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A46939 Enchiridion medicum, or, A manual of physick being a compendium of the whole art, in three parts ... : wherein is briefly shewed 1. the names, 2. the derivation, 3. the causes, 4. the signs, 5. the prognosticks, and 6. a rational method of cure ... / by Robert Johnson, Med. professor. Johnson, Robert, b. 1640? 1684 (1684) Wing J816; ESTC R440 137,158 342

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to wash the Mouth Gargarise to wash the Mouth Gangrene an Inflammation tending to Mortification Gonorrhaea the Running of the Reins H. HAemorrhage an excessive or continual Flux of Bloud Haemorrhoids the Piles also the Veins in the Fundament Hepaticks of or belonging to the Liver Hernius broken Bellied Homogeneous Homogeneal of one Kind Hydromel Water and Honey Hydrocele a waterish Rupture Hydrocephalos a Dropsie in the Head Hydragogue a Medicine to purge water Hydropical that have the Dropsie Hypochondries the fore-part of the Belly about the short Ribs Hypochondriacal a windy Melancholy Hysterical of or belonging to the Womb. I. ICterical having the Jaundice Icchorous waterish mattery Jejunum the hungry Gut Ileon the third small Gut Iliack passion a grievous Disease in the Gut Ileon Impostume vide Abcess Inflammation an hot angry Swelling Ingredients that which goeth into the making of a thing Intercostal between the Ribs Ischuria Stoppage of Vrine Jugular vein in the Throat L. LActeal veins milkie Veins Lethargy a slothfull sleepy Disease of the Head Lientery a Looseness caused by undigestion Ligament a bond or binding Linament a kind of hard Ointment Lipothimy fainting sounding Lithotomy cutting out of the Stone Lixivial made of Lye Lixivium a Lye made of Ashes Lympha a waterish Humour M. MAsticatory a Medicine to chew in the Mouth Medicinal of or belonging to Physick Membrane a thin Skin Menstruous a Woman having her Menses or monthly Terms Mercurial made of Quick-silver Mesentery the thick fat Membrane that fasteneth the Guts c. Muscle an Instrument of voluntary motion in the Body N. NArcotical stupefactive that hath power to stupefie or make the Body insensible Neopolitan disease the Pox. Nephritick of the Reins Nitrous made of Salt Petre. O. OPiate made of Opium to cause sleep and give ease Ophthalmy Inflammation of the Eye Optick nerve the Sinew which bringeth sight to the Eye P. PAlate the hollow of the Mouth above Panchymagogon a Medicine which purgeth all Humours Pancreas the Sweet-bread Paracenthesis a tapping for the Dropsie c. Pralitical that have the Dropsie Pectoral of or belonging to the Breast Pericardium the Membrane involving the Heart Periosteum a thin Skin enwrapping the Bones Peripneumony an Impostume of the Lungs Peritonaeum the inner Rim of the Belly Pest the Plague Pharmacy Medicine Phlegmagogues Medicines that purgeth Phlegm Phlebotomy Bloud-letting Phrenetical that hath the Phrensie Pia mater the tender Skin enwrapping the Brain Pituitous phlegmatick Pleuretical that hath the Pleurisie Plethorick fullness of Bloud Prohylactick a Preservative against the Plague c. Ptisan Barloy-water Pulsation a beating Pulverize pulverate to beat into Powder Puncture a Pricking Purgative which hath virtue to purge Purulent full of matter Pustule a Wheal or Blister Q. QUartan ague that cometh every fourth Day Quintan ague that cometh every fifth day but seldom observ'd Quotidian that cometh every day R. RAdical of or belonging to the Root Rarefaction a making thin of what was thick Rectum the Arse-gut Respiration fetching of breath Rupture a breaking S. SAline saltish Salivation spitting or fluxing at the Mouth Sanguification the changing of the Nourishment into Bloud Saphena the Vein by the inner Ancle Scamoniats Medicines made of Scammony Scarifie to cut or lance Sceleton a dry Carcass of Bones onely Sciatica the Hip-gout Scorbutick that have the Scurvy Scrofulae the Kings-evil Secundine the After-birth Seminal of the Seed Serosity the wheyish or waterish part of the Bloud Sphincter muscle the round compassing Muscle of the Fundament c. ordained to prevent untimely excretion Soluble Loose Solvent that hath Power to melt or dissolve Soporiferous causing sleep Spasm the Cramp or Convulsion Spermatical of or belonging to the Seed Spina dorsi the Back-bone Spinalis medulla the Marrow of the Back Spirituous full of Spirit Spissitude thickness Sternutatory to cause sneezing Sternon the Breast-bone where the Ribs meet Sterillity Barrenness Strangury a pissing by drops Sudorifick that causeth Sweat Suffocate to choak Suffumigate to smoak