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A61107 A discourse concerning prodigies wherein the vanity of presages by them is reprehended, and their true and proper ends asserted and vindicated / by John Spencer. Spencer, John, 1630-1693. 1663 (1663) Wing S4947; ESTC R24605 129,689 118

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within_o his_o compass_n be_v but_o simia_fw-la miraculi_fw-la and_o owe_v the_o wonder_n it_o meet_v with_o not_o too_o it_o be_v own_o real_a greatness_n but_o our_o ignorance_n now_o these_o wonder_n be_v either_o ordinary_a or_o extraordinary_n first_o there_o be_v some_o of_o his_o wonder_n of_o ordinary_a and_o constant_a residence_n a_o kind_n of_o more_o remarkable_a passage_n in_o the_o book_n of_o nature_n such_o as_o be_v 1._o the_o monadica_fw-la naturae_fw-la by_o which_o i_o take_v leave_n to_o understand_v at_o present_a those_o work_n in_o nature_n which_o be_v of_o so_o private_a and_o peculiar_a a_o make_n and_o character_n that_o they_o stand_v almost_o alone_o and_o hardly_o admit_v their_o pattern_n in_o the_o whole_a systeme_n of_o the_o creation_n such_o as_o be_v boil_a spring_n flame_a mountain_n petrify_v water_n vast_a chasm_n and_o hiatus_fw-la in_o the_o earth_n etc._n etc._n the_o instance_n whereof_o be_v so_o various_a that_o there_o be_v no_o country_n but_o have_v its_o miranda_fw-la which_o call_v upon_o it_o to_o pay_v the_o constant_a tribute_n of_o a_o deliberate_a and_o judicious_a admiration_n to_o he_o who_o seem_v to_o inscribe_v his_o own_o name_n wonderful_a upon_o all_o 6._o these_o work_n of_o he_o 2_o the_o lusus_fw-la naturae_fw-la as_o i_o may_v style_v they_o the_o disport_n of_o nature_n such_o work_n wherein_o the_o hand_n of_o nature_n break_v and_o divide_v as_o it_o be_v the_o plain_a ground_n of_o some_o common_a nature_n into_o a_o elegant_a variety_n of_o individual_n different_a in_o shape_n and_o temper_n as_o be_v see_v in_o dog_n and_o rose_n etc._n etc._n as_o also_o those_o work_n wherein_o because_o delight_v as_o much_o with_o consent_n as_o variety_n se_fw-la sequiturque_fw-la fugitque_fw-la she_o seem_v to_o follow_v and_o fly_v from_o herself_o both_o at_o once_o ap_v and_o imitate_v she_o own_o work_n in_o one_o element_n by_o some_o similar_v figure_n or_o disposition_n in_o different_a piece_n of_o the_o creation_n in_o another_o which_o serve_v as_o a_o kind_n of_o grateful_a repeat_v in_o the_o harmony_n of_o the_o world_n 3._o the_o varietates_fw-la naturae_fw-la elegant_a and_o copious_a variety_n of_o nature_n appear_v in_o the_o various_a species_n of_o thing_n which_o different_a country_n so_o entertain_v the_o curiosity_n of_o each_o other_o with_o that_o one_o appear_v a_o kind_n of_o constant_a prodigy_n to_o another_o all_o these_o have_v employ_v the_o hour_n of_o other_o man_n and_o beside_o be_v more_o proper_o enter_v among_o the_o rarity_n than_o the_o prodigy_n of_o nature_n and_o so_o fall_v not_o within_o the_o line_n of_o our_o present_a argument_n second_o there_o be_v wonder_n extraordinary_a such_o be_v they_o which_o happen_v but_o now_o and_o then_o and_o be_v a_o kind_n of_o short_a and_o transient_a discord_n step_v in_o sometime_o to_o recommend_v the_o general_a harmony_n and_o evenes_n in_o the_o motion_n of_o nature_n and_o the_o government_n of_o the_o world_n comprise_v under_o the_o general_a