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A85730 Master Grimston his worthy and learned speech: spoken in the High Court of Parliament. Concerning troubles abroad, and greevances at home. Shewing the inward symptoms and causes of all our feares and dangers. And what probability there is of reformation, in case due punishment be speedily executed on incendiaries, and chiefe causers of those distractions, that have opprest our church, and common-wealth. Grimston, Harbottle, Sir, 1603-1685. 1641 (1641) Wing G2051; Thomason E199_25; ESTC R8768 2,477 8 View Text
A85717 Mr. Grimston his learned speech in the high court of Parliament: concerning troubles abroad, and grievances at home. Shewing the inward symptomes and causes of all our feares and dangers, and what probability there is of reformation, in case due punishment be speedily executed on the incendiaries and chiefe causers of those distractions that have opprest our church and common-wealth. Grimston, Harbottle, Sir, 1603-1685.; England and Wales. Parliament. 1642 (1642) Wing G2031; Thomason E128_12; ESTC R23011 2,786 8 View Text
A56009 The prophecie of one of His Maiesties chaplains, concerning the plague and black-patches with Mr. Gadburies happy and joyful predictions, for the decrease of the plague both in the city and suburbs; the time when; the manner how; by God's permission, and according to natural causes; the effects and motion of the planets, and what every week may produce for the thrice-happy and welcome abatement of this sad and dismal pestilence; and the city of London to be wholly acquit thereof about (or before) Christmas. Gadbury, John, 1627-1704. 1665 (1665) Wing P3680; ESTC R220559 4,110 9 View Text
A42397 A mite cast into the treasury of the famous city of London being a brief and methodical discourse of the nature, causes, symptomes, remedies and preservation from the plague, in this calamitous year, 1665 : digested into aphorismes / by Theophilvs Garencieres ... Garencières, Theophilus, 1610-1680. 1665 (1665) Wing G255; ESTC R16663 7,254 15 View Text
A46872 A brief discourse of the stomach and parts subservient unto it of the generating of blood and humors, their degenerating into diseases, how and by what means they are wrought up in the body. Set forth in a dialogue between a physician and a countrey-man his patie made so plain and easie, that any one may know so much of his own strength and constitution, as to judge of his state of health, and tendency to sickness, and be able to help himself therein, in order to which, is subjoyned an account of that incompatable extractum pareton, or, extract of universal vertue and sufficiency, in the cure of most, but especially chronical diseases, incident to men and women. Prepared by the art and industry of Edward Jewel. Jewel, Edward. 1678 (1678) Wing J732B; ESTC R216573 7,929 11 View Text
A95527 The causes of the diseases and distempers of this kingdom; found by feeling of her pulse, viewing her urine, and casting her water. The remedies are left to the skill and direction of more able and learned physitians. / Written by John Taylor. Taylor, John, 1580-1653. 1645 (1645) Wing T437; Thomason E305_20; ESTC R200327 8,892 11 View Text
A50436 Inquiries into the general catalogue of diseases shewing the errrors and contradictions of that establishment with a new scheme representing more truly, and essentially, the various diseased state of humane nature / by E.M. Med D. Maynwaringe, Everard, 1628-1699? 1691 (1691) Wing M1496; ESTC R5399 10,560 8 View Text
A62933 Scarbrough spaw spagyrically anatomized by Geo. Tonstall ... Tonstall, George, b. 1616 or 17. 1670 (1670) Wing T1889; ESTC R4765 15,856 62 View Text
A25757 Secrets disclosed of consumptions shewing [h]ow to distinguish between scurvy and venereal disease : also, how to prevent and cure the fistula by chymical drops without cutting, also piles, hæmorrhoids, and other diseases / by John Archer. Archer, John, fl. 1660-1684. 1684 (1684) Wing A3610; ESTC R27653 20,607 80 View Text
A88597 Clavis medicinæ: or, The practice of physick reformed wherein is described the nature and cause of most diseases and the select way of cure for the same. A method contrary to all authors in being. By Jeremiah Love, doctor of pysick [sic]. Love, Jeremiah. 1674 (1674) Wing L3187A; ESTC R230714 23,779 80 View Text
A67222 Lues venera wherein the names, nature, subject, causes, signes, and cure, are handled, mistakes in these discovered, rectified, doubts and questions succinctly resolved / by John Wynell ... Wynell, John, fl. 1660-1670. 1660 (1660) Wing W3775; ESTC R31852 27,312 95 View Text
A06682 [The general practise of medecine By Philiatreus.] Philiatreus, fl. 1630.; Makluire, John, attributed author. 1634 (1634) STC 17139; ESTC S102714 28,414 84 View Text
A50152 XCIX canons, or rules learnedly describing an excellent method for practitioners in physick / written by Dr. J. Macallo [sic], physitian in ordinary, first to Rodolphus, late Emperor of Germany, and after his death, physitian in like manner to K. James. Macollo, John, 1576?-1622.; Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor, 1552-1612.; James I, King of England, 1566-1625. 1659 (1659) Wing M113B; ESTC R43414 28,981 122 View Text
A60272 Zenexton ante-pestilentiale. Or, A short discourse of the plague its antidotes and cure, according to the placets of the best of physicians, Hippocrates, Paracelsus, and Helmont. By W. Simpson, Philo-Medico-Chymic. Simpson, William, M.D. 1665 (1665) Wing S3839; ESTC R221491 29,432 107 View Text
A27218 Coral and steel, a most compendious method of preserving and restoring health, or, A rational discourse grounded upon experience practically shewing how most diseases may be both prevented and cured, either solely or chiefly by two common medicaments, viz. red coral and steel / by R.B., M.D. R. B., M. D. 1700 (1700) Wing B164; ESTC R5439 35,718 136 View Text