underneath Sulphur Brimstone Superfetation a conceiving the second time Suppuration a gathering to matter Symptom any grief following a Disease or sensibly joyned with it as Head-ach with an Ague c. Systole contraction of the Heart c. T. TEnasmus a Neediness to go to stool Tenuity Smallness Thoracick of or belonging to the Breast Torsions gripings of the Guts Trachea or Aspera arteria the Wind-pipe Transfer to carry from one place to another Transmute to change Transpiration sweaty Vapours coming forth of the Pores of the Skin Tubercles Pimples Wheals Tumour a swelling Turgid after a swelling manner Tympany the windy Dropsie V. VAperous full of Vopours Varices swelling of the Veins in the Legs Vegetables Roots or Plants Vehicle any thing that carrieth c. Ventoses Cupping-glasses Verntricle the Stomach c. Verminous full of Worms Vertebra the Back-bone Vertigo Giddiness Vesiccatory a Medicine to draw Blisters Virulent deadly poisonous Viscous clammy like Bird-lime Vitiate to corrupt Volatile that flieth U. ULcerate to blister to break out into Sores Unguent an Ointment Ureters the Vessels by which the Vrine passeth from the Reins to the Bladder Urethra the passage of Vrine from the Bladder through the Yard c. Uvula a fleshy substance hanging down like a Grape from the Roof of the Mouth towards the Root of the Tongue ADVERTISEMENT A New Idea of the Practice of Physick written by that famous Franciscus De-le-boc Sylvius late chief Professour of Physick in the University of Leiden The first Book of the Diseases either constituting producing or following the Natural functions of Man not in Health Wherein is contain'd beside a new Method in General a Vindication of the Spleen and Mother from fits attributed to them As also a new Discovery of intermitting Fevers the Yellow-jaundice and other Diseases never before discover'd All clear'd by Anatomical experiments and Chymical demonstrations as also by their Cures Faithfully translated by Richard Gower formerly Student under the Authour Printed for Brabazon Aylmer at the three Pigeons against the Royal Exchange in Cornhill in Octavo THE END Cephalalgia Cephalaea Hemicrania Signs Progn Cure Clyster Julep Powder A medicinal Wine Apozeme Purging Pills Epitheme For a quilted Cap. Signs Cure Powder Cordial Julep Clyster Vomit Purging Potion Troches Purging Infusion Electuary Observation Julep Tincture Emulsion Julep Epitheme Ointment Paralysis Apoplexi● Cause Cause internal Signs Progn Cure Cordial to cause sweat Observation Clyster Suppository Purging Pills Purging Electuary Vomit Cordial Julep Medicinal Wine Bath Oil. Plaister Sneezing Powder Spasmus Epilepsia Partes affectae Causes Signs Progn Cure Julep Infusion Cordial to cause Sweat Purging Pills Infusion Ointment Masticatory Epileptick Powder Incubus Cause Vertigo Cause Lethargus Signs Coma. Carus Causes Progn Cure Julep Decoction Sneezing Powder Vomit Purging Pills Purging Infusion Fomentation Oil. Phrenitis Mania Cause Progn Cure Clyster Julep Opiat Epitheme Li●amen● Dieta Julep Purging Pills Cause Progn Cure Julep Purging Pills Purging Potion Clyster Purging Decoction Pills opiat Tussis
Sputum Sanguinis Decoction Astringent Julep Pectoral Julep For a quilted Cap. Powder to fume the Head c. Masticatory Note Plaster for the Head Asthma Cause Progn Cure Pectoral Julep Pleuritis Signs Peripneumonia Cause Progn Empiema Cure Cure Sudorifick Fomentation Ointment Plaster Pultis Balsam Sulphur 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 * Compunctio Caution Tabes Causes Signs Progn Febris Hecticae Signs Liber 12. de marc cap. 4. Causes Progn Cure Powder Cause Progn Cure Julep Purging Pills Purging Decoction Cordial Julep Syncope Signs Causes Progn Cure Decoction Purging Pills Purging Pills Cordial Julep Difference Symptomes Causes Lipiria febris Cause Hystory Progn Pars affecta Cure Cautio Purging Decoction Volatile Powder Cordial Julep Observation Causes ●he cause 〈◊〉 the Re●●rn of the 〈◊〉 Quotidian Cure Cordial Julep Purging Pills Powder Difference Calenture Signs Cause of Malignity Signs Progn Cure Cordial Sudorifick Cause Signs Progn Cure Cordial Electuar● Cordial Jalep Signs Causes Progn Cure Cordial Julep Phlebotomy Water 〈◊〉 the Eyes Gargaris Nodulas Cause Signs Cure Julep Emulsion Purging Infusion· Pica Malacia Cause Cause Cause Signs Progn Cure Nausea Cause Progn Cure Cordial Opiat Purging Decoction Diet-drink Cause Progn Cure Cordial Opiat Purging Pills Cause Progn Cure Ileos Choler Cholerica passio Hoemoptysis Cause of Ileos Causes of the cholerick passion Causes of vomiting Bloud Progn Cure Cordial Opiate