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A46939 Enchiridion medicum, or, A manual of physick being a compendium of the whole art, in three parts ... : wherein is briefly shewed 1. the names, 2. the derivation, 3. the causes, 4. the signs, 5. the prognosticks, and 6. a rational method of cure ... / by Robert Johnson, Med. professor. Johnson, Robert, b. 1640? 1684 (1684) Wing J816; ESTC R440 137,158 342

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to_o wash_v the_o mouth_n gargarise_v to_o wash_v the_o mouth_n gangrene_n a_o inflammation_n tend_v to_o mortification_n gonorrhaea_n the_o run_v of_o the_o reins_o h._n haemorrhage_n a_o excessive_a or_o continual_a flux_n of_o blood_n haemorrhoid_n the_o pile_n also_o the_o vein_n in_o the_o fundament_n hepatic_o of_o or_o belong_v to_o the_o liver_n hernius_n break_v bellied_a homogeneous_a homogeneal_a of_o one_o kind_a hydromel_n water_n and_o honey_n hydrocele_n a_o waterish_a rupture_n hydrocephalos_n a_o dropsy_n in_o the_o head_n hydragogue_n a_o medicine_n to_o purge_v water_n hydropical_a that_o have_v the_o dropsy_n hypochondry_n the_o forepart_n of_o the_o belly_n about_o the_o short_a rib_n hypochondriacal_a a_o windy_a melancholy_n hysterical_a of_o or_o belong_v to_o the_o womb._n i._o icterical_a have_v the_o jaundice_n icchorous_a waterish_a mattery_a jejunum_n the_o hungry_a gut_n ileon_n the_o three_o small_a gut_n iliack_a passion_n a_o grievous_a disease_n in_o the_o gut_n ileon_n impostume_n vide_fw-la abcess_n inflammation_n a_o hot_a angry_a swelling_n ingredient_n that_o which_o go_v into_o the_o make_n of_o a_o thing_n intercostal_n between_o the_o rib_n ischuria_n stoppage_n of_o urine_n jugular_a vein_n in_o the_o throat_n l._n lacteal_v vein_n milky_a vein_n lethargy_n a_o slothful_a sleepy_a disease_n of_o the_o head_n lientery_n a_o looseness_n cause_v by_o undigestion_n ligament_n a_o bond_n or_o bind_v linament_n a_o kind_n of_o hard_a ointment_n lipothimy_n faint_v sound_v lithotomy_n cut_v out_o of_o the_o stone_n lixivial_a make_v of_o lye_n lixivium_n a_o lie_v make_v of_o ash_n lympha_fw-la a_o waterish_a humour_n m._n masticatory_a a_o medicine_n to_o chew_v in_o the_o mouth_n medicinal_a of_o or_o belong_v to_o physic_n membrane_n a_o thin_a skin_n menstruous_a a_o woman_n have_v her_o menses_fw-la or_o monthly_a term_n mercurial_a make_v of_o quicksilver_n mesentery_n the_o thick_a fat_a membrane_n that_o fasten_v the_o gut_n etc._n etc._n muscle_n a_o instrument_n of_o voluntary_a motion_n in_o the_o body_n n._n narcotical_a stupefactive_a that_o have_v power_n to_o stupefie_v or_o make_v the_o body_n insensible_a neopolitan_a disease_n the_o pox._n nephritick_n of_o the_o reins_o nitrous_a make_v of_o salt_n petre._n o._n opiate_n make_v of_o opium_n to_o cause_v sleep_n and_o give_v ease_n ophthalmy_n inflammation_n of_o the_o eye_n optic_a nerve_n the_o sinew_n which_o bring_v sight_n to_o the_o eye_n p._n palate_n the_o hollow_a of_o the_o mouth_n above_o panchymagogon_n a_o medicine_n which_o purge_v all_o humour_n pancreas_n the_o sweetbread_n paracenthesis_n a_o tapping_z for_o the_o dropsy_n etc._n etc._n pralitical_a that_o have_v the_o dropsy_n pectoral_a of_o or_o belong_v to_o the_o breast_n pericardium_n the_o membrane_n involve_v the_o heart_n periosteum_n a_o thin_a skin_n enwrap_v the_o bone_n peripneumony_n a_o impostume_n of_o the_o lung_n peritonaeum_fw-la the_o inner_a rim_z of_o the_o belly_n pest_n the_o plague_n pharmacy_n medicine_n phlegmagogue_n medicine_n that_o purge_v phlegm_n phlebotomy_n blood-letting_a phrenetical_a that_o have_v the_o frenzy_n pia_fw-la mater_fw-la the_o tender_a skin_n enwrap_v the_o brain_n pituitou_n phlegmatic_a pleuretical_a that_o have_v the_o pleurisy_n plethoric_n fullness_n of_o blood_n prohylactick_a a_o preservative_n against_o the_o plague_n etc._n etc._n ptisan_n barloy-water_n pulsation_n a_o beat_n pulverize_v pulverate_a to_o beat_v into_o powder_n puncture_n a_o prick_a purgative_n which_o have_v virtue_n to_o purge_v purulent_a full_a of_o matter_n pustule_n a_o wheal_n or_o blister_v q._n quartan_a ague_n that_o come_v every_o four_o day_n quintan_o ague_n that_o come_v every_o five_o day_n but_o seldom_o observe_v quotidian_n that_o come_v every_o day_n r._n radical_a of_o or_o belong_v to_o the_o root_n rarefaction_n a_o make_v thin_a of_o what_o be_v thick_a rectum_fw-la the_o arsegut_n respiration_n fetch_v of_o breath_n rupture_n a_o break_n s._n saline_n saltish_a salivation_n spit_v or_o flux_v at_o the_o mouth_n sanguification_n the_o change_n of_o the_o nourishment_n into_o blood_n saphena_n the_o vein_n by_o the_o inner_a ankle_n scamoniat_n medicine_n make_v of_o scammony_n scarify_v to_o cut_v or_o lance_n sceleton_n a_o dry_a carcase_n of_o bone_n only_o sciatica_n the_o hip-gout_n scorbutic_a that_o have_v the_o scurvy_a scrofulae_fw-la the_o kings-evil_a secundine_n the_o afterbirth_n seminal_a of_o the_o seed_n serosity_n the_o wheyish_a or_o waterish_a part_n of_o the_o blood_n sphincter_n muscle_n the_o round_o compass_v muscle_n of_o the_o fundament_n etc._n etc._n ordain_v to_o prevent_v untimely_a excretion_n soluble_a loose_a solvent_a that_o have_v power_n to_o melt_v or_o dissolve_v soporiferous_a cause_v sleep_n spasm_n the_o cramp_n or_o convulsion_n spermatical_a of_o or_o belong_v to_o the_o seed_n spina_n dorsi_fw-la the_o backbone_n spinalis_fw-la medulla_n the_o marrow_n of_o the_o back_n spirituous_a full_a of_o spirit_n spissitude_n thickness_n sternutatory_n to_o cause_v sneeze_v sternon_n the_o breastbone_n where_o the_o rib_n meet_v sterility_n barrenness_n strangury_n a_o pissing_a by_o drop_n sudorific_a that_o cause_v sweat_n suffocate_v to_o choke_v suffumigate_v to_o smoke_v underneath_o sulphur_n brimstone_n superfetation_n a_o conceive_v the_o second_o time_n suppuration_n a_o gather_n to_o matter_n symptom_n any_o grief_n follow_v a_o disease_n or_o sensible_o join_v with_o it_o as_o headache_n with_o a_o ague_n etc._n etc._n systole_n contraction_n of_o the_o heart_n etc._n etc._n t._n tenasmus_n a_o neediness_n to_o go_v to_o stool_n tenuity_n smallness_n thoracick_n of_o or_o belong_v to_o the_o breast_n torsion_n gripe_n of_o the_o gut_n trachea_n or_o aspera_fw-la arteria_fw-la the_o windpipe_n transfer_v to_o carry_v from_o one_o place_n to_o another_o transmute_v to_o change_v transpiration_n sweaty_a vapour_n come_v forth_o of_o the_o pore_n of_o the_o skin_n tubercle_n pimple_n wheals_n tumour_n a_o swell_a turgid_a after_o a_o swell_a manner_n tympany_n the_o windy_a dropsy_n v._o vaperous_a full_a of_o vopour_n varices_fw-la swell_v of_o the_o vein_n in_o the_o leg_n vegetable_n root_n or_o plant_n vehicle_n any_o thing_n that_o carry_v etc._n etc._n ventose_n cupping-glass_n verntricle_n the_o stomach_n etc._n etc._n verminous_a full_a of_o worm_n vertebra_n the_o backbone_n vertigo_n giddiness_n vesiccatory_a a_o medicine_n to_o draw_v blister_n virulent_a deadly_a