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B08642 The case of several patentees and their assignees, who are intituled to several annual sums, payable ouf the hereditary excise 1698 (1698) Wing C986B; ESTC R173552 2,062 1 View Text
A22396 By the King a proclamation to declare that all ships carying corne or other victuals or any munition of warre to or for the King of Spaine or any of his subiects shall be and ought to be esteemed as lawfull prize. England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I); Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649. 1625 (1625) STC 8813; ESTC S122687 2,510 2 View Text
A29995 The Duke of Buckingham's speech in a late conference Buckingham, George Villiers, Duke of, 1628-1687. 1668 (1668) Wing B5331; ESTC R6911 2,889 8 View Text
A91956 To the chosen and betrusted knights, citizens, and burgesses, assembled in Parliament at Westminster. The humble petition of Alice Rolph, wife to Major Edmond Rolph, close prisoner at the Gate-house Westminster, &c. Presented to the Honourable House of Commons, Iuly 10. 1648. Rolph, Alice. 1648 (1648) Wing R1889; Thomason 669.f.12[73]; ESTC R210951 2,944 1 View Text
A36379 Two speeches spoken at Oxford by the Right Honovrable, Edward, Earle of Dorset before His Majesty and the lords of his Privy-councell the one at his receiving the office of Lord privy-seal : the other at his being made president of His Majesties Councell : shewing his good affection to the Parliament and the whole state of this kingdome. Dorset, Edward Sackville, Earl of, 1591-1652. 1643 (1643) Wing D1952; ESTC R22239 3,537 8 View Text
A58298 A record in rithme being an essay towards the reformation of the law offer'd to the consideration of the committee appointed for that purpose / vvritten by some men of law, at a time when they had little else to doe. Brome, Alexander, 1620-1666.; Butler, Samuel, 1612-1680. 1660 (1660) Wing R630; ESTC R2021 3,720 8 View Text
A45940 Inter Robertum Williamson, quer' et Mr. Attorney General, deft. Upon a writ of error in Parliament The case of the plaintiff, one of the assigns of Sir Robert Vyner. For 60 l. per annum, and the arrears thereof, out of the hereditary revenue of excise. Dodd, Sam.; Williamson, Robert, one of the assigns of Sir R. Vyner.; Viner, Robert, Sir, 1631-1688. 1700 (1700) Wing I264; ESTC R216028 3,962 1 View Text
A86087 A vvarning to the rulers in Surrey, &c. with a true relation of some of the passages at Kingston sessions, set forth for the prevention of false reports. Harwood, John. 1662 (1662) Wing H1105A; ESTC R177904 3,978 6 View Text
A69045 The ancient state, authoritie, and proceedings of the Court of Requests 2 Octob. 1596. Caesar, Julius, Sir, 1558-1636.; (England and Wales. Court of Requests) 1597 (1597) STC 4341; ESTC S104859 4,505 14 View Text
A55583 William Powell alias Hinson Esq; plaintiffe; the Warden and Fellows of All-soules Colledge in Oxford defendants In the Chancellors Court of the University of Oxford in a pretended cause of dammage. Powell, William.; All Souls College (University of Oxford) 1656 (1656) Wing P3098A; ESTC R221774 5,578 8 View Text
A69328 Articles for the due execution of the statutes of apparell, and for the reformation of the outragious excesse thereof, growen of late time within the realme: deuysed vpon the Quenes Maiesties commaundement, by aduise of her counsell, the .vi. of May. Anno.M D LXII.; Proclamations. 1562-05-06 England and Wales. Privy Council. 1564 (1564) STC 7947.3; ESTC S117029 5,937 3 View Text
A45966 An act for avoiding of vexatious delays, caused by removing actions and sutes out of inferior courts ; An act for redress of certain abuses, in making pewter and brass Ireland. 1697 (1697) Wing I300; ESTC R39281 6,098 13 View Text
A49060 By the mayor To the aldermen of the [blank] ward we charge and command you, that upon Saint Thomas day the Apostle next coming, you do hold your wardmote, and that you have afore us at our general court of aldermen to be holden [blank] the Monday next after the Feast of Epiphany next coming, ... City of London (England). Lord Mayor. 1669 (1669) Wing L2883R; ESTC R213716 6,245 3 View Text
B02386 The lawyers looking-glass: or, A cleer discovery of the dangerous snares, wherewith the practicers of law endeavour to entangle Your Highness, and to make you the patron of their injustice, and oppression, and so to lead you as the blinde ship-money judges led the late blinde king into a ditch; which God forbid. Together with some seasonable preparatives to remedy this great evill: for the glory of God, Your Highnesses honour, and the peace and welfare of these nations: and, all Gods people both ministers of the gospel, and members of the army, and others: specially in and about the cities of London, and Westminster, are earnestly desired (as they will answer it at the great day of account) to speak words in season, and otherwise use their best endeavours to strengthen the hands of Your Highness and councel in carrying on the work of the Lord against the mighty. Corbet, Jeffrey.; Pitt, Edward fl. 1655. 1655 (1655) Wing C6245; ESTC R171535 6,294 10 View Text
A72788 By the Mayor. We charge and command you, that vpon S. Thomas day the Apostle next comming, you doe hold your wardmote and that you haue afore vs at our generall Court of Aldermen to bee holden in the Guildhal, the Munday next after the feast of the Epiphany next comming, ...; Acts & Orders City of London (England). Lord Mayor. 1630 (1630) STC 16731.7; ESTC S124270 6,413 3 View Text
A45991 An act to prevent frauds by clandestine mortgages ; An act for the more easy obtaining partitions of lands in coparcenary joyn-tenancy, and tenancy in common, and bounding and mearing of lands Ireland. 1697 (1697) Wing I325; ESTC R39292 6,771 15 View Text
