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A25757 Secrets disclosed of consumptions shewing [h]ow to distinguish between scurvy and venereal disease : also, how to prevent and cure the fistula by chymical drops without cutting, also piles, hæmorrhoids, and other diseases / by John Archer. Archer, John, fl. 1660-1684. 1684 (1684) Wing A3610; ESTC R27653 20,607 80 View Text
A53917 A plain and short treatise of an apoplexy, convulsions, colick, twisting of the guts, mother fits, bleeding at nose ... and several other violent and dangerous diseases ... : shewing the sick or by-standers what ought presently to be done : together with proper remedies for each disease and plain directions for the use of them / by J. Pechey ... Pechey, John, 1655-1716. 1698 (1698) Wing P1026; ESTC R18872 21,923 40 View Text
A50457 Useful discoveries and practical observations, in some late remarkable cures of the scurvy. By E. Maynwaringe, Dr. in Physick. Maynwaringe, Everard, 1628-1699? 1668 (1668) Wing M1518; ESTC R217779 22,967 63 View Text
A86991 Ourography or Speculations on the excrements of urine with the distinctions, causes, colours, and contents thereof: and other symptomes observed in nature. Also, a philosophicall discourse of the colours of urine, with the art of mixing them, according to quantity, number, and weight. By Henry Hamand. Hamand, Henry. 1655 (1655) Wing H469; ESTC R223743 26,561 112 View Text
A67222 Lues venera wherein the names, nature, subject, causes, signes, and cure, are handled, mistakes in these discovered, rectified, doubts and questions succinctly resolved / by John Wynell ... Wynell, John, fl. 1660-1670. 1660 (1660) Wing W3775; ESTC R31852 27,312 95 View Text
A89713 Hermetical physick: or, The right way to preserve, and to restore health. By that famous and faithfull chymist, Henry Nollius. Englished by Henry Uaughan, Gent. Nolle, Heinrich, fl. 1612-1619.; Vaughan, Henry, gent, 1655 (1655) Wing N1222; Thomason E1714_1; ESTC R209619 34,855 139 View Text
A65691 The blood of the grape republished and enlarged by the author To. Whitaker. Whitaker, Tobias, d. 1666. 1654 (1654) Wing W1714; ESTC R187810 38,227 145 View Text
A59999 A short compendium of chirurgery containing its grounds & principles : more particularly treating of imposthumes, wounds, ulcers, fractures & dislocations : also a discourse of the generation and birth of man, very necessary to be understood by all midwives and child-bearing women : with the several methods of curing the French pox, the cure of baldness, inflammation of the eyes, and toothach, and an account of blood-letting, cup-setting, and blooding with leeches / by J.S., M.D. J. S. (John Shirley), M.D.; Shirley, John, 1648-1679. 1678 (1678) Wing S3496; ESTC R38236 39,001 140 View Text
A50443 Morbus polyrhizos et polymorphæus. A treatise of the scurvy. Examining opinions and errors, concerning the nature and cure of this disease. Establishing a method for prevention and cure, founded upon other principles; concordant with reason, verified by practice. By Everard Maynwaringe Doctor in Physick. Maynwaringe, Everard, 1628-1699? 1665 (1665) Wing M1500; ESTC R214157 39,087 114 View Text
A48261 The art of physick made plain & easie by the learned D. Fambresarius ... ; translated out of his famous book De schola medecin by J.P.; Scholae medicae. English La Framboisière, Nicholas Abraham de, b. 16th cent. 1684 (1684) Wing L179; ESTC R35413 45,594 151 View Text
A05064 A uery brefe treatise, ordrely declaring the pri[n]cipal partes of phisick that is to saye: thynges natural. Thynges not naturall. Thynges agaynst nature. Gathered, and sette forth by Christopher Langton. Langton, Christopher, 1521-1578. 1547 (1547) STC 15205; ESTC S121147 48,372 190 View Text
A39798 The differences, causes, and iudgements of urine according to the best writers thereof, both old and new, summarily collected / by I. Fletcher. Fletcher, John, d. 1613. 1641 (1641) Wing F1337; ESTC R5192 54,779 167 View Text
A59200 The sixth book of Practical physick Of occult or hidden diseases; in nine parts Part I. Of diseases from occult qualities in general. Part. II. Of occult, malignant, and venemous diseases arising from the internal fault of the humors. Part III. Of occult diseases from water, air, and infections, and of infectious diseases. Part IV. Of the venereal pox. Part V. Of outward poysons in general Part VI. Of poysons from minerals and metals. Part. VII. Of poysons from plants. Part VIII. Of poysons that come from living creatures. Part IX. Of diseases by witchcraft, incantation, and charmes. By Daniel Sennertus, N Culpeper, and Abdiah Cole, Doctors of Physick Sennert, Daniel, 1572-1637.; Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654.; Cole, Abdiah, ca. 1610-ca. 1670. 1662 (1662) Wing S2541A; ESTC R221050 55,611 126 View Text
A41254 A new and needful treatise of spirits and wind offending mans body wherein are discovered their nature, causes and effects / by the learned Dr. Fienns ; and Englished by William Rowland ...; Flatibus humanum corpus molestantibus. English Feyens, Jean, d. 1585.; Rowland, William. 1668 (1668) Wing F841; ESTC R40884 57,605 138 View Text
B04331 A treatise of consumptions. ... By E. Maynwaringe, Dr. in Physick. Maynwaringe, Everard, 1628-1699? 1668 (1668) Wing M1516; ESTC R180494 64,197 186 View Text
A62269 Paidōn nosēmata· = or Childrens diseases both outward and inward. From the time of their birth to fourteen years of age. With their natures, causes, signs, presages and cures. In three books: 1. Of external 2. Universal 3. Inward diseases. Also, the resolutions of many profitable questions concerning children, and of nurses, and of nursing children. By J. S. physician. J. S.; Vaughan, William, fl. 1664, engraver. 1664 (1664) Wing S79; ESTC R219790 64,761 200 View Text
A88902 De morbis fœmineis, the womans counsellour: or, The feminine physitian. Modestly treating of such occult accidents, and secret diseases, as are incident to that sex, which their too much modesty, too often to their sorrow, causes them to conceal from others, for a remedy whereof, they are here taught to be their own helpers; especially in these particulars: of barrenness and abortion: of natural, and unnatural births: of the suppression of the termes, the immoderate flux thereof, and other infirmities. Dicereque puduit, scribere jussit. With a brief appendix, touching the kindes, causes, and cures of dropsies, and tympanies of all sorts. / Translated out of Massarius de morbis mulier. By R.T. philomathēs.; Praelectiones de morbis mulierum. English Massaria, Alessandro, 1510-1598.; Turner, Robert, fl. 1654-1665. 1657 (1657) Wing M1028; Thomason E1650_3; ESTC R209118 65,102 229 View Text