poisonous_a viscous_a clammy_a like_o birdlime_n vitiate_v to_o corrupt_v volatile_a that_o fly_v u._n ulcerate_v to_o blister_v to_o break_v out_o into_o sore_n unguent_n a_o ointment_n ureter_n the_o vessel_n by_o which_o the_o urine_n pass_v from_o the_o reins_o to_o the_o bladder_n urethra_n the_o passage_n of_o urine_n from_o the_o bladder_n through_o the_o yard_n etc._n etc._n uuula_fw-la a_o fleshy_a substance_n hang_v down_o like_o a_o grape_n from_o the_o roof_n of_o the_o mouth_n towards_o the_o root_n of_o the_o tongue_n advertisement_n a_o new_a idea_n of_o the_o practice_n of_o physic_n write_v by_o that_o famous_a franciscus_n de-le-boc_a silvius_n late_a chief_a professor_n of_o physic_n in_o the_o university_n of_o leiden_fw-mi the_o first_o book_n of_o the_o disease_n either_o constitute_v produce_v or_o follow_v the_o natural_a function_n of_o man_n not_o in_o health_n wherein_o be_v contain_v beside_o a_o new_a method_n in_o general_n a_o vindication_n of_o the_o spleen_n and_o mother_n from_o fit_n attribute_v to_o they_o as_o also_o a_o new_a discovery_n of_o intermit_a fever_n the_o yellow-jaundice_n and_o other_o disease_n never_o before_o discover_v all_o clear_v by_o anatomical_a experiment_n and_o chemical_a demonstration_n as_o also_o by_o their_o cure_n faithful_o translate_v by_o richard_n gower_n formerly_z student_n under_o the_o author_n print_a for_o brabazon_n aylmer_n at_o the_o three_o pigeon_n against_o the_o royal_a exchange_n in_o cornhill_n in_o octavo_n the_o end_n cephalalgia_fw-la cephalaea_n hemicrania_n sign_n progn_n cure_n clyster_n julep_n powder_n a_o medicinal_a wine_n apozem_v purge_v pill_n epitheme_n for_o a_o quilt_a cap._n sign_n cure_n powder_n cordial_a julep_n clyster_n vomit_n purge_v potion_n troche_n purge_v infusion_n electuary_n observation_n julep_n tincture_n emulsion_n julep_n epitheme_n ointment_n paralysis_n apoplexy_n cause_n cause_o internal_a sign_n progn_n cure_n cordial_a to_o cause_v sweat_n observation_n clyster_n suppository_n purge_v pill_n purge_v electuary_n vomit_n cordial_a julep_n medicinal_a wine_n bath_n oil._n plaster_n sneeze_v powder_n spasmus_fw-la epilepsia_n part_n affectae_fw-la cause_n sign_n progn_n cure_n julep_n infusion_n cordial_a to_o cause_v sweat_n purge_v pill_n infusion_n ointment_n masticatory_a epileptic_a powder_n incubus_n cause_n vertigo_n cause_n lethargus_n sign_n coma._n carus_n cause_n progn_n cure_n julep_n decoction_n sneeze_v powder_n vomit_n purge_v pill_n purge_v infusion_n fomentation_n oil._n phrenitis_n mania_n cause_n progn_n cure_n clyster_n julep_n opiate_n epitheme_n li●amen●_n dieta_n julep_n purge_v pill_n cause_n progn_n cure_n julep_n purge_v pill_n purge_v potion_n clyster_n purge_v decoction_n pill_n opiate_n tussis_fw
sputum_fw-la sanguinis_fw-la decoction_n astringent_a julep_n pectoral_a julep_n for_o a_o quilt_a cap._n powder_n to_o fume_v the_o head_n etc._n etc._n masticatory_a note_n plaster_n for_o the_o head_n asthma_n cause_n progn_n cure_n pectoral_a julep_n pleuritis_fw-la sign_n peripneumonia_n cause_n progn_n empiema_n cure_n cure_n sudorific_a fomentation_n ointment_n plaster_n pultis_fw-la balsam_n sulphur_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d compunctio_fw-la caution_n tabes_fw-la cause_n sign_n progn_n febris_n hecticae_fw-la sign_n libre_fw-la 12._o the_o marc_n cap._n 4._o cause_n progn_n cure_n powder_n cause_n progn_n cure_n julep_n purge_v pill_n purge_v decoction_n cordial_a julep_n syncope_n sign_n cause_n progn_n cure_n decoction_n purge_v pill_n purge_v pill_n cordial_a julep_n difference_n symptom_n cause_n lipiria_n febris_fw-la cause_n history_n progn_n pars_fw-la affecta_fw-la cure_n cautio_fw-la purge_v decoction_n volatile_a powder_n cordial_a julep_n observation_n cause_n ●he_v cause_n 〈◊〉_d the_o re●●rn_n of_o the_o 〈◊〉_d quotidian_n cure_n cordial_a julep_n purge_v pill_n powder_n difference_n calenture_n sign_n cause_o of_o malignity_n sign_n progn_n cure_n cordial_a sudorific_a cause_n sign_n progn_n cure_n cordial_a electuary_n cordial_a jalep_n sign_n cause_n progn_n cure_n cordial_a julep_n phlebotomy_n water_n 〈◊〉_d the_o eye_n gargaris_n nodulas_n cause_n sign_n cure_n julep_n emulsion_n purge_v infusion·_n pica_n malacia_fw-la cause_n cause_n cause_n sign_n progn_n cure_n nausea_n cause_n progn_n cure_n cordial_a opiate_n purge_v decoction_n diet-drink_a cause_n progn_n cure_n cordial_a opiate_n purge_v pill_n cause_n progn_n cure_n ileos_n choler_n cholerica_n passio_fw-la hoemoptysis_n cause_o of_o ileos_n cause_n of_o the_o choleric_a passion_n cause_n of_o vomit_v blood_n progn_n cure_n cordial_a opiate_n cure_v of_o choleric_a passion_n vomit_n cordial_a opiate_n cure_v of_o bloody_a vomit_v astringent_a julep_n carminative_a julep_n purge_v pill_n cure_v of_o iliaca_fw-la passio_fw-la clyster_n emulsion_n cholica_fw-la passio_fw-la tenesmus_n sign_n cause_n cause_o of_o the_o colic_n observation_n tympany_n progn_n cure_n julep_n emulsion_n purge_v potion_n cordial_a diaphoretic_n cordial_a julep_n cure_v of_o the_o colic_n clyster_n ointment_n empl._n carminative_a julep_n purge_v decoction_n purge_v pill_n teretes_n taenia_n ascarides_fw-la vermina_n sign_n of_o teretes_n sign_n of_o taenia_n sign_n of_o ascaride_n sign_n of_o vermina_n progn_n cure_n purge_v pill_n lienteria_fw-la coeliaca_fw-la diarrhoea_n dysentery_n tenasmus_n hemorrhoid_n cause_n cause_n of_o lientery_n cause_o of_o the_o jaundice-like_a flux_n cause_o of_o the_o chyle-like_a flux_n cause_n of_o the_o divers_a kind_n of_o diarrhoea_n cause_o of_o a_o dysentery_n cause_o of_o tenasmus_n cause_o of_o hemorrhoid_n etc._n etc._n sign_n progn_n cure_n purge_v powder_n cordial_a julep_n decoction_n powder_n astringent_a julep_n clyster_n purge_v bolus_n bolus_n opiate_n decoction_n sudorific_a cause_n sign_n progn_n cure_n diaphoretic_n opiate_n bath_n ointment_n icterus_n cause_n progn_n cure_n decoction_n sudorific_a diuretic_n decoction_n opiate_n cachexia_n sign_n progn_n cure_n hydrops_fw-la ascite_v cause_n cause_n cause_o of_o a_o tympany_n sign_n of_o ascite_n sign_n of_o anasarca_n sign_n of_o a_o tympany_n progn_n cure_n purge_v infusion_n purge_v pill_n pill_n sudorific_a carminative_a julep_n medicinal_a wine_n ointment_n pultess_n hypochondriacus_fw-la cause_n progn_n cure_n julep_n electuary_n purge_v powder_n medicinal_a wine_n tincture_n linament_n water_n against_o the_o scurvy_a cause_n sign_n progn_n cure_n cordial_a to_o cause_v sweat_n powder_n purge_v pill_n medicinal_a wine_n cause_n cause_o of_o whites_n sign_n progn_n cure_n astringent_a julep_n purge_n purge_v pill_n astringent_a electuary_n astringent_a julep_n linament_n plaster_n fume_v cause_n sign_n progn_n cure_n bath_n powder_n for_o a_o quilt_a bag._n progn_n ●ure_n infusion_n electuary_n cause_n sign_n progn_n cure_n purge_v infusion_n cordial_a to_o cause_v sweat_n cause_n sign_n progn_n indication_n cordial_a julep_n powder_n julep_n cordial_a opiate_n clyster_n fomentation_n cause_n observation_n sign_n cause_o of_o the_o stone_n history_n history_n progn_n cure_n purge_v bolus_n julep_n powder_n decoction_n julep_n cordial_a astringent_a julep_n cause_n sign_n progn_n cure_n cordial_a opiate_n decoction_n piss_a in_o bed_n cause_n progn_n cure_n cause_n progn_n cure_n cause_n progn_n cure_n decoction_n lues_fw-la venerea_fw-la cause_n sign_n progn_n cure_n apozem_v purge_v pill_n decoction_n purge_v pill_n bolus_n ointment_n balsamic_a pill_n injection_n observatio_fw-la cause_n sign_n progn_n cure_n vomit_n observatio_fw-la infusion_n purge_v bolus_n linament_n plaster_n pectoral_a ointment_n arthritis_fw-la cause_n observatio_fw-la sign_n progn_n cure_n fomentation_n pultess_n cataplasm_n linament_n purge_v pill_n water_n against_o the_o gout_n rheumatismus_fw-la cause_n progn_n cure_n linament_n
