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A59200 The sixth book of Practical physick Of occult or hidden diseases; in nine parts Part I. Of diseases from occult qualities in general. Part. II. Of occult, malignant, and venemous diseases arising from the internal fault of the humors. Part III. Of occult diseases from water, air, and infections, and of infectious diseases. Part IV. Of the venereal pox. Part V. Of outward poysons in general Part VI. Of poysons from minerals and metals. Part. VII. Of poysons from plants. Part VIII. Of poysons that come from living creatures. Part IX. Of diseases by witchcraft, incantation, and charmes. By Daniel Sennertus, N Culpeper, and Abdiah Cole, Doctors of Physick Sennert, Daniel, 1572-1637.; Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654.; Cole, Abdiah, ca. 1610-ca. 1670. 1662 (1662) Wing S2541A; ESTC R221050 55,611 126

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spikenard_n castor_n treacle_n and_o mithridate_n then_o strengthen_v the_o vital_a spirit_n as_o in_o chap._n of_o swoon_v l._n 2._o p._n 4._o c._n 6._o chap._n 14._o of_o taxus_n the_o ew-tree_n the_o symptom_n and_o sign_n they_o that_o sleep_v under_o this_o tree_n or_o eat_v of_o its_o fruit_n die_v though_o in_o england_n it_o be_v innocent_a yet_o they_o that_o be_v infect_v in_o other_o country_n be_v all_o over_o and_o fear_v choke_v 490._o have_v a_o dysentery_n and_o often_o die_v sudden_o after_o vomit_v and_o fit_v purge_v c●re_n give_v wormwood_n wine_n plentiful_o or_o ge●●ian_a and_o orris_n root_n with_o oxymel_n or_o treacle_n against_o the_o dysentery_n give_v seal_v earth_n bole_n bezoar_n coral_n tormensil_n root_n juice_n and_o syrup_n of_o pomegranate_n and_o of_o curran_n chap._n 15._o of_o euphorbium_n though_o euphorbium_n be_v use_v physical_o yet_o if_o it_o be_v give_v in_o a_o great_a quantity_n or_o not_o correct_v it_o be_v poison_v and_o do_v not_o only_o hurt_v by_o its_o burn_a but_o by_o a_o occult_a quality_n for_o it_o cause_v sudden_a faint_v that_o kill_v sudden_o the_o symptom_n and_o sign_n it_o be_v take_v burn_v the_o stomach_n and_o corrode_v the_o gut_n cause_v hickets_z and_o vomit_v inflame_v the_o body_n and_o cause_v thirst_n and_o over-purging_a and_o dysentery_n cold_a sweat_n faint_a and_o oftentimes_o sudden_a death_n cure_n give_v a_o vomit_n of_o warm_a water_n or_o the_o decoction_n of_o violet_n or_o mallow_n with_o oil_n of_o violet_n or_o rose_n or_o sweet_a almond_n and_o a_o clyster_n of_o althaea-root_n violet_n mallow_n endive_n lettuce_n plantain_n flower_n of_o chamomil_n moulin_n cold_a seed_n mucilage_n of_o fleabane_n and_o then_o give_v now_o milk_n and_o fat_a broth_n the_o proper_a antidote_n be_v seed_n of_o citro●s_n in_o win●_n &_o root_n of_o elicampane_z boil_a or_o seal_v earth_n smaragd_n crystal_n calcine_v species_n liberantis_fw-la treacle_n chap._n 16._o of_o the_o nut_n call_v metella_n symp●o●●at●●_n cardan_n write_v that_o it_o be_v of_o a_o mean_a between_o opium_n and_o hemlock_n and_o kill_v in_o a_o day_n be_v take_v in_o the_o quantity_n of_o a_o d●am_n it_o cause_v deep_a sleep_n from_o which_o the_o party_n that_o take_v it_o can_v scarce_o be_v rouse_v cold_a breath_n swell_a lip_n pale_a body_n blue_a nail_n cold_a sweat_n and_o death_n vomit_n with_o walnut_n shell_n green_a boil_a in_o wine_n give_v a_o clyster_n of_o centaury_n rue_n scordium_n 〈◊〉_d castor_n and_o hydromel_n and_o then_o a_o decoction_n of_o wormwood_n organ_n wild_a rue_n gentian_n elicampane_z in_o wine_n or_o castor_n pellitory_n ba●berries_n cinnamon_n treacle_n diagalangal_n diagingiber_n raise_v he_o from_o sleep_n by_o strong_a ligature_n errhin_n and_o if_o he_o can_v walk_v let_v he_o stir_v till_o he_o sweat_v let_v he_o drink_v new_a milk_n or_o new_a wine_n chap._n 17._o of_o spurge_n the_o symptom_n and_o sign_n it_o be_v not_o simple_o poison_v signa_fw-la for_o be_v right_o prepare_v and_o give_v in_o a_o small_a dose_n it_o be_v a_o purge_n otherwise_o it_o cause_v loathe_v and_o vomit_v and_o trouble_v the_o heart_n and_o destroy_v the_o temper_n of_o the_o liver_n make_v the_o belly-ache_n and_o flux_n which_o produce_v convulsion_n and_o death_n provoke_v vomit_n after_o they_o begin_v to_o vomit_v cure_n that_o the_o whole_a venom_n may_v be_v evacuate_v with_o warm_a barley_n water_n oil_n of_o dill_n or_o violet_n then_o give_v a_o cool_a clyster_n of_o emollient_a herb_n cold_a seed_n mucilage_n of_o fleabane_n oil_n of_o rose_n and_o violet_n and_o