A50435 Ignota febris Fevers mistaken in notion & practice. Shewing the frequent fatal consequents thereof. Herein traversing the dissenting new hypotheses of some late writers: and erroneous opinions, of antique authors. With remarks upon bleeding, blistering, juleps, and the Jesuits pouder, in fevers. By Everard Maynwaringe, Med. D. Maynwaringe, Everard, 1628-1699? 1698 (1698) Wing M1495; ESTC R217776 69,714 170 View Text
B02287 Fundamenta chymica: or, A sure guide into the high and rare mysteries of alchymie; L.C. Philmedico Chymicus. L. C. 1658 (1658) Wing C5436A; ESTC R174111 77,970 259 View Text
A52581 Sal, lumen, & spiritus mundi philosophici, or, The dawning of the day discovered by the beams of light shewing the true salt and secret of the philosophers, the first and universal spirit of the world / written originally in French, afterwards turned into Latin by the illustrious doctor, Lodovicus Combachius ... and now transplanted into Albyons Garden by R.T. ...; Traittez de l'harmonie et constitution généralle du vray sel, secret des philosophes, et de l'esprit universelle du monde. English Nuisement, Clovis Hesteau, sieur de.; Turner, Robert, fl. 1654-1665. 1657 (1657) Wing N1469; ESTC R4890 78,186 256 View Text
A35396 Semeiotica uranica, or, An astrological judgment of diseases from the decumbiture of the sick (1) from Aven Ezra by the way of introduction, (2) from Noel Duret by way of direction ... : to which is added, The signs of life or death by the body of the sick party according to the judgment of Hippocrates / by Nicholas Culpeper, Gent. ...; Semeiotica uranica Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654.; Hippocrates. Prognostica.; Duret, Noël, ca. 1590-ca. 1650.; Ibn Ezra, Abraham ben Meïr, 1092-1167. 1651 (1651) Wing C7547; ESTC R7964 79,136 212 View Text
A45776 Levamen infirmi: or, cordial counsel to the sick and diseased Containing I. Advice concerning physick, and what a physician ought to be; with an account of the author's remedies, and how to take them. II. Concerning melancholy, frensie, and madness; in which, amongst other things, is shew'd, how far they differ from a conscience opprest with the sense of sin, and likewise how they differ among themselves. III. A miscellany of pious discourses, concerning the attributes of God; with ejaculations and prayers, according to scripture rule. Likewise an account of many things which have happen'd since the creation. To which are added several predictions of what may happen to the end of the world. The whole being enrich'd with physical, pious, moral & historical observations, delightful to read, & necessary to know. By D. Irish, practitioner in physick and surgery, now dwelling at Stoke, near Guilford in Surry, where he is ready to serve any person, to the utmost of his skill. Irish, David. 1700 (1700) Wing I1036; ESTC R221621 80,143 149 View Text
A15701 The castell of Christians and fortresse of the faithfull beseiged, and defended, now almost sixe thowsand yeares. VVritten by Iohn VVolton, on e of the Cathederal Church in Exetor. Woolton, John, 1535?-1594. 1577 (1577) STC 25975; ESTC S103316 80,248 214 View Text
A41730 De succo pancreatico, or, A physical and anatomical treatise of the nature and office of the pancreatick juice shewing its generation in the body, what diseases arise by its vitiation : from whence in particular, by plain and familiar examples, is accurately demonstrated, the causes and cures of agues, or intermitting feavers, hitherto so difficult and uncertain, with sundry other things of worthy note / written by D. Reg. de Graaf ... ; and translated by Christopher Pack ...; Tractatus anatomico-medicus de succi pancreatici natura & usu. English Graaf, Reinier de, 1641-1673.; Packe, Christopher, fl. 1670-1711. 1676 (1676) Wing G1463; ESTC R17762 82,340 198 View Text
A63812 A treatise of dreams & visions wherein the causes, natures, and uses, of nocturnal representations, and the communications both of good and evil angels, as also departed souls, to mankind. Are theosophically unfolded; that is according to the Word of God, and the harmony of created beings. To which is added, a discourse of the causes, natures, and cure of phrensie, madness or distraction. By Tho. Tryon, student in physick. Tryon, Thomas, 1634-1703. 1689 (1689) Wing T3197A; ESTC R221812 87,971 320 View Text
A63809 Pythagoras his mystick philosophy reviv'd, or, The mystery of dreams unfolded wherein the causes, natures, and uses of nocturnal representations ... are theosophically unfolded ... / by Tho. Tryon ... Tryon, Thomas, 1634-1703. 1691 (1691) Wing T3194; ESTC R34679 88,172 329 View Text
A25287 The sick-mans rare jewel wherein is discovered a speedy way how every man may recover lost health, and prolong life, how he may know what disease he hath, and how he himself may apply proper remedies to every disease, with the description, definition, signs and syptoms [sic] of those diseases. (Viz.) The scurvy, leues venerea, gonorrhea, dropsies, catarrhs, chollick, gouts, madness, frensies of all sorts, fever, jaundise, consumptions, ptisick, swoundings, histerick passions, pleurisies, cachexia's, worms, vapours, hypochondriack melancholly, stone, strangury, with the whole troop of diseases most afflicting the bodies of men, women and children; with a supply of suitable medicines; ... a piece profitable for every person and family, and all that travel by sea or land. By B.A. A. B. 1674 (1674) Wing A2B; ESTC R222542 90,076 270 View Text
A14264 Enchiridion medicum containing an epitome of the whole course of physicke: with the examination of a chirurgion, by way of dialogue betweene the doctor and the students. With a treatise contaning a definition of all those difenses that do chiefly affect the body of a man, and an antidotary of many excelllent and approued remedies for all diseases. Published for the benefit of young students in physicke, chirurgian, and apothecaries. Pomarius, Petrus.; Hobbes, Stephen. 1609 (1609) STC 24577; ESTC S101306 91,960 299 View Text
A28961 An essay of the great effects of even languid and unheeded motion whereunto is annexed An experimental discourse of some little observed causes of the insalubrity and salubrity of the air and its effects / by the Honourable Robert Boyle ... Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. 1685 (1685) Wing B3949; ESTC R36503 94,124 315 View Text
A53915 A general treatise of the diseases of maids, bigbellied women, child-bed-women, and widows together with the best methods of preventing or curing the same / by J. Pechey ... Pechey, John, 1655-1716. 1696 (1696) Wing P1024; ESTC R1373 102,098 324 View Text
A92912 Chymistry made easie and useful. Or, The agreement and disagreement of the chymists and galenists. [brace] Daniel Sennertus, Nich. Culpeper, and Abdiah Cole. [brace] Doctors of physick. ; The two next pages shew what is chiefly treated of in this book. Sennert, Daniel, 1572-1637.; Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654.; Cole, Abdiah, ca. 1610-ca. 1670. 1662 (1662) Wing S2531A; ESTC R183723 102,609 180 View Text
