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B06703 The guide in controversies, or, A rational account of the doctrine of Roman-Catholicks concerning the ecclesiastical guide in controversies of religion reflecting on the later writings of Protestants, particularly of Archbishop Lawd and Dr. Stillingfleet on this subject. / By R.H. R. H., 1609-1678. 1667 (1667) Wing W3447A; ESTC R186847 357,072 413

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these_o divine_a revelation_n from_o those_o who_o be_v know_v by_o miracle_n to_o be_v send_v from_o god_n the_o multitude_n of_o they_o i_o say_v together_o with_o their_o wisdom_n their_o sanctity_n their_o unanimous_a consent_n throughout_o so_o many_o age_n their_o affirm_v such_o truth_n much_o contrary_n to_o all_o their_o secular_a interest_n to_o the_o appetite_n of_o the_o flesh_n and_o ambition_n of_o this_o world_n their_o deliver_v they_o both_o by_o word_n and_o writing_n to_o their_o child_n and_o posterity_n to_o be_v deliver_v again_o to_o they_o as_o matter_n of_o the_o high_a moment_n and_o wherein_o it_o eternal_o concern_v they_o not_o to_o be_v deceive_v as_o also_o their_o strict_a charge_n to_o deliver_v nothing_o in_o these_o matter_n of_o faith_n to_o their_o child_n which_o they_o have_v not_o receive_v from_o their_o forefather_n their_o suffering_n many_o time_n cruel_a death_n for_o the_o verity_n of_o their_o testimony_n the_o miracle_n in_o several_a age_n do_v also_o by_o they_o which_o miracle_n when_o do_v for_o the_o testify_a of_o their_o faith_n such_o in_o those_o age_n as_o have_v see_v have_v have_v the_o like_a evidence_n of_o this_o faith_n as_o those_o who_o see_v the_o miracle_n of_o the_o apostle_n and_o those_o who_o have_v not_o see_v but_o believe_v the_o credible_a relator_n of_o they_o have_v the_o like_a evidence_n of_o their_o faith_n as_o those_o also_o have_v in_o the_o apostle_n time_n who_o believe_v as_o doubtless_o many_o do_v not_o see_v but_o only_o hear_v of_o their_o miracle_n if_o i_o say_v i_o proceed_v th●s_n to_o prove_v the_o church-tradition_n infallible_a from_o these_o motive_n of_o credibility_n here_o again_o it_o be_v ask_v concern_v these_o motive_n whether_o they_o also_o be_v pretend_v infallible_a and_o whether_o they_o carry_v a_o certainty_n in_o they_o equal_a to_o that_o infallible_a assent_n of_o divine_a faith_n that_o be_v give_v to_o divine_a revelation_n and_o particular_o to_o this_o of_o the_o infallibility_n of_o the_o church_n which_o assent_n of_o divine_a faith_n be_v pretend_v to_o be_v more_o firm_a than_o any_o humane_a knowledge_n can_v be_v because_o it_o do_v ultimate_o rest_v upon_o divine_a authority_n and_o yet_o which_o divine_a faith_n at_o last_o to_o avoid_v a_o circle_n be_v by_o catholic_n for_o its_o certainty_n make_v to_o rest_n upon_o these_o prudential_a motive_n it_o be_v ask_v therefore_o in_o the_o last_o place_n whether_o these_o motive_n be_v pretend_v not-possibly-fallible_a or_o no._n if_o not_o how_o can_v a_o infallible_a or_o divine_a faith_n be_v ground_v on_o motive_n only_o high_o probable_a or_o only_o moral_o certain_a or_o the_o thing_n that_o be_v prove_v or_o conclusion_n be_v render_v