A81335 A brief discourse proving independency, in church-government, destructive to the positive lawes of this kingdome, and inconsistent therewith. By Robert Derham, of Grayes Inne, Barrister. Published according to order. Derham, Robert. 1646 (1646) Wing D1096; Thomason E344_10; ESTC R200959 7,105 16 View Text
A61642 Freedome. Or, The description of the excellent civill government of the island of Jersey published by James Stocall Esq; Collonel of a regiment of the trained bands of the said island, consisting of 1500 men. Under the government of the honorable Colonel Heane governour thereof, for the service of the Commonwealth of England. Stocall, James. 1652 (1652) Wing S5691A; ESTC R222041 7,464 19 View Text
A00136 Articles ecclesiastical to be enquired of by the church-wardens and sworne-men within the [blank] in the visitation of the [blank] and in the ([blank] yeere of the reigne of our most dread soueraigne lord King Iames) Church of England. 1621 (1621) STC 10133.9; ESTC S421 7,466 15 View Text
A92236 Reasons for the Earl of Maclesfeld's bill in Parliament for dissolving the marriage between him and his wife, and illegitimating her spurious issue 1697 (1697) Wing R513A; ESTC R42543 7,994 8 View Text
A86866 An hvmble remonstrnce [sic] to the Kings most Excellent Majesty, in vindication of the honourable Isaak Pennington, Lord Major of the honourable city of London, Alderman Foulkes, Captaine Venne, Captaine Manwaring, whom His Majeste desires to be delivered to custody, to answer an accusation of treason against them. Desiring that His Majesty would make them no let to his returne to his Parliament nor hinder the accommodation of peace. 1643 (1643) Wing H3626; Thomason E85_2; ESTC R16498 8,443 17 View Text
B20656 A second account in short, of the substance of the proceeding in the court of Kingstone upon Thames, upon the matter between R. Mayo the priest, plaintiffe, and E. Burrough defendant, the 25. of the seventh moneth 1658. Cooke, Edward, fl. 1658-1670. 1658 (1658) Wing C6005; Interim Tract Supplement Guide 855.f.3[42]; ESTC R229342 9,318 9 View Text
A89678 The lavvyers bane. Or The lawes reformation, and new modell: vvherein the errours and corruptions both of the lawyers and of the law it selfe are manifested and declared. And also, some short and profitable considerations laid down for the redresse of them. Nicholson, Benjamin. 1647 (1647) Wing N1105; Thomason E401_36; ESTC R201804 9,501 15 View Text
A91637 A Remonstrance or narrative by way of complaint to the Kings most excellent Majesty, and the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament in behalf of Robert Oxwicke and company, owners of the ship Endeavour, and of Richard Baker and company, proprietors of the said ships lading ... against Giles de la Roach and company, all subjects to the French king, wherein is faithfully described their horrid act of piracy at sea, committed the 21th of November 1655, English style, against the said English, by the said de la Roach and other French-men ... contrary to the articles of peace concluded the 3d of November 1655 ... 1660 (1660) Wing R1025A; ESTC R42559 10,559 7 View Text
A62721 To the high & honourable the legal earthly supreame povver of England, the representive body thereof, the Commons elective in Parliament assembled with authority only for the weale, but not for the woe of the people. The just petition of the free-borne commoners of the county of [blank] whose names are hereunto subscribed, earnestly desiring, the prosperity of the gospell, the removall of bad, the setlement of just lawes, the freedome of this nation, and the peace and tranquilety of all men. 1659 (1659) Wing T1397A; ESTC R219762 10,952 10 View Text
A88239 The prisoners mournfull cry, against the Iudges of the Kings Bench. Or an epistle writ by lieut. col. John Lilburne, prisoner in the tower of London, unto Mr. Iustice Roll : declaring the illegall dealing of himself, and Mr. Justice Bacon with him, in reference to his habeas corpus. Vnto which is annexed his two petitions to the said Iudges, and the petitions of Mr. William Thompson, and Mr. Woodward &c. in which are contained a lash for Mr. Oliver Cromwell and other his spaniolised creatures. With divers other remarkable things worth publique view. Lilburne, John, 1614?-1657. 1648 (1648) Wing L2164; Thomason E441_17; ESTC R204903 11,084 8 View Text
A89574 Speculum libertatis Angliæ re restitutæ: or, The looking-glasse of Englands libertie really restored. Being the representation of the just and equitable constitution of a real common-wealth, suitable to the earnest desires and expectation of most of the good people in the three nations, and as we hope the intendment of supream authority. Published for the incouragement and reviving of the hearts and hopes of all the well-affected. R. M. 1659 (1659) Wing M77; Thomason E989_19; ESTC R202862 11,187 20 View Text
A94411 To His Excellency the L. Generall Cromwell, and the rest of the Councell of the Army of the Comonwealth of England; the humble and faithfull advice of divers affectionate friends to the Parliament, Army and Commonwealth of England Cromwell, Oliver, 1599-1658. 1653 (1653) Wing T1352B; ESTC R203795 11,967 16 View Text
A90159 The onely right rule for regulating the lawes and liberties of the people of England Presented in way of advise to His Excellency the L. Generall Cromwell, and the rest of the officers of the Army, January 28. 1652. By divers affectionate persons to Parliament, Army, and Commonwealth, inhabiting the cities of London, Westminster, borough of Southwark, and places adjacent. Presenters in the behalf of themselves and others, George Baldwin, Simon Turner, Philip Travers, William Tennant, Isaac Gray, Robert Everard. Cromwell, Oliver, 1599-1658. 1652 (1652) Wing O349aA; ESTC R231413 12,176 17 View Text