a_o deprivation_n of_o the_o sense_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d sopor_fw-la altus_fw-la be_v a_o insatiable_a inclination_n to_o sleep_v coma._n the_o sick_a be_v call_v unto_o they_o open_v their_o eye_n and_o answer_v but_o present_o fall_v a_o sleep_n again_o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d ex_fw-la 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d be_v call_v in_o latin_a crapularis_fw-la redundantia_fw-la carus_n because_o it_o be_v sometime_o cause_v by_o surfeit_v end_n drunkenness_n it_o be_v deep_a and_o profound_a sleep_n whereby_o imagination_n sense_n and_o motion_n be_v all_o deprave_a in_o these_o there_o be_v no_o fever_n in_o which_o they_o differ_v from_o the_o lethargy_n catalepsis_fw-la vel_fw-la detentio_fw-la be_v call_v in_o greek_a 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d which_o signify_v a_o withhold_a or_o restrain_v because_o in_o this_o distemper_n the_o mind_n with_o the_o sense_n and_o motion_n be_v all_o sudden_o surprise_v so_o that_o the_o sick_a remain_v stiff_a and_o immovable_a in_o the_o very_a same_o posture_n in_o which_o they_o be_v take_v with_o their_o eye_n open_a the_o cause_n of_o these_o disease_n be_v either_o external_a or_o internal_a cause_n the_o external_a cause_n be_v gross_a food_n idleness_n spirituous_a wine_n or_o any_o other_o inebriate_a liquor_n take_v in_o excess_n and_o sometime_o by_o the_o air_n inspire_v which_o be_v defile_v by_o the_o smoke_n of_o coal_n or_o other_o mineral_n fume_n by_o which_o the_o air_n may_v be_v infest_a the_o internal_a cause_n be_v a_o narcotick_a force_n mix_v with_o the_o animal_n spirit_n breed_v by_o degree_n in_o the_o body_n by_o the_o frequent_a use_n of_o opiate_n not_o well_o correct_v which_o not_o only_o dull_v the_o mind_n but_o cause_v a_o sluggishness_n of_o the_o whole_a body_n for_o the_o animal_n motion_n be_v deprave_v the_o external_a as_o well_o as_o internal_a sense_n will_v be_v thence_o soon_o infect_v and_o defile_v these_o disease_n be_v all_o very_a dangerous_a progn_n and_o except_o they_o be_v speedy_o cure_v they_o will_v soon_o hurry_v the_o sick_a into_o the_o boat_n of_o acheron_n or_o devour_a jaw_n of_o death_n but_o if_o a_o frenzy_n come_v immediate_o after_o any_o of_o they_o it_o cure_v the_o patient_n with_o little_a help_n of_o medicine_n to_o cure_v these_o disease_n cure_n let_v the_o drowsy_a animal_n spirit_n be_v stir_v up_o and_o raise_v from_o sleepiness_n and_o stupidness_n by_o potent_a external_a object_n which_o may_v sharp_o move_v the_o external_a sense_n let_v the_o sick_a be_v keep_v in_o a_o light_a room_n and_o be_v often_o call_v upon_o very_o strong_o and_o let_v sharp_a smell_n be_v apply_v to_o the_o nostril_n such_o as_o spirit_n of_o salt_n ammoniac_a hartshorn_n etc._n etc._n also_o sharp_a spice_n or_o salt_n shall_v be_v put_v into_o the_o mouth_n and_o gentle_a frication_n use_v with_o warm_a clothes_n to_o those_o part_n that_o be_v affect_v with_o numbness_n the_o animal_n spirit_n may_v be_v free_v from_o the_o narcotick_a force_n mingle_v with_o they_o and_o likewise_o slothfulness_n and_o sleepiness_n may_v be_v by_o little_a and_o little_a diminish_v by_o the_o frequent_a use_n of_o sharp_a volatile_a salt_n and_o all_o medicine_n endue_v with_o a_o aromatic_a bite_n such_o as_o pepper_n cloves_n castor_n garlick_n horseradish_n mustard_n scurvigrass_n etc._n etc._n of_o which_o you_o may_v make_v diversity_n of_o medicine_n for_o example_n take_v the_o water_n of_o hedge-mustard_n scurvigrass_n julep_n of_o each_o two_o ounce_n syrup_n of_o the_o juice_n of_o scurvigrass_n one_o ounce_n tincture_n of_o castor_n two_o drachm_n oil_n of_o clove_n four_o drop_n mix_v it_o and_o give_v the_o sick_a two_o or_o three_o spoonful_n every_o two_o hour_n this_o decoction_n be_v also_o very_o effectual_a decoction_n take_v the_o root_n of_o horseradish_n the_o best_a china_n of_o each_o two_o ounce_n root_n of_o galangal_n half_a a_o ounce_n scurvigrass_n hedge-mustard_n of_o each_o one_o handful_n clove_n one_o drachm_o let_v they_o be_v all_o cleanse_v bruise_a and_o infuse_v in_o white-wine_n and_o fountain-water_n of_o each_o a_o quart_n for_o the_o space_n of_o a_o night_n very_o hot_a the_o next_o morning_n boil_v it_o gentle_o for_o half_a a_o hour_n then_o strain_v it_o and_o add_v syrup_n of_o hedge-mustard_n scurvigrass_n of_o each_o three_o ounce_n cinamon-water_n two_o ounce_n mix_v it_o let_v the_o sick_a lie_v in_o bed_n mean_o cover_v take_v often_o in_o a_o day_n five_o or_o six_o spoonful_n of_o this_o decoction_n whereby_o a_o light_a sweat_n may_v break_v forth_o to_o ease_v they_o by_o the_o frequent_a use_n of_o these_o medicine_n the_o animal_n spirit_n will_v not_o only_o be_v free_v from_o their_o drowsiness_n but_o even_o the_o narcotick_a force_n breed_v in_o the_o body_n either_o in_o the_o length_n of_o time_n or_o receive_v in_o from_o without_o may_v be_v correct_v and_o by_o degree_n gentle_o educe_v by_o insensible_a transpiration_n so_o that_o at_o length_n these_o dangerous_a distemper_n may_v happy_o be_v overcome_v let_v clyster_n and_o suppository_n be_v often_o administer_v as_o need_n require_v those_o prescribe_v in_o page_n 17_o 18._o in_o the_o cure_n of_o the_o palsy_n and_o apoplexy_n be_v very_o effectual_a here_o if_o strength_n and_o age_n permit_v let_v a_o vein_n be_v open_v in_o either_o arm_n or_o foot_n as_o you_o shall_v see_v cause_n for_o general_o author_n consent_v to_o it_o beside_o experientia_fw-la docet_fw-la let_v ventose_n with_o or_o without_o scarification_n be_v apply_v to_o the_o shoulder_n and_o hinder_v part_n of_o the_o neck_n and_o let_v sternutatory_n be_v often_o snuff_v up_o into_o the_o nostril_n to_o provoke_v sneeze_v powder_n take_v the_o root_n of_o pellitory_n of_o spain_n white_a hellebor_n of_o each_o half_n a_o drachm_n castor_n nutmeg_n white_a pepper_n of_o each_o twenty_o grain_n flower_n of_o lily_n of_o the_o valley_n one_o drachm_n beat_v they_o into_o a_o fine_a powder_n if_o the_o stomach_n be_v foul_a and_o the_o sick_a incline_v to_o vomit_v