Cure of Cholerick passion Vomit Cordial Opiate Cure of bloudy vomiting Astringent Julep Carminative Julep Purging Pills Cure of Iliaca passio Clyster Emulsion Cholica Passio Tenesmus Signs Causes Cause of the Colick Observation Tympany Progn Cure Julep Emulsion Purging Potion Cordial Diaphoretick Cordial Julep Cure of the Cholick Clyster Ointment Empl. Carminative Julep Purging Decoction Purging Pills Teretes Taenia Ascarides Vermina Signs of Teretes Signs of Taenia Signs of Ascarides Signs of Vermina Progn Cure Purging Pills Lienteria Coeliaca Diarrhoea Dysentery Tenasmus Hemorrhoids Causes Causes of Lientery Cause of the Jaundice-like flux Cause of the Chyle-like flux Causes of the divers kinds of Diarrhoea Cause of a Dysentery Cause of Tenasmus Cause of Hemorrhoids c. Signs Progn Cure Purging Powder Cordial Julep Decoction Powder Astringent Julep Clyster Purging Bolus Bolus Opiat Decoction Sudorifick Causes Signs Progn Cure Diaphoretick Opiate Bath Ointment Icterus Cause Progn Cure Decoction Sudorifick Diuretick Decoction Opiate Cachexia Signs Progn Cure Hydrops Ascites Cause Cause Cause of a Tympany Signs of Ascites Signs of Anasarca Signs of a Tympany Progn Cure Purging Infusion Purging Pills Pills Sudorifick Carminative Julep Medicinal Wine Ointment Pultess Hypochondriacus Causes Progn Cure Julep Electuary Purging Powder Medicinal Wine Tincture Linament Water against the Scurvy Cause Signs Progn Cure Cordial to cause Sweat Powder Purging Pills Medicinal wine Cause Cause of Whites Signs Progn Cure Astringent Julep Purge Purging Pills Astringent Electuary Astringent Julep Linament Plaster Fume Cause Signs Progn Cure Bath Powder For a quilted Bag. Progn ●ure Infusion Electuary Causes Signs Progn Cure Purging Infusion Cordial to cause sweat Causes Signs Progn Indications Cordial Julep Powder Julep Cordial Opiate Clyster Fomentation Cause Observation Signs Cause of the Stone Histories History Progn Cure Purging Bolus Julep Powder Decoction Julep Cordial Astringent Julep Cause Signs Progn Cure Cordial Opiate Decoction Pissing in Bed Causes Progn Cure Cause Progn Cure Causes Progn Cure Decoction Lues venerea Cause Signs Progn Cure Apozeme Purging Pills Decoction Purging Pills Bolus Ointment Balsamick Pills Injection Observatio Causes Signs Progn Cure Vomit Observatio Infusion Purging Bolus Linament Plaster Pectoral Ointment Arthritis Causes Observatio Signs Progn Cure Fomentation Pultess Cataplasm Linament Purging Pills Water against the Gout Rheumatismus Cause Progn Cure Linament
the vital strength without manifest cause which for the most part is Epidemical But of this I intend to treat particularly in Chap. 8. of this Book 3. The last Symptome which I shall here mention is seldom observ'd in which all the time of the disease the external parts are cold while the internal parts burn and therefore 't is called by the Latins Lipyria febris and in Greek 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 quia destituitur ardore externo Some think this distemper consists of a double Fever Cholerick and Pancreatical and not without reason because such like vapours may be continually rais'd in the small guts by the Juices of the Pancreas universally over-sour which may be confus'd onely with the Mass of Bloud and breed a sense of cold in the habit of the Body whilst a burning heat is stir'd up in the internal parts by a Fever caused by Choler more oily than sharp The cause of every continual Fever not putrid is sometimes Choler vitiated sometimes Lympha together with the Juice of the Pancreas and Spittle and many times all these together are ill affected These vitiated humours flowing always to the Heart cause a continual Effervescency in the right Ventricle of it whence the Pulse is continually produc'd more frequent against nature Fevers in Children are caused either by the Food abounding in quantity or by some vitious quality of it or from an ill disposition of the digestive ferment Milk is the general Food of Children and there is such a propensity in its own nature to curdle that if it be not quickly digested it obeyeth the acid Ferment of the Stomach and is soon coagulated like new tough Cheese and if it be not speedily vomited up it begets a putrefactive Ferment which produceth terrible Symptoms as griping scouring vomiting c. I know a Woman that had a young Child about a Month old which was taken very ill with Convulsions after which followed a thorough Thrush with a Fever accompanied with the aforesaid Symptoms as griping c. which continu'd many days till the whole body was so maciated that it was in a