A32165 Articles of alliance and commerce between the most serene and potent prince Charles II, by the grace of God king of Great Britain, France and Ireland, defender of the faith &c., and the most serene and potent prince Christian V, by the grace of God king of Denmark, Norway &c. / concluded at Copenhagen the 11th day of July, 1670.; Treaties, etc. Denmark, 1670 July 11. English. England and Wales.; Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685.; Christian V, King of Denmark and Norway, 1646-1699.; Denmark. Treaties, etc. England and Wales, 1690 July 11. English. 1672 (1672) Wing C2892; ESTC R43087 12,829 31 View Text
A91609 A brief treatise containing a full discovery 1. Of Cæsars politique state, or civill government, 2. Of the divine politique state, or kingdome of Christ Jesus, given him of his father. 3. Of the devilish politique state or kingdome of Antichrist. Laid open in the essentiall and main circumstantiall parts of each body or state by substantiall and fundamentall reasons and principles of policy both divine and humane, and confirmed by holy Scripture. Whereby the great and intolerable grievances of Christ Jesus and his subjects are made knowne: also how honourable magistracy and civill government is, and how farre it extends, without intrenching upon the prerogative of Christ, doth evidently appear in this treatise. Humbley presented to the serious consideration of the Kings most excellent Majesty, and the high court of Parliament now assembled. By Michael Quintine. Quintyne, Michael. 1641 (1641) Wing Q227; Thomason E163_7; ESTC R649 13,409 27 View Text
A31024 Demetrius and the crafts-men a sermon preach'd at the Berkshire assizes held in Abingdon, August the 7th, 1683 / by William Baron ... Baron, William, b. 1636. 1683 (1683) Wing B894; ESTC R7334 13,488 28 View Text
A35615 The Case of James Percy, the true heir-male and claimant to the Earldom of Northumberland to the honourable knights, citizens, and burgesses, and to the Committee of Grievances in Parliament assembled : the humble petition of James Percy, cozen and next heir-male to Joscelin Percy, the late and eleventh Earl of Northumberland, deceased. 1680 (1680) Wing C924; ESTC R19657 13,721 16 View Text
A88153 The afflicted mans out-cry, against the injustice and oppression exercised upon; or, An epistle of John Lilburn, gent. prisoner in Newgate, August 19. 1653. to Mr. Feak, minister at Christ Church in London. Lilburne, John, 1614?-1657. 1653 (1653) Wing L2078; Thomason E711_7*; ESTC R212915 13,792 15 View Text
A58496 Remarks on the present condition of the navy, and particularly of the victualling, in which the notion of fortifying of garisons is exploded, and 'tis clearly prov'd that the only security of England consists in a good fleet in a letter from a sailor to a member of the House of Commons. Sailor. 1700 (1700) Wing R935A; ESTC R10451 15,250 28 View Text
A58495 Remarks on the present condition of the Navy, and particularly of the victualling in which the notion of fortifying of garisons is exploded, and 'tis clearly prov'd that the only security of England consists in a good fleet : in a letter from a sailor to a member of the House of Commons. 1670 (1670) Wing R935; ESTC R3867 15,253 28 View Text
A88190 The grand plea of Lievt. Col. John Lilburne, prerogative prisoner in the Tower of London, against the present tyrannicall House of Lords, which he delivered before an open committee of the House of Commons, the twenteth day of October, 1647. where Mr. Iohn Maynard the lawyer had the chaire. Lilburne, John, 1614?-1657. 1647 (1647) Wing L2112; Thomason E411_21; ESTC R202731 16,502 16 View Text
A96751 Justitiarius justificatus. = The iustice justified. Being an apologeticall remonstrance, / delivered to the honourable Commissioners, of the Great Seale, by George Wither Esquire, and occasioned by Sir Richard Onslow Knight, with some others, who moved to have him put out of the commission of the peace, in Surrey: in which private-defence, many things are expressed, verie pertinent to publike-consideration; and, top the vindication of the liberties of the subject, in generall, and of magistrates, in particular. Wither, George, 1588-1667. 1646 (1646) Wing W3165; Thomason E506_30; ESTC R205589 16,964 15 View Text
A28011 Sir Francis Bacon his apologie in certaine imputations concerning the late Earle of Essex written to the Right Honourable his very good lord, the Earle of Devon-shire, lord livetenant [sic] of Ireland.; Apologie in certaine imputations concerning the late Earl of Essex Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626. 1642 (1642) Wing B267; ESTC R11758 17,898 22 View Text
A01003 Sir Francis Bacon his apologie, in certaine imputations concerning the late Earle of Essex VVritten to the right Honorable his very good Lord, the Earle of Deuonshire, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.; Apologie in certaine imputations concerning the late Earle of Essex Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626. 1604 (1604) STC 1111; ESTC S104433 17,982 74 View Text
A28017 The apology of Sr. Francis Bacon, Kt. in certain imputations concerning the late Earl of Essex written to the Right Honourable his very good Lord the Earl of Devonshire, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.; Devonshire, Charles Blount, Earl of, 1563-1606. 1670 (1670) Wing B268; ESTC R27214 17,987 17 View Text