certain_a and_o not-possibly-fallible_a to_o i_o from_o a_o possibly-fallible_a proof_n or_o medium_n since_o the_o thing_n prove_v or_o the_o ground_n of_o my_o assent_n must_v be_v more_o credible_a evident_a and_o certain_a to_o i_o than_o the_o thing_n prove_v but_o if_o these_o motive_n also_o be_v affirm_v infallible_a 1_o how_o can_v that_o be_v since_o all_o man_n however_o take_v divide_v or_o conjoin_v single_a or_o a_o multitude_n vulgar_a or_o wise_a and_o learned_a be_v possible_o liable_a both_o to_o deceive_v and_o to_o be_v deceive_v and_o 2_o thus_o at_o least_o divine_a faith_n will_v at_o last_o be_v build_v upon_o and_o resolve_v into_o not_o divine_a but_o humane_a authority_n contrary_a to_o the_o doctrine_n of_o catholic_n §_o 122_o and_o if_o it_o shall_v be_v say_v here_o that_o the_o resolution_n of_o divine_a faith_n into_o these_o prudential_a motive_n whether_o fallible_a or_o infallible_a be_v only_o as_o into_o extrinsical_a prerequisites_n or_o introductive_n to_o it_o not_o as_o into_o the_o formal_a cause_n or_o ground_n of_o it_o for_o so_o i_o ground_n always_o the_o divine_a and_o infallible_a assent_n i_o give_v to_o any_o article_n of_o my_o faith_n upon_o divine_a revelation_n and_o the_o prime_a verity_n because_o god_n who_o i_o believe_v say_v it_o can_v lie_v it_o will_v be_v ask_v still_o since_o some_o divine_a revelation_n be_v always_o the_o final_a motive_n of_o a_o divine_a faith_n from_o what_o other_o divine_a revelation_n i_o do_v believe_v such_o a_o point_n to_o be_v a_o divine_a revelation_n in_o which_o proceed_v if_o it_o go_v not_o in_o infinitum_fw-la i_o must_v come_v at_o last_o to_o some_o divine_a revelation_n concern_v which_o i_o can_v produce_v no_o other_o revelation_n divine_a and_o so_o no_o ground_n at_o all_o why_o or_o from_o which_o i_o can_v believe_v it_o with_o a_o divine_a faith_n to_o be_v such_o unless_o i_o will_v betake_v myself_o to_o a_o circle_n so_o for_o example_n in_o prove_v the_o church_n infallibility_n from_o divine_a revelation_n contain_v in_o the_o scripture_n and_o again_o the_o scripture_n god_n word_n from_o divine_a revelation_n unwritten_a deliver_v by_o the_o apostle_n i_o can_v produce_v no_o further_o divine_a revelation_n that_o testify_v such_o revelation_n or_o tradition_n to_o be_v deliver_v by_o the_o apostle_n if_o i_o return_v not_o back_o to_o the_o church_n infallibility_n which_o return_v thither_o make_v a_o circle_n and_o the_o same_o thing_n will_v happen_v the_o other_o way_n also_o in_o prove_v scripture_n from_o apostolical_a tradition_n and_o this_o apostolical_a tradition_n again_o from_o church-infallibility_a §_o 123_o to_o which_o intricate_a question_n to_o answer_v as_o distinct_o as_o i_o can_v 1_o it_o be_v agree_v by_o all_o that_o the_o faith_n by_o which_o we_o be_v save_v must_v be_v in_o itself_o most_o true_a and_o infallible_a or_o that_o there_o must_v be_v a_o certitudo_fw-la objecti_fw-la and_o those_o be_v true_a revelation_n which_o our_o faith_n apprehend_v to_o be_v so_o 2_o agree_v also_o that_o such_o divine_a 1._o §._o 124._o n._n 1._o and_o save_a faith_n do_v always_o ground_n itself_o on_o god_n word_n or_o divine_a