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A28532 The second booke, concerning the three principles of the divine essence of the eternall, dark, light, and temporary vvorld shewing what the soule, the image and the spirit of the soule are : as also what angels, heaven, and paradise are : how Adam was before the fall, in the fall, and after the fall : and what the wrath of God, sinne, death, the devils and hell are, how all things have been, now are, and how they shall be at the last / written in the German language by Jacob Behmen, aliàs Teutonicus Philosophus.; Beschreibung der drey Principien göttliches Wesens. English Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624.; Sparrow, John, 1615-1665? 1648 (1648) Wing B3417; ESTC R17042 460,920 444

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teacher_n verse_n 13_o chapter_n 9_o the_o devil_n know_v not_o paradise_n verse_n 7_o chapter_n 10._o the_o devil_n can_v be_v help_v or_o save_v verse_n 50_o chapter_n 10._o how_o the_o devil_n shall_v have_v be_v if_o they_o have_v not_o fall_v verse_n 51_o chapter_n 11._o the_o great_a number_n of_o devil_n wherefore_o they_o fall_v verse_n 1_o 2_o chapter_n 11._o the_o devil_n mind_n be_v the_o cause_n of_o the_o lift_n up_o of_o himself_o verse_n 1._o to_o the_o 3_o chapter_n 14._o the_o devil_n will_v domineer_v over_o the_o heart_n of_o god_n verse_n 43_o chapter_n 15._o whence_o the_o devil_n have_v their_o name_n verse_n 5_o chapter_n 15._o the_o devil_n be_v the_o cause_n of_o their_o own_o fall_n verse_n 6_o chapter_n 15._o out_o of_o what_o the_o devil_n be_v create_v verse_n 7_o chapter_n 15._o the_o devil_n impotency_n over_o a_o child_n verse_n 26_o chapter_n 15._o the_o devil_n kingdom_n be_v sow_v also_o in_o the_o copulation_n verse_n 33_o chapter_n 15._o how_o we_o can_v tread_v upon_o the_o head_n of_o the_o devil_n verse_n 44_o chapter_n 15._o how_o the_o devil_n kingdom_n be_v hold_v captive_a verse_n 58_o chapter_n 15._o the_o devil_n tempt_v man_n in_o the_o first_o principle_n verse_n 59_o chapter_n 15._o what_o the_o hunger_n and_o satiate_v of_o the_o devil_n be_v verse_n 61_o chapter_n 17._o how_o the_o devil_n win_v the_o game_n of_o adam_n verse_n 62_o chapter_n 17._o after_o the_o fall_v the_o devil_n &_o man_n be_v both_o in_o one_o kingdom_n verse_n 62_o chapter_n 17._o how_o the_o devil_n mock_v god_n in_o his_o mind_n when_o adam_n be_v fall_v verse_n 63_o chapter_n 17._o whither_o the_o devil_n fly_v in_o his_o pride_n verse_n 64_o chapter_n 17._o the_o devil_n be_v executioner_n verse_n 66_o chapter_n 17._o the_o devil_n be_v the_o driver_n forward_o to_o all_o mischief_n verse_n 67_o chapter_n 17._o the_o devil_n hold_v the_o soul_n fast_o verse_n 74_o chapter_n 17._o the_o devil_n be_v the_o high_a cause_n of_o adam_n fall_n verse_n 93_o chapter_n 17._o the_o devil_n sport_v with_o man_n image_n when_o it_o be_v fall_v verse_n 96_o chapter_n 17._o the_o devil_n understand_v not_o the_o promise_n of_o the_o treader_n upon_o the_o serpent_n verse_n 97_o chapter_n 17._o the_o