A44836 Some cautions offered to the consideration of those who are to chuse members to serve in the ensuing Parliament; Cautions to those who are to chuse members to serve in Parliament Halifax, George Savile, Marquis of, 1633-1695. 1695 (1695) Wing H322; ESTC R11626 18,231 34 View Text
A85356 Good news from Nevv-England: with an exact relation of the first planting that countrey : a description of the profits accruing by the worke. Together with a briefe, but true discovery of their order both in church and common-wealth, and maintenance allowed the painfull labourers in that vineyard of the Lord. With the names of the severall towns, and who be preachers to them. Winslow, Edward, 1595-1655. 1648 (1648) Wing G1062; Thomason E431_21; ESTC R8856 18,639 29 View Text
A93441 The antiquity & original of the Court of Chancery and authority of the lord chancellor of England being a branch of Serjeant Snagg's reading, upon the 28 chapter of Magna Charta, at the Middle Temple, in Lent, 13 Eliz. : with his congratulatory epistle, (by way of preface) to the Lord Chancellor Hatton, in 29 Eliz. Snagg, Robert. 1654 (1654) Wing S4381A; ESTC R42651 18,654 95 View Text
A18989 An epitome of certaine late aspersions cast at ciuilians, the ciuil and ecclesistical lawes, the courts Christian; and at bishops and their chancellors Wherein the authors thereof are refuted, and refelled. With an appendix, wherein the ciuill and canon lawes, with the causes of the cognisance or cognition of either of them in the Church or commou-wealth [sic] in the Kings dominions, (what they are), are opened. By VVilliam Clerk, Bach. of the Ciuill Law. The aspersions follow in the next fol.; Epitome of certaine late aspersions cast at civilians Clerk, William. 1631 (1631) STC 5406; ESTC S108076 19,221 54 View Text
A52524 The arguments of the Right Honourable, the late Lord Chancellor Nottingham upon which he made the decree in the cause between the Honourable Charles Howard esq., plaintiff : Henry, late Duke of Norfolk, Henry Lord Mowbrey his son, Henry Marquess of Dorchester and Richard Marriott, esq.: defendants : wherein the several wayes and methods of limiting the trust of a term for years, are fully debated. England and Wales. Court of Chancery.; Nottingham, Heneage Finch, Earl of, 1621-1682.; Howard, Charles, d. 1713.; Norfolk, Henry Howard, Duke of, 1628-1684. 1685 (1685) Wing N1402; ESTC R30748 19,382 38 View Text
A79999 Englands compleat law-judge, and lawyer. Declared in these ensuing heads; 1. Whether that law and those judges and practizers owned time out of minde by the supreme authority of the nation, be not the laws, judges, and lawyers of this Common-wealth, &c. 2. Whether courts so constituted are not records of the nation. 3. Whether each court hath not power, as such, to enforce its owne decrees. 4. That the decrees and usages of such a court are as valid as of any court. 5. Whether it be not against reason, that when divers courts in the same nation act by divers lawes, one of the courts should have power to prohibit the other to proceed to bring the matters in difference before it self. 6. Concerning judges of appeale. Cock, Charles George.; Paget, Thomas, d. 1660. 1655 (1655) Wing C4788; Thomason E860_3; ESTC R206642 21,704 41 View Text
A49526 The answer of the chancellor, masters and scholars of the Vniversity of Oxford, to the petition, articles of grievance, and reasons of the city of Oxon presented to the honorable committee for regulating the University of Oxford the 24. of July, 1649. University of Oxford.; Langbaine, Gerard, 1656-1692. 1649 (1649) Wing L363; ESTC R19608 22,313 47 View Text
A59742 A survey of the county judicatures commonly called the county court, hundred court, and court baron wherein the nature and use of them, and the way and order of keeping them is opened for the great ease and profit of all such as have occasion to keep, or use them / by William Sheppard. Sheppard, William, d. 1675? 1656 (1656) Wing S3213; ESTC R29356 23,078 112 View Text
A89225 Great Britains remembrancer, looking in and out. Tending to the increase of the monies of the Commonwealth· / Presented to his Highness the Lord Protector, and to the High Court of Parliament now assembled. By the author Ralphe Maddison, Kt.; Englands looking in and out. Maddison, Ralph, Sir. 1654 (1654) Wing M245; Thomason E818_18; ESTC R202851 23,222 47 View Text
A40706 A dialogue betwixt Philautus and Timotheus in defence of Dr. Fullwood's Legas Angliæ against the vindicator of Naked truth, stiling himself Phil. Hickeringill. Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. 1681 (1681) Wing F2499; ESTC R7930 24,716 36 View Text
A42316 The late Lord Chief Justice North's argument in the case between Sir William Soames, sheriff of Svffolk and Sir Sam. Barnardiston, Bar. adjudged in the court of exchequer-chambers upon a writ of error containing the reasons of that judgement. Guilford, Francis North, Baron, 1637-1685. 1689 (1689) Wing G2214; ESTC R14444 24,927 36 View Text
A41852 One out-cry more against tythes unto the chief ruler of the nation of Engand [sic] and all that are with him of God permitted to be in present authority, whether Parliament, Councel or Army; by whatsoever name or title known or called: but in a more especial manner, to such of them as are yet remaining faithfnl [sic] unto the former declared for, and never to be forgotten cause of King Jesus, who are such as have not departed, through sinning against the light of a good conscience, ... And yer notwithstanding, you that are in present power know these things, do even as he did, suffer the saints in your name, and by your power daylie to be imprisoned, and otherwayes afflicted; and that you may not be ignorant thereof, I have been moved to make the same known unto you by way of declaration, which is grounded upon the Holy Scriptures; wherein is contained the manner of our sufferings, and by whom: ... Written the beginning of the second month, 1657. by Isaac Grayes, prisoner for the cause of Christ in the Wood-street Compter, London, ...; One out-cry more against tythes unto the chief ruler of the nation of England. Graye, Isaac. 1657 (1657) Wing G1626; ESTC R220318 27,098 37 View Text