the_o yolk_n of_o a_o eg._n give_v antidote_n as_o against_o euphorbium_n and_o gum_n arabic_a traganth_n fresh_a butter_n cream_n of_o ptisan_n sweet_a almond_n and_o the_o like_a chap._n 18._o of_o hellebore_n the_o question_n be_v chief_o of_o white_a hellebore_n some_o will_v have_v it_o not_o to_o be_v muster_v among_o medicine_n other_o high_o commend_v it_o but_o this_o controversy_n may_v be_v end_v thus_o poison_n be_v either_o simple_o so_o and_o hurt_v all_o man_n always_o or_o they_o be_v give_v by_o art_n and_o make_v physic_n hellebore_n be_v of_o the_o last_o sort_n and_o though_o many_o have_v perish_v by_o the_o use_n of_o hellebore_n yet_o it_o be_v by_o reason_n of_o the_o great_a quantity_n or_o want_v of_o preparation_n symptom_n and_o sign_n if_o it_o be_v take_v in_o ●r●at_a quantity_n without_o preparation_n it_o purge_v violent_o upward_o and_o downward_o and_o cause_v great_a pain_n in_o the_o stomach_n and_o gut_n hickets_z suffocation_n difficult_a breathe_n trouble_v of_o mind_n sudden_a weakness_n heart-beating_a and_o they_o die_v by_o convulsion_n or_o suffocation_n cure_n though_o hellebore_n cause_n vomit_v it_o must_v not_o be_v sudden_o stop●_n but_o further_v with_o a_o decoction_n of_o radish_n dill_n and_o arage_n seed_n in_o hydromel_n often_o give_v give_v a_o clyster_n of_o the_o decoction_n of_o small_a c●ntaury_n rue_n plantain_n althaea_n with_o oil_n of_o dil_n and_o yolk_n of_o egs._n for_o antidote_n give_v powder_n of_o ●aterlilly_a root_n or_o flower_n or_o parsnep_a seed_n two_o dram_n with_o wine_n or_o treacle_n and_o mithridate_n to_o prevent_v strangle_v give_v half_o a_o dram_n of_o galbanum_fw-la against_o the_o bellyach_n make_v a_o bag_n of_o bran_n salt_n cummi●_n pennyroyal_n 28_o mint_n rue_n bayberry_n boil_a in_o wi●●_n or_o milk_n we_o have_v show_v elsewhere_o how_o over-purging_a hi●kets_n and_o convulsion_n be_v cure_v the_o eight_o part_n of_o poison_n that_o come_v from_o animal_n or_o live_a creature_n chap._n 1._o of_o poison_n from_o animal_n in_o general_n animal_n do_v convey_v poison_n to_o man_n divers_a way_n first_o by_o bite_v as_o the_o viper_n and_o all_o kind_n of_o serpent_n the_o mouse_n the_o spider_n scolopendra_n and_o dog_n and_o all_o mad_a ●_z by_o sting_v as_o the_o scorpion_n spider_n wasp_n and_o the_o fish_n call_v pastinaca_n marina_fw-la oth●rs_n by_o spittle_n as_o ptyas_n other_o by_o urine_n as_o dormouse_n that_o make_v malignant_a ulcer_n by_o piss_v other_o communicate_v poison_n by_o a_o me●ium_fw-la as_o the_o torpedo_n by_o the_o spear_n of_o the_o fisherman_n benume_n or_o stupisy_n his_o b●●d_n so_o mathiolus_n report_v a_o vine-dresser_n be_v kill_v by_o a_o serpent_n other_o by_o touch_v the_o body_n with_o poison_n but_o poison_n be_v most_o dangerous_a when_o malicious_a people_n give_v it_o in_o meat_n or_o drink_n also_o the_o gall_n of_o venomous_a beast_n be_v deadly_a facul_fw-la for_o all_o venomous_a beast_n or_o beast_n that_o live_v upon_o poison_n have_v the_o poison_n chief_o in_o the_o gall._n animal_n be_v either_o of_o their_o own_o nature_n venomous_a as_o the_o scorpion_n toad_n or_o become_v such_o by_o their_o venomous_a food_n of_o which_o sort_n be_v the_o king_n of_o cambaia_n of_o who_o we_o speak_v therefore_o you_o may_v well_o suspect_v creature_n that_o feed_v upon_o poison_n as_o the_o duck_n that_o eat_v water-toad_n and_o the_o quail_n that_o feed_v upon_o hellebore_n for_o in_o athens_n they_o who_o say_v high_a upon_o quail_n die_v of_o convulsion_n and_o other_o also_o hence_o we_o may_v conclude_v that_o venomous_a creature_n if_o they_o live_v upon_o poison_n be_v worse_o so_o the_o sting_a of_o wasp_n be_v worse_o if_o they_o have_v live_v upon_o serpent_n hence_o we_o may_v w●l_v question_n whether_o it_o be_v lawful_a to_o eat_v creature_n that_o have_v be_v kill_v by_o poison_n pis_n galen_n say_v that_o the_o daci_n and_o dalmatian_n rub_v the_o point_n of_o their_o weapon_n with_o elicampane_z with_o which_o they_o kill_v dear_a and_o then_o they_o never_o hurt_v they_o that_o eat_v they_o therefore_o distinguish_v thus_o if_o the_o poison_n that_o the_o weapon_n be_v touch_v with_o be_v only_o a_o poison_n that_o kill_v a_o beast_n and_o not_o a_o man_n the_o beast_n may_v be_v eat_v the_o symptom_n and_o sign_n you_o may_v know_v it_o from_o the_o patient_n relation_n or_o by_o a_o part_n sting_v or_o bite_v that_o swell_v present_o be_v inflame_v and_o have_v great_a pain_n with_o other_o symptom_n that_o