revelation_n of_o those_o thing_n which_o be_v believe_v and_o upon_o the_o authority_n veracity_n and_o goodness_n of_o god_n reveal_v such_o thing_n and_o that_o christian_n however_o come_v to_o the_o knowledge_n of_o these_o divine_a revelation_n from_o their_o parent_n pastor_n or_o the_o church_n in_o her_o council_n yet_o resolve_v this_o divine_a faith_n no_o otherwise_o as_o to_o the_o ultimate_a ground_n and_o reason_n of_o their_o believe_v than_o the_o apostle_n themselves_o do_v who_o receive_v these_o revevelation_n immediate_o from_o christ_n and_o god_n himself_o namely_o into_o the_o veracity_n of_o god_n deliver_v such_o particular_a article_n of_o their_o faith_n 3_o again_o agree_v 2._o §._o 124._o n._n 2._o that_o this_o divine_a faith_n be_v wrought_v no_o otherwise_o in_o the_o soul_n than_o by_o the_o operation_n of_o god_n spirit_n fides_fw-la spirit_n see_v s._n thom._n 22._o q._n 6._o de_fw-fr causâ_fw-la fides_fw-la many_o time_n beget_v so_o firm_a a_o adherence_n to_o the_o thing_n believe_v not_o only_o that_o what_o be_v divine_a revelation_n can_v deceive_v but_o that_o such_o particular_a point_n be_v divine_a revelation_n as_o exceed_v that_o adherence_n we_o have_v to_o any_o humane_a science_n whatsoever_o wherein_o there_o be_v often_o a_o possibility_n of_o deceit_n though_o not_o as_o to_o the_o thing_n yet_o as_o to_o we_o i.e._n that_o we_o may_v think_v we_o know_v what_o and_o when_o we_o do_v not_o for_o this_o see_v the_o archbp_a 72._o archbp_a p._n 72._o faith_n he_o mean_v the_o habit_n or_o act_v of_o a_o save_a faith_n be_v the_o gift_n of_o god_n alone_o and_o a_o infuse_a habit_n in_o respect_n whereof_o the_o soul_n be_v mere_o recipient_a and_o therefore_o the_o sole_a infufer_n the_o holy_a ghost_n must_v not_o be_v exclude_v from_o that_o work_n which_o none_o can_v do_v but_o he_o which_o virtue_n of_o faith_n of_o whatever_o article_n though_o it_o receive_v a_o kind_n of_o preparation_n or_o occasion_n of_o beginning_n from_o the_o testimony_n of_o the_o church_n as_o it_o propose_v and_o induce_v to_o the_o faith_n yet_o i●_n end_v in_o god_n reveal_v within_o and_o teach_v within_o that_o which_o the_o church_n preach_v without_o and_o p._n 75._o man_n do_v what_o he_o can_v be_v still_o apt_a to_o search_v and_o seek_v for_o a_o reason_n why_o he_o will_v believe_v though_o after_o he_o once_o believe_v his_o faith_n grow_v strong_a than_o either_o his_o reason_n or_o his_o knowledge_n and_o great_a reason_n for_o this_o because_o it_o go_v high_a and_o so_o upon_o a_o safe_a principle_n than_o either_o of_o the_o other_o reason_n or_o knowledge_n can_v in_o this_o life_n quote_v in_o the_o margin_n s_o thom._n 5._o thom._n p._n 1._o q._n 1._o a._n 5._o quia_fw-la s●ientiae_fw-la certitudinem_fw-la habent_fw-la ex_fw-la naturali_fw-la lumine_fw-la rationis_fw-la humanae_fw-la quae_fw-la potest_fw-la errare_fw-la theologia_n antem_fw-la quae_fw-la d●cet_fw-la &_o objectum_fw-la &_o