A63255 The triumphs of justice over unjust judges exhibiting, I. the names and crimes of four and forty judges hang'd in one year in England, as murderers for their corrupt judgments, II. the case of the Lord Chief Justice Trefilian, hang'd at Tyburn, and all the rest of the judges of England (save one) banisht in K. Rich. the 2ds time, III. the crimes of Empson and Dudley, executed in K. Henry the 8th's days, IV. the proceedings of the ship-money-judges in the reign of K. Charles the first, V. diverse other presidents both antient and modern : to which is added VI. the judges oath, and some observations thereupon, humbly dedicated to the Lord Chief Justice Scroggs. Philo-Dicaios. 1681 (1681) Wing T2297; ESTC R3571 28,282 42 View Text
A14577 A pamphlet of the offices, and duties of euerie particular sworne officer, of the citie of Excester: collected by Iohn Vowell alias Hoker, Gentleman & chamberlaine of the same Hooker, John, 1526?-1601. 1584 (1584) STC 24889; ESTC S119346 28,806 38 View Text
A84352 The Christian Commonvvealth: or, The civil policy of the rising kingdom of Jesus Christ. Written before the interruption of the government, by Mr. John Eliot, teacher of the Church of Christ at Roxbury in New-England. And now published (after his consent given) by a server of the season. Eliot, John, 1604-1690. 1659 (1659) Wing E504; Thomason E1001_10; ESTC R207846 29,052 58 View Text
A94265 Syllogologia; or, An historical discourse of parliaments in their originall before the Conquest, and continuance since. Together with the originall growth, and continuance, of these courts following, viz. [brace] High Court of Chancery, Upper Bench, Common-Pleas, Exchequer, Dutchy, and other inferiour courts now in use in this Commonwealth. J. S. 1656 (1656) Wing S93; Thomason E1646_1; ESTC R203463 29,703 88 View Text
A29942 The clergy vindicated, or, The rights and privileges that belong to them, asserted according to the laws of England more particularly, touching the sitting of bishops in Parliament, and their making proxies in capital cases. Brydall, John, b. 1635? 1679 (1679) Wing B5255; ESTC R302 30,705 36 View Text
A44184 The case stated concerning the judicature of the House of Peers in the point of appeals Holles, Denzil Holles, Baron, 1599-1680. 1675 (1675) Wing H2452; ESTC R23969 31,123 92 View Text
A78010 Advice, sent in a letter from an elder brother, to a younger. Which he missed of by being abscent, since occasionally printed, it relating to remedying and reforming severall abuses in the Common Wealth, by severall practisers pretending equitie and conscience in the High Court of Chancery, and that unsetled, irregular unlimmited Court of Probates, who also act against the law of God, and the law of England, as in the reading thereof may be observed and bewayled, and it is hoped, may be of publick concernment, and profit; wherefore the author hath been at this charge of printing it. Burt, Nathaniel, fl. 1644-1655. 1655 (1655) Wing B6140; Thomason E838_8; ESTC R207429 31,328 44 View Text
A39892 Virginia and Maryland, or, The Lord Baltamore's printed case, uncased and answered shewing the illegality of his patent and usurpation of royal jurisdiction and dominion there : with the injustice and tyranny practised against ... adventurers and planters : also a short relation of the papists late rebellion against the government of His Highness the Lord Protector ... : to which is added a brief account of the commissioners proceedings in the reducing of Maryland ... Baltimore, Cecil Calvert, Baron, ca. 1605-1675. 1655 (1655) Wing F1457; ESTC R248 31,654 55 View Text
A47052 Nonconformity not inconsistent with loyality, or, Protestant-dissenters no seditious or disloyal sectaries evidenc'd in a sober discourse upon those statutes, by which the Protestant-dissenters are prosecuted at this day : humbly offered to the candid consideration of all Protestants, whether conformists or nonconformists / by James Jones ... Jones, James, fl. 1683-1684. 1684 (1684) Wing J958; ESTC R17214 32,964 24 View Text
A41952 Reflections upon Mr. Johnson's notes on the pastoral letter by William Gallaway ... Gallaway, William, b. 1659 or 60. 1694 (1694) Wing G178; ESTC R8149 33,013 66 View Text
A08764 Orders and constitutions, partly collected out of his Maiesties letters patents; and partly by authority, and in vertue of the said letters patents: ordained vpon mature deliberation, by the gouernour and company of the city of London, for the plantation of the Summer-Islands: for the better gouerning of the actions and affaires of the said company and plantation. 6. Febr. 1621; Laws, etc. 1621-02-06 Bermuda Islands. 1622 (1622) STC 1905; ESTC S104552 33,149 90 View Text
A35082 A copy of the letter from His Excellency the Lord Generall Cromwell, sent to the members of Parliament called to take upon them the trust of the government of this common-vvealth : which began on Munday the fourth of June, 1653, the day appointed by the letters of summons from his Excellency the Lord Gen. Cromwell for the meeting of these gentlemen : with severall transactions since that time. Cromwell, Oliver, 1599-1658. 1656 (1656) Wing C7054; ESTC R5464 33,160 60 View Text