give_v this_o or_o the_o like_a vomit_n take_v the_o decoction_n of_o horseradish_n two_o ounce_n the_o infusion_n of_o crocus_fw-la metallorum_fw-la oxymel_fw-la of_o squill_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n oil_n of_o sweet_a almond_n new_o draw_v two_o drachm_n mix_v it_o and_o give_v it_o in_o the_o morning_n but_o if_o the_o sick_a have_v rather_o take_v pill_n or_o potion_n let_v the_o follow_a serve_v pill_n take_v extract_n rudii_n pill_n foetidae_fw-la ex_fw-la duobus_fw-la of_o each_o half_n a_o drachm_n powder_n of_o castor_n twenty_o grain_n oil_n of_o clove_n six_o drop_n with_o syrup_n of_o stoechas_n make_v it_o into_o pill_n for_o three_o dose_n you_o may_v give_v they_o twice_o a_o week_n in_o the_o morning_n fast_v infusion_n this_o purge_a infusion_n be_v also_o very_o effectual_a take_v of_o the_o best_a senna_n rhubarb_n polypodium_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n mechoacan_a agaric_a turkey-turbith_a of_o each_o three_o drachm_n ginger_n anise-seed_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n let_v they_o be_v bruise_v and_o infuse_v in_o eight_o ounce_n of_o ale_n very_o hot_a for_o the_o space_n of_o a_o night_n then_o strain_v it_o and_o add_v the_o best_a manna_n syrup_n of_o rose_n solutive_a of_o each_o one_o ounce_n spirit_n of_o castor_n twenty_o drop_n mix_v it_o for_o two_o dose_n let_v the_o affect_a part_n as_o the_o head_n etc._n etc._n be_v bathe_v with_o this_o or_o the_o like_a fomentation_n take_v the_o root_n of_o master-wort_n angelica_n fomentation_n zedoary_a of_o each_o three_o ounce_n bay-berry_n juniper-berry_n of_o each_o four_o ounce_n sage_n margerum_n rue_n rosemary_n betony_n flower_n of_o lavender_n melilot_n chamomel_n of_o each_o two_o handful_n let_v they_o be_v all_o cleanse_v bruise_a and_o boil_v in_o white-wine-vineger_n and_o fountain-water_n of_o each_o three_o quart_n till_o half_a of_o it_o be_v boil_v away_o after_o bathe_v anoint_v the_o hinder_a part_n of_o the_o head_n with_o this_o oil._n take_v of_o oil_n of_o rue_n margerum_n oil._n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n oil_n of_o amber_n rosemary_n and_o brick_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n oil_n of_o bay_n euphorbium_n castor_n of_o each_o six_o drachm_n mix_v they_o for_o revulsion_n let_v the_o sole_n of_o the_o foot_n be_v wash_v with_o salt_n and_o acet_fw-la scillitic_a vesiccatories_n may_v also_o be_v apply_v to_o the_o coronal_z suture_a and_o behind_o the_o ear_n or_o upon_o the_o shoulder_n neck_n arm_n thigh_n etc._n etc._n avoid_v all_o vaporous_a and_o phlegmatic_a nourishment_n chap._n vi_o of_o the_o frenzy_n and_o madness_n phrenitis_n the_o frenzy_n be_v call_v in_o greek_a 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d &_o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d ex_fw-la 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d man_n quia_fw-la mentis_fw-la morbus_fw-la the_o frenzy_n be_v a_o inflammation_n of_o the_o brain_n and_o meninge_n both_o the_o dura_fw-la and_o pia_fw-la mater_fw-la cause_v a_o
wound_n or_o puncture_n the_o oil_n of_o turpentine_n with_o rectify_v spirit_n of_o wine_n both_o actual_o hot_a as_o that_o famous_a chirurgeon_n mr._n ambrose_n parey_n advise_v in_o his_o nine_o book_n chap._n 11._o of_o which_o i_o have_v have_v large_a experience_n with_o good_a success_n the_o like_a course_n may_v be_v take_v with_o all_o other_o wound_n of_o the_o nervous_a part_n but_o if_o the_o wound_n of_o the_o nerve_n or_o tendon_n yield_v not_o to_o this_o medicine_n the_o same_o be_v to_o be_v cut_v asunder_o cross-way_n see_v it_o be_v safe_a to_o lose_v the_o action_n of_o one_o part_n than_o that_o the_o sick_a shall_v be_v expose_v to_o the_o danger_n of_o a_o deadly_a convulsion_n when_o the_o nerve_n or_o tendon_n of_o the_o muscle_n be_v prick_v by_o sharp_a splinter_n of_o bone_n the_o grievous_a pain_n succeed_v soon_o cause_v a_o particular_a convulsion_n of_o that_o part_n and_o at_o length_n a_o universal_a convulsion_n will_v attend_v the_o patient_n if_o there_o be_v not_o speedy_a help_n wherefore_o if_o possible_a the_o sharp_a fragment_n of_o the_o bone_n must_v be_v cut_v away_o or_o if_o this_o have_v be_v neglect_v or_o can_v not_o be_v do_v and_o a_o universal_a convulsion_n be_v fear_v you_o must_v hasten_v to_o amputation_n of_o the_o member_n for_o necessitas_fw-la non_fw-la habet_fw-la legem_fw-la if_o a_o particular_a convulsion_n be_v occasion_v by_o a_o hot_a tumour_n or_o any_o other_o sharp_a pain_n which_o have_v raise_v a_o inflammation_n let_v the_o pain_n be_v diminish_v as_o well_o by_o internal_a as_o external_a anodines_n and_o narcotick_n to_o allay_v the_o over_o increase_v motion_n of_o the_o animal_n spirit_n to_o this_o end_n you_o may_v give_v the_o sick_a two_o or_o three_o grain_n of_o laudanum_n opiate_n at_o a_o time_n either_o in_o a_o pill_n or_o dissolve_v it_o in_o a_o little_a wine_n or_o other_o convenient_a vehicle_n and_o if_o the_o ingenious_a and_o judicious_a physician_n or_o chirurgeon_n do_v add_v a_o little_a volatile_a salt_n either_o of_o animal_n or_o vegetable_n to_o his_o topical_a medicament_n whether_o fomentation_n cataplasm_n or_o ointment_n he_o will_v wonder_v at_o the_o incredible_a benefit_n for_o by_o the_o help_n thereof_o the_o tumour_n will_v be_v mollify_v and_o dissolve_v the_o internal_a obstruction_n loosen_a and_o the_o pain_n ease_v if_o a_o convulsion_n be_v cause_v by_o the_o take_n of_o hellebor_n or_o any_o other_o venomous_a matter_n administer_v a_o antimonial_a vomit_n with_o all_o speed_n but_o if_o it_o be_v a_o child_n give_v it_o ten_o grain_n of_o salt_n of_o vitriol_n or_o half_o a_o ounce_n of_o oxymel_n of_o squill_n with_o a_o drachm_n of_o oil_n of_o almond_n after_o the_o operation_n of_o the_o emetic_n and_o also_o at_o other_o time_n you_o may_v give_v some_o of_o this_o julep_n julep_n take_v of_o black-cherry-water_n the_o water_n of_o line-flower_n of_o each_o two_o ounce_n briony-water_n compound_n syrup_n of_o peony_n of_o each_o one_o ounce_n tincture_n of_o castor_n half_o a_o ounce_n confection_n of_o alkerme_n one_o drachm_n spirit_n of_o salt_n ammoniac_a twenty_o drop_n mix_v it_o and_o give_v three_o or_o four_o spoonful_n every_o four_o hour_n have_v brief_o hint_v at_o the_o cure_n of_o particular_a convulsion_n i_o come_v now_o to_o those_o more_o universal_a as_o likewise_o convulsive_a motion_n and_o the_o epilepsy_n and_o see_v there_o be_v little_a difference_n in_o the_o remote_a cause_n of_o they_o in_o the_o body_n these_o disease_n may_v for_o the_o most_o part_n be_v cure_v with_o the_o same_o remedy_n 1._o first_o then_o the_o peccant_a humour_n be_v to_o be_v temper_v and_o diminish_v 2._o the_o rise_n of_o vapour_n be_v to_o be_v hinder_v and_o their_o expulsion_n procure_v by_o sweat_n or_o insensible_a transpiration_n by_o which_o the_o over_o motion_n of_o the_o animal_n spirit_n will_v be_v