into_o the_o power_n or_o grace_n of_o the_o holy_a spirit_n both_o illuminate_v the_o understanding_n that_o the_o prime_a verity_n can_v lie_v in_o whatever_o thing_n it_o revea_fw-mi eth_z and_o that_o the_o particular_a article_n of_o our_o faith_n be_v its_o revelation_n and_o persuade_v and_o operate_a in_o the_o will_v such_o a_o firm_a adherence_n of_o our_o faith_n thereto_o as_o many_o time_n far_o exceed_v that_o of_o any_o humane_a science_n or_o demonstration_n §_o 133_o of_o which_o matter_n thus_o canus_n 8._o canus_n loc._n theol._n 2._o l._n c._n 8._o si_fw-la generaliter_fw-la quaeratur_fw-la unde_fw-la fide●i_fw-la constet_fw-la ea_fw-la quae_fw-la fide_fw-la tenet_fw-la esse_fw-la à_fw-la deo_fw-la revelata_fw-la non_fw-la poterit_fw-la ecclesiae_fw-la authoritatem_fw-la inducere_fw-la quia_fw-la unum_fw-la de_fw-la revelatis_fw-la est_fw-la ecclesiam_fw-la errare_fw-la non_fw-la posse_fw-la non_fw-la poterit_fw-la i._n e._n as_o this_o proposition_n ecclesia_fw-la non_fw-la potest_fw-la errare_fw-la be_v the_o object_n of_o a_o divine_a faith_n from_o the_o scripture_n declare_v it_o assist_v with_o the_o holy_a ghost_n and_o not_o the_o object_n of_o a_o acquisite_a say_v from_o the_o prudential_a motive_n as_o the_o same_o church_n be_v illustris_fw-la congregatio_fw-la hominum_fw-la prudentum_fw-la etc._n etc._n again_o ib._n vltima_fw-la fidei_fw-la nostrae_fw-la resolutio_fw-la fit_a in_fw-la causam_fw-la interiorem_fw-la efficientem_fw-la hoc_fw-la est_fw-la in_fw-la deum_fw-la moventem_fw-la ad_fw-la credendum_fw-la itaque_fw-la ex_fw-la parte_fw-la objecti_fw-la ratio_fw-la formalis_fw-la movens_fw-la est_fw-la divina_fw-la veritas_fw-la revelans_fw-la sed_fw-la illa_fw-la tamen_fw-la non_fw-la sufficît_fw-fr ad_fw-la movendum_fw-la nisi_fw-la adsit_fw-la causa_fw-la interior_a hoc_fw-la est_fw-la deus_fw-la etiam_fw-la movens_fw-la per_fw-la gratuitum_fw-la specialemque_fw-la concursum_fw-la and_o quantumcunque_fw-la competenter_fw-la ea_fw-la quae_fw-la sunt_fw-la fidei_fw-la proponantur_fw-la necessaria_fw-la est_fw-la insuper_fw-la causa_fw-la interior_a hoc_fw-la est_fw-la divinum_fw-la quoddam_fw-la lumen_fw-la incitans_fw-la ad_fw-la credendum_fw-la where_o he_o urge_v 1_o cor._n 12._o c._n nemo_fw-la potest_fw-la dicere_fw-la dominus_fw-la jesus_n nisi_fw-la in_o spiritu_fw-la sancto_fw-la and_o gal._n 1._o c._n the_o adherence_n of_o this_o faith_n not_o to_o be_v shake_v by_o the_o contrary_a testimony_n of_o man_n and_o angel_n and_o that_o our_o faith_n must_v be_v the_o very_a same_o with_o that_o of_o the_o apostle_n who_o receive_v the_o matter_n believe_v immediate_o from_o god_n in_o its_o essence_n and_o as_o to_o the_o formal_a object_n and_o internal_a efficient_a thereof_o however_o the_o external_a motive_n thereof_o do_v vary_v by_o which_o infuse_v and_o divine_a faith_n also_o he_o say_v we_o believe_v deum_fw-la esse_fw-la trinum_fw-la i_o add_v or_o ecclesiam_fw-la non_fw-la posse_fw-la errare_fw-la much_o more_o firm_o and_o certain_o than_o we_o can_v believe_v they_o by_o any_o acquisite_a faith_n from_o the_o prudential_a motive_n which_o we_o have_v thereof_o and_o of_o the_o same_o matter_n thus_o layman_n in_o the_o place_n before_o quote_v major_n imò_fw-la maxima_fw-la &_o certissima_fw-la animi_fw-la adhaesio_fw-la quam_fw-la fides_fw-la divina_fw-la continet_fw-la non_fw-la ex_fw-la viribus_fw-la naturae_fw-la aut_fw-la humanis_fw-la