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A59567 A sermon preached before the Lords spiritual and temporal in Parliament assembled, in the Abbey-church at Westminster on the fifth of November, 1691 / by the Archbishop of York. Sharp, John, 1645-1714. 1691 (1691) Wing S2995; ESTC R15085 12,865 30

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small_a measure_n concern_v for_o it_o if_o it_o be_v of_o great_a moment_n he_o believe_v he_o may_v be_v allow_v to_o be_v the_o more_o earnest_a about_o it_o but_o he_o look_v upon_o it_o as_o a_o rash_a and_o foolish_a thing_n and_o a_o effect_n of_o great_a ignorance_n or_o weakness_n to_o be_v hot_a and_o eager_a for_o all_o thing_n alike_o we_o shall_v account_v he_o not_o many_o degree_n remove_v from_o a_o child_n or_o a_o idiot_n that_o upon_o the_o cut_n of_o a_o finger_n shall_v as_o passionate_o complain_v and_o cry_v out_o for_o help_n as_o if_o he_o have_v break_v a_o limb._n why_o just_a the_o same_o folly_n and_o childishness_n it_o be_v to_o make_v a_o mighty_a bustle_n about_o small_a matter_n which_o be_v of_o no_o consequence_n in_o which_o neither_o religion_n nor_o the_o public_a peace_n be_v much_o concern_v as_o if_o indeed_o our_o life_n and_o soul_n be_v in_o danger_n it_o therefore_o become_v all_o prudent_a and_o sober_a man_n to_o take_v care_n that_o their_o zeal_n do_v not_o spend_v itself_o in_o little_a thing_n that_o they_o be_v not_o too_o passionate_a and_o earnest_a and_o vehement_a for_o thing_n that_o be_v not_o worth_a much_o contend_v for_o if_o we_o lay_v a_o great_a weight_n upon_o a_o cause_n than_o it_o will_v bear_v and_o show_v as_o much_o warmth_n and_o passion_n for_o small_a matter_n as_o if_o the_o fundamental_o of_o our_o faith_n be_v at_o stake_n we_o be_v zealous_a indeed_o but_o not_o according_a to_o knowledge_n four_o the_o zeal_n that_o be_v according_a to_o knowledge_n be_v always_o attend_v with_o hearty_a charity_n it_o be_v not_o that_o bitter_a zeal_n which_o the_o apostle_n speak_v of_o which_o be_v accompany_v with_o hatred_n and_o envy_n and_o perverse_a dispute_n but_o it_o be_v kind_a and_o sociable_a and_o meek_a even_o to_o gainsayer_n it_o be_v that_o wisdom_n which_o be_v from_o above_o that_o be_v first_o pure_a then_o peaceable_a gentle_a and_o easy_a to_o be_v entreat_v it_o be_v a_o zeal_n that_o love_v god_n and_o his_o truth_n hearty_o and_o will_v do_v all_o that_o be_v possible_a to_o bring_v honour_n and_o advancement_n to_o they_o but_o at_o the_o same_o time_n it_o love_v all_o men._n and_o therefore_o in_o all_o thing_n where_o it_o express_v itself_o it_o pure_o consult_v the_o merit_n of_o the_o cause_n before_o it_o but_o let_v the_o person_n of_o man_n alone_o it_o be_v a_o certain_a argument_n of_o a_o ignorant_a and_o ungoverned_a zeal_n when_o a_o man_n leave_v his_o cause_n and_o his_o concernment_n for_o god_n glory_n and_o turn_v his_o heat_n upon_o those_o that_o he_o have_v to_o deal_v with_o when_o he_o be_v peevish_a and_o angry_a with_o man_n that_o differ_v from_o he_o when_o he_o be_v not_o content_v to_o oppose_v argument_n to_o argument_n and_o to_o endeavour_v to_o gain_v his_o point_n by_o calm_a reason_v but_o he_o fly_v out_o into_o rage_n and_o fury_n and_o when_o he_o be_v once_o transport_v herewith_o he_o care_v not_o what_o undecent_a bitter_a reflection_n he_o make_v upon_o all_o those_o that_o have_v the_o fortune_n to_o be_v of_o a_o different_a side_n but_o in_o these_o case_n man_n will_v do_v well_o to_o remember_v