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A65800 Religion and reason mutually corresponding and assisting each other first essay : a reply to the vindicative answer lately publisht against a letter, in which the sence of a bull and council concerning the duration of purgatory was discust / by Thomas White, Gent. White, Thomas, 1593-1676. 1660 (1660) Wing W1840; ESTC R13640 86,576 220

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our_o redemption_n be_v near_o therefore_o st._n paul_n call_v the_o good_a christian_n those_o who_o love_v his_o come_n therefore_o in_o the_o apocalypse_n christ_n show_v himself_o as_o come_v and_o add_v my_o reward_n be_v with_o i_o therefore_o in_o the_o end_n of_o the_o apocalypse_n we_o read_v that_o importunate_a call_n on_o he_o come_v and_o let_v he_o that_o hear_v say_v come_v and_o this_o be_v the_o primitive_a devotion_n to_o desire_v to_o be_v with_o christ_n now_o to_o conclude_v he_o that_o by_o his_o prayer_n effect_n the_o come_n of_o the_o day_n of_o judgement_n as_o far_o as_o he_o do_v that_o so_o far_o he_o procure_v to_o his_o friend_n the_o eternal_a reward_n the_o main_a good_a the_o complete_a satisfaction_n of_o the_o desire_n of_o nature_n elevate_v by_o grace_n the_o next_o consideration_n reach_v to_o the_o particular_a good_a that_o accrue_v to_o the_o party_n pray_v for_o for_o the_o understanding_n whereof_o you_o be_v to_o remember_v the_o doctrine_n of_o the_o saint_n that_o for_o ourselves_o we_o be_v hear_v as_o often_o as_o we_o ask_v in_o due_a manner_n what_o be_v good_a for_o we_o for_o our_o friend_n not_o so_o but_o according_a as_o be_v suitable_a to_o the_o rest_n of_o god_n providence_n yet_o it_o be_v agree_v that_o many_o time_n such_o prayer_n bring_v some_o advantage_n even_o to_o the_o special_a party_n for_o who_o they_o be_v make_v but_o when_o and_o how_o god_n providence_n do_v carry_v such_o grace_n we_o know_v not_o unless_o the_o effect_n prove_v visible_a now_o we_o pray_v for_o the_o change_n of_o the_o soul_n of_o our_o friend_n from_o misery_n to_o bliss_n if_o he_o be_v in_o capacity_n to_o be_v help_v without_o doubt_n our_o prayer_n be_v hear_v but_o when_o and_o in_o what_o degree_n only_o he_o know_v who_o grant_v it_o unless_o he_o have_v reveal_v it_o and_o as_o when_o we_o pray_v for_o a_o live_a sinner_n the_o effect_n of_o our_o prayer_n if_o it_o be_v fit_a they_o shall_v be_v hear_v be_v that_o circumstance_n be_v so_o cast_v in_o respect_n of_o this_o prayer_n that_o he_o light_v into_o convenient_a disposition_n to_o bring_v on_o his_o conversion_n so_o our_o prayer_n for_o the_o dead_a work_n that_o in_o the_o resurrection_n such_o grace_n be_v increase_v to_o the_o party_n pray_v for_o as_o be_v fit_v to_o be_v retribute_v to_o the_o prayer_n and_o affection_n devout_o pour_v out_o for_o he_o the_o three_o consideration_n reach_v even_o to_o the_o render_v less_o and_o more_o tolerable_a to_o they_o those_o pain_n they_o suffer_v before_o the_o day_n of_o judgement_n in_o purgatory_n which_o be_v to_o relieve_v they_o there_o to_o understand_v which_o we_o be_v to_o consider_v that_o the_o state_n of_o purgatory_n differ_v from_o that_o of_o hell_n main_o in_o this_o that_o this_o of_o hell_n be_v ever_o accompany_v with_o the_o horror_n of_o despair_n that_o of_o purgatory_n