A81145 Culpeper's last legacy left and bequeathed to his dearest wife, for the publicke good, being the choicest and most profitable of those secrets which while he lived were lockt up in his breast, and resolved never to be publisht till after his death. Containing sundry admirable experiences in severall sciences, more especially, in chyrurgery and physick, viz. compounding of medicines, making of waters, syrrups, oyles, electuaries, conserves, salts, pils, purges, and trochischs. With two particular treatises; the one of feavers; the other of pestilence; as also other rare and choice aphorisms, fitted to the understanding of the meanest capacities. Never publisht before in any of his other works. By Nicholas Culpeper, late student in astrology and physick. Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. 1655 (1655) Wing C7518; Thomason E1464_2; ESTC R22796 103,545 286 View Text
A50433 The frequent, but unsuspected progress of pains, inflammations, tumors, apostems, ulcers, cancers, gangrenes, and mortifications internal therein shewing the secret causes and course of many lingering and acute mortal diseases, rarely discerned : with a tract of fontanels or issues and setons / by Everard Maynwaringe, M.D. Maynwaringe, Everard, 1628-1699? 1679 (1679) Wing M1492; ESTC R31211 108,750 246 View Text
A04076 Lawes and orders of vvarre established for the good conduct of the seruice of Ireland. England and Wales. Army.; Falkland, Henry Cary, Viscount, d. 1633. 1625 (1625) STC 14131.5; ESTC S3834 114,882 2 View Text
A04167 Diverse sermons with a short treatise befitting these present times, now first published by Thomas Iackson, Dr in Divinity, chaplaine in ordinary to his Majestie, and president of Corpus Christi Colledge in Oxford. ... Jackson, Thomas, 1579-1640. 1637 (1637) STC 14307; ESTC S107448 114,882 232 View Text
A28790 The cure of old age and preservation of youth by Roger Bacon... ; translated out of Latin, with annotations and an account of his life and writings / by Richard Browne. Also, a physical account of the tree of life / by Edw. Madeira Arrais ; translated likewise out of Latin by the same hand. Bacon, Roger, 1214?-1294.; Arrais, Duarte Madeira, d. 1652.; Browne, Richard, fl. 1674-1694. 1683 (1683) Wing B372; ESTC R30749 117,539 326 View Text
A60482 Gērochomia vasilikē King Solomons portraiture of old age : wherein is contained a sacred anatomy both of soul and body, and a perfect account of the infirmities of age, incident to them both : and all those mystical and ænigmatical symptomes expressed in the six former verses of the 12th chapter of Ecclesiastes, are here paraphrased upon and made plain and easie to a mean capacity / by John Smith ... Smith, John, 1630-1679. 1666 (1666) Wing S4114; ESTC R22883 124,491 292 View Text
A48393 The Gentleman's new jockey, or, Farrier's approved guide containing the exactest rules and methods for breeding and managing horses, &c. ... especially what relates to racing or running, coursing, travel, war, &c., with directions for heats, dieting, dressing ... ; to which is added a second part, containing many rare and new secrets, never before made publick ... ; illustrated with sundry curious and necessary cutts. G. L.; L. G. 1687 (1687) Wing L20; ESTC R43331 130,238 249 View Text
A19403 A short discouerie of the vnobserued dangers of seuerall sorts of ignorant and vnconsiderate practisers of physicke in England profitable not onely for the deceiued multitude, and easie for their meane capacities, but raising reformed and more aduised thoughts in the best vnderstandings: with direction for the safest election of a physition in necessitie: by Iohn Cotta of Northampton Doctor in Physicke. Cotta, John, 1575?-1650? 1612 (1612) STC 5833; ESTC S113907 131,733 158 View Text
A93373 A compleat practice of physick. Wherein is plainly described, the nature, causes, differences, and signs, of all diseases in the body of man. VVith the choicest cures for the same. / By John Smith, Doctor in Physick. Smith, John, doctor in Physic. 1656 (1656) Wing S4113; Thomason E1630_1; ESTC R208974 132,097 385 View Text
A80404 Supplementum chirurgiæ or The supplement to the marrow of chyrurgerie. Wherein is contained fevers, simple and componnd [sic], pestilential, and not, rickets, small pox and measles, with their definitions, causes, signes, prognosticks, and cures, both general, and particular. As also the military chest, containing all necessary medicaments, fit for sea, or land-service, whether simples, or compounds, such as purge, and those that do not; with their several vertues, doses, note of goodness, &c as also instruments. Amongst which are many approved receipts for several diseases. / By James Cooke, practitioner in physick, and chirurgery. Cooke, James, 1614-1694.; Cooke, James, 1614-1694. Mellificium chirurgiæ. 1655 (1655) Wing C6017; Thomason E1516_1; ESTC R208558 134,119 445 View Text
A56500 A new method of physick: or, A short view of Paracelsus and Galen's practice; in 3. treatises. I. Opening the nature of physick and alchymy. II. Shewing what things are requisite to a physitian and alchymist. III. Containing an harmonical systeme of physick. Written in Latin by Simeon Partlicius, phylosopher, and physitian in Germany. Translated into English by Nicholas Culpeper, Gent. student in physick and astrologie, dwelling on the east-side of Spittle-fields, neer London.; Medici systematis harmonici. English. Partlicius, Simeon, fl. 1620-1624.; Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. 1654 (1654) Wing P612; ESTC R203157 135,087 369 View Text
A46939 Enchiridion medicum, or, A manual of physick being a compendium of the whole art, in three parts ... : wherein is briefly shewed 1. the names, 2. the derivation, 3. the causes, 4. the signs, 5. the prognosticks, and 6. a rational method of cure ... / by Robert Johnson, Med. professor. Johnson, Robert, b. 1640? 1684 (1684) Wing J816; ESTC R440 137,158 342 View Text
A39673 Navigation spiritualiz'd: or, A new compass for seamen consisting of XXXII points of pleasant observations, profitable applications, and serious reflections: all concluded with so many spiritual poems. Whereunto is now added, I. A sober consideration of the sin of drunkenness. II. The harlots face in the Scripture-glass. III. The art of preserving the fruit of the lips. IV. The resurrection of buried mercies and promises. V. The sea-mans catechism. Being an essay toward their much desir'd reformation from the horrible and destable [sic] sins of drunkenness, swearing, uncleanness, forgetfulness of mercies, violation of promises, and atheistical contempt of death. Fit to be seriously recommmended to their profane relations, whether sea-men or others, by all such as unfeignedly desire their eternal welfare. By John Flavel, minister of the Gospel. Flavel, John, 1630?-1691. 1698 (1698) Wing F1173; ESTC R216243 137,316 227 View Text
