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A04816 The burthen of a loaden conscience: or the miserie of sinne set forth by the confession of a miserable sinner. Kilby, Richard, d. 1617. 1608 (1608) STC 14950; ESTC S100262 42,020 107

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folk_n that_o if_o i_o offer_v to_o say_v grace_n among_o they_o they_o will_v think_v scornful_o of_o i_o and_o reckon_v i_o a_o precise_a foolish_a body_n i_o answer_v first_o if_o you_o be_v the_o disciple_n of_o christ_n you_o serve_v a_o good_a master_n be_v not_o ashamed_a of_o he_o and_o his_o service_n lest_o he_o be_v ashamed_a of_o you_o at_o the_o day_n of_o judgement_n second_o if_o you_o for_o serve_v god_n be_v ill_o think_v of_o a_o bless_a soul_n be_v you_o ●●_o ●tth_v 9.10_o ●●_o it_o be_v a_o great_a favour_n of_o god_n if_o he_o vouchsafe_v to_o give_v you_o the_o grace_n to_o suffer_v any_o wrong_n for_o his_o sake_n for_o great_a be_v their_o reward_n in_o heaven_n that_o be_v any_o way_n persecute_v for_o righteousness_n sake_n grace_n before_o meat_n o_o bless_a lord_n god_n i_o humble_o beseech_v thou_o to_o pardon_v my_o sin_n and_o to_o bless_v the_o food_n which_o it_o please_v thou_o to_o give_v i_o that_o i_o may_v be_v thereby_o nourish_v &_o make_v able_a to_o do_v thou_o true_a service_n in_o my_o call_n through_o jesus_n christ_n thy_o only_a son_n our_o lord_n and_o saviour_n amen_n grace_n after_o you_o have_v eat_v and_o drunken_a o_o most_o merciful_a lord_n god_n i_o be_o bind_v to_o give_v thou_o humble_a and_o hearty_a thanks_n for_o thy_o manifold_a blessing_n give_v unto_o i_o and_o to_o all_o mankind_n therefore_o i_o beseech_v the_o to_o give_v i_o grace_n that_o i_o may_v be_v continual_o thankful_a unto_o thou_o through_o jesus_n christ_n thy_o only_a son_n our_o lord_n amen_n use_v often_o to_o say_v the_o lord_n prayer_n so_o call_v because_o our_o lord_n jesus_n christ_n make_v it_o and_o teach_v it_o his_o disciple_n it_o be_v a_o most_o heavenly_a prayer_n short_a and_o sweet_a contain_v all_o that_o we_o need_v in_o few_o word_n therefore_o you_o must_v say_v it_o very_o leisurely_o and_o also_o understand_o according_a to_o my_o weak_a understanding_n i_o will_v by_o the_o grace_n of_o god_n brief_o open_a unto_o you_o the_o meaning_n of_o the_o lord_n prayer_n o_o father_n of_o jesus_n christ_n pray●ned_v the_o l●_n pray●ned_v and_o through_o he_o the_o father_n of_o all_o true_a christian_n of_o which_o number_n i_o trust_v that_o by_o thy_o grace_n i_o be_o one_o thy_o glorious_a majesty_n and_o powerful_a greatness_n fill_v heaven_n and_o earth_n but_o in_o heaven_n thy_o joyful_a countenance_n be_v to_o be_v see_v thy_o name_n be_v holy_a o_o let_v the_o holiness_n thereof_o be_v every_o day_n more_o and_o more_o set_v forth_o that_o all_o the_o world_n may_v honour_v thou_o in_o heart_n word_n and_o deed_n thou_o be_v the_o only_a rightful_a king_n of_o heaven_n and_o earth_n but_o the_o devil_n by_o temptation_n have_v make_v we_o rebel_v against_o thou_o o_o let_v the_o kingdom_n of_o thy_o grace_n come_v into_o our_o heart_n and_o put_v out_o satan_n for_o evermore_o thy_o angel_n and_o saint_n in_o heaven_n do_v altogether_o obey_v thy_o will_n o_o grant_v that_o we_o child_n of_o man_n here_o upon_o earth_n may_v likewise_o be_v obedient_a unto_o thou_o in_o all_o thing_n our_o body_n do_v daily_o need_v the_o comfortable_a supplier_fw-fr of_o food_n raiment_n lodging_n and_o such_o like_a o_o give_v we_o therefore_o such_o continual_a comfort_n as_o thou_o know_v we_o can_v be_v without_o and_o because_o it_o be_v dangerous_a to_o our_o fowl_n to_o have_v too_o much_o or_o too_o little_a of_o worldly_a good_n we_o beseech_v thou_o to_o give_v we_o neither_o more_o nor_o less_o but_o just_a so_o much_o as_o by_o thy_o grace_n may_v best_o fit_v we_o to_o serve_v and_o please_v thou_o our_o sin_n do_v deserve_v thy_o wrathful_a vengeance_n and_o everlasting_a torment_n in_o hell_n fire_n yet_o of_o thy_o wonderful_a mercy_n thou_o do_v offer_v unto_o we_o thy_o gracious_a pardon_n through_o jesus_n christ_n with_o condi●●on_n that_o we_o shall_v hearty_o forgive_v all_o that_o ●ffend_v we_o o_o good_a lord_n we_o do_v forgive_v ●hem_n from_o the_o bottom_n of_o our_o heart_n and_o ●s_v we_o do_v forgive_v they_o and_o not_o seek_v revenge_n