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B02487 The happy sinner: or, The penitent malefactor. Being the prayers and last words of one Richard Cromwel (some time a souldier and chyrurgion in the late D. of Monmouth's Army, and since of their present Majesties) who was executed at Leichfield for murder, on the 3d. day of July, 1691. Wherein are not only contained his prayers ... but also his last speech ... And also, his legacy to his county, of choyce, physical, and chyrurgical receipts ... Cromwel, Richard, d. 1691. 1691 (1691) Wing C7035; ESTC R171606 6,296 11 View Text
A65453 A sermon preached in St. Maries church at Gates-head in the county-Palatine of Durham at the funeral of George Johnson, Gent., deceased, May 29, Anno Dom 1683 / by Richard Werge ... ; whereunto is added, Anelegy by a friend. Werge, Richard, 1624 or 5-1687. 1683 (1683) Wing W1366; ESTC R8026 12,157 36 View Text
A54161 A key opening a way to every common understanding, how to discern the difference betwixt the religion professed by the people called Quakers and the perversions, misrepresentations and calumnies of their several adversaries : published in great good will to all, but more especially for their sakes that are actually under prejudice from vulgar abuses. Penn, William, 1644-1718. 1693 (1693) Wing P1312A; ESTC R28422 12,318 37 View Text
A56902 The dead prophet yet speaking a funeral sermon preached at Plaisterers-Hall, Feb. 15, 1690, to the Church of Christ there, upon the sad occasion of the decease of their late Reverend Pastor, Mr. John Faldo / by John Quick ... Quick, John, 1636-1706. 1691 (1691) Wing Q206; ESTC R38018 15,021 42 View Text
A67616 A sermon preached at St. Margarets in Westminster at the funeral of Mrs. Susanna Gray, daughter of Henry Gray, Esq., of Enfield in Staffordshire, who on the 29 of October 1654 began her eternal sabbath. Waring, Robert, 1614-1658. 1657 (1657) Wing W869; ESTC R27055 15,128 48 View Text
A17870 A true reporte of the death & martyrdome of M. Campion Iesuite and preiste, & M. Sherwin, & M. Bryan preistes, at Tiborne the first of December 1581 Observid and written by a Catholike preist, which was present therat Wheruuto [sic] is annexid certayne verses made by sundrie persons Alfield, Thomas, 1552-1585.; Parsons, Robert, 1546-1610, attributed name.; Walpole, Henry, 1558-1595, attributed name. 1582 (1582) STC 4537; ESTC S107411 16,675 52 View Text
A07790 A short treatise of death in sixe chapters Together with the ænigmatick description of old age and death written Ecclesiastes 12 chap. exponed and paraphrased in English meetre. Written by Mr. William Morray minister of Gods word. Morray, William. 1631 (1631) STC 18167; ESTC S121485 18,101 56 View Text
A60558 The blessed works of the light of God's holy and blessed spirit exalted above the works of darkness with some informations how to escape out of sin and iniquity, and a clear way discovered into the truth : with a short testimony of the cry of Babylon's merchants by reason of the day that is coming upon them / [by] Stephen Smith. Smith, Stephen, 1623-1678. 1673 (1673) Wing S4212; ESTC R37568 21,102 40 View Text
A05404 A sermon preached at Paules Crosse by R. Lewes, Baccheler of Divinitie, concerning Isaac his testament, disposed by the Lord to Iacobs comfort, though it were intednded to Esau by his father; shewing, that the counsel of God shal stand, albeit the whole worlde withstande it. Lewes, Richard. 1594 (1594) STC 15556; ESTC S119665 22,088 50 View Text
A01118 Christ Iesus triumphant A fruitefull treatise, wherin is described the most glorious triumph, and conquest of Christ Iesus our sauiour, ouer sinne, death, the law, the strength and pride of Sathan, and the world, with all other enemyes whatsoeuer agaynst the poore soule of man: made too be read for spirituall comfort, by Iohn Foxe, and from Latin translated intoo English by the printer.; Christus triumphans. English. Selections Foxe, John, 1516-1587.; Day, Richard, b. 1552. 1579 (1579) STC 11231; ESTC S116950 29,170 80 View Text
A08472 A confession of the most auncient and true christe[n] catholike olde belefe accordyng to the ordre of the .xij. articles of our co[m]mon crede, set furthe in Englishe to the glory of almightye God, and to the confirmacion of Christes people in Christes catholike olde faith. By I.O. Old, John, fl. 1545-1555. 1556 (1556) STC 18798; ESTC S113446 30,820 82 View Text
A86881 Animadversions and considerations upon a sheet, printed for Francis Smith containing a confession of the faith of several catapædobaptists, whose names are thereunto subscribed. As also the absurdities of the doctrine of arminianism, free-will, and general redemption; and that it is a popish doctrine; and their objections briefly answered. By J. H. Humfrey, John, 1621-1719.; Humphreys, John, b. 1637. 1679 (1679) Wing H3666A; ESTC R224279 30,889 102 View Text
A95131 An answer to a letter written by the R.R. the Ld Bp of Rochester. Concerning the chapter of original sin, in the Vnum necessarium. / By Jer. Taylor D.D. Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667. 1656 (1656) Wing T286; Thomason E1683_1; ESTC R209161 32,605 117 View Text