with_o the_o comfort_n of_o hope_n to_o see_v god_n divine_a face_n now_o all_o hope_n of_o a_o future_a good_a if_o it_o be_v rational_a be_v ground_v in_o know_v the_o strength_n and_o efficacy_n of_o the_o cause_n which_o be_v to_o effect_v and_o bring_v it_o and_o the_o strong_a cause_n appear_v to_o be_v lay_v in_o order_n to_o such_o a_o effect_n the_o lively_a and_o firm_a be_v our_o hope_n and_o by_o consequence_n more_o vigorous_a and_o sweet_a the_o comfort_n which_o spring_v from_o that_o hope_n thus_o erect_v wherefore_o the_o suffer_a soul_n by_o know_v that_o the_o releasement_n of_o all_o in_o general_a and_o each_o in_o particular_a be_v procure_v by_o the_o prayer_n of_o the_o church_n the_o more_o and_o the_o more_o fervent_a prayer_n they_o see_v pour_v out_o for_o they_o the_o strong_a hope_n and_o comfort_n they_o conceive_v to_o apply_v then_o this_o to_o particular_n as_o the_o aim_n and_o hope_n and_o present_a comfort_n of_o each_o soul_n be_v its_o future_a eternal_a happiness_n as_o best_a improovable_a to_o it_o by_o the_o order_n of_o cause_n lay_v by_o god_n wisdom_n and_o goodness_n so_o the_o foreknowledge_n that_o the_o prayer_n of_o friend_n will_v bring_v to_o each_o with_o proportionable_a advantage_n their_o due_a reward_n as_o i_o express_v it_o in_o my_o second_o consideration_n give_v each_o soul_n anticipated_o present_a sentiment_n even_o in_o purgatory_n of_o hope_n joy_n and_o comfort_n for_o those_o advantage_n their_o friend_n prayer_n shall_v procure_v they_o in_o the_o day_n of_o judgement_n which_o sure_o none_o that_o understand_v it_o can_v deny_v to_o be_v a_o very_a great_a relief_n the_o four_o consideration_n extend_v this_o advantage_n of_o prayer_n for_o a_o particular_a soul_n even_o to_o the_o state_n of_o heaven_n itself_o which_o to_o explicate_v we_o may_v remember_v the_o pious_a opinion_n common_o receive_v that_o s._n francis_n s._n benedict_n and_o other_o saint_n in_o heaven_n have_v new_a accidental_a joy_n there_o for_o any_o good_a effect_n perform_v by_o the_o order_n they_o found_v that_o be_v for_o the_o arrivement_n of_o any_o good_a towards_o which_o they_o as_o cause_n have_v any_o influence_n in_o this_o world_n now_o of_o all_o good_n imaginable_a none_o be_v or_o can_v be_v comparable_a to_o the_o bring_n of_o the_o kingdom_n of_o heaven_n or_o universal_a bliss_n this_o be_v the_o but_o and_o end_n of_o all_o our_o wish_n and_o of_o all_o both_o natural_a and_o supernatural_a motion_n nay_o the_o only_a aim_n of_o his_o providence_n who_o be_v goodness_n itself_o most_o certain_o than_o they_o who_o in_o this_o world_n lay_v mean_n of_o many_o efficacious_a prayer_n for_o the_o dead_a and_o for_o themselves_o in_o particular_a will_v in_o my_o doctrine_n see_v themselves_o and_o rejoice_v in_o heaven_n to_o have_v be_v particular_o influential_a towards_o that_o happy_a and_o noble_a effect_n of_o bring_v that_o day_n add_v that_o this_o will_v be_v grateful_o acknowledge_v by_o the_o whole_a court_n of_o heaven_n and_o they_o respect_v according_o which_o will_v cause_v almost_o infinite_a multiplication_n of_o the_o best_a accidental_a joy_n which_o they_o who_o in_o this_o world_n neglect_v to_o use_n and_o procure_v this_o devotion_n will_v deserve_o want_v reflect_v then_o this_o thought_n back_o upon_o