against_o they_o so_o we_o pray_v thou_o to_o forgive_v we_o and_o not_o to_o late_a thy_o heavy_a vengeance_n upon_o us._n the_o devil_n by_o mean_n of_o this_o world_n and_o our_o own_o naughty_a inclination_n can_v easy_o overcome_v we_o and_o tempt_v we_o to_o his_o pleasure_n therefore_o we_o beseech_v thou_o that_o thou_o will_v not_o give_v we_o over_o into_o his_o hand_n but_o by_o thy_o almighty_a goodness_n preserve_v we_o from_o satan_n and_o all_o his_o partaker_n for_o the_o kingdom_n of_o all_o blessedness_n be_v thou_o thou_o be_v the_o right_a owner_n of_o all_o goodness_n all_o power_n come_v from_o thou_o and_o therefore_o all_o glory_n and_o praise_n be_v due_a only_a to_o thou_o o_o father_n almighty_a with_o thy_o son_n and_o thy_o holy_a ghost_n for_o evermore_o be_v it_o even_o so_o amen_n pray_v often_o and_o with_o great_a devotion_n unto_o god_n that_o all_o christian_a people_n may_v be_v knit_v together_o by_o the_o holy_a ghost_n in_o one_o faith_n and_o one_o charity_n and_o show_v forth_o the_o mighty_a power_n of_o god_n in_o their_o life_n and_o conversation_n that_o the_o jew_n turk_n and_o all_o misbelieve_a people_n may_v thereby_o take_v knowledge_n that_o christian_a religion_n be_v the_o only_a true_a worship_v and_o service_n of_o god_n and_o thereupon_o turn_v to_o be_v true_a christian_n for_o it_o be_v not_o war_n nor_o worldly_a conquest_n that_o turn_v people_n unto_o god_n but_o the_o holy_a prayer_n and_o heavenly_a life_n of_o they_o that_o serve_v god_n if_o god_n will_v not_o hold_v he_o guiltless_a that_o take_v his_o name_n in_o vain_a what_o shall_v become_v of_o i_o who_o have_v all_o my_o life_n time_n most_o grievous_o take_v his_o name_n in_o vain_a every_o kind_n of_o way_n for_o first_o i_o profess_v myself_o a_o christian_n that_o be_v a_o child_n of_o god_n through_o jesus_n christ_n but_o indeed_o i_o have_v be_v heretofore_o the_o child_n of_o the_o devil_n because_o i_o have_v do_v his_o will_n and_o not_o god_n will_n second_o i_o take_v upon_o i_o to_o be_v a_o minister_n of_o christ_n that_o be_v a_o messenger_n send_v of_o god_n to_o join_v with_o the_o holy_a ghost_n in_o train_n people_n to_o be_v child_n of_o god_n but_o indeed_o i_o join_v in_o work_n with_o the_o devil_n to_o make_v people_n his_o child_n the_o very_a name_n and_o word_n of_o god_n i_o use_v vain_o rash_o unreverent_o and_o undiscreet_o to_o glorify_v and_o please_v myself_o not_o to_o glorify_v and_o please_v he_o all_o christian_n take_v heed_n to_o yourselves_o if_o you_o wear_v the_o king_n livery_n serve_v not_o the_o king_n enemy_n you_o be_v christen_v in_o the_o name_n of_o the_o father_n and_o of_o the_o son_n and_o of_o the_o holy_a ghost_n therefore_o serve_v god_n and_o not_o the_o devil_n lest_o it_o be_v prove_v against_o you_o at_o the_o day_n of_o judgement_n that_o you_o take_v god_n name_n in_o vain_a and_o so_o you_o be_v find_v guilty_a at_o that_o day_n neither_o shall_v the_o only_o preach_v nor_o the_o only_a hear_n of_o god_n word_n be_v allow_v for_o both_o take_v the_o name_n of_o god_n in_o vain_a because_o the_o one_o preach_v and_o practise_v not_o the_o other_o hear_v and_o do_v not_o the_o will_n of_o god_n therefore_o both_o shall_v be_v cast_v away_o with_o this_o grievous_a sentence_n i_o know_v you_o not_o 27._o matth._n 23._o luk._n 13_o 27._o away_o from_o i_o you_o worker_n of_o unrighteousness_n therefore_o frame_v yourselves_o to_o be_v obedient_a unto_o your_o lord_n god_n and_o do_v not_o think_v speak_v write_v hear_v or_o profess_v his_o name_n or_o his_o word_n without_o due_a discretion_n and_o groat_n reverence_n do_v not_o make_v so_o light_a reckon_n of_o your_o god_n as_o to_o use_v his_o name_n or_o his_o word_n in_o idleness_n it_o be_v idle_a to_o call_v upon_o the_o name_n of_o god_n without_o good_a cause_n and_o reverend_a manner_n as_o some_o will_v say_v o_o god_n what_o a_o jest_n be_v this_o o_o jesu_n who_o ever_o hard_a the_o like_a in_o any_o such_o speak_a you_o be_v too_o bold_a with_o your_o god_n it_o be_v also_o a_o vain_a take_n of_o god_n name_n to_o praise_v he_o in_o scorn_v or_o blame_v oother_n as_o some_o will_v not_o be_v content_a to_o say_v of_o a_o idle_a body_n he_o live_v idle_o but_o they_o will_v say_v god_n be_v thank_v he_o live_v idle_o o_o do_v not_o thank_v god_n for_o any_o sin_n because_o you_o shall_v so_o do_v he_o great_a wrong_n and_o of_o all_o thing_n he_o can_v abide_v it_o to_o be_v note_v as_o the_o cause_n of_o sin_n which_o be_v far_o from_o his_o most_o holy_a