A00972 The historie of the perfect-cursed-blessed man setting forth mans excellency by his generation, miserie [by his] degeneration, felicitie [by his] regeneration. By I.F. Master of Arts, preacher of Gods word, and rector of Wilbie in Suff. Fletcher, Joseph, 1577?-1637.; Cecil, Thomas, fl. 1630, engraver. 1628 (1628) STC 11078; ESTC S105608 35,115 104 View Text
A66700 Planctus unigeniti et spes resuscitandi, or, The bitter sorrows for a first born sweetened with the hopes of a better resurrection with consolations, moral and divine, against the death of friends, suited to the present occasion : delivered in a funeral sermon at Felsted in Essex, May 23, 1664, at the solemn interment of ... Charles Lord Rich, the only child of ... the Earle of Warwick / by A. Walker. Walker, Anthony, d. 1692. 1664 (1664) Wing W307; ESTC R24590 38,237 75 View Text
A08481 Gods rebuke in taking from vs that worthy and honourable gentleman Sir Edward Lewkenor Knight, the first day of May this present yeere 1618, he being at that time high Sheriffe of Suffolke whose Christian life and comfortable end are here faithfully recorded. Together with diuers profitable and necessarie instructions; deliuered first in a discourse at his funerall, and now inlarged, and published, for the benefit of others not then present. By T.O. aliàs P. minister of the word of God at Denham in Suffolke. Oldmayne, Timothy. 1619 (1619) STC 18805; ESTC S113488 40,569 121 View Text
A39896 An essay of original righteousness and conveyed sin wherein the question is sightly stated, the latent venome of some of Dr. Jeremiah Tayler's heretical assertions detected, and accurately impugn'd. By [J.] Ford gentlemen. Ford, John, Mayor of Bath. 1657 (1657) Wing F1464; ESTC R222666 41,888 180 View Text
A90237 Mans mortalitie: or, A treatise wherein 'tis proved, both theologically and philosophically, that whole man (as a rationall creature) is a compound wholly mortall, contrary to that common distinction of soule and body: and that the present going of the soule into heaven or hell is a meer fiction: and that at the resurrection is the beginning of our immortality, and then actual condemnation, and salvation, and not before. : With all doubts and objections answered, and resolved, both by scripture and reason; discovering the multitude of blasphemies, and absurdities that arise from the fancie of the soule. : Also divers other mysteries, as, of heaven, hell, Christs humane residence, the extent of the resurrection, the new creation, &c. opened, and presented to the tryall of better judgments. / By R.O. Overton, Richard, fl. 1646.; Writer, Clement, fl. 1627-1658. 1644 (1644) Wing O629E; ESTC R11330 42,502 47 View Text
A53583 Man wholly mortal, or, A treatise wherein 'tis proved, both theologically and philosophically, that as whole man sinned, so whole man died ... with doubts and objections answered and resolved, both by Scripture and reason ... : also, divers other mysteries, as of heaven, hell, the extent of the resurrection, the new-creation, &c. opened, and presented to the trial of better judgment. / by R.O.; Mans mortallitie Overton, Richard, fl. 1646.; Overton, Robert, ca. 1609-ca. 1668. 1675 (1675) Wing O629C; Wing O640_CANCELLED; ESTC R11918 46,615 138 View Text
A13261 A Christian loue-letter sent particularly to K.T. a gentlewoman mis-styled a Catholicke, but generallie intended to all of the Romish religion, to labour their conuersion to the true faith of Christ Iesus. By Iohn Swynnerton, Gent Swynnerton, John. 1606 (1606) STC 23558; ESTC S120777 49,016 88 View Text
A08800 The true Catholike Collected out of the oracles, and psalteries of the Holy Ghost. for instruction, and deuotion. Fernández de Ribera, Rodrigo, 1579-1631.; Packer, Thomas, fl. 1628-1637. 1628 (1628) STC 19085; ESTC S100465 49,141 292 View Text
A73748 The sinners sleepe vvherein Christ willing her to arise receiueth but an vntoward answer. By Henoch Clapham. Clapham, Henoch. 1596 (1596) STC 5345.4; ESTC S124802 49,655 153 View Text
B13698 A dialogue or conference betweene Irenæus and Antimachus, about the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England: by Samuel Gardiner, Doctor of Diuinitie Gardiner, Samuel, b. 1563 or 4. 1605 (1605) STC 11575; ESTC S102819 49,951 71 View Text
A74676 Quatuor novissma: Or, Meditations upon the four last things, delivered in four common-place discourses: by Thomas Longland ... Longland, Thomas, 1629 or 30-1697. 1657 (1657) Wing L3002; Thomason E1633_2 52,017 143 View Text
A90206 The world to come, or The mysterie of the resurrection opened: in a discourse at Burford in the county of Oxon, upon Acts 24.15. / By John Osborn, minister of the Gospel at Bampton in the bush. As also, in a conference between him and Richard Coppin of Westwell. Osborne, John, lover of the truth as it is in Jesus. 1651 (1651) Wing O526; Thomason E635_1; ESTC R206479 55,151 76 View Text
A65936 That great duty and comfortable evidence (keeping our selves from our iniquity) opened and applied in some sermons upon Psal. 18, 23 / by John Whitlock. Whitlock, John, 1625-1709. 1698 (1698) Wing W2029; ESTC R26359 57,005 130 View Text
