginary_a depend_v upon_o our_o imagination_n as_o upon_o its_o true_a cause_n and_o yet_o even_o thus_o consider_v i_o think_v it_o shall_v extend_v its_o existence_n both_o way_n and_o draw_v a_o circular_a duration_n to_o the_o instant_n where_o it_o begin_v or_o not_o imagine_v the_o beginning_n let_v we_o imagine_v it_o only_o to_o have_v true_a present_a be_v without_o any_o cause_n precedent_a to_o push_v it_o forward_o or_o superior_a guide_n to_o appoint_v it_o a_o set_a course_n and_o it_o be_v not_o within_o the_o compass_n of_o imagination_n why_o the_o duration_n of_o it_o shall_v not_o reach_v as_o far_o the_o one_o way_n as_o the_o other_o as_o far_o beyond_o all_o imagination_n of_o time_n past_a as_o of_o time_n to_o come_v why_o it_o shall_v not_o comprehend_v all_o duration_n imaginable_a by_o way_n of_o present_a possession_n or_o supereminent_a permanency_n without_o admission_n of_o any_o deflux_n division_n or_o succession_n for_o continuation_n of_o its_o existence_n 7_o if_o it_o be_v object_v that_o any_o thing_n may_v follow_v from_o supposition_n or_o imagination_n of_o impossibility_n the_o reply_n be_v easy_a the_o objection_n be_v either_o false_a or_o true_a in_o a_o sense_n which_o no_o way_n impeach_v but_o rather_o approve_v that_o kind_n of_o argue_v true_a it_o be_v there_o be_v almost_o nothing_o in_o nature_n so_o impossible_a as_o it_o may_v not_o be_v the_o possible_a consequent_a of_o some_o impossibility_n suppose_v or_o grant_v but_o of_o every_o particular_a impossibility_n suppose_v or_o imagine_v the_o possible_a infinite_a consequence_n be_v not_o infinite_a neither_o such_o nor_o so_o many_o as_o we_o list_v to_o make_v they_o they_o be_v determinate_a by_o nature_n now_o we_o can_v conceive_v it_o to_o be_v in_o nature_n more_o impossible_a for_o a_o mere_a logical_a possibility_n real_o and_o true_o to_o take_v beginning_n of_o actual_a be_v only_a from_o itself_o than_o it_o be_v for_o that_o which_o be_v suppose_v &_o imagine_v thus_o to_o take_v beginning_n to_o be_v restrain_v either_o to_o any_o determinat_fw-la kind_n or_o part_n of_o be_v or_o to_o be_v confine_v to_o any_o set_a place_n or_o residence_n or_o if_o any_o mislike_v these_o imaginary_a model_n let_v he_o now_o he_o have_v give_v we_o leave_n to_o make_v they_o and_o vouchsafe_v to_o look_v upon_o they_o utter_o cancel_v or_o deface_v they_o the_o everlasting_a edifice_n to_o who_o erection_n they_o be_v destinate_a be_v this_o such_o as_o we_o can_v conceive_v that_o not_o to_o be_v which_o we_o conceive_v to_o take_v beginning_n of_o be_v from_o itself_o without_o any_o cause_n precedent_n such_o of_o necessity_n must_v we_o conceive_v and_o believe_v he_o to_o be_v indeed_o who_o neither_o take_v beginning_n from_o himself_o nor_o have_v it_o give_v by_o any_o but_o be_v the_o begin_n of_o be_v the_o sole_a maker_n of_o all_o thing_n that_o be_v be_v himself_o without_o beginning_n without_o dependence_n o●_n any_o cause_n without_o subordination_n to_o any_o guide_n to_o appoint_v his_o kind_n to_o limit_v his_o place_n or_o prescribe_v his_o time_n of_o be_v he_o be_v in_o all_o these_o and_o whatsoever_o branch_n or_o portion_n of_o be_v imaginable_a true_o and_o real_o infinite_a the_o quintessence_n or_o excellency_n of_o all_o perfection_n whether_o numericall_a or_o specifical_a incident_a to_o all_o sort_n or_o degree_n of_o being_n numerable_a chap._n 1._o of_o infinity_n in_o be_v or_o of_o absolute_a infinity_n and_o the_o right_a definition_n of_o it_o by_o the_o ancient_a
unquestionable_a earnest_n of_o thy_o everlasting_a love_n since_o more_o full_o manifest_v for_o thou_o so_o love_v the_o world_n not_o israel_n only_a that_o thou_o give_v thy_o only_o beget_v son_n to_o the_o end_n that_o who_o so_o believe_v in_o he_o shall_v not_o perish_v but_o have_v everlasting_a life_n what_o further_a argument_n of_o god_n infinite_a love_n can_v flesh_n &_o blood_n desire_n than_o the_o son_n of_o god_n voluntary_a suffer_v that_o in_o our_o flesh_n by_o his_o father_n appointment_n which_o unto_o flesh_n and_o blood_n seem_v most_o distasteful_a that_o this_o love_n be_v unfaigned_o tender_v to_o all_o at_o least_o that_o have_v hear_v or_o hereafter_o may_v hear_v of_o it_o without_o exception_n what_o demonstration_n from_o the_o effect_n can_v be_v more_o certain_a what_o consequence_n more_o infallible_a than_o the_o inference_n of_o this_o truth_n be_v from_o a_o sacred_a truth_n receive_v by_o all_o good_a christian_n viz._n all_o such_o as_o have_v hear_v god_n love_n in_o christ_n proclaim_v and_o not_o believe_v in_o it_o shall_v in_o the_o day_n of_o judgement_n appear_v guilty_a of_o great_a sin_n than_o their_o forefather_n can_v be_v indict_v of_o and_o undergo_v more_o bitter_a death_n than_o any_o corruption_n draw_v from_o adam_n if_o christ_n have_v never_o suffer_v can_v have_v breed_v i_o shall_v no_o way_n wrong_v the_o apostle_n in_o unfolding_a his_o exhortation_n to_o the_o athenian_n thus_o far_o but_o they_o rather_o offer_v the_o spirit_n