A78521 The compleat midwifes practice, in the most weighty and high concernments of the birth of man. Containing perfect rules for midwifes and nurses, as also for women in their conception, bearing, and nursing of children: from the experience not onely of our English, but also the most accomplisht and absolute practicers among the French, Spanish, Italian, and other nations. A work so plain, that the weakest capacity may easily attain the knowledge of the whole art. With instructions of the midwife to the Queen of France (given to her daughter a little before her death) touching the practice of the said art. / Published with the approbation and good liking of sundry the most knowing professors of midwifery now living in the city of London, and other places. Illustrated with severall cuts in brass. By T.C. I.D. M.S. T.B. practitioners. Chamberlayne, Thomas.; Boursier, Louise Bourgeois, ca. 1563-1636. 1656 (1656) Wing C1817C; Thomason E1588_3; ESTC R14527 137,828 305 View Text
A26735 Basil Valentine his Triumphant chariot of antimony with annotations of Theodore Kirkringius, M.D. : with the true book of the learned Synesius, a Greek abbot, taken out of the Emperour's library, concerning the philosopher's stone.; Triumph-Wagen Antimonii. English Basilius Valentinus.; Kerckring, Theodor, 1640-1693. 1678 (1678) Wing B1023; ESTC R14540 139,396 187 View Text
A29919 The marrow of physicke, or, A learned discourse of the severall parts of mans body being a medicamentary, teaching the manner and way of making and compounding all such oyles, unguents ... &c. as shall be usefull and necessary in any private house ... : and also an addition of divers experimented medicines which may serve against any disease that shall happen to the body : together with some rare receipts for beauties ... / collected and experimented by the industry of T.B. Brugis, Thomas, fl. 1640? 1648 (1648) Wing B5223; ESTC R25040 140,416 306 View Text
A00695 Erōtomania or A treatise discoursing of the essence, causes, symptomes, prognosticks, and cure of love, or erotique melancholy. Written by Iames Ferrand Dr. of Physick; Traité de l'essence et guérison de l'amour. English Ferrand, Jacques, médecin.; Chilmead, Edmund, 1610-1654. 1640 (1640) STC 10829; ESTC S102065 141,472 420 View Text
A81130 Culpeper's Directory for midwives: or, A guide for women The second part. Discovering, 1. The diseases in the privities of women. 2. The diseases of the privy part. 3. The diseases of the womb. 4. The symptomes of the womb. 5. The symptomes in the terms. 6. The symptomes that befal all virgins and women in their womb, after they are ripe of age.7. The symptomes which are in conception. 8. The government of women with child. 9. The symptomes that happen in child-bearing. 10. The government of women in child-bed, and the diseases that come after travel. 11. The diseases of the breasts. 12. The symptomes of the breasts. 13. The diet and government of infants. 14. The diseases and symptomes in children.; Directory for midwives. Part 2 Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654.; Sennert, Daniel, 1572-1637. Practical physick; the fourth book.; Cole, Abdiah, ca. 1610-ca. 1670. 1676 (1676) Wing C7498A; ESTC R224998 142,841 289 View Text
A46940 Praxis medicinæ reformata: = or, The practice of physick reformed Being an epitome of the whole art: wherein is briefly shewed, the true causes, signs, prognosticks, and cure, of most diseases. Published for the benefit of all persons. By Robert Johnson, Med. Professor. Johnson, Robert, b. 1640? 1700 (1700) Wing J817; ESTC R216577 143,441 362 View Text
A76830 A physical dictionary in which all the terms relating either to anatomy, chirurgery, pharmacy, or chymistry are very accurately explain'd / by Stephen Blancard ... Blankaart, Steven, 1650-1702. 1684 (1684) Wing B3164; Wing B3164_VARIANT; ESTC R24203 144,782 320 View Text
A69832 Culpeper's directory for midwives: or, A guide for women. The second part. Discovering, 1. The diseases in the privities of women. 2. The diseases of the privie part. 3. The diseases of the womb ... 14. The diseases and symptoms in children. Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. 1651 (1651) Wing C7488; Wing C7497; ESTC R171645 150,923 300 View Text
A30233 Monitio logica, or, An abstract and translation of Burgersdicius his logick by a gentleman.; Institutionum logicarum libri duo. English Burgersdijck, Franco, 1590-1635.; Gentleman. 1697 (1697) Wing B5640; ESTC R2989 157,345 300 View Text
A53055 The philosphical and physical opinions written by Her Excellency the Lady Marchionesse of Newcastle. Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674. 1655 (1655) Wing N863; ESTC R31084 172,000 202 View Text
A50764 The method of chemical philosophie and physick. Being a brief introduction to the one, and a true discovery of the other. namely, of diseases, their qualities, causes, symptoms, and certain cures. The like never before extant in English. Philagathoū. aut 1664 (1664) Wing M1943; ESTC R214177 176,186 276 View Text
A49255 The penitent pardoned a treatise wherein is handled the duty of confession of sin and the priviledge of the pardon of sin : together with a discourse of Christs ascension into heaven and of his coming again from heaven : wherein the opinion of the Chiliasts is considered and solidly confuted / being the sum and substance of several sermons preached by that faithful servant of Christ, Mr. Christopher Love ... Love, Christopher, 1618-1651. 1657 (1657) Wing L3171; ESTC R3803 178,515 248 View Text
A74670 Philosophy reformed & improved in four profound tractates. The I. discovering the great and deep mysteries of nature: by that learned chymist & physitian Osw: Crollivs. The other III. discovering the wonderfull mysteries of the creation by Paracelsvs: being his philosophy to the Athenians. / Both made English by H. Pinnell, for the increase of learning and true knowledge. Croll, Oswald, ca. 1560-1609.; Paracelsus, 1493-1541. Three books of philosophy written to the Athenians.; Pinnell, Henry. 1657 (1657) Thomason E1589_1; ESTC R208771 181,834 311 View Text
A88592 The souls cordiall in two treatises. I. Teaching how to be eased of the guilt of sin. II. Discovering advantages by Christs ascension. The third volum. / By that faithfull labourer in the Lords vineyard Mr. Christopher Love, pastor of Lawrence Jury, London. Love, Christopher, 1618-1651. 1653 (1653) Wing L3176; Thomason E1230_1; ESTC R211061 183,257 401 View Text
