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A08058 The deuice of the pageant set forth by the vvorshipfull companie of the fishmongers, for the right honorable Iohn Allot: established Lord Maior of London, and Maior of the staple for this present yeere of our Lord 1590. By T. Nelson. Nelson, Thomas, fl. 1580. 1590 (1590) STC 18423; ESTC S120997 2,596 7 View Text
A96139 I being moved of the Lord, doth [sic] call unto you that are gathered together in Parliament. Web, Mary. 1659 (1659) Wing W1205; ESTC R186329 3,621 4 View Text
A81662 For the blessed feast of Easter. Writs. by the La. Eleanor Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. 1646 (1646) Wing D1989; ESTC R231415 3,748 13 View Text
A82315 The doctrine of the Sabbath, as it hath been believed and taught, by ancient and eminent Christians, collected word for word out of their own writings, and now tendred to the consideration of all the godly, especially to direct them to the Parliament, to direct them in their intended Act, for the due and strict observation of the Lords Day. / By a friend to truth, and to the present powers of this Common-wealth, in the way of truth. Dell, William, d. 1664. 1650 (1650) Wing D922; Thomason E597_14; ESTC R206297 5,538 8 View Text
A95962 Vindiciæ veritatis or an unanimous attestation to Gods blessed truth revealed in his vvord: together with a serious protestation against those church-desolating and soul-damning errors, heresies, and blasphemies, which of late have come in like a flood upon our county and kingdome : especially against a toleration of them. / Made in pursuance of the nationall Covenant, by the ministers of the Gospel within the West-Riding of the countie of York, as a caution to their flocks, and testimonie to the world of their zeal for, and love to, Christs truth and church. Readily and willingly subscribed, April 6. 1648. Hill, Edward, 1589 or 90-1669. 1648 (1648) Wing V544; Thomason E444_5 8,030 12 View Text
B08934 Divine examples of God's severe judgments upon Sabbath-breakers, in their unlavvful sports, collected out of several divine subjects, viz. Mr. H.B. Mr. Beard, and the practice of piety : a fit monument for our present times, &c. 1671 (1671) Wing D1720BA; ESTC R175964 8,169 1 View Text
A89238 A magazine of scandall. Or, a heape of wickednesse of two infamous ministers, consorts, one named Thomas Fowkes of Earle Soham in Suffolk, convicted by law for killing a man, and the other named Iohn Lowes of Brandeston, who hath beene arraigned for witchcraft, and convicted by law for a common barrettor. Together with the manner how my Lord of Canterbury would put and keep them in the ministery, notwithstanding the many petitions and certificates from their parishioners, and others, presented to him, they being the head and most notorious of the scandalous ministers within the county of Suffolke, and well may be said of all England. And against whom as chiefe of the scandalous ministers the county of Suffolke have petitioned to the Parliament: and desired to bee seene by Parliament, because herein is something mentioned, which is conceived, that one of these scandalous ministers have abused the authority of the Lords in Parliament. 1642 (1642) Wing M248; Thomason E137_17; ESTC R9987 9,689 14 View Text
A47158 A looking-glass for all those called Protestants in these three nations Wherein they may see, who are true Protestants, and who are degenerated and gone from the testimony and doctrine of the antient Protestants. And hereby it is made to appear, that the people, called in derision Quakers, are true (yea the truest) Protestants, because their testimony agreeth with the testimony of the antient Protestants in the most weighty things wherein the Lord called them forth in that day. Particularly, with the testimony and doctrine of William Tindal, who is called a worthy martyr, and principal teacher of the Church of England;faithfully collected out of his works. By George Keith. Keith, George, 1639?-1716.; Tyndale, William, d. 1536. 1674 (1674) Wing K180; ESTC R218561 10,288 42 View Text
A20472 A godly and learned sermon concerning the magistrates dutie and death preached at the court, and now published for the common good, by Francis Dyllingham bachelour in diuinitie. Magnum non est præesse, magnum est prodesse. It is no great thing to rule, it is a great thing to rule well. Magnum non est vivere, magnum est piè mori. It is no great thing to liue, it is a great thing to die well. Dillingham, Francis, d. 1625. 1605 (1605) STC 6885; ESTC S114254 10,327 30 View Text
A94805 A directory of church-government. Anciently contended for, and as farre as the times would suffer, practised by the first non-conformists in the daies of Queen Elizabeth. Found in the study of the most accomplished divine, Mr. Thomas Cartwright, after his decease; and reserved to be published for such a time as this. Published by authority. Travers, Walter, 1547 or 8-1635. De disciplina ecclesiæ sacra, ex Dei verba descripta.; Cartwright, Thomas, 1535-1603. 1645 (1645) Wing T2066; Thomason E269_17; ESTC R212376 12,368 26 View Text
A47333 Of fasting a sermon preached before the Queen at White-hall, on May 23, MDCXCIV, being a day of publick humiliation / by Richard, Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells ; published by Her Majesties special command. Kidder, Richard, 1633-1703. 1694 (1694) Wing K408; Wing K416A; ESTC R16672 12,903 30 View Text
B04998 Mount Moriah, or A sermon preached at Carrick, by Mr. Riddale, August 5. 1679. Riddale, Archibald. 1679 (1679) Wing R1437; ESTC R182718 14,380 18 View Text
A01767 Of the Christian Sabboth a godlye treatise of Mayster Iulius of Milayne / translated out of Italian into English, by Thomas Langley. Julius, of Milan.; Langley, Thomas, d. 1581. 1552 (1552) STC 11903; ESTC S2707 16,368 72 View Text