A66022 The lawes subversion: or, Sir John Maynards case truly stated Being a perfect relation of the manner of his imprisonment upon pleasure, for the space of five moneths by the House of Commons, and of the impeachment of high treason exhibited against him before the Lords, together with all the passages between him and the Lords, in messages to them, and speeches at their barre, as they were taken from his own mouth. VVherein also is contained a cleare discovery of the dangerous and destructive infringement of our native liberties, and of the arbitrary government now introduced by an aspiring faction over-awing the Parliament. Also that groundlesse false report concerning Sir Iohn Maynards submitting to the Lords jurisdiction refuted, to the shame of the reporters. By J. Howldin, Gent. Wildman, John, Sir, 1621?-1693. 1648 (1648) Wing W2169A; ESTC R204812 33,799 42 View Text
A63217 The Tryals of Joseph Dawson, Edward Forseith, William May, [brace] William Bishop, James Lewis, and John Sparkes for several piracies and robberies by them committed in the company of Every the grand pirate, near the coasts of the East-Indies, and several other places on the seas : giving an account of their villainous robberies and barbarities : at the Admiralty sessions, begun at the Old-Baily on the 29th of October, 1696, and ended on the 6th of November. England and Wales. High Court of Admiralty. 1696 (1696) Wing T2252; ESTC R38357 34,055 29 View Text
A26147 A treatise of the true and ancient jurisdiction of the House of Peers by Sir Robert Atkyns ... Atkyns, Robert, Sir, 1621-1709. 1699 (1699) Wing A4144; ESTC R31568 35,905 42 View Text
A66744 The British appeals, with Gods mercifull replies, on the behalfe of the Commonwealth of England Contained in a brief commemorative poem, composed for a memorial of some of those many signall mercies, lately vouchsafed to this rebublike; especially, for those deliverances upon the appeales of the Parliaments, and royall forces at Naseby; of the English and Sccottish armies neer Dunbar in Scotland, and for the late surrender of Edenburgh-Castle, &c. By Geo. Wither, Esquire. Wither, George, 1588-1667. 1651 (1651) Wing W3143; ESTC R222286 36,159 81 View Text
A49528 A defence of the rights and priviledges of the University of Oxford containing, 1. An answer to the petition of the city of Oxford. 1649. : 2. The case of the University of Oxford, presented to the Honourable House of Commons, Jan. 24. 1689/90. University of Oxford.; Harrington, James, 1664-1693. Case of the University of Oxford.; Langbaine, Gerard, 1609-1658. Answer to the petition of the city of Oxford. 1690 (1690) Wing L366; ESTC R9958 36,771 63 View Text
A46717 The Argument of the Lord Chief Justice of the Court of King's Bench concerning the great case of monopolies, between the East-India Company, plantiff, and Thomas Sandys, defendant wherein their patent for trading to the East-Indies, exclusive of all others, is adjudged good. Jeffreys, George Jeffreys, Baron, 1644 or 5-1689.; Sandys, Thomas.; England and Wales. Court of King's Bench.; East India Company. 1689 (1689) Wing J526; ESTC R17792 37,073 36 View Text
A69826 The Cry of the innocent for justice being a relation of the tryal of John Crook, and others, at the general sessions, held in the Old Bayley, London : beginning the 25th day of the 4th month, called June, in the year 1662 : before the lord mayor of the city of London, and recorder of the same, chief justice Forster, and divers other judges and justices of the peace, so called : published for no other end but to prevent mistakes, and to satisfie all moderate enquirers, concerning the dealings and usages that the said J.C. and others met withal, from the beginning of the said tryals to the end. Crook, John, 1617-1699. 1662 (1662) Wing C7200; ESTC R38831 38,768 46 View Text
A25198 A character of the province of Mary-land ... also a small treatise on the wilde and naked Indians (or Susquehanokes) of Mary-land, their customs, manners, absurdities, & religion : together with a collection of historical letters / by George Alsop. Alsop, George, b. 1638. 1666 (1666) Wing A2901; ESTC R6606 39,098 148 View Text
A35587 The Case and cure of persons excommunicated according to the present law of England in two parts : I. the nature of excommunication, as founded in Holy Writ : the persons intrusted with that power, the objects of that censure and the method prescribed by God for it : the corruptions of it in times of popery, with the acts of the popish clergy, to fortify it with under these corruptions : the several writs of common law, and the statute laws made in those times, and still in force : to restrain the abuse of this censure, and to deliver the subjects from the oppression of it : II. the mischievous consequents of excommunication as the law now stands at present in England : with some friendly advice to persons pursued in inferior ecclesiatical courts by malicious promoters : both in order to their avoiding excommunication, or delivering themselves from prisons, if imprisoned because they have stood excommunicated fourty days. 1682 (1682) Wing C848; ESTC R4831 39,295 48 View Text
A07722 A briefe treatise of oathes exacted by ordinaries and ecclesiasticall iudges, to answere generallie to all such articles or interrogatories, as pleaseth them to propound And of their forced and constrained oathes ex officio, wherein is proued that the same are vnlawfull. Morice, James. 1590 (1590) STC 18106; ESTC S112894 39,864 66 View Text