A89860 What the possession of the living faith is, and the fruits thereof and wherein it hath been found to differ from the dead faith of the world, in the learning and following of Christ in the regeneration. With an opening of Light to all sorts of people that waits for the Kingdom of God; and a candle lighted to give the sight of the good old way of God, from the wayes that now ensnares the simple. Written by James Naylor in the time of his imprisonment, and now published by a friend. Naylor, James, 1617?-1660. 1659 (1659) Wing N328; ESTC R205424 58,748 72 View Text
A72314 A helpe vnto deuotion containing certain moulds or forms of prayer, fitted to seuerall occasions; & penned for the furtherance of those, who haue more desire then skil, to poure out their soules by petitions vnto God. By Sam. Hieron. Hieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617. 1608 (1608) STC 13406.3; ESTC S123450 60,160 302 View Text
A40635 Peace and holiness in three sermons upon several occasions / by Ignatius Fuller. Fuller, Ignatius, 1624 or 5-1711. 1672 (1672) Wing F2390; Wing F2391; Wing F2392; ESTC R2184 61,487 158 View Text
A61206 Satana noēmata, or, The wiles of Satan in a discourse upon 2 Cor. 2. 11 / by William Spurstow ... Spurstowe, William, 1605?-1666. 1666 (1666) Wing S5096; ESTC R22598 68,825 114 View Text
A01281 Englands sicknes, comparatively conferred with Israels Diuided into two sermons, by Tho: Adams. Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653. 1615 (1615) STC 114; ESTC S100411 68,934 100 View Text
A52725 What the possession of the living faith is, and the fruits thereof and wherein it hath been found to differ from the dead faith of the world, in the learning and following of Christ in the regeneration with an opening of light to all sorts of people that waits for the Kingdom of God, and a candle lighted to give the sight of the good old way of God, from the wayes that now ensnares the simple : also a message from the spirit of truth unto the holy seed who are chosen out of the world, and are lovers and followers of the light / written by J.N. in the time of his imprisonment, and now (the second time) published by a Friend. Naylor, James, 1617?-1660.; R. T. (Rebecca Travers), 1609-1688. 1664 (1664) Wing N329; ESTC R23113 74,833 93 View Text
A63754 Deus justificatus. Two discourses of original sin contained in two letters to persons of honour, wherein the question is rightly stated, several objections answered, and the truth further cleared and proved by many arguments newly added or explain'd. By Jer. Taylor D.D. Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667.; Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667. Deus justificatus, or, A vindication of the glory of the divine attributes in the question of original sin.; Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667. Answer to a letter written by the R.R. the Ld Bp of Rochester. 1656 (1656) Wing T311A; ESTC R220790 75,112 280 View Text
A14664 An exposition of the tvvo first verses of the sixt chapter to the Hebrewes in forme of a dialogue. Wherein you have a commendation of catechising, also a declaration of the sixe fundamentall principles wherein the Christians of the Primitiue Apostolicall church were catechised. By T.W. minister of the word. Wilson, Thomas, 1563-1622.; Walkington, Thomas, d. 1621, attributed name. 1600 (1600) STC 24966; ESTC S102108 79,110 106 View Text
A51247 Anōthekrypta, or, Glorious mysteries wherein the grand proceedings betwixt Christ and the soule ... : is clearly laid open ... / by S.M., minister of the Gospel of God. Moore, Samuel, b. 1617. 1647 (1647) Wing M2586; ESTC R9458 79,159 237 View Text
A67691 The method of salvation In two parts. I. A sinner's conversion to saving faith in God through Christ. II. The progress of a believer from his conversion to his perfection, under the work of sanctification. By John Warren, M.A. sometime minister of the gospel at Hatfield Broad-Oak in Essex. Warren, John, minister of Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex. 1696 (1696) Wing W975; ESTC R219940 84,414 163 View Text
A27038 A sermon of iudgement preached at Pauls before the Honourable Lord Maior and aldermen of the city of London, Dec. 17, 1654 and now enlarged / Rich. Baxter. Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. 1655 (1655) Wing B1408; ESTC R13294 85,241 312 View Text
A28819 An antidote against swearing to which is annexed an appendix concerning an assertory and promissory oath in reference to the stature of the two now flourishing sister universities : also a short catalogue of some remarkable judgments from God upon blasphemers, &c. / by R. Boreman ... R. B. (Robert Boreman), d. 1675. 1662 (1662) Wing B3755; ESTC R18222 86,033 206 View Text
A30167 Light for them that sit in darkness, or, A discourse of Jesus Christ, and that he undertook to accomplish by himself the eternal redemption of sinners also, that the Lord Jesus addressed himself to this work, with undeniable demonstrations that he performed the same : objections to the contrary answered / by John Bunyan. Bunyan, John, 1628-1688. 1675 (1675) Wing B5554; ESTC R19879 89,163 194 View Text