A48760 A letter, written by that famous and faithful minister of Christ Mr John Livingstoun unto his parishoners of Ancram in Scotland, dated Rotterdam October 7. 1671. Livingston, John, 1603-1672. 1671 (1671) Wing L2599; ESTC R216776 17,702 19 View Text
A03765 A sermon preached at St. Maries in Oxford, the 17. day of November, 1602. in defence of the festivities of the Church of England, and namely that of her Maiesties coronation. By Iohn Hovvson Doctor of Divinitie, one of her Highnes chaplaines, and vicechancellour of the Vniversitie of Oxforde Howson, John, 1557?-1632. 1602 (1602) STC 13884; ESTC S119077 19,345 35 View Text
A64639 Perez Uzza, Or, A serious letter sent to Master Edm. Calamy, January the 17th, 1663 touching his sermon at Aldermanbvry, December the 28th, intimating his close design, and dangerous insinuation against the publick peace : with some queries he is to answer, for the satisfaction of the world. Udall, O. 1663 (1663) Wing U17; ESTC R23555 20,153 32 View Text
A47081 Mercy triumphing over judgement or, A warning for Sabbath-breakers Published for Gods glory and the benefit of all true Christians. By me Thomas Jones, of the City of Hereford. Who for prophaning the Lords Day was [m]ost miraculously strucken by the hand of God, and ut[te]rly depriv'd of all my senses, for the space of 4 years; [an]d now by his great mercy (upon my hearty repen[ta]nce) being perfectly restored to my former health, I [w]as moved to set forth this ensuing relation, as a testi[m]ony of my thankfulnesse to God for his fatherly [ch]astisement; and that all others by my example, may [b]e deterred from so hainous an offence as Sabbath-breaking. Jones, Thomas, of Hereford. 1641 (1641) Wing J993A; ESTC S103195 21,118 49 View Text
A15304 The schysmatical puritan A sermon preached at Witney concerning the lawfulnesse of church-authority, for ordaining, and commanding of rites, and ceremonies, to beautifie the Church. By Giles Widdowes rector of St Martins church in Oxford. Widdowes, Giles, 1558?-1645. 1630 (1630) STC 25594; ESTC S120720 21,327 48 View Text
B00106 A short treatise, agaynst the prophanation of the Lord's day, especiallie by salmond-fishing thereon, in tyme of divine service. / By William Guild, D.D. minister in Aberdene, and chaplane to his Majestie.. Guild, William, 1586-1657.; Johnstoun, Arthur, 1587-1641. Epitaphium piscatoris. 1637 (1637) STC 12491; ESTC S92781 21,843 84 View Text
A10094 The doctrine of the Sabbath· Delivered in the Act at Oxon. anno, 1622. By Dr. Prideaux his Majesties professour for divinity in that Vniversity. And now translated into English for the benefit of the common people. Prideaux, John, 1578-1650.; Heylyn, Peter, 1600-1662. 1634 (1634) STC 20348; ESTC S115223 22,039 62 View Text
A16724 A second treatise of the Sabbath, or an explication of the Fourth Commandement. Written, by Mr Edward Brerewood professor in Gresham Colledge in London Brerewood, Edward, 1565?-1613. 1632 (1632) STC 3624; ESTC S106452 23,669 52 View Text
A61101 A Protestants account of his orthodox holding in matters of religion at this present in difference in the church, and for his own and others better confirmation or rectification in the points treated on : humbly submitted to the censure of the Church of England. Spelman, Henry, Sir, 1564?-1641.; Spelman, John, Sir, 1594-1643. 1642 (1642) Wing S4940; ESTC R12772 24,078 35 View Text
A03271 Three positions concerning the 1 Authoritie of the Lords day. 2 State of the Church of Rome. 3 Execution of priests. All written vpon speciall occasions by Iames Balmford minister Balmford, James, b. 1556.; Balmford, James, b. 1556. Position maintained by I.B. before the late Earle of Huntingdon: viz. Priests are executed not for religion, but for treason. aut 1607 (1607) STC 1339; ESTC S120365 24,959 67 View Text
A03221 Carpenters chippes, or, Simple tokens of vnfeined good will to the Christian friends of Iames Balmford ... Balmford, James, b. 1556. 1607 (1607) STC 1334; ESTC S1169 25,047 71 View Text
A45383 The old English officer, being a necessary looking-glass for a Christian army, or, A fit companion for young souldiers wherein you may behold a perfect, easy, and speedy path to obtain the exercise and discipline of foot, and make soldiers fit for present service ... : with plain directions and good instructions out of sacred and moral histories of worthy commanders, how they should behave themselves in time of peace and war ... / written by Charles Hammond ... Hammond, Charles, 17th cent. 1679 (1679) Wing H497; ESTC R10512 25,488 62 View Text
A14213 A verie profitable and necessarie discourse concerning the obseruation and keeping of the Sabboth day seruing as well to confute the superstition of the Iewes, which obstinately vrge the strict keeping of the seuenth day, as also to ouerthrowe the vaine and godlesse reasons of others, that stiffely at this day maintaine, that Christians ought to keepe no set or appoynted time to worship and serue the Lord in, in his church and faithfull congregation. Written in Latine by Zacharias Vrsinus, sometimes reader of the diuinitie lecture in the Vniuersitie of Heidelberg in Germanie, and very nevvly turned into English, by Iohn Stockvvood schoolemaster of Tunbridge. Ursinus, Zacharias, 1534-1583.; Stockwood, John, d. 1610. 1584 (1584) STC 24528; ESTC S103618 26,018 66 View Text
A78019 A divine tragedie lately acted, or, A collection of sundrie memorable examples of Gods judgements upon Sabbath-breakers, and other like libertines, in their unlawfull sports, hapning within the realme of England, in the compasse onely of few yeers last past, since the book was published, worthy to be known and considered of all men, especially such, who are guilty of the sin or archpatrons thereof. / By that worthy divine Mr. Henry Burton. Burton, Henry, 1578-1648.; Prynne, William, 1600-1669, attributed name. 1642 (1642) Wing B6161; Thomason E176_1; ESTC R18494 27,899 47 View Text