that_o the_o wrath_n of_o man_n work_v not_o the_o righteousness_n of_o god_n as_o the_o apostle_n express_v it_o all_o this_o kind_n of_o behaviour_n savour_v of_o the_o wisdom_n of_o this_o world_n which_o be_v earthly_a and_o sensual_a and_o devilish_a five_o and_o last_o another_o inseparable_a property_n of_o zeal_n according_a to_o knowledge_n be_v that_o it_o must_v pursue_v lawful_a end_n by_o lawful_a mean_n must_v never_o do_v a_o ill_a thing_n for_o the_o carry_v the_o best_a cause_n this_o st._n paul_n have_v lay_v down_o as_o a_o rule_n to_o be_v eternal_o observe_v among_o christian_n when_o in_o the_o three_o of_o the_o roman_n he_o declare_v that_o their_o damnation_n be_v just_a who_o say_v let_v we_o do_v evil_a that_o good_a may_v come_v be_v therefore_o our_o point_n never_o so_o good_a or_o never_o so_o weighty_a yet_o if_o we_o use_v any_o dishonest_a unlawful_a art_n for_o the_o gain_n of_o it_o that_o be_v to_o say_v if_o we_o do_v any_o thing_n which_o be_v either_o in_o itself_o evil_a and_o appear_v to_o be_v so_o by_o the_o natural_a notice_n of_o mankind_n or_o which_o the_o law_n of_o our_o holy_a religion_n do_v forbid_v i_o say_v in_o all_o such_o instance_n we_o be_v transgressor_n and_o though_o our_o cause_n be_v very_o good_a and_o our_o end_n very_o allowable_a yet_o since_o the_o mean_n by_o which_o we_o will_v accomplish_v those_o end_n be_v unwarrantable_a the_o whole_a action_n though_o proceed_v from_o never_o so_o much_o zeal_n for_o god_n be_v very_a bad._n for_o true_a zeal_n as_o it_o always_o suppose_v a_o right_a information_n of_o judgement_n as_o to_o the_o matter_n of_o it_o so_o likewise_o it_o suppose_v that_o a_o man_n shall_v act_v in_o honest_a way_n and_o endeavour_v to_o attain_v his_o end_n by_o lawful_a mean_n and_o thus_o have_v i_o lay_v before_o you_o the_o property_n and_o character_n of_o that_o zeal_n which_o be_v according_a to_o knowledge_n which_o be_v the_o three_o and_o last_o thing_n which_o i_o propose_v upon_o this_o text_n and_o i_o pray_v god_n we_o may_v always_o remember_v they_o whenever_o we_o have_v occasion_n to_o express_v a_o zeal_n for_o any_o thing_n especial_o in_o matter_n of_o religion_n all_o that_o remain_v now_o be_v to_o make_v some_o brief_a application_n of_o my_o text_n with_o reference_n to_o the_o business_n of_o the_o day_n these_o word_n as_o i_o tell_v you_o be_v speak_v of_o the_o jew_n but_o the_o character_n here_o give_v of_o they_o do_v so_o well_o fit_a a_o sort_n of_o man_n who_o fiery_a zeal_n for_o god_n and_o their_o religion_n give_v occasion_n to_o the_o solemnity_n of_o this_o day_n that_o it_o look_v as_o if_o it_o be_v make_v for_o they_o it_o be_v the_o bigot_n of_o the_o church_n of_o rome_n that_o i_o mean_v to_o who_o we_o must_v do_v the_o same_o right_n that_o st._n paul_n here_o do_v his_o countryman_n we_o must_v bear_v they_o record_n that_o they_o have_v a_o zeal_n of_o god_n but_o not_o according_a to_o knowledge_n zealous_a they_o be_v sufficient_o as_o the_o jew_n be_v no_o body_n doubt_v of_o it_o but_o as_o for_o their_o zeal_n be_v according_a to_o knowledge_n there_o be_v great_a reason_n to_o doubt_v they_o be_v as_o faulty_a in_o that_o point_n as_o st._n paul_n countryman_n be_v indeed_o if_o you_o be_v to_o draw_v the_o comparison_n between_o the_o jewish_a and_o the_o popish_a zealot_n as_o to_o all_o the_o several_a particular_n that_o our_o saviour_n and_o st._n paul_n take_v notice_n of_o as_o instance_n of_o blind_a zeal_n in_o the_o former_a