poison_n prognostic_n i●_n a_o bite_n or_o sting_v hurt_v the_o artery_n the_o wound_n be_v worse_o because_o the_o poison_n get_v soon_o to_o the_o heart_n and_o there_o be_v a_o deadly_a syncope_n also_o if_o a_o nerve_n be_v hurt_v the_o brain_n consent_v and_o there_o be_v the_o like_a danger_n if_o a_o vein_n be_v only_o hurt_v there_o be_v less_o danger_n for_o it_o threaten_v only_o the_o corruption_n of_o humour_n we_o speak_v of_o the_o cure_n 7._o but_o now_o i_o shall_v show_v the_o proper_a antidote_n against_o every_o venomous_a creature_n chap._n 2._o of_o serpent_n in_o general_n the_o serpent_n be_v such_o as_o have_v egg_n or_o bring_v forth_o quick_a serpent_n as_o the_o viper_n we_o shall_v not_o dispute_v the_o temperament_n of_o a_o serpent_n
well_o call_v venomous_a of_o the_o first_o sort_n be_v the_o humour_n that_o cause_v a_o epilepsy_n fear_v of_o water_n dancing_z madness_n scurvy_a colic_n and_o malignant_a dysentery_n elephantiasis_n gangrene_n and_o simple_o malignant_a fever_n of_o the_o second_o sort_n be_v the_o humour_n that_o beget_v pestilent_a fever_n and_o the_o plague_n as_o for_o the_o first_o sort_n the_o epilepsy_n and_o the_o other_o disease_n be_v not_o the_o evident_a cause_n or_o from_o obstruction_n of_o the_o ventricle_n of_o the_o brain_n nor_o be_v fe●●_n of_o water_n from_o the_o bite_n of_o a_o mad_a dog_n but_o this_o epilepsy_n be_v from_o a_o humour_n or_o vapour_n that_o hurt_v the_o membrane_n of_o the_o brain_n and_o the_o nerve_n especial_o and_o fear_v of_o water_n may_v come_v from_o internal_a humour_n without_o the_o bite_n of_o any_o mad_a creature_n mercellus_n donatus_n have_v five_o example_n of_o this_o mirabil_n and_o the_o disease_n mention_v be_v not_o from_o manifest_a quality_n but_o from_o malignant_a occult_a and_o venomous_a cause_n as_o for_o the_o second_o kind_n the_o humour_n be_v so_o corrupt_v that_o they_o do_v not_o only_o turn_v malignant_a but_o breed_v deadly_a disease_n that_o kill_v like_o poison_n as_o pestilent_a fever_n and_o the_o plague_n bubo_n and_o carbun●les_n of_o which_o before_o chap._n 6._o of_o the_o sign_n of_o disease_n that_o come_v from_o malignant_a venomous_a humour_n that_o be_v breed_v in_o our_o body_n the_o sign_n of_o these_o disease_n be_v from_o the_o cause_n mention_v in_o the_o four_o chapter_n especial_o from_o the_o air_n which_o if_o it_o keep_v not_o its_o natural_a constitution_n the_o humour_n must_v needs_o be_v corrupt_v as_o experience_n confirm_v another_o sign_n be_v when_o famine_n have_v be_v either_o by_o scarcity_n or_o siege_n and_o man_n have_v have_v a_o ill_a diet_n the_o inward_a humour_n be_v corrupt_a the_o three_o be_v when_o no_o manifest_a cause_n go_v before_o and_o the_o man_n have_v not_o to_o do_v with_o any_o man_n of_o the_o like_a disease_n and_o there_o be_v the_o sign_n of_o malignity_n and_o venom_n 4._o it_o show_v that_o it_o be_v from_o the_o internal_a fault_n of_o the_o humour_n and_o by_o compare_v the_o strength_n with_o the_o disease_n you_o may_v know_v the_o event_n of_o the_o disease_n chap._n 7._o of_o the_o preservation_n from_o and_o cure_n of_o these_o disease_n we_o have_v show_v the_o cure_n large_o before_o only_o if_o there_o be_v a_o malignant_a or_o epidemical_a disease_n stir_v either_o from_o air_n or_o bad_a diet_n or_o the_o like_a let_v it_o be_v remove_v by_o convenient_a evacuation_n lest_o the_o humour_n corrupt_v and_o observe_v from_o what_o cause_n the_o fault_n be_v that_o you_o ma●_n apply_v sit_v remedy_n as_o pill_n de_fw-la tribus_fw-la rhubarb_n and_o syrup_n of_o rose_n and_o the_o like_a these_o must_v be_v repeat_v at_o a_o distance_n and_o good_a antidote_n use_v after_o purge_v it_o be_v good_a to_o sweat_v and_o take_v heed_n of_o anger_n fear_v or_o passion_n which_o stir_v up_o the_o hum●●s_n that_o he_o still_o and_o close_a and_o make_v a_o plague_n without_o any_o society_n with_o they_o of_o the_o plague_n see_v for_o the_o cure_n lib._n 4._o the_o feb_n cap._n 6._o the_o three_o part_n of_o occult_a disease_n from_o water_n air_n and_o infection_n and_o of_o infectious_a disease_n chap._n 1._o of_o occult_a and_o malignant_a disease_n and_o venom_n that_o arise_v from_o water_n many_o disease_n come_v from_o bad_a water_n as_o dysentery_n and_o dropsy_n and_o malignant_a disease_n also_o as_o the_o scurvy_a marsh_n stand_v pool_n easy_o corrupt_a and_o the_o drink_n thereof_o in_o army_n cause_v malignant_a pestilent_a fever_n because_o they_o be_v infect_v