word_n or_o deed_n first_o consider_v well_o whether_o you_o have_v give_v any_o cause_n either_o special_o touch_v that_o party_n or_o by_o any_o misbehaviour_n examine_v your_o heart_n before_o the_o face_n of_o god_n as_o he_o shall_v judge_v your_o soul_n and_o if_o you_o find_v yourself_o any_o way_n in_o fault_n cry_v god_n mercy_n both_o for_o your_o own_o sin_n and_o for_o his_o that_o have_v thereupon_o do_v you_o harm_n for_o if_o you_o have_v not_o give_v cause_n he_o have_v not_o sin_v in_o harm_v you_o by_o word_n or_o deed_n but_o if_o your_o conscience_n be_v clear_a that_o you_o be_v hurt_v by_o they_o to_o who_o you_o have_v give_v no_o cause_n then_o if_o you_o can_v have_v true_a patience_n you_o be_v god_n own_o child_n if_o a_o man_n be_v by_o the_o law_n of_o the_o realm_n condemn_v to_o die_v a_o grievous_a death_n and_o may_v escape_v with_o condition_n that_o his_o coat_n shall_v be_v beat_v and_o he_o take_v it_o patient_o it_o be_v to_o be_v think_v that_o he_o will_v be_v very_o glad_a of_o the_o condition_n and_o strive_v to_o be_v patient_a you_o be_v a_o sinner_n and_o therefore_o by_o the_o law_n of_o god_n worthy_a to_o suffer_v death_n in_o hell_n fire_n where_o the_o damn_a be_v ever_o in_o extreme_a pang_n of_o death_n and_o yet_o they_o never_o die_v god_n of_o his_o mercy_n offer_v you_o pardon_n through_o jesus_n christ_n upon_o condition_n that_o you_o shall_v patient_o suffer_v the_o adversity_n and_o injury_n of_o this_o world_n therefore_o look_v well_o to_o yourself_o and_o by_o your_o patience_n keep_v your_o soul_n 25_o matth._n 1_o 23_o 24_o 25_o least_o break_v the_o condition_n you_o forfeit_v your_o pardon_n and_o so_o be_v torment_v take_v heed_n how_o you_o judge_v of_o any_o body_n for_o you_o may_v be_v many_o way_n deceive_v even_o in_o that_o which_o you_o see_v much_o more_o in_o that_o which_o you_o hear_v and_o most_o of_o all_o in_o that_o which_o you_o surmise_v do_v not_o wish_v no_o nor_o imagine_v any_o evil_a to_o happen_v upon_o any_o of_o god_n people_n but_o think_v and_o wish_v well_o to_o all_o yea_o to_o your_o e-enemy_n pray_v earnest_o to_o god_n for_o they_o do_v not_o rejoice_v to_o see_v or_o hear_v any_o evil_n of_o other_o but_o sorrow_n and_o grieve_v at_o it_o nor_o grieve_v to_o see_v or_o hear_v of_o the_o prosperity_n of_o other_o but_o rejoice_v at_o it_o then_o be_v you_o in_o charity_n else_o not_o whatsoever_o adversity_n happen_v unto_o you_o humble_v yourself_o to_o god_n and_o take_v it_o patient_o lest_o you_o hurt_v both_o body_n &_o soul_n with_o worldly_a sorrow_n as_o i_o have_v do_v have_v a_o good_a conscience_n towards_o god_n and_o be_v in_o charity_n and_o peace_n with_o all_o people_n then_o nothing_o can_v overcome_v you_o be_v slow_a to_o speak_v and_o when_o you_o speak_v let_v your_o speech_n be_v gracious_a powder_v with_o heavenly_a salt_n that_o you_o may_v harm_v none_o of_o god_n people_n in_o any_o word_n that_o you_o utter_v before_o you_o speak_v be_v well_o advise_v what_o you_o say_v of_o who_o and_o to_o who_o what_o you_o say_v for_o you_o must_v give_v a_o reckon_n of_o every_o idle_a word_n one_o needle_n word_n draw_v out_o a_o other_o and_o common_o cause_v much_o evil_a communication_n take_v heed_n of_o who_o you_o speak_v for_o you_o must_v not_o call_v any_o body_n name_n into_o question_n unless_o it_o be_v to_o some_o good_a and_o charitable_a purpose_n it_o be_v a_o hellish_a property_n of_o i_o to_o occasion_n speech_n of_o any_o in_o place_n where_o they_o be_v likely_a to_o be_v ill_o speak_v of_o whereby_o i_o set_v they_o as_o a_o mark_n for_o other_o to_o shoot_v at_o take_v heed_n to_o who_o you_o speak_v for_o some_o be_v of_o that_o quality_n that_o you_o can_v hardly_o say_v any_o thing_n to_o they_o but_o they_o will_v pick_v some_o evil_n out_o of_o it_o therefore_o let_v your_o word_n be_v few_o and_o wise_o speak_v never_o speak_v word_n to_o reproach_v any_o man_n woman_n or_o child_n it_o be_v naught_o to_o revile_v our_o enemy_n worse_o to_o speak_v ill_o of_o he_o that_o never_o do_v you_o harm_n but_o a_o horrible_a wickedness_n to_o disgrace_v