A52038 An expedient to preserve peace and amity, among dissenting brethren. By a brother in Christ Marshall, Stephen, 1594?-1655. 1647 (1647) Wing M754A; ESTC R204591 29,957 42 View Text
A09813 Sunday no Sabbath A sermon preached before the Lord Bishop of Lincolne, at his Lordships visitation at Ampthill in the county of Bedford, Aug. 17. 1635. By John Pocklington Doctor of Divinitie, late fellow and president both of Pembroke Hall and Sidney Colledge in Cambridge, and chaplaine to the Right Reverend Father in God the Lord Bishop of Lincolne. Pocklington, John. 1636 (1636) STC 20077; ESTC S114780 31,029 56 View Text
A51440 The King on his throne: or A discourse maintaining the dignity of a king, the duty of a subject, and the unlawfulnesse of rebellion. Delivered in two sermons preached in the Cathedrall Church in York. By R.M. Master in Arts, Coll. S. Pet. Cant. Mossom, Robert, d. 1679. 1642 (1642) Wing M2862; ESTC R214245 31,316 52 View Text
A17331 A sermon preached in the Cathedrall Church in Norwich, the xxi. day of December, 1589. by W. Burton, minister of the word of God there. And published for the satisfying of some which took offence thereat Burton, William, d. 1616. 1590 (1590) STC 4178; ESTC S114179 33,638 90 View Text
A17298 A divine tragedie lately acted, or A collection of sundry memorable examples of Gods judgements upon Sabbath-breakers, and other like libertines, in their unlawfull sports, happening within the realme of England, in the compass only of two yeares last past, since the booke was published worthy to be knowne and considered of all men, especially such, who are guilty of the sinne or arch-patrons thereof. Burton, Henry, 1578-1648. 1636 (1636) STC 4140.7; ESTC S115279 33,687 58 View Text
A53192 The doctrine of the Fourth Commandement, deformed by popery, reformed & restored to its primitive purity wherein is clearely proved by Scripture, arguments, and reasons, that the seventh day of the week, and not the first, viz. the day called Saturday (and not the day called Sunday) is the true Christian Sabbath ... / objections answered, and the truth cleared, by Gods unworthy servant, J.O. Ockford, James. 1650 (1650) Wing O128AA; ESTC R41358 35,090 80 View Text
A67839 The foxonian Quakers dunces lyars and slanderers, proved out of George Fox's journal, and other scriblers; particularly B. C. his Quakers no apostates, or the hammerer defeated: amanuensis, as is said, to G.C. (as he sometime wrote himself) Gulielmus Calamus, alias, William Penn. Also a reply to W.C. (a church-man, the Quakers advocate) his Trepidantium malleus intrepidanter malleatus, &c. By Trepidantium Malleus. Trepidantium Malleus. 1697 (1697) Wing Y80; ESTC R218927 36,337 100 View Text
A44280 An essay concerning the Sabbath, or, The Sabbath-days rest from controversie wherein is asserted that our Christian Sabbath, Lords-day, or Sunday is the very same day of the week which was anciently observed by the Jews and Gentiles for the solemn day of their solemn weekly worship, before Israels coming out of Ægypt and after that by gentiles : prefaced, with an introduction thereunto touching the true meaning of Gen. 2 v, 2, 3 / by N. Homes. Homes, Nathanael, 1599-1678. 1673 (1673) Wing H2564; ESTC R28681 38,857 162 View Text
A93852 The royal law contended for, or, Some brief grounds serving to prove that the Ten Commandments are yet in full force, and shall so remain till heaven and earth pass away. Also the seventh day Sabbath, proved from the beginning, from the law, from the prophets, from Christ, from his apostles, to be a duty yet incumbent upon saints and sinners. / By a lover of peace with truth Edward Stennet. Stennett, Edward, d. 1690? 1658 (1658) Wing S5402B; ESTC R184622 38,860 48 View Text
A67837 The Foxonian Quakers, dunces lyars and slanderers proved out of George Fox's journal, and other scriblers; particularly B. C. his Quakers no apostates, or the Hammerer defeated: amanuensis, as is said, to G. C. (as he sometime wrote himself) Gulielmus Calamus, alias, William Penn. Also a reply to W. C. (a churchman, the Quakers advocate) his Trepidantium malleus intrepidanter mallearum, &c. By Trepidantium Malleus. Trepidantium Malleus. 1697 (1697) Wing Y79A; ESTC R221296 38,865 109 View Text
A73593 An abstract of the doctrine of the sabbaoth Briefly, yet fully and plainely set forth; together with the vses of the same doctrine; with the vsuall obiections and answers therevnto. All which for the helpe of memorie, are drawne into sundry chapters. Burton, William, d. 1616. 1606 (1606) STC 4165a.5; ESTC S124659 39,562 132 View Text
A69228 A discourse of the Sabbath and the Lords Day Wherein the difference both in their institution and their due observation is briefly handled. By Christopher Dow, B.D. Dow, Christopher, B.D. 1636 (1636) STC 7088; ESTC S110113 45,823 80 View Text
A76061 A murderer punished and pardoned, or, A true relation of the wicked life, and shameful-happy death of Thomas Savage imprisoned, justly condemned, and twice executed at Ratcliff, for his bloody fact in killing his fellow-servant, on Wednesday, Octob. 28, 1668 / by us who were often with him in the time of his imprisonment in Newgate, at at his execution, Robert Franklin, Thomas Vincent, Thomas Doolitel, James Janeway, Hugh Baker ; to which is annexed a sermon preached at his funeral. R. A. (Richard Alleine), 1611-1681.; Janeway, James, 1636?-1674.; Franklin, Robert, 1630-1684. 1679 (1679) Wing A997A; ESTC R42788 47,969 54 View Text