A65691 The blood of the grape republished and enlarged by the author To. Whitaker. Whitaker, Tobias, d. 1666. 1654 (1654) Wing W1714; ESTC R187810 38,227 145 View Text
A59999 A short compendium of chirurgery containing its grounds & principles : more particularly treating of imposthumes, wounds, ulcers, fractures & dislocations : also a discourse of the generation and birth of man, very necessary to be understood by all midwives and child-bearing women : with the several methods of curing the French pox, the cure of baldness, inflammation of the eyes, and toothach, and an account of blood-letting, cup-setting, and blooding with leeches / by J.S., M.D. J. S. (John Shirley), M.D.; Shirley, John, 1648-1679. 1678 (1678) Wing S3496; ESTC R38236 39,001 140 View Text
A50443 Morbus polyrhizos et polymorphæus. A treatise of the scurvy. Examining opinions and errors, concerning the nature and cure of this disease. Establishing a method for prevention and cure, founded upon other principles; concordant with reason, verified by practice. By Everard Maynwaringe Doctor in Physick. Maynwaringe, Everard, 1628-1699? 1665 (1665) Wing M1500; ESTC R214157 39,087 114 View Text
A43019 Little Venus unmask'd, or, A perfect discovery of the French pox comprising the opinions of most ancient and modern physicians, with the author's judgement and observations upon the rise, nature, subject, causes, kinds, signs, and prognosticks of the said disease : together, with several nice questions, and twelve different ways and methods of curing that disease, and the running of the reins by Gideon Harvey. Harvey, Gideon, 1640?-1700? 1670 (1670) Wing H1068; ESTC R15361 39,466 169 View Text
A25754 Every man his own doctor in two parts, shewing I. how every one may know his own constitution by certain signs, also the nature and faculties of all food as well as meats as drinks ... : the second part shews the full knowledge and cure of the pox, running of the reins, gout, dropsie, scurvy, consumptions and obstructions, agues ... / written by John Archer. Archer, John, fl. 1660-1684. 1671 (1671) Wing A3608; ESTC R27652 39,777 161 View Text
A30711 Two treatises the one medical, Of the gout and its nature more narrowly search'd into than hitherto, together with a new way of discharging the same / by Herman Busschof ; the other partly chirurgical, partly medical containing Some observations and practices relating both to some extraordinary cases of women in travel, and to some other uncommon cases of diseases in both sexes by Henry Van Roonhuysen ... ; Englished out of Dutch by a careful hand. Busschof, Hermann. Of the gout.; Busschof, Hermann. Of the gout and its nature more narrowly search'd into than hitherto, together with a new way of discharging the same.; Busschof, Hermann. Gout more narrowly searcht and found out, together with the certain cure thereof.; Busschof, Hermann. Podagra, nader als oyt nagevorst enytgevonden. 1676 (1676) Wing B6257; ESTC R11109 43,328 152 View Text
A43859 The aphorismes of Hippocrates, prince of physitians with a short comment on them taken out of those larger notes of Galen, Heurnius, Fuchsius, &c. : with an exact table shewing the substance of every aphorisme.; Aphorisms. English Hippocrates.; Galen.; Heurne, Johan van, 1543-1601.; Fuchs, Leonhart, 1501-1566.; Soranus, of Ephesus.; S. H. 1655 (1655) Wing H2071; ESTC R13229 45,045 404 View Text
A60266 The history of Scarbrough-Spaw, or, A further discovery of the excellent vertues thereof in the cure of the scurvy, hypochond. melancholy, stone, gonorrhea, agues, jaundies, dropsie, womens diseases, &c. By many remarkable instances, being a demonstration from the most convincing arguments, viz. matter of fact. Also a discourse of an artificial sulphur-bath, and each of sea-water, with the uses thereof in the cure of many diseases. Together with a short account of other rarities of nature observable at Scarbrough. By W. Sympson doct. in physick. Simpson, William, M.D. 1679 (1679) Wing S3832; ESTC R217885 45,176 146 View Text
A48261 The art of physick made plain & easie by the learned D. Fambresarius ... ; translated out of his famous book De schola medecin by J.P.; Scholae medicae. English La Framboisière, Nicholas Abraham de, b. 16th cent. 1684 (1684) Wing L179; ESTC R35413 45,594 151 View Text
A07548 The custumers alphabet and primer Conteining, their creede or beliefe in the true doctrine of Christian religion. Their ten commandementes, or rules of ciuill life and conuersation, daily grace, generall confession, speciall supplication and forme of prayers. Togither with a pertinent answere to all such, as eyther in iest or in earnest, seeming doubtfull themselues, would faine perswade others, that, the bringing home of traffique must needes decay our shipping. All tending to the true and assured aduancement of his Maiesties customes, without possibility of fraude or couyn. Alwaies prouided, in reading read all, or nothing at al. Milles, Tho. (Thomas), 1550?-1627? 1608 (1608) STC 17927; ESTC S114606 45,944 46 View Text
A77586 Ugieine or A conservatory of health. Comprized in a plain and practicall discourse upon the six particulars necessary to mans life, viz. 1. Aire. 2. Meat and drink. 3. Motion and rest. 4. Sleep and wakefulness. 5. The excrements. 6. The passions of the mind. With the discussion of divers questions pertinent thereunto. Compiled and published for the prevention of sickness, and prolongation of life. By H. Brooke. M.B. Brooke, Humphrey, 1617-1693. 1650 (1650) Wing B4905; Thomason E1404_1; ESTC R209490 46,267 289 View Text
A39637 The art of preserving and restoring health explaining the nature and causes of the distempers that afflict mankind : also shewing that every man is, or may be his own best physician : to which is added a treatise of the most simple and effectual remedies for the diseases of men and women / written in French by M. Flamand ; and faithfully translated into English. Flamant, M., fl. 1692-1699. 1697 (1697) Wing F1129; ESTC R24327 46,472 140 View Text
