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Word A Word B Word C Word D Occurrence Frequency Band MI MI Band Prominent
cause_n concern_v zeal_n zealous_a 35 3 9.0896 4 false
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ID Title Author Corrected Date of Publication (TCP Date of Publication) STC Words Pages
A59567 A sermon preached before the Lords spiritual and temporal in Parliament assembled, in the Abbey-church at Westminster on the fifth of November, 1691 / by the Archbishop of York. Sharp, John, 1645-1714. 1691 (1691) Wing S2995; ESTC R15085 12,865 30 View Text
A61592 Reformation of manners, the true way of honouring God with the necessity of putting the laws in execution against vice and profaneness : in a sermon preach'd at White-hall / by ... Edward Stillingfleet ... Stillingfleet, Edward, 1635-1699. 1700 (1700) Wing S5628; ESTC R14333 14,491 18 View Text
A61623 A sermon preached before the King & Queen at White-Hall, Novemb. 29, 1691 by the Right Reverend Father in God, Edward Lord Bishop of Worcester. Stillingfleet, Edward, 1635-1699. 1692 (1692) Wing S5663; ESTC R8215 14,653 36 View Text
A61593 Reformation of manners the true way of honouring God with the necessity of putting the laws in execution against vice and profaneness : in a sermon preached at White-hall / by the late Right Reverend Father in God, Edward, Lord Bishop of Worcester ; and published by Their Majesties special command. Stillingfleet, Edward, 1635-1699. 1700 (1700) Wing S5629; ESTC R27503 14,697 44 View Text
A45376 A discourse concerning zeal against immorality and prophaness deliver'd in two sermons in St. Michaels Church Dublin, October 29, and November 26. 1699. Hamilton, William, d. 1729. 1700 (1700) Wing H488; ESTC R216947 47,580 69 View Text
A91834 Albania or, Certaine concernments of Great Britanny. With an explication of the present state thereof; truely represented under the faigned person of Albania. / By George Raleigh. Raleigh, George, b. 1600? 1641 (1641) Wing R150; Thomason E179_16; ESTC R7782 47,700 65 View Text
A13288 Pisgah euangelica By the method of the Reuelation, presenting to publike view those Cananites ouer whom our Lord Iesus Christ and his holie Church shall triumph after seuerall battailes. That which is past is shewed in a briefe ecclesiasticall historie, containing most of the mutations which haue befallen the Church, from the yeere of our Lord 97, vnto the yeere 1603. as they haue been shewed vnto S. Iohn in Patmos, and recorded by such historiographers as are of least suspected faith. Gathered by William Symonds, sometimes fellow of Magdalen Colledge in Oxford. Symonds, William, 1556-1616? 1605 (1605) STC 23592; ESTC S118079 213,424 293 View Text
A59549 Fifteen sermons preach'd on several occasions the last of which was never before printed / by ... John, Lord Arch-Bishop of York ... Sharp, John, 1645-1714. 1700 (1700) Wing S2977; ESTC R4705 231,778 520 View Text
A57860 A rational defence of non-conformity wherein the practice of nonconformists is vindicated from promoting popery, and ruining the church, imputed to them by Dr. Stillingfleet in his Unreasonableness of separation : also his arguments from the principles and way of the reformers, and first dissenters are answered : and the case of the present separation, truly stated, and the blame of it laid where it ought to be : and the way to union among Protestants is pointed at / by Gilbert Rule ... Rule, Gilbert, 1629?-1701. 1689 (1689) Wing R2224; ESTC R7249 256,924 294 View Text
A25829 A tryall of faith, or, The woman of Canaan on Math. 15, 21, 22, 23, 24 : together with the souls sure anchor-hold, on Heb. 6, 19 : with the wisdome of timely remembring our creator, on Eccles. 12, 1 : in severall sermons / by Timothy Armitage. Armitage, Timothy, d. 1655. 1661 (1661) Wing A3704; ESTC R26657 267,236 470 View Text
A06521 Special and chosen sermons of D. Martin Luther collected out of his writings and preachings for the necessary instruction and edification of such, as hunger and seeke after the perfect knowledge and inestimable glorie which is in Christ Iesu, to the comfort and saluation of their soules. Englished by VV.G.; Sermons. English. Selections Luther, Martin, 1483-1546.; Gace, William. 1578 (1578) STC 16993; ESTC S108932 436,833 500 View Text
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