devil_n judgement_n be_v hide_v to_o he_o verse_n 100_o chapter_n 20._o the_o devil_n have_v sow_v tare_n or_o weed_n verse_n 30_o chapter_n 20._o the_o devil_n dance_v at_o cain_n murder_v his_o brother_n verse_n 84_o chapter_n 21._o the_o devil_n hold_v his_o swine_n apple_n before_o the_o soul_n verse_n 51_o chapter_n 21._o the_o subtlety_n of_o the_o devil_n against_o the_o constant_a soul_n verse_n 54_o chapter_n 21._o the_o devil_n also_o stir_v up_o the_o child_n of_o god_n against_o the_o soul_n verse_n 55_o chapter_n 21._o what_o the_o devil_n saddle_v horse_n be_v verse_n 63_o chapter_n 23._o where_o the_o devil_n be_v verse_n 16_o chapter_n 23._o the_o devil_n have_v no_o power_n of_o the_o soul_n of_o a_o child_n before_o the_o time_n of_o its_o understanding_n verse_n 38_o chapter_n 24._o who_o be_v the_o devil_n bloudhound_n verse_n 11_o chapter_n 24._o how_o the_o devil_n seduce_v the_o soul_n verse_n 13_o chapter_n 24._o the_o devil_n watch_v for_o the_o soul_n when_o flesh_n and_o blood_n judge_v of_o any_o thing_n as_o a_o cat_n watch_v for_o a_o mouse_n verse_n 15_o chapter_n 24._o the_o devil_n trick_n to_o entrap_v the_o author_n verse_n 16_o 17_o chapter_n 25._o where_o the_o devil_n and_o the_o wrath_n be_v captivate_v verse_n 13_o chapter_n 25._o in_o what_o place_n the_o devil_n be_v verse_n 42_o chapter_n 25._o the_o devil_n bitter_a salt_n wherewith_o man_n rub_v one_o another_o verse_n 56_o chapter_n 25._o how_o the_o devil_n tremble_v at_o christ_n death_n verse_n 71_o chapter_n 25._o the_o devil_n be_v blind_a in_o the_o light_n verse_n 71_o chapter_n 25._o the_o devil_n dwell_v not_o far_o from_o christ_n verse_n 105_o chapter_n 26._o how_o the_o devil_n will_v needs_o be_v god_n when_o the_o gospel_n begin_v verse_n 23_o chapter_n 27._o how_o the_o devil_n shall_v tremble_v at_o the_o last_o judgement_n verse_n 13_o discourse_n chapter_n 12._o the_o wonderful_a discourse_n of_o adam_n spirit_n in_o paradise_n verse_n 36._o to_o the_o 47_o chapter_n 14._o the_o discourse_n and_o agreement_n between_o the_o element_n in_o the_o incarnation_n of_o a_o child_n verse_n 22._o to_o the_o 25_o chapter_n 24._o the_o discourse_n of_o he_o who_o fall_v among_o the_o murderer_n between_o jericho_n and_o jerusalem_n verse_n 4_o doctor_n chapter_n 9_o the_o doctor_n who_o be_v in_o the_o school_n of_o pentecost_n be_v in_o respect_n of_o the_o author_n as_o paul_n be_v in_o respect_n of_o the_o other_o apostle_n verse_n 47_o chapter_n 13._o the_o doctor_n kill_v man_n think_v to_o find_v how_o the_o incarnation_n of_o a_o child_n be_v by_o anatomy_n but_o in_o vain_a verse_n 42_o doctrine_n chapter_n 27._o the_o several_a sort_n of_o doctrine_n must_v not_o all_o be_v reject_v verse_n 21_o dominion_n chapter_n 10._o dominion_n come_v not_o from_o the_o love_n of_o god_n verse_n 36_o chapter_n 20._o whence_o dominion_n arise_v verse_n 86._o to_o the_o 88_o chapter_n 25._o whence_o dominion_n come_v verse_n 55_o earnestness_n chapter_n 16._o the_o earnestness_n that_o we_o must_v use_v in_o tame_v