name_n of_o prodigy_n now_o that_o division_n of_o these_o which_o i_o shall_v premise_v to_o the_o ensue_a discourse_n shall_v be_v such_o as_o the_o necessity_n and_o design_n thereof_o rather_o than_o such_o as_o the_o law_n of_o logic_n do_v prompt_v i_o to_o which_o i_o conceive_v may_v be_v best_a serve_v by_o divide_v they_o into_o prodigy_n bare_o signal_n and_o penal_a for_o though_o i_o have_v no_o faith_n nor_o favour_n for_o the_o former_a yet_o while_o i_o indite_v they_o at_o the_o bar_n of_o reason_n i_o be_o force_v to_o take_v notice_n of_o they_o under_o such_o name_n and_o title_n as_o common_a opinion_n have_v affix_v upon_o they_o those_o which_o be_v bare_o signal_n such_o i_o mean_v in_o vulgar_a account_n be_v of_o three_o sort_n 1._o prodigy_n natural_a such_o i_o reckon_v all_o those_o of_o who_o particular_a and_o immediate_a cause_n though_o rare_o occur_v we_o be_v sufficient_o resolve_v such_o as_o be_v to_o speak_v with_o the_o people_n falling-star_n earthquake_n extraordinary_a eclipse_n the_o appearance_n of_o two_o or_o three_o sun_n at_o once_o some_o kind_n of_o monstrous_a birth_n with_o these_o i_o number_v all_o event_n beside_o the_o common_a road_n of_o nature_n owe_v to_o some_o accidental_a though_o to_o we_o unknown_a assistance_n or_o interruption_n of_o agent_n pure_o natural_a or_o some_o secret_a and_o reserve_a law_n in_o nature_n as_o comet_n new-star_n some_o extraordinary_a alteration_n in_o the_o heavenly_a body_n as_o that_o in_o the_o planet_n venus_n both_o as_o to_o colour_n and_o figure_n before_o the_o time_n of_o christ_n often_o mention_v by_o astronomer_n from_o varro_n and_o s._n austin_n and_o the_o strange_a deliquium_fw-la of_o light_n in_o the_o sun_n about_o the_o 8._o death_n of_o caesar_n some_o unusual_a ebbing_n and_o flow_n of_o the_o sea_n these_o i_o reckon_v prodigy_n natural_a all_o be_v but_o nature_n act_v of_o its_o part_n in_o a_o different_a habit_n and_o give_v we_o to_o know_v how_o it_o will_v exert_v itself_o when_o such_o agent_n and_o such_o matter_n chance_n to_o meet_v 2._o prodigy_n preternatural_a such_o i_o account_v all_o strange_a event_n which_o hold_v of_o no_o steady_a cause_n but_o be_v to_o we_o sole_o casual_a and_o uncertain_a as_o the_o fire_n of_o a_o house_n by_o lightning_n the_o come_n to_o shore_n of_o some_o strange_a kind_n of_o fish_n the_o break_n off_o or_o stand_v still_o of_o river_n message_n deliver_v by_o spirit_n apparition_n in_o the_o air_n which_o be_v effect_n above_o a_o natural_a and_o beneath_o a_o bare_a supernatural_a agent_n 3._o supernatural_a such_o as_o be_v event_n of_o which_o reason_n be_v sufficient_o resolve_v that_o they_o exceed_v the_o power_n and_o sufficiency_n of_o all_o natural_a cause_n for_o look_v as_o in_o religion_n there_o be_v quaedam_fw-la juxta_fw-la rationem_fw-la some_o thing_n according_a to_o the_o common_a reason_n of_o all_o man_n viz._n the_o doctrine_n of_o temperance_n righteousness_n obedience_n to_o god_n some_o thing_n praeter_fw-la rationem_fw-la beside_o reason_n the_o discovery_n of_o god_n which_o reason_n now_o apprehend_v and_o seal_v unto_o but_o can_v not_o marte_fw-la proprio_fw-la of_o itself_o reach_v unto_o some_o thing_n supra_fw-la rationem_fw-la the_o great_a article_n of_o faith_n transcendent_a to_o the_o capacity_n as_o well_o as_o light_v of_o common_a