by_o frog_n toad_n and_o serpent_n and_o other_o venomous_a creature_n also_o water_n be_v unwholesome_a in_o which_o flax_n or_o hemp_n be_v steep_v and_o some_o fountain_n have_v kill_v they_o that_o have_v drink_v thereof_o and_o therefore_o the_o water_n of_o the_o river_n styx_n be_v so_o odious_a among_o poe●s_n pausanias_n and_o other_o historian_n mention_v of_o many_o poison_n that_o will_v infect_v water_n you_o may_v cure_v these_o water_n by_o boil_v they_o or_o quench_v steel_n or_o stone_n or_o iron_n in_o they_o when_o you_o be_v in_o army_n or_o on_o a_o journey_n and_o can_v boil_v they_o at_o least_o you_o may_v strain_v they_o and_o if_o any_o have_v drink_v such_o water_n let_v he_o present_o take_v a_o antidote_n chap._n 2._o of_o malignant_a disease_n from_o the_o air._n air_n as_o it_o be_v a_o pure_a element_n neither_o corrupt_v nor_o be_v infectious_a 13._o but_o it_o may_v be_v corrupt_v by_o other_o thing_n paris_n be_v seldom_o free_a from_o the_o plague_n by_o reason_n of_o inundation_n for_o beside_o the_o stink_n of_o the_o mud_n all_o the_o jakes_n of_o the_o city_n be_v full_a of_o stink_a water_n that_o go_v not_o into_o the_o common-shore_n but_o to_o the_o gate_n of_o the_o city_n and_o cause_v a_o stink_n especial_o in_o hot_a weather_n also_o malignant_a vapour_n arise_v from_o den_n and_o cave_n say_v mercurialis_n 13._o he_o have_v see_v many_o cave_n near_o rome_n into_o which_o if_o either_o man_n or_o beast_n go_v they_o present_o die_v the_o air_n become_v pestilent_a when_o the_o small_a body_n that_o use_v to_o be_v in_o the_o air_n that_o of_o themselves_o be_v not_o venomous_a do_v corrupt_a these_o be_v all_o dangerous_a disease_n and_o none_o can_v be_v secure_a from_o they_o for_o none_o can_v live_v without_o air_n therefore_o let_v such_o as_o by_o reason_n of_o their_o employment_n or_o the_o like_a can_v fly_v never_o go_v abroad_o but_o with_o good_a antidote_n in_o their_o mouth_n and_o anoint_a about_o their_o nose_n chap._n 3._o of_o contagion_n in_o contagious_a disease_n 1._o there_o be_v the_o disease_n which_o be_v call_v contagious_a because_o it_o infect_v another_o with_o the_o same_o disease_n 2._o there_o be_v the_o medium_fw-la by_o which_o the_o like_a disease_n be_v produce_v in_o another_o 3._o there_o be_v the_o action_n by_o which_o the_o like_a disease_n be_v produce_v in_o another_o and_o last_o the_o disease_n which_o be_v produce_v in_o another_o a_o contagion_n be_v a_o infection_n or_o a_o body_n send_v from_o a_o sick_a body_n that_o can_v produce_v the_o like_a disease_n in_o another_o to_o clear_v this_o 1._o consider_v the_o contagious_a body_n 2._o the_o infection_n by_o which_o it_o do_v infect_v another_o 3._o the_o body_n that_o be_v infect_v 1._o the_o contagious_a body_n be_v not_o only_o a_o man_n but_o a_o ox_n or_o sow_n or_o the_o like_a and_o that_o be_v only_o contagious_a that_o can_v breed_v any_o thing_n in_o itself_o which_o be_v send_v to_o another_o of_o the_o same_o kind_n produce_v the_o like_a disease_n 2._o when_o that_o contagion_n pass_v to_o another_o body_n with_o which_o it_o have_v some_o likeness_n the_o passage_n be_v by_o infection_n or_o seed_n in_o which_o there_o be_v force_n to_o act_v by_o the_o quality_n that_o flow_v from_o the_o force_n but_o we_o be_v ignorant_a of_o that_o quality_n and_o the_o form_n from_o whence_o it_o flow_v therefore_o it_o be_v true_o call_v a_o occult_a quality_n for_o this_o quality_n and_o form_n be_v in_o as_o small_a a_o body_n as_o a_o atom_n and_o be_v so_o call_v and_o as_o one_o say_v the_o infection_n of_o disease_n be_v multiply_v by_o little_a body_n that_o like_a seed_n comprehend_v the_o whole_a essence_n of_o the_o disease_n now_o the_o quality_n by_o which_o the_o infection_n act_v so_o powerful_o be_v not_o manifest_a for_o no_o manifest_a quality_n have_v such_o force_n but_o it_o be_v occult_a and_o not_o sensible_a but_o know_v only_o by_o the_o effect_n nor_o can_v you_o say_v that_o this_o infection_n be_v the_o effect_n of_o rottenness_n for_o that_o putrefaction_n be_v make_v many_o alteration_n be_v require_v and_o long_a time_n but_o contagion_n take_v in_o sudden_o infect_v and_o often_o kill_v and_o beget_v the_o like_a contagious_a humour_n in_o the_o party_n and_o work_v like_o contagious_a poison_n before_o there_o be_v any_o putrefaction_n wrought_v as_o appear_v in_o the_o plague_n this_o miasma_n or_o contagion_n be_v spread_v and_o sow_v about_o by_o the_o pore_n of_o the_o skin_n sometime_o it_o come_v forth_o with_o the_o sweat_n or_o stick_v to_o the_o skin_n with_o a_o thick_a excrement_n or_o filth_n sometime_o it_o go_v out_o of_o the_o body_n by_o the_o breath_n sometime_o by_o matter_n or_o quittor_n that_o come_v out_o of_o the_o ulcer_n sometime_o those_o atom_n fly_v about_o in_o the_o air_n and_o therefore_o the_o seed_n of_o the_o plague_n be_v sow_v far_o about_o a_o contagion_n or_o miasma_n be_v sow_v and_o spread_v abroad_o two_o way_n either_o by_o fuel_n alone_o or_o by_o the_o