persuasionibus_fw-la provenit_fw-la sed_fw-la ab_fw-la auxilio_fw-la spiritus_fw-la sancti_fw-la succurrentis_fw-la intellectui_fw-la &_o liberae_fw-la voluntati_fw-la nostrae_fw-la and_o speak_v of_o the_o understanding_n and_o the_o will_n be_v accept_v of_o the_o first_o divine_a revelation_n beyond_o which_o it_o can_v proceed_v no_o further_o discoursive_o to_o any_o former_a revelation_n acceptat_fw-la say_v he_o 4._o he_o 2._o l._n tract_n 1._o c._n 4._o intellectus_fw-la primae_fw-la veritatis_fw-la testimonium_fw-la 1o._o per-scientiam_a infusam_fw-la quâ_fw-la intellectus_fw-la elevatus_fw-la evidenter_fw-la perspiciat_fw-la revelationem_fw-la à_fw-la primâ_fw-la veritate_fw-la fieri_fw-la etc._n etc._n 2o._o per_fw-la actum_fw-la fides_fw-la immediatum_fw-la ad_fw-la quem_fw-la eliciendum_fw-la i._n e._n acceptandum_fw-la seu_fw-la credendum_fw-la revelationem_fw-la à_fw-la primâ_fw-la veritate_fw-la esse_fw-la extrinsecè_fw-la praerequiruntur_fw-la humana_fw-la motiva_fw-la quibus_fw-la acquisita_fw-la fides_fw-la immititur_fw-la e_fw-la intrinsecè_fw-la vero_fw-la &_o in_fw-la genere_fw-la causae_fw-la efficientis_fw-la requiritur_fw-la spiritus_fw-la sancti_fw-la gratia_fw-la supplens_fw-la quod_fw-la humanae_fw-la infirmitati_fw-la ad_fw-la supernaturalem_fw-la infallibilem_fw-la fidei_fw-la assensum_fw-la eliciendum_fw-la deest_fw-la i_o add_v per_fw-la quam_fw-la gratiam_fw-la fides_fw-la divina_fw-la producitur_fw-la here_o scientia_fw-la infusa_fw-la and_o spiritus_fw-la sancti_fw-la gratia_fw-la be_v make_v the_o first_o operator_n of_o divine_a faith_n or_o assent_n to_o the_o first_o divine_a revelation_n this_o for_o the_o internal_a efficient_a of_o divine_a faith_n as_o for_o the_o external_a first_o principle_n thereof_o quod_fw-la ver●_n say_v he_o ib_n he_o ib_n ad_fw-la formalem_fw-la fidei_fw-la resolutio_fw-la nem_fw-la attinet_fw-la expeditus_fw-la ac_fw-la verus_fw-la dicendi_fw-la modus_fw-la est_fw-la iste_fw-la apud_fw-la caietan_n 2.2_o q._n 1._o a._n 1._o quòd_fw-la fides_fw-la divina_fw-la ex_fw-la parte_fw-la objecti_fw-la ac_fw-la motivi_fw-la formalis_fw-la resolvatur_fw-la in_o authoritatem_fw-la dei_fw-la revelantis_fw-la credo_fw-la deum_fw-la esse_fw-la incarnatum_fw-la ecclesiae_fw-la defintentis_fw-la authoritatem_fw-la infallibilem_fw-la esse_fw-la quia_fw-la prima_fw-la &_o summa_fw-la veritas_fw-la revelavit_fw-la deum_fw-la autem_fw-la veracem_fw-la talia_fw-la nobis_fw-la revelasse_n ulterius_fw-la resolvi_fw-la vel_fw-la per_fw-la fidem_fw-la i._n e._n divinam_fw-la probari_fw-la non_fw-la potest_fw-la nec_fw-la debet_fw-la quandoquidem_fw-la principia_fw-la resolutionis_fw-la non_fw-la probantur_fw-la sed_fw-la supponuntur_fw-la only_a as_o he_o say_v before_o maxima_fw-la &_o certissima_fw-la animi_fw-la adhaesio_fw-la to_o this_o ultimate_a divine_a revelation_n provenit_fw-la ab_fw-la auxilio_fw-la spiritus_fw-la sancti_fw-la succurrentis_fw-la intellectui_fw-la etc._n etc._n but_o now_o fides_fw-la humana_fw-la or_o acqu●sita_fw-la can_v go_v on_o and_o give_v a_o further_a ground_n or_o motire_v both_o why_o it_o believe_v deum_fw-la veracem_fw-la talia_fw-la revelasse_n and_o se_fw-la fidem_fw-la hanc_fw-la