A39992 A brief defence, of the old and succesful method of curing continual fevers in opposition to Doctor Brown and his vindicatory schedule. Forrest, James, fl. 1694. 1694 (1694) Wing F1588A; ESTC R219817 46,916 164 View Text
A62068 The compleat method of curing almost all diseases to which is added an exact description of their several symptoms / written in Latin by Dr. Thomas Sydenham ; and now faithfully Englished. Sydenham, Thomas, 1624-1689. 1694 (1694) Wing S6307; ESTC R34635 47,961 126 View Text
A61956 Mulierum amicus: or, The womans friend plainly discovering all those diseases that are incident to that sex only, and advising them to cure, either 1. By those receipts prescribed. Or, 2. By certain secret arcanums and specifical medicines. The author hereof living at the sign of the Golden Ball and Flower-Pot in Mark-Lane in Tower-street, and is lycensiate in physick, and student in chymistry; known commonly by the name of Nich. Sudell. Sudell, Nicholas. 1666 (1666) Wing S6143; ESTC R222116 48,072 115 View Text
A21157 The analysis of chyrurgery being the theorique and practique thereof. Briefly composed for the benefit of all those who desire the knoledge of this worthy profession. By the paines and industry of Ed: Edwards Doctor in Physicke. Edwards, Edward, doctor in physick. 1636 (1636) STC 7511; ESTC S118569 49,776 120 View Text
A00777 Diseases of the soule a discourse diuine, morall, and physicall. By Tho. Adams. Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653. 1616 (1616) STC 109; ESTC S100388 50,627 84 View Text
A47169 The Kitchin-physician, or, A guide for good-housewives in maintaining their families in health wherein are described the natures, causes, and symptoms of all diseases, inward and outward, incident to the bodies of men, women, and children : prescribing natural, useful and proper published for the common good ... by T.K., Doctor in Physick. T. K., Doctor in physick. 1680 (1680) Wing K20; ESTC R18406 50,933 148 View Text
A43024 A theoretical and chiefly practical treatise of fevors wherein it's made evident that the modern practice of curing continual fevors is dangerous and very unsuccessful : hereunto are added several important observations and cures of malignant fevors not inserted in the former impression / written in Latin by Gideon Harvey ... ; now rendered into English by J.T. and surveyed by the author.; De febribus tractatus theoreticus et practicus praecipue. English Harvey, Gideon, 1640?-1700?; J. T. 1674 (1674) Wing H1076; ESTC R23411 50,974 135 View Text
A59200 The sixth book of Practical physick Of occult or hidden diseases; in nine parts Part I. Of diseases from occult qualities in general. Part. II. Of occult, malignant, and venemous diseases arising from the internal fault of the humors. Part III. Of occult diseases from water, air, and infections, and of infectious diseases. Part IV. Of the venereal pox. Part V. Of outward poysons in general Part VI. Of poysons from minerals and metals. Part. VII. Of poysons from plants. Part VIII. Of poysons that come from living creatures. Part IX. Of diseases by witchcraft, incantation, and charmes. By Daniel Sennertus, N Culpeper, and Abdiah Cole, Doctors of Physick Sennert, Daniel, 1572-1637.; Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654.; Cole, Abdiah, ca. 1610-ca. 1670. 1662 (1662) Wing S2541A; ESTC R221050 55,611 126 View Text
A50458 Vita sana & longa the preservation of health and prolongation of life proposed and proved : in the due observance of remarkable præcautions, and daily practicable rules, relating to body and mind, compendiously abstracted from the institutions and law of nature / by E. Maynwaringe ... Maynwaringe, Everard, 1628-1699?; White, Robert, 1645-1703. 1669 (1669) Wing M1519; ESTC R41734 56,870 172 View Text
A41254 A new and needful treatise of spirits and wind offending mans body wherein are discovered their nature, causes and effects / by the learned Dr. Fienns ; and Englished by William Rowland ...; Flatibus humanum corpus molestantibus. English Feyens, Jean, d. 1585.; Rowland, William. 1668 (1668) Wing F841; ESTC R40884 57,605 138 View Text
A19740 The copy of a letter written by E.D. Doctour of Physicke to a gentleman, by whom it was published The former part conteineth rules for the preseruation of health, and preuenting of all diseases vntill extreme olde age. Herein is inserted the authours opinion of tabacco. The latter is a discourse of emperiks or vnlearned physitians, wherein is plainly prooued that the practise of all those which haue not beene brought vp in the grammar and vniuersity, is alwayes confused, commonly dangerous, and often deadly. Duncon, Eleazar, 1597 or 8-1660. 1606 (1606) STC 6164; ESTC S109182 59,222 56 View Text
A26839 The expert phisician learnedly treating of all agues and feavers, whether simple or compound, shewing their different nature, causes, signes, and cure ... / written originally by that famous doctor in phisick, Bricius Bauderon ; and translated into English by B.W., licentiate in physick by the University of Oxford ...; Pharmacopée. English Bauderon, Brice, ca. 1540-1623.; Welles, Benjamin, 1615 or 16-1678. 1657 (1657) Wing B1163; ESTC R19503 59,853 176 View Text
B04331 A treatise of consumptions. ... By E. Maynwaringe, Dr. in Physick. Maynwaringe, Everard, 1628-1699? 1668 (1668) Wing M1516; ESTC R180494 64,197 186 View Text
A43179 The Christians dayly solace in experimentall observations; or, cordials for crosses in thse sad and calamitous times of affliction. By R.H. Head, Richard, Rev. 1659 (1659) Wing H1277A; ESTC R222583 65,001 166 View Text
A42495 A sermon preached in St. Pauls Church London ... February 28, 1659 being a day of solemn thanksgiving unto God for restoring of the excluded members of Parliament to the House of Commons ... / by John Gauden. Gauden, John, 1605-1662. 1660 (1660) Wing G370; ESTC R24048 65,030 124 View Text