your_o friend_n some_o will_v say_v be_v it_o not_o lawful_a to_o call_v a_o spade_n a_o spade_n i_o answer_v you_o by_o a_o notable_a example_n s._n jude_n write_v that_o michael_n the_o archangel_n be_v in_o strife_n with_o the_o devil_n dare_v not_o give_v any_o reproachful_a word_n why_o dare_v he_o not_o sure_o for_o displease_v god_n if_o it_o be_v displease_v to_o god_n that_o a_o holy_a angel_n shall_v speak_v any_o reproach_n to_o the_o devil_n how_o can_v we_o safe_o quip_n taunt_n revile_v defame_n curse_n and_o ban_v one_o a_o other_o a_o word_n of_o reproach_n be_v grievous_a to_o he_o of_o who_o it_o be_v speak_v make_v other_o to_o think_v hardly_o of_o he_o and_o may_v cause_v his_o destruction_n curser_n be_v murderer_n for_o if_o it_o please_v god_n to_o suffer_v their_o curse_n to_o take_v effect_n the_o party_n curse_v be_v murder_v by_o the_o devil_n they_o that_o sooth_n and_o flatter_v other_o in_o evil_a be_v murderer_n for_o they_o thrust_v they_o forward_o into_o destruction_n never_o practise_v any_o deceit_n to_o draw_v a_o other_o into_o danger_n for_o god_n hate_v blood_n thirsty_a and_o deceitful_a man_n be_v not_o double_o tongue_v to_o speak_v fair_a to_o one_o face_n and_o foul_a behind_o his_o back_n make_v no_o debate_n nor_o be_v a_o tale-carrier_n for_o all_o such_o be_v set_v a_o work_n by_o the_o devil_n to_o cause_v mischief_n and_o murder_n in_o the_o world_n use_v no_o man_n woman_n or_o child_n uncharitable_o be_v kind_n to_o all_o and_o cruel_a to_o none_o be_v careful_a to_o succour_v the_o needy_a lest_o they_o perish_v through_o want_n of_o that_o which_o you_o may_v do_v for_o they_o go_v often_o to_o they_o that_o be_v sick_a but_o go_v with_o a_o good_a intent_n to_o good_a purpose_n sickness_n warn_v the_o sick_a to_o prepare_v towards_o heaven_n therefore_o you_o must_v not_o talk_v much_o of_o earthly_a matter_n for_o a_o small_a touch_n pluck_v he_o downward_o that_o be_v weak_o go_v up_o the_o hill_n but_o help_v he_o upward_o the_o best_a that_o you_o can_v with_o heavenly_a communication_n take_v heed_n that_o you_o give_v none_o evil_a example_n in_o word_n or_o deed_n for_o it_o be_v like_o the_o poison_a infection_n of_o the_o plague_n which_o may_v go_v far_o and_o cause_v the_o destruction_n of_o many_o if_o you_o will_v be_v clear_a from_o all_o blood-guiltynesse_n flee_v from_o enmity_n and_o labour_n to_o be_v in_o peace_n and_o to_o make_v peace_n to_o be_v in_o peace_n first_o and_o foremost_a with_o god_n for_o if_o there_o be_v enmity_n between_o god_n and_o you_o you_o take_v the_o way_n to_o murder_v your_o own_o soul_n second_o if_o you_o can_v possible_o with_o a_o good_a conscience_n have_v peace_n withal_o people_n yea_o sue_v and_o seek_v for_o it_o because_o enmity_n can_v hardly_o be_v without_o much_o uncharitableness_n and_o grievous_a be_v the_o danger_n thereof_o as_o i_o find_v and_o feel_v by_o woeful_a experience_n if_o your_o way_n please_v god_n as_o i_o do_v never_o he_o will_v make_v your_o enemy_n to_o be_v in_o peace_n with_o you_o and_o then_o you_o shall_v prosperous_o practice_v to_o be_v a_o make-peace_n between_o god_n and_o your_o neighbour_n and_o between_o neighbour_n and_o neighbour_n by_o your_o godly_a life_n and_o good_a counsel_n when_o you_o see_v or_o hear_v that_o any_o be_v in_o enmity_n pity_v their_o case_n as_o if_o their_o house_n be_v a_o fire_n and_o they_o themselves_o liklie_o to_o be_v burn_v pray_v unto_o god_n for_o they_o that_o they_o may_v be_v right_o agree_v and_o practise_v what_o good_a mean_n you_o can_v to_o quench_v the_o fire_n but_o come_v not_o to_o near_o it_o lest_o you_o be_v also_o fire_v meddle_v not_o to_o much_o with_o the_o point_n in_o controversy_n for_o it_o be_v a_o very_a dangerous_a business_n keep_v yourself_o always_o indifferent_a not_o hold_v with_o one_o nor_o with_o the_o other_o for_o a_o partaker_n can_v be_v think_v to_o bear_v a_o even_a hand_n between_o they_o remember_v well_o the_o say_n of_o solomon_n 10_o prov._n 10_o it_o be_v honour_n for_o a_o man_n to_o keep_v himself_o out_o of_o contention_n but_o fool_n will_v be_v meddle_v strive_v to_o live_v quiet_o so_o shall_v you_o escape_v many_o trouble_n prevent_v much_o mischief_n and_o enjoy_v many_o blessing_n alas_o how_o shall_v i_o do_v without_o holiness_n none_o shall_v see_v god_n i_o have_v always_o possess_v my_o body_n in_o unholinesse_n and_o dishonour_n for_o even_o from_o my_o childhood_n i_o be_v