our_o body_n verse_n 42_o chapter_n 16._o with_o what_o earnestness_n we_o must_v set_v upon_o the_o new_a birth_n verse_n 48_o chapter_n 17._o the_o earnestness_n that_o the_o mind_n must_v use_v verse_n 79_o chapter_n 24._o the_o earnestness_n of_o the_o soul_n make_v the_o devil_n weak_a and_o faint_a verse_n 30_o earth_n earthly_a chapter_n 5._o from_o whence_o earth_n have_v its_o consolidation_n verse_n 7_o chapter_n 5_o whence_o earth_n water_n &_o the_o rocky_a cliff_n come_v to_o be_v so_o as_o they_o be_v verse_n 29_o chapter_n 15._o of_o what_o earth_n and_o stone_n be_v verse_n 7._o to_o the_o 9_o chapter_n 15._o god_n will_v not_o the_o earthly_a copulation_n verse_n 35_o chapter_n 17._o where_o earth_n and_o stone_n be_v generate_v verse_n 8_o chapter_n 25._o why_o the_o earth_n tremble_v at_o the_o death_n of_o christ_n verse_n 44_o chapter_n 27._o earthly_a knowledge_n vanish_v in_o the_o judgement_n verse_n 19_o election_n chapter_n 17._o of_o election_n before_o the_o foundation_n of_o the_o world_n verse_n 102_o 103_o chapter_n 20._o how_o little_a knowledge_n babel_n have_v of_o the_o election_n verse_n 59_o element_n element_n chapter_n 14._o a_o description_n what_o the_o one_o element_n be_v verse_n 41_o 42_o chapter_n 14._o of_o the_o one_o element_n and_o of_o the_o four_o element_n verse_n 44._o to_o the_o 46._o chapter_n 14._o what_o the_o one_o pure_a element_n be_v verse_n 88_o chapter_n 17._o where_o the_o element_n have_v their_o original_a verse_n 48_o chapter_n 17._o the_o element_n out_o of_o which_o the_o four_o element_n proceed_v in_o the_o beginning_n that_o be_v without_o understanding_n verse_n 7_o chapter_n 22._o what_o the_o eternal_a element_n be_v verse_n 19_o 20_o chapter_n 22._o why_o the_o element_n tremble_v verse_n 46_o chapter_n 22._o the_o one_o element_n be_v substantial_a verse_n 62_o eve_n chapter_n 13._o eve_n creation_n describe_v verse_n 12._o to_o 20_o chapter_n 13._o the_o soul_n and_o form_n of_o eve_n before_o the_o fall_n verse_n 34._o to_o the_o 36_o chapter_n 15._o why_o god_n must_v make_v eve_n verse_n 18_o chapter_n 17._o eve_n be_v create_v for_o the_o corruptibility_n verse_n 10_o chapter_n 17._o how_o eve_n be_v beguile_v verse_n 32_o chapter_n 17._o how_o eve_n create_v verse_n 55_o chapter_n 17._o eve_n be_v beguile_v through_o her_o carlesnesse_n verse_n 57_o chapter_n 18_o the_o sentence_n upon_o eve_n verse_n 19_o chapter_n 20._o eve_n and_o the_o apostle_n think_v the_o same_o thing_n verse_n 44_o evil_n chapter_n 1._o the_o evil_n be_v not_o god_n verse_n 2_o chapter_n 1._o what_o be_v the_o first_o matter_n of_o evil_n verse_n 5._o to_o the_o 14_o chapter_n 20._o the_o evil_n domineer_v over_o the_o good_a but_o god_n have_v not_o ordain_v that_o it_o shall_v be_v so_o verse_n 29_o chapter_n 21._o evil_a and_o good_a be_v in_o one_o another_o verse_n 17_o chapter_n 24._o from_o whence_o evil_a thought_n come_v verse_n 29_o fall_n chapter_n 11._o of_o lucifer_n and_o adam_n fall_n verse_n 5_o chapter_n 11._o how_o their_o fall_n be_v foresee_v verse_n 22_o chapter_n 11._o reason_n speak_v against_o the_o fall_n verse_n 29_o chapter_n 18._o how_o god_n will_v not_o and_o yet_o will_v the_o fall_n verse_n 12_o 13_o father_n chapter_n 15._o how_o father_n and_o mother_n be_v warn_v verse_n 25_o chapter_n 17._o where_o god_n the_o father_n generate_v the_o son_n verse_n 85_o chapter_n 20._o of_o the_o draw_v of_o the_o father_n verse_n