A76741 The felicity of Queen Elizabeth: and her times, with other things; by the Right Honorable Francis Ld Bacon Viscount St Alban.; In felicem memoriam Elizabethae. English Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.; Burghley, William Cecil, Baron, 1520-1598. 1651 (1651) Wing B297; Thomason E1398_2; ESTC R17340 39,913 194 View Text
A69269 The speech of the Lord Chancellor of England, in the Eschequer Chamber, touching the post-nati Egerton, Thomas, Sir, 1540?-1617. 1609 (1609) STC 7540.5; ESTC S100270 40,281 132 View Text
A50324 Nevv-England pesecutors [sic] mauled vvith their own vveapons giving some account of the bloody laws made at Boston against the kings subjects that dissented from their way of worship : together with a brief account of the imprisonment and tryal of Thomas Maule of Salem, for publishing a book entituled Truth held forth and maintained, &c. / by Tho. Philathes. Maule, Thomas, 1645-1724. 1697 (1697) Wing M1353; ESTC W42979 40,656 69 View Text
A74899 Seasonable observations on a late book intitvled A system of the law: as it was contrived and published by the committee appointed for regulation: so far as it relates to the high Court of Chancery, and the fees and proceedings thereof: Wherein several proposals made by the said committee, are held unsafe and inconvenient; some are approved of, and illustrated; and others supplyed wherein the same are conceived defective: With further proposals, for the better regulation of said court, and more speedy and cheap hearing of causes. And an exact table. 1. Containing the fees now paid to the grand officers and patentees. 2. How much will satisfie the true labourers. 3. What wil [sic] be saved thereby to all suiters in the said court. Unto which is likewise annexed, the memorable case put by the late King James, to the then learned judges of the land, touching the power and jurisdiction of the said court, for relieving complainants after judgements given in the Courts of Common-Law; and how far the Statutes of Præmunire do extend to restrain the said court therein: With the reasons and resolutions of the said judges thereupon: Tendered to the consideration of the supreme authority: and published for the general good and information of all practitioners and suiters in the said court. / By Philostratus Philodemius. Philodemius, Philostratus. 1653 (1653) Thomason E705_4 41,217 70 View Text
A29941 Camera regis, or, A short view of London containing the antiquity, fame, walls, bridge, river, gates, tower, cathedral, officers, courts, customs, franchises, &c. of that renowned city / collected out of law & history and methodized for the benefit of the present inhabitants by John Brydall ... Brydall, John, b. 1635? 1676 (1676) Wing B5253; ESTC R2537 44,312 135 View Text
A45570 Wisdomes character and counterfeit deliniated in two sermons : the one on the epistle of St. James, chap. 3.17 ; the other on the gospel of St. Matth., chap. 2.8 / by Nath. Hardy. Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670. 1656 (1656) Wing H752; ESTC R30729 44,444 78 View Text
A66455 Jus appellandi ad Regem Ipsum a cancellaria, or, A manifestation of the King's part and power to relieve his subjects against erroneous and unjust decrees in chancery collected out of the authorities of law / by Walter Williams ... Williams, Walter, of the Middle Temple. 1683 (1683) Wing W2774; ESTC R7919 45,013 145 View Text
A20574 A compleat parson: or, A description of advovvsons, or church-liuing Wherein is set forth, the intrests of the parson, patron, and ordinarie, &c. With many other things concerning the same matter, as they were deliuered at severall readings at New-Inne, / by I. Doderidge, anno, 1602, 1603. And now published for a common good, by W.I. Doddridge, John, Sir, 1555-1628.; W. I., 17th cent. 1630 (1630) STC 6980; ESTC S109763 45,102 102 View Text
A64513 The Third part of The cry of the innocent for justice briefly relating the proceedings of the Court of Sessions at Old Baley, the 11, 12, and 13 dayes of the sixth moneth towards the people of God called Quakers, and particularly concerning the tryal and sentence of Edward Burroughs with about thrity persons more : also relating the proceedings of the Court ... towards about fifty of the said people ... : with divers other things of concernment about the people aforesaid. 1662 (1662) Wing T914; ESTC R25160 45,353 114 View Text
A49890 Plain dealing, or, Nevves from New-England a short view of New-Englands present government, both ecclesiasticall and civil, compared with the anciently-received and established government of England in some materiall points : fit for the gravest consideratin in these times / by Thomas Lechford ...; Plain dealing Lechford, Thomas, ca. 1590-1644? 1642 (1642) Wing L810; ESTC R12846 46,269 88 View Text
A54244 Truth rescued from imposture, or, A brief reply to a meer rapsodie of lies, folly, and slander but a pretended answer to the tryal of W. Penn and W. Meade &c. writ and subscribed S.S. / by a profest enemy to oppression, W.P. Penn, William, 1644-1718.; Rudyard, Thomas, d. 1692. An appendix, wherein the fourth section of S.S. his pamphlet ... examined. 1670 (1670) Wing P1392; ESTC R36662 46,879 75 View Text
A54308 This book makes appear the claim, pedigree and proceedings of James Percy now claimant to the Earldom of Northumberland humbly presented to both Houses of Parliament. Percy, James, 1619-1690? 1680 (1680) Wing P1460; ESTC R30769 47,400 58 View Text
A57454 An account of Sueden together with an extract of the history of that kingdom. Robinson, John, 1650-1723. 1694 (1694) Wing R1690; ESTC R12230 47,457 212 View Text
