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A15414 Hexapla, that is, A six-fold commentarie vpon the most diuine Epistle of the holy apostle S. Paul to the Romanes wherein according to the authors former method, sixe things are obserued in euery chapter ... : wherein are handled the greatest points of Christian religion ... : diuided into two bookes ... Willet, Andrew, 1562-1621. 1611 (1611) STC 25689.7; ESTC S4097 1,266,087 898

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word_n 2._o cor._n 13.7_o though_o we_o be_v as_o reprobate_n that_o be_v in_o man_n judgement_n in_o the_o other_o place_n he_o speak_v of_o the_o full_a possession_n of_o the_o inheritance_n not_o of_o the_o perfect_a assurance_n 2._o the_o epistle_n to_o the_o philippian_n be_v write_v after_o that_o to_o the_o roman_n as_o have_v be_v show_v therefore_o it_o be_v impertinent_o allege_v to_o prove_v great_a perfection_n to_o have_v be_v in_o the_o apostle_n when_o he_o write_v to_o the_o roman_n then_o when_o he_o indict_v the_o epistle_n to_o the_o philippian_n 3._o the_o same_o assurance_n of_o salvation_n which_o s._n paul_n profess_v rom._n 8._o he_o show_v also_o 2._o cor._n 2.9_o the_o thing_n which_o eye_n have_v not_o see_v etc._n etc._n which_o god_n have_v prepare_v for_o those_o that_o love_v he_o but_o god_n have_v reveal_v they_o unto_o we_o by_o his_o spirit_n etc._n etc._n here_o the_o apostle_n in_o say_v we_o persuade_v himself_o to_o be_v one_o of_o those_o to_o who_o these_o thing_n be_v reveal_v and_o prepare_v 2._o but_o chrysostome_n better_a show_v the_o reason_n why_o it_o be_v profitable_a to_o distinguish_v of_o the_o time_n of_o the_o write_n of_o these_o epistle_n because_o the_o apostle_n handle_v the_o same_o thing_n diverse_o treat_v of_o circumcision_n and_o other_o ceremony_n for_o to_o the_o roman_n he_o say_v concern_v such_o thing_n c._n 14._o he_o that_o be_v weak_a in_o the_o faith_n receive_v unto_o you_o but_o to_o the_o galatian_n he_o write_v more_o sharp_o c._n 5.2_o if_o you_o be_v circumcise_v christ_n shall_v profit_v you_o nothing_o and_o to_o the_o colossian_n he_o call_v they_o the_o ordinance_n of_o the_o world_n the_o commandment_n and_o doctrine_n of_o man_n coloss._n 2.20.22_o the_o reason_n of_o which_o difference_n chrysostome_n allege_v to_o be_v this_o quia_fw-la principio_fw-la condescendere_fw-la oportuit_fw-la successu_fw-la temporis_fw-la non_fw-la item_n because_o in_o the_o begin_n the_o apostle_n be_v to_o condescend_v and_o yield_v somewhat_o but_o not_o so_o afterward_o like_v as_o physician_n and_o schoolmaster_n do_v more_o gentle_o and_o tender_o use_v their_o patient_n and_o young_a scholar_n at_o the_o first_o than_o afterward_o quest._n 19_o of_o the_o order_n of_o place_v the_o epistle_n and_o why_o this_o to_o the_o roman_n be_v set_v first_o 1._o athanasius_n in_o synops._n place_v the_o 7._o canonical_a epistle_n before_o s._n paul_n which_o be_v fourteen_o in_o all_o and_o of_o they_o the_o epistle_n to_o the_o hebrew_n he_o make_v the_o ten_o next_o before_o the_o epistle_n to_o timothy_n luther_n set_v the_o epistle_n to_o the_o hebrew_n after_o s._n johns_n epistle_n and_o divide_v it_o from_o s._n paul_n tertullian_n lib._n 5._o cont_n marcionem_fw-la place_v they_o in_o this_o order_n the_o epistle_n to_o the_o galatian_n corinthian_n roman_n thessalonian_n ephesian_n colossian_n philippian_n but_o the_o best_a order_n be_v that_o which_o be_v usual_o receive_v to_o the_o roman_n corinthian_n galatian_n ephesian_n philippian_n colossian_n thessalonian_n to_o timothy_n titus_n philemon_n to_o the_o hebrew_n 2._o and_o why_o the_o epistle_n to_o the_o roman_n be_v prefix_v before_o the_o rest_n the_o reason_n be_v these_o 1._o not_o for_o that_o it_o be_v the_o first_o in_o time_n for_o the_o contrary_n be_v show_v before_o 2._o nor_o so_o much_o for_o the_o prolixity_n and_o largeness_n thereof_o as_o the_o pprophecy_n of_o i_o say_v in_o that_o behalf_n be_v set_v first_o pareus_n 3._o or_o for_o the_o dignity_n of_o that_o nation_n because_o the_o roman_n be_v chief_a lord_n of_o the_o world_n aretius_n for_o this_o have_v be_v but_o a_o temporal_a respect_n 4._o or_o for_o the_o dignity_n and_o excellency_n of_o the_o roman_a church_n for_o he_o give_v the_o pre-eminence_n to_o the_o jew_n who_o he_o call_v the_o olive_n tree_n and_o the_o gentile_n the_o banche_n of_o the_o wild_a olive_n tree_n c._n 11.5_o but_o the_o chief_a reason_n be_v because_o of_o the_o excellent_a matter_n this_o epistle_n treat_v of_o that_o principal_a question_n of_o justification_n by_o faith_n which_o be_v handle_v also_o in_o the_o epistle_n to_o the_o galatian_n but_o here_o more_o at_o large_a and_o of_o the_o chief_a question_n beside_o of_o christian_a religion_n as_o of_o the_o work_n of_o nature_n c._n 1.2_o the_o force_n of_o the_o law_n c._n 7._o the_o fruit_n of_o justify_v faith_n c._n 5._o of_o election_n and_o reprobation_n c._n 9_o of_o the_o call_n of_o the_o gentile_n and_o the_o rejection_n of_o the_o jew_n c._n 11._o of_o the_o diversity_n of_o gift_n c._n 12._o of_o the_o duty_n towards_o magistrate_n c._n 12._o of_o the_o use_n of_o indifferent_a thing_n c._n 14.15_o so_o that_o this_o epistle_n be_v as_o a_o catechism_n and_o introduction_n to_o christian_a religion_n and_o therefore_o be_v worthy_o set_v before_o the_o rest_n aretius_n pareus_n quest._n 20._o unto_o who_o this_o epistle_n to_o the_o roman_n be_v write_v and_o from_o whence_o 1._o it_o be_v not_o write_v general_o to_o the_o whole_a roman_a state_n for_o the_o emperor_n of_o rome_n with_o his_o prince_n minister_n and_o officer_n be_v persecutor_n of_o the_o church_n of_o god_n but_o it_o be_v direct_v to_o those_o among_o the_o roman_n whether_o of_o that_o nation_n or_o stranger_n both_o jew_n and_o gentile_n that_o have_v embrace_v the_o gospel_n of_o christ_n aretius_n faius_n as_o now_o in_o the_o roman_a papal_a state_n we_o doubt_v not_o but_o there_o be_v many_o which_o profess_v the_o gospel_n of_o christ_n and_o be_v member_n of_o the_o true_a church_n 2._o and_o although_o this_o epistle_n be_v personal_o direct_v to_o the_o roman_n yet_o it_o entreat_v of_o the_o common_a faith_n which_o concern_v the_o whole_a church_n of_o god_n and_o to_o the_o use_n thereof_o be_v general_a and_o that_o which_o be_v write_v unto_o they_o be_v write_v unto_o us._n as_o that_o which_o our_o bless_a saviour_n say_v unto_o his_o apostle_n he_o say_v unto_o all_o mark_n 13.37_o so_o that_o which_o the_o apostle_n do_v write_v to_o some_o special_a church_n they_o do_v write_v unto_o all_o gryneus_n 3._o this_o epistle_n be_v write_v from_o corinthus_n as_o not_o only_o the_o subscription_n show_v both_o in_o the_o greek_a and_o syriake_n but_o origen_n