A88902 De morbis fœmineis, the womans counsellour: or, The feminine physitian. Modestly treating of such occult accidents, and secret diseases, as are incident to that sex, which their too much modesty, too often to their sorrow, causes them to conceal from others, for a remedy whereof, they are here taught to be their own helpers; especially in these particulars: of barrenness and abortion: of natural, and unnatural births: of the suppression of the termes, the immoderate flux thereof, and other infirmities. Dicereque puduit, scribere jussit. With a brief appendix, touching the kindes, causes, and cures of dropsies, and tympanies of all sorts. / Translated out of Massarius de morbis mulier. By R.T. philomathēs.; Praelectiones de morbis mulierum. English Massaria, Alessandro, 1510-1598.; Turner, Robert, fl. 1654-1665. 1657 (1657) Wing M1028; Thomason E1650_3; ESTC R209118 65,102 229 View Text
A42487 Kakourgoi, sive Medicastri slight healings of publique hurts. Set forth in a sermon preached in St. Pauls Church, London, before the Right Honorable the Lord Mayor, Lord General, aldermen, Common Council, and companies of the honorable City of London. February 28. 1659. Being a day of solemn thanksgiving unto God, for restoring the secluded Members of Parliament to the House of Commons: (and for preserving the city) as a door of hope thereby opened to the fulness and freedom of future Parliaments: the most probable means under God for healing the hurts, and recovering the health of these three Brittish kingdomes. By John Gauden, D.D. Gauden, John, 1605-1662. 1660 (1660) Wing G361A; ESTC R215531 65,440 132 View Text
A62853 A treatise of lithotomy, or, Of the extraction of the stone out of the bladder written in French by Mr. Tolet ... ; translated into English by A. Lovell.; Traité de la lithotomie. English Tolet, François, 1647-1724.; Lovell, Archibald. 1683 (1683) Wing T1775; ESTC R18681 65,586 200 View Text
A80034 The poor-mans physician and chyrurgion, containing above three hundred rare and choice receipts, for the cure of all distempers, both inward and outward: together with necessary considerations before purgation; easie rules for the opening of a vein, and the manner of bleeding by horse-leeches, with a method for drawing teeth. All being of great worth, and now published for the publique good: / by Lancelot Coelson student in Physick and Astrology. Coelson, Lancelot, 1627-ca 1687. 1656 (1656) Wing C4884; Thomason E1666_2; ESTC R208391 66,632 176 View Text
A08912 The method of curing vvounds made by gun-shot Also by arrowes and darts, with their accidents. Written by Ambrose Parie of Laual, counsellor and chiefe chirurgean to the French King. Faithfully done into English out of the French copie, by Walter Hamond chirurgean.; Methode de traicter les playes faictes par hacquebutes et aultres bastons à feu. English Paré, Ambroise, 1510?-1590.; Hamond, Walter, fl. 1643. 1617 (1617) STC 19191; ESTC S100857 68,060 147 View Text
A50437 Medicus absolutus adespotos the compleat physitian, qualified and dignified : the rise and progress of physick, historically, chronologically, and philosophically illustrated : physitians of different sects and judgements, charactered and distinguished : the abuse of medicines, imposture of empericks, and illegal practisers detected : cautioning the diseased in the use of medicines, and informing them in the choice of a good physitian / by Everard Maynwaring ... Maynwaringe, Everard, 1628-1699? 1668 (1668) Wing M1497; ESTC R32063 68,087 196 View Text
A50435 Ignota febris Fevers mistaken in notion & practice. Shewing the frequent fatal consequents thereof. Herein traversing the dissenting new hypotheses of some late writers: and erroneous opinions, of antique authors. With remarks upon bleeding, blistering, juleps, and the Jesuits pouder, in fevers. By Everard Maynwaringe, Med. D. Maynwaringe, Everard, 1628-1699? 1698 (1698) Wing M1495; ESTC R217776 69,714 170 View Text
A34728 Praxis catholica, or, The countryman's universal remedy wherein is plainly and briefly laid down the nature, matter, manner, place and cure of most diseases, incident to the body of man, not hitherto discovered, whereby any one of an ordinary capacity may apprehend the true cause of his distempers, wherein his cure consists, and the means to effect it : together with rules how to order children in that most violent disease of vomiting and looseness, &c. : useful likewise for seamen and travellers : also an account of an imcomparable powder for wounds or hurts which cure any ordinary ones at once dressing / written by Robert Couch ... ; now published with divers useful additions (for publick benefit) by Chr. Pack ... Couch, Robert.; Packe, Christopher, fl. 1670-1711. 1680 (1680) Wing C6510; ESTC R9840 74,356 218 View Text
A60269 Philosophical dialogues concerning the principles of natural bodies wherein the principles of the old and new philosophy are stated, and the new demonstrated more agreeable to reason, from mechanical experiments and its usefulness to the benefit of man-kind / by W. Simpson. Simpson, W. (William), fl. 1665-1677. 1677 (1677) Wing S3835; ESTC R25204 74,642 191 View Text
A45640 The divine physician, prescribing rules for the prevention, and cure of most diseases, as well of the body, as the soul demonstrating by natural reason, and also divine and humane testimony, that, as vicious and irregular actions and affections prove often occasions of most bodily diseases, and shortness of life, so the contrary do conduce to the preservation of health, and prolongation of life : in two parts / by J.H ... Harris, John, 1667?-1719. 1676 (1676) Wing H848; ESTC R20051 75,699 228 View Text
A28375 New and curious observations on the art of curing the veneral disease and the accidents that it produces in all its degrees explicatd by natural and mechanical principles with the motions, actions, and effects of mercury and its other remedies : wherein are discovered on the same subject the errours of some authors ... / written in French by Monsieur de Blegny ; Englished by Walter Harris. Blégny, Monsieur de (Nicolas), 1652-1722.; Harris, Walter, 1647-1732. 1676 (1676) Wing B3186; ESTC R23701 76,734 217 View Text