a_o soul_n in_o purgatory_n who_o have_v deserve_v by_o her_o carriage_n in_o this_o world_n and_o take_v order_n to_o be_v efficacious_o pray_v for_o that_o be_v to_o have_v a_o particular_a share_n in_o bring_v christ_n come_v in_o glory_n she_o have_v antecedent_o even_o in_o purgatory_n by_o foreknowledge_n of_o those_o accidental_a joy_n she_o shall_v future_o reap_v thereby_o a_o sense_n of_o they_o at_o present_a by_o mean_n of_o the_o certain_a hope_n to_o attain_v they_o and_o thence_o in_o due_a measure_n a_o proportionable_a comfort_n ease_n and_o relief_n even_o in_o purgatory_n so_o that_o you_o see_v according_a to_o my_o doctrine_n both_o essential_a bliss_n and_o best_a accidental_a joy_n in_o heaven_n and_o from_o the_o foreknow_a efficacy_n of_o prayer_n to_o accomplish_v these_o a_o present_a comfort_n accrue_v to_o the_o soul_n in_o that_o state_n through_o our_o suffrage_n for_o they_o you_o will_v say_v these_o motive_n will_v not_o be_v efficacious_a enough_o to_o stir_v up_o the_o heart_n of_o your_o penitent_n i_o can_v answer_v nothing_o but_o that_o i_o doubt_v they_o be_v not_o well_o instruct_v and_o exhort_v and_o that_o it_o be_v the_o preacher_n duty_n to_o endeavour_v to_o stir_v up_o their_o heart_n with_o solid_a christian_a truth_n not_o by_o incertainty_n guild_v over_o with_o a_o show_n of_o piety_n for_o indeed_o what_o be_v not_o true_a can_v be_v pious_a when_o such_o invention_n have_v take_v a_o good_a effect_n i_o bless_v god_n that_o show_v his_o goodness_n as_o well_o by_o weakness_n as_o by_o strength_n but_o to_o advise_v any_o man_n to_o teach_v or_o preach_v that_o out_o of_o which_o he_o and_o the_o church_n through_o he_o may_v be_v upbraid_v to_o cozen_v the_o credulous_a faithful_a into_o false_a and_o prejudicial_a confidence_n and_o make_v they_o rely_v upon_o such_o doctrine_n and_o practice_n as_o have_v no_o reality_n in_o they_o i_o be_o not_o a_o fit_a counsellor_n i_o leave_v that_o to_o you_o who_o like_v it_o in_o your_o thirty_o six_o section_n you_o overreach_v i_o again_o for_o by_o your_o beginning_n i_o persuade_v myself_o i_o be_v come_v to_o a_o period_n of_o my_o pain_n and_o that_o the_o rest_n have_v be_v but_o personal_a quarrel_n which_o i_o can_v easy_o have_v swallow_v how_o bitter_o soever_o prepare_v by_o your_o rash_a and_o angry_a hand_n but_o look_v a_o little_a far_o i_o perceive_v i_o must_v tug_v again_o and_o first_o as_o for_o that_o question_n whether_o you_o have_v intention_n to_o wrong_v i_o in_o print_v your_o bull_n i_o believe_v you_o have_v not_o because_o you_o
be_o hard_a of_o belief_n but_o you_o ground_n it_o upon_o this_o that_o only_a god_n be_v the_o searcher_n of_o the_o heart_n which_o although_o one_o may_v interpret_v to_o signify_v the_o revealer_n of_o heart_n and_o find_v text_n of_o scripture_n to_o that_o purpose_n yet_o i_o go_v not_o that_o way_n but_o tell_v you_o when_o god_n be_v say_v to_o be_v the_o knower_n of_o heart_n he_o be_v condistinguish_v only_o to_o man_n and_o if_o you_o will_v have_v the_o sense_n reach_v far_o you_o must_v prove_v it_o for_o it_o be_v against_o the_o principle_n yourself_o use_v to_o wit_n that_o angel_n know_v all_o our_o material_a motion_n of_o our_o fantasy_n and_o sensitive_a appeal_n now_o if_o there_o be_v no_o act_n of_o the_o understanding_n