A93348 Great Britains misery; with the causes and cure. Described first, as it is from the justice of God the authour, who is now in controversie with the inhabitants of the land for sin: especially for eight capitall crimes, all which are aggravated by sundry circumstances. Secondly, the injustice and malice of the instruments of this misery, Satan and his agents: their main aime, and particular ends, moving them therunto. Vindicating, plainly and fully, (by way of answer to severall objections) the lawfulnesse and necessity of raising arms by the Parliament, and kingdom; for the defence of the King, kingdom, religion, laws, and known rights of the subject: against that viperous generation of papists, atheists, delinquents, and licentious men, who have at once invaded all. ... / By G.S. Gent. Imprimatur Ja. Cranford. Smith, George, 1602 or 3-1658. 1643 (1643) Wing S4037; Thomason E250_4; ESTC R212534 90,980 68 View Text
A40356 Time and the end of time, or, Two discourses, the first about redemption of time, the second about consideration of our latter end by John Fox. Fox, John, fl. 1676. 1670 (1670) Wing F2024; ESTC R10455 99,064 254 View Text
A44488 Balaams wish; or, The reward of righteousness in, and after death Considered and explicated by occasion of the late decease of Mrs. Barbara Whitefoot, late of Hapton in the county of Norfolk; who deceased April 9. and was interred April 11. 1667. By John Horne, preacher of the Gospel in former times in the parish of Lin-Allhallows, in the same county. Horn, John, 1614-1676. 1667 (1667) Wing H2792; ESTC R215351 101,277 113 View Text
A19440 A direction to the waters of lyfe Come and beholde, how Christ shineth before the Law, in the Law, and in the Prophetes: and withall the iudgements of God vpon all nations for the neglect of his holy worde, wherein they myght haue seene the same: both which are layde before your eyes in this litle discourse, by Roger Cotton draper. Cotton, Roger. 1590 (1590) STC 5866; ESTC S116423 103,832 110 View Text
A43763 A looking-glass for loyalty, or, The subjects duty to his soveraign being the substance of several sermons preached by a person who always looked upon his allegiance as incorporated into his religion ... Higham, John, 17th cent. 1675 (1675) Wing H1966; ESTC R19006 105,066 207 View Text
A27062 Two treatises tending to awaken secure sinners viz., 1. The terror of the day of judgment, from 2 Cor. 5. 10, 2. The danger of slighting Christ and his Gospel, from Matth. 22. 5 / by Richard Baxter. Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.; Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. Terror of the day of judgment.; Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. Danger of slighting Christ and his gospel. 1696 (1696) Wing B1443; ESTC R16419 109,733 266 View Text
A26808 The soveraign and final happiness of man with the effectual means to obtain it by William Bates ... Bates, William, 1625-1699. 1680 (1680) Wing B1126; ESTC R2589 110,196 278 View Text
A14114 A silver watch-bell The sound wherof is able (by the grace of God) to win the most profane worldling, and carelesse liuer, if there be but the least sparke of grace remaining in him, to become a true Christian indeed, that in the end he may obtaine euerlasting saluation. Wherunto is annexed a treatise of the holy Sacrament of the Lords Supper. Tymme, Thomas, d. 1620. 1605 (1605) STC 24421; ESTC S106042 114,862 276 View Text
A11363 A treatise of Paradise. And the principall contents thereof especially of the greatnesse, situation, beautie, and other properties of that place: of the trees of life, good and euill; of the serpent, cherubin, fiery sword, mans creation, immortalitie, propagation, stature, age, knowledge, temptation, fall, and exclusion out of Paradise; and consequently of his and our originall sin: with many other difficulties touching these points. Collected out of the holy Scriptures, ancient fathers, and other both ancient and moderne writers. Salkeld, John, 1576-1660. 1617 (1617) STC 21622; ESTC S116515 126,315 368 View Text
A60557 The true light discovered to all who desire to walk in the day in several little treatises / written by that faithful member of the true church of Christ Jesus (deceased) Stephen Smith. Smith, Stephen, 1623-1678. 1679 (1679) Wing S4211; ESTC R27491 132,412 385 View Text
A19361 A theological dialogue Wherin the Epistle of S. Paul the Apostle to the Romanes is expounded. Gathered and set together out of the readings of Antonie Corranus of Siuille, professor of Diuinitie.; Dialogus theologicus. English Corro, Antonio del, 1527-1591. 1575 (1575) STC 5786; ESTC S116682 133,197 376 View Text
A12709 The mystery of godlinesse a generall discourse of the reason that is in Christian religion. By William Sparke divinity reader at Magd: Coll: in Oxford, and parson of Blechly in B[uck]ingham-shire. Sparke, William, 1587-1641. 1628 (1628) STC 23026; ESTC S100099 133,807 175 View Text
B11821 Horæ subseciuæ observations and discourses. Chandon, Grey Brydges, Baron, d. 1621.; Cavendish, Gilbert.; Newcastle, William Cavendish, Duke of, 1592-1676.; Hobbes, Thomas, 1588-1679. 1620 (1620) STC 3957; ESTC S105996 135,065 562 View Text