reason_n in_o the_o mode_n and_o circumstance_n of_o they_o so_o in_o the_o compass_n of_o divine_a providence_n there_o be_v three_o sort_n of_o work_n quaedam_fw-la juxta_fw-la naturam_fw-la some_o according_a to_o the_o common_a law_n of_o nature_n work_v quaedam_fw-la praeter_fw-la naturam_fw-la some_o beside_o common_a nature_n such_o be_v the_o event_n we_o call_v prodigy_n which_o though_o according_a to_o nature_n as_o consider_v in_o such_o circumstance_n and_o co-incidence_a of_o cause_n yet_o be_v beside_o it_o consider_v in_o its_o more_o usual_a and_o familiar_a method_n of_o action_n quaedam_fw-la supra_fw-la naturam_fw-la such_o be_v those_o alteration_n in_o nature_n which_o exceed_v the_o capacity_n of_o second_o cause_n in_o a_o prodigy_n strict_o take_v nature_n suffer_v from_o itself_o and_o be_v in_o a_o sort_n both_o victor_n and_o captive_a to_o itself_o but_o in_o a_o miracle_n nature_n be_v sole_o passive_a to_o that_o original_a mind_n and_o power_n which_o give_v it_o its_o first_o law_n of_o motion_n these_o supernatural_a prodigy_n though_o i_o know_v not_o to_o believe_v any_o such_o now_o happen_v yet_o must_v find_v a_o place_n in_o this_o discourse_n not_o only_o because_o some_o such_o have_v as_o ambassador_n extraordinary_a be_v dispatch_v heretofore_o upon_o some_o great_a errand_n as_o the_o fearful_a eclipse_n at_o our_o saviour_n death_n the_o hailstone_n mention_v josh._n 10._o 11._o so_o huge_o exceed_v the_o common_a standard_n of_o nature_n and_o perhaps_o the_o fiery_a sword_n which_o hang_v over_o jerusalem_n so_o long_o before_o its_o final_a desolation_n but_o because_o our_o adversary_n be_v so_o prone_a to_o overvalue_v such_o occasion_n and_o to_o entitle_v a_o immediate_a hand_n of_o heaven_n to_o all_o such_o object_n of_o wonder_n as_o for_o those_o story_n with_o which_o the_o ethnic_a legend_n abound_v of_o the_o speak_n of_o child_n out_o of_o their_o mother_n womb_n the_o rain_v of_o stone_n the_o speaking_z of_o ox_n their_o be_v find_v without_o heart_n or_o liver_n when_o bring_v to_o the_o altar_n fountain_n run_v with_o real_a blood_n for_o a_o long_a time_n together_o which_o may_v seem_v to_o enter_v a_o fair_a plea_n for_o the_o honour_n of_o be_v marshal_v under_o this_o head_n i_o reject_v they_o all_o with_o tully_n as_o fable_n 2._o and_o imposture_n with_o which_o the_o world_n have_v ever_o be_v abuse_v rome-pagan_a be_v as_o good_a at_o invent_v story_n of_o prodigy_n and_o apparition_n of_o the_o god_n as_o rome-christian_a of_o miracle_n
te_fw-la comitabuntur_fw-la which_o counsel_n he_o neglect_v himself_o most_o of_o his_o noble_n and_o army_n fall_v in_o that_o fatal_a battle_n hardly_o discover_v for_o how_o easy_o may_v the_o devil_n impose_v upon_o our_o simplicity_n in_o the_o livery_n of_o a_o angel_n of_o light_n though_o i_o think_v this_o negative_a sign_n of_o such_o a_o apparition_n faithful_a enough_o viz._n that_o these_o son_n of_o god_n never_o debase_v themselves_o to_o such_o antic_a shape_n judicrous_a posture_n and_o action_n monstrous_a form_n weak_a rite_n which_o evil_a spirit_n design_v to_o get_v to_o themselves_o the_o homage_n of_o a_o great_a fear_n from_o some_o man_n or_o to_o abuse_v their_o imagination_n or_o to_o dishonour_v the_o image_n and_o figure_n of_o man_n who_o they_o so_o much_o hate_n or_o to_o appear_v rather_o ridiculous_a