restrain_v and_o bring_v to_o tranquillity_n that_o be_v a_o more_o quiet_a motion_n all_o aromatics_n and_o all_o thing_n abound_v with_o either_o a_o fix_a or_o volatile_a salt_n do_v not_o only_o correct_v and_o by_o cut_v amend_v the_o viscous_a phlegmatic_a humour_n but_o do_v powerful_o temper_v and_o destroy_v the_o over_o acidity_n and_o tartness_n of_o the_o juice_n of_o the_o pancreas_n to_o temper_v and_o diminish_v these_o humour_n i_o commend_v these_o medicine_n take_v the_o root_n of_o male-peony_a valerian_n infusion_n missletoe_n of_o the_o oak_n and_o peony-seed_n of_o each_o two_o ounce_n castor_n half_a a_o ounce_n let_v they_o be_v all_o bruise_a and_o infuse_v in_o peony-water_n compound_v the_o water_n of_o line-tree-flower_n of_o each_o one_o pint_n for_o the_o space_n of_o twenty_o four_o hour_n then_o strain_v it_o out_o very_o strong_o and_o add_v syrup_n of_o peony_n and_o stoechas_n of_o each_o three_o ounce_n spirit_n of_o castor_n half_o a_o ounce_n mix_v it_o and_o give_v three_o spoonful_n at_o a_o time_n every_o four_o hour_n with_o which_o you_o may_v mix_v spirit_n of_o salt_n ammoniac_a elixir_n proprietatis_fw-la of_o each_o six_o drop_n also_o you_o may_v give_v the_o patient_n half_o a_o drachm_n of_o the_o follow_a powder_n in_o three_o or_o four_o spoonful_n of_o this_o infusion_n with_o the_o aforesaid_a spirit_n and_o elixir_n take_v of_o crabs-eye_n salt_n of_o tartar_n vitriolate_v salt_n prunella_fw-la of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n volatile_a salt_n of_o hartshorn_n salt_n of_o amber_n of_o man_n skull_n prepare_v of_o each_o two_o drachm_n make_v it_o into_o a_o fine_a powder_n which_o may_v be_v take_v half_o a_o drachm_n at_o a_o time_n morning_n and_o evening_n the_o peccant_a humour_n be_v temper_v and_o diminish_v by_o the_o frequent_a use_n of_o the_o abovesaid_a medicine_n the_o inordinate_a involuntary_a and_o impetuous_a motion_n of_o the_o animal_n spirit_n in_o convulsive_a and_o epileptic_a fit_n will_v be_v the_o better_o reduce_v to_o a_o calm_a and_o voluntary_a motion_n by_o the_o help_n of_o volatile_a and_o spirituous_a sudorifick_v mix_v with_o anodines_n and_o narcotick_a medicine_n use_v in_o a_o small_a quantity_n and_o at_o time_n which_o two_o will_v be_v expedient_a to_o be_v give_v together_o because_o than_o they_o will_v the_o better_o circulate_v to_o the_o animal_n spirit_n and_o temper_n and_o educe_v the_o hurtful_a flatuous_a vapour_n for_o which_o i_o commend_v the_o follow_a form_n take_v of_o treacle-water_n fennel-water_n of_o each_o one_o ounce_n sweat_n syrup_n of_o peony_n syrup_n of_o the_o juice_n of_o scurvigrass_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n antimony_n diaphoretic_n bezoar_v mineral_n crabs-eye_n in_o powder_n of_o each_o ten_o grain_n laudanum_n opiate_n four_o grain_n tincture_n of_o castor_n one_o drachm_n oil_n of_o clove_n three_o drop_n spirit_n of_o salt_n ammoniac_a ten_o drop_n mix_v it_o and_o let_v the_o sick_a take_v it_o be_v well_o cover_v with_o clothes_n whereby_o the_o sweat_n will_v the_o easy_a come_v forth_o if_o the_o body_n be_v costive_a let_v it_o be_v make_v soluble_a by_o a_o clyster_n or_o suppository_n such_o as_o be_v prescribe_v in_o the_o cure_n of_o the_o apoplexy_n as_o often_o as_o the_o stomach_n be_v nauseous_a or_o the_o sick_a incline_v to_o vomit_v let_v the_o emetic_n before_o mention_v be_v careful_o administer_v and_o likewise_o three_o or_o four_o day_n before_o the_o full_a of_o the_o moon_n but_o if_o the_o sick_a be_v averse_a to_o vomit_v and_o pill_n or_o potion_n be_v more_o acceptable_a take_v the_o follow_v as_o example_n take_v of_o extract_n rudij_fw-la pill_n pill_n foetidae_fw-la ex_fw-la duobus_fw-la of_o each_o a_o drachm_n and_o half_a castor_n black_a hellebor_n prepare_v of_o each_o half_n a_o drachm_n salt_n of_o amber_n twenty_o grain_n oil_n of_o rosemary_n twenty_o drop_n with_o syrup_n of_o stoechas_n make_v it_o into_o a_o mass_n for_o pill_n of_o which_o you_o may_v give_v half_a a_o drachm_n twice_o a_o week_n also_o this_o purge_a infusion_n be_v very_o effectual_a take_v of_o the_o best_a senna_n rhubarb_n and_o cream_n of_o tartar_n of_o each_o a_o ounce_n and_o half_a infusion_n liquorish_a and_o the_o five_o open_v root_n of_o each_o one_o ounce_n guiacum_n chinaroot_n of_o each_o six_o ounce_n missletoe_n of_o the_o oak_n anise-seed_n sweet_a fennel-seed_n bay-berry_n and_o juniper-berry_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n let_v they_o be_v all_o bruise_a and_o infuse_v in_o black-cherry-water_n and_o the_o water_n of_o line-tree-flower_n of_o each_o a_o quart_n very_o hot_a for_o the_o space_n of_o a_o night_n then_o strain_v it_o very_o hard_a and_o add_v syrup_n of_o rose_n solutive_a with_o senna_n syrup_n of_o succory_n with_o rhubarb_n of_o each_o three_o ounce_n cinamon-water_n two_o ounce_n salt_n of_o tartar_n vitriolate_v half_o a_o ounce_n mix_v it_o let_v the_o sick_a take_v four_o ounce_n of_o this_o purge_a infusion_n every_o morning_n whereby_o the_o viscous_a humour_n and_o flatuous_a vapour_n
may_v be_v both_o correct_v and_o also_o evacuate_v gentle_o by_o degree_n if_o blood_n abound_v let_v a_o vein_n be_v open_v in_o woman_n open_v the_o saphaena_n in_o either_o foot_n but_o in_o man_n you_o may_v apply_v leech_n to_o the_o hemorrhoidal_a vein_n etc._n etc._n bathe_v have_v be_v often_o use_v with_o good_a success_n in_o these_o disease_n a_o natural_a sulphureous_a bath_n such_o as_o be_v in_o the_o city_n of_o bath_n be_v excellent_a but_o when_o it_o be_v not_o to_o be_v have_v a_o artificial_a bath_n may_v serve_v that_o which_o be_v set_v down_o in_o the_o cure_n of_o the_o palsy_n and_o apoplexy_n be_v of_o excellent_a virtue_n and_o very_o effectual_a in_o these_o distemper_n after_o bathe_v let_v the_o spina_n dorsi_fw-la and_o other_o affect_a part_n be_v anoint_v with_o the_o follow_a ointment_n take_v the_o oil_n of_o euphorbium_n rue_n castor_n petre_n ointment_n spike_n turpentine_n brick_n dil_n chamomel_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n oil_n of_o amber_n and_o juniper_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n the_o ointment_n martiatum_n and_o aregon_n of_o each_o one_o ounce_n mix_v they_o for_o a_o ointment_n issue_n be_v approve_v of_o either_o in_o the_o neck_n or_o arm_v also_o ventose_v with_o scarification_n sternutatories_n errhine_n and_o masticatory_n be_v all_o commend_v this_o masticatory_a may_v serve_v for_o example_n masticatory_a take_v the_o root_n of_o pellitory_n of_o spain_n ginger_n calamus_fw-la aromaticus_fw-la of_o each_o one_o ounce_n mustardseed_n all_o sort_n of_o pepper_n nutmeg_n castor_n mastic_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n beat_v they_o all_o into_o fine_a powder_n and_o with_o fine_a honey_n boil_v into_o a_o syrup_n make_v they_o into_o troche_n according_a to_o art_n when_o they_o be_v dry_v you_o may_v chew_v they_o one_o after_o another_o