find_v fault_n with_o they_o if_o any_o thing_n seem_v amiss_o pray_v humble_o to_o god_n that_o he_o will_v merciful_o cause_v it_o to_o be_v amend_v and_o do_v you_o careful_o endeavour_n to_o amend_v your_o own_o self_n for_o it_o may_v be_v that_o your_o sin_n be_v some_o part_n of_o cause_n why_o there_o be_v any_o want_n of_o grace_n in_o your_o governor_n this_o be_v your_o best_a way_n and_o not_o to_o speak_v evil_a of_o those_o which_o be_v in_o authority_n as_o i_o have_v wicked_o do_v you_o must_v honour_v archbishopp_n and_o bishop_n and_o all_o christ_n minister_n as_o father_n for_o their_o office_n be_v to_o feed_v your_o soul_n special_o the_o minister_n of_o the_o parish_n wherein_o you_o live_v who_o in_o matter_n of_o salvation_n be_v as_o a_o mother_n to_o nurse_n you_o 12_o ●s_n 2.7_o ●11_n 12_o and_o as_o a_o father_n to_o train_v you_o and_o teach_v you_o have_v always_o a_o reverend_a opinion_n of_o your_o minister_n for_o otherwise_o you_o shall_v great_o endanger_v your_o soul_n as_o i_o have_v do_v if_o your_o heart_n be_v possess_v with_o a_o dislike_n of_o your_o minister_n go_v to_o some_o other_o church_n to_o hear_v the_o service_n of_o god_n until_o you_o be_v in_o a_o better_a mind_n lest_o the_o ill_a conceit_n of_o the_o minister_n make_v you_o to_o mistake_v and_o be_v distaste_v with_o that_o which_o he_o preach_v read_v or_o pray_v for_o than_o you_o shall_v be_v in_o a_o fearful_a case_n and_o the_o devil_n will_v enter_v into_o you_o and_o make_v you_o loathe_v the_o holy_a service_n of_o god_n while_o you_o live_v bless_v yourself_o from_o say_v and_o do_v any_o thing_n that_o may_v disable_v the_o minister_n of_o christ_n ●_o luk._n 10._o ●_o for_o that_o be_v to_o despice_fw-la christ_n himself_o if_o you_o say_v he_o be_v thus_o and_o thus_o unfit_a for_o his_o call_n i_o answer_n as_o before_o if_o he_o be_v so_o you_o be_v bind_v to_o pray_v that_o he_o may_v be_v amend_v what_o warrant_v have_v you_o to_o judge_v god_n minister_n take_v heed_n i_o be_v once_o a_o naughty_a servant_n and_o therefore_o do_v entreat_v all_o servant_n to_o honour_v they_o who_o servant_n they_o be_v as_o if_o they_o be_v their_o father_n and_o mother_n reverence_v obey_v and_o serve_v they_o faithful_o bless_a be_v all_o good_a servant_n for_o whether_o their_o master_n use_v they_o well_o or_o no_o god_n will_v not_o fail_v to_o pour_v his_o blessing_n upon_o they_o but_o he_o will_v sure_o punish_v naughty_a servant_n and_o naughty_a master_n honour_n all_o your_o friend_n and_o well_o willer_n for_o they_o be_v or_o will_v be_v as_o your_o parent_n mean_n to_o preserve_v you_o hate_v my_o barbarous_a property_n and_o never_o be_v unkind_a to_o any_o that_o have_v be_v kind_a to_o you_o although_o he_o be_v turn_v from_o a_o friend_n to_o a_o enemy_n one_o unkindness_n yea_o many_o time_n a_o false_a suspicion_n of_o unkindness_n have_v make_v i_o dishonour_v my_o kind_a friend_n but_o if_o you_o will_v please_v god_n practise_v the_o contrary_a let_v not_o many_o unkindness_n cause_v you_o to_o forget_v one_o kindness_n but_o let_v one_o kindness_n put_v many_o unkindness_n quite_o out_o of_o mind_n reverence_n your_o elder_n and_o all_o that_o be_v in_o any_o gift_n or_o grace_n of_o god_n better_a than_o you_o for_o they_o be_v as_o father_n and_o mother_n unto_o you_o to_o do_v you_o some_o good_a at_o least_o by_o example_n god_n make_v all_o people_n in_o his_o own_o likeness_n and_o their_o be_v none_o so_o low_o but_o that_o he_o may_v one_o way_n or_o other_o do_v you_o good_a at_o least_o by_o excercise_v your_o patience_n if_o he_o be_v faulty_a or_o your_o enemy_n much_o more_o by_o pray_v for_o you_o if_o you_o give_v he_o cause_v so_o to_o do_v therefore_o honour_v all_o people_n even_o your_o enemy_n and_o let_v your_o own_o conversation_n be_v wise_a &_o virtuous_a lest_o you_o do_v as_o i_o have_v do_v dishonour_v god_n that_o make_v you_o your_o parens_fw-la that_o bring_v you_o forth_o and_o nourish_v you_o your_o governor_n that_o have_v the_o rule_n of_o you_o your_o friend_n that_o favour_n and_o further_o you_o for_o you_o do_v evil_a be_v a_o discredit_n unto_o they_o all_o yea_o if_o your_o behaviour_n be_v