bring_v in_o by_o the_o devil_n for_o evacuation_n vomit_n be_v good●punc_fw-la for_o experience_n show_v that_o stubborn_a disease_n who_o cause_n be_v in_o the_o stomach_n mesentery_n and_o about_o the_o liver_n and_o spleen_n which_o can_v not_o be_v evacuate_v by_o ordinary_a purge_n have_v be_v cure_v by_o vomit_n and_o so_o ruland_n cure_v diabolical_a disease_n and_o it_o be_v observe_v that_o some_o have_v be_v so_o cure_v that_o have_v vomit_v knife_n hair_n glass_z and_o the_o like_a with_o putrid_a humour_n but_o let_v the_o vomit_n be_v proper_a and_o purge_n must_v not_o be_v neglect_v also_o use_v alterer_n and_o antidote_n external_a and_o internal_a the_o internal_a be_v mention_v as_o herb_n true-love_n round_a birthwort_n and_o long_a st._n johnsor_n ●_o and_o many_o other_o the_o outward_a be_v ointment_n and_o fume_n and_o bath_n as_o ointment_n of_o viscus_fw-la colurus_n or_o misleto_n experience_v in_o a_o maid_n bewitch_v 8._o thus_o make_v take_v dog_n grease_v four_o ounce_n bear_v grease_n eight_o ounce_n capon_n grease_n twenty_o four_o ounce_n viscus_fw-la colurus_n mislero_fw-la green_a three_o branch_n cut_v and_o bruise_v they_o till_o they_o be_v moist_a wood-leaves_a and_o berry_n 〈◊〉_d be_v they_o all_o into_o a_o glass_n set_v it_o in_o the_o sun_n nine_o week_n and_o you_o shall_v have_v a_o green_a balsam_n ●ditions_n with_o these_o ●_z bewitch_v especial_o in_o the_o pain_a part_n &_o the_o joint_n be_v to_o be_v anoint_v and_o the_o patient_n shall_v be_v cure_v it_o be_v a_o certain_a experiment_n the_o ancient_n and_o modern_a physician_n use_v fume_n of_o bay_n rue_n st._n john_n wort_n sage_n rosemary_n rose_n wood_n aloe_n asphalium_fw-la sander_n citron_n peel_v frankincense_n mastic_n storax_n calamite_n labdanum_n musk_n sulphur_n which_o strengthen_v the_o heart_n and_o brain_n and_o discuss_v malignant_a and_o cold_a humour_n bath_n do_v both_o by_o insensible_a evacuation_n and_o alter_v in_o which_o boil_v rue_n st._n johns-wort_n mugwort_n vervain_n palma_n christi_fw-la and_o the_o like_v mention_v but_o these_o be_v mix_v without_o superstition_n or_o ceremony_n pronounce_v of_o word_n and_o the_o like_a and_o we_o must_v trust_v only_o to_o natural_a mean_n and_o leave_v the_o rest_n to_o god_n chap._n 10._o of_o the_o divine_a cure_n of_o witchcraft_n because_o the_o devil_n can_v hinder_v the_o force_n of_o natural_a thing_n if_o god_n permit_v we_o must_v have_v recourse_n to_o a_o divine_a cure_n not_o only_o in_o disease_n from_o witchcraft_n but_o also_o in_o all_o the_o calamity_n of_o this_o miserable_a life_n and_o for_o this_o cause_n for_o the_o prevention_n and_o cure_n of_o these_o disease_n the_o church_n which_o be_v the_o spouse_n of_o christ_n have_v constitute_v exorcist_n which_o every_o one_o know_v have_v power_n in_o this_o thing_n therefore_o we_o must_v put_v our_o whole_a confidence_n in_o god_n &_o call_v upon_o he_o by_o a_o firm_a &_o sincere_a faith_n yet_o we_o must_v take_v heed_n least_o under_o the_o show_n of_o a_o divine_a cure_n any_o thing_n be_v do_v superstitious_o or_o against_o the_o honour_n of_o god_n it_o be_v good_a against_o the_o same_o to_o appoint_v a_o peregrination_n to_o a_o holy_a place_n that_o we_o may_v obtain_v that_o by_o the_o merit_n of_o the_o saint_n which_o we_o can_v immediate_o by_o ourselves_o obtain_v from_o god_n this_o be_v approve_v by_o daily_a experience_n among_o christian_n and_o true_a catholic_n therefore_o to_o he_o be_v praise_n honour_n and_o glory_n and_o thanksgiving_n for_o ever_o two_o epistle_n of_o that_o excellent_a and_o famous_a man_n balthasar_n han_n doctor_n of_o physic_n and_o chief_a elector_n of_o saxony_n the_o first_o epistle_n most_o renown_a excellent_a and_o most_o experience_a sir_n my_o godfather_n and_o much_o honour_a friend_n i_o prefent_v thou_o with_o a_o miserable_a but_o admirable_a physical_a history_n which_o i_o last_o tell_v you_o in_o short_a as_o i_o have_v it_o chief_o from_o