A78025 A narration of the life of Mr. Henry Burton. Wherein is set forth the various and remarkable passages thereof, his sufferings, supports, comforts, and deliverances. Now published for the benefit of all those that either doe or may suffer for the cause of Christ. According to a copy written with his owne hand. Burton, Henry, 1578-1648. 1643 (1643) Wing B6169; Thomason E94_10; ESTC R20087 50,659 60 View Text
A67662 A Warning-piece to all drunkards and health-drinkers faithfully collected from the works of English and foreign learned authors of good esteem, Mr. Samuel Ward and Mr. Samuel Clark, and others ... Ward, Samuel, 1572-1643.; Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. 1682 (1682) Wing W931; ESTC R8118 52,123 82 View Text
A64661 The judgement of the late Arch-Bishop of Armagh and Primate of Ireland 1. Of the extent of Christs death and satisfaction &c, 2. Of the Sabbath, and observation of the Lords day, 3. Of the ordination in other reformed churches : with a vindication of him from a pretended change of opinion in the first, some advertisements upon the latter, and in prevention of further injuries, a declaration of his judgement in several other subjects / by N. Bernard. Ussher, James, 1581-1656.; Bernard, Nicholas, d. 1661. 1658 (1658) Wing U188; ESTC R24649 53,942 189 View Text
A17305 The law and the Gospell reconciled. Or the euangelicall fayth, and the morall law how they stand together in the state of grace A treatise shewing the perpetuall vse of the morall law vnder the Gospell to beleeuers; in answere to a letter written by an antinomian to a faithfull Christian. Also how the morality of the 4th Commandement is continued in the Lords day, proued the Christian Sabbath by diuine institution. A briefe catalogue of the antinomian doctrines. By Henry Burton. Burton, Henry, 1578-1648. 1631 (1631) STC 4152; ESTC S106965 54,375 114 View Text
A04821 Hallelu-iah: praise yee the Lord, for the vnburthening of a loaden conscience By his grace is Iesus Christ vouchsafed vnto the worst sinner of all the whole world. Kilby, Richard, d. 1617. 1618 (1618) STC 14955; ESTC S106533 55,442 148 View Text
A69197 The white wolfe, or, A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse, Feb. 11 being the last Sonday in Hillarie tearme, anno 1627, and printed somewhat more largely then the time would permit at that present to deliuer wherein faction is vnmasked, and iustly taxed without malice, for the safetie of weake Christians : especially, the Hetheringtonian faction growne very impudent in this citie of late yeeres, is here confuted / by Stephen Denison... Denison, Stephen, d. 1649 or 50. 1627 (1627) STC 6607.5; ESTC S109591 56,251 87 View Text
A51572 The Messias of the Christians and the Jewes held forth in a discourse between a Christian, and a Iew obstinately adhering to his strange opinions, & the forced interpretations of scripture, wherein Christ the true savior of the whole world is described from the prophets and likewise that false and counterfeited Messias of the Jewes, who in vaine is expected by that nation to this very day, is discovered / written first in Hebrew, but now rendered into English by Paul Isaiah, a Jew born, but now a converted and baptized Christian. Münster, Sebastian, 1489-1552.; Eliazar Bar-Isajah. 1655 (1655) Wing M3039A; ESTC R42183 58,523 257 View Text
A70554 Early piety, exemplified in the life and death of Mr. Nathanael Mather, who ... changed earth for heaven, Oct. 17. 1688 whereto are added some discourses on the true nature, the great reward, and the best season of such a walk with God as he left a pattern of. Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728.; Mather, Samuel, 1651-1728. 1689 (1689) Wing M1097A; ESTC R20873 63,808 161 View Text
A54381 An abridgement of the whole body of divinity extracted from the learned works of that ever-famous and reverend divine, Mr. William Perkins / by Tho. Nicols. Perkins, William, 1558-1602.; Nicols, Thomas. 1654 (1654) Wing P1560; ESTC R36667 64,041 216 View Text
A30720 A name, an after-one, or, Onoma Kainon, a name, a new one in the later-day-glory, or, An historical declaration of the life of Shem Acher especially as to some more eminent passages of his day relating to his more thorow lawful call to the office and work of the ministry for about twenty years last past. ... Bampfield, Francis, 1615 or 16-1683. 1681 (1681) Wing B627; ESTC R16732 65,787 41 View Text
A17221 The summe of the foure Euangelistes comprehending both the course of the historie, and also the seuerall points of doctrine set foorth in the same pointing foorth as it were with the hand, that Iesus is Christ, the only, perfect, and sufficient Sauiour of all the faithfull. Written in Latine by the reuerend, learned, and godly father, Master Henrie Bullinger minister of the Church of Zurich. Translated into English for the profite of the vnlearned by Iohn Tomkys. Bullinger, Heinrich, 1504-1575.; Tomkys, John. 1582 (1582) STC 4077; ESTC S118851 67,670 150 View Text
A51047 Christian advice both to old and young, rich and poor which may serve as a directory at hand, ready to direct all persons almost in every state and condition. Under XXVII general useful heads. Mocket, Thomas, 1602-1670?; Cross, Thomas, fl. 1632-1682, engraver. 1671 (1671) Wing M2303A; ESTC R217853 68,834 211 View Text
A33474 Vox corvi, or, The voice of a raven that thrice spoke these words distinctly, Look into Colossians the 3d and 15th : the text it self look'd into and opened in a sermon preached at Wigmore in the county of Hereford : to which is added serious addresses to the people of this kingdome, shewing the use we ought to make of this voice from heaven / by Alex. Clogie. Clogie, Alexander, 1614-1698. 1694 (1694) Wing C4724; ESTC R26607 70,214 178 View Text