A86549 Salvation from sinne by Jesus Christ: or, The doctrine of sanctification (which is the greater part of our salvation) founded upon Christ, who is both the meritorious, and and efficient cause of sanctifying grace, purchasing it for, working & perfecting it in his people. Applied (as it was specially intended) for the better information of our judgements, and quickning of our affections in holiness, wherein our everlasting our everlasting happiness chiefly consisteth. / Preached in the weekly lecture at Evesham in the county of Worcester, by George Hopkins, M.A. minister of the Gospel there.; Salvation from sinne by Jesus Christ Hopkins, George, 1620-1666. 1655 (1655) Wing H2743; Thomason E1608_1; ESTC R208454 135,124 325 View Text
A49757 Christ's power over bodily diseases Preached in several sermons on Mat. 8. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. And published for the instruction especially of the more ignorant people in the great dutie of preparation for sickness and death. By Edward Lawrence, M.A. minister of the gospel at Baschurch in the county of Salop. Lawrence, Edward, 1623-1695.; Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. 1672 (1672) Wing L653; ESTC R223651 140,079 330 View Text
A62378 An exposition vvith notes on the whole fourth chapter to the the Romanes wherein the grand question of justification by faith alone, without works, is controverted, stated, cleared, and fully resolved ... / by William Sclater, Doctor in Divinity, sometimes minister of Gods word at Pitminster, in Summerset ; now published by his son, William Sclater, Batchelar in Divinity, minister at Collompton in Devon. Sclater, William, 1575-1626.; Sclater, William, 1609-1661. 1650 (1650) Wing S918; ESTC R37207 141,740 211 View Text
A09453 A reformed Catholike: or, A declaration shewing how neere we may come to the present Church of Rome in sundrie points of religion: and vvherein we must for euer depart from them with an advertisment to all fauourers of the Romane religion, shewing that the said religion is against the Catholike principles and grounds of the catechisme. Perkins, William, 1558-1602. 1598 (1598) STC 19736; ESTC S114478 146,915 390 View Text
A27047 Three treatises tending to awaken secure sinners by Richard Baxter. Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.; Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. True Christianity.; Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. Absolute dominion of God-redeemer.; Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. Absolute soveraignty of Christ. 1656 (1656) Wing B1420; Wing B1409L; Wing B1437; ESTC R11838 152,069 348 View Text
A85988 A soveraign antidote against sinful errors, the epidemical plague of these latter dayes. Extracted out of divine records, the dispensatory of Christianity: for the prevention and cure of our spiritual distempers. By Claudius Gilbert, B.D. and minister of the Gospel at Limrick in Ireland. Gilbert, Claudius, d. 1696? 1658 (1658) Wing G704; Thomason E939_4; ESTC R202212 152,383 185 View Text
A29219 To pyr to aiōnion, or, Everlasting fire no fancy being an answer to a late pestilent pamphlet, entituled (The foundations of hell-torments shaken and removed), wherein the author hath laboured to prove that there is no everlasting punishment for any man (though finally wicked and impenitent) after this life : his considerations considered, and his cavils, confuted : together with a practical improvement of the point, and the way to escape the damnation of Hell / by Jo. Brandon ... J. B. (John Brandon) 1678 (1678) Wing B4251; ESTC R20144 152,715 173 View Text
A54199 Quakerism, a new nick-name for old Christianity being an answer to a book entituled Quakerism no Christianity, subscribed by J. Faldo : in which the rise, doctrine and practice of the abused Quakers are truly, briefly and fully declared and vindicated from the false charges ... made by that adversary with a key opening the true meaning of some of their doctrine ... / by one of them and a sufferer with them in all their sufferings, William Penn. Penn, William, 1644-1718. 1672 (1672) Wing P1347; ESTC R30094 154,759 271 View Text
A44439 A second volume of discourses or sermons on several scriptures by Ezekiel Hopkins ... Hopkins, Ezekiel, 1634-1690. 1693 (1693) Wing H2735; ESTC R37910 158,868 429 View Text
A03416 A curry-combe for a coxe-combe. Or Purgatories knell In answer of a lewd libell lately foricated by Iabal Rachil against Sir Edvv. Hobies Counter-snarle: entituled Purgatories triumph ouer hell. Digested in forme of a dialogue by Nick-groome of the Hobie-stable Reginoburgi. Hoby, Edward, Sir, 1560-1617. 1615 (1615) STC 13540; ESTC S104127 161,194 284 View Text
A12703 The high vvay to Heaven by the cleare light of the Gospell cleansed of a number of most dangerous stumbling stones thereinto throwen by Bellarmine and others In a treatise made vpon the 37. 38. and 39. verses of the 7. of Iohn: wherein is so handled the most sweete and comfortable doctrine of the true vnion and communication of Christ and his Church, and the contrarie is so confuted, as that not onely thereby also summarilie and briefly, and yet plainly all men may learne rightly to receiue the sacrament of Christs blessed bodie and blood, but also how to beleeue and to liue to saluation. And therefore entitled The highway to Heauen. By Thomas Sparke Doctor of Diuinitie. Sparke, Thomas, 1548-1616. 1597 (1597) STC 23021; ESTC S102434 161,682 384 View Text