A28630 Paracelsus, his Archidoxis comprised in ten books : disclosing the genuine way of making quintessences, arcanums, magisteries, elixirs, &c : together with his books of renovation & restauration, of the tincture of the philsophers, of the manual of the philosophical medicinal stone, of the virtues of the members, of the three principles, and finally his seven books of the degrees and compositions, of receipts and natural things / faithfully and plainly Englished, and published by J.H., Oxon.; Archidoxa. English Paracelsus, 1493-1541.; J. H. (John Harding), b. 1600 or 1601. 1660 (1660) Wing B3538; ESTC R19424 195,085 345 View Text
A25193 The English horsman and complete farrier directing all gentlemen and others how to breed, feed, ride, and diet all kind of horses whether for war, race, or other service : with a discovery of the causes, signs, and cures of all diseases, both internal and external, incident to horses : alphabetically digested : with The humours of a Smithfield jockey / by Robert Almond. Almond, Robert. 1673 (1673) Wing A2897; ESTC R27631 197,379 388 View Text
A91017 Popular errours. Or the errours of the people in physick, first written in Latine by the learned physitian James Primrose Doctor in Physick. Divided into foure bookes. viz. 1. The first treating concerning physicians. 2. The second of the errours about some diseases, and the knowledge of them. 3. The third of the errours about the diet; as well of the sound as of the sick. 4. The fourth of the errours of the people about the use of remedies. Profitable and necessary to be read of all. To which is added by the same authour his verdict concerning the antimoniall cuppe. Translated into English by Robert Wittie Doctor in Physick.; De vulgi in medicinâ erroribus. English. Primerose, James, ca. 1598-1659.; Primerose, James, ca. 1598-1659.; Wittie, Robert, 1613?-1684.; Cross, Thomas, fl. 1632-1682, engraver. 1651 (1651) Wing P3476; Thomason E1227_1; ESTC R203210 204,315 501 View Text
A76231 Enchiridion medicum: containing the causes, signs, and cures of all those diseases, that do chiefly affect the body of man: divided into three books. With alphabetical tables of such matters as are therein contained. Whereunto is added a treatise, De facultatibus medicamentorum compositorum, & dosibus. / By Robert Bayfield. Bayfield, Robert, b. 1629. 1655 (1655) Wing B1462; Thomason E1563_1; ESTC R209177 205,016 466 View Text
A86032 A treatise of the rickets being a diseas common to children. Wherin (among many other things) is shewed, 1. The essence 2. The causes 3. The signs 4. The remedies of the diseas. Published in Latin by Francis Glisson, George Bate, and Ahasuerus Regemorter; doctors in physick, and fellows of the Colledg of Physitians at London. Translated into English by Phil. Armin.; De rachitide, sive, Morbo puerili. English. Glisson, Francis, 1597-1677.; Bate, George, 1608-1669.; Regemorter, Assuerus, 1614-1650. 1651 (1651) Wing G860; Thomason E1267_1; ESTC R210557 205,329 373 View Text
A04168 The humiliation of the Sonne of God by his becomming the Son of man, by taking the forme of a servant, and by his sufferings under Pontius Pilat, &c. Or The eighth book of commentaries vpon the Apostles Creed: continued by Thomas Jackson Dr. in Divinitie, chaplaine to his Majestie in ordinarie, and president of Corpus Christi Colledge in Oxford. Divided into foure sections.; Commentaries upon the Apostles Creed. Book 8 Jackson, Thomas, 1579-1640. 1635 (1635) STC 14309; ESTC S107480 214,666 423 View Text
A53913 The compleat midwife's practice enlarged in the most weighty and high concernments of the birth of man containing a perfect directory or rules for midwives and nurses : as also a guide for women in their conception, bearing and nursing of children from the experience of our English authors, viz., Sir Theodore Mayern, Dr. Chamberlain, Mr. Nich. Culpeper ... : with instructions of the Queen of France's midwife to her daughter ... / by John Pechey ... ; the whole illustrated with copper plates. Pechey, John, 1655-1716.; Chamberlen, Hugh.; Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654.; Boursier, Louise Bourgeois, ca. 1563-1636.; Mayerne, Théodore Turquet de, Sir, 1573-1655. 1698 (1698) Wing P1022; ESTC R37452 221,991 373 View Text
A64574 Otto Tachenius his Hippocrates chymicus discovering the ancient foundation of the late viperine salt with his Clavis thereunto annexed translated by J.W.; Antiquissimae Hipprocraticae medicinae clavis. English. Tachenius, Otto, d. ca. 1670.; J. W. 1690 (1690) Wing T98A; ESTC R219149 222,349 309 View Text
A35390 A physicall directory, or, A translation of the London dispensatory made by the Colledge of Physicians in London ... by Nich. Culpeper, Gent.; Pharmacopoeia Londinensis. English Royal College of Physicians of London.; Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. 1649 (1649) Wing C7540; ESTC R2883 224,260 364 View Text
A89300 The expert doctors dispensatory. The whole art of physick restored to practice. The apothecaries shop, and chyrurgions closet open'd; wherein all safe and honest practices are maintained, and dangerous mistakes discovered; and what out of subtilty for their own profits they have indeavoured to reserve to themselves, now at last impartially divulged and made common. Together with a strict survey of the dispensatories of the most renowned colledges of the world ... Containing, ... the Latine names of all simples and compounds English'd. ... the vertues, qualities, properties, quantities, and uses of all simples and componnds [sic]. ...the way of prescribing remedies; ... the nature, qualities, and symptomes of all diseases ... cautions for the applying all both internal and external medicines. To which is added by Jacob a Brunn ... a compendium of the body of physick; wherein all the medicaments vniversal and particular, simple and compound, are fitted to the practice of physick; and these forms of remedies now before prescribed by the famous P. Morellus, ...; Methodus praescribendi formulas remediorum elegantissima. English Morel, Pierre.; Brunn, Johannes Jacobus, 1591-1660. Systema materiae medicae. English.; Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. 1657 (1657) Wing M2719; Thomason E1565_1; ESTC R18363 229,604 518 View Text
A57647 Arcana microcosmi, or, The hid secrets of man's body discovered in an anatomical duel between Aristotle and Galen concerning the parts thereof : as also, by a discovery of the strange and marveilous diseases, symptomes & accidents of man's body : with a refutation of Doctor Brown's Vulgar errors, the Lord Bacon's natural history, and Doctor Harvy's book, De generatione, Comenius, and others : whereto is annexed a letter from Doctor Pr. to the author, and his answer thereto, touching Doctor Harvy's book De Generatione / by A.R. Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654. 1652 (1652) Wing R1947; ESTC R13878 247,834 298 View Text