total Atrophia and when there was no hopes of recovery the Nurse gave the Child a little of the infusion of the Antimonial Cup which caused it to vomit up a Curd three or four inches long very green and as tough as new Cheese After which the Child did wonderfully recover and grow fat Continual acute Fevers are oft times accompanied with a secret malignity and therefore dangerous parvae febres quandoque valde malignae The Stomach in continual Fevers is most commonly primarily affected through undigestion or else from Excrements not being separated and orderly evacuated which causeth an irregular Ferment or nonnatural heat in the Stomach which though begun else where is much aggravated by vitiating Juices found in this first Elaboratory of decocting Nature For as in humane frame the first heat of Nature preparatory to all her depending motions is the digestive heat for Chylification in the Stomach so likewise the corrupting or exasperating of the same either by the sour Ferments or too much of the overflowing Gall is the Cause of most Fevers Therefore in the beginning of the Cure evacuation by vomiting never ought to be neglected by the carefull Physician provided it be duely timed because then most commonly it removeth the sole cause of the feverish Intemperature without the help of any other means And here I commend Antimonials well prepared before all others seeing that Antimony as well rightly prepar'd as administred serves no less to purifie Man's body than Gold But if the Patient's body be costive and there be eminent signs of a Plethora or great fulness of Bloud then let a carminative Clyster be first administred and after its operation let a Vein be opened and draw seven or eight ounces of bloud at a time and if there be occasion let it be reiterated for I always prefer it s repeated less diminution as need requires sometimes instituted in the same day before great evacuations made suddenly which hath brought many Evils to the sick It matters little what vein be opened unless in Women because of the monthly Terms either at hand or hindred And seeing it is the duty of every honest Physician to be Natures helper he ought to endeavour to remove all impediments whereby the sick may be cured more quickly safely and pleasantly without demurs to magnifie the Cure and inflame the reckonings Wherefore since the first curative intention of most Fevers is the discharge of the first turgent Monitor from the Stomach and adjacent parts by vomiting as is before said Let the Patient upon the discovery of the assaulting Enemy take an Antimonial Emetick and if one doth not suffice let it be reiterated by which the Morbifick matter will be evacuated nature calmed and the contemperating of the incited or enraged nonnatural heat will be the easier performed But here the Sex is to be consider'd the Female not so well enduring this evacuation because Emeticks cause great Commotions and flatuous Vapours in them which may also prevent or corrupt natures own intentions in her great discharge of turgent humours Wherefore administer no Emetick to them except they vomit very easily but rather let the peccant humours be diminisht or emptied out gradually by the following decoction to be taken twice a day to three or four ounces Take the Roots of Parsly Fennel Plantain Peony Dandelion Succory of each two ounces the Leaves of Endive House-leek Fumitory Damask-roses of each one handfull Let them be cleansed bruised and infused for a Night in one quart of Fountain-water very hot then boil it gently till a third part be consumed strain it and add Syrup of Succory with Rhubarb the best Manna of each two ounces Powder of Cream of Tartar and Tartar vitriolated of each two drachms Oil of Sulphur twenty drops mix it all together This pleasant Medicine will conduce much to correct the salt sharpness of Choler and will also amend its Oily inflameableness and separate it from the Bloud and mildly dispose it and the rest of the abounding humours to be voided out by stool After these Evacuations give the sick the following Medicine twice a day in a little thin broth or Water-gruel Take Salt of Amber volatile Salt of Harts-horn Tartar vitriolated of each six grains mix it This excellent volatile Medicine is both abstersive and Diuretick and will cleanse the Stomach and Intestines of the remaining Sordes and expell them by Urine In the Declination of the Fever if sleep be wanting this following Julep will much avail both to cause rest and refresh the spirits Take the Waters of Carduus benedict Fennel of each two ounces Treacle-water Syrup of red Poppies of each one ounce Laudanum opiatum six grains Salt of Wormwood half a drachm Spirit of Salt twenty drops mix it and give the sick three or four