chapter_n 10._o what_o the_o centre_n be_v verse_n 40_o chapter_n 14._o what_o be_v the_o centre_n verse_n 67_o candlestick_n chapter_n 20._o what_o the_o seven_o candlestick_n be_v verse_n 42_o champion_n chapter_n 18._o what_o manner_n of_o person_n the_o champion_n in_o the_o battle_n be_v verse_n 21_o chapter_n 22._o how_o the_o champion_n or_o saviour_n be_v conceive_v in_o mary_n verse_n 37_o chapter_n 25._o who_o be_v the_o champion_n verse_n 42_o child_n child_n chapter_n 15._o after_o the_o life_n be_v kindle_v a_o child_n be_v of_o itself_o verse_n 39_o chapter_n 15._o how_o a_o child_n shall_v be_v in_o the_o resurrection_n that_o perish_v before_o the_o kindle_v of_o the_o light_n of_o life_n verse_n 38_o chapter_n 23._o a_o child_n new_o bear_v be_v as_o acceptable_a to_o god_n as_o one_o in_o year_n that_o repent_v of_o sin_n verse_n 31_o chapter_n 16._o we_o be_v all_o the_o child_n of_o iniquity_n according_a to_o the_o spirit_n of_o this_o world_n verse_n 25_o chapter_n 20._o why_o two_o sort_n of_o child_n be_v generate_v from_o adam_n &_o eve_n verse_n 58_o chapter_n 22._o how_o we_o be_v the_o child_n of_o wrath_n verse_n 25_o chapter_n 23._o how_o it_o be_v with_o many_o of_o the_o child_n of_o wicked_a parent_n verse_n 36_o chapter_n 24._o the_o very_a child_n of_o god_n hinder_v the_o tree_n of_o pearl_n verse_n 32_o christ_n christian_n christendom_n chapter_n 12._o the_o temptation_n of_o christ_n verse_n 12._o to_o the_o 14_o chapter_n 18._o the_o veil_n of_o christ_n be_v do_v away_o verse_n 1_o chapter_n 18._o the_o corporiety_n of_o christ_n be_v inferior_a to_o the_o deity_n verse_n 39_o chapter_n 18._o what_o be_v the_o seed_n to_o the_o creature_n of_o christ_n verse_n 41_o chapter_n 18._o christ_n incarnation_n or_o become_v man._n verse_n 35._o to_o the_o 54_o chapter_n 18._o christ_n the_o most_o wonderful_a person_n in_o the_o deity_n verse_n 52_o chapter_n 18._o christ_n be_v the_o heaven_n of_o those_o that_o be_v his_o member_n verse_n 84_o chapter_n 18._o christ_n incarnation_n from_o verse_n 85._o to_o the_o 91_o chapter_n 19_o christ_n invit_v all_o verse_n 31_o chapter_n 22._o christ_n be_v bear_v of_o a_o pure_a virgin_n verse_n 29_o chapter_n 22._o how_o christ_n receive_v or_o assume_v his_o soul_n verse_n 39_o chapter_n 22._o the_o incarnation_n of_o christ_n verse_n 41_o chapter_n 22._o how_o christ_n be_v our_o brother_n verse_n 45_o chapter_n 22._o christ_n have_v open_v the_o gate_n of_o life_n for_o all_o verse_n 48_o chapter_n 22._o from_o whence_o christ_n be_v verse_n 52_o 53_o chapter_n 22._o how_o christ_n assume_v or_o receive_v our_o body_n verse_n 66_o chapter_n 22._o christ_n