you_o will_v find_v in_o all_o those_o particular_n both_o their_o zeal_n to_o be_v much_o of_o a_o piece_n not_o only_o as_o to_o the_o fervour_n but_o as_o to_o the_o blindness_n of_o they_o be_v it_o a_o instance_n of_o ignorant_a zeal_n in_o the_o jew_n that_o they_o set_v up_o their_o tradition_n to_o the_o disparagement_n of_o the_o law_n of_o god_n i_o pray_v who_o be_v those_o that_o disparage_v the_o holy_a scripture_n by_o set_v their_o tradition_n upon_o a_o equal_a foot_n with_o they_o be_v the_o jew_n to_o be_v blame_v for_o that_o they_o be_v so_o zealous_a for_o their_o old_a religion_n as_o to_o oppose_v that_o reformation_n of_o it_o which_o our_o lord_n jesus_n endeavour_v to_o introduce_v among_o they_o because_o they_o think_v it_o be_v a_o innovation_n i_o pray_v who_o be_v those_o who_o upon_o that_o very_a ground_n oppose_v all_o reformation_n at_o this_o day_n though_o yet_o the_o wise_a and_o best_a man_n among_o themselves_o be_v sufficient_o sensible_a that_o there_o be_v great_a corruption_n both_o in_o their_o doctrine_n and_o worship_n be_v it_o a_o fault_n in_o the_o jewish_a zeal_n that_o it_o place_v religion_n too_o much_o in_o ceremony_n and_o formality_n in_o wash_v cup_n and_o platter_n in_o tithing_n mint_n and_o cummin_n and_o the_o like_a to_o the_o neglect_n of_o the_o weighty_a matter_n of_o the_o law_n justice_n and_o mercy_n and_o faith_n i_o pray_v wherein_o be_v image-worship_n invocation_n of_o saint_n penance_n pilgrimage_n the_o use_n of_o relic_n holy_a water_n etc._n etc._n i_o say_v wherein_o be_v these_o thing_n better_o than_o those_o and_o yet_o we_o know_v who_o they_o be_v that_o lie_v so_o great_a a_o stress_n upon_o these_o and_o such_o other_o thing_n that_o it_o may_v be_v true_o say_v a_o great_a part_n of_o their_o religion_n be_v make_v up_o of_o they_o it_o will_v not_o be_v difficult_a to_o run_v the_o parallel_n between_o the_o zeal_n of_o the_o two_o religion_n through_o several_a more_o
act_v they_o and_o not_o a_o zeal_n of_o god_n if_o such_o man_n can_v be_v know_v instead_o of_o be_v kind_o and_o charitable_o think_v of_o for_o their_o zeal_n in_o religion_n the_o virtuous_a part_n of_o mankind_n will_v look_v upon_o they_o as_o the_o worst_a of_o hypocrite_n but_o since_o god_n only_o know_v the_o heart_n of_o man_n all_o such_o pretender_n to_o zeal_n for_o religion_n must_v till_o we_o know_v they_o also_o be_v treat_v according_a to_o the_o merit_n of_o the_o cause_n they_o pretend_v to_o be_v zealous_a for_o but_o than_o four_o and_o last_o all_o that_o i_o have_v now_o say_v be_v with_o respect_n to_o those_o that_o be_v out_o of_o the_o limit_n of_o my_o text_n such_o as_o have_v no_o zeal_n of_o god_n though_o some_o of_o they_o may_v pretend_v it_o but_o then_o as_o for_o those_o that_o real_o act_v out_o of_o principle_n of_o conscience_n and_o have_v a_o real_a zeal_n of_o god_n though_o in_o a_o wrong_a way_n these_o be_v true_a object_n of_o our_o tenderness_n and_o compassion_n though_o yet_o in_o different_a degree_n for_o according_a as_o their_o principle_n and_o practice_n do_v more_o or_o less_o injure_v our_o common_a christianity_n or_o be_v more_o or_o less_o dangerous_a to_o our_o government_n and_o constitution_n in_o the_o same_o proportion_n the_o great_a or_o less_o tenderness_n and_o indulgence_n be_v to_o be_v express_v towards_o they_o but_o most_o of_o what_o concern_v this_o matter_n be_v already_o settle_v by_o law_n i_o will_v not_o be_v so_o bold_a as_o to_o meddle_v in_o