impossible to run out of his reach for he filleth Heaven and Earth with his presence wherefore let servent prayers be put up to God whose compassions fail not and then make use of an honest Physician 1. You must endeavour to purifie the infected Air with great fires wash the house daily and after sprinkle it with Vinegar and Fume either with Pitch Frankincense Mirrh Amber Benjamin Wood and Berries of Juniper c. 2. Avoid all passions watchings and immoderate exercise and venery 3. Eat nothing that is hard of concoction and use a moderate diet though easie of digestion and drink good sound Wine c. 4. Go not forth with an empty Stomach but always take some preservative against infection For example Take Spirit of Vinegar Julep of Roses of each one ounce mix it Vinegar Verjuice Oranges Limmons Citrons Pomgranats Barberries Quinces Wood-sorrel c. are all very good used as before directed in Malign Fevers This Poison must not be sent out by vomiting or purging neither is phlebotomy allowed For it is known by manifold experience that the cure of the Pest is most happily instituted by Cordial Sudorificks rightly prepar'd of Antimony because it hath an admirable Sulphur in it whereby not onely sharpness is wonderfully temper'd but the Malign poisonous volatile Salt is thereby most safely driven forward and expelled by sweating out of the Body to which may be added other Cordials as followeth Take the Powders of Crabs-eyes Tartar vitriolated Antimony Diaphoretick Bezoar-mineral of each one scruple Bezoar-stone of the East red Coral prepar'd Salts of Rhue Scordium of each half a scruple Venice-treacle two drachms Spirit of Salt ten drops mix it into an Electuary with confectio de Hyacintho Let the sick take half a drachm of this Cordial Electuary every three hours and drink three or four spoonfulls of this Cordial Julep after it Take of Epidemical-water the Waters of Carduus Borage Scordium compound of each three ounces the Waters of Treacle Cinamon Syrups of the juice of Carduus and Limmons Syrup of Saffron of each one ounce Salt Prunella and Salt of Wormwood of each one drachm Laudanum opiat ten grains mix it for a Cordial Let the sick person take the aforesaid medicines till sweat is plentifully provoked then let the sweat be gently wiped off with warm linen cloaths In the mean while give the sick a little hot Chicken-broth or other Broth of fresh Meat temper'd to a gratefulness with some sour thing as was directed in Malign Fevers as Barberries Wood-sorrel Limmons c. You must persist in this course till the danger be over and some time after though the sick think themselves well lest the disease deceive you by a sudden surprize again There are many Cordial Confections always to be had ready at Apothecaries Shops as Mithridate Diascordium Venice-treacle London-treacle Treacle-water c. any of which may be used by the Rich or Poor for they will not onely cause sweating but also will temper and moderate the hurtfull acrimony of the volatile Salt before mentioned You may dip a hot Toast in aq prophylactica and apply it to the region of the Stomach and also tye some of it in a rag and smell to it If there be great drowsiness avoid Opiates and take the Cordial Julep without the Laudanum but if there be great Watching Vomiting Flux of the Belly or Hicket you may give it with the Laudanum prescrib'd for it will much conduce to ease the sick of all these symptoms If there be a Bubo apply a strong Vesi●catory and when the Blister is well raised open it and dress it with Mustard and Basilicon of each equal parts after cure it according to Art If there be a Carbuncle apply Leeches or Ventoses with scarification or the Actual or Potential Cautery after which often apply Mithridate 'till the Eschar be separated then dress it with Vnguent Basilicon and Aegyptiacum or else you may use Butter of Antimony 'till the Ulcer be well cleansed and fitted for the last consolidation which may be performed by any desiccative Medicine CHAP. X. Of the Small-pox and Measles THE Small-pox and Measles are called in Greek 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 and in Latin Morbilli quasi parvi morbi vel parvorum morbi They are also called Variolae Pustulae ex vario vel varium facio quod cutis fit varia Because the skin is of various forms These distempers are most commonly attended with a Malign Fever which oft proves Epidemical Contagious and Mortal and therefore may justly be termed