A43643 A vindication of the naked truth, the second part against the trivial objections and exceptions, of one Fullwood, stiling himself, D. D. archdeacon of Totnes in Devonshire, in a libelling pamphlet with a bulky and imboss'd title, calling it Leges Angliæ, or, The lawfulness of ecclesiastical jurisdiction in the Church of England : in answer to Mr. Hickeringill's Naked truth, the second part / by Phil. Hickeringill. Hickeringill, Edmund, 1631-1708. 1681 (1681) Wing H1832; ESTC R13003 47,957 41 View Text
A59002 The second part of the Peoples antient and just liberties asserted in the proceedings against, and tryals of Tho. Rudyard, Francis Moor, Rich. Mew, Rich. Mayfeild, Rich. Knowlman, Gilbert Hutton, Job Boulton, Rich. Thornton, Charles Banister, John Boulton, and William Bayly : at the sessions begun and held at the Old-Bailey in London the last day of the 6th moneth, and there continued till the 7th day of the 7th moneth next following, in the year 1670, against the arbitrary procedure of that court, and justices there : wherein their oppression and injustice are manifested, their wickedness and corruption detected, and the jury-mans duty laid open. Rudyard, Thomas, d. 1692, defendant.; Moor, Francis, defendant.; Mew, Richard, defendant.; Penn, William, 1644-1718. People's antient and just liberties asserted, in the tryal of William Penn.; England and Wales. Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace (London) 1670 (1670) Wing S2312; ESTC R21970 50,633 70 View Text
A14929 An abridgement of all sea-lavves Gathered forth of all writings and monuments, which are to be found among any people or nation, upon the coasts of the great Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. And specially ordered and disposed for the use and benefit of all benevolent sea-farers, within his Majesties dominions of Great Brittain, Ireland, and the adjacent isles thereof. By William Welvvod, professor of the civill lawe. Welwood, William, fl. 1578-1622. 1636 (1636) STC 25238; ESTC S119612 51,299 268 View Text
A59242 Reflexions upon the oathes of supremacy and allegiance by a Catholick gentleman, and obedient son of the church, and loyal subject of His Majesty. Sergeant, John, 1622-1707. 1661 (1661) Wing S2588; ESTC R33866 51,644 98 View Text
A40615 The full proceedings of the High Court of Iustice against King Charles in Westminster Hall, on Saturday the 20 of January, 1648 together with the Kings reasons and speeches and his deportment on the scaffold before his execution / translated out of the Latine by J.C. ; hereunto is added a parallel of the late wars, being a relation of the five years Civill Wars of King Henry the 3d. with the event of that unnatural war, and by what means the kingdome was settled again. Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649, defendant.; Chamberlayne, Edward, 1616-1703. Present warre parallel'd.; J. C. 1654 (1654) Wing F2353; ESTC R23385 51,660 194 View Text
A96961 The wounds of an enemie in the house of a friend. Being a relation of the hard measure sustained by Miles Halhead, and Thomas Salthouse, for the testimony of Jesus: particularly in a long, and sore, and close imprisonment, first at Plymouth, and then at Exeter in the county of Devon, though they have neither offended the law of God, or of the nation. Published for the clearing of their innocency from the cloud of transgression, of which they are supposed highly guilty, and by reason of their silent abiding such sharp, and long, and cruell sufferings. Halhead, Miles, 1613 or 14-1689 or 90.; Salthouse, Thomas, 1630-1691. 1656 (1656) Wing W3665; Thomason E870_7; ESTC R2977 52,373 80 View Text
A10710 A martial conference pleasantly discoursed betweene two souldiers, the one Captaine Skil, trained vp in the French and Low Country seruices, the other Captaine Pill, only practised in Finsburie fields in the modern warres of the renowmed Duke of Shordich and the mightie Prince Arthur / newly translated out of Essex into English by Barnabe Rich ... Rich, Barnabe, 1540?-1617. 1598 (1598) STC 20991.3; ESTC S2298 52,687 92 View Text
A65060 The provok'd wife a comedy : as it is acted at the new theatre in Little Lincolns-Inn-Fields / by the author of a new comedy call'd the Relapse, or, Virtue in danger. Vanbrugh, John, Sir, 1664-1726. 1697 (1697) Wing V55; ESTC R23 57,683 90 View Text
A53246 The Oglin of traytors including the illegal tryall of His Late Maiesty : with a catalogue of their names that sat as judges and consented to the judgment : with His Majesties reasons against their usurped power and his late speech : to which is now added the severall depositions of the pretended witnesses as it is printed in the French coppy : with the whole proceedings against Colonel J. Penruddock of Compton in Wilts and his speech before he dyed : as also the speech of the resolved gentleman, Mr. Hugo Grove of Chissenbury, Esquire, who was beheaded the same day, not before printed. 1660 (1660) Wing O188; ESTC R28744 59,070 192 View Text
A36820 The Duke of Norfolk's case, or, The doctrine of perpetuities fully set forth and explain'd 1688 (1688) Wing D2513; ESTC R17683 59,123 72 View Text
A90208 The practice of the Exchequer court, with its severall offices and officers being a short narration of the power and duty of each single person in his severall place. Written at the request of the Lord Buckhurst, sometime Lord Treasurer of England. By Sr. T.F. Whereunto are added the rules and orders of proceedings by English bill. Osborne, Peter, 1521-1592.; Fanshawe, Thomas Fanshawe, Viscount, 1596-1665, attributed name. 1658 (1658) Wing O527; Thomason E1928_1; ESTC R8740 61,106 176 View Text
A36769 An argument delivered by Patrick Darcy, esquire by the expresse order of the House of Commons in the Parliament of Ireland, 9 iunii, 1641. Darcy, Patrick, 1598-1668. 1643 (1643) Wing D246; ESTC R17661 61,284 146 View Text