without_o a_o fancy_n agree_v to_o it_o nor_o a_o act_n of_o will_n without_o a_o proportionate_a motion_n in_o the_o appetite_n you_o will_v leave_v few_o action_n unknowable_a to_o angel_n but_o our_o saviour_n say_v you_o tell_v we_o angel_n kn●w_v not_o the_o day_n of_o judgement_n and_o true_o if_o he_o have_v not_o include_v himself_o in_o the_o same_o phrase_n the_o place_n will_v have_v bear_v a_o great_a show_n but_o since_o he_o that_o be_v to_o be_v the_o judge_n can_v be_v think_v ignorant_a of_o what_o he_o be_v to_o do_v i_o believe_v the_o meaning_n be_v that_o none_o make_v that_o day_n know_v but_o only_o the_o heavenly_a father_n who_o proper_a day_n it_o be_v in_o which_o he_o shall_v receive_v into_o his_o own_o hand_n the_o kingdom_n which_o he_o have_v put_v in_o his_o son_n hand_n to_o be_v administer_v till_o that_o day_n as_o be_v his_o right_a hand_n and_o chief_a instrument_n of_o government_n and_o supernatural_a motion_n and_o this_o be_v a_o know_a hebraism_n for_o in_o the_o hebrew_n the_o same_o verb_n in_o one_o voice_n signify_v to_o know_v in_o another_o to_o make_v know_v nor_o want_v we_o such_o instance_n in_o our_o own_o language_n to_o learn_v one_o a_o lesson_n and_o to_o teach_v one_o a_o lesson_n that_o be_v to_o make_v he_o learn_v it_o be_v the_o same_o signification_n your_o other_o place_n that_o they_o rejoice_v at_o the_o new_a conversion_n of_o a_o sinner_n want_v one_o word_n to_o make_v it_o fit_a for_o your_o purpose_n to_o wit_n that_o they_o rejoice_v of_o new_a for_o if_o they_o rejoice_v from_o the_o beginning_n as_o god_n do_v from_o all_o eternity_n it_o will_v come_v but_o lame_o to_o your_o design_n in_o your_o 33_o section_n you_o go_v on_o with_o your_o question_n easy_a to_o ask_v but_o long_o ago_o resolve_v but_o as_o to_o you_o to_o little_a purpose_n see_v you_o do_v not_o take_v the_o pain_n to_o understand_v the_o answer_n as_o for_o the_o argument_n you_o bring_v out_o of_o scripture_n they_o be_v already_o answer_v in_o my_o institutiones_fw-la sacrae_fw-la but_o must_v be_v repeat_v because_o you_o take_v no_o notice_n of_o they_o yet_o so_o short_o that_o they_o may_v not_o be_v tedious_a to_o they_o who_o have_v read_v they_o you_o object_v then_o that_o the_o dragon_n draw_v after_o he_o the_o three_o part_n of_o the_o star_n but_o why_o this_o be_v not_o do_v in_o a_o moment_n you_o bring_v not_o a_o word_n you_o say_v also_o this_o doctrine_n that_o angel_n can_v immediate_o act_v one_o upon_o the_o other_o destroy_v their_o conversation_n for_o all_o eternity_n sure_o you_o mean_v their_o grays-inn_n walk_v or_o spring_n garden_n where_o they_o use_v to_o walk_v together_o and_o treat_v one_o another_o or_o their_o academy_n where_o they_o meet_v at_o music_n or_o bring_v their_o poem_n or_o discourse_n of_o news_n or_o some_o such_o like_a entertainment_n be_v you_o not_o ashamed_a to_o dream_v of_o such_o folly_n in_o pure_a spirit_n learn_v of_o aristotle_n that_o man_n be_v a_o sociable_a creature_n but_o beast_n or_o pure_a spirit_n not_o the_o one_o be_v below_o it_o the_o other_o above_o it_o but_o do_v not_o in_o the_o great_a battle_n in_o heaven_n one_o angel_n work_v immediate_o on_o another_o yes_o but_o not_o by_o gossip_v and_o tamper_n one_o with_o another_o to_o dispute_v or_o persuade_v they_o