Pestilential The Small-pox is a cutaneous Eruption or large Pustules something like to Warts on the Skin with Inflammation which in few days comes to suppuration if the sick recover The Measles are little Pustules in the Skin with a deep redness and may be best perceived by feeling they are usually discussed in five or six days without suppuration There is an other sort of Pustules or Tubercles like little Bladders incident to Men Women and Children which are without Inflammation or redness and also without a Fever Some call them Cristals others Blisters but Country people call them Swine-pox Hen or Chicken-pox c. To these also may be referred those red fiery spots which break out about the fourth or fifth day in Malign Fevers all over the Body and if the sick recover they vanish about the eighth day after which the Cuticula cometh away in flakes this is commonly called the Scarlet Fever The signs of the Small-pox approaching are pains of the Head shining before the Eyes with redness and swelling of the Face and sometimes bleeding at the Nose also a grievous pain of the Back which reacheth to the Neck with great heat and pricking all over the Body there is often loathing of the Stomach and vomiting with trembling of the Heart great terrour in sleep difficulty of breathing and sometimes raving and convulsion The cause of the Small-pox and Measles is an ill quality or impurity of the Mothers bloud with which the Child was nourish'd in the Womb which doth communicate pollution and defile the mass of Bloud and after the Child is born when there is an ill disposition of the Air proportionable to the disease there followeth a peculiar effervescency or ebullition of the Bloud and other humours by which nature is inraged and provoked to cast forth the impurity The excrementitious matter is either thin or thick if it be thin the Measles follow if thick the Small-pox are produced And if there be a Malignant constitution of the Air it causeth not onely a purging forth of the corrupt matter of the Bloud c. but corrupteth the whole mass of Bloud and so produceth a dangerous and Epidemical Small-pox If they come out red and soon ripen or turn white being round pointed and outward in the skin if the voice and breathing be free without any grievous symptoms there is no danger but if there be a great Fever
Distemper hath continu'd to a long durance it causeth such obstructions in the fibrous and nervous Passages of the Muscles that thereby Lameness and an Atrophy soon succeeds increasing the Weakness of all the Members of the Body till at length it ends in a Paralitical resolution of them 2. If a pregnant Woman or a Woman after Abortion be afflicted with this grievous evil it is very dangerous and many times mortal As for the Cure we must endeavour to ease the pain and strengthen the weak parts with all expedition The pain may be eased and diminish'd as well by internal as external Anodynes and Narcoticks to allay the violent Motion of the Animal spirits and abate the grievous Spasms succeeding The following Cordial Diaphoretick opiate is excellent in this Case Take the Waters of Fennel Peony Treacle of each one ounce Syrups of Stoechas Peony Scurvigrass of each half an ounce Powder of Crabs-eyes Antimony Diaphoretick Bezoar-mineral Salt of Tartar vitriolated Salt of Amber volatile Salt of Harts-horn of each one scruple Tincture of Castor two drachms Spirit of Salt Armoniack Oil of Cloves of each four drops Laudanum opiat six grains mix it and give four spoonfulls every three hours By the frequent taking of this Volatile and Anodyne Sudorifick the peccant humours will be temper'd and diminisht and the inordinate involuntary and impetuous motion of the Animal spirits will be reduc'd and brought to tranquillity by which the binding Constrictions of the Belly-ach will be the easier remov'd Bathing in this distemper hath been often us'd with admirable success for by the frequent use thereof the cutaneous and muscular Fibres will not onely be relax'd from contracted Spasms but the pores will be also kept open for the constant discharge of transpiring Particles A natural Bath such as is in the City of Bathe is excellent but when it is not to be had an artificial Bath may be very usefull for the ends propos'd For example Take of Elder Dwarf-elder Vervain Betony Chamomel Bays Rhue Time Hyssop Ground-pine Organ Penny-royal Sage sweet Marjoram of each six handfulls Flowers of Stoechas Chamomel Melilot of each four handfulls Roots of Pellitory of Spain Briony Master-wort Virginia Snake-root of each four ounces Spicknard Berries of Juniper