then_o abominable_a usual_o do_v never_o to_o be_v expect_v because_o never_o promise_v beside_o converse_n with_o angel_n be_v a_o blessing_n which_o our_o state_n of_o infirmity_n can_v not_o bear_v and_o our_o folly_n can_v well_o admit_v and_o this_o i_o suppose_v may_v suffice_v to_o tender_v concern_v these_o second_o kind_n of_o prodigy_n signal_n style_v so_o ex_fw-la communi_fw-la fide_fw-la because_o vulgar_a faith_n have_v prefer_v they_o to_o the_o repute_n of_o divine_a sign_n and_o intimation_n which_o i_o think_v fit_a again_o to_o intimate_v to_o excuse_v the_o indecorum_n of_o my_o apply_v of_o the_o term_n without_o the_o reason_n thereof_o so_o frequent_o unto_o they_o chap._n iu._n concern_v prodigy_n in_o appearance_n supernatural_a some_o prodigy_n instanced_a in_o which_o seem_v supernatural_a the_o truth_n in_o reference_n to_o they_o deliver_v in_o 4_o proposition_n lie_v oracle_n and_o miracle_n of_o especial_a use_n to_o advance_v the_o devil_n kingdom_n strange_a event_n not_o to_o be_v easy_o judge_v miraculous_a and_o why_o the_o first_o fiery_a eruption_n of_o vesuvius_n probable_o conclude_v a_o sign_n of_o judgement_n and_o the_o reason_n of_o that_o assertion_n what_o to_o be_v think_v of_o that_o fiery_a sword_n which_o hang_v over_o jerusalem_n no_o prodigy_n in_o appearance_n supernatural_a to_o be_v receive_v now_o as_o sign_n and_o why_o there_o be_v some_o event_n which_o the_o history_n of_o time_n present_v we_o with_o of_o so_o peculiar_a and_o strange_a a_o make_n and_o character_n that_o they_o stand_v alone_o in_o nature_n and_o their_o cause_n stand_v so_o much_o in_o the_o dark_a that_o they_o seem_v to_o enter_v a_o very_a fair_a and_o plausible_a plea_n for_o the_o repute_n of_o a_o miracle_n such_o as_o be_v the_o turn_n of_o pond_n and_o lake_n in_o appearance_n into_o blood_n sword_n as_o of_o fire_n see_v to_o hang_v over_o city_n for_o several_a day_n together_o the_o removal_n of_o mountain_n or_o other_o part_n of_o the_o earth_n for_o several_a furlong_n from_o their_o natural_a place_n some_o strange_a alteration_n observe_v in_o the_o motion_n and_o temper_n of_o the_o bird_n and_o beast_n or_o figure_n and_o colour_n of_o any_o of_o the_o heavenly_a body_n with_o these_o i_o reckon_v some_o sudden_a intercsion_n of_o the_o light_n of_o the_o sun_n occasion_v not_o by_o the_o veil_n of_o a_o eclipse_n cast_v before_o it_o but_o some_o unaccountable_a passion_n of_o the_o luminous_a body_n itself_o such_o a_o deliquium_fw-la we_o read_v of_o immediate_o subsequent_a to_o the_o death_n of_o caesar_n conclude_v by_o the_o ethnic_a poet_n a_o kind_n of_o prodigious_a shrink_n of_o the_o eye_n of_o heaven_n from_o the_o view_n of_o so_o black_a a_o wickedness_n as_o the_o assassination_n of_o so_o excellent_a a_o person_n who_o upon_o occasion_n thereof_o thus_o express_v himself_o ille_fw-la etiam_fw-la extincto_fw-la miseratus_fw-la caesar_fw-la romam_fw-la 1._o cum_fw-la caput_fw-la obscura_fw-la nitidum_fw-la ferrugine_fw-la tinxit_fw-la impiaque_fw-la aeternam_fw-la timuerunt_fw-la saecula_fw-la noctem_fw-la a_o example_n parallel_v whereunto_o be_v relate_v by_o lavater_n who_o report_v 7._o that_o in_o the_o year_n 1585._o mar._n 12._o such_o a_o darkness_n sudden_o cover_v the_o earth_n that_o the_o bird_n go_v to_o roost_v at_o noon_n and_o the_o guilty_a fear_n of_o man_n