into_o the_o conspiracy_n but_o by_o example_n and_o by_o be_v the_o object_n one_o to_o another_o as_o when_o one_o scandalise_v another_o by_o sin_v in_o his_o sight_n but_o say_v you_o the_o indivisibility_n of_o their_o action_n which_o be_v the_o foundation_n of_o this_o doctrine_n be_v unsound_a since_o it_o will_v never_o be_v evince_v that_o a_o act_n of_o a_o spirit_n can_v coexist_v to_o a_o great_a or_o lesser_a part_n of_o time_n sir_n if_o you_o give_v we_o security_n of_o your_o spirit_n of_o prophecy_n we_o will_v believe_v what_o you_o say_v of_o thing_n to_o come_v till_o than_o we_o will_v grant_v your_o proposition_n as_o it_o lie_v unwary_o couch_v but_o not_o as_o you_o mean_v it_o for_o the_o act_n of_o one_o spirit_n may_v be_v long_o than_o those_o of_o another_o as_o we_o say_v before_o of_o different_a soul_n but_o that_o be_v not_o your_o meaning_n but_o that_o the_o same_o spirit_n have_v successive_a act_n one_o of_o more_o duration_n another_o of_o less_o and_o this_o you_o shall_v have_v prophesy_v of_o why_o the_o argument_n of_o indivisibility_n do_v not_o convince_v for_o speak_v of_o one_o only_a angel_n either_o he_o be_v in_o some_o act_n or_o in_o none_o if_o in_o none_o either_o his_o nature_n with_o the_o pure_a force_n of_o his_o power_n which_o the_o school_n call_v actus_fw-la primus_fw-la can_v burst_v into_o a_o act_n or_o it_o can_v if_o you_o say_v it_o can_v than_o you_o must_v put_v a_o thing_n first_o not_o to_o do_v after_o to_o do_v without_o any_o change_n that_o be_v to_o be_v not_o productive_a and_o productive_a of_o a_o act_n that_o be_v two_o contradictory_n without_o any_o variety_n put_v he_o now_o in_o act_n either_o his_o essence_n with_o this_o act_n abstract_v from_o all_o other_o circumstance_n be_v productive_a of_o a_o second_o act_n or_o it_o be_v not_o if_o it_o be_v not_o then_o out_o of_o this_o essence_n and_o this_o act_n abstract_v from_o all_o accident_n he_o will_v never_o have_v a_o second_o but_o if_o the_o essence_n with_o this_o act_n be_v productive_a of_o a_o second_o act_n then_o as_o soon_o as_o he_o have_v this_o act_n he_o produce_v the_o second_o that_o be_v both_o together_o or_o else_o as_o we_o say_v before_o the_o same_o thing_n without_o change_n will_v be_v productive_a and_o not_o productive_a and_o so_o of_o as_o many_o act_n as_o follow_v in_o this_o sort_n one_o of_o another_o that_o be_v all_o that_o be_v in_o a_o angel_n by_o his_o own_o power_n without_o external_a help_n or_o determination_n so_o that_o the_o conclusion_n be_v all_o such_o act_n must_v be_v in_o the_o same_o moment_n altogether_o your_o answer_n be_v that_o this_o be_v true_a of_o one_o act_n but_o not_o of_o all_o but_o you_o must_v show_v that_o the_o argument_n do_v not_o convince_v as_o much_o of_o every_o one_o as_o of_o any_o one_o or_o otherwise_o it_o be_v but_o your_o bare_a word_n against_o a_o convince_a reason_n though_o you_o bold_o term_v it_o a_o gross_a error_n but_o you_o press_v that_o i_o hold_v all_o cause_n be_v fix_v and_o set_v as_o to_o all_o effect_n whatsoever_o from_o the_o very_a beginning_n to_o all_o future_a succession_n i_o pray_v distinguish_v the_o proposition_n you_o infer_v against_o i_o from_o this_o other_o there_o be_v no_o effect_n but_o have_v a_o cause_n and_o its_o cause_n have_v