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Word A Word B Word C Word D Occurrence Frequency Band MI MI Band Prominent
cause_n aaron_n author_n moses_n 61 3 7.9138 4 false
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ID Title Author Corrected Date of Publication (TCP Date of Publication) STC Words Pages
A80674 A dissuasive from murmuring Being a sermon on 1 Cor. X. 10. Preached by Sam. Carte, M.A. Imprimatur, May 14. 1694. Geo. Royse. Carte, Samuel, 1653-1740. 1694 (1694) Wing C651C; ESTC R223837 11,715 33 View Text
A25809 The worlds idol, Plutus a comedy / written in Greek by Aristophanes ; translated by H.H.B. ; together with his notes, and a short discourse upon it.; Plutus. English Aristophanes.; H. H. B. (H. H. Burnell), fl. 1659. 1659 (1659) Wing A3686; ESTC R6773 47,751 52 View Text
A19893 Certaine deuout considerations of frequenting the blessed sacrament: written by the reuerent Father Fuluius Androtius of the Societie of Iesus. With sundrie other preceptes and rules of direction, composed for the benefit of such as seeke to attaine to the perfection of vertue. Firste written in Italian: after turned into Latine: and now translated into English; Della frequenza della communione. English Androzzi, Fulvio, 1523-1575.; I. G., fl. 1606.; Everard, Thomas, 1560-1633. 1606 (1606) STC 632; ESTC S115242 106,518 327 View Text
A01974 Gods three arrovves plague, famine, svvord, in three treatises. I. A plaister for the plague. II. Dearths death. III. The Churches conquest over the sword. By William Gouge Doctor in Divinity, and preacher of Gods Word in Black-Friers, London. Gouge, William, 1578-1653.; Gouge, William, 1578-1653. Dignitie of chivalrie.; Gods three arrowes. aut 1631 (1631) STC 12116; ESTC S103284 362,085 493 View Text
A14900 Balletts and madrigals to fiue voyces with one to 6. voyces: newly published by Thomas Weelkes. Weelkes, Thomas, 1575 (ca.)-1623. 1608 (1608) STC 25204; ESTC S103041 2,366,144 144 View Text
A15408 Hexapla in Genesin & Exodum: that is, a sixfold commentary upon the two first bookes of Moses, being Genesis and Exodus Wherein these translations are compared together: 1. The Chalde. 2. The Septuagint. 3. The vulgar Latine. 4. Pagnine. 5. Montanus. 6. Iunius. 7. Vatablus. 8. The great English Bible. 9. The Geneva edition. And 10. The Hebrew originall. Together with a sixfold vse of every chapter, shewing 1. The method or argument: 2. The divers readings: 3. The explanation of difficult questions and doubtfull places: 4. The places of doctrine: 5. Places of confutation: 6. Morall observations. In which worke, about three thousand theologicall questions are discussed: above forty authors old and new abridged: and together comprised whatsoever worthy of note, either Mercerus out of the Rabbines, Pererius out of the fathers, or Marloran out of the new writers, have in their learned commentaries collected. By Andrew Willet, minister of the gospell of Iesus Christ. Willet, Andrew, 1562-1621.; Willet, Andrew, 1562-1621. Hexapla in Genesin. aut; Willet, Andrew, 1562-1621. Hexapla in Exodum. aut 1633 (1633) STC 25685; ESTC S114193 2,366,144 1,184 View Text
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