A08891 The fal of Babel By the confusion of tongues directly proving against the Papists of this, and former ages; that a view of their writings, and bookes being taken; cannot be discerned by any man living, what they would say, or how be vnderstoode, in the question of the sacrifice of the masse, the reall presence or transubstantiation, but in explaning their mindes they fall vpon such termes, as the Protestants vse and allow. Further in the question of the Popes supremacy is shevved, how they abuse an authority of the auncient father St. Cyprian, a canon of the I Niceene counsell, and the ecclesiastical historie of Socrates, and Sozomen. And lastly is set downe a briefe of the sucession of Popes in the sea of Rome for these 1600 yeeres togither; ... By Iohn Panke. Panke, John. 1608 (1608) STC 19171; ESTC S102341 167,339 204 View Text
A09274 Vindiciae fidei, or A treatise of iustification by faith wherein that point is fully cleared, and vindicated from the cauils of it's aduersaries. Deliuered in certaine lectures at Magdalen Hall in Oxford, by William Pemble, Master of Arts of the same house: and now published since his death for the publique benefit. Pemble, William, 1592?-1623.; Capel, Richard, 1586-1656. 1625 (1625) STC 19589; ESTC S114368 167,454 232 View Text
A09997 Remaines of that reverend and learned divine, Iohn Preston, Dr. in Divinity, chaplaine in ordinary to his Majesty, master of Emanuel Colledge in Cambridge, and sometimes preacher of Lincolnes-Inne Containing three excellent treatises, namely, Iudas's repentance. The saints spirituall strength. Pauls conversion. Preston, John, 1587-1628. 1634 (1634) STC 20249; ESTC S115107 168,230 405 View Text
A30673 Death improv'd, and immoderate sorrow for deceased friends and relations reprov'd wherein you have many arguments against immoderate sorrow, and many profitable lessons which we may learn from such providences / by Edward Bury ... Bury, Edward, 1616-1700. 1693 (1693) Wing B6204; ESTC R11343 169,821 306 View Text
A30678 A soveraign antidote against the fear of death: or, A cordial for a dying Christian Being ten select meditations, wherein a Christians objections are answered, and his doubts and fears removed, and many convincing motives and arguments are laid down to perswade him to a willing submission to Gods will, whether he be sent for by a natural or a violent death. By Edward Bury formerly minister of Great Bolas in Shropshire. Bury, Edward, 1616-1700. 1681 (1681) Wing B6211; ESTC R218706 177,227 388 View Text
A74686 The nonsuch professor in his Meridian splendor, or the singular actions of sanctified Christians. Laid open in seaven sermons at Allhallows church in the wall, London. / By William Secker preacher of the gospel. Secker, William, d. 1681? 1660 (1660) Wing S2253; Thomason E1750_1; ESTC R209664 179,725 448 View Text
A78214 The practical Christian: or, A summary view of the chief heads of practical divinity in order to the begetting, preserving, and increasing the life and power of godliness in the hearts and lives of professors; laid down in a plain and succinct manner, by way of meditation. Drawn up, and principally intended for the use and benefit of the citizens of Exeter; and especially those that were his peculiar flock. By J.B. once their pastor. Bartlet, John, fl. 1662. 1670 (1670) Wing B983A; ESTC R229515 180,069 335 View Text
A90884 The vanity of the lives and passions of men. Written by D. Papillon, Gent. Papillon, David, 1581-1655? 1651 (1651) Wing P304; Thomason E1222_1; ESTC R211044 181,604 424 View Text
A10615 The golden chayne of salvation. Written by that reverend and learned man, maister Herman Renecher. And now translated out of Latine into English; Aurea salutis catena. English Rennecher, Hermann.; Allibond, Peter, 1559 or 60-1628. 1604 (1604) STC 20889; ESTC S101212 181,755 288 View Text
A58888 A discoverie of the vvorld to come according to the Scriptures the first part thereof being didactical, or such as contains a form of positive doctrine : wherein 1. The doctrine of the world to come is propounded, explicated, confirmed, and applyed in a more familiar method then formerly hath been observed, 2. The doctrine of millenaries, touching a new reformed church in the latter times, which they call a new world, is confuted, 3. Sundry passages of holy writ are interpreted in reference to the world to come, which have been formerly wrested, and forced in a wrong sense / written by J. Seager... Seager, J. (John) 1650 (1650) Wing S2172; ESTC R32635 182,162 318 View Text
A04463 Certaine sermons preached before the Queenes Maiestie, and at Paules crosse, by the reuerend father Iohn Ievvel late Bishop of Salisburie. Whereunto is added a short treatise of the sacraments, gathered out of other his sermons, made vpon that matter, in his cathedrall church at Salisburie Jewel, John, 1522-1571.; Garbrand, John, 1542-1589. 1583 (1583) STC 14596; ESTC S107761 183,421 378 View Text