my_o own_o observation_n write_v with_o my_o own_o hand_n a_o certain_a honest_a godly_a woman_n twenty_o two_o year_n old_a of_o a_o laudable_a temper_n somewhat_o incline_v to_o melancholy_n in_o the_o year_n 1634._o the_o 8_o the_o of_o november_n be_v saturday_n be_v trouble_v at_o evening_n with_o a_o unusual_a stop_n and_o heaviness_n at_o the_o breast_n she_o go_v to_o bed_n at_o her_o accustom_a hour_n with_o desire_n to_o sleep_v and_o though_o she_o obtain_v her_o desire_n present_o yet_o be_v grievous_o trouble_v by_o which_o mean_v after_o twelve_o of_o the_o clock_n she_o be_v hear_v often_o to_o groan_v sad_o but_o they_o suppose_v she_o dream_v and_o call_v she_o but_o she_o awake_v not_o till_o she_o have_v often_o groan_v be_v awake_v she_o often_o lift_v up_o her_o eye_n but_o keep_v they_o not_o long_o open_a but_o present_o compose_v herself_o for_o sleep_v again_o and_o speak_v not_o above_o three_o word_n in_o the_o morning_n be_v sunday_n and_o the_o the_o 9_o the_o of_o november_n she_o arise_v at_o six_o of_o the_o clock_n think_v upon_o the_o church_n and_o how_o she_o may_v according_a to_o her_o promise_n bring_v a_o young_a maid_n to_o be_v marry_v to_o a_o minister_n of_o the_o church_n but_o on_o a_o sudden_a she_o behold_v two_o blue_a spot_n in_o both_o hand_n which_o creep_v up_o from_o the_o wrist_n to_o the_o bend_n of_o the_o arm_n not_o in_o one_o continue_a line_n and_o above_o both_o the_o bend_n of_o the_o arm_n there_o be_v divers_a letter_n among_o which_o be_v these_o two_o n_o b._n join_v together_o and_o many_o cross_n of_o this_o form_n ✝_o she_o be_v undaunted_a continue_v her_o holy_a resolution_n and_o by_o god_n assistance_n she_o go_v to_o church_n at_o 8._o in_o the_o morning_n and_o be_v very_o merry_a at_o the_o wedding-dinner_n till_o four_o in_o the_o afternoon_n and_o perceive_v no_o disturbance_n that_o day_n nor_o that_o night_n but_o monday_n morning_n follow_v being_n novem._n 10._o she_o observe_v the_o number_n of_o cross_n increase_v about_o her_o neck_n breast_n and_o belly_n to_o the_o bottom_n of_o it_o and_o all_o that_o day_n she_o feel_v great_a straitness_n and_o trouble_n one_o fit_a follow_v another_o and_o she_o have_v so_o great_a a_o desire_n to_o sleep_v which_o be_v the_o forerunner_n of_o a_o fit_a and_o more_o work_n and_o cross_n that_o she_o can_v not_o be_v keep_v awake_a at_o which_o time_n to_o the_o terror_n and_o admiration_n of_o the_o beholder_n the_o character_n mention_v most_o like_a cross_n be_v in_o most_o part_n of_o her_o body_n so_o that_o in_o seven_o day_n time_n she_o be_v all_o over_o before_o and_o behind_o from_o head_n to_o foot_n mark_v as_o if_o sh●_n have_v be_v whip_v with_o rod_n or_o thorn_n at_o first_o her_o face_n be_v not_o mark_v but_o afterward_o it_o be_v with_o the_o same_o but_o small_a and_o more_o superficial_o in_o the_o scarf-skin_n at_o night_n she_o go_v to_o bed_n and_o sleep_v a_o hour_n after_o which_o she_o be_v trouble_v &_o groan_v and_o fold_v her_o hand_n close_o the_o stander_n by_o observe_v that_o awake_v she_o and_o part_v her_o hand_n and_o they_o sound_v a_o needle_n stick_v in_o the_o palm_n of_o her_o hand_n and_o they_o draw_v it_o out_o they_o bend_v it_o &_o put_v it_o in_o the_o fire_n unknown_a to_o she_o and_o keep_v it_o stil._n the_o 11_o of_o november_n be_v tuesday_n she_o be_v better_a but_o not_o without_o some_o fit_n but_o gentle_a this_o night_n she_o dream_v that_o she_o shall_v find_v a_o needle_n under_o her_o bed_n which_o she_o shall_v put_v into_o the_o fire_n present_o and_o so_o be_v cure_v the_o 12_o of_o november_n be_v wednesday_n at_o noon_n she_o remember_v her_o dream_n and_o command_v her_o maid_n to_o search_v diligent_o for_o a_o needle_n under_o the_o bed_n the_o maid_n return_v bring_v a_o long_a tailor_n needle_n she_o cast_v it_o into_o the_o fire_n often_o this_o do_v she_o go_v to_o bed_n at_o her_o usual_a hour_n and_o espy_v a_o ghost_n like_o a_o woman_n go_v into_o a_o study_n and_o hide_v herself_o in_o a_o corner_n at_o which_o she_o be_v much_o fright_v and_o tremble_v and_o begin_v to_o be_v sleepy_a as_o former_o which_o by_o reason_n of_o her_o pain_n she_o resist_v and_o lo_o a_o ill-favoured_a old_a woman_n very_o terrible_a with_o her_o wrinkle_a face_n stand_v by_o her_o bed_n side_n have_v a_o thick_a cudgel_n with_o which_o she_o smite_v she_o violent_o upon_o the_o leg_n and_o be_v very_o angry_a she_o repeat_v these_o word_n give_v i_o my_o needle_n give_v i_o my_o needle_n at_o which_o she_o cry_v out_o aloud_o and_o the_o old_a woman_n vanish_v and_o from_o that_o night_n till_o saturday_n after_o which_o be_v the_o 15_o of_o november●he_n ●he_z do_v not_o suffer_v any_o thing_n but_o then_o about_o