beside_o do_v collect_v so_o much_o by_o these_o three_o argument_n out_o of_o the_o text_n itself_o 1._o it_o be_v send_v by_o phebe_n a_o servant_n of_o the_o church_n of_o cenchrea_n rom._n 16.1_o which_o cenchrea_n be_v near_o unto_o corinth_n yea_o portus_fw-la ipse_fw-la corinthe_n the_o very_a haven_n of_o corinth_n 2._o he_o say_v gaius_n my_o host_n and_o of_o the_o whole_a church_n salute_v you_o c._n 16.23_o which_o gaius_n dwell_v at_o corinth_n as_o the_o apostle_n say_v 1._o cor._n 1.14_o i_o baptize_v none_o of_o you_o but_o crispus_n and_o gain_n 3._o he_o add_v further_a erastus_n the_o chamberlain_n of_o the_o city_n salute_v you_o which_o erastus_n be_v the_o same_o who_o paul_n leave_v at_o corinth_n 2._o timoth._n 4.20_o quest._n 21._o of_o the_o excellency_n and_o worthiness_n of_o this_o epistle_n three_o thing_n do_v commend_v this_o epistle_n 1._o the_o matter_n 2._o the_o form_n 3._o the_o kind_n and_o method_n 1._o concern_v the_o matter_n it_o contain_v the_o chief_a article_n and_o most_o weighty_a point_n of_o the_o christian_a faith_n as_o be_v partly_o show_v before_o qu._n 6._o origen_n further_o set_v it_o forth_o thus_o multa_fw-la de_fw-la lege_fw-la mosis_fw-la connectuntur_fw-la etc._n etc._n many_o thing_n be_v knit_v together_o in_o this_o epistle_n as_o of_o the_o law_n of_o moses_n of_o the_o call_n of_o the_o gentile_n of_o israel_n which_o be_v according_a to_o the_o flesh_n and_o of_o israel_n not_o according_a to_o the_o flesh_n of_o the_o circumcision_n of_o the_o heart_n and_o of_o the_o flesh_n of_o the_o spiritual_a law_n and_o the_o law_n of_o the_o letter_n of_o the_o law_n of_o the_o member_n and_o the_o law_n of_o the_o mind_n of_o the_o law_n of_o sin_n of_o the_o inward_a and_o outward_a man_n to_o this_o purpose_n origen_n praefat_fw-la in_o epistol_n ad_fw-la romanos_fw-la 2._o the_o form_n and_o method_n of_o this_o epistle_n be_v most_o exact_a consist_v of_o the_o definition_n of_o that_o which_o be_v handle_v and_o the_o tractation_n and_o explication_n thereof_o for_o the_o most_o perfect_a and_o artificial_a method_n be_v that_o which_o begin_v with_o the_o definition_n as_o the_o apostle_n show_v what_o the_o gospel_n be_v it_o be_v the_o power_n of_o god_n to_o salvation_n to_o every_o one_o that_o believe_v c._n 1._o v._n 16._o in_o the_o which_o definition_n be_v express_v all_o the_o cause_n thereof_o the_o efficient_a and_o author_n god_n the_o end_n salvation_n the_o material_a cause_n christ_n jesus_n the_o formal_a faith_n and_o
vriah_n to_o be_v kill_v and_o the_o same_o joab_n also_o be_v david_n instrument_n to_o number_v the_o people_n though_o be_v mislike_v it_o himself_o 3._o they_o which_o give_v counsel_n or_o any_o kind_n of_o help_n or_o assistance_n to_o the_o evil_a for_o which_o cause_n jehosaphat_n be_v reprove_v of_o the_o prophet_n jehu_n because_o he_o aid_v the_o idolatrous_a king_n of_o israel_n in_o battle_n and_o here_o they_o also_o be_v include_v which_o do_v promote_v unworthy_a and_o unmeete_a person_n to_o office_n and_o therefore_o s._n paul_n charge_v timothy_n to_o lay_v hand_n sudden_o on_o none_o neither_o to_o be_v partaker_n of_o other_o sin_n 1._o tim._n 5.4_o they_o which_o commend_v the_o wicked_a in_o their_o evil_n do_v and_o so_o extenuate_v their_o sin_n as_o psal._n 10.5_o the_o wicked_a man_n be_v say_v to_o bless_v the_o covetous_a 5._o they_o which_o by_o any_o sign_n in_o word_n or_o deed_n seem_v to_o give_v consent_n unto_o the_o sin_n of_o other_o as_o saul_n keep_v their_o garment_n which_o stone_v steven_n and_o to_o give_v consent_n unto_o his_o death_n 6._o they_o which_o be_v partaker_n with_o other_o in_o their_o sin_n and_o part_v stake_n with_o they_o as_o psal._n 50.18_o when_o thou_o see_v a_o thief_n thou_o run_v with_o he_o and_o be_v paraker_n with_o the_o adulterer_n 7._o they_o which_o do_v not_o rebuke_v and_o correct_v other_o when_o it_o be_v in_o their_o power_n which_o be_v the_o sin_n of_o hell_n who_o use_v too_o much_o connivance_n and_o forbearance_n towards_o his_o son_n 1._o sam._n 2.8_o they_o which_o give_v entertainment_n unto_o the_o wicked_a as_o unto_o thief_n robber_n strumpet_n and_o such_o like_a 9_o such_o as_o conceal_v and_o keep_v secret_a other_o sin_n whereby_o their_o heart_n be_v harden_v and_o so_o they_o continue_v in_o their_o sin_n hyper._n quest._n 77._o whether_o all_o the_o gentile_n be_v guilty_a of_o these_o sin_n which_o be_v here_o rehearse_v by_o the_o apostle_n many_o among_o the_o gentile_n in_o respect_n of_o the_o rest_n be_v man_n of_o civil_a life_n and_o give_v example_n of_o diverse_a moral_a virtue_n such_o among_o the_o grecian_n be_v aristides_n phation_n socrates_n among_o the_o roman_n the_o scipio_n cato_n with_o other_o but_o yet_o none_o of_o they_o be_v exempt_v out_o of_o the_o apostle_n reprehension_n 1._o because_o none_o of_o they_o be_v free_a from_o the_o most_o of_o these_o sin_n though_o they_o be_v not_o guilty_a of_o all_o 2._o they_o want_v true_a faith_n and_o therefore_o their_o virtue_n be_v but_o speciosa_fw-la peccata_fw-la goodly_a sin_n 3._o and_o in_o respect_n of_o their_o natural_a corrupt_a disposition_n even_o the_o best_a of_o they_o be_v incline_v unto_o all_o these_o sin_n save_v that_o the_o lord_n bridle_v in_o some_o of_o they_o the_o corruption_n and_o badness_n of_o their_o nature_n that_o there_o may_v be_v some_o order_n and_o government_n among_o the_o heathen_a otherwise_o their_o common_a wealth_n will_v soon_o have_v come_v to_o confusion_n 4._o and_o those_o which_o give_v any_o good_a example_n among_o the_o heathen_a be_v so_o few_o that_o they_o be_v not_o to_o be_v name_v among_o the_o rest_n peter_n martyr_n 4._o place_n of_o doctrine_n v_o 1._o paul_n a_o servant_n of_o jesus_n christ._n service_n christ_n service_n be_v perfect_a freedom_n there_o be_v three_o kind_n of_o service_n 1._o the_o service_n of_o god_n which_o be_v either_o general_a belong_v to_o all_o christian_n which_o be_v the_o service_n of_o their_o profession_n whereof_o the_o apostle_n speak_v rom._n 6.19_o or_o special_a which_o be_v in_o that_o vocation_n to_o the_o which_o any_o be_v call_v whereof_o see_v matth._n 25.14_o luk._n 12.43_o 2._o civil_a service_n which_o may_v very_o well_o stand_v with_o the_o service_n of_o god_n see_v 1._o cor._n 7.11_o 3._o there_o be_v the_o service_n of_o sin_n rom._n 8.16_o and_o service_n to_o please_v man_n gal._n 1.10_o and_o this_o service_n be_v contrary_a to_o the_o service_n of_o god_n pareus_n call_v to_o be_v a_o apostle_n calling_n there_o be_v two_o kind_n of_o call_v one_o be_v unto_o salvation_n the_o other_o be_v to_o some_o office_n in_o this_o life_n the_o first_o be_v either_o external_a which_o be_v general_a to_o all_o by_o