A10817 The day of hearing: or, six lectvres vpon the latter part of the thirde chapter of the Epistle to the Hebrewes of the time and meanes that God hath appointed for man to come to the knowledge of his truth, that they may be saved from his wrath. The summary pointes of every one of which lectures are set downe immediately after the Epistle dedicatory. Herevnto is adioyned a sermon against fleshly lusts, & against certaine mischevious May-games which are the fruit thereof. By H.R. Master of Artes, and now, minister of the word.; Day of hearing: or, six lectures upon the latter part of the thirde chapter of the Epistle to the Hebrewes. Roberts, Huw, b. 1558 or 9. 1600 (1600) STC 21089; ESTC S102956 70,687 163 View Text
B07428 God wooing his church: set foorth in three godly sermons. / By William Burton preacher at Reading. Burton, William, d. 1616. 1596 (1596) STC 4174.5; ESTC S91261 71,970 150 View Text
A42475 Causa Dei: = Gods pleading his own cause set forth in two sermons preached at the Temple in November, 1659. By Dr. Gauden, Bishop of Excester. Gauden, John, 1605-1662. 1661 (1661) Wing G344A; ESTC R216426 72,042 214 View Text
A12991 A sermon preached at Paules Crosse on Barthelmew day, being the 24. of August. 1578 Wherin, besides many other profitable matters meete for all Christians to follovv, is at large prooued, that it is the part of all those that are fathers, householders, and scholemaisters, to instruct all those vnder their gouernement, in the vvord and knovvledge of the Lorde. By Iohn Stockvvood scholemaister of Tunbridge. Stockwood, John, d. 1610. 1578 (1578) STC 23284; ESTC S106625 73,966 202 View Text
A60480 The doctrine of the Church of England, concerning the Lord's Day, or Sunday-Sabbath as it is laid down in the liturgy, catechism, and book of homilies, vindicated from the vulgar errours of modern writers, and settled upon the only proper and sure basis of God's precept to Adam, and patriarchal practice, where an essay is laid down to prove, that the patriarchal Sabbath instituted, Gen. 2. 3. celebrated by the patriarchs before the Mosaick Law, and re-inforc'd in the fourth precept of the Decalogue, was the same day of the VVeek, viz. Sunday, which Christians celebrate in memory of the perfecting of the creation of the world by the redemption of mankind. Smith, John, Rector of St. Mary's in Colchester. 1683 (1683) Wing S4110; ESTC R3081 78,815 242 View Text
A64283 Nathanael, or, An Israelite indeed lively portraied, and evidently proved to be an object most worthy both of our admiration and imitation, his priviledges and characters are also layd down : together with a discovery of the sinfulness and miserie of all hypocrites and strangers from the common-wealth of Israel / by Faithfull Teate ... Teate, Faithful, b. 1621. 1657 (1657) Wing T613; ESTC R41538 79,460 204 View Text
A20731 The Christians sanctuarie vvhereinto being retired, he may safely be preserued in the middest of all dangers. Fit for all men to read at all times, especially for those that are exercised in the schoole of affliction, in the time of Gods present visitation. Described in two bookes or treatises: I. Of the Christian exercise of fasting. II. Of holy inuocation on Gods name. By George Dovvname Doctor of Diuinitie. Downame, George, d. 1634. 1604 (1604) STC 7113; ESTC S117550 81,534 108 View Text
A91155 A briefe polemicall dissertation, concerning the true time of the inchoation and determination of the Lordsday-Sabbath. Wherein is clearly and irrefragably manifested by Scripture, reason, authorities, in all ages till this present: that the Lordsday begins and ends at evening; and ought to be solemnized from evening to evening: against the novel errours, mistakes of such, who groundlesly assert; that it begins and ends at midnight, or day-breaking; and ought to be sanctified from midnight to midnight, or morning to morning: whose arguments are here examined, refuted as unsound, absurd, frivolous. Compiled in the Tower of London, and now published, for the information, reformation of all contrary judgment or practise. By William Prynne of Swainswick Esq;. Prynne, William, 1600-1669. 1654 (1654) Wing P3916; Thomason E814_11 82,955 107 View Text
A08896 Fiscus papalis. Siue, Catalogus indulgentiarum & reliquiarum septem principalium ecclesiarum vrbis Romæ. Ex vetusto manuscripto codice vere & fideliter descriptus. = A part of the Popes exchequer, that is A catalogue of the indulgences and reliques belonging to the seauen principall churches in Rome. Laying downe the spirituall riches and infinite treasure which (as sure as the Pope is holy & true) are to be found in the Catholike Roman Church, whereof the poore heretikes in England haue not one mite. Taken out of an antient manuscript, and translated. Together with certaine notes and comments explaining the more difficult place, for the ease and helpe of good Catholikes, who had best goe to Rome, to trie the vertue of the glorious indulgences. By a Catholike diuine. Crashaw, William, 1572-1626. 1617 (1617) STC 19174; ESTC S114000 84,865 184 View Text
A63812 A treatise of dreams & visions wherein the causes, natures, and uses, of nocturnal representations, and the communications both of good and evil angels, as also departed souls, to mankind. Are theosophically unfolded; that is according to the Word of God, and the harmony of created beings. To which is added, a discourse of the causes, natures, and cure of phrensie, madness or distraction. By Tho. Tryon, student in physick. Tryon, Thomas, 1634-1703. 1689 (1689) Wing T3197A; ESTC R221812 87,971 320 View Text
A78513 A brief tract on the fourth commandment wherein is discover'd the cause of all our controversies about the Sabbath-day, and the means of reconciling them ...Recommended by the Reverend Dr. Bates, and Mr. John How. Chafie, Thomas. 1692 (1692) Wing C1789; Wing B1099; ESTC R19953 88,157 93 View Text