another_o cause_n and_o so_o till_o the_o beginning_n of_o the_o world_n for_o if_o you_o mean_v no_o more_o than_o this_o i_o must_v admit_v it_o howsoever_o you_o will_v please_v to_o miscall_v it_o if_o you_o have_v another_o meaning_n when_o you_o teach_v it_o i_o i_o shall_v tell_v you_o whether_o it_o be_v concurrent_a with_o my_o sentiment_n or_o no_o as_o for_o your_o cry_v out_o that_o it_o be_v pagan_a fatality_n that_o it_o destroy_v the_o liberty_n of_o god_n and_o the_o contingency_n of_o all_o create_a thing_n if_o of_o these_o three_o word_n though_o i_o doubt_v not_o but_o you_o have_v talk_v they_o over_o often_o enough_o you_o understand_v any_o one_o i_o will_v yield_v you_o the_o honour_n of_o be_v my_o learned_a master_n and_o shall_v not_o contest_v with_o you_o in_o divinity_n but_o in_o the_o mean_a while_o i_o must_v defend_v myself_o from_o your_o assault_n in_o your_o four_o and_o thirty_o section_n wherein_o you_o accuse_v i_o that_o i_o fix_v upon_o christianity_n and_o the_o church_n a_o ignorance_n of_o separate_a substance_n mean_v by_o these_o great_a word_n those_o that_o hold_v the_o probable_a opinion_n which_o you_o maintain_v as_o also_o a_o most_o gross_a abuse_n upon_o the_o angelical_a st._n thomas_n my_o
say_v so_o and_o that_o only_o you_o pretend_v to_o make_v the_o doctrine_n pass_v for_o a_o article_n of_o faith_n the_o contrary_a of_o which_o all_o the_o world_n know_v to_o be_v maintain_v by_o i_o second_o i_o must_v remember_v you_o that_o you_o do_v indeed_o and_o inexcusable_o wrong_v i_o when_o you_o say_v i_o deny_v that_o such_o soul_n be_v receive_v present_o into_o heaven_n if_o you_o mean_v by_o the_o word_n such_o soul_n purge_v after_o separation_n it_o be_v no_o better_o than_o a_o cunning_a calumny_n and_o will_v represent_v i_o as_o hold_v direct_o contrary_a to_o the_o bull_n and_o council_n whereas_o our_o dispute_n be_v whether_o soul_n may_v be_v so_o purge_v out_o of_o their_o body_n before_o the_o day_n of_o judgement_n not_o if_o they_o be_v so_o purge_v whether_o they_o go_v to_o heaven_n before_o that_o day_n this_o i_o agree_v to_o and_o be_v of_o faith_n that_o i_o deny_v and_o be_v but_o a_o opinion_n three_o you_o do_v not_o well_o justify_v your_o friend_n for_o change_v the_o title_n from_o concerning_o the_o vision_n of_o god_n and_o the_o beatitude_n and_o damnation_n of_o soul_n to_o this_o short_a but_o more_o general_a one_o concerning_o the_o state_n of_o depart_a soul_n while_o your_o answer_n signify_v only_o that_o they_o be_v several_a expression_n for_o the_o same_o thing_n which_o to_o a_o wary_a considerer_n will_v easy_o appear_v a_o artifice_n be_v it_o all_o one_o to_o contend_v about_o white_a and_o black_a and_o about_o colour_n in_o general_a no_o more_o be_v it_o all_o one_o to_o define_v concerning_o beatitude_n and_o damnation_n and_o to_o define_v concerning_o a_o state_n which_o be_v neither_o of_o they_o both_o four_o you_o often_o up_o and_o down_o your_o book_n brand_v i_o with_o faithless_a theology_n what_o do_v you_o mean_v do_v not_o your_o doctor_n general_o agree_v that_o something_o in_o religion_n be_v demonstrable_a be_v they_o all_o therefore_o present_o to_o be_v condemn_v as_o faithless_a can_v yourself_o demonstrate_v there_o be_v a_o god_n and_o will_v you_o think_v yourself_o