A30877 Thesaurus chirurgiae : the chirurgical and anatomical works of Paul Barbette ... composed according to the doctrine of the circulation of the blood, and other new inventions of the moderns : together with a treatise of the plague, illustrated with observations / translated out of Low-Dutch into English ... ; to which is added the surgeon's chest, furnished both with instruments and medicines ... and to make it more compleat, is adjoyned a treatise of diseases that for the most part attend camps and fleets ; written in High-Dutch by Raymundus Minderius.; Chirurgie nae de hedendaeghse practijck beschreven. English Barbette, Paul, d. 1666?; Barbette, Paul, d. 1666? Pest-beschrijving. English.; Fabricius Hildanus, Wilhelm, 1560-1634. New Feldtartznybuch von Kranckheiten und Shäden. English.; Minderer, Raymund, 1570?-1621. Medicina militaris. English. 1687 (1687) Wing B701; ESTC R15665 250,985 581 View Text
A59205 Two treatises The first, of the venereal pocks: Wherein is shewed, I. The name and original of this disease. II. Histories thereof. III. The nature thereof. IV. Its causes. V. Its differences. VI. Several sorts of signs thereof. VII. Several waies of the cure thereof. VIII. How to cure such diseases, as are wont to accompany the whores pocks. The second treatise of the gout, 1. Of the nature of the gout. 2. Of the causes thereof. 3. Of the signs thereof. 4. Of the cure thereof. 5. Of the hip gout or sciatica. 6. The way to prevent the gout written in Latin and English. By Daniel Sennert, Doctor of Physick. Nicholas Culpeper, physitian and astrologer. Abdiah Cole, Doctor of Physick, and the liberal arts.; De lue venerea. English Sennert, Daniel, 1572-1637.; Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654.; Sennert, Daniel, 1572-1637.; Cole, Abdiah, ca. 1610-ca. 1670. 1660 (1660) Wing S2547; ESTC R221594 267,038 173 View Text
A06950 Markhams maister-peece, or, What doth a horse-man lacke containing all possible knowledge whatsoeuer which doth belong to any smith, farrier or horse-leech, touching the curing of all maner of diseases or sorrances in horses : drawne with great paine and most approued experience from the publique practise of all the forraine horse-marshals of Christendome and from the priuate practise of all the best farriers of this kingdome : being deuided into two bookes, the first containing all cures physicall, the second whatsoeuer belongeth to chirurgerie, with an addition of 130 most principall chapters and 340 most excellent medicines, receits and secrets worthy euery mans knowledge, neuer written of nor mentioned in any author before whatsoeuer : together with the true nature, vse, and qualitie of euerie simple spoken of through the whole worke : reade me, practise me, and admire me / written by Geruase Markham gentleman. Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637. 1610 (1610) STC 17376.5; ESTC S4777 291,300 517 View Text
A94421 The hidden treasures of the art of physick; fully discovered: in four books. 1 Containing a physical description of man. 2 The causes, signes, and cures of all diseases, incident to the body. 3 The general cure of wounds, tumours, and ulcers. 4 A general rule, for making all kind of medicines; with the use and nature of distilled waters, juyces, decoctions, conserves, powders, elestuaries, plaisters, &c. To which is added three necessary tables, 1 sheweth the contents of the four books. 2 Explaineth all the terms of art which are used in physick and chirurgery. 3 Explaining the nature and use of simples, what they are, and where they grow. A work whereby the diligent reader may, without the help of other authors, attain to the knowledge of the art above-named. / By John Tanner, student in physick, and astrology. Tanner, John, ca. 1636-1715. 1659 (1659) Wing T136; Thomason E1847_1; ESTC R203798 295,583 577 View Text
A88617 Panzooryktologia. Sive Panzoologicomineralogia. Or A compleat history of animals and minerals, containing the summe of all authors, both ancient and modern, Galenicall and chymicall, touching animals, viz. beasts, birds, fishes, serpents, insects, and man, as to their place, meat, name, temperature, vertues, use in meat and medicine, description, kinds, generation, sympathie, antipathie, diseases, cures, hurts, and remedies &c. With the anatomy of man, his diseases, with their definitions, causes, signes, cures, remedies: and use of the London dispensatory, with the doses and formes of all kinds of remedies: as also a history of minerals, viz. earths, mettals, semimettals, their naturall and artificiall excrements, salts, sulphurs, and stones, with their place, matter, names, kinds, temperature, vertues, use, choice, dose, danger, and antidotes. Also an [brace] introduction to zoography and mineralogy. Index of Latine names, with their English names. Universall index of the use and vertues. / By Robert Lovell. St. C.C. Oxon. philotheologiatronomos. Lovell, Robert, 1630?-1690. 1661 (1661) Wing L3245_pt2; Wing L3246; Thomason E1810_1; Thomason E1811_1; ESTC R30507 298,085 412 View Text
A62094 A new idea of the practice of physic written by that famous Franciscus De Le Boe ... the first book, of the diseases either constituting, producing, or following the natural functions of man not in health : wherein is containd ... a vindication of the spleen and mother translated faithfully by Richard Gower ...; Praxeos medicae idea nova. Liber 1. English Le Boë, Frans de, 1614-1672.; R. G. (Richard Gower); Nedham, Marchamont, 1620-1678. 1675 (1675) Wing S6338; ESTC R21520 308,539 559 View Text
A26796 The harmony of the divine attributes in the contrivance and accomplishment of man's redemption by the Lord Jesus Christ, or, Discourses wherein is shewed how the wisdom, mercy, justice, holiness, power, and truth of God are glorified in that great and blessed work / by William Bates. Bates, William, 1625-1699. 1674 (1674) Wing B1113; ESTC R25864 309,279 511 View Text
A49892 The history of physick, or, An account of the rise and progress of the art, and the several discoveries therein from age to age with remarks on the lives of the most eminent physicians / written originally in French by Daniel Le Clerc, M.D. ; and made English by Dr. Drake and Dr. Baden ; with additional notes and sculptures.; Histoire de la médecine. English Le Clerc, Daniel, 1652-1728.; Drake, James, 1667-1707.; Baden, Andrew, 1666-1699. 1699 (1699) Wing L811; ESTC R9369 311,651 430 View Text
A65576 The works of that late most excellent philosopher and astronomer, Sir George Wharton, bar. collected into one volume / by John Gadbvry ... Wharton, George, Sir, 1617-1681.; Gadbury, John, 1627-1704.; Rothmann, Johann. Chiromancia. English. 1683 (1683) Wing W1538; ESTC R15152 333,516 700 View Text