soul_n be_v from_o heaven_n and_o not_o from_o heaven_n verse_n 67_o chapter_n 22._o christ_n soul_n be_v our_o brother_n verse_n 67_o chapter_n 22._o christ_n body_n be_v the_o food_n of_o our_o soul_n verse_n 67_o chapter_n 22._o how_o christ_n be_v a_o king_n verse_n 72_o chapter_n 22._o how_o christ_n be_v a_o person_n in_o the_o trinity_n verse_n 75_o chapter_n 22._o of_o the_o name_n christus_fw-la in_o the_o language_n of_o nature_n verse_n 77_o 78_o chapter_n 22._o christ_n tempt_v from_o verse_n 80._o to_o the_o 100_o chapter_n 23._o of_o christ_n presence_n every_o where_n verse_n 3._o to_o the_o 11_o chapter_n 23._o what_o christ_n disciple_n receive_v in_o the_o lord_n supper_n verse_n 13_o 14_o chapter_n 23._o christ_n bind_v the_o devil_n every_o where_n verse_n 16_o chapter_n 23._o how_o we_o be_v foresee_v in_o christ_n verse_n 21_o 22_o chapter_n 24._o a_o christian_a do_v not_o right_o know_v himself_o verse_n 34_o chapter_n 25._o christ_n spring_v up_o with_o his_o holy_a body_n through_o death_n verse_n 11_o chapter_n 25._o of_o christ_n new_a body_n verse_n 12_o chapter_n 25._o the_o contemptible_a death_n of_o christ_n be_v a_o stumble_a block_n to_o the_o jew_n turk_n and_o pagan_n verse_n 15_o 16_o chapter_n 25._o how_o christ_n sweat_n drop_n of_o blood_n verse_n 22_o chapter_n 25._o christ_n passion_n or_o course_n compare_v with_o adam_n whole_a course_n of_o what_o happen_v to_o he_o verse_n 23._o to_o 40_o chapter_n 25._o what_o christ_n lay_v off_o in_o death_n verse_n 47_o chapter_n 25._o christ_n have_v heavenly_a flesh_n in_o the_o earthly_a man_n and_o we_o too_o verse_n 48_o chapter_n 25._o how_o we_o put_v on_o christ_n verse_n 48_o chapter_n 25._o christ_n have_v also_o bear_v our_o actual_a sin_n verse_n 52_o chapter_n 25._o wherefore_o christ_n passion_n be_v verse_n 57_o to_o the_o 61_o chapter_n 25._o christendom_n must_v expect_v the_o sign_n of_o elias_n verse_n 82_o chapter_n 25._o christ_n conversation_n forty_o day_n after_o his_o resurrection_n verse_n 88_o chapter_n 25._o christ_n be_v not_o separate_v from_o we_o verse_n 89_o chapter_n 25._o christ_n do_v eat_v after_o his_o resurrection_n verse_n 91_o chapter_n 25._o the_o description_n of_o christ_n ascension_n verse_n 98._o to_o the_o 108_o chapter_n 25._o w●at_a christ_n body_n and_o his_o throne_n be_v verse_n 104_o chapter_n 25._o how_o christ_n sit_v at_o the_o right_a hand_n of_o god_n verse_n 106_o chapter_n 25._o of_o christ_n creature_n verse_n 106_o chapter_n 25._o how_o christ_n be_v in_o heaven_n verse_n 108_o chapter_n 26._o how_o the_o body_n of_o christ_n be_v after_o his_o resurrection_n verse_n 1._o to_o the_o 7_o chapter_n 26._o when_o christ_n body_n be_v glorify_v verse_n 2._o to_o the_o 4_o chapter_n 26._o christ_n have_v not_o a_o body_n that_o be_v altogether_o earthly_a verse_n 9_o commandment_n conversion_n chapter_n 17._o why_o the_o commandment_n be_v give_v to_o adam_n verse_n 16_o chapter_n 24._o what_o be_v require_v in_o conversion_n verse_n 27_o contention_n chapter_n 25._o no_o