a_o infidel_n for_o it_o or_o dare_v you_o tell_v the_o lady_n that_o for_o your_o part_n you_o be_v not_o so_o silly_a as_o to_o believe_v there_o be_v a_o god_n you_o know_v it_o and_o that_o as_o for_o belief_n of_o such_o thing_n it_o belong_v to_o the_o simple_a unlearned_a not_o to_o scolar_n i_o hope_v in_o your_o next_o work_n you_o will_v proceed_v with_o more_o candour_n and_o manliness_n your_o thirty_o seven_o section_n be_v spend_v in_o petty_a quarrel_n though_o some_o line_n in_o it_o be_v both_o false_a and_o malicious_a yet_o i_o will_v let_v all_o pass_v and_o go_v on_o to_o the_o thirty_o eight_o section_n where_o you_o rip_v up_o again_o the_o question_n whether_o the_o matter_n of_o the_o decree_n be_v that_o perfect_a charity_n carry_v separate_v soul_n immediate_o to_o heaven_n in_o which_o you_o tell_v we_o your_o publisher_n be_v indifferent_a and_o may_v yet_o choose_v whether_o he_o will_v say_v that_o good_a soul_n at_o their_o decease_n be_v whole_o purge_v from_o all_o irrational_a affection_n or_o no_o in_o the_o first_o instant_a and_o this_o may_v peradventure_o be_v true_a but_o if_o i_o be_o not_o deceive_v he_o will_v not_o say_v they_o be_v purge_v for_o i_o be_o sure_a you_o will_v censure_v it_o deep_o in_o i_o if_o i_o shall_v say_v that_o after_o this_o life_n there_o be_v any_o more_o dispose_v itself_o or_o merit_v towards_o life_n eternal_a but_o i_o must_v not_o be_v over_o confident_a you_o may_v have_v two_o censure_n in_o your_o breast_n for_o the_o same_o say_n in_o the_o mouth_n of_o different_a person_n you_o ask_v if_o charity_n bring_v a_o soul_n immediate_o to_o bliss_n what_o then_o do_v your_o adversary_n think_v of_o lumen_fw-la gloriae_fw-la it_o be_v to_o i_o a_o hard_a question_n what_o he_o will_v think_v of_o it_o for_o i_o see_v your_o great_a divine_n can_v agree_v what_o to_o think_v of_o it_o but_o i_o guess_v he_o may_v think_v either_o charity_n itself_o when_o perfect_o in_o a_o pure_a spirit_n be_v the_o light_n of_o glory_n or_o cause_v it_o as_o well_o as_o the_o beatifical_a vision_n you_o press_v far_o the_o perfection_n of_o charity_n in_o this_o life_n do_v not_o give_v the_o beatifical_a vision_n therefore_o neither_o in_o abstract_a soul_n but_o if_o i_o shall_v ask_v you_o how_o you_o know_v the_o antecedent_n you_o will_v be_v at_o a_o stop_n i_o can_v hear_v it_o defend_v that_o st._n benedict_n have_v the_o clear_a sight_n of_o god_n and_o i_o be_v at_o a_o sermon_n in_o alcala_n make_v to_o the_o whole_a university_n in_o which_o the_o preacher_n assert_v our_o lady_n have_v beatifical_a vision_n in_o the_o first_o instant_a of_o her_o conception_n and_o prove_v it_o out_o of_o his_o text_n which_o be_v fundamenta_fw-la ejus_fw-la in_fw-la montibus_fw-la sanctis_fw-la fundamenta_fw-la ejus_fw-la her_o conception_n in_fw-la montibus_fw-la sanctis_fw-la in_o the_o heighth_n or_o top_n of_o sanctity_n therefore_o believe_v divine_n must_v take_v heed_n of_o deny_v as_o well_o as_o of_o say_v beside_o i_o have_v read_v in_o st._n thomas_n and_o other_o both_o more_o ancient_a and_o more_o modern_a that_o there_o be_v a_o certain_a pitch_n of_o charity_n to_o which_o when_o man_n arrive_v god_n take_v they_o out_o of_o this_o world_n but_o however_o that_o stand_n i_o think_v there_o be_v a_o large_a difference_n