antedate_v the_o day_n of_o judgement_n a_o like_a instance_n whereunto_o in_o another_o kind_n be_v the_o sudden_a torpor_n and_o stand_v still_o of_o great_a current_n and_o the_o part_n of_o their_o water_n in_o so_o wonderful_a a_o manner_n that_o they_o seem_v to_o carry_v some_o figure_n and_o imitation_n of_o those_o miraculous_a division_n of_o water_n record_v in_o sacred_a writ_n such_o be_v that_o mention_v in_o our_o chronicle_n which_o happen_v anno._n 1399_o when_o the_o river_n of_o ouse_n in_o bedfordshire_n part_v asunder_o near_o harold_n in_o that_o county_n the_o water_n from_o the_o fountain_n stand_v still_o and_o those_o towards_o the_o sea_n give_v way_n so_o that_o it_o be_v passable_a over_o on_o foot_n for_o 3_o mile_n together_o to_o which_o i_o add_v that_o unparllel_a eruption_n of_o fire_n from_o the_o mountain_n vesuvius_n first_o happen_v in_o the_o second_o year_n of_o titus_n of_o which_o it_o may_v be_v true_o say_v that_o if_o all_o the_o character_n of_o horror_n enumerate_v by_o historian_n be_v due_o weigh_v it_o will_v be_v hard_a to_o find_v its_o pattern_n but_o in_o scripture_n where_o we_o read_v of_o a_o mountain_n which_o quake_v great_o and_o that_o burn_v with_o fire_n to_o the_o midst_n of_o heaven_n 11._o with_o darkness_n cloud_n and_o thick_a darkness_n now_o though_o i_o be_o far_o from_o give_v to_o all_o these_o effect_n the_o repute_n of_o a_o miracle_n as_o may_v appear_v by_o my_o marshal_n of_o some_o of_o they_o under_o other_o head_n much_o less_o of_o a_o sign_n yet_o because_o nature_n seem_v not_o in_o these_o as_o in_o other_o prodigy_n to_o err_v by_o any_o know_a law_n and_o some_o of_o they_o at_o least_o be_v so_o wonderful_a that_o to_o speak_v truth_n they_o stand_v in_o confinio_fw-la miraculi_fw-la i_o think_v good_a to_o discourse_v they_o apart_o and_o as_o enclose_v under_o another_o name_n and_o notion_n and_o the_o rather_o because_o if_o our_o adversary_n shall_v chance_v to_o call_v a_o knub_n a_o horn_n to_o style_v these_o or_o some_o other_o of_o the_o forementioned_a prodigy_n supernatural_a and_o miraculous_a they_o may_v seem_v like_a proteus_n to_o avoid_v all_o the_o knot_n they_o can_v unloose_v reason_n they_o can_v answer_v by_o shift_v form_n and_o that_o event_n which_o they_o can_v advance_v a_o sign_n of_o the_o time_n sub_fw-la nomine_fw-la prodigii_fw-la they_o may_v possible_o assay_v to_o do_v sub_fw-la specie_fw-la miraculi_fw-la all_o therefore_o that_o i_o shall_v offer_v concern_v prodigy_n supernatural_a whether_o in_o truth_n or_o pretence_n i_o shall_v not_o much_o inquire_v shall_v be_v couch_v in_o these_o few_o ensue_a proposition_n first_o it_o be_v a_o great_a example_n of_o rashness_n easy_o to_o entitle_v any_o strange_a effect_n 1_o who_o cause_n stand_v not_o in_o a_o good_a light_n supernatural_a and_o miraculous_a and_o that_o upon_o a_o fourfold_a account_n 1._o we_o understand_v not_o the_o just_a extent_n and_o compass_n of_o that_o sphere_n of_o activity_n assign_v to_o bare_a natural_a power_n nor_o how_o far_o they_o may_v in_o some_o circumstance_n exceed_v the_o line_n of_o common_a and_o ordinary_a operation_n how_o many_o work_n of_o art_n be_v there_o scarce_o the_o wonder_n of_o our_o day_n the_o performance_n whereof_o in_o the_o rudeness_n of_o former_a time_n will_v have_v prefer_v a_o man_n to_o the_o repute_n