the_o light_n of_o nature_n and_o knowledge_n of_o the_o creature_n especial_a by_o the_o preach_n of_o the_o word_n or_o internal_a by_o the_o inward_a work_n of_o god_n spirit_n which_o be_v peculiar_a to_o the_o elect_a the_o call_n to_o some_o function_n in_o this_o life_n be_v either_o private_a as_o of_o man_n to_o their_o several_a vocation_n or_o public_a which_o be_v either_o civil_a of_o magistrate_n in_o the_o time_n of_o peace_n leader_n and_o captain_n in_o the_o time_n of_o war_n or_o ecclesiastical_a which_o be_v either_o immediate_a from_o god_n as_o of_o the_o prophet_n and_o apostle_n or_o mediate_v by_o man_n which_o be_v either_o ordinary_a such_o as_o be_v the_o ordination_n of_o bishop_n and_o minister_n now_o or_o extraordinary_a by_o lot_n as_o be_v the_o election_n of_o mathias_n act._n 1._o to_o be_v a_o apostle_n pastor_n there_o be_v a_o threefold_a difference_n between_o apostle_n and_o other_o pastor_n 1._o they_o be_v immediate_o call_v of_o christ_n the_o other_o mediate_o be_v appoint_v by_o man_n 2._o in_o respect_n of_o their_o doctrine_n and_o write_n both_o the_o authority_n thereof_o they_o be_v free_a from_o error_n and_o be_v part_n of_o the_o canonical_a scripture_n but_o so_o be_v not_o the_o doctrine_n and_o write_n of_o the_o other_o they_o must_v be_v subject_a to_o the_o write_n of_o the_o apostle_n as_o also_o their_o doctrine_n be_v confirm_v and_o ratify_v by_o miracle_n mart._n 3._o in_o their_o authority_n and_o office_n the_o apostle_n be_v not_o tie_v unto_o any_o place_n but_o be_v send_v to_o preach_v to_o the_o whole_a world_n but_o pastor_n now_o have_v their_o particular_a and_o special_a church_n pareus_n set_a apart_o god_n god_n the_o father_n set_v apart_o paul_n to_o be_v a_o apostle_n gal._n 1.1_o and_o jesus_n christ_n act._n 9_o and_o the_o holy_a ghost_n act._n 13.2_o these_o three_o then_o be_v one_o god_n for_o it_o belong_v only_o unto_o god_n to_o send_v prophet_n and_o apostle_n and_o pastor_n to_o his_o church_n therefore_o all_o such_o be_v condemn_v who_o the_o lord_n have_v not_o send_v jerem._n 14.15_o gospel_n of_o god_n god_n which_o be_v afterward_o vers_fw-la 16._o and_o chap._n 15.19_o and_o in_o other_o place_n call_v the_o gospel_n of_o christ_n which_o be_v a_o evident_a testimony_n of_o christ_n eternal_a godhead_n pareus_n v_o 2._o which_o he_o have_v promise_v before_o etc._n etc._n thereof_o concern_v the_o gospel_n of_o christ_n 1._o euangelium_fw-la the_o evangel_n signify_v a_o joyful_a message_n of_o the_o grace_n of_o christ_n 2._o though_o the_o gospel_n be_v diverse_a in_o circumstance_n for_o there_o be_v gospel_n promise_v by_o the_o prophet_n and_o the_o gospel_n perform_v by_o christ_n come_n yet_o it_o be_v one_o and_o the_o same_o in_o substance_n 3._o the_o efficient_a and_o author_n thereof_o be_v god_n it_o be_v call_v the_o gospel_n of_o god_n the_o material_a cause_n be_v jesus_n christ_n god_n and_o man_n the_o formal_a the_o declaration_n and_o manifestation_n of_o he_o to_o be_v the_o son_n of_o god_n v_o 4._o the_o end_n be_v to_o salvation_n v_o 16._o the_o effect_n obedience_n to_o the_o faith_n v_o 5._o v_o 3._o concern_v his_o son_n man_n here_o the_o person_n of_o christ_n be_v describe_v to_o be_v both_o god_n and_o man_n man_n as_o he_o be_v bear_v of_o the_o seed_n of_o david_n and_o he_o be_v also_o declare_v to_o be_v the_o son_n of_o god_n piscator_fw-la according_a to_o the_o flesh_n 〈…〉_z in_o that_o the_o son_n of_o god_n be_v say_v to_o be_v make_v of_o the_o seed_n of_o david_n after_o the_o flesh_n it_o show_v against_o the_o nestorian_a heretic_n that_o there_o be_v not_o two_o son_n but_o one_o son_n the_o same_o both_o god_n and_o man_n and_o that_o according_a to_o the_o flesh_n he_o be_v make_v there_o the_o property_n of_o his_o nature_n be_v still_o reserve_v against_o the_o eutychian_o and_o suenkefeldians_n which_o destroy_v the_o unity_n of_o christ_n humane_a nature_n by_o reason_n of_o this_o union_n of_o the_o divine_a and_o humane_a nature_n of_o christ_n nature_n that_o which_o be_v do_v in_o one_o of_o his_o nature_n be_v ascribe_v to_o his_o whole_a person_n and_o here_o we_o be_v to_o consider_v of_o a_o threefold_a communion_n of_o the_o property_n of_o christ_n divine_a and_o humane_a nature_n one_o unto_o the_o other_o 1._o some_o thing_n be_v real_o common_a to_o both_o his_o whole_a person_n and_o nature_n as_o such_o thing_n which_o belong_v to_o the_o office_n of_o the_o redeemer_n as_o to_o sanctify_v
for_o their_o person_n and_o the_o person_n be_v the_o state_n condition_n or_o quality_n of_o a_o thing_n now_o to_o know_v whether_o all_o accept_n of_o the_o person_n be_v unlawful_a first_o the_o diverse_a kind_n of_o person_n and_o quality_n must_v be_v consider_v whereof_o there_o be_v 3._o sort_n 1._o some_o personal_a condition_n there_o be_v which_o be_v annex_v to_o promise_n or_o commination_n divine_a and_o humane_a as_o faith_n obedience_n in_o the_o elect_a impenitency_n impiety_n unbelief_n in_o the_o wicked_a this_o accept_n of_o person_n be_v not_o unjust_a as_o abraham_n be_v respect_v of_o god_n for_o his_o faith_n so_o also_o david_n and_o saul_n reject_v for_o his_o hypocrisy_n 2._o some_o personal_a respect_n be_v so_o annex_v to_o the_o cause_n as_o thereby_o it_o be_v aggravate_v or_o extenuate_v as_o he_o that_o strike_v a_o magistrate_n be_v worthy_a of_o great_a punishment_n than_o he_o that_o strike_v a_o other_o and_o this_o respect_n of_o person_n be_v also_o just_a ●●_o some_o personal_a respect_n be_v beside_o the_o cause_n as_o riches_n poverty_n in_o the_o case_n of_o adultery_n theft_n and_o such_o like_a and_o such_o accept_n of_o the_o person_n be_v unjust_a second_o the_o accept_n ●●_o person_n be_v either_o in_o judgement_n when_o it_o be_v in_o the_o two_o first_o sense_n lawful_a but_o not_o in_o the_o thu●●_n or_o extra_fw-la iudicium_fw-la out_o of_o judgement_n and_o it_o be_v of_o three_o sort_n 1._o dilectionis_fw-la of_o love_n which_o in_o common_a duty_n be_v unlawful_a as_o when_o a_o rich_a man_n be_v prefer_v before_o a_o poor_a man_n for_o his_o riches_n which_o be_v condemn_v by_o s._n james_n c._n 2._o v._n 2.3_o but_o in_o special_a and_o proper_a duty_n it_o be_v lawful_a as_o in_o prefer_v the_o love_n of_o our_o parent_n before_o other_o 2._o electionis_fw-la of_o election_n ●●_o choice_n as_o when_o man_n of_o quality_n and_o gift_n be_v advance_v to_o place_n of_o office_n before_o they_o which_o be_v not_o so_o qualify_v this_o respect_n of_o person_n be_v lawful_a as_o be_v agreeable_a both_o unto_o nature_n and_o to_o positive_a law_n 3._o donationis_fw-la in_o matter_n of_o gift_n and_o donation_n as_o one_o for_o give_v his_o debt_n to_o one_o not_o to_o another_o this_o