never_o afflict_v without_o god_n consent_n and_o permission_n 2._o the_o gospel_n show_v that_o he_o can_v not_o enter_v into_o the_o swine_n or_o hurt_v they_o without_o god_n permission_n nor_o do_v a_o hair_n fall_v from_o the_o head_n without_o god_n will_n and_o permission_n therefore_o the_o devil_n promise_v to_o do_v what_o th●_n witch_n command_v he_o they_o can_v have_v their_o desire_n except_o god_n permit_v 28._o and_o bodinus_fw-la write_v there_o be_v not_o two_o in_o a_o hundred_o that_o witchcraft_n can_v hurt_v and_o it_o be_v know_v to_o be_v true_a from_o the_o voluntary_a confession_n of_o witch_n chap._n 6._o of_o the_o sign_n of_o disease_n from_o witchcraft_n it_o be_v very_o hard_a to_o know_v these_o disease_n and_o we_o must_v be_v very_o industrious_a to_o discover_v they_o this_o be_v because_o the_o devil_n do_v so_o wary_o get_v into_o natural_a cause_n that_o it_o be_v not_o easy_o discern_v what_o come_v from_o natural_a cause_n and_o what_o from_o the_o devil_n fernelius_n give_v a_o example_n of_o this_o in_o a_o young_a knight_n which_o have_v a_o shake_n and_o convulsion_n by_o fit_n which_o by_o divers_a remedy_n give_v for_o some_o month_n can_v not_o be_v remove_v but_o in_o the_o three_o month_n the_o author_n of_o the_o disease_n be_v know_v by_o voice_n and_o unusual_a word_n and_o sentence_n greek_a and_o latin_a which_o be_v the_o devil_n 16._o and_o more_o plain_o when_o he_o discover_v the_o secret_n of_o those_o that_o stand_v by_o and_o of_o the_o physician_n scoff_v at_o they_o for_o their_o vain_a medicine_n by_o which_o they_o have_v almost_o kill_v the_o party_n the_o first_o sign_n than_o be_v of_o disease_n from_o the_o devil_n when_o practise_v physician_n doubt_v of_o the_o sign_n and_o can_v satisfy_v themselves_o and_o all_o thing_n be_v give_v in_o vain_a and_o to_o no_o purpose_n another_o sign_n be_v because_o ordinary_a disease_n come_v by_o degree_n and_o have_v their_o time_n and_o season_n and_o come_v to_o their_o state_n but_o these_o be_v in_o their_o vigour_n without_o any_o apparent_a cause_n three_o they_o have_v extraordinary_a symptom_n and_o convulsion_n no_o cause_n aforego_v that_o appear_v some_o say_v that_o if_o the_o witch_n come_v to_o see_v the_o patient_n he_o be_v worse_a and_o tremble_v or_o be_v otherwise_o alter_v but_o the_o certain_a sign_n be_v when_o a_o knife_n or_o a_o needle_n or_o the_o like_a be_v ●o_o ●i●ed_v or_o purge_v forth_o or_o come_v from_o ulcer_n t●at_v breed_v not_o natural_o in_o the_o body_n some_o have_v another_o sign_n which_o to_o i_o be_v superstitious_a they_o wash_v the_o patient_n with_o the_o decoction_n of_o vervain_n and_o if_o nothing_o be_v sound_a in_o the_o decoction_n or_o its_o colour_n not_o change_v they_o say_v there_o be_v no_o witchcraft_n but_o if_o many_o of_o his_o hair_n be_v find_v in_o it_o it_o be_v a_o sign_n of_o witchcraft_n this_o i_o say_v be_v superstitious_a though_o vervain_n be_v common_o think_v to_o discover_v witchcraft_n one_o think_v i_o suppose_v prove_v witchcraft_n when_o marry_v people_n former_o love_v very_o well_o hate_v one_o another_o without_o any_o evident_a cause_n there_o be_v many_o history_n to_o confirm_v this_o from_o whence_o we_o may_v gather_v this_o prognostic_n that_o all_o disease_n from_o witchcraft_n be_v long_o and_o uncurable_a but_o by_o the_o great_a mercy_n of_o god_n chap._n 7._o of_o preservation_n against_o witchcraft_n i_o can_v say_v nothing_o to_o this_o certain_o nor_o can_v heathenish_a medicine_n please_v i_o that_o be_v use_v against_o it_o as_o that_o of_o rhamnus_n who_o branch_n in_o the_o window_n or_o door_n they_o say_v defend_v from_o witchcraft_n 104._o nor_o do_v lion_n foot_n take_v away_o the_o force_n o●_n love-potion_n nor_o a_o horse-shoe_n nail_v to_o a_o threshold_n nor_o a_o thousand_o other_o thing_n which_o be_v use_v against_o witchcraft_n for_o how_o can_v these_o be_v natural_a drive_v away_o disease_n which_o be_v cause_v by_o the_o devil_n who_o be_v without_o a_o body_n and_o have_v no_o organ_n of_o sense_n and_o therefore_o can_v neither_o be_v touch_v with_o natural_a body_n nor_o can_v be_v either_o please_v or_o disturb_v thereby_o although_o we_o will_v not_o deny_v that_o god_n who_o be_v above_o all_o