of_o simon_n magus_n the_o great_a power_n of_o god_n who_o will_v not_o two_o or_o three_o hundred_o year_n ago_o have_v vouch_a the_o break_v down_o of_o mighty_a wall_n by_o the_o force_n and_o power_n of_o a_o little_a black_a dust_n as_o great_a a_o impossibility_n as_o the_o indian_n do_v the_o communicate_v by_o letter_n at_o so_o great_a a_o distance_n we_o understand_v not_o full_o how_o far_o our_o notion_n of_o possible_a and_o impossible_a when_o we_o be_v among_o agent_n natural_a be_v fix_v and_o faithful_a as_o for_o the_o miracle_n wrought_v by_o our_o saviour_n lest_o any_o shadow_n of_o natural_a power_n may_v seem_v to_o assist_v and_o so_o to_o disparage_v they_o he_o usual_o exert_v his_o divinity_n in_o raise_v of_o the_o dead_a restore_v of_o a_o man_n bear_v blind_a to_o sight_n in_o cure_v the_o woman_n who_o art_n have_v give_v for_o desperate_a luk._n 8._o 43._o in_o command_v the_o wave_n and_o storm_n into_o rest_n and_o silence_n with_o a_o word_n and_o such_o like_a work_n which_o evident_o appear_v to_o lie_v extra_fw-la vias_fw-la naturae_fw-la such_o whereof_o no_o magician_n ever_o attempt_v the_o counterfeit_n otherwise_o his_o miracle_n have_v leave_v open_a a_o wide_a door_n for_o infidelity_n to_o break_v out_o at_o 2._o we_o understand_v not_o full_o how_o far_o the_o
fire_n on_o his_o altar_n will_v quick_o go_v out_o and_o therefore_o he_o appoint_v all_o the_o change_n in_o the_o exta_fw-la in_o the_o face_n of_o heaven_n in_o the_o birth_n of_o creature_n in_o the_o fly_n of_o bird_n etc._n etc._n as_o a_o kind_n of_o sign_n from_o the_o god_n of_o some_o great_a and_o strange_a effect_n which_o when_o he_o see_v their_o cause_n to_o swell_v out_o withal_o and_o just_o ready_a to_o be_v deliver_v of_o they_o he_o can_v easy_o bring_v about_o all_o these_o little_a change_n fall_v within_o the_o compass_n of_o his_o power_n that_o on_o which_o side_n soever_o the_o die_n of_o affair_n fall_v be_v the_o success_n of_o a_o undertake_n on_o this_o side_n or_o that_o he_o may_v still_o secure_v the_o repute_n of_o his_o prescience_n by_o hold_v his_o easy_a votary_n in_o hand_n that_o the_o precede_a prodigy_n be_v a_o warning_n of_o the_o thing_n which_o fall_v out_o and_o therefore_o he_o serve_v the_o end_n of_o imposture_n much_o better_a upon_o these_o dumb_a and_o doubtful_a than_o his_o speak_a oracle_n wherein_o he_o hazard_v his_o credit_n great_o by_o return_v doubtful_a or_o false_a solution_n to_o the_o question_n propose_v to_o he_o de_fw-fr futuro_fw-la well_o therefore_o may_v the_o devil_n be_v presume_v upon_o a_o easy_a foresight_n of_o some_o great_a disaster_n to_o cause_v the_o entrail_n of_o the_o sacrifice_n to_o put_v on_o a_o sad_a and_o unusual_a face_n and_o therefore_o the_o poet_n upon_o such_o a_o accident_n speak_v more_o truth_n than_o he_o be_v aware_a caesique_fw-la in_o viscera_fw-la tauri_n inferni_fw-la venêre_fw-la dei._n so_o also_o upon_o his_o sight_n of_o a_o approach_a battle_n he_o may_v easy_o give_v forth_o a_o prophetic_a emblem_n thereof_o in_o some_o such_o martial_a image_n and_o impression_n upon_o the_o airy_a region_n his_o proper_a province_n if_o all_o this_o satisfy_v not_o i_o shall_v ready_o deliver_v the_o reader_n to_o the_o freedom_n of_o his_o own_o judgement_n in_o reference_n to_o such_o thing_n for_o myself_o when_o i_o find_v in_o the_o