also_o be_v lawful_a because_o here_o be_v no_o wrong_n do_v a_o man_n may_v dispose_v of_o his_o own_o as_o it_o please_v he_o see_v more_o hereof_o before_o quest_n 23._o 5._o place_n of_o controversy_n controv._n 1_o against_o the_o power_n of_o free_a will_n in_o good_a thing_n v_o 5._o thou_o after_o thy_o hardness_n and_o heart_n that_o can_v repent_v heap_a unto_o thyself_o wrath_n etc._n etc._n pererius_n out_o of_o this_o place_n infer_v that_o it_o be_v in_o potestate_fw-la hominis_fw-la bene_fw-la vel_fw-la male_a agere_fw-la in_o the_o power_n of_o man_n to_o do_v well_o or_o evil_a for_o it_o shall_v otherwise_o be_v unjust_a to_o punish_v a_o man_n for_o do_v evil_a and_o for_o want_v of_o repentance_n whereas_o he_o can_v do_v no_o other_o disput_n 2._o in_o c._n 2._o numer_n 23._o answ._n 1._o that_o man_n have_v free_a will_n to_o do_v evil_a without_o any_o compulsion_n violence_n or_o constraint_n it_o be_v confess_v of_o all_o but_o this_o be_v a_o freedom_n à_fw-fr coactione_n from_o compulsion_n or_o enforce_v not_o à_fw-fr necessitate_v from_o necessity_n a_o man_n can_v now_o choose_v but_o sin_n because_o his_o nature_n be_v enthrall_v by_o the_o fall_n of_o man_n yet_o he_o sin_v willing_o no_o man_n compel_v he_o but_o unto_o that_o which_o be_v good_a man_n have_v no_o will_n or_o inclination_n of_o himself_o but_o by_o the_o grace_n of_o god_n as_o the_o prophet_n say_v jerem._n 4.22_o they_o be_v wise_a to_o do_v evil_a but_o to_o do_v well_o they_o have_v no_o knowledge_n and_o our_o bless_a saviour_n say_v joh._n 15.5_o without_o i_o you_o can_v do_v nothing_o 2._o yet_o though_o man_n can_v repent_v of_o himself_o nor_o yet_o do_v any_o good_a thing_n he_o be_v worthy_o punish_v because_o man_n by_o his_o voluntary_a transgression_n when_o it_o be_v in_o his_o power_n not_o to_o have_v transgress_v do_v abuse_v his_o free_a will_n give_v in_o the_o creation_n unto_o sin_n and_o so_o enthrall_v himself_o and_o his_o posterity_n once_o therefore_o man_n have_v free_a will_n if_o he_o can_v have_v keep_v it_o but_o now_o that_o be_v become_v necessary_a to_o do_v evil_a which_o be_v before_o free_a man_n therefore_o be_v just_o punish_v notwithstanding_o this_o necessity_n of_o sin_v because_o he_o lose_v this_o liberty_n and_o freedom_n by_o his_o own_o default_n 3._o and_o let_v it_o here_o further_o be_v observe_v how_o pererius_n beside_o the_o falsity_n of_o his_o assertion_n be_v become_v a_o falsarie_a in_o charge_v we_o with_o untrue_a opinion_n such_o as_o protestant_n hold_v not_o as_o first_o that_o we_o shall_v say_v hominem_fw-la ad_fw-la utrumque_fw-la impelli_fw-la à_fw-la deo_fw-la etc._n etc._n that_o man_n whether_o to_o do_v good_a or_o evil_n be_v compel_v and_o enforce_v of_o god_n whereas_o we_o abhor_v and_o detest_v that_o as_o a_o most_o wicked_a heresy_n that_o god_n be_v the_o author_n of_o any_o evil_n or_o the_o mover_n stirrer_n or_o provoker_n thereunto_o again_o he_o object_v that_o we_o hold_v that_o man_n free_a will_n be_v velut_fw-la quoddam_fw-la inanime_fw-la etc._n etc._n be_v a_o certain_a dead_a thing_n without_o life_n that_o it_o do_v nothing_o of_o itself_o but_o be_v a_o bare_a title_n without_o any_o matter_n whereas_o we_o affirm_v that_o man_n be_v not_o as_o a_o stock_n or_o stone_n but_o have_v a_o natural_a power_n to_o will_v to_o elect_v to_o desire_v but_o to_o will_n or_o do_v that_o which_o be_v good_a it_o have_v no_o power_n man_n will_v desire_v choose_v but_o to_o do_v these_o thing_n well_o it_o be_v of_o grace_n in_o respect_n of_o the_o general_a inclination_n of_o the_o will_n unto_o the_o object_n it_o be_v active_a but_o in_o respect_n of_o the_o goodness_n of_o the_o will_n in_o be_v move_v unto_o that_o which_o be_v good_a it_o be_v mere_o passive_a see_v synop._n pag._n 858._o controv._n 2._o of_o justification_n by_o the_o imputative_a justice_n of_o faith_n whereas_o the_o apostle_n say_v v_o 2._o we_o know_v that_o the_o judgement_n of_o god_n be_v according_a to_o truth_n bellarmine_n hence_o thus_o reason_v against_o imputative_a justice_n god_n judgement_n be_v according_a to_o truth_n but_o so_o be_v not_o impute_v justice_n it_o be_v not_o very_o and_o in_o deed_n and_o according_a to_o truth_n but_o the_o habitual_a infuse_v and_o inherent_a justice_n be_v according_a to_o truth_n lib._n 2._o the_o iustificaton_n c._n 3._o contra._n 1._o bellarmine_n do_v mistake_v the_o apostle_n meaning_n for_o according_a to_o the_o truth_n be_v not_o secundum_fw-la realem_fw-la existentiam_fw-la according_a to_o the_o real_a existence_n of_o a_o thing_n but_o secundum_fw-la equitatem_fw-la according_a to_o equity_n 2._o so_o then_o the_o justice_n of_o christ_n impute_v by_o faith_n be_v according_a to_o truth_n that_o be_v the_o rule_n of_o justice_n because_o thereby_o full_a satisfaction_n be_v make_v for_o sin_n by_o faith_n in_o christ_n but_o that_o habitual_a and_o inherent_a justice_n be_v not_o according_a to_o the_o rule_n of_o justice_n because_o it_o be_v imperfect_a and_o thereby_o god_n justice_n can_v be_v satisfy_v pareus_n 3._o controv._n against_o the_o merit_n of_o work_n v_o 6._o who_o will_v reward_v every_o man_n according_a to_o his_o work_n out_o of_o this_o place_n the_o romanist_n contend_v for_o the_o merit_n of_o good_a work_n the_o rhemist_n upon_o this_o place_n affirm_v that_o life_n everlasting_a be_v give_v for_o and_o according_a to_o their_o good_a work_n there_o reason_n and_o argument_n be_v these_o 1._o the_o apostle_n use_v the_o word_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d shall_v render_v which_o signify_v a_o just_a retribution_n and_o so_o it_o be_v take_v matth._n 20.8_o bellar._n l._n 5._o de_fw-la iustificat_fw-la c._n 2._o 2._o tolet._n annotat_fw-la 6._o urge_v that_o place_n matth._n 25.34_o inherit_v you_o the_o kingdom_n prepare_v for_o you_o etc._n etc._n for_o i_o be_v a_o hunger_a and_o you_o give_v i_o meat_n etc._n etc._n 3._o likewise_o it_o be_v thus_o object_v god_n shall_v reward_v the_o wicked_a according_a to_o the_o merit_n of_o their_o evil_a work_n ergo_fw-la the_o righteous_a shall_v be_v reward_v according_a to_o the_o merit_n of_o their_o good_a work_n ans._n 1._o tolet._n annot_n 6._o rehearse_v five_o several_a answer_n which_o he_o suppose_v to_o be_v use_v by_o the_o protestant_n 1._o some_o he_o say_v by_o his_o work_n understand_v christ_n work_n according_a to_o the_o which_o god_n shall_v reward_v the_o righteous_a 2._o some_o thus_o he_o shall_v render_v unto_o every_o man_n according_a
