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A29837 A compleat treatise of preternatural tumours both general and particular as they appear in the human body from head to foot : to which also are added many excellent and modern historical observations concluding most chapters in the whole discourse / collected from the learned labours both of ancient and modern physicians and chirurgions, composed and digested into this new method by the care and industry of John Brown. Browne, John, 1642-ca. 1700. 1678 (1678) Wing B5125; ESTC R231817 164,435 436

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empl._n observat_fw-la observat_fw-la in_o 6_o case_n no_o repel_v medidicine_n to_o be_v apply_v in_o the_o beginning_n cataplasma_n here_o digestive_n be_v most_o proper_a four_o way_n of_o digestion_n catapl_n observe_v catapl_n catapl_n observat_fw-la 〈…〉_z catapl_n catapl_n catapl_n catapl_n the_o efficient_a cause_n of_o matter_n sign_n of_o suppuration_n 〈…〉_z 〈◊〉_d catap●_n catap●_n a_o method_n to_o find_v whether_o a_o tumour_n be_v ripe_a enough_o to_o open_v what_o a_o phlegmon_n be_v whence_o it_o arise_v its_o cause_n sign_n of_o the_o cure_n of_o a_o phlegmon_n four_o method_n according_a to_o four_o time_n by_o guido_n his_o diet_n observat_fw-la electuary_n bolus_n potio_fw-la troch_n electuary_n clyster_n purge_v potion_n revulsion_n revulsion_n vesicat●ries_n defensatives_n observe_v repeller_n catapl_n unguent_n observe_v question_n answer_n by_o several_a reason_n their_o use_n and_o benefit_n catapl_n unguent_n another_o catapl_n unguent_n catapl_n cure_a by_o digestive_n catapl_n catapl_n authoris_fw-la catapl_n catapl_n catapl_n a_o history_n catapl_n catapl_n natural_a second_o not_o natural_a quest_n answ_n three_o preternatural_a its_o difference_n the_o name_n of_o erysipelas_n what_o it_o be_v sign_n its_o difference_n from_o a_o phlegmon_n praesage_v cure_n the_o author_n julep_n herein_o emulsion●_n bleed_v potion_n potio_fw-la purgans_fw-la electuar_n pill_n clyster_n another_o another_o unguent_n unguent_n unguent_n unguent_n catapl_n catapl_n a_o history_n catapl_n unguent_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d chirurgery_n electuar_n potio_fw-la a_o history_n a_o history_n what_o phlegm_n be_v it_o be_v name_n it_o be_v generation_n definition_n sign_n cause_n praesage_v pill_n pil._n pil_n a_o potion_n potion_n potion_n topic_n question_n answer_n observat_fw-la digestive_a catapl_n catapl_n catapl_n unguent_n ex_fw-la mer●●●_n empl._n a_o history_n 4_o species_n of_o melancholy_a burn_v melancholy_n make_v four_o way_n how_o a_o scirrhus_n be_v make_v it_o be_v definition_n sign_n cause_n presage_v cure_n potio_fw-la purgans_fw-la another_o potion_n pill_n pill_n pill_n digestive_n imply_v empl._n empl._n emple_n a_o history_n a_o history_n sign_n presage_v cure_n pil._n pil._n pill_n pill_n catapl_n unguent_n a_o history_n what_o i●_n wind._n what_o a_o windy_a tumour_n be_v cause●_n difference_n sign_n cure●_n potion_n 〈◊〉_d pil._n clyster_n clyster_n troch_n a_o hippocras_n wine_n pulvis_fw-la fomentation_n foment_n catapl_n unguent_n catapl_n empl_n silu●●_n history_n what_o the_o breast_n be_v the_o anatomy_n of_o the_o breast_n how_o milk_n be_v make_v it_o be_v name_n cause_n it_o be_v subject_a sign_n presage_v cure_n apozem_v potion_n apozem_v sudorific_a decoction_n unguent_n unguent_n empl_n unguent_n history_n history_n caution_n how_o a_o ulcerate_v cancer_n be_v to_o be_v treat_v a_o second_o may_v of_o a_o cancer_n grow_v at_o the_o eye-tooth_n apozem_v potion_n potion_n gargarism_n history_n sign_n sign_n cause_n presage_v cure_v unguent_n unguent_n unguent_n the_o cure_n of_o a_o pestilential_a carbuncle_n catapl_n histo●●_n cause_n unguent_n another_o a_o history_n