it_o and_o therefore_o i_o proceed_v to_o the_o three_o head_n of_o my_o discourse_n iii_o the_o three_o thing_n i_o tell_v you_o we_o may_v observe_v from_o this_o text_n be_v this_o the_o apostle_n tacit_n reprehension_n of_o the_o jewish_a zeal_n upon_o this_o account_n that_o it_o be_v not_o according_a to_o knowledge_n the_o use_v i_o make_v of_o this_o be_v that_o from_o hence_o we_o may_v be_v able_a to_o gather_v to_o ourselves_o a_o true_a rule_n for_o the_o govern_v our_o zeal_n in_o matter_n of_o religion_n and_o likewise_o for_o the_o judge_n in_o other_o what_o zeal_n be_v commendable_a and_o what_o be_v not_o for_o be_v our_o zeal_n of_o god_n never_o so_o great_a yet_o if_o it_o be_v not_o a_o zeal_n according_a to_o knowledge_n it_o be_v not_o the_o right_a christian_n zeal_n and_o though_o we_o see_v other_o never_o so_o fervent_a and_o vehement_a in_o pursue_v a_o religious_a cause_n and_o that_o too_o out_o of_o conscience_n yet_o if_o this_o zeal_n of_o they_o be_v not_o according_a to_o knowledge_n it_o be_v a_o zeal_n that_o just_o deserve_v to_o be_v reprove_v and_o though_o both_o we_o and_o they_o may_v for_o our_o sincerity_n in_o god_n cause_n expect_v some_o allowance_n both_o from_o god_n and_o man_n yet_o neither_o they_o nor_o we_o can_v justify_v it_o either_o to_o god_n or_o man_n that_o we_o be_v thus_o foolish_o and_o ignorant_o zealous_a i_o wish_v this_o mark_n of_o right_a zeal_n that_o it_o ought_v to_o be_v according_a to_o knowledge_n be_v more_o consider_v for_o it_o seem_v not_o often_o to_o be_v think_v on_o by_o those_o that_o be_v most_o zealous_a in_o their_o way_n of_o what_o persuasion_n soever_o they_o be_v this_o same_o business_n of_o knowledge_n be_v a_o thing_n that_o be_v most_o common_o forget_v to_o be_v take_v in_o as_o a_o ingredient_n or_o companion_n of_o zeal_n in_o most_o sort_n of_o professor_n for_o as_o the_o world_n go_v those_o man_n be_v general_o find_v to_o be_v the_o great_a zealot_n who_o be_v most_o notorious_o ignorant_a whereas_o true_a zeal_n shall_v not_o only_o proceed_v from_o true_a knowledge_n but_o shall_v also_o be_v always_o accompany_v with_o it_o and_o govern_v by_o it_o but_o what_o be_v it_o to_o have_v a_o zeal_n according_a to_o knowledge_n what_o do_v this_o character_n of_o justifiable_a right_a zeal_n contain_v in_o it_o i_o answer_v it_o must_v at_o least_o contain_v in_o it_o these_o five_o follow_a thing_n first_o to_o have_v a_o zeal_n according_a to_o knowledge_n do_v import_v that_o we_o be_v not_o mistake_v as_o to_o the_o matter_n of_o our_o zeal_n that_o it_o be_v a_o good_a cause_n that_o we_o be_v zealous_a about_o and_o since_o it_o be_v zeal_n for_o god_n that_o we_o be_v here_o speak_v of_o it_o must_v be_v something_o wherein_o our_o duty_n be_v concern_v that_o must_v be_v the_o object_n of_o our_o zeal_n so_o that_o a_o right_a zeal_n of_o god_n imply_v that_o we_o do_v so_o well_o inform_v ourselves_o of_o the_o nature_n of_o our_o religion_n as_o not_o to_o pretend_v a_o religious_a zeal_n for_o any_o thing_n that_o be_v not_o a_o part_n of_o our_o religion_n if_o our_o zeal_n for_o god_n be_v as_o it_o shall_v be_v it_o must_v certain_o express_v itself_o in_o matter_n that_o be_v good_a about_o such_o object_n as_o god_n have_v make_v to_o be_v our_o duty_n it_o be_v good_a say_v st._n paul_n to_o be_v always_o zealous_o affect_v in_o a_o good_a matter_n but_o if_o we_o mistake_v in_o our_o cause_n if_o we_o take_v that_o for_o good_a which_o be_v evil_a or_o that_o for_o