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A74790 A new Magna Charta: enacted and confirmed by the high and mighty states, the remainder of the Lords and Commons, now sitting at Westminster, in empty Parliament, under the command and wardship of Sir Thomas Fairfax, Lievtenant Generall Cromwell, (our present soveraigne lord the King, now residing at his royall pallace at White-Hall) and Prince Ireton his sonne, and the Army under their command. Containing the many new, large and ample liberties, customes and franchises, of late freely granted and confirmed to our soveraigne lord King Charles, his heires and successors; the Church and state of England and Ireland, and all the freemen, and free-borne people of the same. Prynne, William, 1600-1669. 1648 (1648) Thomason E427_15; ESTC R203352 6,004 11

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A New Magna Charta Enacted and confirmed By the High and Mighty States the Remainder of the LORDS and COMMONS now sitting at Westminster in Empty Parliament under the Command and Wardship of Sir Thomas Fairfax Lievtenant Generall Cromwell our present Soveraigne Lord the King now residing at his Royall Pallace at White-Hall and Prince Ireton his sonne and the Army under their Command Containing the many new large and ample Liberties Customes and Franchises of late freely granted and confirmed to our Soveraigne Lord King Charles his Heires and Successors the Church and State of England and Ireland and all the Freemen and Free-borne People of the same New Magna Charta Cap. 29. Omni vendemus omni negabimus aut differemus Iustitiam vel recium Printed in the Yeere 1648. A new Magna Charta FIrst for the honour of Almighty God and in pursuance of the solemne League and Covenant which we made in the presence of Almighty God for the Reformation and defence of Religion the honour and happinesse of the King and the peace and safety of the three Kingdomes of England Scotland and Ireland we have granted and by this our present Charter have consirmed That the Church of England shall be free to deny the perpetuall Ordinances of Jesus Christ to countenance spreading heresies cursed blasphemies and generall loosenesse and prophanenesse and that all Lawes and Statutes formerly made against the aforesaid offences for the punishment and restraining thereof shall be utterly repealed that so all men may freely enjoy and professe what Religion soever they please without restraint And we will that all Archbishops Bishops and their dependents shall be eternally suppressed and all their Mannours Lands and possessions sold to defray and advance the Publique Faith That all Ministers shall be plundered and thrust out of their livings and free-holds by our Committee of plundering Ministers without Oath or legall tryall upon bare informations of such of their Parishioners who are indebted to them for Tythes or have any Kinsman to preferre to their livings And to supply the want of Ministers That all Officers Souldiers Coblers Tinkers and gifted Brethren and Sisters shall freely preach and propagate the Gospell to the people and new dip and rebaptize them without punishment Item We will that the Kings Majesties person be maintained and his Authority preserved by seizing his Person at Holdenby with a party of horse and imprisoning him in the Army indangering his life at Hampton Court and by colour thereof conveighing him secretly into the Isle of Wight removing from him all his Attendants disposing of his Revenue Children Forts Ships Castles and Kingdomes and by this putting in execution these our Votes That no more addresses be made from the Parliament to the King nor any Letters or Message received from him That it shall be Treason for any persons whatsoever to deliver any Message to the King or receive any Messages or Letters from him without leave from both Houses of Parliament That a Committee draw up a Declaration to be published to satisfie the Kingdome of the reason of passing these Votes That so the world may beare witnesse with our consciences of our Loyalty and that we have no thoughts or intentions to diminish His Majesties just power and greatnesse according to the words of the solemne League and Covenant Item We give and grant to the Freemen of the Realm these Liberties under written First that no Sheriffes shall make due returnes of the Citizens and Burgesses elected to serve in Parliament nor make due Elections of Knights nor in convenient time nor the ablest wisest nor discreetest shall be returned but all fraud and deceit shall be used in Elections and persons not duly elected nor elegible by Law shall be Members of the House of Commons and those to be our sonnes kindred servants officers and such as will comply with us Item No Member shall sit in the House of Commons with freedome and safety that endeavours to settle Religion in the purity thereof according to the Covenant to mantaine the ancient and fundamentall Government of the Kingdome or to preserve the Rights and Liberties of the Subject or that layes hold on the first oportunity of procuring a safe and well-grounded peace in the three Kingdoms or that keeps a good understanding between the two Kingdomes of England and Scotland according to the grounds expressed in the solemne League and Covenant And whoever offends against this Article we will that such Members be impeached of High Treason by the Army suspended the House before any particular impeachment forced to accuse themselves by stating their cases for want of an accuser and witnesses to prove them criminall and at the last cast out of the House without answer hearing the evidence or privity of those that elected them whose persons they represent Item We grant that neither we nor any by colour of Authority derived from us shall interrupt the ordinary course of Justice in the severall Courts and Judicatures of the Kingdome nor intermeddle in causes of private interest otherwhere determinable save onely our Committees of Indempnities plundered Ministers Complaints Sequestrations Excize and the Army who shall judge and contradict the Lawes and Statutes of the Realme vacate and repeale all Indictments Verdicts and Judgements given in Courts of Justice imprison all manner of persons and turne them out of their Freeholds Estates Goods and Chattels without the lawfull judgement of their Peers and against the fundamentall Lawes of the Land Item we will and ordaine that the great and unusuall payments imposed upon the people and the extraordinary wayes that were taken for procuring moneyes shall contrary to the trust reposed in us be still burthensome and daily increased more and more upon the people by our bare Votes and Ordinances without the common consent by Act of Parliament and in case of refusall forcibly levyed by Troops of horse and souldiers according to the law of decolled Strafford of all which moneyes our selves and Members will be sole treasurers and disposers Free-Quarter shall be still tolerated and countenance given by us to the exactions and extortions of the souldiers to whom we have granted an Ordinance of Indempnity for all murders fellonies rapes robberies injuries and trespasses committed by them and all such offences as they shall commit to the end they may protect us against the clamours and complaints of the oppressed people either by Sea or Land and we ordaine that all Free-men shall henceforth be tryed onely by Martiall and Committee Law and impeached of new high Treason at our pleasure to consiscate their estates to our Exchequer Item We will that such persons as have done valiantly and dealt faithfully in the Parliaments cause according to the Declaration of England and Scotland shall be publikely disgraced and dishonoured and without cause thrust from their commands and imployments both Civill and Martiall without pay hearing conviction or reparation for their losses and that the severall and respective