book_n of_o god_n that_o holy_a and_o heavenly_a host_n not_o call_v forth_o but_o to_o wait_v upon_o some_o great_a and_o important_a service_n the_o protection_n of_o a_o patriarch_n or_o a_o great_a prophet_n the_o declaration_n of_o the_o birth_n of_o the_o son_n of_o god_n or_o perhaps_o to_o attend_v god_n great_a act_n of_o justice_n upon_o jerusalem_n i_o know_v not_o to_o entertain_v any_o such_o cheap_a and_o little_a thought_n of_o they_o as_o once_o to_o imagine_v that_o the_o angel_n be_v ever_o send_v forth_o to_o run_v a_o tilt_n in_o the_o air_n to_o find_v the_o vain_a world_n talk_v and_o to_o tell_v it_o news_n or_o that_o god_n will_v ever_o confer_v the_o honour_n of_o so_o solemn_a and_o great_a a_o presage_n upon_o a_o paltry_a battle_n at_o sea_n or_o land_n which_o be_v general_o intend_v but_o to_o serve_v the_o lust_n and_o passion_n of_o man_n which_o have_v break_v all_o those_o cord_n of_o love_n precept_n of_o charity_n whereby_o they_o be_v bind_v one_o unto_o another_o four_o the_o apparition_n of_o evil_a angel_n in_o what_o place_n form_n company_n 4._o and_o their_o premonition_n by_o what_o voice_n and_o sign_n soever_o ought_v not_o to_o be_v attend_v unto_o as_o the_o prognostic_n of_o any_o event_n whatsoever_o many_o relation_n there_o be_v current_a in_o writer_n and_o common_a converse_n of_o such_o apparition_n in_o very_o terrible_a form_n and_o that_o before_o some_o great_a plague_n 2._o and_o war_n and_o i_o shall_v not_o once_o attempt_v to_o build_v my_o cause_n upon_o the_o ruin_n of_o the_o credit_n of_o they_o all_o we_o find_v in_o scripture_n the_o fall_n of_o saul_n and_o jonathan_n foretell_v by_o the_o apparition_n of_o a_o evil_a angel_n such_o apparition_n have_v happen_v though_o general_o in_o time_n and_o place_n of_o great_a ignorance_n and_o superstition_n and_o that_o perhaps_o as_o be_v say_v that_o these_o lie_a spirit_n may_v maintain_v a_o opinion_n of_o their_o foresight_n of_o thing_n though_o the_o matter_n signify_v by_o they_o be_v such_o as_o may_v easy_o be_v discover_v in_o their_o natural_a or_o moral_a cause_n or_o to_o derive_v a_o suspicion_n upon_o the_o story_n of_o angelical_a apparition_n in_o sacred_a writ_n or_o to_o get_v such_o a_o stock_n of_o credit_n whereby_o they_o may_v set_v up_o cheater_n with_o the_o less_o suspicion_n for_o the_o future_a or_o perhaps_o in_o a_o kind_n of_o petty_a triumph_n over_o those_o man_n who_o sin_n together_o with_o their_o temptation_n have_v betray_v they_o to_o such_o fearful_a judgement_n or_o perhaps_o evil_a angel_n be_v often_o the_o executioner_n of_o his_o judgement_n god_n will_v have_v these_o apollyon_n see_v as_o it_o be_v upon_o the_o stage_n before_o execution_n 44._o that_o man_n may_v know_v and_o consider_v into_o who_o hand_n in_o all_o likelihood_n their_o iniquity_n have_v betray_v they_o but_o admit_v the_o depth_n of_o god_n or_o the_o devil_n in_o such_o apparition_n past_o our_o fathom_v sure_o i_o be_o we_o have_v no_o warrant_n at_o all_o to_o give_v any_o evil_a spirit_n the_o honour_n of_o the_o least_o trust_n and_o regard_n by_o a_o observance_n of_o any_o word_n action_n or_o sign_n of_o he_o god_n will_v disow_v one_o of_o his_o royal_a title_n when_o once_o black_v and_o profane_v by_o the_o devil_n usurpation_n hos._n 2._o 16_o 17._o our_o saviour_n refuse_v a_o just_a and_o true_a