A63809 Pythagoras his mystick philosophy reviv'd, or, The mystery of dreams unfolded wherein the causes, natures, and uses of nocturnal representations ... are theosophically unfolded ... / by Tho. Tryon ... Tryon, Thomas, 1634-1703. 1691 (1691) Wing T3194; ESTC R34679 88,172 329 View Text
A78514 The seventh-day Sabbath· Or a brief tract on the IV. Commandment. Wherein is discovered the cause of all our controversies about the Sabbath-day, and the meanes of reconciling them. More particularly is shewed 1. That the seventh day from the creation, which was the day of Gods rest, was not the seventh day which God in this law commanded his people to keep holy; neither was it such a kinde of day as was the Jewes Sabbath-day. 2. That the seventh day in this law commanded to be kept holy, is the seventh day of the week, viz. the day following the six dayes of labour with all people. 3. That Sunday is with Christians as truly the Sabbath-day, as was Saterday with the Jewes. / By Thomas Chafie parson of Nutshelling. Chafie, Thomas. 1652 (1652) Wing C1791; Thomason E670_3; ESTC R207035 89,318 121 View Text
A62539 The seventh-day Sabbath sought out and celebrated, or, The saints last design upon the man of sin with their advance of Gods first institution to its primitive perfection ... : with the Christians glorious conquest over that mark of the beast, and recovery of the long-slighted seventh day to its antient glory, wherein Mr. Aspinwal may receive full answer to his late piece against the Sabbath / by Tho. Tillam ... Tillam, Thomas. 1657 (1657) Wing T1166; ESTC R4598 92,585 216 View Text
A47791 God's Sabbath before, under the law and under the Gospel briefly vindicated from novell and heterodox assertions / by Hamon L'Estrange ... L'Estrange, Hamon, 1605-1660. 1641 (1641) Wing L1188; ESTC R14890 92,840 157 View Text
A16568 A discourse vpon the Sabbath day Wherin are handled these particulares ensuinge. 1. That the Lords day is not Sabbath day, by divine iustification. 2. An exposition of the 4. commandement, so farr fort has may give light vnto the ensueinge discourse: and particularly, here it is showne, at what time the Sabbath day should begine and end; for the satisfaction of those who are doubtfull in this point. 3. That the seaventh day Sabbath is not abolished. 4. That the seaventh day Sabbath is now still in force. 5. The authors exhortation and reasones, that neverthelesse there be no rente from our Church as touching practise. Written by Theophilus Brabourne. Brabourne, Theophilus, b. 1590. 1628 (1628) STC 3474; ESTC S120444 95,505 198 View Text
A65299 Heaven taken by storm, or, The holy violence a Christian is to put forth in the pursuit after glory by Thomas Watson ... Watson, Thomas, d. 1686. 1670 (1670) Wing W1128; ESTC R9123 95,888 234 View Text
A85827 A discours apologetical; wherein Lilies lewd and lowd lies in his Merlin or Pasqil for the yeer 1654. are cleerly laid open; his shameful desertion of his own cause is further discovered; his shameless slanders fullie refuted; and his malicious and murtherous mind, inciting to a general massacre of Gods ministers, from his own pen, evidentlie evinced. Together with an advertisement concerning two allegations produced in the close of his postscript. And a postscript concerning an epistle dedicatorie of one J. Gadburie. By Tho. Gataker B.D. autor [sic] of the annotations on Jer. 10.2 and of the vindication of them. Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654. 1654 (1654) Wing G319; Thomason E731_1; ESTC R202124 96,485 112 View Text
A12120 The countryman vvith his houshold Being a familiar conference, concerning faith towards God, and good workes before men; fitted for the capacitie of the meanest. By R.S. preacher of the word at Arley. See the contents more particularly before the booke. Sherrard, Robert. 1620 (1620) STC 22427; ESTC S102598 97,338 274 View Text
A10796 The reuenue of the Gospel is tythes, due to the ministerie of the word, by that word. Written by Foulke Robartes Batchelour of Diuinitie Robartes, Foulke, 1580?-1650. 1613 (1613) STC 21069; ESTC S115987 99,848 152 View Text
A32695 The harmony of natural and positive divine laws Charleton, Walter, 1619-1707. 1682 (1682) Wing C3674; ESTC R19926 100,936 250 View Text
A86302 Respondet Petrus: or, The answer of Peter Heylyn D.D. to so much of Dr. Bernard's book entituled, The judgement of the late Primate of Ireland, &c. as he is made a party to by the said Lord Primate in the point of the Sabbath, and by the said doctor in some others. To which is added an appendix in answer to certain passages in Mr Sandersons History of the life and reign of K· Charles, relating to the Lord Primate, the articles of Ireland, and the Earl of Strafford, in which the respondent is concerned. Heylyn, Peter, 1600-1662. 1658 (1658) Wing H1732; Thomason E938_4; Thomason E938_5; ESTC R6988 109,756 140 View Text
A43545 Observations on the historie of The reign of King Charles published by H.L. Esq., for illustration of the story, and rectifying some mistakes and errors in the course thereof. Heylyn, Peter, 1600-1662. 1656 (1656) Wing H1727; ESTC R5347 112,100 274 View Text
A30739 An enquiry whether the Lord Jesus Christ made the world, and be Jehovah, and gave the moral law? and whether the fourth command be repealed or altered? by Tho. Bampfield. Bampfield, Thomas, 1623?-1693. 1692 (1692) Wing B629; ESTC R10575 118,081 148 View Text
B15350 De adiaphoris Theological and scholastical positions, concerning the nature and vse of things indifferent. Where also is methodically and briefely handled, of ciuill and ecclesiasticall magistrates, of humane lawes, of Christian libertie, of scandall, and of the worship of God. A vowed worke, destinated (by the grace of God) to appease the dissentions of the Church of England. Written in Latine by M. Gabriel Powel, and translated into English by T.I.; De adiaphoris. English Powel, Gabriel, 1576-1611.; Jackson, Thomas, 1579-1640, attributed name.; T. I., fl. 1607. 1607 (1607) STC 20146; ESTC S101530 122,532 204 View Text