world_n 3._o object_n v_o 7._o which_o arise_v likewise_o out_o of_o the_o former_a testimony_n cite_v out_o of_o the_o psalm_n if_o by_o man_n lie_n god_n truth_n be_v commend_v than_o the_o liar_n be_v unjust_o punish_v the_o answer_n follow_v v_o 9_o the_o apostle_n call_v it_o a_o blasphemy_n and_o worthy_a of_o just_a damnation_n if_o any_o shall_v justify_v themselves_o in_o their_o evil_n do_v and_o of_o purpose_n do_v evil_a to_o set_v forth_o the_o justice_n of_o god_n v_o 8._o the_o second_o part_n be_v from_o v_o 9_o to_o 21._o where_o he_o prove_v the_o jew_n and_o gentile_n both_o to_o be_v under_o sin_n which_o be_v propound_v v_o 9_o prove_v by_o particular_a induction_n of_o their_o sin_n ground_v upon_o some_o testimony_n of_o scripture_n v_o 10._o to_o 19_o then_o apply_v to_o the_o jew_n as_o well_o as_o to_o the_o gentile_a by_o three_o argument_n v_o 19.1_o from_o the_o relation_n which_o the_o law_n have_v to_o those_o which_o be_v under_o the_o law_n 2._o then_o from_o two_o end_n that_o every_o mouth_n may_v be_v stop_v all_o occasion_n of_o boast_v may_v be_v take_v away_o 3._o and_o that_o all_o the_o world_n may_v be_v find_v culpable_a the_o three_o part_n follow_v wherein_o the_o apostle_n prove_v that_o all_o must_v be_v justify_v by_o faith_n in_o christ_n which_o he_o prove_v by_o a_o distribution_n either_o by_o the_o work_n of_o the_o law_n or_o by_o faith_n not_o by_o the_o law_n by_o the_o contrary_a effect_n v_o 20._o then_o he_o confirm_v the_o other_o part_n that_o we_o be_v justify_v by_o faith_n without_o the_o law_n which_o proposition_n be_v contain_v v._n 1.22_o 23._o by_o show_v the_o cause_n of_o justification_n and_o who_o be_v justify_v even_o all_o that_o believe_v and_o why_o v_o 23._o then_o this_o proposition_n be_v confirm_v 1._o by_o show_v all_o the_o cause_n the_o efficient_a principal_n the_o grace_n of_o god_n than_o christ_n by_o his_o blood_n the_o instrument_n be_v faith_n the_o formal_a cause_n remission_n of_o sin_n the_o end_n the_o set_n forth_o of_o god_n justice_n v_o 24_o 25_o 26._o 2._o by_o the_o effect_n it_o exclude_v all_o boast_n v_o 27._o 3._o the_o conclusion_n follow_v v_o 28._o 4._o which_o be_v confirm_v 1._o by_o remove_v a_o absurdity_n because_o god_n otherwise_o shall_v seem_v to_o be_v god_n only_o of_o the_o jew_n v_o 29.30_o 2._o by_o prevent_v a_o objection_n v_o 31._o 3._o the_o question_n and_o doubt_n discuss_v 1._o quest._n of_o the_o privilege_n of_o the_o jew_n and_o their_o pre-eminence_n before_o the_o gentile_n v_o 1._o what_o be_v the_o preferment_n of_o the_o jew_n etc._n etc._n whereas_o the_o apostle_n seem_v in_o the_o end_n of_o the_o former_a chapter_n to_o make_v the_o jew_n and_o gentile_n equal_a and_o have_v extenuate_v the_o circumcision_n of_o the_o flesh_n now_o it_o may_v be_v object_v by_o the_o jew_n that_o by_o this_o mean_n they_o shall_v have_v no_o pre-eminence_n or_o preferment_n more_o than_o the_o gentile_a have_v the_o apostle_n than_o meet_v with_o that_o secret_a objection_n and_o show_v wherein_o consist_v the_o excellency_n of_o the_o jew._n 1._o the_o jew_n have_v many_o privilege_n which_o the_o gentile_n have_v not_o as_o 1._o they_o be_v call_v to_o be_v the_o peculiar_a people_n of_o god_n and_o the_o lord_n profess_v himself_o to_o be_v their_o god_n 2._o i●_n that_o nation_n continue_v the_o true_a knowledge_n of_o god_n even_o unto_o the_o come_n of_o christ_n 3._o of_o they_o come_v many_o holy_a patriarch_n and_o prophet_n that_o be_v in_o high_a favour_n and_o acceptance_n with_o god_n 4._o among_o they_o and_o for_o their_o sake_n the_o lord_n wrought_v many_o miracle_n and_o wonder_n 5._o they_o have_v many_o vision_n prophecy_n and_o dream_n 6._o god_n give_v unto_o they_o the_o sacrament_n and_o sacrifice_n as_o circumcision_n the_o paschal_n lamb_n 7._o the_o messiah_n be_v promise_v to_o descend_v of_o that_o nation_n 8._o but_o the_o apostle_n omit_v these_o and_o special_o insist_v upon_o this_o that_o the_o law_n and_o oracle_n of_o god_n be_v commit_v unto_o they_o 2._o chief_o or_o first_o because_o unto_o they_o be_v credit_v etc._n etc._n this_o word_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d erasmus_n take_v for_o to_o signify_v the_o order_n of_o the_o apostle_n speech_n as_o before_o c._n 1.8_o but_o there_o the_o apostle_n begin_v his_o epistle_n which_o he_o do_v not_o here_o 2._o some_o refer_v it_o to_o the_o number_n of_o the_o privilege_n rehearse_v by_o the_o apostle_n whereof_o this_o be_v the_o first_o and_o the_o rest_n follow_v in_o the_o epistle_n but_o the_o apostle_n make_v mention_n of_o no_o other_o privilege_n but_o this_o 3._o origen_n who_o sedulius_n follow_v have_v here_o reference_n to_o the_o gentile_n that_o unto_o the_o jew_n first_o be_v commit_v the_o oracle_n then_o to_o the_o gentile_n but_o the_o promise_n here_o speak_v of_o be_v only_o make_v unto_o the_o jew_n 4._o therefore_o this_o word_n first_o here_o signify_v chief_a that_o this_o be_v the_o chief_a privilege_n and_o immunity_n which_o the_o jew_n have_v 3._o and_o the_o apostle_n give_v instance_n of_o this_o that_o they_o have_v the_o scripture_n 1._o because_o it_o be_v most_o general_a &_o multa_fw-la concludit_fw-la and_o conclude_v many_o thing_n beside_o tolet._n 2._o herein_o consist_v a_o chief_a difference_n between_o the_o gentile_n which_o have_v but_o the_o law_n of_o nature_n to_o direct_v they_o and_o the_o jew_n which_o have_v also_o the_o write_a law_n of_o god_n perer._n 3._o and_o the_o apostle_n omit_v their_o temporal_a privilege_n insist_v upon_o a_o spiritual_a as_o be_v more_o precious_a and_o durable_a gorrhan_n 4._o by_o oracle_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d some_o seem_v to_o understand_v only_o the_o law_n which_o be_v give_v by_o moses_n as_o chrysostome_n theodoret_n but_o thereby_o be_v signify_v all_o the_o prophetical_a write_n which_o the_o jew_n have_v both_o the_o law_n and_o the_o prophet_n gloss_n interlin_fw-mi though_o special_a reference_n be_v make_v to_o the_o law_n as_o s._n steven_n say_v that_o moses_n receive_v the_o lively_a oracle_n act._n 7.38_o pare_n 5._o but_o it_o will_v be_v object_v that_o god_n also_o to_o other_o communicate_v his_o oracle_n as_o to_o pharaoh_n nabuchadnezzer_n which_o be_v not_o of_o israel_n it_o may_v be_v answer_v that_o 1._o god_n do_v impart_v those_o thing_n not_o to_o many_o of_o the_o gentile_n but_o to_o a_o few_o 2._o and_o that_o of_o some_o particular_a thing_n 3._o neither_o be_v such_o oracle_n and_o vision_n commit_v to_o their_o trust_n but_o only_o for_o a_o time_n reveal_v 4._o and_o that_o for_o his_o people_n sake_n rather_o than_o their_o own_o 6._o in_o that_o the_o apostle_n say_v 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d the_o oracle_n of_o god_n be_v commit_v to_o their_o credit_n or_o credit_v unto_o they_o 1._o the_o syrian_a interpreter_n be_v deceive_v who_o make_v it_o the_o nominative_a that_o the_o oracle_n of_o