evil_a which_o be_v good_a here_o our_o zeal_n be_v not_o according_a to_o knowledge_n second_o as_o the_o object_n of_o our_o zeal_n must_v be_v according_a to_o knowledge_n so_o also_o the_o principle_n from_o whence_o our_o zeal_n proceed_v must_v be_v according_a to_o knowledge_n also_o that_o be_v to_o say_v we_o must_v have_v solid_a and_o rational_a ground_n to_o proceed_v upon_o in_o our_o concernment_n for_o any_o thing_n such_o as_o will_v not_o only_o satisfy_v ourselves_o but_o all_o other_o that_o be_v unbiased_a in_o a_o word_n such_o as_o we_o can_v justify_v to_o all_o the_o world_n if_o it_o be_v every_o man_n duty_n as_o st._n peter_n tell_v we_o it_o be_v to_o be_v ready_a to_o give_v a_o answer_n to_o every_o one_o that_o ask_v he_o a_o reason_n of_o the_o hope_n that_o be_v in_o he_o then_o i_o be_o sure_a it_o be_v much_o more_o every_o man_n duty_n to_o be_v able_a to_o give_v a_o reason_n of_o the_o zeal_n that_o be_v in_o he_o because_o this_o business_n of_o a_o man_n zeal_n do_v more_o affect_v the_o public_a and_o be_v of_o great_a concernment_n to_o it_o than_o what_o a_o man_n private_a faith_n or_o hope_n be_v but_o yet_o how_o little_a be_v this_o consider_v by_o many_o zealous_a man_n among_o we_o some_o be_v zealous_a for_o a_o point_n to_o serve_v a_o interest_n or_o a_o faction_n but_o this_o be_v not_o to_o be_v own_v as_o the_o ground_n and_o reason_n of_o their_o zeal_n for_o indeed_o if_o it_o shall_v it_o will_v not_o be_v allow_v of_o other_o be_v zealous_a for_o no_o other_o reason_n but_o because_o they_o find_v their_o teacher_n or_o those_o they_o most_o converse_v with_o be_v so_o they_o follow_v the_o common_a cry_n and_o examine_v no_o more_o of_o the_o matter_n other_o indeed_o have_v a_o principle_n of_o zeal_n beyond_o all_o this_o for_o they_o be_v move_v from_o within_o to_o stand_v up_o for_o this_o or_o the_o other_o cause_n they_o have_v impulse_n upon_o their_o mind_n which_o they_o can_v resist_v but_o that_o in_o truth_n be_v no_o more_o a_o justifiable_a ground_n of_o any_o man_n zeal_n than_o either_o of_o the_o former_a for_o if_o these_o motion_n and_o impulse_n that_o they_o speak_v of_o be_v from_o god_n there_o will_v certain_o be_v convey_v along_o with_o they_o such_o reason_n and_o argument_n for_o the_o thing_n that_o they_o be_v to_o be_v zealous_a about_o as_o will_v if_o they_o be_v declare_v satisfy_v and_o convince_v all_o other_o reasonable_a man_n as_o well_o as_o themselves_o for_o it_o be_v a_o ridiculous_a thing_n to_o imagine_v that_o god_n at_o this_o day_n do_v move_v or_o impel_v man_n in_o any_o other_o way_n than_o what_o be_v agreeable_a to_o the_o reason_n of_o mankind_n and_o the_o rule_n of_o his_o holy_a word_n and_o if_o the_o man_n zeal_n can_v be_v justify_v by_o either_o of_o these_o there_o be_v no_o need_n of_o vouch_v inspiration_n for_o it_o three_o as_o the_o zeal_n which_o be_v according_a to_o knowledge_n have_v a_o good_a matter_n for_o its_o object_n and_o proceed_v from_o a_o right_a principle_n so_o it_o be_v also_o regular_a as_o to_o the_o measure_n of_o it_o he_o that_o have_v it_o be_v careful_a that_o it_o do_v not_o exceed_v its_o due_a bound_n as_o the_o ignorant_a zeal_n often_o do_v but_o he_o distinguish_v between_o the_o several_a object_n he_o be_v zealous_a for_o and_o allow_v every_o one_o of_o they_o just_o so_o great_a a_o concernment_n as_o the_o thing_n be_v worth_a and_o no_o more_o if_o the_o thing_n be_v but_o a_o small_a matter_n he_o be_v but_o in_o a_o