A41428 The Colledge of Physicians vindicated, and the true state of physick in his nation faithfully represented in answer to a scandalous pamphlet, entituled, The corner stone, &c. / by Charles Goodall ... Goodall, Charles, 1642-1712. 1676 (1676) Wing G1090; ESTC R8857 78,779 223 View Text
A35396 Semeiotica uranica, or, An astrological judgment of diseases from the decumbiture of the sick (1) from Aven Ezra by the way of introduction, (2) from Noel Duret by way of direction ... : to which is added, The signs of life or death by the body of the sick party according to the judgment of Hippocrates / by Nicholas Culpeper, Gent. ...; Semeiotica uranica Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654.; Hippocrates. Prognostica.; Duret, Noël, ca. 1590-ca. 1650.; Ibn Ezra, Abraham ben Meïr, 1092-1167. 1651 (1651) Wing C7547; ESTC R7964 79,136 212 View Text
A29016 Of the reconcileableness of specifick medicines to the corpuscular philosophy to which is annexed a discourse about the advantages of the use of simple medicines / by Robert Boyle ... Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. 1685 (1685) Wing B4013; ESTC R7218 80,863 257 View Text
A50434 The history and mystery of the venereal lues concisely abstracted and modelled (occasionally) from serious strict perpensions, and critical collations of divers repugning sentiments and contrary assertions of eminent physicians: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian dissenting writers. Convincing by argument and proof the traditional notions touching this grand evil, and common reputed practice grounded thereon, as erroneous and unfound. Solving the most dubious and important quæries concerning the abstruse nature, difficult and deceitful cures of this popular malady. With animadversions upon various methods of cure, practised in those several nations. By E. Maynwaringe doctor in Physick. Maynwaringe, Everard, 1628-1699? 1673 (1673) Wing M1493; ESTC R218836 80,945 223 View Text
A44826 The benefit of a well-ordered conversation as it was delivered in a sermon preached June 24th. 1682. On a day of publick humiliation. As also a funeral discourse upon the three first verses of the third chapter of Isaiah; occasioned by the death of the worshipful Major General Denison; who deceased at Ipswich, Sept. 20. 1682. By Mr. William Hubbard. To which is annexed an Irenicon or a salve for New-England's sore: penned by the said major general; and left behind him as his farewell and last advice to his friends of the Massachusets. Hubbard, William, 1621 or 2-1704.; Denison, Daniel, 1613-1682. Irenicon. 1684 (1684) Wing H3208; ESTC W9576 81,919 262 View Text
A41730 De succo pancreatico, or, A physical and anatomical treatise of the nature and office of the pancreatick juice shewing its generation in the body, what diseases arise by its vitiation : from whence in particular, by plain and familiar examples, is accurately demonstrated, the causes and cures of agues, or intermitting feavers, hitherto so difficult and uncertain, with sundry other things of worthy note / written by D. Reg. de Graaf ... ; and translated by Christopher Pack ...; Tractatus anatomico-medicus de succi pancreatici natura & usu. English Graaf, Reinier de, 1641-1673.; Packe, Christopher, fl. 1670-1711. 1676 (1676) Wing G1463; ESTC R17762 82,340 198 View Text
A97281 The Britannian magazine: or, A new art of making above twenty sorts of English wines viz, of apples, pears, peaches, cherries, plums, sloes, damasins, quinces, figgs, goosberries, mulberries, currens, blackberries, elderberries, roses, carnations, cowslips, scurvy-grass, mint, and balm, &c. More pleasant and agreeable to the English constitution than those of France. With the way of making brandy and other spirits: as likewise how to make artificial clarets, rhenish, &c. The second edition. To which is added, the foundation of the art of distillation: or the true and genuine way of making malt into low-wines, proof-spirits, and brandy-wines, compliant to the late act of Parliament concerning distillation. By W.Y. M.D. Y-Worth, W. (William) 1694 (1694) Wing Y214; ESTC R230793 82,523 252 View Text
A34855 A discourse wherein the interest of the patient in reference to physick and physicians is soberly debated, many abuses of the apothecaries in the preparing their medicines are detected, and their unfitness for practice discovered : together with the reasons and advantages of physicians preparing their own medicine. Coxe, Thomas, 1615-1685.; Coxe, Daniel, d. 1730. 1669 (1669) Wing C6727; ESTC R25356 84,750 293 View Text
A43020 Morbus anglicus: or, The anatomy of consumptions Containing the nature, causes, subject, progress, change, signes, prognosticks, preservatives; and several methods of curing all consumptions, coughs, and spitting of blood. With remarkable observations touching the same diseases. To which are added, some brief discourses of melancholy, madness, and distraction occasioned by love. Together with certain new remarques touching the scurvy and ulcers of the lungs. The like never before published. By Gideon Harvey, M.D. Harvey, Gideon, 1640?-1700? 1666 (1666) Wing H1070; ESTC R221901 86,504 264 View Text
A62438 Ortho-methodoz itro-chymikē: or the direct method of curing chymically Wherein is conteined [sic] the original matter, and principal agent of all natural bodies. Also the efficient and material cause of diseases in general. Their therapeutick way and means. I. Diætetical, by rectifying eating, drinking, &c. II. Pharmaceutick. 1. By encreasing and supporting the vital spirits. 2. By pacifying and indulging them. 3. By defacing or blotting out the idea of diseases by proper specificks. Lastly, by removing the extimulating or occasional cause of maladies. To which is added, The art of midwifery chymically asserted. The character of an ortho-cymist, and pseudochymist. A description of the sanative virtues of our stomach-essence. Also, giawo-mempsiz: or a just complaint of the method of the Galenists. By George Thomson, M.D. Thomson, George, 17th cent. 1675 (1675) Wing T1029; ESTC R222195 87,128 216 View Text