nature_n can_v give_v power_n to_o natural_a thing_n to_o work_v upon_o incorporeal_a nor_o be_v it_o lawful_a for_o a_o christian_a by_o any_o mean_n to_o go_v to_o any_o witch_n and_o pray_v she_o or_o persuade_v she_o that_o she_o hurt_v not_o or_o that_o she_o shall_v take_v away_o any_o mischief_n do_v for_o so_o he_o shall_v pray_v to_o the_o devil_n who_o do_v the_o mischief_n and_o not_o the_o witch_n as_o i_o show_v at_o large_a it_o remain_v therefore_o that_o we_o only_o turn_v to_o almighty_a god_n hearty_o and_o implore_v the_o good_a angel_n his_o minister_n to_o defend_v we_o from_o those_o evil_n which_o the_o devil_n beset_v we_o with_o both_o sleep_a and_o wake_v chap._n 8._o of_o the_o cure_n of_o disease_n make_v by_o witchcraft_n and_o first_o of_o the_o magical_a cure_n albeit_o witch_n promise_v to_o cure_v such_o disease_n by_o word_n character_n enchantment_n and_o adjuration_n yet_o these_o and_o the_o like_a have_v no_o force_n as_o we_o show_v against_o paracelsus_n and_o other_o which_o we_o shall_v not_o far_o declare_v dissen_v and_o since_o it_o be_v certain_a that_o the_o devil_n chief_o cause_v these_o evil_n it_o be_v wicked_a and_o unbeseeming_a a_o christian_n to_o desire_v any_o thing_n from_o he_o who_o be_v the_o implacable_a enemy_n of_o mankind_n concern_v this_o there_o be_v two_o question_n first_o whether_o it_o be_v lawful_a upon_o suspicion_n of_o witchcraft_n to_o ask_v or_o compel_v witch_n to_o remove_v witchcraft_n and_o disease_n which_o they_o or_o other_o have_v cause_v o●_n this_o there_o be_v divers_a opinion_n and_o they_o desire_v to_o resolve_v it_o by_o divers_a distinction_n which_o well_o examine_v i_o think_v thus_o he_o that_o desire_v by_o force_n to_o compel_v a_o witch_n to_o cure_v a_o disease_n believe_v in_o and_o hope_n for_o help_v from_o the_o devil_n which_o he_o shall_v seek_v from_o the_o lord_n who_o severe_o prohibit_v ask_v counsel_n of_o magician_n the_o soul_n say_v he_o in_o leviticus_n that_o go_v after_o witch_n or_o soothsayer_n 6._o i_o will_v set_v my_o face_n against_o and_o cut_v he_o off_o from_o the_o midst_n of_o my_o people_n hence_o st._n chrysostome_n write_v that_o a_o christian_a have_v better_o die_v then_o redeem_v his_o life_n by_o bondage_n to_o the_o devil_n coloss._n for_o there_o be_v other_o remedy_n and_o the_o devil_n be_v not_o strong_a than_o god_n and_o though_o there_o be_v no_o hope_n of_o life_n it_o be_v better_a to_o die_v then_o to_o be_v cure_v by_o sin_n for_o the_o salvation_n of_o the_o soul_n be_v better_a than_o the_o health_n of_o the_o body_n and_o the_o glory_n of_o god_n which_o by_o so_o do_v be_v neglect_v be_v to_o be_v prefer_v before_o all_o thing_n another_o question_n be_v whether_o it_o be_v lawful_a to_o search_v into_o any_o mean_n or_o instrument_n use_v by_o witch_n to_o cause_n disease_n and_o to_o remove_v they_o when_o find_v burn_v they_o or_o any_o way_n destroy_v they_o this_o question_n little_o concern_v physic_n of_o which_o see_v martin_n delrio_n that_o decide_v the_o reason_n on_o both_o side_n very_o well_o and_o confirm_v his_o own_o judgement_n by_o history_n but_o we_o shall_v speak_v of_o thing_n more_o profitable_a chap._n 9_o of_o the_o natural_a cure_n of_o witchcraft_n therefore_o it_o be_v not_o lawful_a to_o seek_v help_n from_o the_o devil_n or_o witch_n because_o we_o have_v lawful_a mea●s_n sufficient_a name_o natural_a and_o divine_a of_o divine_a we_o shall_v speak_v in_o the_o chapter_n follow_v in_o this_o only_a of_o the_o natural_a and_o since_o in_o part_n ix_o chap._n 1._o we_o show_v three_o sort_n of_o witchcraft_n namely_o poetical_a or_o vulgar_a philosophical_a and_o magic_a the_o poetical_a be_v no_o way_n witchcraft_n the_o second_o which_o be_v philosophical_a come_v by_o natural_a cause_n sometime_o with_o the_o devil_n concur_v who_o corrupt_v and_o alter_v the_o constitution_n o●_n the_o body_n god_n so_o permit_v that_o he_o may_v please_v the_o witch_n that_o desire_v it_o of_o he_o disease_n so_o cause_v may_v be_v well_o cure_v by_o natural_a remedy_n but_o not_o simple_o for_o in_o such_o disease_n there_o be_v two_o cause_n namely_o natural_a and_o diabolical_a and_o if_o the_o devil_n cease_v no●_n to_o act_n or_o hurt_v there_o can_v be_v no_o perfect_a cure_n the_o natural_a medicine_n be_v twofold_a either_o such_o as_o evacuate_v foul_a humour_n which_o the_o devil_n use_v to_o cause_v disease_n or_o alterer_n and_o antidote_n which_o be_v against_o the_o disposition_n