A53921 The store-house of physical practice being a general treatise of the causes and signs of all diseases afflicting human bodies : together with the shortest, plainest and safest way of curing them, by method, medicine and diet : to which is added, for the benefit of young practicers, several choice forms of medicines used by the London physicians / by John Pechey ... Pechey, John, 1655-1716. 1695 (1695) Wing P1030; ESTC R17969 344,757 525 View Text
A63817 A way to health, long life and happiness, or, A discourse of temperance and the particular nature of all things requisite for the life of man as all sorts of meats, drinks, air, exercise &c., with special directions how to use each of them to the best advantage of the body and mind : shewing from the true ground of nature whence most diseases proceed and how to prevent them : to which is added a treatise of most sorts of English herbs ... the whole treatise displaying the most hidden secrets of philosophy ... / communicated to the world for the general good by Thomas Tryon. Tryon, Thomas, 1634-1703. 1691 (1691) Wing T3201; ESTC R30173 347,235 536 View Text
A35381 Pharmacopœia Londinensis, or, The London dispensatory further adorned by the studies and collections of the Fellows, now living of the said colledg ... / by Nich. Culpeper, Gent.; Pharmacopoeia Londinensis. English Royal College of Physicians of London.; Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. 1653 (1653) Wing C7525; ESTC R2908 351,910 220 View Text
A29031 Some considerations touching the vsefulnesse of experimental naturall philosophy propos'd in familiar discourses to a friend, by way of invitation to the study of it. Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.; Sharrock, Robert, 1630-1684. 1663 (1663) Wing B4029; ESTC R19249 365,255 580 View Text
A57335 A sure guide, or, The best and nearest way to physick and chyrurgery that is to say, the arts of healing by medicine and manual operation : being an anatomical description of the whol body of man and its parts : with their respective diseases demonstrated from the fabrick and vse of the said parts : in six books ... at the end of the six books, are added twenty four tables, cut in brass, containing one hundred eighty four figures, with an explanation of them : which are referred to in above a thousand places in the books for the help of young artists / written in Latine by Johannes Riolanus ...; Englished by Nich. Culpeper ... and W.R. ...; Encheiridium anatomicum et pathologicum. English Riolan, Jean, 1580-1657.; Culpeper, Alice.; Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654.; Rand, William. 1657 (1657) Wing R1525; ESTC R15251 394,388 314 View Text
A91851 The universal body of physick in five books; comprehending the several treatises of nature, of diseases and their causes, of symptomes, of the preservation of health, and of cures. Written in Latine by that famous and learned doctor Laz. Riverius, counsellour and physician to the present King of France, and professor in the Vniversity of Montpelier. Exactly translated into English by VVilliam Carr practitioner in physick.; Institutiones medicae. English Rivière, Lazare, 1589-1655.; Carr, William. 1657 (1657) Wing R1567A; ESTC R230160 400,707 430 View Text
A66518 Two discourses concerning the soul of brutes which is that of the vital and sensitive of man. The first is physiological, shewing the nature, parts, powers, and affections of the same. The other is pathological, which unfolds the diseases which affect it and its primary seat; to wit, the brain and nervous stock, and treats of their cures: with copper cuts. By Thomas Willis doctor in physick, professor of natural philosophy in Oxford, and also one of the Royal Society, and of the renowned college of physicians in London. Englished by S. Pordage, student in physick. Willis, Thomas, 1621-1675.; Pordage, Samuel, 1633-1691? 1683 (1683) Wing W2856; ESTC R219572 452,754 252 View Text
A47663 The secret miracles of nature in four books : learnedly and moderately treating of generation, and the parts thereof, the soul, and its immortality, of plants and living creatures, of diseases, their symptoms and cures, and many other rarities ... : whereunto is added one book containing philosophical and prudential rules how man shall become excellent in all conditions, whether high or low, and lead his life with health of body and mind ... / written by that famous physitian, Levinus Lemnius.; De miraculis occultis naturae. English Lemnius, Levinus, 1505-1568. 1658 (1658) Wing L1044; ESTC R8382 466,452 422 View Text
A59195 Nine books of physick and chirurgery written by that great and learned physitian, Dr Sennertus. The first five being his Institutions of the whole body of physick: the other four of fevers and agues: with their differences, signs, and cures. Sennert, Daniel, 1572-1637. 1658 (1658) Wing S2537; Wing S2538; ESTC R221010 477,810 625 View Text
B22610 Etmullerus abridg'd: or, A compleat system of the theory and practice of physic. Being a description of all diseases incident to men, women and children. With an account of their causes, symptoms, and most approved methods of cure, physical and chirurgical. To which is prefix'd a short view of the animal and vital functions; and the several vertues and classes of med'cines. Translated from the last edition of the works of Michael Etmullerus, late professor of physic in the University of Leiptsich; Opera omnia: nempe, instutionis medicinæ. Abridgments. Ettmüller, Michael, 1644-1683. 1699 (1699) Wing E3385A 488,676 677 View Text
A69471 Another collection of philosophical conferences of the French virtuosi upon questions of all sorts for the improving of natural knowledg made in the assembly of the Beaux Esprits at Paris by the most ingenious persons of that nation / render'd into English by G. Havers, Gent. & J. Davies ..., Gent.; Recueil général des questions traitées és conférences du Bureau d'adresse. 101-240. English Bureau d'adresse et de rencontre (Paris, France); Havers, G. (George); Davies, John, 1625-1693.; Renaudot, Théophraste, 1586-1653.; Renaudot, Eusèbe, 1613-1679. 1665 (1665) Wing A3254; ESTC R17011 498,158 520 View Text
A46235 The idea of practical physick in twelve books ... / written in Latin by John Johnston ... ; and Englished by Nich. Culpeper, Gent. ... and W.R.; Idea universal medicinae practicae libris XII absoluta. English Jonstonus, Joannes, 1603-1675.; Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654.; W. R. 1657 (1657) Wing J1018; ESTC R8913 546,688 377 View Text
A70920 A general collection of discourses of the virtuosi of France, upon questions of all sorts of philosophy, and other natural knowledg made in the assembly of the Beaux Esprits at Paris, by the most ingenious persons of that nation / render'd into English by G. Havers, Gent.; Recueil général des questions traitées és conférences du Bureau d'adresse. 1-100. English Bureau d'adresse et de rencontre (Paris, France); Havers, G. (George); Renaudot, Théophraste, 1586-1653.; Renaudot, Eusèbe, 1613-1679.; Renaudot, Isaac, d. 1680. 1664 (1664) Wing R1034; ESTC R1662 597,620 597 View Text