A63812 A treatise of dreams & visions wherein the causes, natures, and uses, of nocturnal representations, and the communications both of good and evil angels, as also departed souls, to mankind. Are theosophically unfolded; that is according to the Word of God, and the harmony of created beings. To which is added, a discourse of the causes, natures, and cure of phrensie, madness or distraction. By Tho. Tryon, student in physick. Tryon, Thomas, 1634-1703. 1689 (1689) Wing T3197A; ESTC R221812 87,971 320 View Text
A63809 Pythagoras his mystick philosophy reviv'd, or, The mystery of dreams unfolded wherein the causes, natures, and uses of nocturnal representations ... are theosophically unfolded ... / by Tho. Tryon ... Tryon, Thomas, 1634-1703. 1691 (1691) Wing T3194; ESTC R34679 88,172 329 View Text
A25287 The sick-mans rare jewel wherein is discovered a speedy way how every man may recover lost health, and prolong life, how he may know what disease he hath, and how he himself may apply proper remedies to every disease, with the description, definition, signs and syptoms [sic] of those diseases. (Viz.) The scurvy, leues venerea, gonorrhea, dropsies, catarrhs, chollick, gouts, madness, frensies of all sorts, fever, jaundise, consumptions, ptisick, swoundings, histerick passions, pleurisies, cachexia's, worms, vapours, hypochondriack melancholly, stone, strangury, with the whole troop of diseases most afflicting the bodies of men, women and children; with a supply of suitable medicines; ... a piece profitable for every person and family, and all that travel by sea or land. By B.A. A. B. 1674 (1674) Wing A2B; ESTC R222542 90,076 270 View Text
A31225 The chymical Galenist a treatise, wherein the practise of the ancients is reconcild́ to the new discoveries in the theory of physick, shewing that many of their rules, methods, and medicins, are useful for by George Castle ... Castle, George, 1635?-1673. 1667 (1667) Wing C1233; ESTC R21752 90,129 232 View Text
A14264 Enchiridion medicum containing an epitome of the whole course of physicke: with the examination of a chirurgion, by way of dialogue betweene the doctor and the students. With a treatise contaning a definition of all those difenses that do chiefly affect the body of a man, and an antidotary of many excelllent and approued remedies for all diseases. Published for the benefit of young students in physicke, chirurgian, and apothecaries. Pomarius, Petrus.; Hobbes, Stephen. 1609 (1609) STC 24577; ESTC S101306 91,960 299 View Text
A28961 An essay of the great effects of even languid and unheeded motion whereunto is annexed An experimental discourse of some little observed causes of the insalubrity and salubrity of the air and its effects / by the Honourable Robert Boyle ... Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. 1685 (1685) Wing B3949; ESTC R36503 94,124 315 View Text
A32696 The immortality of the human soul, demonstrated by the light of nature in two dialogues. Charleton, Walter, 1619-1707. 1657 (1657) Wing C3675; ESTC R20828 97,023 206 View Text
A34839 Myotomia reformata, or, A new administration of all the muscles of humane bodies wherein the true uses of the muscles are explained, the errors of former anatomists concerning them confuted, and several muscles not hitherto taken notice of described : to which are subjoin'd a graphical description of the bones, and other anatomical observations : illustrated with figures after the life / by William Cowper, Surgeon. Cowper, William, 1666-1709. 1694 (1694) Wing C6700; ESTC R28571 97,302 335 View Text
A44061 Vindiciæ medicinæ & medicorum: or An apology for the profession and professors of physick In answer to the several pleas of illegal practitioners; wherein their positions are examined, their cheats discovered, and their danger to the nation asserted. As also an account of the present pest, in answer to a letter. By Nath. Hodges, M.D. Coll. Lond. Hodges, Nathaniel, 1629-1688. 1666 (1666) Wing H2308; ESTC R215271 98,257 251 View Text
A29738 A vindicatory schedule concerning the cure of fevers containing a disquisition theoretical and practical, of the new and most effectual method of curing continual fevers, first invented and delivered by the sagacious Dr. Tho. Sydenham : also shewing by way of preliminary, the indispensible charge lying on physicians to improve themselves and the art ... : with an appendix of Sanctorius his Medicina statica ... / by Andrew Broun, M.D. Brown, Andrew. 1691 (1691) Wing B5012; ESTC R38643 101,066 263 View Text
A53915 A general treatise of the diseases of maids, bigbellied women, child-bed-women, and widows together with the best methods of preventing or curing the same / by J. Pechey ... Pechey, John, 1655-1716. 1696 (1696) Wing P1024; ESTC R1373 102,098 324 View Text
A92912 Chymistry made easie and useful. Or, The agreement and disagreement of the chymists and galenists. [brace] Daniel Sennertus, Nich. Culpeper, and Abdiah Cole. [brace] Doctors of physick. ; The two next pages shew what is chiefly treated of in this book. Sennert, Daniel, 1572-1637.; Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654.; Cole, Abdiah, ca. 1610-ca. 1670. 1662 (1662) Wing S2531A; ESTC R183723 102,609 180 View Text
A59264 A friend to the sick, or, The honest Englishman's preservation shewing the causes, symptoms, and cures of the most occult and dangerous diseases which affect the body of man : with a particular discourse of the dropsie, scurvy, and yellow jaundice, and the most absolute way of cure : whereunto is added a true relation of some of the most remarkable cures affected by the author's most famous cathartique and diueretique pills. Sermon, William, 1629?-1679. 1673 (1673) Wing S2627; ESTC R1171 103,319 301 View Text