contention_n be_v necessary_a or_o profitable_a verse_n 83_o counsellor_n chapter_n 16._o there_o be_v five_o counsellor_n sit_v in_o the_o brain_n verse_n 22_o covenant_n chapter_n 18._o what_o the_o covenant_n do_v profit_n before_o christ_n come_v in_o the_o flesh_n verse_n 34_o coin_v chapter_n 20._o how_o the_o coin_v of_o gold_n and_o silver_n have_v not_o be_v needful_a verse_n 17_o creation_n creature_n chapter_n 23._o how_o the_o creation_n endure_v till_o the_o last_o judgement_n verse_n 20_o chapter_n 9_o why_o the_o essence_n or_o substance_n of_o the_o creature_n be_v not_o eternal_a verse_n 37_o chapter_n 9_o the_o figure_n or_o shape_n of_o the_o creature_n remain_v eternal_o verse_n 38_o 39_o chapter_n 14._o in_o what_o form_n the_o creature_n shall_v be_v in_o paradise_n verse_n 33_o chapter_n 14._o whence_o the_o creature_n have_v their_o skill_n verse_n 34_o chapter_n 18._o the_o eternal_a and_o temporary_a creature_n in_o christ_n be_v one_o verse_n 40_o curse_n chapter_n 18._o what_o god_n curse_v be_v verse_n 5_o chapter_n 18._o before_o the_o curse_n there_o be_v no_o such_o evil_a weed_n nor_o live_v creature_n as_o there_o be_v now_o verse_n 7_o chapter_n 18._o there_o be_v great_a difference_n of_o beast_n before_o the_o curse_n verse_n 8_o chapter_n 18._o after_o the_o curse_n fruit_n must_v be_v plant_v verse_n 9_o chapter_n 20._o what_o the_o curse_n of_o god_n be_v verse_n 93_o darkness_n chapter_n 4._o from_o whence_o darkness_n have_v its_o name_n verse_n 48_o chapter_n 7._o how_o the_o darkness_n long_v after_o the_o light_n verse_n 13_o death_n chapter_n 13._o what_o the_o first_o die_v or_o death_n be_v and_o whence_o it_o come_v verse_n 53_o chapter_n 15._o the_o abyss_n of_o death_n be_v in_o a_o young_a child_n verse_n 29_o chapter_n 15._o what_o death_n adam_n die_v in_o paradise_n verse_n 37_o chapter_n 17._o wherein_o it_o be_v that_o death_n stick_v verse_n 16_o chapter_n 19_o what_o die_v or_o death_n be_v verse_n 12_o 13_o chapter_n 19_o what_o that_o be_v which_o be_v call_v the_o great_a death_n verse_n 15_o chapter_n 19_o conversion_n in_o the_o last_o hour_n of_o death_n verse_n 43_o deity_n chapter_n 8._o the_o deity_n be_v manifest_a in_o all_o thing_n verse_n 3_o chapter_n 22._o the_o deity_n be_v invisible_a verse_n 63_o deluge_n chapter_n 18._o why_o the_o deluge_n or_o noah_n flood_n come_v verse_n 26._o to_o the_o 28_o despair_n doubt_v chapter_n 20._o whence_o despair_n arise_v verse_n 107_o chapter_n 24._o all_o doubt_v come_v from_o the_o devil_n verse_n 28_o devil_n chapter_n 2._o the_o devil_n look_v into_o the_o first_o principle_n verse_n 3_o chapter_n 4._o what_o the_o hell_n of_o the_o devil_n be_v verse_n 36_o chapter_n 4._o neither_o the_o devil_n nor_o the_o wicked_a be_v make_v out_o of_o any_o evil_a matter_n verse_n 37_o chapter_n 4._o whence_o the_o devil_n angel_n and_o soul_n be_v verse_n 46_o chapter_n 4._o the_o whole_a description_n of_o the_o devil_n and_o their_o fall_n verse_n 64._o to_o the_o 74_o chapter_n 8._o the_o devil_n be_v the_o world_n