not_o good_a you_o dishonour_v all_o the_o world_n for_o if_o you_o do_v respect_v they_o as_o god_n people_n ought_v to_o be_v respect_v you_o will_v be_v ashamed_a that_o any_o shall_v see_v or_o hear_v evil_a of_o you_o all_o parent_n and_o bringer_n up_o of_o child_n nurture_n they_o while_o they_o be_v young_a to_o fear_n god_n and_o honour_n you_o for_o so_o they_o will_v be_v frame_v to_o honour_v all_o other_o but_o if_o in_o fond_a love_n you_o make_v your_o child_n your_o fellow_n or_o by_o ill_a behaviour_n cause_v they_o to_o think_v unreverent_o of_o you_o how_o can_v they_o kind_o perform_v their_o duty_n unto_o you_o o_o that_o parent_n do_v so_o love_v their_o child_n that_o their_o special_a care_n may_v be_v to_o make_v they_o low_o and_o lovely_a to_o god_n and_o to_o all_o people_n o_o lord_n jesu_n i_o humble_o beseech_v thou_o to_o say_v amen_n i_o be_o a_o murderer_n in_o heart_n in_o tongue_n &_o in_o outward_a work_n therefore_o everlasting_a life_n be_v not_o in_o i_o my_o heart_n be_v full_a of_o uncharitableness_n ready_a to_o mislike_v any_o body_n to_o surmise_v evil_a of_o they_o and_o so_o to_o entertain_v furious_a anger_n hellish_a hatred_n and_o all_o deadly_a enmity_n my_o tongue_n be_v a_o sharp_a sword_n wound_v even_o my_o friend_n yea_o i_o be_o like_o a_o fool_n that_o blindfold_v himself_o and_o hurt_v he_o care_v not_o who_o when_o i_o conceive_v that_o any_o be_v adversary_n unto_o i_o i_o spare_v no_o poison_n but_o revile_v he_o bitter_o i_o have_v murder_v many_o with_o a_o evil_a eye_n envy_v their_o prosperity_n i_o have_v strike_v and_o fling_v at_o other_o with_o a_o murderous_a mind_n i_o have_v cause_v quarel_v &_o and_z fighting_z i_o have_v cause_v some_o to_o loose_v the_o mean_n whereby_o they_o live_v i_o have_v hinder_v other_o from_o obtain_v help_n of_o preserve_v their_o life_n i_o have_v greedy_o keep_v in_o store_n and_o vain_o waste_v that_o through_o the_o want_n whereof_o many_o poor_a have_v pine_v with_o hunger_n and_o cold_a i_o have_v endanger_v the_o salvation_n of_o other_o by_o ill_a example_n live_v among_o they_o as_o one_o infect_v with_o the_o plague_n yea_o many_o sin_n like_o plague_n sore_n break_v and_o run_v out_o continualy_a all_o people_n take_v warning_n by_o i_o if_o you_o will_v not_o be_v guilty_a of_o murder_n shun_v all_o the_o cause_n and_o occasion_n thereof_o do_v not_o endure_v to_o take_v any_o dislike_n of_o man_n woman_n or_o child_n nor_o be_v too_o well_o conceit_v of_o yourself_o for_o than_o you_o shall_v be_v apt_a to_o think_v ill_o of_o any_o body_n o_o that_o you_o know_v into_o how_o many_o danger_n you_o put_v your_o self_n when_o you_o begin_v to_o dislike_v or_o despise_v any_o body_n for_o even_o as_o when_o your_o mouth_n be_v out_o of_o taste_v you_o can_v relish_v any_o thing_n be_v it_o never_o so_o good_a so_o if_o your_o mind_n be_v ill_o conceit_v of_o a_o other_o whatsoever_o he_o say_v or_o do_v you_o condemn_v it_o but_o you_o may_v say_v shall_v i_o not_o dislike_v such_o as_o i_o do_v see_v and_o hear_v to_o be_v evil_a i_o answer_v first_o you_o may_v by_o sight_n and_o hear_v take_v your_o taste_n amiss_o 18._o luk._n 18._o as_o the_o pharise_n do_v in_o dislike_a the_o publican_n who_o heart_n be_v better_o like_v of_o god_n than_o the_o pharisee_n that_o dislike_v he_o second_o although_o a_o other_o be_v indeed_o so_o bad_a as_o you_o see_v and_o hear_v that_o he_o be_v yet_o you_o must_v dislike_v he_o none_o otherwise_o then_o for_o your_o own_o sin_n you_o dislike_v yourself_o sorry_a you_o be_v and_o much_o displease_v with_o your_o sin_n if_o you_o be_v a_o true_a christian_n but_o yet_o you_o hate_v not_o yourself_o you_o do_v not_o rail_v upon_o yourself_o but_o love_v yourself_o you_o hide_v your_o fault_n so_o must_v you_o do_v to_o other_o for_o if_o you_o love_v they_o love_n cover_v a_o multitude_n of_o sin_n but_o if_o you_o hate_v any_o of_o god_n people_n you_o be_v a_o murderer_n 3_o 1._o joh_n 3_o therefore_o take_v heed_n 4.2_o eph._n 4.2_o follow_v the_o counsel_n of_o the_o holy_a ghost_n whatsoever_o cause_n be_v give_v you_o to_o be_v angry_a pacify_v yourself_o and_o let_v not_o wrath_n stay_v long_o in_o your_o heart_n lest_o you_o entertain_v the_o devil_n who_o will_v fill_v you_o with_o hate_n and_o desire_v of_o revenge_n if_o any_o do_v hurt_v you_o in_o