testimony_n to_o his_o divinity_n when_o give_v in_o by_o the_o father_n of_o lie_n mark_v 1._o 24._o god_n servant_n refuse_v his_o good_a creature_n when_o once_o set_v upon_o the_o devil_n table_n 1_o cor._n 10._o 21._o we_o be_v allow_v no_o fellowship_n with_o devil_n by_o who_o truth_n be_v never_o tell_v but_o to_o serve_v some_o delusion_n and_o imposture_n and_o therefore_o though_o we_o read_v psal._n 78._o 49._o that_o god_n sometime_o make_v use_n of_o evil_a angel_n as_o the_o executioner_n of_o his_o judgement_n yet_o never_o that_o he_o commissionated_a any_o of_o they_o to_o be_v the_o denouncers_n of_o they_o to_o receive_v therefore_o the_o apparition_n voice_n drumming_n or_o antic_a noise_n of_o spirit_n in_o any_o place_n whatsoever_o as_o presage_n of_o some_o approach_a evil_n as_o if_o like_o some_o strange_a creature_n in_o the_o sea_n they_o use_v to_o show_v themselves_o and_o play_v in_o sight_n against_o a_o storm_n be_v to_o consult_v shame_n to_o ourselves_o and_o our_o religion_n to_o ourselves_o because_o render_v ourselves_o thereby_o to_o the_o suspicion_n of_o have_v a_o great_a credulity_n and_o curiosity_n pregnant_a argument_n of_o a_o soft_a vain_a and_o unfurnished_a mind_n to_o our_o religion_n derive_v upon_o it_o a_o appearance_n of_o falsehood_n in_o those_o many_o assurance_n it_o offer_v we_o of_o the_o treachery_n and_o imposture_n of_o those_o forsake_a spirit_n such_o apparition_n report_v nothing_o to_o we_o with_o truth_n and_o faithfulness_n but_o what_o they_o tempt_v man_n lest_o to_o believe_v the_o be_v of_o a_o god_n and_o so_o as_o the_o viper_n flesh_n cure_v its_o own_o bite_n enable_v we_o to_o quote_v the_o devil_n against_o satan_n and_o to_o cast_v he_o out_o by_o himself_o it_o be_v therefore_o our_o wisdom_n not_o to_o invite_v the_o devil_n so_o far_o to_o be_v our_o oracle_n as_o to_o vouchsafe_v the_o least_o credit_n or_o regard_n to_o any_o of_o his_o prophetic_a speech_n posture_n action_n but_o to_o resolve_v to_o take_v the_o goodness_n and_o providence_n of_o god_n as_o security_n sufficient_a for_o the_o peace_n and_o composure_n of_o our_o mind_n and_o not_o to_o put_v ourselves_o out_o of_o his_o keep_n and_o so_o make_v way_n for_o the_o accomplishment_n of_o any_o of_o they_o by_o any_o distrustful_a fear_n arise_v from_o any_o sign_n whatsoever_o give_v forth_o by_o so_o swear_v a_o enemy_n to_o god_n truth_n and_o the_o peace_n of_o man_n five_o the_o appearance_n of_o good_a angel_n be_v now_o rare_o give_v hardly_o 5._o discover_v never_o to_o be_v expect_v i_o say_v rare_o give_a i_o do_v not_o say_v never_o lest_o i_o speak_v without_o book_n to_o omit_v some_o very_a probable_a relation_n of_o this_o nature_n that_o apparition_n be_v usual_o think_v a_o herald_n from_o heaven_n which_o advise_v james_n the_o four_o of_o scotland_n in_o who_o counsel_n at_o that_o time_n the_o concern_v of_o a_o nation_n be_v wrap_v up_o to_o historian_n forbear_v some_o vicious_a practice_n but_o especial_o the_o fight_n of_o his_o intend_a battle_n with_o the_o english_a in_o those_o word_n rex_fw-la ego_fw-la ad_fw-la te_fw-la missus_fw-la sum_fw-la ut_fw-la te_fw-la admoneam_fw-la ne_fw-la quò_fw-la instituisti_fw-la progrediaris_fw-la quam_fw-la admonitionem_fw-la si_fw-la neglexeris_fw-la non_fw-la erit_fw-la è_fw-it re_fw-mi tua_fw-la nec_fw-la eorum_fw-la qui_fw-la