A50433 The frequent, but unsuspected progress of pains, inflammations, tumors, apostems, ulcers, cancers, gangrenes, and mortifications internal therein shewing the secret causes and course of many lingering and acute mortal diseases, rarely discerned : with a tract of fontanels or issues and setons / by Everard Maynwaringe, M.D. Maynwaringe, Everard, 1628-1699? 1679 (1679) Wing M1492; ESTC R31211 108,750 246 View Text
A52850 Discourses concerning government, in a way of dialogue wherein, by observations drawn from other kingdoms and states, the excellency of the English government is demonstrated, the causes of the decay thereof are considered, and proper remedies for cure proposed / by Henry Nevill ...; Plato redivivus. 1698 Neville, Henry, 1620-1694. 1698 (1698) Wing N503A; ESTC R39070 112,421 300 View Text
A52855 Plato redivivus, or, A dialogue concerning government wherein, by observations drawn from other kingdoms and states both ancient and modern, an endeavour is used to discover the present politick distemper of our own, with the causes and remedies ... Neville, Henry, 1620-1694. 1681 (1681) Wing N515; ESTC R14592 114,821 478 View Text
A28315 Blagraves astrological practice of physick discovering the true way to cure all kinds of diseases and infirmities ... being performed by such herbs and plants which grow within our own nation ... : also a discovery of some notable phylosophical secrets worthy our knowledge, relating to a discovery of all kinds of evils, whether natural or ... from sorcery or witchcraft, or by being possessed of an evil spirit, directing how to cast forth the said evil spirit out of any one which is possessed, with sundry examples thereof / by Joseph Blagrave of Reading, Gent. ... Blagrave, Joseph, 1610-1682. 1671 (1671) Wing B3112; ESTC R13219 116,672 169 View Text
A57714 De venenis, or, A discourse of poysons their names, natures, & vertues : with their several symptomes, prognosticks, and antidotes / by W.R., M.D.; De venenis Ramesey, William, 1627-1675 or 6. 1663 (1663) Wing R204; ESTC R21071 116,727 326 View Text
A60482 Gērochomia vasilikē King Solomons portraiture of old age : wherein is contained a sacred anatomy both of soul and body, and a perfect account of the infirmities of age, incident to them both : and all those mystical and ænigmatical symptomes expressed in the six former verses of the 12th chapter of Ecclesiastes, are here paraphrased upon and made plain and easie to a mean capacity / by John Smith ... Smith, John, 1630-1679. 1666 (1666) Wing S4114; ESTC R22883 124,491 292 View Text
A91933 Diapoliteia. A Christian concertation with Mr. Prin, Mr. Baxter, Mr. Harrington, for the true cause of the Commonvvealth. Or, An answer to Mr. Prin's (perditory) anatomy of the Republick, and his true and perfect narrative, &c. To Mr. Baxter's (purgatory) pills for the Army: and his wounding answer to the healing question. With some soft reflections upon his Catholick (or rather Cathulactick) key; and an examen of the late petition of the sixth of July to this Parliament. In all which we have a most necessary vindication of the cause; of the honourable persons now in Parliament and Council, from the venome and vilification of their pens. By Joh. Rogers, thorugh grace kept (under many sufferings) a faithful servant to Jesus Christ, his cause and the Commonwealth. Rogers, John, 1627-1665? 1659 (1659) Wing R1806; Thomason E995_25; ESTC R207812 125,898 138 View Text
A48393 The Gentleman's new jockey, or, Farrier's approved guide containing the exactest rules and methods for breeding and managing horses, &c. ... especially what relates to racing or running, coursing, travel, war, &c., with directions for heats, dieting, dressing ... ; to which is added a second part, containing many rare and new secrets, never before made publick ... ; illustrated with sundry curious and necessary cutts. G. L.; L. G. 1687 (1687) Wing L20; ESTC R43331 130,238 249 View Text
A19403 A short discouerie of the vnobserued dangers of seuerall sorts of ignorant and vnconsiderate practisers of physicke in England profitable not onely for the deceiued multitude, and easie for their meane capacities, but raising reformed and more aduised thoughts in the best vnderstandings: with direction for the safest election of a physition in necessitie: by Iohn Cotta of Northampton Doctor in Physicke. Cotta, John, 1575?-1650? 1612 (1612) STC 5833; ESTC S113907 131,733 158 View Text
A93373 A compleat practice of physick. Wherein is plainly described, the nature, causes, differences, and signs, of all diseases in the body of man. VVith the choicest cures for the same. / By John Smith, Doctor in Physick. Smith, John, doctor in Physic. 1656 (1656) Wing S4113; Thomason E1630_1; ESTC R208974 132,097 385 View Text
A80404 Supplementum chirurgiæ or The supplement to the marrow of chyrurgerie. Wherein is contained fevers, simple and componnd [sic], pestilential, and not, rickets, small pox and measles, with their definitions, causes, signes, prognosticks, and cures, both general, and particular. As also the military chest, containing all necessary medicaments, fit for sea, or land-service, whether simples, or compounds, such as purge, and those that do not; with their several vertues, doses, note of goodness, &c as also instruments. Amongst which are many approved receipts for several diseases. / By James Cooke, practitioner in physick, and chirurgery. Cooke, James, 1614-1694.; Cooke, James, 1614-1694. Mellificium chirurgiæ. 1655 (1655) Wing C6017; Thomason E1516_1; ESTC R208558 134,119 445 View Text
A56500 A new method of physick: or, A short view of Paracelsus and Galen's practice; in 3. treatises. I. Opening the nature of physick and alchymy. II. Shewing what things are requisite to a physitian and alchymist. III. Containing an harmonical systeme of physick. Written in Latin by Simeon Partlicius, phylosopher, and physitian in Germany. Translated into English by Nicholas Culpeper, Gent. student in physick and astrologie, dwelling on the east-side of Spittle-fields, neer London.; Medici systematis harmonici. English. Partlicius, Simeon, fl. 1620-1624.; Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. 1654 (1654) Wing P612; ESTC R203157 135,087 369 View Text