ignorance_n and_o with_o the_o wicked_a infection_n of_o pride_n envy_n wrath_n covetousness_n and_o all_o sin_n every_o vice_n upon_o occasion_n put_v itself_o into_o my_o sermon_n moreover_o if_o i_o preach_v any_o thing_n according_a to_o the_o word_n of_o god_n i_o utter_o unpreach_v and_o deny_v it_o in_o my_o life_n and_o conversation_n alas_o how_o many_o soul_n may_v just_o challenge_v i_o before_o the_o face_n of_o jesus_n christ_n for_o give_v cause_n of_o their_o damnation_n i_o can_v say_v upon_o my_o conscience_n that_o in_o all_o this_o time_n wherein_o i_o have_v take_v upon_o i_o to_o be_v a_o minister_n i_o have_v do_v my_o duty_n so_o much_o as_o to_o the_o save_n of_o one_o soul_n a_o true_a minister_n of_o christ_n shall_v be_v a_o mean_n to_o turn_v all_o evil_a from_o his_o sheep_n and_o to_o procure_v all_o blessing_n unto_o they_o but_o i_o contrary_o have_v be_v a_o mean_n to_o turn_v blessing_n from_o they_o and_o to_o bring_v misery_n upon_o they_o it_o have_v be_v better_a for_o i_o to_o have_v get_v my_o live_n by_o beg_v from_o door_n to_o door_n yea_o less_o have_v be_v my_o sin_n if_o i_o have_v live_v by_o steal_v and_o rob_v for_o he_o that_o be_v a_o minister_n and_o do_v not_o discharge_v his_o duty_n be_v a_o thief_n and_o a_o robber_n in_o the_o high_a degree_n because_o he_o rob_v god_n of_o his_o people_n and_o rob_v people_n of_o their_o salvation_n how_o be_v it_o possible_a for_o i_o to_o escape_v the_o vengeance_n of_o hell_n fire_n all_o you_o that_o purpose_v to_o be_v minister_n in_o the_o church_n for_o christ_n sake_n take_v warning_n by_o i_o before_o you_o enter_v into_o the_o ministry_n examine_v your_o heart_n according_a to_o your_o conscience_n in_o the_o sight_n of_o god_n what_o move_v you_o to_o be_v a_o minister_n and_o what_o you_o principal_o desire_v and_o intend_v for_o look_v what_o you_o mind_n that_o you_o will_v follow_v and_o to_o compass_v the_o same_o neglect_v all_o other_o thing_n therefore_o if_o you_o perceive_v that_o your_o mind_n be_v chief_o set_v upon_o worldly_a gain_n or_o glory_n take_v no_o soul_n to_o keep_v for_o you_o will_v let_v they_o sink_v or_o swim_v and_o notwithstanding_o what_o show_n soever_o you_o make_v they_o shall_v be_v sory_o respect_v and_o many_o way_n unfit_a but_o if_o you_o do_v chief_o aim_v at_o the_o glory_n of_o christ_n in_o the_o salvation_n of_o christian_n you_o be_v the_o bless_a of_o the_o lord_n god_n increase_v the_o number_n of_o you_o for_o you_o will_v not_o stick_v to_o loose_v any_o worldly_a commodity_n yea_o your_o own_o life_n rather_o than_o hazard_v the_o loss_n of_o one_o soul_n enter_z therefore_o in_o the_o name_n of_o jesus_n christ_n but_o before_o you_o take_v a_o charge_n of_o soul_n upon_o you_o give_v all_o diligence_n that_o you_o may_v have_v a_o good_a understanding_n in_o the_o word_n of_o god_n and_o that_o the_o power_n of_o godliness_n may_v be_v in_o your_o life_n and_o conversation_n for_o if_o the_o blind_a lead_v the_o blind_a they_o fall_v both_o into_o the_o ditch_n and_o he_o be_v graceless_a that_o have_v sight_n do_v lead_v the_o blind_a out_o of_o the_o way_n because_o the_o blind_a will_v follow_v their_o leader_n the_o people_n eye_n be_v never_o well_o open_v until_o the_o light_n of_o their_o minister_n do_v so_o shine_v before_o they_o that_o they_o may_v see_v his_o good_a work_n and_o glorify_v god_n in_o follow_v his_o ensample_n o_o happy_a be_v that_o minister_n that_o ever_o he_o be_v bear_v who_o before_o he_o undertake_v a_o charge_n of_o soul_n 4._o matth._n 4._o have_v the_o grace_n to_o overcome_v the_o temptation_n of_o satan_n as_o christ_n do_v be_v make_v a_o minister_n and_o have_v a_o charge_n of_o soul_n bear_v always_o in_o mind_n that_o you_o must_v be_v answerable_a to_o christ_n for_o every_o one_o of_o they_o so_o that_o whatsoever_o a_o minister_n may_v possible_o do_v to_o save_v they_o you_o shall_v dear_o abvie_v it_o if_o you_o perform_v it_o not_o this_o move_v s._n paul_n to_o warn_v every_o one_o 28._o 〈◊〉_d 28._o &_o teach_v every_o one_o in_o all_o wisdom_n that_o he_o may_v present_v every_o one_o perfect_a in_o christ_n jesus_n therefore_o you_o know_v the_o terriblenes_n of_o the_o lord_n must_v approve_v yourself_o unto_o god_n and_o to_o every_o conscience_n of_o man_n woman_n and_o