when_o you_o please_v to_o draw_v the_o rheum_n out_o of_o the_o mouth_n when_o the_o fit_a be_v come_v or_o upon_o the_o party_n blow_v up_o some_o sneezing-powder_n into_o the_o nostril_n or_o the_o smoke_n of_o tobacco_n into_o the_o mouth_n embrocate_v the_o temple_n forehead_n and_o nostril_n with_o oil_n of_o amber_n and_o hold_v the_o spirit_n of_o salt_n ammoniac_a to_o the_o nose_n in_o a_o narrow-mouthed_a viol_n make_v a_o noise_n in_o the_o ear_n and_o let_v the_o sick_a be_v keep_v in_o a_o light_a room_n with_o the_o head_n upright_o let_v the_o tooth_n be_v keep_v open_a with_o a_o stick_n or_o rather_o with_o a_o little_a viscus_fw-la quercinus_fw-la if_o it_o may_v be_v have_v let_v the_o sole_n of_o the_o foot_n be_v well_o rub_v with_o salt_n and_o vinegar_n also_o friction_n and_o ligature_n may_v be_v use_v in_o the_o part_n affect_v some_o commend_v a_o pigeon_n cut_v asunder_o and_o apply_v hot_a to_o the_o navel_n for_o hereby_o the_o venomous_a halituous_a vapour_n be_v partly_o draw_v away_o i_o may_v add_v variety_n of_o medicine_n for_o the_o cure_n of_o these_o disease_n but_o those_o before_o mention_v be_v sufficient_a to_o give_v light_n to_o the_o ingenious_a artist_n who_o know_v how_o to_o prepare_v diversity_n of_o they_o as_o well_o mild_a for_o infant_n and_o child_n as_o strong_a for_o adult_n i_o will_v therefore_o prescribe_v a_o powder_n to_o preserve_v child_n from_o convulsive_a and_o epileptick-fits_a and_o so_o conclude_v this_o chapter_n powder_n take_v the_o root_n of_o peony_n valerian_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n the_o moss_n that_o grow_v upon_o a_o man_n skull_n the_o triangular_a bone_n of_o a_o man_n skull_n prepare_v missletoe_n of_o the_o oak_n elks-hoof_n the_o seed_n of_o peony_n sweet_a fennel_n and_o annise_v of_o each_o two_o drachm_n red_a coral_n white_a amber_n and_o emerald_n prepare_v of_o each_o one_o drachm_n white_a sugar_n the_o weight_n of_o they_o all_o let_v they_o be_v reduce_v into_o a_o fine_a powder_n you_o may_v give_v a_o child_n twenty_o grain_n of_o this_o powder_n with_o a_o little_a oil_n of_o sweet_a almond_n so_o soon_o as_o it_o be_v bear_v which_o may_v happy_o preserve_v it_o from_o convulsion_n and_o epileptic_a fit_n and_o because_o obstruction_n of_o the_o belly_n in_o child_n expose_v they_o to_o flatuous_a vapour_n and_o gripe_n and_o so_o consequent_o to_o convulsive_a and_o epileptick-fits_a i_o advise_v you_o to_o keep_v the_o belly_n open_a either_o with_o a_o little_a manna_n or_o a_o carminative_a clyster_n so_o often_o as_o you_o see_v convenient_a let_v the_o sick_a live_v in_o a_o serene_a air_n and_o abstain_v from_o all_o food_n that_o breed_v bad_a nourishment_n and_o flatulent_a vapour_n chap._n iu._n of_o the_o nightmare_n and_o vertigo_n i_o shall_v treat_v of_o these_o two_o distemper_n in_o one_o chapter_n because_o if_o either_o of_o they_o continue_v long_o they_o be_v forerunner_n of_o the_o palsy_n or_o apoplexy_n and_o sometime_o convulsion_n or_o epilepsy_n the_o nightmare_n be_v call_v in_o greek_a 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d incubus_n in_o latin_a it_o be_v call_v incubus_n ab_fw-la incubando_fw-la quod_fw-la externa_fw-la vis_fw-la quaedam_fw-la aut_fw-la mole_n incubare_fw-la videtur_fw-la it_o be_v call_v the_o nightmare_n because_o it_o oppress_v the_o sick_a in_o the_o night_n at_o which_o time_n they_o think_v that_o some_o great_a weight_n lie_v upon_o they_o by_o which_o they_o seem_v to_o be_v almost_o suffocate_v it_o happen_v most_o common_o after_o the_o first_o sleep_n whereby_o the_o party_n oppress_v be_v deprive_v of_o speech_n and_o motion_n and_o sometime_o breathe_v for_o a_o time_n when_o the_o fit_a be_v upon_o the_o sick_a they_o do_v imagine_v that_o some_o witch_n or_o hag_n lie_v hard_a on_o their_o breast_n or_o stomach_n from_o whence_o it_o have_v also_o acquire_v that_o name_n in_o which_o they_o can_v stir_v nor_o call_v for_o help_v though_o they_o have_v a_o great_a desire_n and_o do_v strive_v very_o much_o to_o cry_v out_o but_o be_v possess_v with_o a_o panic_n fear_n cause_n the_o cause_n of_o this_o distemper_n be_v most_o common_o intemperance_n in_o eat_v and_o drink_v especial_o in_o the_o night_n whereby_o crude_a halituous_a vapour_n be_v breed_v in_o such_o plenty_n that_o nature_n can_v disperse_v nor_o dissolve_v they_o before_o sleep_n and_o therefore_o they_o be_v raise_v up_o to_o the_o ventricles_n of_o the_o brain_n by_o which_o imagination_n sense_n and_o motion_n be_v all_o deprave_a the_o giddy_a motion_n be_v call_v in_o greek_a 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d i._n e._n obscuritas_fw-la oculorum_fw-la in_o latin_n it_o be_v call_v vertigo_n ex_fw-la vertendo_fw-la quod_fw-la caput_fw-la vertere_fw-la videtur_fw-la vertigo_n in_o this_o disease_n the_o animal_n spirit_n be_v wrong_v move_v which_o make_v the_o sick_a believe_v that_o not_o only_o all_o thing_n they_o look_v on_o go_v in_o a_o circuit_n about_o but_o their_o head_n and_o other_o part_n seem_v to_o turn_v round_o which_o many_o time_n cause_v they_o to_o be_v in_o danger_n of_o fall_v or_o tumble_v headlong_o the_o cause_n of_o the_o giddy_a motion_n be_v either_o external_a or_o internal_a cause_n the_o external_a be_v either_o a_o intent_n look_v at_o any_o object_n that_o turn_v round_o or_o about_o especial_o if_o very_o remote_a or_o a_o frequent_a turn_v about_o of_o the_o body_n itself_o the_o internal_a cause_n be_v the_o ascent_n of_o flatuous_a vapour_n to_o the_o head_n together_o with_o the_o spirituous_a part_n of_o the_o blood_n and_o carry_v with_o the_o animal_n spirit_n into_o the_o passage_n of_o the_o brain_n and_o cerebellum_fw-la by_o which_o the_o motion_n of_o wheel_v about_o be_v communicate_v to_o the_o animal_n spirit_n and_o anon_o carry_v to_o the_o crystalline_a humour_n of_o the_o eye_n by_o the_o optic_a nerve_n and_o so_o a_o giddiness_n seem_v to_o be_v produce_v for_o the_o cure_n of_o these_o disease_n see_v they_o be_v the_o forerunner_n of_o the_o apoplexy_n and_o epilepsy_n i_o refer_v you_o to_o those_o excellent_a medicine_n prescribe_v for_o the_o cure_n of_o they_o let_v such_o as_o be_v subject_a to_o these_o distemper_n be_v very_o spare_v in_o their_o diet_n let_v they_o avoid_v all_o herb_n root_n and_o fruit_n that_o be_v windy_a and_o all_o viscous_a and_o gross_a diet_n such_o as_o be_v of_o hard_a concoction_n let_v the_o external_a cause_n be_v remove_v and_o the_o internal_a cause_n correct_v sublata_fw-la causa_fw-la tollitur_fw-la effectus_fw-la chap._n v._o of_o the_o lethargy_n coma_n carus_n and_o catalepsie_n or_o catocus_fw-la the_o lethargy_n be_v call_v in_o greek_a 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d lethargus_n id_fw-la est_fw-la ab_fw-la oblivione_fw-la &_o inertia_fw-la because_o in_o this_o disease_n the_o sick_a be_v very_o forgetful_a and_o slothful_a sign_n in_o this_o distemper_n there_o be_v a_o very_a great_a propensity_n to_o sleep_v accompany_v with_o a_o symptomatical_a fever_n and_o sometime_o with_o the_o hiccough_n with_o difficulty_n of_o breathe_v dulness_n of_o the_o head_n and_o many_o time_n