A02758 Klinike, or The diet of the diseased· Divided into three bookes. VVherein is set downe at length the whole matter and nature of diet for those in health, but especially for the sicke; the aire, and other elements; meat and drinke, with divers other things; various controversies concerning this subject are discussed: besides many pleasant practicall and historicall relations, both of the authours owne and other mens, &c. as by the argument of each booke, the contents of the chapters, and a large table, may easily appeare. Colellected [sic] as well out of the writings of ancient philosophers, Greeke, Latine, and Arabian, and other moderne writers; as out of divers other authours. Newly published by Iames Hart, Doctor in Physicke. Hart, James, of Northampton. 1633 (1633) STC 12888; ESTC S119800 647,313 474 View Text
A96634 The remaining medical works of that famous and renowned physician Dr. Thomas Willis ... Viz I. Of fermentation, II. Of feavours, III. Of urines, IV. Of the ascension of the bloud, V. Of musculary motion, VI. Of the anatomy of the brain, VII. Of the description and uses of the nerves, VIII. Of convulsive diseases : the first part, though last published, with large alphabetical tables for the whole, and an index ... : with eighteen copper plates / Englished by S.P. esq. Willis, Thomas, 1621-1675.; Loggan, David, 1635-1700? 1681 (1681) Wing W2855A; ESTC R42846 794,310 545 View Text
A59191 The Art of chirurgery explained in six parts part I. Of tumors, in forty six chapters, part II. Of ulcers, in nineteen chapters, part III. Of the skin, hair and nails, in two sections and nineteen chapters, part IV. Of wounds, in twenty four chapters, part V, Of fractures, in twenty two chapters, Part VI. Of luxations, in thirteen chapters : being the whole Fifth book of practical physick / by Daniel Sennertus ... R.W., Nicholas Culpepper ... Abdiah Cole ... Sennert, Daniel, 1572-1637. 1663 (1663) Wing S2531; ESTC R31190 817,116 474 View Text
A51674 Father Malebranche his treatise concerning the search after truth The whole work complete. To which is added the author's Treatise of nature and grace: being a consequence of the principles contained in the search. Together with his answer to the animadversions upon the first volume: his defence against the accusations of Monsieur De la Ville, &c. relating to the same subject. All translated by T. Taylor, M.A. late of Magdalen College in Oxford. Malebranche, Nicolas, 1638-1715.; Taylor, Thomas, 1669 or 70-1735.; Malebranche, Nicolas, 1638-1715. Traité de la nature et de la grace. English. 1700 (1700) Wing M318; ESTC R3403 829,942 418 View Text
A57358 The practice of physick in seventeen several books wherein is plainly set forth the nature, cause, differences, and several sorts of signs : together with the cure of all diseases in the body of man / by Nicholas Culpeper ... Abdiah Cole ... and William Rowland ; being chiefly a translation of the works of that learned and renowned doctor, Lazarus Riverius ...; Praxis medica. English. 1655 Rivière, Lazare, 1589-1655.; Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654.; Cole, Abdiah, ca. 1610-ca. 1670.; Rowland, William. 1655 (1655) Wing R1559; ESTC R31176 898,409 596 View Text
B05906 The parfait mareschal, or Compleat farrier. Which teacheth, I. To know the shapes and goodness, as well as faults and imperfections of horses. II. The signs and causes of their diseases, the means to prevent them, their cure, and the good or bad use of purging and bleeding. III. The way to order and preserve them, when upon travel, to feed, and to dress them. IV. The art of shoeing, according to a new design of shoes, which will recover bad feet, and preserve the good. Together with a treatise, how to raise and bring up a true and beautiful race of horses: as also instructions, whereby to fit all kinds of horses with proper bits, whereof the chief draughts are represented in copper-plates. / Written originally in French by the Sieur de Solleysel Escuyer, sometime one of the overseers of the French Kings Royal Academy of Riding, near to the Hostel de Conde in Paris. And translated from the last Paris impression, by Sir William Hope of Kirkliston Kt. Lieutenat Governour of the Castle of Edinburgh. By whom is also added as a supplement to the first part, a most compendious and excellent collection of horsemanship, taken from the best and most modern writers upon that subject, such as Mr. De la Brow, Pluvinel, and the Great Duke of Newcastle. Part I.; Parfait mareschal. English. 1696 Solleysel, Jacques de, 1617-1680.; Hope, William, Sir. 1696 (1696) Wing S4458; ESTC R184351 1,036,506 744 View Text
A60638 Iatrica, seu, Praxis medendi, The practice of curing being a medicinal history of above three thousand famous observations in the cure of diseases, performed by the author hereof : together with several of the choicest observations of other famous men ... : wherein for the most part you will find 1. the constitution of the body of the sick, 2. the symptoms predominant, 3. the cause of the disease, what? 4. the exact method which was taken in the cure, 5. an exact account of the medicines exhibited, with the order of their exhibition, various doses and success thereupon ... / perform'd by William Salmon ... Salmon, William, 1644-1713. 1681 (1681) Wing S431; ESTC R2357 1,104,756 801 View Text
A13820 The historie of foure-footed beastes Describing the true and liuely figure of euery beast, with a discourse of their seuerall names, conditions, kindes, vertues (both naturall and medicinall) countries of their breed, their loue and hate to mankinde, and the wonderfull worke of God in their creation, preseruation, and destruction. Necessary for all diuines and students, because the story of euery beast is amplified with narrations out of Scriptures, fathers, phylosophers, physitians, and poets: wherein are declared diuers hyerogliphicks, emblems, epigrams, and other good histories, collected out of all the volumes of Conradus Gesner, and all other writers to this present day. By Edward Topsell. Topsell, Edward, 1572-1625? 1607 (1607) STC 24123; ESTC S122276 1,123,245 767 View Text
A06985 A catholike and ecclesiasticall exposition of the holy Gospell after S. Mathewe, gathered out of all the singuler and approued deuines (whiche the Lorde hath geuen to his Churche) by Augustine Marlorate. And translated out of Latine into Englishe by Thomas Tymme, mynister. Sene and allowed according to the order appointed; Novi Testamenti catholica expositio ecclesiastica. English. Selections Marlorat, Augustin, 1506-1562.; Tymme, Thomas, d. 1620. 1570 (1570) STC 17404; ESTC S114262 1,206,890 792 View Text