child_n in_o the_o sight_n of_o god_n careful_o and_o discreet_o wait_v upon_o your_o charge_n that_o you_o may_v give_v to_o every_o one_o their_o portion_n of_o meat_n in_o due_a time_n you_o must_v true_o teach_v god_n people_n the_o way_n of_o salvation_n out_o of_o his_o word_n therefore_o in_o understanding_n and_o expound_v the_o holy_a bible_n follow_v the_o consent_n of_o ancient_a and_o learned_a writer_n &_o those_o especial_o who_o be_v report_v to_o have_v live_v a_o holy_a life_n for_o god_n in_o all_o age_n do_v most_o respect_n they_o that_o fear_v he_o and_o they_o have_v most_o certain_a knowledge_n of_o his_o will_n other_o although_o they_o seem_v exceed_o learned_a yet_o they_o be_v full_a of_o error_n because_o the_o spirit_n of_o deceit_n have_v power_n in_o they_o therefore_o take_v heed_n desire_v not_o to_o be_v singular_a nor_o to_o differ_v from_o other_o for_o it_o be_v a_o sign_n of_o a_o naughty_a spirit_n which_o have_v cause_v much_o evil_n in_o the_o world_n from_o the_o beginning_n teach_v people_n that_o which_o do_v necessary_o concern_v their_o salvation_n for_o it_o be_v a_o temptation_n of_o the_o devil_n to_o busy_a folk_n mind_n with_o bymatter_n that_o they_o may_v neglect_v the_o main_a work_n of_o save_v their_o soul_n a_o minister_n ought_v diligent_o to_o take_v particular_a knowledge_n of_o his_o charge_n who_o be_v young_a in_o understanding_n who_o be_v ripe_a in_o discretion_n who_o be_v sick_a in_o sin_n and_o who_o be_v sound_a in_o soul_n that_o he_o may_v according_o diet_v they_o much_o preach_v and_o teach_v do_v not_o take_v that_o good_a effect_n which_o it_o may_v if_o people_n understanding_n be_v ripen_v to_o hear_v it_o there_o be_v a_o certain_a teach_n call_v the_o a_o b_o c_o of_o god_n word_n because_o even_o as_o a_o scholar_n must_v learn_v to_o know_v letter_n and_o to_o spell_v they_o together_o before_o he_o can_v read_v 5.12_o heb._n 5.12_o so_o must_v a_o christian_n first_o learn_v the_o ground_n work_n of_o religion_n before_o he_o can_v well_o proceed_v in_o the_o understanding_n &_o practice_n of_o god_n word_n i_o have_v find_v elderly_a people_n that_o seem_v to_o be_v much_o delight_v in_o hear_v the_o word_n of_o god_n preach_v yet_o notwithstanding_o strange_o ignorant_a in_o the_o foundation_n of_o faith_n as_o for_o example_n they_o do_v believe_v in_o the_o son_n of_o god_n and_o yet_o do_v not_o think_v that_o he_o be_v in_o time_n before_o the_o virgin_n marie_n how_o be_v it_o possible_a that_o people_n shall_v be_v ignorant_a of_o such_o point_n common_o preach_v and_o print_v because_o they_o be_v not_o instruct_v orderly_o pithy_o and_o plain_o orderly_o as_o child_n be_v teach_v to_o read_v pithy_o for_o many_o word_n and_o toilsome_a circumstance_n do_v bring_v a_o ignorant_a hearer_n into_o a_o wood_n where_o he_o lose_v himself_o plain_o for_o term_n of_o art_n and_o fine_a eloquence_n be_v not_o suitable_a to_o the_o gospel_n of_o christ_n because_o in_o darken_n the_o understanding_n of_o some_o &_o tickle_v the_o ear_n of_o other_o they_o hinder_v the_o work_n of_o the_o matter_n fie_o upon_o all_o vain_a glorious_a show_n for_o the_o kingdom_n of_o god_n be_v not_o in_o word_n 4.20_o 1._o cor._n 4.20_o but_o in_o power_n if_o you_o do_v not_o so_o teach_v the_o will_n of_o god_n that_o the_o very_a ignorant_a may_v well_o understand_v it_o and_o keep_v it_o in_o remembrance_n what_o answer_n can_v you_o make_v to_o jesus_n christ_n when_o he_o call_v you_o to_o a_o reckon_n although_o a_o scholar_n be_v teach_v to_o know_v his_o letter_n yet_o many_o time_n he_o be_v not_o well_o instruct_v to_o spell_v they_o together_o so_o the_o foundation_n point_v of_o religion_n may_v be_v teach_v and_o yet_o not_o put_v well_o together_o for_o example_n 3.28_o rom._n 3.28_o christian_n be_v justify_v by_o faith_n in_o jesus_n christ_n without_o the_o work_n of_o the_o law_n this_o be_v one_o point_n 5.10_o ●at_a 16.27_o ●_o cor._n 5.10_o christ_n will_v judge_v all_o people_n according_a to_o their_o work_n answerable_a to_o the_o practice_n of_o their_o life_n this_o be_v a_o other_o point_n now_o unless_o these_o two_o point_n be_v right_o join_v together_o the_o devil_n will_v make_v some_o utter_o neglect_n work_v and_o other_o altogether_o to_o presume_v upon_o their_o own_o desert_n justify_v faith_n