sign_n cause_n presage_v herpes_n exedens_fw-la sign_n cure_n cerate_v unguent_n unguent_n history_n fomentation_n catapl_n empl_n what_o a_o gangrene_n be_v what_o a_o sphac●lus_n be_v the_o difference_n between_o a_o gangrene_n and_o a_o sphacelus_fw-la 3_o cause_n of_o a_o gangrene_n the_o universal_a cause_n both_o of_o gangrene_n and_o sphacelus_n to_o the_o first_o to_o the_o second_o sign_n of_o a_o gangrene_n from_o a_o hot_a intemperiety_n sign_n of_o its_o come_n from_o cold_a 5_o sign_n of_o a_o sphacelu●_fw-la cure_n 1_o from_o the_o antecedent_n cause_n 6_o intention_n in_o apply_v of_o proper_a medicine_n a_o particular_a cure_n of_o a_o gangrene_n come_v from_o inflammation_n 1_o intention_n unguent_n catapl_n second_o intention_n 〈…〉_z history_n oil_n catapl_n decoction_n digestive_a ca●apl_n history_n cordial_a history_n what_o artheroma_n be_v observa_fw-la care_n observe_v history_n history_n it_o be_v cause_n cure_v empl._n history_n whence_o its_o name_n cure_n pil._n pil_n catapl_n its_o difference_n it_o be_v definition_n sign_n cause_n two_o species_n of_o a_o hydrocephalos_n presage_v cure_n decoction_n oil_n history_n unguent_n unguent_n empl._n history_n history_n unguent_n history_n its_o cause_n digestive_a unguent_n history_n three_o sort_n hereof_o cure_n unguent_n history_n cause_n cure_n ●●story_n cause_n sign_n cure_n pil._n pil_n potion_n a_o medicine_n of_o the_o author_n observe_v history_n history_n celsus_n method_n paulus_n '_o s_o way_n history_n defensative_a collyrium_n what_o a_o polypus_n be_v cause_n difference_n celsus_n '_o s_o way_n paulus_n be_v way_n what_o a_o glandule_n be_v what_o the_o parotide_n be_v it_o be_v cure_n catapl_n unguent_n catapl_n history_n history_n history_n description_n of_o strumaes_n sign_n presage_v three_o way_n to_o eradicate_v they_o cure_v pil._n pil._n powder_n powder_n aqva_fw-la unguent_n catapl_n catapl_n catapl_n a_o history_n catapl_n catapl_n catapl_n pil._n unguent_n empl._n history_n three_o species_n of_o a_o true_a squinsey_n ●_z sign_n presage_v cure_v gargarism_n gargarism_n catapl_n history_n what_o the_o amygdal_n be_v 〈◊〉_d how_o make_v uses_n they_o be_v the_o chief_a organ_n of_o taste_v cure_n gargarism_n another_o another_o trochisc_fw-la cataplasm_n pil._n electuary_n history_n sign_n decoction_n history_n cure_n history_n lineament_n empl._n another_o history_n unguent_n cataplasm_n the_o cause_n of_o a_o gonorrhaea_n injection_n a_o double_a method_n in_o its_o cure_n fomentation_n unguent_n imply_v history_n history_n how_o the_o intestine_a be_v to_o be_v repose_v cataplasm_n unguent_n decoction_n cerate_v empl._n empl._n empl._n apozem_n empl._n empl._n history_n cerate_v empl._n an●ther_n oil_n syrup_n electuary_n pil._n a_o second_o method_n by_o adustion_n a_o three_o method_n be_v incision_n the_o four_o method_n history_n clyster_n a_o restringent_a bag._n purge_n sign_n history_n another_o another_o history_n history_n cause_n sign_n cure_n topic_n empl._n fomentation_n another_o catapl_n history_n foment_n another_o another_o another_o oil_n unguent_n catapl_n another_o another_o empl._n history_n sign_n history_n intention_n hernia_n humoralis_fw-la cause_n cure_n hist_o history_n cause_n sign_n presage_v cure_n unguent_n another_o what_o phygethlon_n be_v history_n their_o origination_n unguent_n another_o another_o another_o another_o another_o history_n its_o cause_n a_o restringent_a 〈◊〉_d history_n apozem●_n empl._n it_o be_v figure_n what_o it_o be_v its_o difference_n from_o pterygion_n its_o sign_n its_o cause_n and_o manner_n of_o breed_n revulsives_n interceptives_n repeller_n catapl_n history_n ●●_o pterygian_a unguent_n catapl_n history_n potio_fw-la purgans_fw-la catapl_n unguent_n hist_o potion_n unguen_fw-la catapl_n