deum_fw-la revelasse_n habere_fw-la ex_fw-la auxilio_fw-la spiritus_fw-la sancti_fw-la and_o this_o a_o motive_n too_o morally-infallible_a viz._n the_o consent_n of_o the_o church_n or_o universal_a tradition_n of_o which_o he_o go_v on_o thus_o verùm_fw-la in_fw-la ordine_fw-la ad_fw-la nos_fw-la revelatio_fw-la divina_fw-la credibilis_fw-la &_o acceptabilis_fw-la fit_a per_fw-la extrinseca_v motiva_fw-la inter_fw-la quae_fw-la unum_fw-la ex_fw-la praecipuis_fw-la meritò_fw-la censetur_fw-la authoritas_fw-la &_o consentus_fw-la ecclesiae_fw-la as_o understand_v above_o §_o 126._o tot_fw-mi saeculis_fw-la tanto_fw-la numero_fw-la hominum_fw-la clarissimorum_fw-la florentis_fw-la but_o then_o this_o evident_a or_o morally-infallible_a motive_n be_v not_o hold_v always_o necessary_a neither_o for_o a_o humane_a induction_n to_o divine_a faith_n for_o he_o proceed_v quamvis_fw-la id_fw-la non_fw-la unicum_fw-la nec_fw-la simpliciter_fw-la necessarium_fw-la motivum_fw-la est_fw-la quandoquidem_fw-la non_fw-la omnes_fw-la eodem_fw-la modo_fw-la sed_fw-la alii_fw-la aliter_fw-la ad_fw-la fidem_fw-la christi_fw-la amplectendam_fw-la moventur_fw-la etc._n etc._n and_o thus_o fa._n knot_n 358._o knot_n p._n 358._o quote_v before_o a_o man_n may_v exercise_v say_v he_o a_o infallible_a act_n of_o faith_n though_o his_o immediate_a instructor_n or_o proposer_n be_v not_o infallible_a because_o he_o believe_v upon_o a_o ground_n which_o both_o be_v believe_v by_o he_o to_o be_v infallible_a and_o be_v such_o indeed_o to_o wit_n the_o word_n of_o god_n who_o therefore_o will_v not_o deny_v his_o supernatural_a concourse_n necessary_a to_o every_o act_n of_o divine_a faith_n here_o he_o ground_n the_o infallibility_n of_o this_o act_n of_o divine_a faith_n on_o the_o supernatural_a concourse_n or_o operation_n of_o god_n spirit_n otherwise_o say_v he_o in_o the_o ordinary_a course_n there_o will_v be_v no_o mean_n leave_v for_o the_o faith_n and_o salvation_n of_o unlearned_a person_n and_o indeed_o §_o 134_o from_o what_o be_v say_v former_o that_o a_o divine_a faith_n may_v be_v have_v by_o those_o who_o have_v have_v not_o extrinsical_a even_o moral_o infallible_a motive_n thereof_o it_o follow_v that_o divine_a faith_n do_v not_o resolve_v into_o such_o motive_n either_o as_o the_o formal_a cause_n or_o always_o as_o the_o applicative_a introductive_a or_o condition_n of_o this_o divine_a faith_n and_o of_o whatever_o infallibility_n the_o immediate_a proponent_n of_o the_o matter_n of_o my_o faith_n or_o of_o divine_a revelation_n be_v yet_o divine_a faith_n ascend_v high_a than_o it_o and_o fasten_v itself_o still_o to_o the_o infallibility_n of_o he_o who_o primary_o be_v the_o revelation_n so_o the_o church_n which_o i_o give_v credit_n to_o declare_v to_o i_o that_o the_o thing_n contain_v in_o the_o gospel_n of_o s._n matthew_n be_v divine_o reveal_v i_o resolve_v my_o faith_n of_o the_o truth_n of_o those_o content_n not_o into_o the_o church_n saying_n they_o be_v true_a though_o i_o believe_v all_o that_o true_a the_o church_n say_v but_o into_o divine_a revelation_n because_o god_n by_o his_o evangelist_n deliver_v they_o for_o truth_n again_o when_o i_o believe_v