betwixt_o the_o charity_n of_o pure_a spirit_n and_o of_o man_n so_o that_o the_o consequence_n may_v be_v true_a of_o one_o and_o not_o of_o the_o other_o far_o on_o you_o mention_v some_o reason_n of_o i_o against_o corporal_a punish_n of_o spirit_n but_o you_o knock_v they_o all_o on_o the_o head_n with_o a_o canon_n of_o the_o council_n of_o trent_n to_o understand_v the_o state_n of_o the_o question_n it_o be_v not_o amiss_o to_o consider_v that_o a_o sin_n special_o a_o notorious_a one_o have_v three_o effect_n or_o part_n one_o in_o the_o rational_a soul_n where_o it_o be_v a_o judgement_n or_o resolution_n or_o affection_n that_o such_o a_o action_n be_v to_o be_v do_v a_o second_o in_o the_o appetite_n or_o body_n where_o it_o make_v certain_a motion_n and_o their_o cause_n which_o bring_v a_o likelihood_n of_o fall_v into_o the_o same_o sin_n the_o three_o part_n be_v in_o the_o external_a action_n where_o it_o bring_v in_o some_o disorder_n which_o be_v subject_a to_o propagate_v itself_o far_o into_o other_o subject_n the_o disorderly_a judgement_n and_o affection_n be_v that_o which_o our_o schoolman_n when_o they_o speak_v formal_o call_v the_o sin_n and_o account_v the_o sin_n remit_v when_o that_o be_v due_o blot_v out_o whatever_o that_o signify_v but_o it_o be_v suppose_v to_o be_v do_v by_o contrition_n and_o absolution_n and_o although_o they_o admit_v this_o to_o be_v sufficient_a to_o go_v to_o heaven_n if_o one_o die_v yet_o in_o a_o live_a man_n they_o with_o reason_n require_v that_o the_o other_o two_o part_n or_o effect_n of_o sin_n shall_v also_o be_v take_v away_o which_o be_v to_o be_v do_v by_o satisfaction_n so_o may_v the_o reader_n understand_v what_o satisfaction_n be_v require_v for_o now_o let_v we_o see_v what_o you_o urge_v out_o of_o the_o council_n first_o you_o object_v the_o council_n teach_v that_o it_o be_v against_o the_o word_n of_o god_n to_o say_v that_o the_o fault_n be_v never_o remit_v but_o that_o all_o the_o punishment_n be_v also_o forgive_v and_o so_o you_o see_v by_o the_o discourse_n above_o make_v that_o we_o say_v also_o second_o the_o council_n say_v that_o it_o become_v the_o divine_a clemency_n that_o sin_n shall_v not_o be_v par●oned_v without_o any_o satisfaction_n so_o we_o say_v also_o by_o the_o fore-made_a discourse_n three_o the_o council_n charge_v priest_n to_o impose_v satisfaction_n so_o that_o it_o be_v not_o only_o as_o to_o the_o guard_n of_o a_o new_a life_n but_o also_o as_o in_o revenge_n and_o chastisement_n of_o their_o past_a sin_n which_o be_v clear_o necessary_a for_o the_o mend_n of_o the_o outward_a excess_n bring_v in_o by_o the_o sin_n and_o so_o we_o say_v direct_o the_o same_o you_o press_v far_o that_o the_o council_n say_v in_o baptism_n the_o whole_a pain_n be_v remit_v and_o if_o you_o speak_v in_o opposition_n to_o sin_n remit_v in_o penance_n the_o cause_n be_v clear_a for_o the_o sin_n commit_v before_o baptism_n belong_v not_o to_o the_o church_n court_n but_o if_o you_o speak_v in_o regard_n of_o god_n almighty_a i_o fear_v it_o will_v require_v i_o shall_v ask_v your_o judgement_n of_o a_o case_n your_o divine_n tell_v we_o that_o he_o who_o receive_v baptism_n cu_z fiction●_n receive_v baptism_n true_o yet_o if_o he_o die_v immediate_o i_o suspect_v whether_o you_o will_v send_v he_o immediate_o