waste_v of_o the_o whole_a body_n the_o spittle_n be_v thick_a and_o of_o various_a colour_n if_o the_o ulcer_n of_o the_o lung_n progn_n and_o consumption_n have_v not_o be_v long_o and_o the_o strength_n of_o the_o sick_a remain_v there_o may_v be_v hope_n of_o recovery_n &_o e_fw-la contra_fw-la the_o hectic_a fever_n be_v call_v in_o greek_a 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d i._n e._n ab_fw-la habitu_fw-la hecticae_fw-la quod_fw-la in_o habitu_fw-la corporis_fw-la vel_fw-la in_o partibus_fw-la solidis_fw-la consistat_fw-la it_o be_v a_o unnatural_a heat_n which_o have_v seize_v upon_o the_o solid_a part_n and_o waste_v the_o moisture_n of_o they_o the_o heat_n in_o a_o hectic_a fever_n be_v but_o little_a and_o therefore_o rare_o troublesome_a to_o the_o sick_a except_o one_o or_o two_o hour_n after_o meat_n at_o which_o time_n the_o heat_n be_v a_o little_a sharpen_a and_o increase_v which_o may_v be_v know_v by_o a_o over_o frequent_a though_o weak_a pulse_n but_o it_o soon_o return_v again_o to_o its_o former_a equality_n but_o here_o it_o will_v not_o be_v amiss_o to_o show_v you_o that_o there_o be_v a_o threefold_a moisture_n in_o the_o body_n viz._n blood_n in_o the_o vein_n and_o artery_n a_o dewy_a substance_n in_o every_o part_n and_o also_o a_o glutinous_a moisture_n which_o do_v not_o only_o nourish_v but_o moisten_v it_o and_o keep_v the_o substance_n of_o each_o part_n together_o sign_n in_o the_o beginning_n when_o the_o moisture_n begin_v to_o fail_v the_o hectic_a fever_n be_v not_o easy_o discern_v because_o there_o be_v still_o sufficient_a moisture_n to_o entertain_v the_o natural_a heat_n but_o if_o by_o the_o long_a continuance_n of_o the_o hectic_a fever_n the_o radical_a moisture_n of_o the_o solid_a part_n begin_v to_o consume_v it_o may_v then_o be_v easy_o know_v for_o there_o follow_v a_o continual_a and_o linger_a leanness_n of_o the_o whole_a body_n which_o be_v reduce_v to_o its_o extremity_n may_v be_v call_v in_o greek_a 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d and_o in_o english_a a_o extenuate_a fever_n the_o latin_a author_n call_v it_o marcor_n which_o signify_v corruption_n or_o rottenness_n it_o be_v a_o immoderate_a dryness_n and_o consumption_n of_o the_o whole_a body_n by_o reason_n of_o the_o defect_n of_o the_o substantial_a humidity_n 4._o there_o be_v two_o degree_n of_o it_o according_a to_o galen_n the_o one_o be_v when_o this_o extenuation_n of_o the_o body_n be_v in_o fieri_fw-la in_o consume_v the_o other_o be_v when_o it_o be_v in_o facto_fw-la esse_fw-la or_o consummate_v in_o which_o the_o body_n be_v reduce_v to_o such_o leanness_n that_o it_o seem_v to_o be_v nothing_o else_o but_o a_o walk_a sceleton_n cause_n the_o cause_n of_o a_o hectic_a fever_n be_v external_n or_o internal_a the_o external_n cause_n be_v all_o that_o may_v occasion_v any_o of_o the_o other_o fever_n for_o oft_o time_n hectic_a fever_n be_v observe_v to_o follow_v other_o disease_n and_o especial_o fever_n of_o one_o day_n proceed_v from_o a_o great_a error_n in_o diet_n and_o also_o from_o continual_a and_o intermit_a fever_n when_o they_o be_v very_o vehement_a but_o most_o frequent_o from_o inflammation_n of_o the_o bowel_n especial_o of_o the_o lung_n for_o when_o a_o ulcer_n follow_v than_o the_o whole_a mass_n of_o blood_n be_v infect_v by_o matter_n and_o get_v a_o singular_a glutinousness_n which_o be_v communicate_v to_o the_o other_o humour_n spoil_v they_o with_o the_o same_o fault_n and_o render_v they_o unfit_a to_o perform_v the_o natural_a function_n right_o sometime_o hectic_a fever_n be_v observe_v to_o arise_v immediate_o from_o excess_n of_o the_o nonnatural_a thing_n as_o most_o vehement_a anger_n too_o much_o watch_n immoderate_a sorrow_n continue_a labour_n want_v of_o food_n etc._n etc._n the_o internal_a cause_n be_v the_o over_z viscousness_n of_o the_o blood_n and_o humour_n because_o of_o which_o not_o only_o the_o appetite_n of_o all_o food_n be_v diminish_v and_o at_o length_n deject_v but_o the_o nourishment_n of_o all_o the_o part_n of_o the_o body_n be_v daily_o decrease_v for_o when_o there_o be_v loathe_n of_o food_n than_o fermentation_n separation_n of_o useful_a from_o unuseful_a part_n sanguification_n generation_n of_o the_o animal_n spirit_n etc._n etc._n be_v hinder_v and_o destroy_v whence_o the_o toughness_n and_o sluggishness_n of_o choler_n hospital_n the_o juice_n of_o the_o pancreas_n and_o lympha_fw-la be_v daily_o augment_v and_o the_o evil_n become_v by_o degree_n great_a and_o at_o length_n incurable_a progn_n if_o you_o perceive_v that_o there_o be_v so_o much_o of_o the_o radical_a moisture_n remain_v as_o be_v able_a to_o cherish_v the_o natural_a heat_n which_o you_o may_v discern_v if_o the_o colour_n of_o the_o body_n be_v fresh_a if_o the_o figure_n be_v decent_a if_o the_o proportion_n of_o the_o part_n be_v according_a to_o nature_n and_o the_o sick_a can_v in_o some_o good_a measure_n perform_v all_o action_n you_o may_v conceive_v some_o hope_n of_o recovery_n but_o if_o the_o body_n be_v extenuate_v almost_o like_o a_o sceleton_n viz._n when_o the_o body_n seem_v to_o be_v nothing_o else_o but_o skin_n and_o bone_n as_o the_o vulgar_a proverb_n be_v acquaint_v the_o sick_a with_o the_o danger_n lest_o death_n seize_v upon_o they_o unprepared_a nevertheless_o if_o the_o sick_a implore_v your_o aid_n of_o christian_a charity_n withdraw_v not_o what_o comfort_n you_o be_v able_a to_o procure_v unto_o they_o cure_n the_o cure_n of_o a_o consumption_n and_o hectic_a fever_n will_v differ_v not_o a_o little_a according_a to_o the_o diversity_n of_o cause_n produce_v they_o when_o a_o hectic_a fever_n come_v with_o or_o succeed_v fever_n with_o or_o without_o fit_n then_o upon_o their_o account_n the_o cure_n may_v be_v vary_v according_a to_o the_o divers_a harm_n of_o the_o humour_n different_o peccant_a if_o a_o consumption_n or_o hectic_a fever_n be_v cause_v by_o purulent_a matter_n from_o a_o ulcer_n of_o the_o lung_n etc._n etc._n then_o you_o must_v endeavour_v to_o free_v the_o blood_n and_o humour_n from_o matter_n which_o may_v be_v do_v by_o any_o antimonial_a medicine_n right_o prepare_v perhaps_o before_o all_o other_o whether_o they_o be_v diaphoretick_n purger_n or_o vomiter_n as_o experience_n do_v manifest_a for_o it_o have_v be_v observe_v even_o in_o a_o physic_n and_o a_o inveterate_a great_a ulcer_n of_o the_o lung_n to_o bring_v away_o a_o good_a quantity_n of_o matter_n by_o stool_n and_o urine_n so_o that_o then_o for_o many_o day_n no_o matter_n be_v cast_v forth_o by_o a_o cough_n among_o common_a thing_n all_o vulnerary_a plant_n be_v good_a use_v in_o decoction_n let_v this_o or_o one_o like_o it_o be_v a_o form_n of_o a_o decoction_n in_o this_o