B02482 Christ alone exalted in the perfection and encouragements of the saints, notwithstanding sins and trials. Volume III. / Being laid open in severall sermons by the late spirituall and faithfull preacher of the Gospel, Tobias Crispe, D.D. Crisp, Tobias, 1600-1643.; Cokayn, George, 1619-1691.; Pinnell, Henry. 1648 (1648) Wing C6959; ESTC R233167 185,508 400 View Text
A11005 An exposition vpon some select Psalmes of David conteining great store of most excellent and comfortable doctrine, and instruction for all those that (vnder the burthen of sinne) thirst for comfort in Christ Iesus. Written by that faithfull servant of God, M. Robert Rollok, sometime pastour in the Church of Edinburgh: and translated out of Latine into English, by C. L. minister of the Gospell of Christ at Dudingstoun. The number of the psalmes are set downe in the page following.; Commentarius in selectos aliquot Psalmos. English Rollock, Robert, 1555?-1599.; Lumsden, Charles, ca. 1561-1630. 1600 (1600) STC 21276; ESTC S110527 186,758 565 View Text
A61367 Salvation by Jesus Christ alone ... agreeable to the rules of reason and the laws of justice ... : to which is added a short inquiry into the state of those men in a future life who never heard of Jesus Christ ... / by Tho. Staynoe. Staynoe, Thomas, d. 1708. 1700 (1700) Wing S5353; ESTC R12475 186,900 402 View Text
A50393 Eschatos echthros, or, The death of death in the death of Christ being a narrative of the first death as the mistress of mortals and empress of the universe : conflicting of various sections and directions (as appears by the index) in order to a holy living and happy dying / by R. Mayhew ... Mayhew, R. (Richard) 1679 (1679) Wing M1439; ESTC R31202 191,631 260 View Text
A70514 A theological systeme upon the presupposition, that men were before Adam the first part.; Systerna theologicum ex praeadamitarum hypothesi. English La Peyrère, Isaac de, 1594-1676. 1655 (1655) Wing L427; ESTC R7377 191,723 375 View Text
A68951 A reformation of a Catholike deformed: by M. W. Perkins Wherein the chiefe controuersies in religion, are methodically, and learnedly handled. Made by D. B. p. The former part.; Reformation of a Catholike deformed: by M. W. Perkins. Part 1 Bishop, William, 1554?-1624. 1604 (1604) STC 3096; ESTC S120947 193,183 196 View Text
A26864 Rich. Baxters apology against the modest exceptions of Mr. T. Blake and the digression of Mr. G. Kendall whereunto is added animadversions on a late dissertation of Ludiomæus Colvinus, aliaà Ludovicus Molinæs̳, M. Dr. Oxon, and an admonition of Mr. W. Eyre of Salisbury : with Mr. Crandon's Anatomy for satisfaction of Mr. Caryl. Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. 1654 (1654) Wing B1188; ESTC R31573 194,108 184 View Text
A58149 Gerizim and Ebal (Election and reprobation), or, The absolute good pleasure of Gods most holy will to all the sons of Adam, specificated viz. to vessels of mercy in their eternal election, and to vessels of wrath in their eternal reprobation : being an answer to a spurious pamphlet lately crept into the world, which was fathered by Thomas Tazwell : wherein the texts of Scripture by him are perverted and vindicated, his corrupt glosses brought to light and purged, his shuffling and ambiguous dealing discovered, and the truth in all fully cleared / by James Rawson ... Rawson, James. 1658 (1658) Wing R377; ESTC R14587 197,701 236 View Text
B20532 Five lessons for a Christian to learne, or, The summe of severall sermons setting out 1. the state of the elect by nature, 2. the way of their restauration and redemption by Jesus Christ, 3. the great duty of the saints, to leane upon Christ by faith in every condition, 4. the saints duty of self-denyall, or the way to desirable beauty, 5. the right way to true peace, discovering where the troubled Christian may find peace, and the nature of true peace / by John Collings ... Collinges, John, 1623-1690. 1650 (1650) Wing C5317; ESTC R23459 197,792 578 View Text
A41516 A plea for free-grace against free-will wherein matters about grace and providence are plainly and fully cleared and contrary opinions demonstrated to be against Scripture, the judgment of the primitive church and the doctrine of the Church of England / by J. Gailhard. Gailhard, J. (Jean) 1696 (1696) Wing G123; ESTC R25092 199,562 244 View Text
A08804 The broken heart: or, Davids penance fully exprest in holy meditations upon the 51 Psalme, by that late reverend pastor Sam. Page, Doctour in Divinity, and vicar of Deptford Strond, in the countie of Kent. Published since his death, by Nathanael Snape of Grayes Inne, Esquire. Page, Samuel, 1574-1630.; Snape, Nathaniel. 1637 (1637) STC 19089; ESTC S113764 199,757 290 View Text
A64963 A heaven or hell upon earth, or, A discourse concerning conscience by Nathanael Vincent. Vincent, Nathanael, 1639?-1697. 1676 (1676) Wing V409; ESTC R27575 204,858 337 View Text
A30675 A help to holy walking, or, A guide to glory containing directions how to worship God, and to walk with him in the whole course of our lives / by Edward Bury. Bury, Edward, 1616-1700. 1675 (1675) Wing B6206; ESTC R23864 205,598 379 View Text