A26918 The divine appointment of the Lords day proved as a separated day for holy worship, especially in the church assemblies, and consequently the cessation of the seventh day Sabbath : written for the satisfaction of some religious persons who are lately drawn into error or doubting in both these points / by Richard Baxter. Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. 1671 (1671) Wing B1253; ESTC R3169 125,645 262 View Text
A08344 Spiritus est vicarius Christi in terra. A treatise wherein dicing, dauncing, vaine playes or enterluds with other idle pastimes [et]c. commonly vsed on the Sabboth day, are reproued by the authoritie of the word of God and auntient writers. Made dialoguewise by Iohn Northbrooke minister and preacher of the word of God; Treatise wherein dicing, dauncing, vaine plaies or enterludes with other idle pastimes, etc. commonly used on the Sabboth day, are reprooved, by the authoritie of the worde of God and auncient writers Northbrooke, John. 1577 (1577) STC 18670; ESTC S113358 126,370 164 View Text
A16525 The holy exercise of fasting Described largely and plainly out of the word of God: with all the parts and causes, and seuerall kinds of the same: together with the most fit times, and conuenient seasons, when and how long it should be held: with the manifold fruite and commoditie that redoundeth to vs thereby: and the whole nature and order thereof. In certaine homilies or sermons, for the benefit of all those, that with care and conscience intend at any time publikely or priuately to put in practise the same. By Nicolas Bownde Doctor of diuinitie. Perused and allowed by publike authoritie. Bownd, Nicholas, d. 1613. 1604 (1604) STC 3438; ESTC S114771 132,330 360 View Text
A17418 The doctrine of the Sabbath vindicated in a confutation of a treatise of the Sabbath, written by M. Edward Breerwood against M. Nic. Byfield, wherein these five things are maintained: first, that the fourth Commandement is given to the servant and not to the master onely. Seecondly, that the fourth Commandement is morall. Thirdly, that our owne light workes as well as gainefull and toilesome are forbidden on the Sabbath. Fourthly, that the Lords day is of divine institution. Fifthly, that the Sabbath was instituted from the beginning. By the industrie of an unworthy labourer in Gods vineyard, Richard Byfield, pastor in Long Ditton in Surrey. Byfield, Richard, 1598?-1664. 1631 (1631) STC 4238; ESTC S107155 139,589 186 View Text
A86287 Extraneus vapulans: or The observator rescued from the violent but vaine assaults of Hamon L'Estrange, Esq. and the back-blows of Dr. Bernard, an Irish-deane. By a well willer to the author of the Observations on the history of the reign of King Charles. Heylyn, Peter, 1600-1662. 1656 (1656) Wing H1708; Thomason E1641_1; ESTC R202420 142,490 359 View Text
A55487 Sabbatum. The mystery of the Sabbath discovered Wherein the doctrine of the Sabbath according to the Scriptures, and the primitive church, is declared. The Sabbath moral, and ceremonial are described, and differenced. What the rest of God signified, and wherein it consisted. The fourth commandment expounded. What part of the fourth commandment is moral, and what therein is ceremonial. Something (occasionally) concerning the Christian Sunday. By Edm. Porter, B.D. sometime fellow of St John's Colledge in Cambridge, and Prebend of Norwich. Porter, Edmund, 1595-1670. 1658 (1658) Wing P2984; ESTC R218328 143,641 276 View Text
A76080 Independency not Gods ordinance: or A treatise concerning church-government, occasioned by the distractions of these times. Wherein is evidently proved, that the Presbyterian government dependent is Gods ordinance, and not the Presbyterian government independent. To vvhich is annexed a postscript, discovering the uncharitable dealing of the independents towards their Christian brethren, and the fraud and jugglings of many of their pastors and ministers, to the misleading of the poor people, not only to their own detriment, but the hurt of church and state; with the danger of all novelties in religion. / By John Bastvvick, Dr in Physick.; Independency not Gods ordinance. Part 1 Bastwick, John, 1593-1654. 1645 (1645) Wing B1063; Thomason E285_2; ESTC R200066 144,017 171 View Text
A43621 Gregory, Father-Greybeard, with his vizard off, or, News from the Cabal in some reflexions upon a late pamphlet entituled, The rehearsal transpros'd (after the fashion that now obtains) in a letter to our old friend, R.L. from E.H. Hickeringill, Edmund, 1631-1708. 1673 (1673) Wing H1808; ESTC R7617 145,178 344 View Text
A35959 Truths victory over error, or, An abridgement of the chief controversies in religion which since the apostles days to this time, have been, and are in agitation, between those of the Orthodox faith, and all adversaries whatsoever, a list of whose names are set down after the epistle to the reader : wherein, by going through all the chapters of The confession of faith, one by one, and propounding out of them, by way of question, all the controverted assertions, and answering by yes, or no, there is a clear confirmation of the truth, and an evident confutation of what tenets and opinions, are maintain'd by the adversaries : a treatise, most useful for all persons, who desire to be instructed in the true Protestant religion, who would shun in these last days, and perillous times, the infection of errors and heresies, and all dangerous tenets and opinions, contrary to the word of God. Dickson, David, 1583?-1663.; Sinclair, George, d. 1696. 1684 (1684) Wing D1412; ESTC R3405 145,943 378 View Text