god_n be_v credit_v or_o believe_v 2._o and_o origens_n observation_n be_v much_o like_a that_o the_o oracle_n of_o god_n be_v commit_v unto_o they_o which_o do_v understand_v and_o believe_v they_o but_o the_o letter_n of_o the_o law_n be_v give_v to_o all_o for_o by_o the_o word_n follow_v v_o 3._o what_o though_o some_o do_v not_o believe_v it_o be_v evident_a that_o the_o apostle_n here_o speak_v of_o a_o general_a privilege_n which_o be_v not_o make_v void_a by_o some_o man_n unbelief_n 3._o erasmus_n say_v that_o those_o oracle_n be_v commit_v unto_o they_o alijs_fw-la magis_fw-la profutura_fw-la quam_fw-la ipsis_fw-la to_o profit_v other_o rather_o than_o themselves_o as_o though_o they_o be_v commit_v unto_o they_o to_o keep_v for_o other_o use_v but_o beza_n note_v better_a that_o they_o have_v those_o thing_n commit_v unto_o they_o non_fw-la ut_fw-la alienae_n rei_fw-la depositum_fw-la not_o as_o a_o other_o man_n thing_n lay_v to_o pledge_v but_o as_o their_o own_o proper_a treasure_n if_o they_o can_v have_v use_v it_o well_o 4._o and_o indeed_o they_o be_v faithful_a keeper_n of_o the_o scripture_n preserve_v they_o from_o falsity_n and_o corruption_n and_o be_v to_o this_o day_n though_o they_o understand_v they_o not_o and_o in_o the_o day_n of_o our_o saviour_n when_o many_o other_o corruption_n both_o of_o life_n and_o doctrine_n be_v object_v against_o they_o yet_o they_o be_v not_o charge_v to_o be_v falsifier_n of_o scripture_n faius_n 5._o chrysostome_n have_v here_o a_o good_a note_n nusquam_fw-la illorum_fw-la virtutes_fw-la sed_fw-la dei_fw-la beneficia_fw-la in_o illos_fw-la enumerat_fw-la the_o apostle_n do_v not_o reckon_v up_o their_o own_o virtue_n among_o their_o privilege_n but_o he_o count_v the_o benefit_n of_o god_n towards_o they_o 6._o and_o this_o word_n be_v credit_v
a_o figure_n of_o christ_n therefore_o as_o christ_n righteousness_n be_v extend_v even_o unto_o those_o before_o the_o law_n so_o also_o be_v adam_n sin_n v_o 14._o then_o the_o apostle_n show_v wherein_o adam_n be_v unlike_a unto_o christ_n namely_o in_o these_o three_o thing_n 1._o in_o the_o efficacy_n and_o power_n the_o grace_n of_o god_n in_o christ_n be_v much_o more_o able_a to_o save_v we_o than_o adam_n fall_n be_v to_o condemn_v we_o v_o 15._o 2._o in_o the_o object_n adam_n one_o offence_n be_v sufficient_a to_o condemn_v but_o by_o christ_n we_o be_v deliver_v from_o many_o offence_n v_o 16._o 3._o in_o the_o end_n adam_n sin_n bring_v forth_o death_n but_o christ_n righteousness_n do_v not_o only_o deliver_v we_o from_o sin_n and_o death_n but_o bring_v we_o unto_o righteousness_n and_o life_n yea_o and_o cause_v we_o to_o reign_v in_o life_n it_o restoar_v we_o to_o a_o more_o glorious_a kingdom_n and_o inheritance_n than_o we_o lose_v in_o adam_n v_o 17._o the_o reddition_n or_o second_o part_n of_o this_o comparison_n show_v wherein_o christ_n of_o who_o adam_n be_v a_o type_n and_o figure_n be_v answerable_a unto_o adam_n namely_o in_o these_o three_o thing_n propound_v v_o 12._o first_o in_o the_o singularity_n of_o his_o person_n one_o man_n justification_n save_v we_o as_o one_o man_n offence_n condemn_v we_o v_o 18._o 2._o in_o the_o object_n as_o adam_n sin_n be_v communicate_v to_o many_o so_o be_v christ_n obedience_n v_o 19_o and_o here_o the_o apostle_n by_o the_o way_n prevent_v a_o objection_n that_o if_o sin_n come_v in_o by_o adam_n why_o enter_v the_o law_n he_o answer_v to_o the_o end_n that_o sin_n may_v the_o more_o appear_v and_o be_v increase_v not_o simple_o but_o that_o thereby_o the_o grace_n of_o god_n may_v abound_v the_o more_o 3._o in_o the_o end_n as_o sin_n have_v reign_v unto_o death_n so_o grace_n may_v reign_v unto_o eternal_a life_n 3._o the_o question_n and_o doubt_n discuss_v quest._n 1._o what_o peace_n the_o apostle_n mean_v ver_fw-la 1._o v_o 1._o be_v justify_v by_o faith_n we_o have_v peace_n towards_o god_n 1._o oecumenius_n who_o harm_n and_o anselm_n lyranus_fw-la hugo_n follow_v do_v read_v here_o in_o the_o imperative_fw-it habeamus_fw-la let_v we_o have_v not_o habemus_fw-la we_o have_v and_o they_o understand_v peace_n with_o man_n that_o the_o jew_n shall_v no_o long_o contend_v with_o the_o gentile_n about_o their_o law_n as_o though_o justification_n come_v thereby_o see_v the_o apostle_n have_v sufficient_o prove_v already_o that_o we_o be_v justify_v by_o faith_n but_o this_o exposition_n can_v stand_v 1._o because_o the_o apostle_n speak_v of_o such_o peace_n as_o we_o have_v with_o god_n not_o with_o man_n 2._o he_o speak_v in_o the_o first_o person_n we_o have_v but_o s._n paul_n be_v none_o of_o these_o which_o do_v contend_v about_o the_o law_n 2._o origen_n chrysostome_n theodoret_n understand_v it_o of_o peace_n with_o god_n but_o in_o this_o sense_n let_v we_o be_v justify_v by_o faith_n take_v heed_n that_o we_o offend_v not_o god_n by_o our_o sin_n and_o so_o make_v he_o our_o enemy_n mihi_fw-la videtur_fw-la say_v chrysostome_n de_fw-fr vita_fw-la &_o conversatione_fw-la disserere_fw-la the_o apostle_n seem_v unto_o i_o now_o to_o reason_n of_o our_o life_n and_o conversation_n so_o origen_n let_v we_o have_v peace_n ut_fw-la ultra_fw-la non_fw-la adversetur_fw-la caro_fw-la spiritus_fw-la that_o our_o flesh_n no_o long_o rebel_v against_o the_o spirit_n but_o the_o apostle_n here_o exhort_v not_o sed_fw-la gratulatur_fw-la eorum_fw-la faelicitati_fw-la he_o do_v rather_o set_v forth_o with_o joy_n the_o happiness_n of_o those_o which_o be_v justify_v erasmus_n and_o it_o be_v not_o a_o exhortation_n but_o a_o continuation_n rather_o of_o the_o former_a doctrine_n of_o justification_n tolet_n annot_n 1._o and_o here_o he_o show_v the_o benefit_n of_o our_o justification_n whereof_o the_o first_o be_v peace_n of_o conscience_n pareus_n and_o this_o be_v further_a evident_a by_o the_o word_n follow_v by_o who_o we_o have_v access_n which_o word_n be_v not_o utter_v by_o way_n of_o exhortation_n but_o of_o declaration_n show_v that_o the_o former_a word_n shall_v so_o likewise_o be_v take_v erasmus_n 3._o ambrose_n read_v in_o the_o indicative_a habemus_fw-la we_o have_v expound_v this_o peace_n of_o the_o tranquillity_n and_o peace_n of_o conscience_n which_o we_o have_v with_o god_n be_v once_o justify_v by_o faith_n in_o christ_n thus_o the_o apostle_n himself_o expound_v this_o peace_n v_o 10._o when_o we_o be_v enemy_n we_o be_v reconcile_v to_o god_n by_o the_o death_n of_o his_o son_n for_o they_o be_v our_o sin_n which_o make_v a_o separation_n between_o god_n and_o we_o this_o sense_n follow_v tolet_n annot_n 1._o and_o in_o his_o commentary_n pareus_n gryneus_n faius_n with_o other_o 4._o this_o then_o be_v resolve_v upon_o that_o the_o apostle_n speak_v here_o not_o of_o external_a but_o internal_a