case_n take_v the_o root_n of_o plantain_n comfry_n round-birthwort_a liquorish_a of_o each_o two_o ounce_n fennel_n scabious_a plantain_n of_o each_o two_o handful_n fig_n raisin_n of_o the_o sun_n stone_v of_o each_o four_o ounce_n let_v they_o be_v all_o cleanse_v bruise_a and_o boil_v in_o three_o quart_n of_o barleywater_n till_o a_o three_o part_n be_v boil_v away_o then_o strain_v it_o and_o add_v syrup_n of_o horehound_n and_o hyssop_n of_o each_o two_o ounce_n laudanum_n opiatum_fw-la ten_o grain_n mix_v it_o let_v the_o sick_a drink_n two_o ounce_n of_o this_o decoction_n oft_o in_o a_o day_n and_o if_o you_o add_v one_o or_o two_o drop_n of_o balsam_n of_o sulphur_n with_o oil_n of_o aniseed_n to_o every_o draught_n it_o will_v be_v the_o more_o effectual_a the_o balsam_n prepare_v of_o the_o true_o sulphureous_a and_o inflameable_a flower_n of_o antimony_n be_v most_o excellent_a in_o this_o distemper_n if_o it_o may_v be_v have_v which_o may_v be_v take_v as_o the_o balsam_n of_o sulphur_n also_o those_o medicine_n may_v be_v use_v which_o mild_o amend_v and_o correct_v the_o viscousness_n and_o glutinousness_n of_o all_o the_o humour_n for_o which_o i_o commend_v all_o mild_a aromatics_n and_o oily_a volatile_a salt_n as_o that_o cut_v and_o alter_v every_o viscous_a humour_n and_o reduce_v it_o into_o its_o natural_a state_n those_o medicine_n be_v to_o be_v select_v as_o do_v most_o conduce_v to_o and_o agree_v with_o the_o constitution_n of_o every_o sick_a person_n vitriolated_a tartar_n be_v a_o excellent_a medicine_n which_o will_v agree_v with_o all_o constitution_n and_o may_v be_v take_v from_o ten_o to_o twenty_o grain_n every_o other_o morning_n in_o a_o little_a warm_a broth._n also_o the_o follow_a medicine_n be_v very_o effectual_a powder_n take_v the_o powder_n of_o cream_n of_o tartar_n and_o tartar_n vitriolate_v of_o each_o half_n a_o drachm_n volatile_a salt_n of_o hartshorn_n salt_n of_o amber_n of_o each_o ten_o grain_n mix_v it_o for_o two_o dose_n which_o may_v be_v take_v in_o chicken_n broth_n in_o the_o morning_n these_o choice_a medicine_n will_v conduce_v much_o to_o cleanse_v the_o blood_n
must_v use_v those_o outward_a thing_n which_o may_v stir_v up_o the_o external_a sense_n as_o friction_n of_o the_o external_a part_n shouting_n in_o the_o ear_n also_o make_v a_o smoke_n with_o amber_n or_o partridge_n feather_n at_o the_o nose_n or_o hold_v the_o spirit_n of_o salt_n ammoniac_a in_o a_o narrow_a mouth_a glass_n to_o the_o nostril_n you_o may_v also_o wring_v the_o finger_n and_o pull_v the_o hair_n etc._n etc._n if_o you_o have_v not_o a_o cordial_a ready_a give_v cinnamon_n or_o treacle_n water_n or_o the_o apoplectic_a or_o antepileptick_a water_n or_o for_o want_n of_o they_o brandy_n aqua_fw-la aquavitae_fw-la or_o strong_a wine_n may_v serve_v chap_n vi_o of_o fever_n in_o general_n a_o fever_n be_v call_v in_o greek_a 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d à_fw-fr 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d well_fw-mi a_o feritate_fw-la morbi_fw-la that_o be_v from_o the_o fierceness_n of_o the_o disease_n it_o be_v call_v febris_fw-la in_o latin_a a_o fervore_fw-la quasi_fw-la fervens_fw-la because_o it_o be_v a_o hot_a distemper_n a_o fever_n be_v a_o nonnatural_a heat_n which_o may_v be_v so_o term_v because_o it_o be_v more_o than_o nature_n require_v for_o the_o continual_a management_n of_o her_o vital_a function_n for_o when_o nature_n be_v grieve_v or_o over-burthned_n by_o any_o distemper_n there_o be_v a_o struggle_a endeavour_n of_o nature_n herself_o to_o remove_v it_o which_o cause_v this_o non-natural_a heat_n it_o may_v be_v call_v the_o prince_n of_o disease_n because_o it_o be_v the_o general_a door_n through_o which_o most_o of_o humane_a mortal_n take_v their_o exit_z of_o this_o world_n the_o cause_n of_o the_o preternatural_a frequency_n of_o the_o pulse_n be_v either_o a_o permanent_a and_o over_o rarefaction_n of_o the_o blood_n or_o any_o sharp_a sour_a or_o salt_n vapour_n carry_v to_o the_o heart_n corrode_a the_o internal_a substance_n of_o it_o by_o which_o the_o archaeus_n or_o vital_a airy_a spirit_n of_o the_o heart_n be_v provoke_v to_o alarm_n all_o the_o faculty_n and_o power_n both_o vital_a and_o natural_a that_o it_o may_v the_o more_o courageous_o resist_v its_o invade_a enemy_n so_o that_o the_o spirit_n be_v thereby_o much_o stir_v up_o and_o inflame_v from_o whence_o proceed_v a_o conflagration_n or_o vicious_a effervescency_n of_o the_o blood_n and_o humour_n throughout_o the_o whole_a body_n fever_n be_v either_o continual_a or_o intermit_a a_o continual_a fever_n be_v that_o which_o remain_v from_o the_o first_o moment_n of_o its_o invasion_n to_o the_o last_o of_o its_o duration_n when_o a_o continual_a fever_n be_v very_o mild_a and_o remain_v but_o one_o day_n it_o be_v call_v in_o greek_a 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d ex_fw-la 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d &_o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d die_v quod_fw-la diem_fw-la durans_fw-la it_o be_v call_v in_o latin_a diaria_fw-la &_o ephemera_fw-la febris_fw-la this_o fever_n be_v often_o excite_v by_o sudden_a passion_n of_o the_o mind_n as_o vehement_a anger_n etc._n etc._n and_o also_o by_o our_o abode_n too_o long_o in_o the_o sun_n or_o by_o vicious_o use_v any_o other_o of_o the_o six_o nonnatural_a thing_n so_o call_v for_o which_o there_o be_v no_o great_a need_n to_o prescribe_v medicine_n for_o a_o cure_n it_o be_v not_o difficult_a the_o very_a nature_n of_o such_o a_o fever_n terminate_n itself_o most_o common_o by_o a_o breathe_a sweat_n especial_o if_o you_o subtract_v the_o patient_n from_o the_o inflammatory_n cause_n if_o the_o fever_n continue_v long_o it_o may_v be_v call_v in_o greek_a 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d ex_fw-la 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d continuo_fw-la from_o whence_o it_o be_v call_v in_o latin_a febris_fw-la continua_fw-la quae_fw-la nullas_fw-la hujusmodi_fw-la mutationes_fw-la habet_fw-la quae_fw-la accessiones_fw-la videri_fw-la possint_fw-la sed_fw-la unicam_fw-la modo_fw-la accessionem_fw-la a_o principio_fw-la usque_fw-la ad_fw-la sinem_fw-la nullis_fw-la exacerbationibus_fw-la distinctam_fw-la the_o continual_a fever_n be_v also_o call_v homotona_n quae_fw-la similem_fw-la calorem_fw-la ad_fw-la finem_fw-la usque_fw-la seruat_fw-la it_o be_v also_o call_v acmastica_fw-la quae_fw-la continuo_fw-la crèscit_fw-la &_o intenditur_fw-la a_o synochus_n or_o continual_a fever_n may_v be_v divide_v into_o two_o sort_n difference_n viz._n that_o which_o be_v not_o putrid_a call_v in_o latin_a synochus_n non_fw-la putrida_fw-la and_o that_o which_o be_v putrid_a call_v synochus_n putrida_fw-la in_o a_o synochus_n non_fw-la putrida_fw-la the_o blood_n and_o other_o humour_n be_v a_o little_o sharp_a than_o be_v natural_a and_o the_o heat_n somewhat_o great_a and_o vaporous_a