A27514 A threefold treatise of the Sabbath distinctly divided into the patriarchall, mosaicall, Christian Sabbath : for the better clearing and manifestation of the truth ... / by Richard Bernard ... Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641. 1641 (1641) Wing B2037; ESTC R34406 149,622 232 View Text
A45340 Samaria's downfall, or, A commentary (by way of supplement) on the five last verses of the thirteenth chapter of Hosea wherein is set forth, Ephraim's dignity, duty, impenitency, and downfall : very suitable to, and seasonable for, these present times, where you have the text explained, sundry cases of conscience cleared, many practical observations raised (with references to such authors as clear any point more fully) : and a synopsis or brief character of the twenty kings of Israel, with some useful inferences from them / by Thomas Hall ... Hall, Thomas, 1610-1665. 1660 (1660) Wing H440; ESTC R18060 150,640 184 View Text
A14653 The doctrine of the Sabbath Wherein the first institution of the vveekly Sabbath, with the time thereof, the nature of the law binding man to keep it, the true ground, and necessity of the first institution, and of the observation of it, on the severall day in the Old Testament, and also of the moving of it to the first day under the Gospel, are laid open and proved out of the Holy Scriptures. Also besides the speciall dueties necessarily required for the due sanctification thereof, those two profitable points are proved by demonstrations out of Gods Word. First, that the Lord Christ God and man, is the Lord of the Sabbath, on whom the Sabbath was first founded...2. That the faithfull under the Gospell are as necessarily bound to keep the weekly Sabbath of the Lords day... Deliverd in divers sermons by George Walker B. of Divinity and pastor of St. Iohn Evangelists Church in London. Walker, George, 1581?-1651. 1638 (1638) STC 24957; ESTC S103296 151,861 168 View Text
A41637 Christian directions, shewing how to walk with God all the day long drawn up for the use and benefit of the inhabitants of Sepulchres parish / by Tho. Gouge ... Gouge, Thomas, 1605-1681. 1661 (1661) Wing G1359; ESTC R955 152,866 176 View Text
A03472 The holie historie of our Lord and Sauiour Iesus Christs natiuitie, life, actes, miracles, doctrine, death, passion, resurrection and ascension gathered into English meeter, and published to withdraw vaine wits from all vnsauerie and wicked rimes and fables, to some loue and liking of spirituall songs and holy scriptures. By Robert Holland maister of Arts, and minister of the Church of Prendergast. Holland, Robert, 1557-ca. 1622. 1594 (1594) STC 13595; ESTC S118820 155,202 360 View Text
A48316 Sunday a Sabbath, or, A preparative discourse for discussion of sabbatary doubts by John Ley ... Ley, John, 1583-1662. 1641 (1641) Wing L1886; ESTC R22059 159,110 245 View Text
A91934 Jegar-Sahadvtha: an oyled pillar. Set up for posterity, against present wickednesses, hypocrisies, blasphemies, persecutions and cruelties of this serpent power (now up) in England (the out-street of the beast.) Or, A heart appeale to heaven and earth, broken out of bonds and banishment at last, in a relation of some part of the past and present sufferings of John Rogers in close prison and continued banishment, for the most blessed cause and testimony of Jesus; the sound of the seventh trumpet and the gospel of the seven thunders, or holy oracles (called rayling by them in power) sealed up to the time of the end. From Carisbrook Castle in the third year of my captivity, the fifth-prison, and the third in exile, having been hurried about from post to pillar, quia perdere nolo substantiam propter accidentia. Rogers, John, 1627-1665? 1657 (1657) Wing R1809; Thomason E919_9; ESTC R207526 168,327 179 View Text
A26694 Remaines of that excellent minister of Jesus Christ, Mr. Joseph Alleine being a collection of sundry directions, sermons, sacrament-speeches, and letters, not heretofore published ...; Selections. 1674 Alleine, Joseph, 1634-1668.; R. A. (Richard Alleine), 1611-1681. 1674 (1674) Wing A976; ESTC R22421 168,509 338 View Text
A26780 An account of the life and death of Mr. Philip Henry, minister of the gospel near Whitechurch in Shropshire, who dy'd June 24, 1696, in the sixty fifth year of his age Henry, Matthew, 1662-1714. 1698 (1698) Wing B1100A; ESTC R14627 175,639 290 View Text
A47576 The Jewish Sabbath abrogated, or, The Saturday Sabbatarians confuted in two parts : first, proving the abrogation of the old seventh-day Sabbath : secondly, that the Lord's-Day is of divine appointment : containing several sermons newly preach'd upon a special occasion, wherein are many new arguments not found in former authors / by Benjamin Keach. Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704. 1700 (1700) Wing K73; ESTC R7556 176,774 438 View Text
A75501 An Apology for God's worship and worshipers [sic] both in the [brace] purity of the one and liberty of the other : from the gracious and (oft) miraculous defence that God makes for them both, when exposed to violation or violence. 1683 (1683) Wing A3543A; ESTC R43602 185,797 397 View Text
A39874 For God's worship and worshipers Both in the purity of the onem and liberty of the other. From the gracious and (oft) miraculous defences that God makes for them both, when exposed to violation or violence. Dedicated to all that desire to worship God, in spirit and truth, John 4. 23, 24. 1683 (1683) Wing F1427A; ESTC R216420 186,215 385 View Text
A26468 Vindiciæ sabbathi, or, An answer to two treatises of Master Broads the one, concerning the Sabbath or seaventh day, the other, concerning the Lord's-day or first of the weeke : with a survey of all the rest which of late have written upon that subject / by George Abbot. Abbot, George, 1604-1649. 1641 (1641) Wing A66; ESTC R3974 196,378 288 View Text