peace_n there_o be_v pax_fw-la temporis_fw-la and_o pax_fw-la pecteris_fw-la a_o temporal_a and_o a_o pectorall_a or_o inward_a peace_n the_o other_o christ_n give_v but_o through_o the_o malice_n of_o satan_n and_o the_o corruption_n of_o man_n heart_n it_o may_v be_v interrupt_v and_o therefore_o christ_n say_v matth._n 10.34_o that_o he_o come_v not_o to_o send_v peace_n but_o the_o sword_n but_o the_o other_o which_o be_v the_o inward_a peace_n of_o conscience_n satan_n himself_o can_v not_o deprive_v we_o of_o no_o man_n can_v take_v it_o from_o us._n but_o whereas_o there_o be_v a_o threefold_a combat_n within_o we_o the_o fight_n between_o reason_n and_o affection_n between_o the_o flesh_n and_o the_o spirit_n and_o a_o wrestle_n with_o the_o terror_n of_o god_n judgement_n in_o the_o two_o first_o we_o can_v have_v peace_n here_o but_o in_o part_n for_o still_o in_o the_o servant_n of_o god_n there_o remain_v a_o combat_n between_o reason_n and_o affection_n the_o flesh_n and_o the_o spirit_n as_o s._n paul_n show_v that_o it_o be_v so_o with_o he_o rom._n 7.23_o he_o see_v another_o law_n in_o his_o member_n rebel_a against_o the_o law_n of_o his_o mind_n and_o therefore_o we_o be_v not_o to_o hope_v to_o have_v such_o peace_n ut_fw-la non_fw-la ultra_fw-la caro_fw-la adversetur_fw-la spiritui_fw-la that_o the_o flesh_n shall_v no_o more_o rebel_n against_o the_o spirit_n as_o origen_n think_v but_o this_o inward_a peace_n be_v in_o respect_n of_o the_o terror_n which_o be_v cause_v in_o we_o by_o the_o fear_n of_o god_n judgement_n against_o sin_n from_o this_o terror_n we_o be_v deliver_v by_o christ_n beza_n yet_o so_o as_o sometime_o there_o may_v arise_v some_o fear_n doubt_n and_o perplexity_n in_o the_o mind_n of_o the_o faithful_a as_o it_o be_v write_v of_o hilarion_n that_o be_v 70._o year_n old_a and_o now_o near_o unto_o death_n he_o be_v somewhat_o perplex_v and_o trouble_v in_o mind_n yet_o faith_n in_o the_o end_n overcom_v all_o these_o danger_n that_o we_o fall_v not_o upon_o the_o rock_n to_o make_v shipwreck_n of_o our_o faith_n and_o a_o good_a conscience_n 5._o and_o we_o must_v here_o distinguish_v between_o pax_fw-la conscientiae_fw-la &_o stupor_n conscienciae_fw-la the_o peace_n of_o conscience_n and_o a_o carnal_a stupidity_n for_o the_o one_o never_o feel_v the_o terror_n of_o god_n judgment_n and_o therefore_o can_v have_v no_o true_a peace_n the_o other_o have_v feel_v they_o and_o be_v now_o by_o faith_n deliver_v from_o they_o calvin_n 6._o now_o whereas_o it_o be_v add_v we_o have_v peace_n with_o god_n or_o towards_o god_n these_o thing_n be_v here_o to_o be_v observe_v 1._o all_o the_o cause_n be_v here_o express_v of_o our_o justification_n the_o material_a which_o be_v remission_n of_o our_o sin_n include_v in_o justification_n the_o formal_a by_o faith_n the_o final_a to_o have_v peace_n with_o god_n the_o efficient_a through_o our_o lord_n jesus_n christ_n gorrhan_n 2._o and_o in_o that_o he_o say_v towards_o god_n origen_n note_v that_o this_o be_v add_v to_o show_v that_o they_o have_v neither_o peace_n in_o themselves_o because_o of_o the_o continual_a combat_n between_o the_o flesh_n and_o the_o spirit_n not_o yet_o with_o satan_n and_o the_o world_n which_o continual_o tempt_v we_o but_o with_o god_n we_o have_v peace_n who_o be_v reconcile_v unto_o we_o in_o christ_n and_o he_o say_v towards_o god_n or_o with_o god_n to_o signify_v that_o reconciliation_n be_v not_o only_o make_v with_o god_n but_o that_o it_o be_v please_v and_o acceptable_a unto_o he_o that_o such_o a_o reconciliation_n be_v make_v tolet._n and_o further_a hereby_o be_v signify_v that_o this_o be_v a_o perpetual_a peace_n because_o it_o be_v towards_o god_n with_o who_o there_o be_v no_o change_n nor_o mutability_n faius_n through_o jesus_n christ_n 1._o chrysostome_n seem_v thus_o to_o understand_v
plant_v in_o 2._o concern_v the_o read_n of_o the_o word_n thou_o be_v graft_v in_o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d for_o they_o that_o be_v in_o their_o place_n as_o the_o syrian_a interpreter_n translate_v but_o erasmus_n refuse_v this_o read_n as_o ridiculous_a and_o will_v have_v the_o preposition_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d in_o to_o be_v here_o redundant_fw-la and_o superfluous_a as_o the_o like_a phrase_n be_v use_v often_o in_o the_o hebrew_n as_o percussus_fw-la in_o gladio_fw-la smite_v in_o the_o sword_n and_o so_o he_o will_v have_v it_o refer_v unto_o the_o olive_n into_o the_o which_o they_o be_v plant_v likewise_o some_o of_o our_o own_o interpreter_n read_v insicus_fw-la illis_fw-la graft_v into_o they_o bucer_n martyr_n but_o the_o other_o read_v be_v the_o better_a graft_v in_o for_o they_o for_o it_o have_v relation_n to_o the_o branch_n break_v off_o and_o as_o yet_o no_o mention_n be_v make_v of_o the_o right_a olive_n tree_n lyranus_fw-la by_o in_o they_o understand_v the_o branch_n yet_o stand_v as_o the_o apostle_n into_o who_o the_o gentile_n be_v plant_v but_o plant_n be_v not_o proper_o graff_v into_o the_o branch_n but_o into_o the_o stock_n therefore_o the_o better_a sense_n be_v graft_v in_o for_o they_o in_o loco_fw-la factorum_fw-la in_o the_o stead_n of_o the_o break_a branch_n so_o gloss_n interlin_fw-mi gorrhan_n tolet_n and_o of_o our_o writer_n beza_n faius_n pareus_n genevens_n or_o among_o they_o b._n 3._o be_v graft_v in_o the_o apostle_n show_v a_o threefold_a benefit_n bestow_v upon_o the_o gentile_n first_o they_o be_v plant_v in_o stead_n of_o the_o incredulous_a jew_n which_o be_v as_o branch_n break_v off_o than_o they_o be_v make_v partaker_n of_o the_o root_n that_o be_v of_o the_o faith_n of_o abraham_n and_o the_o patriarch_n lyran._n and_o make_v one_o church_n with_o they_o and_o thereby_o they_o be_v partaker_n of_o the_o farm_n of_o the_o olive_n which_o the_o ordinary_a gloss_n understand_v of_o the_o apostle_n who_o receive_v of_o the_o fatness_n of_o the_o spirit_n to_o convey_v it_o to_o the_o gentile_n gorrhan_n of_o the_o fatness_n of_o charity_n but_o rather_o general_o thereby_o be_v mean_v the_o doctrine_n and_o grace_n of_o christ_n lyran._n and_o all_o the_o spiritual_a grace_n which_o the_o lord_n confer_v upon_o his_o church_n as_o the_o prophet_n david_n say_v psal._n 63.3_o my_o soul_n shall_v be_v satisfy_v as_o with_o marrow_n and_o fatness_n etc._n etc._n pareus_n 4._o but_o it_o will_v be_v object_v that_o the_o jew_n by_o nature_n be_v a_o wild_a olive_n as_o well_o as_o the_o gentile_n as_o saint_n paul_n say_v ephes._n 2.3_o we_o be_v by_o nature_n the_o child_n of_o wrath_n as_o well_o as_o other_o ans._n true_a it_o be_v that_o in_o respect_n of_o original_a corruption_n there_o be_v no_o difference_n but_o the_o jew_n be_v the_o right_a olive_n