A46939 Enchiridion medicum, or, A manual of physick being a compendium of the whole art, in three parts ... : wherein is briefly shewed 1. the names, 2. the derivation, 3. the causes, 4. the signs, 5. the prognosticks, and 6. a rational method of cure ... / by Robert Johnson, Med. professor. Johnson, Robert, b. 1640? 1684 (1684) Wing J816; ESTC R440 137,158 342 View Text
A66844 The gentlewomans companion; or, A guide to the female sex containing directions of behaviour, in all places, companies, relations, and conditions, from their childhood down to old age: viz. As, children to parents. Scholars to governours. Single to servants. Virgins to suitors. Married to husbands. Huswifes to the house Mistresses to servants. Mothers to children. Widows to the world Prudent to all. With letters and discourses upon all occasions. Whereunto is added, a guide for cook-maids, dairy-maids, chamber-maids, and all others that go to service. The whole being an exact rule for the female sex in general. By Hannah Woolley. Woolley, Hannah, fl. 1670.; Faithorne, William, 1616-1691, engraver. 1673 (1673) Wing W3276A; ESTC R204109 139,140 297 View Text
A29919 The marrow of physicke, or, A learned discourse of the severall parts of mans body being a medicamentary, teaching the manner and way of making and compounding all such oyles, unguents ... &c. as shall be usefull and necessary in any private house ... : and also an addition of divers experimented medicines which may serve against any disease that shall happen to the body : together with some rare receipts for beauties ... / collected and experimented by the industry of T.B. Brugis, Thomas, fl. 1640? 1648 (1648) Wing B5223; ESTC R25040 140,416 306 View Text
A00695 Erōtomania or A treatise discoursing of the essence, causes, symptomes, prognosticks, and cure of love, or erotique melancholy. Written by Iames Ferrand Dr. of Physick; Traité de l'essence et guérison de l'amour. English Ferrand, Jacques, médecin.; Chilmead, Edmund, 1610-1654. 1640 (1640) STC 10829; ESTC S102065 141,472 420 View Text
A81130 Culpeper's Directory for midwives: or, A guide for women The second part. Discovering, 1. The diseases in the privities of women. 2. The diseases of the privy part. 3. The diseases of the womb. 4. The symptomes of the womb. 5. The symptomes in the terms. 6. The symptomes that befal all virgins and women in their womb, after they are ripe of age.7. The symptomes which are in conception. 8. The government of women with child. 9. The symptomes that happen in child-bearing. 10. The government of women in child-bed, and the diseases that come after travel. 11. The diseases of the breasts. 12. The symptomes of the breasts. 13. The diet and government of infants. 14. The diseases and symptomes in children.; Directory for midwives. Part 2 Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654.; Sennert, Daniel, 1572-1637. Practical physick; the fourth book.; Cole, Abdiah, ca. 1610-ca. 1670. 1676 (1676) Wing C7498A; ESTC R224998 142,841 289 View Text
A46940 Praxis medicinæ reformata: = or, The practice of physick reformed Being an epitome of the whole art: wherein is briefly shewed, the true causes, signs, prognosticks, and cure, of most diseases. Published for the benefit of all persons. By Robert Johnson, Med. Professor. Johnson, Robert, b. 1640? 1700 (1700) Wing J817; ESTC R216577 143,441 362 View Text
A76830 A physical dictionary in which all the terms relating either to anatomy, chirurgery, pharmacy, or chymistry are very accurately explain'd / by Stephen Blancard ... Blankaart, Steven, 1650-1702. 1684 (1684) Wing B3164; Wing B3164_VARIANT; ESTC R24203 144,782 320 View Text
A69832 Culpeper's directory for midwives: or, A guide for women. The second part. Discovering, 1. The diseases in the privities of women. 2. The diseases of the privie part. 3. The diseases of the womb ... 14. The diseases and symptoms in children. Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. 1651 (1651) Wing C7488; Wing C7497; ESTC R171645 150,923 300 View Text
A49908 A treatise of the causes of incredulity wherein are examin'd the general motives and occasions which dispose unbelievers to reject the Christian religion : with two letters, containing a direct proof of the truth of Christianity / translated from the French of Monsieur Le Clerc.; De l'incredulité. English Le Clerc, Jean, 1657-1736. 1697 (1697) Wing L827; ESTC R19200 151,596 339 View Text
A29837 A compleat treatise of preternatural tumours both general and particular as they appear in the human body from head to foot : to which also are added many excellent and modern historical observations concluding most chapters in the whole discourse / collected from the learned labours both of ancient and modern physicians and chirurgions, composed and digested into this new method by the care and industry of John Brown. Browne, John, 1642-ca. 1700. 1678 (1678) Wing B5125; ESTC R231817 164,435 436 View Text
A53055 The philosphical and physical opinions written by Her Excellency the Lady Marchionesse of Newcastle. Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674. 1655 (1655) Wing N863; ESTC R31084 172,000 202 View Text
A20928 A discourse of the preseruation of the sight: of melancholike diseases; of rheumes, and of old age. Composed by M. Andreas Laurentius, ordinarie phisition to the King, and publike professor of phisicke in the Vniuersitie of Mompelier. Translated out of French into English, according to the last edition, by Richard Surphlet, practitioner in phisicke; Discours de la conservation de la veüe. English Du Laurens, André, 1558-1609.; Surflet, Richard, fl. 1600-1616. 1599 (1599) STC 7304; ESTC S110934 175,205 211 View Text