and Bays of each two ounces Brimstone six pound Salt Niter two pound let them be cleansed bruised and boiled in twenty Gallons of Fountain-water till a third part be boiled away Let the sick be well bathed in it as often as strength will permit and let them sit therein as long as they may well bear the same Then let them be rub'd dry and remov'd into a Bed and let the affected parts be well anointed with this or the like fragrant Ointment Take Oil of Earth-worms Ointment of Orange-flowers Jessamy of each three ounces Oil of Mace by expression one ounce Oil of Juniper Bricks of each two drachms mix it As often as the Body is costive let a Suppository or carminative Clyster be administred to make it soluble Let the weakned parts be fortifi'd with the aforesaid unguent upon which apply a Plaster of Sylvius's carminative Emplaster spread on Leather which you may remove once in twenty four hours using warm frictions to the pained parts and apply the Plaster again and over it you may apply a Fox-skin drest which will keep the parts warm and conduce to the cure which course may be continu'd 'till strength be restor'd to the grieved Limbs CHAP. XI Of the Yellow Jaundice THE Yellow Jaundice is called in Greek 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 ab avicula quae 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 dicitur quod ea oculos flavi vel aurei coloris habet It is also called Icterus in Latin it being a spreading of a yellowish Colour over the whole body It was the common received opinion of the Ancients that the chief cause of this Disease is an obstruction of the Cystick passage to the small Gut so that Choler is thereby wholly hindred in its natural descent wherefore it doth ascend to the Liver and so to the Bloud with which it is transfer'd to the habit and superficies of the body where it doth shew it self in its colours But it may be manifested from many observations and experiments both Anatomical and Practical that the Jaundice may be produc'd without an obstruction of the passage of Choler Although I suppose that the Jaundice may sometimes be rais'd by the aforesaid obstruction either by Choler it self most glutinous or lapidescent which I have had sufficient experience of having dissected several dead bodies in which I have found stones not onely in the Gall but Cystick passage also But on the contrary it hath been oft observ'd in dissecting Icterical people that the Cystick passage was not obstructed but the excrements were dyed yellow although not so much as usual Whence it is manifest that it may be bred without any obstruction in the passage aforesaid The causes then are either external or internal The external cause is the biting of a viper whose poison is of a subtile volatile and spirituous nature which doth soon render Choler over spirituous after the biting of the Serpent But the aforesaid poison being antipathetical to humane nature it doth presently endeavour to defend every individual part from the potent killing quality of the poison and therefore doth immediately send the balsamick bile to antidote the venome and in circulating with it the volatile salt of the Choler is broken by which it is less apt to effervesce with acids and therefore is easily joyned with the other humours being onely confus'd with the bloud by which the superficies of the whole Body becomes yellowish 2. Ebriety or the abuse of strong drink may be a procuring cause of this Disease because the volatile spirit of the drink may be too plenteously mixt with Choler which renders it spirituous by which it becomes less apt to effervesce with the acid juice of the Pancreas and hence most intirely to join it self with the other humours The internal cause is unexpected sorrow of mind by which all the humours become glutinous and viscous because the juice of the Pancreas is thereby made more tart It may be also caused by obstructions as is before mention'd either by Choler glutinous or lapidescent or by viscous phlegm c. If the cure be not hastened a Dropsie Cachexy or deadly pining will in a short time succeed If sorrow of mind be the cause it ought to be prevented as much as may be both by Philosophical and Theological reasons about any troublesome matters and by confirming the mind whereby the sick may be the better enabled to bear and suffer stoutly any adversity This must also be observed in all other Diseases If Ebriety be the cause I comm●nd Sobriety to cure it Sublata causa tollitur effectus If the humours be over viscous or glutinous the following Decoction will not onely alter and correct but mildly