because_o they_o be_v descend_v of_o believe_v parent_n to_o who_o the_o ●●●●ise_n be_v make_v 5._o ambrose_n here_o note_v a_o difference_n between_o spiritual_a and_o external_a plant_n as_o origen_n also_o observe_v the_o same_o husbandman_n use_v to_o graft_v good_a plant_n into_o a_o sour_a stock_n not_o four_o and_o wild_a plant_n into_o a_o good_a stock_n but_o here_o it_o be_v otherwise_o the_o wild_a olive_n be_v plant_v into_o the_o true_a olive_n and_o the_o reason_n be_v this_o the_o apostle_n res_fw-la magis_fw-la causis_fw-la quam_fw-la causas_fw-la rebus_fw-la ●●●vit_fw-la do_v apply_v the_o thing_n unto_o his_o cause_n not_o the_o cause_n to_o the_o thing_n from_o whence_o he_o take_v his_o similitude_n origen_n quest._n 23._o of_o the_o meaning_n of_o these_o word_n thou_o bear_v not_o the_o root_n but_o the_o root_n thou_o v_o 18._o boast_v not_o thyself_o against_o the_o branch_n etc._n etc._n 1._o this_o be_v the_o consequent_a or_o conclusion_n infer_v out_o of_o the_o former_a reason_n that_o the_o gentile_n consider_v their_o former_a state_n and_o condition_n that_o they_o be_v the_o branch_n of_o a_o wild_a olive_n shall_v not_o insult_v against_o other_o which_o word_n beside_o this_o conclusion_n do_v include_v two_o secret_a reason_n against_o this_o rejoice_a 1._o because_o none_o ought_v to_o rejoice_v in_o themselves_o but_o only_o in_o the_o lord_n 1._o cor._n 1.31_o gryneus_n 2._o ambrose_n note_v how_o it_o be_v a_o thing_n displease_v unto_o god_n to_o rejoice_v in_o the_o calamity_n and_o overthrow_n of_o other_o and_o therefore_o the_o gentile_n shall_v offend_v god_n if_o they_o insult_v over_o the_o jew_n because_o of_o their_o incredulity_n thou_o bear_v not_o the_o root_n but_o the_o root_n thou_o 1._o for_o the_o connexion_n of_o these_o word_n because_o the_o apostle_n pass_v from_o the_o branch_n to_o the_o root_n against_o the_o which_o the_o gentile_n rejoice_v not_o chrysostome_n think_v that_o the_o apostle_n do_v it_o because_o he_o will_v afford_v unto_o the_o jew_n umbram_fw-la solatij_fw-la a_o certain_a shadow_n of_o comfort_n and_o nothing_o else_o and_o he_o think_v that_o in_o word_n only_o he_o seem_v to_o allay_v their_o grief_n not_o in_o deed_n but_o far_o be_v it_o from_o we_o to_o think_v that_o the_o apostle_n shall_v as_o it_o be_v double_a with_o his_o own_o nation_n in_o so_o serious_a a_o matter_n have_v make_v so_o solemn_a a_o protestation_n before_o c._n 9.1_o i_o speak_v the_o truth_n in_o christ_n i_o lie_v not_o 2._o gryneus_n make_v this_o to_o be_v the_o coherence_n the_o branch_n which_o be_v graft_v in_o shall_v imitate_v the_o root_n it_o lament_v for_o the_o branch_n which_o be_v break_v off_o and_o so_o shall_v they_o which_o be_v plant_v in_o but_o this_o rather_o be_v the_o reason_n of_o the_o coherence_n if_o they_o shall_v insult_v against_o the_o branch_n they_o shall_v in_o a_o manner_n also_o lift_v up_o themselves_o against_o the_o root_n which_o bear_v those_o branch_n even_o against_o abraham_n the_o parent_n of_o the_o jew_n pareus_n 3._o this_o then_o be_v a_o new_a argument_n that_o they_o ought_v not_o to_o insult_v against_o the_o jew_n the_o branch_n for_o so_o consequent_o they_o shall_v insult_v against_o the_o root_n itself_o which_o be_v either_o a_o absurd_a thing_n that_o the_o branch_n shall_v vaunt_v itself_o against_o the_o root_n that_o bear_v it_o or_o a_o uncomelie_a thing_n to_o insult_v against_o he_o from_o who_o thou_o have_v receive_v so_o great_a benefit_n as_o they_o be_v graff_v into_o the_o root_n be_v make_v partaker_n of_o the_o fatness_n thereof_o 4._o this_o root_n be_v say_v to_o bear_v the_o gentile_n and_o not_o they_o the_o root_n because_o they_o have_v their_o conversion_n from_o the_o jew_n and_o not_o the_o jew_n from_o they_o lyranus_fw-la as_o our_o bl._n saviour_n say_v joh._n 4.22_o salvation_n be_v of_o the_o jew_n the_o jew_n may_v receive_v the_o ground_n of_o philosophy_n and_o of_o other_o art_n from_o the_o gentile_n but_o that_o be_v not_o the_o fatness_n of_o the_o olive_n nor_o the_o sap_n of_o the_o root_n which_o be_v faith_n in_o christ_n which_o be_v the_o faith_n of_o abraham_n root_v and_o ground_v in_o christ._n quest._n 24._o of_o those_o word_n v_o 22._o if_o thou_o continue_v in_o his_o bountifulness_n 1._o chrysostome_n give_v this_o sense_n si_fw-la ea_fw-la feceris_fw-la if_o thou_o do_v those_o thing_n which_o be_v answerable_a to_o the_o divine_a goodness_n non_fw-la enim_fw-la fide_fw-la sola_fw-la opus_fw-la est_fw-la for_o we_o have_v not_o need_v only_o of_o faith_n here_o etc._n etc._n but_o the_o apostle_n speak_v evident_o of_o the_o goodness_n of_o god_n not_o of_o man_n and_o so_o osiander_n thereby_o understand_v clementiam_fw-la dei_fw-la the_o clemency_n of_o god_n if_o thou_o continue_v in_o the_o grace_n and_o favour_n of_o god_n the_o interlin_n gloss_n thus_o expound_v si_fw-la totum_fw-la des_fw-mi tribuas_fw-la if_o thou_o ascribe_v all_o unto_o god_n but_o here_o rather_o the_o cause_n be_v take_v for_o the_o effect_n as_o the_o goodness_n of_o god_n for_o faith_n which_o be_v wrought_v in_o we_o by_o the_o goodness_n and_o grace_n of_o god_n as_o afterward_o v_o 31._o by_o mercy_n be_v understand_v faith_n give_v in_o god_n mercy_n and_o this_o to_o be_v the_o sense_n appear_v by_o the_o contrary_a v_o 23._o if_o they_o abide_v not_o still_o in_o unbelief_n 2._o if_o thou_o continue_v this_o neither_o show_v that_o it_o be_v in_o man_n power_n to_o continue_v for_o all_o be_v ascribe_v to_o the_o goodness_n and_o mercy_n of_o god_n neither_o yet_o can_v it_o be_v hence_o gather_v that_o the_o elect_n may_v fall_v away_o and_o not_o continue_v but_o these_o conditional_a speech_n be_v utter_v to_o work_v in_o the_o faithful_a a_o great_a care_n and_o to_o stir_v they_o up_o and_o take_v away_o from_o they_o all_o carnal_a security_n 3._o or_o else_o thou_o also_o shall_v be_v
nature_n but_o do_v so_o divide_v and_o distinguish_v the_o nature_n as_o if_o they_o make_v two_o person_n so_o the_o ubiquitary_n make_v a_o confuse_a commixtion_n and_o community_n real_o attribute_v to_o one_o nature_n that_o which_o be_v proper_a to_o the_o other_o as_o though_o to_o ascribe_v any_o thing_n to_o the_o whole_a person_n be_v secundum_fw-la utramque_fw-la neturam_fw-la tribuere_fw-la according_a unto_o both_o nature_n to_o attribute_v it_o because_o christ_n deity_n be_v every_o where_o and_o it_o be_v true_a of_o christ_n whole_a person_n that_o homo_fw-la christus_fw-la the_o man_n christ_n be_v every_o where_o yet_o it_o follow_v not_o that_o his_o humanity_n shall_v be_v every_o where_o so_o than_o we_o conclude_v against_o the_o nestorian_n that_o christus_fw-la totus_fw-la non_fw-la dimiàtus_fw-la that_o christ_n whole_a