A93868 Vindiciæ fundamenti: or A threefold defence of the doctrine of original sin: together with some other fundamentals of salvation the first against the exceptions of Mr. Robert Everard in his book entituled, The creation and the fall of man. The second against the examiners of the late assemblies confession of faith. The third against the allegations of Dr. Jeremy Taylor, in his Unum necessarium, and two letter treatises of his. By Nathaniel Stephens minister of Fenny-Drayton in Leicestershire. Stephens, Nathaniel, 1606?-1678. 1658 (1658) Wing S5452; Thomason E940_1; ESTC R207546 207,183 256 View Text
A15061 An answere to a certeine booke, written by Maister William Rainolds student of diuinitie in the English colledge at Rhemes, and entituled, A refutation of sundrie reprehensions, cauils, etc. by William Whitaker ... Whitaker, William, 1548-1595. 1585 (1585) STC 25364A; ESTC S4474 210,264 485 View Text
B10086 The safety of appearing at the day of judgement, in the righteousness of Christ: opened and applied. By Solomon Stoddard ... Stoddard, Solomon, 1643-1729. 1687 (1687) Wing S5709; ESTC W22065 210,940 366 View Text
A00888 The deuills banket described in foure sermons [brace], 1. The banket propounded, begunne, 2. The second seruice, 3. The breaking vp of the feast, 4. The shot or reckoning, [and] The sinners passing-bell, together with Phisicke from heauen / published by Thomas Adams ... Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653. 1614 (1614) STC 110.5; ESTC S1413 211,558 358 View Text
A93404 Moses his prayer. Or, An exposition of the nintieth Psalme. In which is set forth, the frailty and misery of mankind; most needfull for these times. Wherein [brace] 1. The sum and scope. 2. The doctrines. 3. The reasons. 4. The uses of most texts are observed. / By Samuel Smith, minister of the Gospel, author of Davids repentance and the Great assize, and yet living. Smith, Samuel, 1588-1665. 1656 (1656) Wing S4189A; Thomason E1624_1; ESTC R208959 212,879 567 View Text
A10995 Twelue prophetical legacies. Or Twelue sermons vpon Iacobs last will and testament recorded by Moses, in the 49. chapt. of Genesis: containing his bequests and blessings, bestowed vpon his twelue sonnes. ... Preached by Francis Rollenson, Bach: of Diuinitie, and sometimes fellow of S. Iohn the Euang: Colledge in Cambridge. Rollenson, Francis, ca. 1565-1630. 1612 (1612) STC 21265; ESTC S116140 213,059 329 View Text
A23806 A funeral handkerchief in two parts : I. Part. Containing arguments to comfort us at death of friends, II. Part. Containing several uses which we ought to make of such losses : to which is added, Three sermons preached at Coventry, in December last, 1670 / by Thomas Allestree ... Allestree, Thomas, 1637 or 8-1715. 1671 (1671) Wing A1197; ESTC R14326 214,765 404 View Text
A44434 An exposition on the Lord's prayer with a catechistical explication thereof, by way of question and answer for the instructing of youth : to which is added some sermons on providence, and the excellent advantages of reading and studying the Holy Scriptures / by Ezekiel Hopkins ... Hopkins, Ezekiel, 1634-1690. 1692 (1692) Wing H2730; ESTC R17498 215,674 332 View Text
A26786 The four last things viz. death, judgment, heaven, hell, practically considered and applied in several discourses / by William Bates. Bates, William, 1625-1699. 1691 (1691) Wing B1105; ESTC R15956 218,835 562 View Text
A56405 A revindication set forth by William Parker, in the behalfe of Dr. Drayton deceased, and himself of the possibility of a total mortification of sin in this life: and, of the saints perfect obedience to the law of God: to be the orthodox Protestant doctrine, and no innovations (as they are falsly charged to be) of Dr. Drayton and W. Parker; in an illogicall vindication, wherein the necessity of sins remaining in the best saints as long as they live, and the impossibility of perfect obedience to the law of God, is ignorantly and perversly avouched to to [sic] be the orthodox Protestant doctrine; by one who subscribeth his name John Tendring. ... Parker, William, fl. 1651-1658. 1658 (1658) Wing P486A; ESTC R200724 221,023 288 View Text
A15403 An harmonie vpon the second booke of Samuel wherein according to the methode and order obserued vpon the first booke, these speciall things are obserued vpon euerie chapter. The diuers readings compared, doubtfull questions explaned, places of Scripture reconciled, controversies briefly touched, and morall collections applyed. VVherein neere fowre hundred theologicall questions are handled, with great breuitie, and much varietie, by the former author of Hexapla on Genesis and Exodus. Willet, Andrew, 1562-1621. 1614 (1614) STC 25680; ESTC S118200 222,462 162 View Text
A90683 The divine philanthropie defended against the declamatory attempts of certain late-printed papers intitl'd A correptory correction. In vindication of some notes concerning Gods decrees, especially of reprobation, by Thomas Pierce rector of Brington in Northamptonshire. Pierce, Thomas, 1622-1691. 1657 (1657) Wing P2178; Thomason E909_9; ESTC R207496 223,613 247 View Text
A30676 The husbandmans companion containing one hundred occasional meditations reflections and ejaculations : especially suited to men of that employment : directing them how they may be heavenly-minded while about their ordinary calling / by Edward Bury. Bury, Edward, 1616-1700. 1677 (1677) Wing B6207; ESTC R23865 229,720 483 View Text